The Process of Ousting This Dark Cabal

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The Process of Ousting This Dark Cabal

From The Planetary Activation Organization (  Published by permission from PAO.
Series: The Process of Ousting This Dark Cabal, The Process of Ousting This Dark Cabal, II,The Process of Ousting This Dark Cabal, III,The Process of Ousting This Dark Cabal, IV , The Process of Ousting This Dark Cabal, Vand The Process of Ousting This Dark Cabal, VI.

Tuesday March 25th, 2003. 6 Kan, 2 Mac, 11 Ik
Article taken from:

Greetings! We arrive, dear Hearts! There is much to tell you! An illegal government, controlled by your last obstinate cabal, is now devastating your world. Heaven had two purposes for allowing this action to occur. First, to let this government visibly commit to an invasion that is contrary to world opinion and international law. Second, to allow the majority of your world to raise an honest and heartfelt plea to Heaven to bring a halt to this illegal and intolerable war. Now that these things have been done, Heaven is moving to bring this monstrous regime to an end. Presently, a number of events are unfolding. First, a global shift in the financial power of this regime is under way that will make it impossible for them to reap the fruits of their endeavors. Second, a coalition in this cabal’s home-nation is busily preparing to oust this group from power. Finally, Heaven has developed a specific timeline and formally communicated to us the sequence of events required to complete these tasks, which will result in our First Contact with you. These are precarious times. Do not be discouraged! Remain decisive, and know in your hearts that all will end well.

The operation in progress will remain secret until certain necessary actions have been completed. Then, it will be made public. Thus, we ask you simply to remain committed to your inevitable success. And, although the Spring Equinox is a time when great changes are truly afoot, the universe unfolds in its own time. We all require patience and the willingness to accept whatever will ensure our success. The events that will change your world will be, initially, sudden and disturbing to the general public. Much of what we have discussed with you remains largely unknown to them. Fittingly, we ask you again to be prepared and willing to inform them of the true facts that define events of the past few years. This will give them a better understanding of what is taking place. Your whole world is about to be turned upside-down in a most extraordinary way. These developments will end this last obstinate regime’s power and place its leaders under the close investigation of a specially-convened international court. Suddenly, many of your governments will topple, and there will be calls for scores of new elections.

The events we have outlined will be part of the transitional stages that you presently are going through. Times such as these give rise to troubling predicaments or provoke incidents that may severely test your resolve. In every situation, focus firmly upon the result to which you truly aspire. Now, your strong, connected thoughts are gathering power. To them are added the blessings of Heaven. Together, these components are coalescing into a mighty, unstoppable force. That force is capable of utterly reshaping your world and of making her ready for your final transformation. The situation that exists now is no more than a large, hard bump in your road. It will pass. Indeed, many of the events to which we alluded at the beginning of this update are on the verge of manifesting. Regardless of what has occurred, remain steadfast and, as such, stand ready to bring about actions for which you so deeply yearn. Heaven wishes you to know that she is working to carry out your most perfect desires. They will ensure that the divine plan’s decrees will be revealed in this reality.

Bear in mind, dear Ones, that this world is changing. We warned you, some time ago, that the dark agenda was holding back some last dirty tricks. However, though shocking at first, these dishonorable acts lack the power to fully succeed. Their power derives from peoples’ initial reactions, and quickly fades as the Light re-gathers its resolve and silently advances toward victory. Again, the process is under way. We cannot overemphasize this fact enough. In every case, the dark’s ‘tricks’ have sparked our earthly allies’ determination and tested their ability to its fullest extent in carrying out their legal mandate. We are very pleased that most of them have continued to forge ahead and obey the agreements. We stand ready to assist them in this. Our announcements form part of this complicated process. They will bring First Contact closer and enable us to complete this mission according to plan. To this end, we have created a number of alternate scenarios that, fortunately, have not yet been needed.

Right now, the torment that grips your world seems like a nightmare that refuses to go away. This ordeal is part of the chaos that engulfs the present stage in your transition to full consciousness. Soon, it, too, will pass, leaving you, once more, in a period of stability. In the next phase, you will see the introduction of new technologies, limitless global abundance and a new style of direct, more responsive governance. They will be precursors of the events that will assist you in preparing for your final metamorphosis. The next few steps will include your introduction to us, as well as guidance, from Heaven and from us, on these many issues. In this time of flux, your world will behold the end of the nation-state’s supremacy and the rapid rise of regionalism. This transition will encourage true cooperation and perpetuate global harmony. Recent incidents are a regrettable aberration that is leading us all toward a new and wonderful reality.

Again, we reiterate that Heaven has only allowed the events of the past week in order to challenge those who are illicitly changing this world. Without question, these desperate acts have separated the good from the bad. While many individuals have been forced to withdraw, many more have seized the opportunity to stand out. Now, as a result, a group of earthly allies are fully prepared to implement the agreements so laboriously drawn up between us several years ago. It is distressing that these tumultuous events seem a precondition for such a thing to take place. Nevertheless, we repeat: Heaven was wise in allowing it to occur. It has greatly advanced our cause because it makes these new governmental, economic and political coalitions much more willing to fulfill every aspect of our agreements. As we watch over the next series of impending events, we observe this new energy. It encourages us immensely and gives us the incentive to accelerate the entire process.

As ever, we have closely monitored developments upon your world. We have observed an intricate and interconnected ‘war’ between the Light and the dark. Like some strange Italian opera, it has been a struggle filled with subtle subplots and disguised innuendos. On each side, there is an agenda, with a number of personalities and groups to support them. Most bizarre has been how these groups interact with each other. Some change sides at will, while others first appear resolute, and then ‘give in’ to the pressures of the other side. Like a civil war, it has furiously pitted families and political alliances against each other. Now, this tumult has reached a point of resolution. It has tested the judgment and decision-making of our diplomatic corps and our many liaison boards. We salute them for their expertise and for the way they have so decisively resolved this situation.

Much is manifesting, dear Hearts! The vast part of this matter is unknown to you. Your world’s power structure is unraveling, causing many of your leaders to take desperate measures. Most affected was the cabal that took control of your globe’s last superpower. Its attempts to remain in control have failed. This most recent ploy was their most deadly. Do not be discouraged. Events are unfolding. Their announcement will bring you glee. With this situation under control, the nightmare you have been living will be transformed into most jubilant reality. We are focusing closely upon this situation and will do whatever Heaven commands. Thus, do not be disheartened. Know in your heart that this violent incident will inevitably pass. Know in your heart that Heaven will never abandon you. Know that this situation will be resolved successfully and that universal peace will be restored to your world at unprecedented levels!

Today, we briefly reviewed recent events on your world and why Heaven has allowed them to occur. The many Orders, Councils, Administrations and Life-streams of Heaven wish you to know, dear Ones, that this realm is transforming and that only an unequivocal final outcome will be allowed. Ultimately, the consequences of the past week will be positive in nature. We now take our leave. Know, in your Heart of Hearts, that the infinite Supply and Abundance of Heaven is yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Gajaram! (Sirian for Be One! Be Blessed in Joy!)

Tuesday April 22nd, 2003. 8 Eb, 10 Kank’in, 11 Ik
Article taken from:  Galactic Federation Fleet illustration by Luis Prada.  Here the three rings of space ship deployment are shown.  See a complete explanation of their operation by clicking here: "Galactic Federation Fleets."

Greetings!  We arrive, Dear Hearts!  Finally, Mother Earth is approaching the divine moment that we all have been waiting for!  Heaven has unleashed elements that will irrevocably crush the power of your last cabal.  This prodigious operation is positioned to suddenly manifest in your midst.  Your Ascended Masters and the local heavenly Administration have instructed us to set in motion events that will make their sacred edicts a reality.  These newly-outlined tactics transcend our present close observation of your world.  As one of our many planetary sector commanders recently remarked with reference to his new orders, "At last, some possibilities for action!"  We are most excited by the fact that, soon, you will be able to see us openly in your skies. Thus, we have doubled the number of defense ships operating in the solar system’s Earth-Moon quadrant.  We have also tightened the special inter-dimensional security shield that surrounds your planet and can prevent anyone we have not authorized from leaving or entering your present reality.

Moreover, we have asked two more defense Mothership groups, which are stationed at the edge of your solar system, to relocate immediately to the far side of Jupiter.  This inner (first) ring around your world is now tightly sealed[Editor’s Note:See the number 1 space-ship ring of below illustration].  The next stage of our complex operation is to prepare our defense forces to shut down all earthly communications related to military forces controlled by, or sympathetic to, this last cabal.  The final phase of this procedure, which is now in progress, will be to alert our earthly allies that we are about to release, temporarily into their command, special artificial personnel that can be of great assistance in their planned activities.  As ever, we work under the influence of our agreements and according to the firm dictates of our heavenly superiors.  We believe that the magical event for which we have yearned is soon to manifest.  At this point, we ask you to understand that what is about to occur is the most phenomenal event in the past 13 millennia of your history.  Imagine!  A perfectly bloodless revolution of unprecedented proportions is unfolding!

It is unfortunate that the recent, unnecessary war in the Middle East had to be waged, in order to free our earthly allies of certain evil oppressors and to bring to a close the flood of charges that will be brought against the many individuals who led this last, unrelenting cabal.  The international tribunal set to conduct these trials has been conferred with great power and is ready to begin its proceedings[Editor’s Note:They are referring here to the International Court of Justice of The Hague in The Netherlands,  The cabal will be tried for its implication on disaster 9/11, 2001, and other war crimes and for its unconstitutional government].  Moreover, those who will assume control of the government of your last superpower have been appointed, and a detailed agenda for their governance has been fully approved.  This new government will officially supervise the investiture of a new and utterly fair political system.  The government will make a solemn transition to a more permanent one after a national election is held.[Editor’s NoteIt talks here initially of the USA.] No high-ranking members of this new government will run, initially, for political office. Instead, a throng of largely unknown individuals, who wish to serve you, will be running for office at local, state/provincial and national levels to complete the terms of those who were forced to resign.

These resignations will apply to all, and indicate the beginning of a political upheaval of unprecedented proportions.  This alteration will unleash an enormous inventory of devices now kept secret for military and economic reasons.  Moreover, the UFO cover-up will end.  Our existence and benevolence will be fully declared, furnishing you with an enormous quantity of facts concerning your reality.  Our earthly allies have promised to release a wealth of information regarding events of the last few years.  We are resolved to go even further and, with the help of the Anunnaki, to explain thoroughly the last 13 millennia of your history.  This will enable your new governments to prosecute the individuals, groups and corporations who have befouled your world.  It will mark an end to this prolonged rule by earthly minions who defied the wishes of their former off-world masters, and those of Heaven, to transform this dark, earthly realm, thus enabling the creation of a new, abundant age upon your world.  [Editor’s Note:They are referring here to the renegade "fallen angels" of Alpha Draconis (reptilian saurians), Orion, Zeta Reticuli and Nibiru, who challenged the authority of their masters in their worlds and defied the Law of One of Prime Creator and came as invaders and intruders to this planet transforming it into a dark planet.  Finally they will be taken to justice, their karma precipitated, and "will be closed the door were evil dwells."]

   These actions will allow every major corporation on your world to be re-chartered.  These events will also yield a whole new series of benevolent enterprises that are equipped with new technologies to clean your environment.  And, as mentioned in previous messages, we have every intention of embarking upon the transferal of a number of our technologies to complement those you yourselves have developed.  This new environment will be augmented by a formal declaration of peace on the part of your world’s governments.  As another step toward peace, we will disarm all nuclear weaponry and supply suitable replacements for all nuclear-powered electrical generation facilities on your world.  The ever-formidable nuclear genie will be returned to its bottle. In its stead, we will introduce the age of magnetic and Light power to your world. Its energy is non-polluting and will revitalize your life, rather than detract from it.

This golden time will indicate the point when two great nations —the cetacean nation and the inner world of Agartha— will join you. We have been working with both to arrange a swift transition for all. In this universal moment, your xenophobia regarding your own uniqueness will cease.  Another sentient Being will be officially recognized and the exact nature of your planetary guardianship painstakingly explained.  The ruling council of Agartha wishes you to know that they gladly await the time when they will interact with you.  They carry with them a full history of your world that begins before the rise of Lemuria.  These great Beings long to express their compassion by resurrecting the ancient pillars of this world the many water temples that supported the antediluvian firmament.  The return of this firmament will be the exalted sign that Mother Earth is about to don her new clothes.

   When the time for the ‘Earth changes’ arrives, you will be ready for your metamorphosis, following which you will be transported to your subterranean residences.  Remember, dear Ones, that these places are the objects of your desires and that they are inter-dimensional in nature.  That is, they are not cavern worlds, but specially-prepared dwellings where you will complete your return to full consciousness.  As fully-conscious Beings, you finally will remember your true purposes and create a supremely unique and satisfying galactic society.  Your galactic society will maintain this solar system and make a number of much-needed contributions to the unveiling of this Creation.  Heaven applauds you, and wants you to know that this process has already begun.  The glorious events that we have described herein are truly unfolding.  Those involved are diligently manifesting it in a most divine, sacred way.

    These events are part of the process that Heaven has conferred upon you.  This divine edict allowed you to fall into the dark realms of limited consciousness, but promised that, at a pre-ordained time, all of you would be returned to full consciousness. This is that divine moment. It has taken you thousands of generations to reach this magical era.  The coming Golden Age marks the end of your limiting circumstances and allows you, as physical Angels, to resume your sacred path.  You have waited a very long time to set foot on that path.  Many individuals and secret groups have fought hard to enable you to achieve this resplendent victory.  Their revelation blesses you by transforming the dark karma that has bound you to this reality.  Know in your hearts that Heaven’s transcendent deliverance of you is at hand!

   Today, we have briefly discussed the events that are unfolding.  We ask you to remain totally focused and utterly committed to your long-anticipated victory.  Grasp the immensity of the heavenly forces that are seeking your liberation.  This is the momentous time that we all have patiently awaited!  We now take our leave.  Blessings, Dear Ones!  Know in your Heart of Hearts that the unending Supply and unceasing Abundance of Heaven is yours!  So Be It!  Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram!  (Sirian for Be One! Be Blessed in Love and in Joy!)

Tuesday December 9th, 2003. 5 Akbal, 16 Yaxk’in, 12 Manik
Article taken from: .
Editor’s Note: The word Illuminati used by the Cabal to set themselves apart from the masses and pose as the "Illuminated Ones", as this Latin word means, is contemptuously transformed by the Sirian into Illuminoids or pseudo-Illuminated.  However because this word is used extensively as the name of this cabal of international wealthy bankers we may say here that Illuminoids = Illuminati.

Selamat Jarin! We return, dear Hearts! Now, as the moment for the next stage in your transformation approaches, we wish to examine how you have arrived at this approaching turning-point in your history. In many past messages, we discussed how two forces – one for the Light and one for the dark – have battled each other in secret for nearly 13 millennia. Eventually, just over two and a quarter centuries ago, this enduring struggle resulted in the formation of a sovereign American government. This new government was born of a quiet revolution, which first manifested itself in England in the latter part of the Seventeenth Century. This precedence permitted formal proclamation of the concept of a sovereign citizenry as the sole source of a government’s legitimacy. These same citizens possessed inalienable rights granted them by the Creator. The era when a national sovereign’s absolute power could control his/her people at will was coming to an abrupt end. The next step, to expand the definition of citizen, was achieved by the latter half of the Nineteenth Century.

