The Power of Unconditional Love

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A True Story:
The Power of Unconditional Love
Elder Wanderer
July, 2007

This tender story is true.  It is the story of a dear friend of mine I met long ago.  You can manifest your Unconditional Love by following in her footsteps.  She is a model to imitate and someone who applies in her life the spiritual principles she studies.  She «walks the talk.»  She wants to remain anonymous for now.  —Luis Prada, Editor and Publisher of Brother Veritus’ Website.

Published in this website by request from the author on August 7, 2007.


After the age of 7 most of us lose unconditional love which we know is extremely difficult to regain. Our earthly programming tends to pull us away from the Divine at an early age.

As an Elder Wanderer my entire life I have felt as though «I am among you but not of you», I’m most comfortable among Asian people, even though I am a Caucasian American. In my early twenties my spiritual elders guided me toward mystical studies which became a main part of my life.

My first close contact with Asian people was when I was 19 years old in Japan and I volunteered to teach an English class at the Okinawa Rehabilitation Center for the Handicapped, it was the first time most of them had seen an American up close. I had the ability even then to look past their physical challenges and accept them like any other human being should be.

When I eventually returned to the USA, I vowed I would some day return to Asia to live, but as Japan’s economy prospered and their cost of living sky-rocketed, that dream faded dramatically.

I tried to keep a glimmer of hope by becoming a close friend of many Vietnamese people who came to America after the Vietnam war, and was even adopted as a foster mother by a lady whose Vietnamese mother past away some years ago.

I was nearing 60 years of age, and one day as I was surfing the net I happened upon a website about Thailand, The Land of Smiles!

I discovered that the cost of living there was very low compared to what I was uncomfortable with in America, and being the adventurer I am, I flew to Thailand for a 2 week vacation. It was the best vacation I ever had and felt accepted and loved by many Thai people I met. I was so overwhelmed by this experience that when I returned to America, I sold most of everything I owned and moved to Thailand. My dream of living in Asia had come true!

Within a short period of time I became friend of a Philippine minister and he said I should be an English teacher, and begin by doing some volunteer teaching to see if it fitted me. He took me to the Ministry of Justice Boy’s Correctional Department in Bangkok and introduced me to the director, who thought it was a wonderful idea for me to teach one English class a week. I was a big success! There were 30 boys, 16 to 18 years of age in my class and I furnished the teaching materials. After 4 months I sent my resume to a bilingual English school on Phuket Island and was offered a full-time teaching position as a first grade teacher, I accepted and started teaching in four days.

To make life easier for me I wanted to live within walking distance from the school, and started looking for accommodations. As I was being guided around the area by one of the Thai school teachers, she received a cell phone call to bring me to the school. The owner of the school approached me and offered me free lodging in the Thai teacher’s dormitory on the school property, how wonderful!

I don’t have any children of my own, so I haven’t been able to watch unconditional love up-close. All of a sudden my first grade students (especially the girls) wanted to hold my hand, give me hugs out of the blue, even sit on my lap and told me they loved me!

I do have the ability to zoom-in on most children, understand what makes them tick, and communicate very easily with them on their level. As a teacher it’s paramount to be able to gain a students trust and friendship so you can help them much easier with their studies.

Pawasa [also known as Kein]

Panwasa at age 5

Each day when I finished my teaching duties I would have my evening meal in my Thai dormitory apartment and then usually walk up to the school and communicate with the Thais who worked and lived at the school. These employees were cooks, cleaners and maintenance personnel, earning low salaries and their living accommodations are very low standard compared to what Americans are used to, but you would be surprised how happy these people are with so little.

I noticed when I was communicating with them that there was a young child who was being taken care of by her grandma who was the head cook for the school and had been working for the owner of the school for many years. I watched this little girl from a distance for maybe 2 weeks before I slowly approached her, Thai children are extremely shy. I noticed that she had a club left hand which she didn’t use and wouldn’t let anyone touch. Eventually her grandma became more trusting of me and allowed me more time with the child.

The school grounds are very tropical and elaborately designed. I was allowed to take the little 2½ year old girl for short walks around the grounds, slowly teaching her English. I spent one to three hours with her, 5 to 7 days a week and within 2 months we both looked forward to our time together. She enjoyed being with me so much that when she saw me walking up to the school, she would run as fast as she could to be lifted up into my waiting arms and she started calling me Teacher Mommy! The Unconditional Love that flowered in our hearts is as they truly say, «Thy cup runneth over».

Her name is Panwasa and not only was she challenged with a club hand, but she also has water on the brain with a shunt at the back of her head and a tube running down under her skin to her stomach to drain her brain fluid, a slight left leg limp and myopia (lazy eye) in her right eye.

Even though some people tried to discourage me from helping this child, I stuck by her for over a year until I was offered a better teaching position in Bangkok. As you might have guessed when we had to part and were unable to see each other everyday, was a very sad one for both of us. I gave all my apartment furnishings to her grandma so their life would be more comfortable.

I fly to Phuket and visit my Princess Panwasa every 45 to 60 days on weekends and 3-day holidays. Between school years I bring Panwasa to Bangkok for 7 weeks to live with me and go to my school in my classroom. I supply her with plenty of extra school books, learning CDs/DVDs and make sure she has the latest fashionable clothes to keep up with the well off students at her school.

The power of unconditional love has given me a true purpose at last this life.

She is now 6 years old and going to the bilingual English school in kindergarten. She was held back one year because of her eye sight, so when she spent time in Bangkok with me I took her to the children’s hospital for a full eye exam and purchased 4 pairs of glasses for her. I also gave her some physical therapy for her club hand and exercise balls to use. Panwasa is now the 2nd top English student in her class among 25 students and her English pronunciation is as good as any American child. I told her grandma if Panwasa continues to get high grades throughout high school I would finance her college education. Four to seven times a week I call her on my cell phone to talk about each other’s day, tell her stories and discuss the many happy adventures we’ve had and our future together. Panwasa brings much joy and love into my life, and if you saw us together you would surely think she’s my true daughter.

I have been a successful kindergarten teacher for 3 years of my 5 year teaching career here in Thailand, and I give thanks for everyday I am surrounded with so much unconditional love from my students.

The power of unconditional love has given me a true purpose at last this life. Keep giving without thinking you’ll receive anything in return and our Divine Planner and your True Self will allow you to regain your lost Unconditional Love.

December 27, 2007: I spent the past 7 days on Phuket Island introducing Panwasa to the wonderful magic of Santa Clause, and during my joyous time with her I was able to talk to her homeroom classroom teacher «Donna». I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Panwasa is now the top student in her class, getting the highest grades in English, Thai, Phonics, Writing, Math and Science. Also Donna said Panwasa is the most well-behaved and kind student in her class.

The wonderful Loving bond Panwasa and I have continues to grow beyond my imagination. Not only does she say she Loves me often, but she is also saying on her own «Thank You for helping me!»


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