The Process of Ousting This Dark Cabal, VI

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Through Sheldan Nidle
The Process of Ousting This Dark Cabal, VI

From The Planetary Activation Organization (  Published by permission from PAO.
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Tuesday January 6th, 2009. 6 Cimi, 12 Cib, 4 Chen, 4 Eb
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Selamat Jarin! We welcome you to another discussion about what is happening in your reality. At present, progress continues to be made in each theater of operations. All the preliminaries for ousting the dark cabal from its worldwide dominance are nearly done. We are busy helping our Earth allies identify and find those who need to be rounded up when the required changes in the dark regimes take place. We intend that this operation be swift and thorough. To this end, it is necessary to hand over complete dossiers on these ones so that they can be cornered by our many Earth-allies security forces. These groups are in operation all over the world and we are helping them to complete these preliminaries while also preparing our own personnel for First Contact. To expedite matters we increased our on-planet personnel. They are concentrating on taking a comprehensive "pulse" of the current global situation, and as these reports filter back to us a much clearer picture of your fears and worries about your planetary conditions has been fleshed out.

These reports also reveal how you truly feel about us, and we are happy to relate that the graph of your global acceptance rate for First Contact has moved upward in the past months. We now see how vital it is to have disclosure of our presence and that this can now further our mission here. Therefore we have asked our diplomatic liaisons to step up their interactions with our Earth allies and those governments ready to cooperate with us. These exchanges have resulted in developments that can quickly lead to First Contact. We are impressed with the number of governments that wholeheartedly support ending the UFO cover-up and that want to move swiftly to full disclosure. But we are also saddened by those who use their positions of power in some major governments to maintain this ridiculous cover-up. However, once the necessary regime changes are made these obstacles can be removed. We are told that our Earth allies are very close to putting into effect the secret plans that are to topple these dark regimes.

As our Earth allies approach their moment of action, we too are doing our part to prepare your world for First Contact. As you know, the forces of Agharta are working cooperatively with our Earth allies and we have detailed a task force of our own personnel to assist them directly. This group is doing yeoman work and has already compiled lists that can be used by our Earth allies to carry out the various direct actions needed to transform the climate of dark power that hangs like a massive pall over some major regimes. The success of the quiet revolution depends on acting suddenly and only when the proper preconditions for action are met. Getting our Earth allies to this point is a top priority for us. We see how your world cries out for relief from its present grim conditions. Dark miasmas are artificially created by the dark cabal and are being used to the max by its ever-willing minions. Our strategy is to provide the means to counter this black craft and permit an era of true change and enlightenment to sweep over the Earth.

Destructive economic maneuvers are instituted from time to time to stoke your fears and make sure that large sums are siphoned into the dark’s coffers. As before, these tactics have recently proven to be most effective. Now armed with more "muscle" with which to exact favors from a number of key organizations, the cabal is rapidly becoming a greater nuisance than before. This time, however, our Earth allies limited the extent of these annoyances. The major remaining impediment is to identify the members of these dark networks and terminate this silliness once and for all. This is where we come into the picture: We have offered to put our data-gathering capabilities concerning the present situation at the disposal of our Earth allies and have already supplied them with all requested lists. We fully intend to facilitate any action necessary for our Earth allies to remove those recalcitrant regimes that persist in holding out against the Light.

Included in the above-mentioned proffered data is a thorough review of recent global developments. Raising the level of violence is an age-old device of the dark ones because it affords them limitless opportunities for misdirection. Of course the real issues here are freedom versus control; want versus abundance; truth versus carefully planted hearsay and outright fabrication. Creating a panorama of mayhem is something the dark is very adept at, and our registers can help our Earth allies unravel these distortions and set up programs to counter this pervasive chicanery. It is vital to neutralize anything that could even temporarily upset our allies’ applecart. The actual acts of removal of these dark ones from power must be clear, clean, and swift; to this end, a number of legalities are ready to come into effect to create a new reality for your global society.

Since the end of the 17th century your world has drifted toward what you call "democratic government". When done properly this can be an excellent way for people to share in their country’s governance. But when hijacked by self-serving interests it becomes a front for tricking people into believing that they do actually partake in the collective decision-making. The latter case is the more prevalent on your world. The process that founded these "democracies" produced a series of noble documents which can now be used to recreate the original intent of nurturing a sense of true freedom and sovereignty for all. Indeed, it is this thrust which lies at the heart of our Earth allies’ actions. Moreover, several national and international legal institutions support this intent, and their secret decrees form the foundation for what our Earth allies are to do.

We fully expect our Earth allies to institute governmental reform and permit a New Era of true freedom and sovereignty to take hold on Mother Earth. Within the purview of this new reality, now-hidden technologies can be disclosed and the new governments can broadcast the formal announcement of our existence and First Contact with the peoples of Mother Earth. The dark ones are starting to comprehend the inevitability of all this, including the fact that just and legal repercussions of their vast abuses of power are to be meted out to them. We expect the trial process to resemble that of Nuremberg at the end of WW II, but unlike the sentences handed out at that time, these are to be more humanitarian: no death sentences, but rather long prison terms, to be commuted after we arrive on your shores.