Universal citizenship as a blood right of each newborn is generally accepted today. At the time of the founding of the American nation, however, this was not the case. Citizenship was tied to property ownership, and to one’s status and allegiances. This created a broad underclass that lacked legal and participatory rights in the affairs of government. Your history texts attempt to paint a picture that is largely false and that, to a great extent, disguises the true forces at work in these matters. As mentioned earlier, the founding fathers of the United States were not all virtuous men. Rather, they reflected the concepts and conflicts of their day. Many were aware of the European Illuminoids and had spent time in their company. From these chance meetings, ‘deals’ had been struck, which made possible the birth of this new nation. Others who knew of these affairs were compelled to complete the grand plan first manifested by England’s ‘Glorious Revolution’ of the late 1680s. This clash led to a number of political rivalries and finally, to several early Nineteenth Century compromises.

The American Civil War proved to be the defining moment of these compromises because finally, the American Illuminoids were free of any need to compromise. They could go ahead and unravel what they perceived to be merely the ‘window dressing’ for the birth of that nation. The American Constitution had to be secretly revised and its statutes rendered useless. In its place, a United States regime was to be created that formally enslaved its citizenry. Such an entity was created in the 1870s as an addendum to a bill on the reorganization of the District of Columbia. During this same period, a ‘do-nothing’ administration was elected through the manipulations of the American Illuminoids. This has enabled the Illuminoids to control every American election since. Before moving on to the next steps of their master plan, the Illuminoids wished to consolidate their complete control of America. This phase lasted from the 1870s to the first decade of your Twentieth Century. Just prior to the beginning of WWI, they enacted the next step – the world’s first private Central Bank and the group needed to fund its unconstitutional financial activities.

Meanwhile, the European Illuminoids and their Asian cousins were fabricating a Great War, designed solely to increase their personal wealth and augment their control of the world’s governments. By the beginning of the third decade of the Twentieth Century, these Illuminoids and their American cousins were seeking a way to create a devastating global financial crisis and busily plotting the next World War. By the end of the 1930s, the rise of the Great Depression and its ultimate corollary – World War II – had become fact. By the end of WWII, the American Illuminoids had established a clear position of authority. This position gave them an opportunity to construct a series of secret groups, whose sole purpose was to control a wealth of new technologies. And, unofficially, they had made a series of First Contacts with an initial sixteen different star-nations, largely dark denizens of the Anchara Alliance.

Eventually, by the end of the 1940s, these secret groups had coalesced to form a U.S. secret government controlled by these same American Illuminoids. This secret government was not called into question until the final year of the Kennedy administration. His death created widespread fear and allowed the Illuminoids to complete the takeover of the American government. In the last 40 of your years, that power has grown exponentially. To intend now to do what President Kennedy nearly accomplished is almost impossible. Still, a broad-based coalition of powerful, wealthy groups and individuals does exist. In fact, the events of the past decade have given them an opening to succeed. This existing opportunity requires a benevolent overseer who can intervene directly on a far-reaching scale. Recently, a number of pivotal groups and powerful individuals within our Earth allies began to consider us to be this most-needed ally.

This last, staunch, American illumined cabal derived its power and resources from what we have just described to you. Its influence is inestimable. Yet, a number of influential groups in Europe, the Americas, Asia, Africa and Oceania have used their authority to limit this power. As a result, this cabal is becoming increasingly isolated and the time approaches when the impossible could happen. Many groups, now, are involved in ensuring the establishment of a new financial network to run counter to the draconian one being set up by the last cabal. A global power struggle has begun. As with all such conflicts, the mass media never openly discusses or even hints at it. During this period, various international legal authorities have issued a number of private edicts that have demonstrated to us the utter determination of our Earth allies.

This dispute quickly became more than a conflict between Europe and North America, escalating into a battle between the Light and the dark. When the end of the Anunnaki’s control of Mother Earth plunged these two groups into disarray, a power struggle naturally ensued. In 1998, this secret conflict mutated into something else; it became a clash between a new world-view and an old one. The new one revealed the potential for an enormous shift in the distribution of power and wealth in your world. This shift will allow the original American concepts of unalienable rights and God-given happiness to extend to all citizens of Mother Earth. Moreover, it will imply a new perception of governance that will lead your world into an era of financial abundance, harmony and unprecedented cooperation.

The real purpose of this message is to give you a better understanding of events as they develop. The final, secret struggle between our Earth allies and this last cabal is now being waged. We truly feel that we must exponentially increase our involvement in that contest. Our spiritual supervisors plan to oversee the series of events in which it occurs. Therefore, we are watching as this complex, divine scenario carefully unfolds. Like you, we are eager for it to occur quickly and easily. Thus, we can report that we are all close to victory. Our many allies – liaisons, diplomats and appropriate defense forces – stand ready to assist as required. We ask you to help by maintaining unswerving focus and remaining ready to do your share when you are called upon. The dramatic moment that we all yearn to manifest is fast approaching.

Today, we have reviewed the events that are unfolding here. We ask you simply to focus resolutely and use your unerring collective power of intention to manifest swiftly that which we all desire. We ask you, moreover, to command your Ascended Masters to proceed and quickly complete their divine scenario. We now take our leave. Bless you, dear Ones! Know, in your Heart of Hearts, that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven is yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! Blessed in Love and in Joy!)

Tuesday March 6, 2004. 7Ik, 15 Mac, 12 Manik
Article taken from:

Greetings, Dear Hearts! We arrive again with more to discuss with you. At present, your world is on the verge of a ‘quiet revolution’ that will push your last dark cabal from power. This operation is approaching its point of manifestation. Meanwhile, some major changes are close to happening in your solar system. It is important to view what is now occurring to your reality as being part of a greater process. Heaven and the divine plan are subtly directing this ‘greater process’. Your solar system remains unique. It once had four water worlds, each containing complex and highly diversified ecosystems. Your planet, Mother Earth, is now the only one left with this wondrous ecosystem still largely intact. Our task has been to return these planets to their former states. Mars, the furthest along, has vast inner-world oceans and seas teeming with life. And its remaining primitive atmosphere is still able to support certain life forms on its surface. When appropriate, our science teams can easily restore her surface oceans and seas and a dense, vibrant atmosphere to her external world.

Venus, like Mars, has a subterranean world. Remember that all planets are hollow with their own central sun at their core. This means that Venus’ ecosystem is still vibrant and many unusual life forms can be found within her. Unlike Mars, however, the process for terra-forming your sister world is a little more complicated. Our scientists assure us, nonetheless, that this procedure can be accomplished quite swiftly. A key determinant in these operations is your Sun whose present prolonged hyperactivity is caused by the need to re-calibrate your solar system to much higher frequencies. As her re-balancing proceeds, it alters her three remaining water worlds, causing an increase in quakes and volcanism and changing the circulation pattern of each planet’s atmosphere. This re-balancing is also forming new alignments between the various asteroid fragments-the remains of the forth water world-that comprise the Asteroid Belt. In short, your four water worlds are beginning to be returned to their original, pristine states.

Our mission on your world is to watch over a variety of events now clandestinely underway. Your last cabal is a complex monster. It has tentacles and spies everywhere. Its ability to counter many past strategies by our Earth allies has led to the present state of high secrecy. Ultimately this illegal regime will fall. The final steps required are currently underway. This joint financial, governmental, and military operation is very intricate. Coordinating its vast, global resources has been difficult for our Earth allies. Hence, we greatly appreciate their willingness to avail themselves of our ‘good offices’. Our diplomatic and liaison teams are very busy making sure that this event comes off as planned. Yet, many of you wonder why all this is taking so long to implement. To begin with, it required many years to develop the requisite trust between various governments in order to create a new world banking system. The stage is presently set for a new system to arise out of the disaster that is now your international banking system.

An equal time-span was required to shepherd the many abundance programs to their present pre-distribution mode. The security of these programs is ultimately the responsibility of both this newly formed banking system and those sections of the military assigned to these tasks. Once again, our assistance was needed to bring these elements together in order to formulate a workable strategy. This also required the approval of the many international jurists assigned to the proper implementation of the 1998 Agreements. This need for proper legal procedure inevitably produced delays. Another vital requirement is the restoration of the unalienable rights of your world’s citizens. This process likewise is lengthy and filled with numerous sudden ‘surprises’. These endeavors put all of us to the test and proved the enormous dedication of each contingent of our Earth allies. We gratefully acknowledge the courage and perseverance of all concerned, as well as their great commitment to our joint success.

The process of ousting this dark cabal from power has needed a long incubation period. Many military and governmental elements, which had pledged themselves to this operation required time to build mutual trust and believe that such desperate undertakings were indeed necessary. The unrelenting and ill-advised aggressive stance of this cabal in the Middle East and its continual over-extending of its armed forces made the military contingent quite leery of this cabal. But, it was the unconscionable actions of this regime carried out against its own citizens during the events called 9/11 that convinced our military allies of the indisputable need to push them from power. As these coalitions came together an overall strategy became vital. Many planning sessions ensued where options were endlessly debated and then changed. This prolonged this operation’s completion. Now, we have reached a point where a final series of sessions is occurring; and we are very close to making history.

Furthermore, a special global committee is being created to enact a number of important humanitarian programs. These will clear developing countries of their increasing burdens of debt and ensure that all their citizens are fed, clothed, properly housed, and educated. These programs are designed to bring these nations into alignment with a more humanitarian global community and to set up the conditions that assure all the world’s citizens of their basic, unalienable rights. This group, like the others we described, has also had great difficulty in seeing its goals successfully implemented. International debt forgiveness and a dedication to basic, unalienable human rights is vital to our success. We are happy that substantial progress is now being made.

One final aspect of all this is most dear to our hearts: the formal announcement ending the so-called ‘UFO cover-up’. We will at last receive recognition and be allowed to make known the whole truth about what has been happening. We will be able to explain the great shift in consciousness that you are going through. We can then reveal the time frame given to us by Heaven and become part of the program that will be set up by the Ascended Masters. They are ready to implement a program, provided for them by Heaven that can restore you rapidly to full consciousness. This will take place once the restoration of your environment has been successfully completed. We know that your period of getting to know one another and the undertaking of your Earth stewardship will be most enlightening for you all. Then comes the Joy of full consciousness. As you can see, much is happening on your world and much is being planned. The critical element is for you to remain fully focused upon a triumphant outcome. Know that many groups and individuals are working together for your success. This will bring with it many responsibilities and a high level of activity. Use the present to prepare each other to act once the above events take place. It is important, dear Hearts, to be emotionally and mentally prepared. Be ever grateful to those Beings both on the Earth plane and in the surrounding dimensions who are fully dedicated to your success. We thank all of you for your continued patience. Remember, Together We are Victorious!

Today, we have described some of what is happening on your world and in this solar system. We ask you to stay committed to this noble cause. Know that numerous events are close. The time for our great celebration swiftly draws near. We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven is indeed Yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)

Tuesday April 13, 2004.1 Muluc, 2 Kan’in, 12 Manik
Article taken from: NESARA Law at: .  It has been added a message from St. Germain.

Selamat Jarin! We return, Dear Hearts, with more to discuss with you. In the past few messages, we gave you some additional insights into the many secret events that are in the process of manifesting before you. Our Earth allies are a diverse coalition of groups and individuals from across the planet. The great amount of work needed to weld them into a formidable unit has indeed taken time. Another time-absorbing factor has been the challenge of the huge, slow, and creaky machinery of international finance. An enormous number of obstacles in this area were overcome. The greatest of which was the fact that the Anunnaki and their earthly minions made international money transfers a primary source of their income. They set up headquarters in major financial centers like London, New York, and Hong Kong to supervise and ensure that a maximum income was gleaned from these operations. They then intended to use this system at a given time to control and direct the operation of their ‘one world order’.

The multinational global economy first established in the late 1950s was manipulated by the Anunnaki’s minions to support a number of key corporations. These companies’ main purpose was to dovetail and thereby support and promote several carefully chosen, or ‘preferred’, technological discoveries. Each technology, whether applied in the agriculture, transportation, electronics, or petroleum industry, was inexorably bent to the will of a few secret rulers, the Anunnaki’s earthly minions. These now-interlocking corporations ultimately were to be controlled by the reorganized, global financial and banking industry. This financial sector was therefore pivotal to the Anunnaki’s plans for the creation, before the turn of the millennium, of a dictatorial one world order. However, the Anunnaki suddenly abandoned their dark projects in 1995 and decided to join the Light. They thereby short-circuited their earthly minions’ plans to complete their part of this process by the end of 1996. Instead, a massive power-struggle arose, which is still reverberating across the globe.

 Beloved Ascended Master St. GermainThe crucial element in this clandestine struggle became the global banking and finance industry. Ironically, this was the same group charged long ago by Saint Germain with carrying out the last edicts of his world trust. Clearly, something had to give. Three major contestants vied for control of this industry during the last years of the 20th century: the two dominant remnants of the Anunnaki’s earthly minions and a third element, consisting of groups dedicated to the Light and the liaison teams assigned to them by our First Contact Team. Our divine supervisors were the Ascended Masters. Working together, this Light group was able to gather enough ‘converts’ to deal a crippling blow to the dark plans of the two earthly minion cabals. Suddenly, the third group became a force to be reckoned with. As a result, and after the Agreements of 1998 were signed, a series of intense negotiations between the three groups began. By mid-2000, a general plan of action was for the most part agreed to by all sides. It seemed as if the victory clandestinely sought for the last two years was finally close at hand.

Part of the Last Dark Cabal:
Cheney, Bush and Rumsfeld

This agreement was to go into effect by the spring of 2001. It allowed for the abundance programs to be distributed and thereby, signal an end to the creation of a one world order. The new global vision specified cooperation, peace, diversity, and above all sovereignty and the unalienable rights of every citizen. Unfortunately, one of the earthly minion’s cabals centered in North America saw this as an opportunity to be exploited. Despite orally affirming and signing these agreements, they secretly decided to proceed with their scheme for world domination. The key was to capture the 2000 elections and use this cover to consolidate their plans for a one world order. At first, this cabal was successful, but the increasing numbers of adherents to the 1998 Agreements began to isolate them from their former allies. By the late summer of 2001, this growing group was prepared to oust this cabal from power. What this cabal needed was an incident so shocking it would provide the conditions necessary for it to regain its former supremacy.

The terrible events of September 11th worked like a charm. The cabal’s objectives were initially realized. Our Earth allies were stunned that this group actually went through with such a traitorous attack on its own citizens. Special Galactic Federation teams were assigned to monitor this event and ensure that the extent of this tragedy be somewhat limited. The Ascended Masters used their great abilities to create a huge reservoir of Love. This energy was picked up by you and enormously amplified. These global waves of Love stunned this dark cabal and gave our Earth allies the courage to regroup and continue on their path to victory. This Love energy permitted us to put a damper on this cabal’s attempts to commit further acts of incomprehensible terrorism on its own people. This cabal’s aggressive foreign policy aimed at world domination went forward. It backfired as a long list of former cohorts changed sides and joined the Light. Now a careful search for moles and quislings in the world financial community began at last.

This investigation still continues. The financial community is now largely devoid of followers of this last cabal. Nonetheless, a number of moles are probably still undiscovered. Our Earth allies dearly wish to take full responsibility for this procedure which is why they have requested our help in only a few instances. Nevertheless, the status of the abundance programs is sound. Many years of seemingly unending paperwork have been completed. During this time, the abundance funds have grown and Saint Germain is confident that all is now ready. A few loose ends involving some requisite military and allied governmental operations are currently being tidied up. Soon, all will suddenly manifest before you, and we are looking forward to the great joy that these actions will bring.