First Contact is, after all, a big step in your growth in consciousness. Each of you has played a special role during this lifetime on Mother Earth. The goal of all this is to become fully conscious and, together, to use your collective and individual abilities to forge a new star nation. Some of you will be given the choice to return Home. There you can recall your earthly experiences and recount to your star nation exactly what Earth humans went through to achieve Full Consciousness. Many of you may return, briefly, as Galactic Federation ambassadors and participate in your new capacity in the many conferences to be held in this new and important star nation. The destined future of your new star nation is bright and beautiful indeed!

Today, we continued our discussion about your present and your future. Around you a new reality is forming. Our First Contact with you is one of the last steps on your long journey back to Full Consciousness. We gladly anticipate the moment when we can openly begin this process with you. Know, Dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Tuesday January 13th, 2009. 6 Akbal, 11 Chen, 4 Eb
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Selamat Gajun! We come to you with divine blessing from Lord Surea! A great holy Light has descended upon the Earth from the Highest! She comes to complete the great changes that have been prophesied for the past eight millennia. These changes have reached a shifting-point and it is now the divine moment to carry out the detailed decrees of the Divine Plan. Heaven asks that the Earth now comply with this call and let go of the hold that the dark has had on this realm and her people. We have come from the far corners of this galaxy to achieve a formal and lasting First Contact with you. All your governments know of this, and of the need to carry out these sacred decrees! Many things are now underway that are to free you from what remains of the dark. These individuals and groups are to be revealed to you, including their various heinous crimes against you. We welcome this and intend to do everything possible to see that our Earth allies act in accordance with what has been presented to us. A great time of Truth and amazing miracles lies ahead. Be strong and, above all, be fair and just in these matters!

First Contact is to follow swiftly once the new provisional governments are in place; however, we need to give them enough time to put your house in order. Their good works can make it feasible for you to successfully begin your journey of creating your new galactic society and star nation. The people of Agharta desire to help you in this and have set up special teams to assist these provisional caretakers in restoring your constitutional governance and in managing the vital distribution of your long-promised prosperity. We intend to monitor all this and provide pointers only when deemed necessary. This unprecedented series of actions needs to originate with you. In so doing you are cleansing yourselves of the dark’s long-held, malevolent agenda, in which you were subject to its need to manipulate you into doing bad things to each other, your society, and your world. At the same time you are proclaiming your sovereignty and stamping your enlightened mark onto this reality. This is no small task! You are washing away millennia of filth, serving up an entirely new vision, and revealing the true lie of this land!

In sum, you are allowing the great proclamations issued by Saint Germaine and other Ascended Masters over the last four centuries to manifest. The most recent period, the electronic age, birthed the computer information network that prefigures what you are about to do. As you work on these tasks, try to see how they reflect our words. It is a time to let prophecy become real. It is a time to look upon the way of Earth not in sorrow but in joy; a joy that brings you both new friends and a great extension of your human family. You can then be formally introduced to the peoples of Inner Earth. This one event alone forces your sciences to reevaluate their understanding of Mother Earth. Indeed, in one fell swoop your solar system and the entire galaxy are seen in a whole new Light! We can then come to complete this reevaluation and bring with us a whole new approach to technology. In a series of great leaps you can jump far ahead in technology and in learning who you really are! These revelations are what First Contact is about.

First, a great shift in consciousness descended on your world in the last few decades of the 20th Century. Now, across the globe your children grow strong in the firm realization that they are not here to maintain this reality but to transform it. Each generation increased the number of "way-showers" who were born to pave the way for new, higher spiritual concepts. Thus a plethora of books, organizations, and websites dedicated to the Light have proliferated in every nation, feeding the ever-growing numbers of truth-seekers. From this momentum a movement developed which ultimately demands a "quiet revolution" than can remake your world and prepare it for what we are describing. It is all happening as part of a sacred plan put forth eons ago by Heaven. Now you are watching this grand plan manifest. It is to take the current economic and political chaos and transform it into something truly wonderful!

This momentum for change is growing, and those assigned to this challenge are in every way its equal. We have watched great women and men take this on and persevere. We have seen them grow in courage and wisdom and their organizations strengthen. We have watched them sacrifice their lives and wealth for this noble cause. These things have taken time as it is not easy to uproot a dark cabal that has ruled your world for millennia. It is not easy, whilst operating under their control, to obtain the resources and approvals required to set up and create a new world. All our Earth allies comprehend the immensity of the challenge, and now your world teeters on the very brink of this transformation. Forces from both inner and outer Earth have gathered together and learned to work effectively with each other. Now the final push is on. It is time to topple the dark and finish the job of fashioning a new reality!