The last dark cabal in charge of the North American government is growing more and more desperate. Its leaders realize that their ability to fund its operations is decreasing by the day. A number of important groups within this cabal’s core are abandoning the cause. The large number of immoral acts carried out by this cabal is finally taking its toll. Many of its former supporters have lost their zeal for what it will take to stay in power. Disclosures about what is truly happening overseas are starting to filter through and leave a bad taste in the mouth of many former influential supporters. These are now aiding our cause hastening the coming removal of this cabal from power. These events are an amazing example of how powerful the positive energies of the Light can be.

As we await the final strokes leading us to victory, it is necessary to remain patient and committed to our joint success. Many groups are now planning to carry out the final actions. During this pivotal time, it is vital that you stay focused. Be ready to do what is necessary to ensure this victory achieves all of its noble purposes. This time is a most interesting and a most crucial moment in history. Brave men and women are preparing to complete a ‘quiet revolution’. This revolution will have little meaning if you do not follow through on your determination to speak out and make sure that the first aspects of this enormous change in your global society is indeed successful. This success involves more than a change of government. It requires the spreading of Freedom, abundant Prosperity, and above all global Peace and Cooperation. Remember, Together We are Victorious!

Today, we have looked at more of the history behind what is about to occur. This process is the first grand step in a transition between the world you currently inhabit and a new one starting to manifest before you. We ask you to discern these Truths and use these revelations to do your part in forging your grand destiny! We now take our leave. Blessings, Dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven is indeed Yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)

Beloved Ascended Master St. GermainSt.Germain‘s Message Channeled by Mike Quinsey
Tuesday June 7, 2004

War is very much in your news; is there ever a time when there is total peace in your world. The answer is no, and as your weaponry becomes more sophisticated and powerful, so the devastation and loss of life becomes ever greater. In the last two centuries you have had two World Wars that resulted in the death of millions of people, and the World War 2 was said to be the war that ends all wars. At least the people that went through that period thought so, and they never wanted to see a repeat. The sad fact is that within a short time, another war of major proportions was entered into in the Far East. Today’s generations have little or no experience of the effect on life when a major war erupts. But through the media that can bring you live news of incidents in such places as Iraq, they see the senseless death and destruction, that self perpetuates itself and spreads like a cancer. Remembrance of the anniversary of World War 2 has just passed, and you will have seen veterans of that war recall their experiences. The glory is missing, and instead you realise that even after so many years that the horror of their experiences is deeply etched upon their minds. The tears still roll as they recount the carnage that took place. At different times in your previous lives you have all been caught up in these situations, and you too have deep scars upon your memories, ones that will not go away. Logically there must come a point when the majority have become anti-war, and I tell that this time has already arrived. The war machine is big business, and it is reluctant to give up its profitable activities. War is the tool of those who would dominate others and rape and pillage their countries. I hardly need tell you all of this, you really know it is so, and you have said ‘enough is enough’. But who takes any notice of your pleas and demonstrations for peace, certainly not those who are holding power and authority at this time.

Your consciousness has created a massive force of positive energy. We who monitor your Earth can respond to it, because it is a signal, that demands action and we certainly do so. We add our energies to yours without infringing your freewill, and the negativity that would oppose peace is gradually being transmuted. If your leaders will not respond to your demands, we will, and this is why we are fully ready and able to intervene as part of First Contact. We have in fact already lessened the effects of war and terrorism all over your world. The dark has had to give up its grip and control, and it is steadily being eroded each and every day. We have permission through divine intervention to do whatever is necessary to bring the peace that you desire so earnestly. Sometimes it may seem to you that we are slow to respond, but the truth is that you are hardly aware or know of our input.

Through the manifestation of NESARA you would have seen the required resignations of your President and Vice President. These members of the dark cabal have to be removed before you can receive the wonderful beneficial changes that it will bring. You have awakened and responded to the new energies so well, that we now see a move taking place that will result in you achieving this yourselves. This is far better, as it allows everyone to see justice in action, in a way that says ‘we have done it’. The dark know that this action is imminent and it will signal the rapid collapse of their empire, and of their ability and influence, for once and for all. This action will have a re-action all over the world, and the people will make it clear that war and everything connected with it will have to be permanently dismantled. What a wonderful release of world tension this will be, an opportunity for a great coming together when you will truly become your Brother’s keeper. I wish I could convey to you the magnitude of what is about to take place; it will be a fantastic time to be present on Earth. You will find that you will have your lives made considerably easier, so much so that you will have the time to pursue your interests as far as you wish. Certainly all skills will be used to help bring about the changes that are about to manifest. Many of you have been waiting for this time to do just that, and subconsciously you are prepared for it. With our help, and that of your friends from Space everything will go forward in leaps and bounds, and bring about a truly amazing period in your lives. There is great excitement because the time to start all of these activities is upon us. We have said this so often, and each time it becomes a little nearer to becoming a reality. Never lose your focus upon what it is you want from life, become separate from those things that are not in your vision, let them go their own way if it is not yours. A new time is here; it is already in place in the higher dimensions, and it is now becoming manifest upon Earth.

We can already feel the happiness and joy that will reverberate around Earth. We see the great coming together in Love and Light. We are with you all the way, and give our encouragement and Love. It is time to add another great chapter to the history of Earth, and its wonderful race of Humanity. You have yet to realise your greatness, we salute you.

I am St. Germain and I speak for my Brothers and Sisters of Light, we Love you all beyond measure.

Thank you.
Mike Quinsey

Tuesday June 1, 2004. 11 Etznab, 11 Pax, 12 Manik
Article taken from: .

Greetings, Dear Hearts! We return with more to tell you! Lately, your world has continued to sit on the edge of incredible changes. This delaying of the inevitable is caused by the need to complete various aspects of the financial abundance programs and to implement the complex and radical procedures that will produce a new American government. These different proceedings are interdependent, and problems in one area inevitably affect the whole. Further obstacles are being continually thrown up by the present, illegal American government, and various notorious dictators in Africa, Asia, and the Americas are effecting numerous illegal machinations as they attempt to cling to their power bases. These factors all contribute, unwittingly or otherwise, to the delays to our plans. Nevertheless, our Earth allies remain focused upon their vital goal and will soon be victorious! Our intention is to assist them in their endeavors and to ensure this greatly anticipated success.

Our fleet remains at the ready. The Moon base, the Mars headquarters, and our inner-Earth bases are also completely dedicated to the completion of this First Contact mission. This mission, as we have said before, has put our fleet and our bases into every corner of this solar system. The vital cog in these proceedings nonetheless is you. Our Earth allies and all Beings on Mother Earth dedicated to this venture are united in their determination to secure a peaceful and harmonious way of life for this planet. Our joint task is to do what is necessary to make sure that this new reality is indeed manifested on Mother Earth. This task has taken much longer than we initially envisioned, but your determination and diligence have ensured this mission’s continuation. Also, the firm and loving guidance of your Ascended Masters has shepherded us, as one body, toward our certain triumph. Master Saint Germain and his magnificent companions have proven time and again that our joint operations are not in vain. In fact, they are merely the first, awkward steps in a magnificent quest.

This ‘magnificent quest’ is of course the splendid future that lies ahead for us all. This future is moving steadily toward its planned, divine outcome and the factors leading us to these eventualities can be divided into three main parts. The first is the crumbling of the old guard: the last dark cabal. Everywhere they turn, their ill-intentioned plans are failing. The world financial community has rejected their advances, and a growing coalition of major, global players is currently working to bring about their swift demise. Their imminent, financial ruin is being accelerated by the loss of the political support that they have traditionally relied on. Many of their allies from around the world have jumped ship and either secretly or openly oppose their grab for world dominance, thus hastening their exit from the world scene. This illegal regime now has no recourse but to use its dwindling power to place an iron grip on the transfer of any funds that pass through North America. This desperation reveals its growing panic.

As this old guard falls from grace, a new, diverse group of well-intentioned movers and shakers prepares to replace them in major positions of power. This coming world coup d’etat is the next phase of this operation. These intrepid and marvelous individuals and groups are of course the ones we call our ‘Earth allies’. As stated earlier, they are quietly coalescing behind the scenes and working out the final kinks in their plans. Remember that it is not easy, even with vast financial resources, to completely overhaul the political regimes of four major world governments. This ambitious undertaking required a plan of such depth and daunting degree of detail and coordination as to appear overwhelming even to the most stouthearted and resolute among us. It is small wonder that the last few steps are taking a bit longer than desired. And despite all odds, the results are about to swiftly materialize before you. We are now helping to manifest this event and to release this world from the harmful grip of this last dark cabal.

The final part of these proceedings is our arrival on your beautiful shores. We look forward to the public broadcasts that will announce our presence. Your splendid efforts can then begin on a global scale. The tasks before you include a massive purging of the pollution that has defiled your world for decades. You will be introduced to an enormous array of technologies that have been either suppressed, or hidden from you, and also to a whole new off-world science. These will allow you to eradicate pollution-causing industry, epidemic diseases, and other causes of degenerative, physical afflictions. You will be healing Mother Earth and yourselves. You will meet your spiritual and space families, and this will, at long last, herald the end to your long, dark night.

The completion of these three steps has been ascertained. The divine plan has already decreed them into being, and your Ascended Masters are busily manifesting them. Their agents on the Earth plane are fully committed to this successful conclusion. It is to this end that we came to your world over a decade ago. Our medical teams and counselors note how the level of consciousness in your society increases exponentially each year. This process is part of what you have called the "Ascension of humanity" and is another aspect of the divine plan, as are those who are now actively working to bring this into being. All these factors combine to make your wondrous new world inevitable. The moment, when the ‘first domino’ of your new reality falls, is imminent and subject to exquisitely precise, divine timing.

The cogs and wheels of this engine for change are at once enormously intricate, and yet sublimely simple, because of the nature of the divine Love inundating this realm. Every level and dimension of Heaven knows how inevitable is the emergence of the latent potential in every one of you. This potential cannot be crushed out of you or in any way suppressed from your being; your Creator cements it forever into your soul. This awesome impulse has already determined the total defeat of the dark on your world, and this last segment of your ‘time’ is merely for fomenting what has already happened on other levels. This is why we can say that your victory is assured. Know that your present lives spent largely in survival mode are to be imminently transformed by the manifesting of the divine plan. This divine Intent is a mighty force whose time has come!

Our teachers and counselors have devised a program to guide you through the last steps to full consciousness. We can then help you to readjust to this truly divine state of being. Your sisters and brothers from the inner-Earth realm of Agartha will also assist you in this. They have great knowledge to impart to you about the extensive abilities of your spiritual selves. This ‘quiet revolution’ is spiritual in nature and is designed to end your separation from the many parts of you that once formed a grand, united whole. This ‘reunited you’ requires a new reality, founded on moral and spiritual integrity and dedicated to the Creator’s divine plan. These imperatives will expunge your present concepts of yourselves and will replace them with an integrated, or ‘holy’, identity. You will then be ready to assume your sacred task: creating your own galactic society and forging your new star-nation. We in the Galactic Federation await you!

Today, we talked about many things, most important of which are those events preparing to manifest suddenly before you. We simply continue to ask that you remain committed and focused upon your new reality, and all that it entails. Be ready in your Heart and mind to act when called upon to do so. We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven is indeed Yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)

Tuesday October 11, 2005. 13 Ix, 17 Tzotz, 1 Caban
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Selamat Jarin! We return, Dear Hearts, crammed with interesting things to tell you! As you may well know, the operation to unseat the last cabal and its political and economic cronies progresses apace. The brave souls working most diligently to complete this task are at last nearing their goal. Also, those involved in the many prosperity programs are coordinating their delivery schedules to coincide with these noble political deeds. Hence, your world is now ready to explode with events deemed impossible a few months ago. The designated provisional leaders chosen by our Earth allies are likewise preparing themselves to assume temporary command of the American government and those of numerous other nations. Your globe has never before seen the likes of what is about to take place. Moreover, these coming events are merely the opening salvos in a "quiet revolution" that is to unmask this last cabal and start a series of unprecedented criminal proceedings. Not since the Nuremberg trials, which marked the legal retribution against the former leaders of Nazi Germany, has such a series of trials taken place.

We, ourselves, have carefully compiled a directory of those persons who have favored the despicable goals of this cabal. The evil that has long stained your world with its hatred, its strife, and its chaos is to be cast out. Heaven is intent upon turning you in the right direction and giving you the opportunity to show your allegiance to the Light by your good works. This includes an all-out effort to cleanse the horrendous amount of pollution in your air, land, and water. Another major goal of Heaven is the complete eradication of poverty, disease, and want from humanity’s midst. These two prime directives are to be unleashed once First Contact is accomplished. The many nations of your planet are to announce, simultaneously, programs that will ensure the success of these goals. Heaven, as your sacred supervisor, will set forth objectives and provide the means to achieve them. The bureaucratic technologies necessary for this daunting task now exists, and this, coupled with your superb energies, ensure your resounding success.

We reiterate these points for a reason: It is vital for you to comprehend that a massive turning point in your history is at hand. The extent of these transformations cannot be overstated. The very nature of your self-perception is to change forever. This will entail the total overhaul of your theological beliefs, your scientific hypotheses, and even your assumptions about your origins as a species; when corrected, your history will tell of things now scoffed at by your "experts"; even how you view yourselves as a global society will change. All this is a prelude to your return to full consciousness. The stimulus of the new technologies and methods of organization will nonetheless pale by comparison to the internal upheavals you may experience as a result of some of the coming revelations. Since childhood, you have been inculcated with certain dogmas concerning reality; these will be rendered obsolete after First Contact. In their stead, Heaven will introduce you to a set of sacred standards that will permit you to adapt quickly to a new reality. The old, dark realm can fade and the Light be fully accepted.

This is only the start of what is soon to happen. Don’t forget that your world was designed by the dark to be an irrational and confusing hotchpotch to confound you and keep you open to their stealthy manipulations. But it can also give the illusion of being a comfortable and even secure place. In truth, anyone, despite wealth, position, and high public esteem, can be subject to a sudden reversal of fortune if they anger the ‘powers-that-be". All is built on quicksand cleverly constructed by your previous "gods". In this reality, Light was kept at the periphery; and any infiltration by the Light was twisted into nonsensical, hollow rhetoric. Despite these odds and incessant attempts by the dark to defeat her, Heaven has been able to intervene and create a vast and successful counter movement. The many changes now taking place are to transform your present dark reality into one that radiates Light, Love, liberty, and true sovereignty.

Talking about all this is one thing; your carrying out what Heaven expects of you is another. The coming period will see the demise of many political systems that have besmirched the face of your world since WWII. These systems are based upon the politics of greed and power reminiscent of the Roman Empire. A false "cold war" was devised to hide the true machinations of those running this dog and pony show. The intention of these dark cabals was to please their off-world masters and to imperceptibly slip a net of total slavery over humanity. That this has not happened is due to certain events carefully orchestrated by the divine plan. Hence, Heaven knows the amount of subtle subterfuge used against you. This has been taken into consideration and a plan created to allow you time to adapt to your changing realm. Thus, you can expect waves of amazing events followed by lulls in which you will have time to adjust.

The proceedings will kick off with a number of astonishing global events, the underlying purpose of which is to break the back of the last cabal and instill conditions wherein world peace can prevail. The next step will be the announcement of measures to redistribute your world’s wealth and power. The overturning of a number of major governments is to be the springboard for instituting programs that will vastly change your planet’s traditional economic and political procedures. Prototypes of a new way of doing business can solve many long-standing local disputes and set the stage for introducing long-sought-after technologies. Those industries affected by the introduction of these technologies can easily adapt by utilizing the above-mentioned new business paradigm.

"Business" is to be coaxed into adopting a more humane and environmentally friendly modus operandi. With the coming universal abundance, "work" will be contributed out of inner joy, not external survival needs. The traditional business model based on hierarchy requires total recasting: Corporations need to relinquish their restrictive, central control in favor of smaller units that are proactive to the local needs of community and environment. Communications between affiliates can swiftly convert to a simple process called "fluid group dynamics". In this model, the group is goal- and solution oriented rather than competitive and authoritarian: Those best equipped for a given project take the lead for the duration of that project alone; when the goal is reached, they release the reins to others. And so on.

This process is dependent upon a free exchange of ideas and the belief that all problems can be creatively overcome. Each aspect of the corporation encourages its many divisions to creatively adapt to local conditions and actively honor their community and environment. The relationships between divisions, their communities, and the environment are supported. Common welfare becomes more important than profit (remember that all are now abundant). The corporation’s new focus is to use its unique skills and knowledge to heal Mother Earth and enhance the viability of the community in which it is based. In this model, society and Mother Earth are supportively intertwined, not in competition. In a context of universal abundance, "business for profit" becomes redundant, and businesses become facets of community building and restoring the environment.

Today, we have gone over more aspects of what is to happen in your world. Try to comprehend the immensity of these coming changes. The concepts you have long cherished concerning your governments, possible technologies, and the world around you are about to be stood on their heads. Thus you can see how important it is for you to stay centered and committed to positive change. We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven is indeed Yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! And Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)

Tuesday October 25, 2005. 1 Lamat, 11 Tzec, 1 Caban
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Selamat Jarin!  We return, Dear Ones, with more to discuss with you! Your world continues her steady march to a new reality. Our Earth allies are working ceaselessly to bring forth the legal and financial documents that ensure the end of this last dark cabal and the manifesting of your prosperity. These actions are part of a larger global effort to prepare your world for First Contact. Before First Contact, an enormous number of political, social, and economic variables need to be set in place. The imminent actions of our Earth allies are the opening shots of a global "quiet revolution". The former Earth-bound minions of the Anunnaki have delayed these requisites for nearly half a decade. During this period, more details were hashed out between our Earth allies and the many factions that joined them due to their opposition to the odious, uncaring policies of this last cabal. As a result, many possible difficulties are now solved. These agreements can make the immediate objectives of many worldwide caretaker regimes much easier for them to obtain.

Along with the many prosperity programs and the removal of those regimes controlled by this last cabal are plans to terminate all debt and to permit prosperity to reach the lives of those who live in the so-called Third World. These plans are now completed. Currently, a number of groups and individuals are manifesting those elements necessary for starting these programs, and much success has already been achieved. The last steps are likewise being readied for quick implementation. The goal is to have the payout of all the various levels of the prosperity programs coincide with the introducing of the global debt forgiveness plan. The second stage entails provisions for a large stipend to be paid to each person on the planet. Global poverty is to end, and society’s infrastructure set to receive a huge leap in technology. This will include devices introduced by the Galactic Federation after First Contact is accomplished. Thus the basis will be provided for a major ecological push by the world’s governments.

As you can see, what is afoot is quite detailed and complex. We are most grateful to the many individuals and groups who have come forward to serve as the point persons for these activities. They come from every corner of the planet. Their enthusiasm and ability to work together as a coherent force is truly wonderful to observe. Their dedication and their willingness to devote a great deal of their valuable time are likewise deeply appreciated. Their task has not been easy. Many tremendous obstacles were overcome by their solidarity and their concentrated efforts. We thank them and bless their accomplishments. It is because of the instruments set up by them that your globe is assured of an unprecedented and astounding, bloodless revolution. The nations of the world must have the means to provide their citizens with water, food, clothing, shelter, and education. Each is to have the basic necessities of life provided for them. This operation is part and parcel of a massive effort to reorient your global society. The redistribution of wealth is indeed pivotal, but is by no means the only thing to be done.

Your world is a planet in transition; she desperately requires your assistance. Thus the push to introduce new Earth-friendly technology is vital. The world’s governments know this, as do most multinational corporations. To form an alliance equal to the task of creating a viable ecology program of global proportions, a massive reformation of corporate and governmental interaction must be launched. Furthermore, the many elements of the present ecology movement can be united under one coherent banner. Together, these concerned groups can work in tandem with corporations that have similar goals. The old divisive politics can no longer be tolerated. A new politics is to allow the manifestation of new technologies and ensure that those entrusted with planetary rehabilitation realize their objectives. Constant evaluations are to be made of personnel and of the technology in use, with the equal participation of all concerned.

The new corporate/government model is to be based upon new regulatory statutes. The "revolving door" policy, whereby high-level corporate officials also serve as heads of government agencies, is to cease. In addition, members of the public are to be deeply involved in the new process. The arrival of global abundance can allow the public to become members of official watchdog agencies. Those already active in the ecology movement can educate the public, redirect the goals of corporations, and re-establish the regulatory powers of government. This form of cooperation exists in some measure in some areas, but the intent is to make this procedure global. It is essential that a comprehensive system of ecological reform be allowed to manifest quickly. To do this, corporations need to be re-chartered to ensure their ecological and social responsibility.

Government is to be transformed. To this end, your abundance is to be the catalyst for a rapid explosion of public participation in government. Many of our Earth allies favor a system that permits the local population direct access to government. These "town meetings" can add the rights of the people to the actions of government. The powers given to the electorate to oversee their representatives need to be fully exercised. In addition, the workings of politics in general are to be changed. For example, the enormous campaign funds given to candidates must be disallowed, and a fair and legal electoral system instituted. The Galactic Federation has studied this matter, and possible alternatives are to be delineated after First Contact. The true democratizing of your systems of governance can be a way to ready you for your coming galactic society.

This operation to move you toward your new galactic society is one that Heaven fully supports. We wish to carry this out in a few rapid stages that will permit you to absorb many new and unusual techniques. Most of your training can begin in conjunction with the changeover in the operation of your various systems of governance. A growing respect for your planet needs to be coupled with an awareness of your collective responsibility for your actions. The macrocosm of international cooperation is merely the reflection of the microcosm of individual or group cooperation. The responsibilities of citizenship on Mother Earth are a prime and vital duty for everyone. This honor is to be expressed by your actions and by your participation in government and community affairs. Each is expected to contribute in her or his own unique way.

Helping one another is considered by Heaven to be as important as the assistance you give to sustain Mother Earth. We emphasize that, once the encumbrances of monetary survival are removed, Heaven expects you to pursue activities that help you and your fellows to grow, to heal, and to learn about the wonders contained within each other. For too long, you have been induced to perceive illusory divisions between one another. The time has now come to drop this foolishness. Use the new energies released by this quiet revolution to foster a deep Love for each other. Let this Love guide you to new understandings and visions. Allow these positive energies to heal yourselves, your society, and your precious home, Mother Earth. Permit your new reality to blossom around you, turning your planet into a glorious garden paradise for all humanity, a fitting arena for your triumphant return to full consciousness!

Today, we have focused on what is about to happen. We have also delved into how these things are to be implemented. We ask you, as ever, to commit yourselves to your inevitable victory. We ask you to make a bold move and let go, now, of the negative perceptions that limit who you truly are. We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones. Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)

Tuesday November 1st, 2005. 8 Men, 18 Tzec, 1 Caban
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Selamat Jarin! We greet you and arrive with more to tell you about your reality. In the past week, much has happened to move you toward a final resolution in dealing with Earth’s last cabal. These now desperate men and women have made a number of secret deals to obstruct those who desire to remove them from office. However, they are playing their final hand. A ring of legal and economic problems is encircling them in a vice from which they cannot escape. As they scurry into what they feel to be their last refuge, these hapless wrongdoers only set the stage for their own fall and, in the process, unwittingly prepare you for the events that will enable the transitional regime to gain power. This regime is to restore constitutional rule in North America and alter a shameful "economy of the truth" into a global flood of good tidings. Moreover, many terrible humanitarian conditions can be turned around as the plans for global prosperity coupled with a government-backed pledge to service is brought to bear upon these iniquities. We pledge you our full support as you start out toward your new reality.

The growing need for change produced a vast network dedicated to supporting the swift rise in consciousness upon your globe. This includes many who seek to use their influence and power in service to the Light. At present, your world is a volatile and dangerous place. Many nations want to stockpile a nuclear arsenal and have constructed elaborate missile development programs. They are also focused on developing economies and acquiring military forces to rival those of the West. This has led to secret alliances in the so-called Third World aimed at challenging the power of the West. A swift end to this potentially suicidal arms race is essential and pressing. We have watched carefully as your planet’s nations hurtle, like lemmings, toward the precipice. Moreover, poverty and disease continue to spread. These factors alone signal the need to wrench this last dark cabal from power and set your fragile planet upon a course toward peace and cooperation. Your transitional leaders are more than capable of accomplishing these lofty goals.

Some seven years ago, an operation was started to end the outrageous crimes foisted upon you by a dark cabal centered mostly in North America. This global group has been at the forefront of an effort to enslave humanity since the late 1940s.  In its early days, this cabal assassinated the firstUS Secretary of Defense and proceeded to establish a global cover-up of the existence of UFOs.  Next, these dark ones consolidated their power by perpetrating an artificial "cold war" in collaboration with their cohorts in the East.  Concurrently, they treasonously set up pacts with various dark galactic empires, benefiting from these ill-advised connections to consolidate exorbitant temporal power.  Under cover of the cold war, powerful off-world and secret in-house technologies were exchanged, including mass mind-control capability.  Along the way, they accumulated truly mind-boggling amounts of financial wealth.  In the 1950s and 60s, they wielded their power to dispose of presidents and world leaders at will and generally seemed unstoppable.

Yearning for yet more power, this cabal fought to gain the allegiance of the other cabals that ruled your world, and by the late 1980s, this was done. The Anunnaki were compelled to bow to their rising power and appointed them the prime cabal on the planet.  With this in hand, this dark group focused on schemes for achieving its remaining objectives by the late 1990s.  However, Heaven knew of its aims and set forth countermeasures to lure this arrogant group to an unanticipated defeat.  Remember that this was done because your divine destiny is freedom, not slavery; also, the galaxy was now ready to change her path.  These points are crucial to knowing your future. As the dark ones gathered momentum, the Light countered their ambitions by creating conditions that would demolish them.  This is why you are now watching this last cabal scrambling even to retain its power base in its North American homeland despite its erstwhile supremacy.

The present American regime, finagled into power by this dark cabal, is riddled with conspiracies merely to maintain its power.  Nonetheless, it has allowed its powerful mentors to rig oil and gas prices, invent fictional energy crises, and manufacture an illusory "war on terrorism".  Taking lessons from the past, these dark ones demolished the World Trade Center, started a number of illegal wars, and in general spread havoc worldwide. To top all this, they more than tripled their already obscene amount of wealth. Their final ploy is either to achieve world domination or to goad their global opponents into an Armageddon-style confrontation.  This insanity must be halted at once, and therefore their every move is monitored by Heaven.  The intention is to replace this loathsome regime with one that can completely reform American and global society. This is the primary goal of our Earth allies.

President Abraham Lincoln, assassinated by the Illuminati Cabal through the hands of actor John Wilkes Booth..
Oil painting of Lincoln by artist and sculptor Richard R. Miller.

And how have our Earth allies set about affecting this monumental task?  To begin with, and against much global opposition, they compiled a huge abundance and set up a means for reforming worldwide and local banking practices.  This initiative was supported by elements within the US government that were setting the stage for the removal of this regime. The restoration of constitutional governance and a return to "common law" are necessary to re-establish freedom and end the illegal practices that have long denied Americans their homes, their income, and their sovereignty.  This restoration can bring back faith in fair government and end the rampant spread of political and corporate corruption.  The new government-in-waiting is resolved to reverse the present suicidal policies and pursue total global peace.

This dramatic political about-face hangs on the legal processes that will remove this cabal.  These procedures were obstructed time and again by the duplicity and perfidy of those still in league with the dark cabal.  Once these officials were finally weeded out, the process surged forward.  Now, major breaks are ready to occur and it is picking up a momentum of its own.  Remember that all but superficial changes take place in strictest secrecy on this planet.  At present, those in charge of this "countercoup" have secured their positions and taken on new allies.  Moreover, this dark regime is finally tumbling to the fact that its fall is imminent.  It is surrounded by those who daily negotiate secretly for their removal.  Its only remaining ploy is to play for time and to try to stall these negotiations.

The groups involved in the interim government are resolved upon a due legal format for the new "Nuremberg" trials.  Those who hatched the recent treachery will receive the due process of the law.  Furthermore, the new government requires the legitimacy to effect America’s transition, politically and governmentally, back to the position she was in prior to Lincoln’s assassination (he, too, was removed by the forbearers of this dark cabal).  The Constitution in force at that time can then be restored.  Applying the provisions of constitutional law will result in a sweeping purge of all present government.  The power of allied Banking and of Bar Associations will end, paving the way for new banking and legal systems.America will be set free, and the tyranny that took root with the murder of Lincoln will be expunged!  Together, We are Victorious!

Today, we reviewed what is happening on your world. We ask you to begin a mass letter-writing crusade to end the present criminal American regime.  Unite in your own way with those designated to be the active players in this drama.  Show them that you support change and are willing to donate your services once these rapscallions are out of office.  We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)

Tuesday November 8th, 2005. 2 Ik, 5 Xul, 1 Caban
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Greetings, Dear Hearts!  We return with more to discuss.  Presently, your world is watching as the last cabal scurries about trying to right its hopelessly sinking ship.  Every day, we receive encouragement from the fact that the misdeeds of these arrogant ones are seeing the light of day.  As this process moves forward, our Earth allies continue to prepare the world for an amazing prosperity.  Watching these events being coordinated by those in charge has been both insightful as well as amusing for us.  Only a few months ago, secret meetings with this dark cabal were terminated at their behest; it seemed that they believed that our programs were to be successfully thwarted.  Now the folly of their hasty actions has hit home, and it is now this cabal that anxiously wonders how long it can stay in power.  Many of the things now delaying open disclosure are attempts by the once most powerful to lessen the sting of their downfall.  These informal talks have droned on during recent weeks and created a temporary delay in the disbursal of the numerous prosperity programs.  This delay is now nearly over.

Your time has finally come!  As the clock winds down on this cabal’s mishaps, our Earth allies ready themselves in the interim to take control of the American government.  Currently, the Constitution that rules this great land is badly damaged and requires the drastic action that is about to take place.  Most of the legislative and the judicial branch are as severely damaged as the executive. Everywhere the fallout from this dark cabal has infected your government.  This has created a domestic and foreign policy that has thoroughly trashed its once enviable reputation. In its place is to be forged new governance dedicated to the enactment of policies capable of reforming this government and restoring America to its most lofty perch.  During their brief time in office, those in the interim government need to set the right example.  You can expect some help from us, but this task is set squarely on your shoulders alone.  The gift of America was stated in the Declaration of Independence and reiterated in the first ten amendments to your constitution, known also as the American Bill of Rights.

The present global diversity of random violence, unnecessary wars, and needless confrontations is epidemic.  These are omens that the structure that once ran your world is losing its tight grip upon you.  These dreary upheavals drone on in record numbers because the traditional power structure of your planet cannot control you. Look around at the rising demonstrations for peace and demands for the creation of a new reality.  These less sensational happenings hardly get a nod from the world’s newspapers, let alone time in the precious minutes of local and national newscasts.  Why?  Simply because it reminds too many in power of the time in the late 1960s and 1980s when the powerful were successfully challenged.  Now, a new uprising is underway.  Many individuals and groups, who in fact are part of this once-unapproachable power structure, now lead the way.  The current goings-on behind the scenes signal that these efforts are about to be made public. You have a ringside seat, watching and participating in a "quiet revolution", as history is made. Soon, the ramparts will be breeched and an amazing world fully revealed to you.

First Contact is a complex operation made even stickier by the conditions and struggles on your world.  Normally, we simply consult the local Spiritual Hierarchy and those who govern the planetary system chosen by us for this honor.  Rarely, if ever, do we send our fleets or appointed representatives into a primitive mess, the likes of which characterizes your present planetary affairs. Nonetheless, at Heaven’s behest, we have come and gradually involved ourselves in your concerns.  This unusual policy, after a decade of remarkable patience, is starting to bear fruit.  Many accords, resifted policies, and carefully posited decisions have helped your First Contact team to learn how your confused conceptions work.  As a result, we assisted you in forming alliances upon your world that can make a difference.  Actions taken by these individuals and groups are causing what you now see. Indictments are merely the start of other procedures running parallel to them.  Legal maneuvers to unseat this dark regime have only just begun.

Many actions are also being taken covertly by holders of high office in this government.  Unseating such a powerful regime relies upon a vast, coordinated effort.  Decades of dedicated assistance by influential bureaucrats and compassionate judges have set the stage for what is to happen.  Your government is not monolithic; many dare, on a daily basis, to defy secretly those actions that aim to restrict your freedoms and illegally limit your income.  These courageous ones form only a small part of those working to release America from bondage.  The Ascended Masters have encouraged many wealthy and influential people to follow this same path. In the last seven years, this forged a network that has greatly added to our own efforts.  These networks are only the beginning.  Others formerly associated with the military are likewise lending their assistance.

This diverse effort has spread worldwide.  Many officials, former and current, in key financial and monetary organizations have helped to forge new policies that will be announced once this evil cabal is driven from power.  These new policies have affected international legal organizations as well, and the means to reform and carry out a new Nuremberg-style trial are now in place.  Those who dared to obstruct the natural flow of events since late 2000 need to be punished for their actions.  The world community understands the severity of what has occurred, and many have stepped forward to join us.  This on-going march for freedom has grown immensely in the past two years.  The events just starting to manifest in America are only the start of a much wider effort. This effort is to bring global prosperity, freedom, and individual sovereignty to all.

First Contact has led us to know much about those on your world devoted to the Light.  We have seen how bravely they have faced the dark ones and despite grievous threats have persisted. We thank these individuals and know that their efforts will soon be rewarded.  The most important of these efforts involves the prosperity programs. In fact, these fantastic amounts of money are the key to ensuring the manifesting of your new reality.  The dark knows this and desperately pursues strategies for entangling them in red tape and carefully thought-out snafus. This has delayed their delivery for years.  Now, the means to finish the job are at hand.  A special system to accomplish this is currently in its final process, and we expect some of you to soon receive a most wonderful and welcome surprise!

Mother Earth is busily preparing herself for her new look.  The great changes to come are only starting to appear.  As the Earth moves into position, many large earthquakes and similar events will happen. Remember, the Himalayas are to return to the way they were before the fall of Lemuria.  The vast central plains of Asia will flow naturally into the broad savannas of northern India.  Many of the islands of the Pacific Ocean will coalesce into the reborn continent of Lemuria. Atlantis will rise, and the cordilleras of the Americas will transform as well.  This new planet is being born in small episodes that will increase in severity as time goes on. It is for this reason that your coming work needs to address the issues of your fragile planet.  Together you can create a most beautiful and lush environment for Mother Earth’s marvelous diversity of life!

Today we have talked about things afoot on your world.  We ask you to have patience and comprehend deep in your heart that your new reality is close at hand.  First contact similarly is very near.  The world you know is ending. In its place a new and glorious reality is ready to appear before you.  We now take our leave.  Blessings, Dear Ones!  Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)

Tuesday November 29th, 2005. 10 Akbal, 6 Yaxk’in, 1 Caban
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Greetings, Dear Hearts! We come again with many interesting things to tell you. We first ask you not to be discouraged by the slowness of the events of the day. Much of immense value is occurring behind closed doors. The communications that we continue to receive tell us that meaningful progress is being made on a number of vital fronts. Putting an end to a group that knows how to use the powers conferred on it by the fact that it is the current American government is an incredible undertaking. We wish that we were able to go into greater detail in these matters. As you know, we are governed by the procedures that our diplomatic personnel have marked out for us. Accordingly, we have held back from implementing a number of scenarios that we planned nearly half a decade ago. This was done to appease our Earth allies and also to comply with the prohibition of our heavenly supervisors. This means that a variety of options remain open to us. However, we are not to "go down these roads" unless our heavenly supervisors authorize it.

Heaven is the prime mover in these events. The divine plan has outlined what is to happen and how. These directives shape our actions and determine how we plan the concluding act of the cosmic drama called First Contact. This operation, as noted many times before, is being carried out on many interconnected levels. Keep in mind that your reality, your global society, and your place in this galaxy are being drastically changed. Such a massive transformation in consciousness is no small matter to contend with. The implications of this are monumental and, quite simply, mind-blowing. In a short time, you are being made ready to accept things that are currently beyond your comprehension. This requires a strategy that forces the dark’s hand and at once permits a predetermined victory for the Light. All this is now well underway. The institutions for change are now in place. The rules for a new integrated American domestic and global banking system are written. The last known obstacle is the present North American regime whose power stretches from Hudson Bay to the borders of Mexico.

On other fronts, your astronomers are recording important and "inexplicable" changes in your solar system. They also observe many strange phenomena throughout the observed universe. The same oddities are occurring on and around your Sun. These things astound and frighten your secret rulers. These last obstinate ones devise methods to defend themselves against us while still searching for ways to stay in power. But what their scientists report confirms the futility of their efforts. And still these dark ones persist. Each time they discover a new move of attrition against them, they tighten their grip on the global movement of money. They know full well that money lies at the root of power, and they therefore monitor and manipulate it carefully. Our Earth allies likewise know this. The result is a financial war that has turned deadly in its attempts to evict these defiant ones. Our role is to ensure that our allies be instantly informed of all devious and sudden movements of the dark so that appropriate countermeasures can be taken.

This covert war has been waging ever since this cabal illegally seized control of the American government in 2000. But, inevitably, their growing arrogance will be their undoing. So great is this cabal’s sense of superiority and invulnerability that it has conducted a huge number of highly profitable and illegal financial activities. Recently, however, our Earth allies put a stop to many of these transactions. The appropriation of these accounts badly eroded the plans of this cabal and started a process to rein in its attempt to dominate the world’s financial markets. As a result, it has seen many more of its key associates jumping ship, which has dealt severe body blows to its operating capacity. As you can see, our Earth allies now possess a weapon that can permanently cripple the effectiveness of this last cabal.

As each part of the operation to unseat the illegal American regime moves forward, there comes a time when one action intertwines with another. At this point, it is necessary to create diversions that will misdirect the actions of this cabal. Elaborate back-up events are staged to lure it down a path that can end in its swift destruction. With the advantage now afforded by recently acquired assets, our Earth allies have set up two such traps for the downfall of the cabal. One option comprises a very swift series of events leading to its defeat; the other is a slightly slower scenario that would have the same result. Each path is manned by two separate teams that are in constant communication with each other and that are both determined to complete this task in the time allotted. Needless to say, we carefully monitor each team and help them to ensure success.

While these two teams work diligently toward their goals, Mother Earth prepares for vast changes to her surface configuration. These preparations have already resulted in many preliminary adjustments, including the earthquake-tsunami of Christmas 2004 and the large 2005 earthquake in the southern Himalayas. These large-scale movements are, however, as nothing compared to what the upcoming Earth changes can potentially dish out. We are living through the mere beginnings of a period in Earth history when already, in the past four decades, the number of category 4 and 5 hurricanes have more than tripled, and the number of earthquakes of level 6, 7, and 8 on the modern Richter scale have more than quadrupled. We tell you this only to inform you and help you better understand the enormous scope of the changes you are going through.

This shift in consciousness inevitably creates sweeping changes to your reality and to your understanding of how your reality operates. Your technology has produced a global society that is highly fragmented and filled with deep divisions. Yet these same technologies also permitted great changes in the way you perceive each other spiritually, and this is preparing you for the changes mentioned above. Put another way, your state of limited consciousness has a paradoxical effect: it seeks on the one hand to maintain the status quo, and on the other, to constantly improve the lot and the understanding of the individual. And herein lie the seeds of change. The enlightened quickly know the divine simplicity and truth within this seeming contradiction. It has brought you to your modern world, but also to the brink of self-extermination! Yet your rise in consciousness pulled you back from the brink and is, instead, paving the way to your salvation.

In such an environment, a formal First Contact takes time to precipitate. Heaven knows this and devised a perfect scheme to "leaven the dough". Acting like fragments of yeast, myriad little "lightening" actions done anonymously around the globe set you on your heavenly path. The big changes now underway are also accomplished in the detail. These details are almost impossible to discern as they emerge; yet, hidden among the maze of confusion generated by the dark, each Light-inspired detail sets up the inevitable. Once these details reach critical mass and start to meld, the momentum generated is too great for the dark to counter. This melding is happening at an increasing rate, and now this reality finds itself firmly turned around and swept up into a final push toward its divine destiny. See how truly miraculous are the subtle ways of Heaven!

Today, we continued our discussion about how change is happening on your world. Be patient, and at the same time in joyous anticipation of your inevitable divine victory! What you are living though is at once the end of the old reality and the beginning of a glorious new one. Remember, Together, We are indeed Victorious! We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)

Tuesday December 13th, 2005. 11 Caban, 0 Mol, 1 Caban
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Greetings, Dear Hearts!  We return with additional things to discuss with you. As ever, those who intend to alter your world are working diligently to complete their various agendas. Each of these ensures your inevitable victory over the dark. This operation is presently closing in on a number of important deadlines. For the moment, let us look at your reality and see how these changes are manifesting in your world. To discern these changes, you need to look carefully at what is happening around your globe. The most important involves how those items of value such as gold, silver, diamonds, etc. are faring. These items, in the main, are rising in value. This is occurring as a hedge against the dangers of an increasingly overpriced global real estate market. Many key nations on your world, holding large reserves of needed assets such as crude oil, coal, precious gems and metals, are stockpiling or buying interests in gold and silver. This is done to counter covert attempts by the last dark cabal to implode the now booming global economy.

As these resources change hands, they move into an interlocked stockpile arranged by the Light to prepare this world for a new historical direction. Western Europe, in one form or another, has dominated your globe for the past four centuries. Even the rise of America in the late 19th century and its ascendancy to superpower status in the late 1940s failed to significantly alter this fact. After all, the contrived "cold war" was only a specially created diversion, whose purpose was to focus the world on the "threat" of mutual self-destruction and away from the actual truth of the growing enslavement of humanity. This dark plan was largely diffused by the departure of the Anunnaki in the mid-1990s. But despite this, this Machiavellian strategy is still being pursued on a grand scale by your last dark cabal. Moreover, it is this growing stockpile of untold wealth that is becoming the reason for the dark’s need to implode the world’s economy. This wicked plot has thus far slowed the progress of many international financial documents. Nonetheless, the obtaining by the Light of added resources is going on even as we speak.

The purpose of these acquisitions by the Light is to enable your planetary society to move into an economy that is far more stable than the present one based on a highly inflationary fiat currency. The key is to rapidly devalue or deflate the present economy to more realistic or true values. In these conditions, the abundance inherent in your present economy can be shared worldwide. Further, the wealth created by the rise of new technologies can be more equally spread. Your global population needs to be swiftly educated and made aware of what is actually happening around them. This prerequisite is well known to your Ascended Masters and us. The mass ignorance of your global population and your willingness to believe the deception and flagrant lies of your governments is quite appalling. The ascendancy in the past half-century of a global corporate state is a phenomenon long exploited by the dark to achieve many of their goals. Countering this is a movement to reorder the power of these corporations and to truly democratize the world’s family of nations.

To accomplish this, many secret agreements have been signed by the world’s nations. Further, a covert league of major national powers has come together to ensure that the coming reality can in no way mirror the present. This determination led to a number of important legal agreements concerning the demise of the present American regime. The cabals that once supported the Anunnaki have turned their power upon the last remaining vestiges of the dark. This secret war has gone on for nearly half a decade. This struggle of the powerful has created a world in which the wealth of the many banking families of North America is now at risk. Added to this are a series of documents that can cause the re-chartering of the world’s major corporations once the present American regime is legally done away with. This incredible financial war has reached a point where a denouement in favor of the Light is now possible. This means that this secret war is due for an incident that is to bring it into the public arena.

The role of the Ascended Masters is to ensure that a reality based upon abundance, freedom, and personal sovereignty becomes the norm on your world. Their intent is to support what we have just talked about. Their guidance is also focused on the many spiritual changes required. Your globe is presently dominated by philosophical viewpoints that run counter to what is spiritually envisioned. These doctrines were forged largely by the Anunnaki’s former minions many millennia ago. The Masters intend to counter these doctrines by introducing changes in a manner acceptable to the masses. This simultaneous operation of introducing abundance and transforming basic philosophical doctrines is to be their prime objective. To the Ascended Masters and Heaven, First Contact is a moment when the ways of the dark are fundamentally turned toward the Light.

This procedure is being done on many levels. We, in the Galactic Federation of Light, have concentrated upon preparing you for First Contact. This operation is more than the mere appearance of our ships in your skies. It involves the establishing of a spiritual, mental, and emotional kinship with you. It means that you reacquaint yourselves with your true history and start to remember who you really are. This process also involves a return to a full understanding of who Mother Earth truly is. This loving, living entity has graciously permitted you to dwell upon her. Now you need to come together as a people and honor her. Another aspect of all this is the amazing technologies we will give you, including those long suppressed by the dark on your world. The purpose, as always, is to prepare you for full consciousness and full membership in the Galactic Federation.

These noble truths are behind what is now occurring. Many times in our past messages, we talked at length about these things and told you about our diligent work toward success. We are eager to have a full disclosure of our existence and to have our benevolence made public. This can help to prepare you for our arrival. Many of the dark cabal has used their positions as spiritual teachers in your society to rail against us. This disinformation, coupled with continued emphasis upon the abductions carried out by your secret government, has aroused fears in your populace that need to be addressed on the coming eve of First Contact. This is why we are working closely with our Earth allies for a formal end to global nondisclosure. This is why open disclosure is to come so soon after the present American regime is ousted from power.

In all of this, we never forget the power of your part in the equation. You are a great people who lost their way. Buried in the cobwebs of an ever-deepening amnesia from millennia of limited consciousness, you were manipulated and lied to. You were told that you were powerless and had to accept the "authority" of the Anunnaki’s dark minions. These unscrupulous Souls cared more for wealth and power than for your freedom and abundance. Yet for all their abuse of power and the miseries they created, you remained true Loving children of the Creator. This accumulated grief has reached its long-destined conclusion. The time for the Light is presently dawning on your reality. As this new Light rises, it comes with its multitude of champions. We pledge to you that Together, We are indeed to be Victorious!

Today we discussed what is going on around you. Never forget that you are not alone. Enormous armies, brought here by Heaven and assisted by those on Earth who desire your freedom, have come to help you. Yet, remember your own valiant part in these proceedings. You are all powerful Beings who have the collective ability to free yourselves from this terrible oppression! We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)

Tuesday December 20th, 2005. 12 Batz, 14 Mol, 1 Caban
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Greetings, Dear Ones! We arrive with more interesting things to discuss with you!  Around you a great shift in your reality continues forward. Everywhere your present reality is transforming. This new reality is beginning to manifest even as the great chaos that marks the end of the old spirals ever upward. This wave of dissonance is slowly beginning to abate. As it does, the first glimmers of the new reality, the crystal and indigo children, have come in huge numbers to work their magic! Likewise, Mother Earth has started to alter her very make-up. This caused the central core of your planet to accelerate this process. A result of this there are movements near the polar regions that appear to many to be the start of a polar shift. But this is not the case. Rather, we are seeing the preliminary adjustments for a return to a monopolar state. These Earth adjustments are similarly reflected in you as your development of a 13-chakra system accelerates. You may be experiencing some dizziness, temporary feelings of disorientation, or even on occasion an "out of sorts" feeling.

This shift in your reality affects you in many subtle ways. Be aware that as the Light moves in ever greater strength across your globe, it transforms the very nature of your world. Time is being compressed. The patterns of your seasons and weather become more unusual. Strange circumstances or events begin to show up in your reality. All of this is in response to the great shift that is to return you to full consciousness. The whole process faithfully follows the mandates set forth by the divine plan. The Creator intends to transform this world and establish this solar system as a center for the universal movement to change the very nature of physicality. This operation has led the Galactic Federation of Light to contact a great many galaxies in our vast neighborhood and set up the machinery to forge an Intergalactic Union. A fitting addition to this organization is your reformed star nation as a full-fledged member of the Galactic Federation of Light. It remains our firm intention that Mother Earth be the site for future meetings of this Intergalactic Union.

This inevitable move toward the stars is your destiny. For millennia, you have been quarantined on Earth and under the repressive supervision of the Anunnaki. This time has now ended. You are now shedding the misperceptions of your world and starting to accept that you are not alone in this enormous galaxy. Furthermore, you are just starting to realize that your ultimate physical origins are not to be found here on Earth. The improbable theories of your science of evolution and the perplexing bleating of your religious dogmas are finally wearing off. It is dawning on you that you are children of the stars and that your relationship to the physical and spiritual Heavens is far greater than you previously suspected. It is for this reason that we traipsed across this galaxy and endured the silliness that passes for wisdom on your world. Yet, despite the odds, you stood up to this supercilious reality and helped your world turn toward the true wisdom of the Light! For this, we are most grateful! We salute you and wish you to know that First Contact draws nearer with each passing day!

As we wait to mingle with you, the crews and ships of this First Contact work diligently to make this destined meeting a truly joyous one. We have set aside a large portion of our fleet to act as intermediaries and showcases for our many advanced technologies. This operation is to be carried out as seamlessly as possible. First Contact is more than a family reunion. It is a moment when, at a stroke, all your creation myths and ancient histories get straightened out. Your sciences are likewise to be hugely altered by our formal physical presence on your world. They are a well-meaning set of superstitions that need much adjusting. To a certain extent they have helped you to explain physicality, but in the long run they fail to provide a true understanding of what is happening in your reality. Similarly, your religious philosophies require a new vision and a much-needed overhaul. Your realm requires great infusions of Spirit and Spirit’s workings need a more thorough explanation.

As this new reality seeps into your experience, you can start to learn new ways. The fundamental differences between the old and the new infant reality are immense. Universal truth and wisdom can now become the norm, and the upside down notions of your present reality can be abandoned. This means that the sorry concepts of the Anunnaki-created system of scarcity can be transformed. The new abundance is more than an end to physical want; it is, rather, the start of a new mindset that changes your beliefs about what is possible. You become able to think positively and succinctly about how truly unlimited you are. This can open up a time for huge leaps in your creativity. Suddenly, no problem lacks a solution. The inherent joys of individual and joint creative expression can at long last flower!

This flowering of a new global society is our dearest desire! Your world has endured much that has violently torn it asunder. One society has been pitted against another. Wars have resulted that, in the past century, have become increasingly brutal. This brutality was the joy of the Anunnaki and their minions. Separation and strife were used to keep you from learning the truth! The age-old concept of "divide and conquer" was long used by the dark ones to make you think less of yourselves and of each other. This is to end with the return of the Ascended Masters. You need to learn about why you are here. You need to understand how your potential was shackled. You need to acknowledge how falsehood and half-truths were used to manipulate you. Then, you need to learn about Love!

Love is the energy that drives Creation. Love is the reason behind all of Heaven and physicality. This pure energy is the very essence of the Creator. Love is both an emotion and a power that connects everything. Due to her great attraction, all living Beings are made One. How this is expressed arises from the divine plan. This plan is more than a mere set of directions or a divine timetable. It sets forth how Love births all things in the spiritual universe, how all is connected, and how all is tied in to the sacred outcome according to the infinite intentions of the Creator. Love is at once endless and finite. The infinite range of her meanings and expressions corresponds to the Creator’s intentions for her. Thus, Love is pivotal, and is indeed the very basis for all things spiritual and physical.

First Contact has its being in the divine Love of Heaven for you and results from a deep respect for your divine destiny. You, dear Hearts, are most special to Heaven. You have endured much, and we await the time when we can pamper you with our technology and graciously guide you toward a comprehension of universal wisdom. With this in hand, you can guide the unfolding of your society and transform it into a true galactic one. This move toward a new, more cooperative world is something all of you, deep down, desire in your hearts. Humans are Loving and caring Beings. Each of you knows how this world has twisted you. The coming time is one in which this "veil of tears" that you call a society is to be transformed, not so much by us, but by the compassion and grace that reside within you.

Today, we talked with you about the hidden meanings of your new reality. Each of you is going through much distress, as is Mother Earth. Your new reality is manifesting in many different ways. We ask you to remain patient and, simultaneously, to use your great abilities to usher in this new reality. We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)

Tuesday December 27th, 2005. 12 Batz, 14 Mol, 1 Caban
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Selamat Kasijaram! We come, Dear Hearts, at the conclusion of this holiday season! We return to say much about your world. Gazing around your world from near space, there is much to be thankful for. Mother Earth is a blue gem hanging in space, orbited by a former battle planetoid that you call the Moon. The heavens sparkle with a multicolored light show put on by this galaxy and her more distant cousins. We hail from the source of this light show–the plethora of stars that form this galaxy. Many of our worlds are similar to yours, while others are really quite different. From our viewpoint, your global society is swiftly adjusting to a growing new reality. We are thankful that this growth is enormously aided by the work that each of you contributes every day. And because of this, your world glows more brightly each day. As our ships circle your world, we look down and watch you perform acts of kindness even in the face of war, pestilence, and catastrophic natural disasters. These acts of Loving-kindness show us the wondrous amounts of divine grace that abound in your realm.

When we began this First Contact mission, we scarcely realized the amount of supreme effort that it would require. During this time, we covertly met each and every one of you. We are sincerely impressed by your dedication and your diligent resolve despite the huge amount of frustration that you have daily incurred. These marvelous talents are indeed something to be thankful for. They have permitted you to carry on despite apparent obstacles that seemed too weighty to overcome. Yet you endured, and slowly ground these obstacles into oblivion. This grand purposeful march of yours is most awe-inspiring to the soul! Much has slipped away from you and now threatens you with possible dire consequences. However, you are quickly overcoming even these conditions. As we observe this, we are proud of what you have done. Many items remain on your agenda. Know, Dear Ones, that your abilities are being bolstered by the great invocations of Heaven.

As this heavenly energy reaches you, it restores you and allows you to stay on course. Nonetheless, it is your courageous effort that is leading all of Creation to a most magical point! Your faith, steadfastness, and ongoing spiritual awakening have kept this glorious event in motion. As we look down upon the Earth from multidimensional space, we first see a great crisscrossinggrid of Light. This grid is pushing aside a darker sphere that still partially contains you. A new reality is descending like a Heaven-sent dove to envelop you with her immense Love! We also see how each of you is similarly entwined in a process that is sloughing off your former limited conscious selves. Each of you is engaged in a slightly different stage of this procedure. The glorious colors and energies emanating from you are quite incredible. It produces a kaleidoscope of colors unlike any that we have seen before. This gives great promise for what now lies ahead.

Ahead of you is a final struggle with the dark. This set of events is now underway. The failed attempts of your last dark cabal to gain supremacy over you are the first strikes in this last act. This drama began when Atlantis, in the last throes of her existence, cast you into the amnesia-laden wonders of your present reality. Yet, the intimations of who you truly were never left you. Throughout your ordeals, you kept sacred those dreams of a better world and a coming grand reunion with Spirit. Now those dreams are becoming more lucid. The return of our ships in great numbers has encouraged you. The rapid growth in your knowledge has permitted you to forge a growing electronic society. This process opened up corresponding neural networks within you; and now your global computer network mirrors what lies inside each of you. This urge to learn and to merge spiritually with each other has catapulted this time toward the grand denouement long prophesied by Heaven. As a result, the need for our formal appearance has now become quite essential.

First contact is the final point in this last act. Our formal arrival leads to an immense number of changes. Primarily, our arrival explodes the series of myths and untruths used by the Anunnaki and their minions to control you. New truths and new powerful ideas need to replace them. Here, the Ascended Masters can help. Their coming appearance is meant to signal that your time in limited consciousness is shortly to end. A series of final actions by your governments and you are all that then remains. These actions are intended to bless Mother Earth and thereby restore you to the position that you held before the Great Fall engineered by the dark empire called Atlantis. Much has passed under the proverbial bridge since that sinister moment in your history. Consequently, you are required to make amends and to prepare yourselves for the grand tasks that are your destiny. Then you can finish the transformation already begun by Heaven.

This transformation also permits Mother Earth to vastly change herself. In her new mode, she can start to create an environment more suitable for your resurrected selves. This realm is multidimensional and allows you to move freely throughout the cosmos. When the restrictions of your present reality are removed, the enormous potential that you possess becomes quite evident. In this new realm, your life missions can be simply achieved, and the resulting wisdom made available to all. The ability to communicate easily and to work in harmony with Creation is something that few of you have experienced fully. Her joys and her accompanying wisdom is the stuff that brings you unending ecstasy. This is the joy of Heaven and the basis for the divine grace that constantly envelops you and your work.

This period of reality transition is presently marked by the rise of a new realm and the last attempts by the dark to maintain its fading dominion. We intend to see you through this period successfully and to prepare you for what is starting to manifest before you. Such a time can be marked by moments that seem to cast doubt on success. It is important to remember this and to not be discouraged. We have watched these feelings well up in many of you, and we ask for your forbearance and your continued willingness to prop each other up. It is these talents that can see you through these periods of frustration. We continue to work forthrightly with our Earth allies to bring about the great changes needed to bolster our mutual cause. As you are aware, this operation is hugely complex, and many of you now are just starting to notice the results of our work.

Much still needs to be achieved in the days prior to First Contact. Yet, it bears repeating that there is also much to be grateful for. As this holiday season draws to a close and a new Gregorian year approaches, be resolute, and staunchly prepared for what lies ahead. Dwell not on the false power of the dark. But be in joyful anticipation, and use your marvelous potential to manifest what you truly desire. This coming year holds much to be thankful for. It has most certainly the potential to deliver victoriously what we all desire. Let this coming year be the one in which a great abundance and First Contact can be realized! To this end, we need to focus, and permit our mutual potential to freely flow and materialize our heart and soul’s true desires. Remember, Dear Hearts, that Together, We are indeed Victorious!

Today, we looked at what we all have to be thankful for. We ask that you employ this time to think positively about what is forming ahead of you. As a group, you are an unstoppable force guided by the great Light of Heaven. Use this to your advantage and enjoy with relish the fruits of your labor! We now take our leave. Blessings, Dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)

Tuesday January 10th, 2006. 13 Chicchan, 8 Chen, 1 Caban
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Selamat Jarin! We return, Dear Hearts, with more to discuss with you. As the potential for First Contact increases, a number of complex scenarios are now well underway on your world. The ongoing ‘oil war" between various major world powers and their worldwide suppliers reaches another critical plateau. Added to this is the rising struggle between those governments and groups that wish to unseat the present American regime and this government’s still-powerful allies. These two separate camps are gradually interweaving and thus raising the stakes for a possible serious conflict. In addition, there is the battle between the Euro and the Dollar for global fiscal supremacy. Behind all this is the hidden struggle between our Earth allies and those who desire to carry out the dictums of the current American administration. The steam within this pressure-cooker is mounting as we speak. Most governments in Europe, the Americas, Asia, and Oceania are caught up in this conflict. Its outcome is part of the grand plan that ensures the inevitability of First Contact.

The schemes and multilevel scenarios of these various factions continue to amaze us. Power on your world is complex, and its intricacies are teaching us much about how the dark runs your reality. Being caught in the midst of these things is most educative, but it also at times appalls us. Nevertheless, our personnel have garnered a great deal of information on how to use this knowledge to untangle your world from the dark. What we do is to observe the event in question and then execute the scenario that best moves it along toward the optimum outcome for First Contact. This can become complicated as these muddled groups and outrageous activities interweave constantly with each other. At present, the political systems of many nations are in varying degrees of crisis. When added to the growing instability on your world, it concocts a brew that is quite chaotic. Normally, such a degree of instability could easily lead to another global conflict, but in this instance these conditions are ungluing the structure that has upheld your reality since the end of WWII. This crumbling opens the way for change.

Dynamic restructuring of your world is required. The presence of such a huge majority of poor and undereducated among you is a big deterrent to constructive change. To counter this method long used by the dark to control you, a creative solution with a touch of whimsy was devised; we dispatched a number of individuals to live among you and become part of the affluent present power structure. Their task is to mingle among these denizens and discover how to influence them by small, positive increments. Their mission has seeded many educational projects in both affluent and non-affluent nations, and this has induced many influential individuals and groups to join their growing bandwagon. This aspect of our program has allowed us to gather allies who secretly joined our pro-Earth coalition. These recruits are most welcome. Together with former members of the dark-side, they comprise the foundation of an organization that is close to deeply reforming your world. This complex coalition has infiltrated most major governments and engaged the help of many international groups.

Part of our strategy is to benefit from various economic and political situations arising on your world; for example, the war between the Dollar and the Euro. At present, coalitions are forming on either side of this issue. The weakening of the dollar has panicked many in the West and especially in Asia. This creates an opportunity for the introduction of a new currency backed by precious metals. This non-fiat currency is the spearhead for a secret movement to unseat fiat currency from its present powerful position. This project is ultimately tied to many powerful groups responsible for the production of oil, diamonds, and gold. Despite the supremacy of pro-dollar multinationals in this mix, the emergence of this precious-metal-backed currency is actually very close to completion. This can give Asia a new role to play in the world economy. The purpose of all such projects is to offer viable alternatives to what is now accepted as the norm.

Another example is the polluting of Mother Earth. She has been assaulted and raped by humanity for millennia. In the last three centuries, this attack was escalated to the point where her surface is now in great danger of being unable to support her ecosystem in a viable manner. Innovative technical solutions have been given to conscious inventors in Asia, Africa, and the Americas. Unhappily, they are being blocked by multinationals that convince major governments to test and then suppress them. Nevertheless, covert funding is occurring, and these pollution-reversing projects are to be released and expanded upon once the present US regime is removed. Other projects being developed by consortiums especially set up for the purpose are alternate energy production, new flight technologies, and more harmonious business models.

These projects are being combined with a global initiative to dismantle the efforts to maintain the now crumbling, post-WWII monetary and economic structures. This is an ideological reformation that underpins what we are talking about. Many "experts" in your society also describe your world as being in transition. What is not known is the degree of change in the works for Planet Earth. Our Earth allies have worked diligently to move your global society in the right direction, and to do so as swiftly as possible. Each step in this procedure means clearing out huge remnants of the dark. As you can see, much is being done. Currency reform, international debt forgiveness, and solutions for rising pollution and energy depletion are nearing resolution. More is coming online. An overall plan is covertly and, in some rare instances, overtly manifesting.

While all this is happening and preparing the way for First Contact, Mother Earth is likewise revving up for change. Altering her surface means that the 24 tectonic plates must be stabilized and relocked into position as she synchronously expands to her former size. (The onslaught of limited consciousness caused a gradual shrinkage.)  Also, her atmosphere needs to thicken and be infused with oxygen. Mother Earth undertook this renewal in earnest in the early 1970s. The initial result was a big increase in the number and intensity of earthquakes. In turn, the stepped-up seismic activity caused a surge in volcanism. By the 1980s, the Earth began a minute expansion of her girth. This pressure produced growing rifts in her surface and a "locking" of some of her tectonic plates.

At the turn of the present millennium, this process accelerated enormously. Mother Earth had reached a point where her tectonic plates were increasingly "sticking." Also, the appearance of sudden fissures in her surface was becoming more common. In the Americas and in Africa, the means to re-form the ancient oceans of a more conscious world were manifesting. The gases and other effluents emitted by this activity were also helping to thicken the atmosphere. The comparatively low rate of these episodes mirrored the changes happening to each of you. Mother Earth is warning you of the need to push on more rapidly with your changes, and to do so in a manner that aids her transformation as well. In this regard, we are monitoring both Mother Earth and you, while also readying ourselves for the joy of a massive First Contact with you!

Today we reviewed what is occurring on your world. As noted, many events are close to happening.  We ask you to do your part and stay focused on helping to birth your new realm. Remember that your new reality grows closer every day.  Never forget that Together, We are indeed Victorious!  We now take our leave.  Blessings, Dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)

Tuesday January 17th, 2006. 7 Eb, 15 Chen, 1 Caban
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Selamat Jarin! We return, Dear Hearts, to sit before you and impart some valuable new information about First Contact. First Contact is something that we have been working at for over a decade. At the outset, it was to be merely a full-scale public revealing of our existence. But this initial belief was soon to be greatly modified. First contact has now become a joint effort comprising our Earth allies, your Ascended Masters, and us. When the mission requirements began to expand, we started a log to keep abreast of the growing magnitude of changes. Reviewing this log recently led us to a number of conclusions: First, we need to keep the fleet at the ready and fully deployed to carry out an immediate mass landing scenario. Second, we require our Earth allies to commit only to those items on any given agenda that they are actually able to fulfill in a diligent and truly orderly fashion. Finally, we need to make sure a mass landing can in fact be likely in the very near future. These items are at the very top of our list of priorities. We expect the intensity of these desires to bear fruit in the form of a swift finale to this mission.

We have said enough about our fleet’s personnel and make-up. We are diverse in both sentient species and in variety of craft. Our mission has studied your world carefully. We learned much and comprehend what is needed to finish this task successfully. Many of you believe that we can arbitrarily decide to stage a mass landing, but this is sadly not the case. Too many complex variables need absolutely to be accounted for before such an action can be carried out. We are ever mindful of what has hindered us in the past, and what continues to hinder us now. Moreover, we do not intend to make an early, small-scale landing in a spot that we would announce in advance. Those who put this about are merely spreading silly lies and spurious disinformation. As of this date, First Contact is to be effected strictly according to the plan drawn up by the three groups mentioned above. It is to be a massively staged occasion, done in concert with our Earth allies and under the ever-watchful supervision of Heaven.

Having set this straight, let us move on to what is now bearing on this case. We recently received a formal decree from Lord Surea in Heaven’s great throne! It gives us a dispensation to land and complete First Contact. We rejoice at this wondrous edict from the triune Creator of all things! Yet, we must act with great responsibility. At present, your world strives to escape the clutches of a deep darkness. To you, this process seems to move like molasses! Yet, the opportunities this provides are gouging huge holes in the unity of the matrix set up by the dark. Despite this, the suffering of the global populace has increased. And while the end is in sight, many are needlessly dying, and others are oppressed by the illegal use of force by the dark’s minions. We have weighed this in our mission conferences and have devised a number of options, the foremost being to pressure our "partners" and to use this dispensation to land in the very near future. This has yielded some very positive results.

Our heavenly "partners" are following the divine Will, and thus these divine Orders and Councils of Heaven have asked the Ascended Masters to clear the way for us to land on your most alluring shores. The pressure this puts on our Earth allies is immense and forced a quickening of their timetable. This pleases us greatly, and we rejoice in this change. Even so, their swifter action still leaves us basically in the same spot. We remain optimistic and sincerely expect this to be the year for effecting First Contact. But, we recall to our cost how many came and strode onto the scene with much promise, yet in the end with little to show for their efforts. We know this and fully intend for this time is to be different. Meetings are now being held on your world holding the promise for the finishing of preliminaries. The prerequisites for regime change are being addressed as never before. Previously prohibitive factors are beginning to crumble, and we are close to a final resolution.

This resolution has not yet evolved to the point of tying down a date; this aspect is still fluid. But we are trying to create conditions wherein all parties can agree to a firm date. As you know, we have gotten to this point many times before. But the difference this time lies in the compelling nature of this present period. Many of our Earth allies are vividly aware of how dangerous the present American regime is to the world. Its current posturing is destabilizing not only the Middle East but many other areas as well. Also, the arrival of the new currency system and the coming fall of the fiat-based dollar have thrown this administration into a panic. These elements do not bode well for your world. Accordingly, it is the wise opinion of the majority of our Earth allies to remove this illegally elected regime with all possible speed. Allegiance to this cause increases daily, and we fully anticipate a regime change to happen in this year.

As the time for a truly momentous event draws nigh, we closely monitor your world and watch out for situations that can greatly endanger your global society. We stress to our Earth allies that the Earth is determined to change her configuration and is preparing her surface for massive "remodeling." The huge chain of mountains that runs from northern Canada to the wilds of Patagonia, the Himalayas, and the Alps are due for major recasting. In fact, all the larger mountain ranges of your world are now at risk. This, taken together with the melting of your polar ice caps, signals that the great cycle of change is underway all across the planet. The global warming created by humanity’s negativity aids this cycle. This growing danger is a selling point for speeding up the arrival of our fleets upon your shores.

As Mother Earth and we work hard to accelerate First Contact, our Earth allies’ operations are at various stages: Some aspects of their programs are close to or have reached completion, while others progress at a snail’s pace or seem completely stalled. The overarching concern is how to legally remove this American regime from power. A number of possible tracks are being followed, all with different timelines. We have asked our Earth allies to focus on the fastest route and to commit to making it their primary scenario. So at present, all responsible parties are addressing this program for regime change. We intend to guide them to finally unify their efforts and forge a timetable for completion. All things considered, ousting this present administration from power is swiftly becoming the lynchpin for First Contact.

First Contact is moving forward. As we said at the start of this message, the complex variables of your world must all be considered in the mix. Yet we know that this can be done rapidly and can lead to a number of positive and longed-for results. Thus, we have initiated Project Omega. This project is put together as a solution to all that we have so far related to you. Our fleet liaisons and their on-ship counterparts produced a network designed to move First Contact forward by concentrating on the many current roadblocks. We are determined to solve them and to prevent any disaster that might derail the progress of our Earth allies. To this end, this network dispatched personnel and the necessary technology to rapidly make First Contact feasible. Remember, Together We are Victorious!

Today, we discussed the changes being brought to bear on First Contact. The last decade produced many variables that impinge on First Contact. The present intent is to reform anything in this mix that hinders the achieving of First Contact. Hence, we set up Project Omega and put its wonders in motion! We now take our leave. Blessings, Dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)

Decra Zau

Tuesday January 24th, 2006. 1 Cauac, 2 Yax, 1 Caban
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Selamat Jarin! We return, Dear Hearts, with more about what is happening on, below, and above your beautiful home world. As we stated in our last message, we have initiated "Project Omega." Since many of you have either objected or wondered about its meaning, let us begin by renaming it.  The new name for this project is its Sirian tag "Decra Zau," or "Operation Spirit." The purpose of this task is to hurry the move toward First Contact and remove any remaining barriers as soon as possible. We are using our full creative potential, evolving new approaches, and involving in this task the most knowledgeable of our personnel on Earth affairs. As noted last week, First Contact progressed in the past half decade into a mission that, on your world, takes in many interlocked variables. The constant shifting of these factors continues to frustrate the achieving of a rapid conclusion to our mission. Thus, we are moving this into a new final phase. We are going to keep on informing you on this endeavor while at the same time pushing hard for our Earth allies to finish off what is needed for our mass landing to occur successfully in the very near future.

This task, as always, involves no special circumstances for anyone before Contact is achieved. No special landing sites have been assigned nor for that matter have they been in the recent past. Our purpose remains a mass Contact with you. Thus, we worked on this matter with the Agarthans and with those personnel on your planet in a position to know of us and recognize fully what is happening on your world. First Contact is, above all, a broad recognition of the Truth behind your move to full consciousness.  This move goes beyond any concepts that may be floating around the "mass public."  Rather, it is a realization of the vast spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical changes happening to each one of you.  These changes in their full measure have either been denied or covered up by your so-called medical and physical sciences. Also, the xenophobia inspired by your religious philosophies further adds to the fallacies endorsed by the "powers that be." The need is to forge something new and unique that embodies the Truth and goes beyond the delusional dualism of this present dark-oriented reality.

Your plunge into limited consciousness permitted the dark to set up power structures that mentally and physically bind you to them and their Earth-bound minions. In the last few centuries, means were put into motion meant to free you.  Unfortunately, the nomenclature and accompanying beliefs of this reality make this task of freeing you most difficult.  Heaven and the Divine Plan therefore devised devices for freeing you from this oppressive mind-set. The rise ofAmerica, the French revolution’s "Declaration of the Rights of Man" are only two of the ideas that have moved you toward your destined liberation. Most recently, the rise of an "electronic revolution" on your world in the past few decades signaled that the centralized control of the dark is quickly fading away.  In this newly created environment, the decentralization of control is leading to an emergence of new ways to express your freedom and go beyond the restrictions imposed by your reality’s dark dualism. Those powerful ones on your world who recognize this and wish to become part of the consciousness revolution are becoming our greatest allies.

The key to defeating this dualism is True Universal Love. This concept goes far beyond the terms and expressions of your religious and scientific philosophies. It is an energy that created all things within the context of the Great Blue Light of Creation. Since a full acceptance of these Truths requires states of higher consciousness, Heaven began the great transformation that you are all going through. Swimming in these seas of evolving consciousness are the old forces of your reality. The result is a multitude of reasons and beliefs for what is happening to you. We need to use our "good offices" here to literally free you from drowning in the misbeliefs and other gibberish now permeating your mind. The key is to understand that you are indeed changing for the better and to comprehend that you are part of a global transformation in consciousness. In turn, this change hugely affects your world. Seen in this context, it becomes easier to look at our position and discover the Truths long hidden by this reality’s inherent dualism.

When we observe you, we see you in a reality that is rapidly becoming unglued and hence creating much chaos. This chaos is also leading you to new structures that are swiftly appearing in an unzipped state. Your task is to take these and construct a new reality. As we look further into this reality and see how it transforms, we note that sages or "technology prophets" long heralded the start of this process. Thus, we presently concentrate on these ones as well as those now phasing in elements (for example, new monetary systems) essential for these new structures to fully manifest as planned. Further, we are implementing strategies to counter the plans of the last dark minions to stop these things from formulating in your reality. This multi-step approach needs great diligence and a knowledge of how your world operates. Manifesting First Contact requires wisdom, due diligence, and the Will to succeed and to communicate with you.

In a nutshell, a project is underway that changes the obstacles to First Contact into procedures that encourage it. In this context, the strange whims and beliefs of your world become ways to creatively alter your reality. In the past, we summoned the help of those who worked their magic to induce peace in our galaxy, but this failed to take into account the unique ways of this planetary society. Hence, these efforts, while well meaning, quickly became bogged down in the eccentricities of your world. Now, we have evolved a greater understanding of what is required. Consequently, we are using our personnel both aboard ship and on-planet to carry out the necessary preliminaries. This strategy is much more workable, as it is filled with general common sense about your ruling power structure and you. This plan can and will lead to First Contact!

The inherent duality on your world has certainly forged special circumstances. Often, when First Contact teams encounter a potential new Galactic Federation member, the degree of xenophobia and misconceptions about the universe would have greatly dissipated. This is not the case here. We had thought that the procedure of First Contact could act as a catalyst and produce a global catharsis for change. This has proven highly inaccurate. Your degree of primitiveness and your highly emotional attachment to your misguided beliefs need to be taken into account by us and a new approach to First Contact devised. This re-evaluation led to "Decra Zau." Its provisions allow us to rework our interweaving of personnel and other resources with those of our Earth allies. The time has come to move forward to First Contact!

As we progress, we intend to keep a degree of stability to ensure your survival. There are forces on your globe desiring a scorched-earth policy when their defeat is deemed inevitable. Thus, we can easily maintain a surveillance that prevents the use of nuclear weaponry. Many on your planet still feel that whatever it takes to gain world dominance is divinely justified. This horrible misconception can and will be kept from manifesting by our fleet. Our mission is to move your global society toward a grand shift in consciousness and provide the final proof that you are not alone. This includes a grand reunion with your heavenly family. First Contact is a major watershed in your history. Hence, First Contact can and will happen! Remember, Together We are Victorious!

Today, we reviewed the reasons and the basis for implementing "Decra Zau." These are founded on the realities that underpin your present reality. Our aim is to transform this reality and, in so doing, to carry out the rest of our First Contact mission. We now take our leave. Blessings, Dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)

Tuesday April 4th, 2006. 6 Muluc, 12 Mac, 1 Caban.
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Selamat Jarin! We come before you once again with some interesting items to discuss. Those whom we have long worked with on your world are nearing another point when the first parts of their plan to oust the current American regime can start to manifest. Concurrently, the final stages of various global funding programs are now reaching critical mass. In addition, Mother Earth has begun to adjust her surface by moving her tectonic plates just enough to relieve a growing pressure. Not doing so risks the high probability of a serious land-based earthquake. As you can see, a number of things are happening on your world. Remember that Mother Earth is really in the last stages of her transformation. This same process is also affecting each of you. As we gaze upon your solar system, we notice the same changes likewise influencing her. The grand reality that you so easily embrace is in her waning moments of existence. Our task is to inform you of this and prepare you all for the approaching First Contact with your space family.

First Contact is a subject dear to our hearts. We can inform you that our Earth allies have finally given us permission to intervene on a more direct basis. Until now, our fleet has been limited to an indirect advisory capacity; only occasionally were we allowed a more vital say in their many operations and projects. Now, their grand council has approved our participation in their main decision-making process. We intend to use this to push for a more rapid completion of the several tasks assigned to them by Heaven. Your world is in grave peril, and the continuance of your last cabal in their current positions of power is totally unacceptable to us. Most of you still take your reality as a given. We, on the other hand, do not. We fully realize how fragile is the system set up by the Anunnaki at the start of the industrial age. This system is dependent for its existence on three major elements of control: money and banking; government and commerce; and the common dogmas expressed through your family, schools, and religions. This control includes your family members, friends, and work associates.

The projects approved by our Earth allies can transform these agents of control and forge a new reality. The prime power on your world is financial: As long as the banking and monetary systems are controlled by the former earth-bound minions of the Anunnaki, the ability to manifest meaningful change is decidedly limited. Vast fortunes numbering in the trillions and quadrillions routinely circulate among this power elite. Their jealousy of anyone besides themselves possessing these astounding fortunes led to the development of worldwide political and banking systems that favor their endeavors. The global banking system is really no more than a means for this cabal to ensure self-perpetuating control. Their ruling council is devoted to manipulating your political systems at will. Added to this are popular beliefs that limit humanity’s potential for change and give away its power to these dark scoundrels. The first steps of any internal reformation need to begin with present monetary and banking procedures. This huge abundance of wealth needs to be drastically redistributed using radical new methods.

Besides moving these enormous sums around, there is the need for reforming the practices of modern banking. Banks are both the hit men and the bagmen of this dark cabal. The present purpose of banking is to provide the funds that grease the wheels of governmental, industrial, and corporate corruption. These considerable monies make responsible government nearly impossible in most parts of your planet. Meanwhile, the banking practice of discounting personal bank accounts, loans, and credit cards by some 15 to 30 times makes the huge amounts produced for the cabal’s use seem truly absurd! Furthermore, the secret practice of central bank currency trading is straight out of Alice in Wonderland! Here, billions of dollars are turned into trillions in a few short weeks! This enriches the powerful and restricts the wealth of the general populace.

Reforming this dark mode of banking is an essential step for our Earth allies. The power of money needs to be limited by ending the immense hoarding by a powerful few. Our Earth allies understand this and deeply desire to turn these staggering sums toward the task of enhancing the life of all who dwell upon your world. We support their efforts. It is not easy to manipulate such a system to give up its wealth and power by reforming it from within. Yet, this mission is precisely what many well-placed Earth allies gladly took on. Their courageous perseverance has resulted in a number of preliminary goals that underscore the change sought by our undercover allies. Hence, world banking is secretly drawing into alignment with the goal of anchoring in a banking network that advocates debt forgiveness and the funding of the various prosperity programs.

The commonly held beliefs that dominate your world’s societies need to be profoundly altered. It is these beliefs that give your dark cabal the means to run your lives. Personal empowerment on an unprecedented scale needs to be widely disseminated. Most nations on your planet have set up points of deference that reinforce the power that is handed to the rulers. Furthermore, a body of social conventions exploits this deference and justifies the actions of the powerful. An ethos of self-empowerment is now essential. Moreover, these principles need to be exercised in ways that encourage their adoption. We intend to help you learn an "education-by-doing" procedure that we call fluid group management. This realizes the potential of each individual in a group, which in turn maximizes the collective power of that group.

In the meantime, we ask you to look carefully at the information on this vital subject that we have imparted to you in the past. Our process is to have you learn to "link up" with your true self and begin to discover who you really are. Your innate talents need to start to emerge. Awareness is built upon a responsibility to not blindly accept the "given," but rather to explore the truth about yourselves and your like-minded associates. This mutual education can be quite empowering! The next step is to join together and learn to use your newly acquired knowledge in constructive ways. For example, select an issue that requires a resolution, or formulate a project to educate your community on the need for change or action. Fluid group management can teach you the wisdom needed to produce change.

Your initial use of fluid group dynamics is pivotal; it can show you just how powerful and talented you are. Bear in mind the goal behind your efforts is to encourage positive change and to express new ways of thinking and new beliefs to your fellows. A critical component is to stay focused on your purpose. Discover your particular aptitudes and find out how these can best serve the current focus of the group. This process is about empowering self and others, thus releasing and promoting the abilities given to you by the Creator. It is about transcending competition and strife by learning the truth about your origins and your inner nature; it is about using this knowledge to engender a peaceful and joyous process of change. It is also a vital precursor to our adding our wisdom to yours. As ever, Remember that Together, We are indeed Victorious!

Today, we have continued our discussion about how your world is changing. We implore you to stay focused and to ever bear in mind that an operation to transform your world is presently underway. Our purpose is to support this change and to prepare our fleet to shortly undertake a massive First Contact with the good people of Mother Earth. We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)

Tuesday April 11th, 2006. 13 Cib, 19 Mac, 1 Caban
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Selamat Jarin! We return, dear Hearts, with more information to share with you! Your world is poised for a great shift in her consciousness. Both above, upon, and below your world, the seeds of this change are sprouting. Our liaisons continue to report that our Earth allies are progressing toward their final, and up till now, most elusive goal: the ousting of the current US regime from power. Elements from around the globe are presently converging to seal the fate of this dark regime. Abroad, many interesting developments challenge the current supremacy of the US dollar. The IMF and its allies are also working to prepare the way for the graceful decline of the dollar. In its stead, the new precious-metal-based American dollar is planning its debut. This new dollar and a similarly based Euro together form the initial twin pillars of a coming global abundance. This abundance and associated worldwide debt forgiveness are to signal the start of your new reality. Another sign to look for is the abrupt ending of hostilities in Iraq by the US military forces stationed there.

These events are the start of a massive change in your global power structures. The new international banking system and sudden readjustment of credit and debt instruments together with the termination of the millennia-old, Roman-based system of national sovereignty can permit your world to finally be free of the last vestiges of the dark’s long control. This path to freedom is to be implemented by a full return to common law and personal sovereignty. This leads to a vast increase in your responsibilities. We ask you to become cognizant of what this truly means. We bring this up again to re-emphasize its prime importance both to Heaven and to your success. Hard as it may be to believe, your world is on the brink of a colossal change in her realities. The opportunity for this came close in the past but receded at the last moment. Now, however, the committed and diligent work of our Earth allies, and of course ourselves, has placed this prospect well within the realms of the possible. Much is happening to ensure that your well-deserved victory is indeed nigh.

Meanwhile, on other fronts, our fleet is busy watching the awakening of Mother Earth’s surface. After a period of relative quiescence, Mother Earth is entering a more active phase. The rapid melting of the planet’s glaciers and polar ice caps is bringing an unusual spring season to the Northern Hemisphere; the copious precipitation and unseasonable cold is the precursor to a warming-up of this hemisphere. The heat of summer in the Southern Hemisphere is equally undergoing unusual weather phenomena in its autumn season, indicating a cold, rainy winter. Also, the amount of deep-ocean volcanism is on the rise, which means that the major ocean currents will be shifting earlier than usual. Our scientists are somewhat concerned as this portends a heightened intensity of hurricanes, typhoons, and tornadoes. Most worrisome are the major hurricanes spawned near the equator in the Indian, Atlantic, and Pacific Oceans.

The changing weather is closely tied to the altering of your atmosphere, in particular, the ionized layers of your upper atmosphere. These layers are circulating in a slightly revised pattern. This shifting is affecting radio and TV signals and changing the degree of UV radiation in the lower atmosphere which, in turn, increases instability and in part accounts for the bizarre weather mentioned above. All in all, the peculiar wobble in the cycle of Mother Earth created a fertile setting for these odd conditions to persist. To sum up, your planet is passing through a period of activity that presages a vast magnetic shift. This shift allows your world to prepare to change her surface appearance. Thus, it is essential for those projects mentioned at the start of this report to transpire as swiftly as possible. To ensure this outcome, we have instructed our diplomatic corps to impart crucial insights to key Earth allies involved in these affairs.

As your Earth readies herself for change, our fleet has zeroed in on the places likely to be most affected. Accordingly, our First Contact command board has advised our science scout fleet to watch these spots carefully and prepare a warning system whereby we can evaluate to what extent we can either alleviate or prevent difficulties from happening. This is now in effect. In this regard, we have asked your Ascended Masters to assess our findings to determine if what we intend to do is indeed appropriate. Mother Earth dearly wishes to complete the next phase of her preparations swiftly and urges us to move forward with the entire First Contact scenario. We are pleased that our Earth allies are intent on completing their remaining tasks rapidly. The delays hitherto caused by the dark would appear unable now to stop them. We are therefore reinforcing our positions and setting up the means for intervening successfully in your affairs.

First Contact, as we have noted many times before, is assuredly the most dramatic event of your recorded history. This fact only heightens our concern to do this right. The dark as a whole has receded from your shores legally, so that what is left is a last global bastion that refuses to give up the fight! This group is well positioned and holds the reins in many parts of your world. These reins are being dismantled assiduously, piece by piece. The last great bulwark is theUS government’s leaders. Illegally re-elected, dictatorial and arrogant, they still strive to maintain their ill-gotten gains. The operation currently underway against them is being won on a number of fronts centered in their homeland. The financial, economic, legal, and political engagements are silent, but nonetheless deadly, battlefronts. These auspicious confrontations will oust this last dark cabal from power!

These closing moves look as if they will not take much longer. Once done, many vital undertakings fall to the victors. We have already gone over the need for you to prepare yourselves for a number of special events. These events will precede our arrival and the manifestation worldwide of your Ascended Masters. This agenda is well known to our Earth allies. Further, the agreed-upon timetable is presently in effect. Everyone who has been solemnly contracted by us understands this wonderful window of opportunity. The way is now clear for a relatively swift victory! Yet, each step of this intricate procedure needs to be strictly adhered to. Our Earth allies realize this and have followed this agenda to the letter. It now remains for us to guide them stealthily to victory.

Immediately ahead is the need for you to maintain the gracious focus you have held so long. In many ways, your role is the most challenging; you have no clear way of knowing beforehand when the major events will occur. All that is given you are indications and hints about what is truly afoot. This can cause frustration, but also a deep wonderment about the immediate future. We can tell you that this roundabout way of learning the truth is likely to continue until the dawn of your new reality. The dark has engulfed you in a fog of misinformation that prevents you from learning the truth. Until the sources of this informational hogwash are formally eliminated, your quandary is likely to persist. Our reports to you can only go so far in imparting precise information, as the dark is much too resourceful to allow us any option. So, we ask you to bear with us and graciously to be patient.

Today, we briefly went over what is happening on your world. Much of this is a precursor to First Contact. Our Earth allies are accomplishing much and with our guidance are moving toward a proper resolution of your world’s difficulties. With all this going on, we know it is most trying for you to continue your valiant focus and patience, especially after so many years of waiting. We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)

Tuesday April 18th, 2006. 7 Akbal, 6 Kank’in, 1 Caban.
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Greetings! We arrive with more to tell you. Your world continues to progress despite the negative efforts of your last dark cabal. Right now, you are at a point where our Earth allies have moved ahead with their plans to oust this cabal from power. If you look closely at developments around your planet, you can discern just how much their grip on your reality has eroded. Many things are in place for this coup while others are just starting to take shape. The purpose of all this action is to give America and your world a vastly different "look." By this we mean that the secret agreements for redirecting your reality are quite close to manifesting. On the surface, much still appears the same; subtly enforced no-go areas do wonders in limiting what the mainstream media allows into the public domain. However, if you look "under the hood," you clearly see the widening crevices and hear the cracking of this dark cabal’s once-solid foundation. As this foundation splits apart, the opportunities for a new reality to push through the cracks grow exponentially.

The Galactic Federation is dedicated to pursuing this massive transformation. The last steps involve an actual First Contact operation. This procedure puts us in the unique position of being a guarantor of your consciousness revolution. This post confers a great responsibility to do this in a divine and accredited way. To this end, we are guided by the sacred decrees of Lord Surea.  This garnered us enormous authority throughout Heaven, whose assistance has tempered our intervention. This has given us the time to learn the "lay of the land." With this knowledge and the directives of the Creator, we devised a plan to achieve our goals. It is essential that those persons in positions to alter the global political shambles be given the means to do their job. Revolution and reform take time to jell and then flower. This time is underway. We are now passing through "the quiet before the storm" and approaching the moment for action. The final rails are being solidly laid in place for the juggernaut of change to begin its rollout.

On other fronts, you are progressing remarkably well toward full consciousness. It is this growth in awareness that is rapidly becoming a substantial stumbling block to the dark cabal’s agenda. Your work to realign the subtle grids of this reality and your committed intentions have permitted many to awaken faster than was expected. Moreover, your inner work has thwarted much of what the dark hoped to realize. Despite their incredible financial and economic resources, they have been prevented by our joint efforts from derailing your ever-growing rise in consciousness. As this inner network of positive intentions grows, the work that we are doing becomes easier to accomplish. Terrorism sponsored by the powerful is designed to spread fear and increase chaos. Your work has limited this fear and thus prevented the chaos from reaching critical mass. This grid of rising consciousness is to be one of the mainstays that assure First Contact. Accordingly, we sincerely thank you for your help and ask that this continue unabated.

Where logistical aspects of this work were concerned, there was some degree of dissatisfaction. Operating within the corridors of the powerful and profane is not easy. Your world is filled with good intentions gone wrong. Indeed, one of the sports of the power elite is to cast wide nets of misinformation and other whimsical devises to snare the innocent and lead them down a path to political oblivion or even death. We watched as many were thus toyed with. Such is their hubris they tried this game on us! As a result, we have firsthand experience of the guile and underhand nature of the powerful. We used this wisdom to "separate the wheat from the chaff," namely, to discover who is genuine and hence to know what can truly be done. Much initial learning forced us down pathways new to us. Nevertheless, we were able to devise strategies equal to their cunning and capable to boot of achieving our objectives. These are currently underway.

Our fleet has taken on a most fluid operational construct. First Contact includes tasks that change with each day and that adapt enormously with each year. A vital predicating factor is your rate of inner growth, which greatly impacts this degree of fluidity. As more of you expand your state of consciousness, the nature and make-up of our medical teams adjust to match your changes; and likewise, the number of teams that each of you requires increases. Hence, our personnel expand daily. Teaching and supervising these teams has become a major responsibility for our command board. Motherships in our inner ring have now devoted their full time and energy to this endeavor. The science mission has likewise taken on expanded duties as Mother Earth follows this same path. This acceleration of our duties signals to us that First Contact does indeed draw close.

The assignment of our diplomatic and liaison teams, as you can see, is a difficult one. Aware of the challenges of our environment, we must yet progress at a faster pace. Many on your world labor under a false sense of unworthiness instilled during birth and childhood. This emotional pain causes much in your society to operate in a deceitful manner. To resolve this dilemma, we have decided to use special "consciousness gifts" to overcome these difficulties. It is easy for a society founded on Truth to work together cooperatively and respectfully; societies based on lies and disrespect are much harder to redirect. Pervasive anxiety and mistrust are deeply imbued in you, and we plan to overcome this condition with Love and respect wherever we go. Happily, this procedure has begun to put us in your good graces and this augers well for our mutual victory!

First Contact with you is complex; you have forged a truly unique situation for yourselves. The negativity of your press and your innate suspicions prevent a swift and comprehensive landing on Mother Earth. And yet, your society mirrors conditions that quite frankly hardly any longer exist. Realities in the grips of rapid change often succumb to this sort of craziness, and yours is no exception. What we have done is adjust our plan to your ongoing agenda. This means that we need to push you in the right directions while watching for the optimum moment to arrive en mass. This strategy gives us some leeway while allowing us to expedite direct contact with you. This First Contact operation is determined to move you beyond your present qualms and simultaneously to provide the means to support the workings of our Earth allies.

The quiet revolution currently underway has taken millennia to get to this point. The goal is to return you to full consciousness and end the incessant harassment of the dark. This time around, the departure of the Anunnaki opened doorways of opportunity not available before. Some 10,000 years ago, a great global flood stopped a consciousness rebellion dead in its tracks. This dire act of retribution was a sign to the human survivors that any sort of surliness to the rule of the "sky gods" was not to be tolerated. This horrendous act put your distant ancestors and even yourselves at their dark mercy. Today, this option has been eliminated. Furthermore, we are here to provide the means for your success. Our divine act gives you the setting to carry out this rebellion and gives you back your primary, God-given, unalienable right: full consciousness!

Today, we reviewed the present situation on your world. This was done to reassure you that the promised ousting of the dark cabal is indeed close to happening. Further, we want you to know that the quiet revolution toward a new reality is still in effect and destined to succeed in the near future. We now take our leave. Blessings, Dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)

Continues atThe Process of Ousting This Dark Cabal, II

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