This first glimpse of a new reality is only an intimation of a huge amount of coming change. Not only are you leaving the dark behind but you are also embracing the Light in ways not seen here in nearly 13 millennia. Entirely new ways of doing things are ready to come on line and this process is gaining momentum every day. The dark is astounded and perplexed by what is happening, and these most resourceful ones have tried just about everything to prevent what they are seeing. You are now in a sort of free-fall situation; you cannot be stopped, and yet the dark is completely unaccustomed to failing. What occurs next depends greatly on your swift acceptance of the "impossible" Never before in your history have your secret controllers been on the ropes! Now you need to demonstrate the ability to finish the job.

We are sitting above you watching all this and waiting for the divine "green light". Then we can activate our landing procedures and move you into another requisite stage of your return to Full Consciousness. This we most certainly relish! We have been ready to do this for almost a decade and a half. During that time we learned much about you. We see you growing in confidence, and now most of you are prepared to embrace concepts that were considered a decade ago to be unreal. This growing ability is due to the rising consciousness field which has expanded exponentially in the last three years. Your very young children and a number of greatly awakened adults make this possible, and now the internal dynamics of this field has reached an unstoppable momentum!

As your consciousness field reaches this definitive level, we add our considerable weight to the equation. The result is a series of signs that are harbingers of our coming arrival upon your shores. We intend this time to be quite soon. Your world is at a point where is does not take much to tip it into a new reality; in fact, even without First Contact, many positive things can start to emerge under their own volition. What First Contact does is to accelerate and support this massive change. Already it is clear to many that a New Day of some sort is dawning and we are here to be the heralds and beneficent, loving providers of this New Dawn. Remember, Together, We are One!

Today, we reemphasized some important themes for you to mull over. Remember that a growing consciousness is making a new reality inevitable. Keep in mind that our part is to act as the final conveyers of this change. Finally, feel the shifting in your hearts and know that all of this is very close to manifesting. Know, Dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Tuesday January 20th, 2009. 13 Oc, 18 Chen, 4 Eb
Article taken from:

Selamat Balik! We return with some interesting things to talk about. At present your world is struggling with a terminal economic and political malady. This affliction cannot be cured using the usual methods; e.g., those used by the US and Europe during and after the Great Depression of the 1930s. The problem is one of ideology: The premises upon which your economic system is based are unworkable. Likewise the political ideology that supports these economic premises has reached a crisis. In short, neither works, and you cannot fix them. Both need replacing. The banks, the transnationals, and the greedy, wealthy cabal have deep-sixed the world’s economy, and the level of corruption in all governments makes them largely unresponsive to the plight of less well-off citizens. It is time to scrap the lot and replace them with something new. This "something new" is of course the plan worked out in great detail between our Earth allies and this First Contact team.

These plans are slowly manifesting in ways largely unperceived by the dark cabal. Our Earth allies are poised for a massive worldwide "house-cleaning" of your governments. In conjunction with this, they are also ready to carry out a number of operations that will result in an array of interim governments. Your world is to be hoisted out of its mire of violence and assorted forms of deliberately created chaos which daily threaten world stability. Peace is essential, likewise, prosperity. Neither of these elements can achieve their potential without the other. To this end our Earth allies have set up taskforces dedicated to accomplishing these objectives. Included in these are legal, economic, political, and security teams. All operate in modules that are inter-supportive and which are led by team leaders answerable only to the needs of each module and to its upper command structure. The success of this strategy puts them on the verge of victory. We are working with them to move forward once certain key situations are presented to them.

Another aspect of our preparatory strategy is to maneuver these teams into various positions of control. We are monitoring these things carefully and confer on a daily basis with the top figures in the command structures. Most of the important "situations" are very fluid and we have put together special liaison teams to oversee and advise when necessary. The first stage of global recovery needs to be "run" by our Earth allies. We are setting up the legal foundations for the introduction of new concepts of people-oriented governance. This approach is to be the basis of your future galactic society, and so it is to be done in a way that emphatically proclaims Earth’s sovereignty and then spreads these basic principles to everyone. Government is to become fully responsive to its citizens’ needs and not to special, powerful interests. This great about-face can be pulled off by using principles derived from what we call "fluid group dynamics". This is somewhat similar to the Hawaiian "hono pono pono".

In all cases the underlying premise is to acknowledge the talent and sovereignty of the individual and to study how best to integrate these into the societal whole. This process leaves all in agreement. You have to start looking at your world with different eyes. This is difficult at first, but can quickly be learnt once you watch it in operation and are satisfied with the answers to all your questions. Our Earth allies are already becoming familiar with these techniques and their application. We intend to have these practices in general use within your governments as soon as the interim regimes are in place. It is vital that your governments truly open up to the needs of their citizenry and use these interactive techniques to conceive programs that can disburse the new abundance and allow a new economic system to be put in place. When these prerequisites are done, governments can then reveal the new technologies to the public and quickly apply those devises that can truly clean up the environment.

The march toward Full Consciousness lies at the very core of what we are describing. Each of you was born with a range of primary talents that are intrinsic to the life purposes that you set for this lifetime. Many of you suppressed these talents because either you did not deem them practical, or you succumbed to peer and/or parental pressures and abandoned them. In an abundant environment you can explore these abilities and swiftly become their master. You are then back on your divine life track. Restoring the life path of those who wandered off their sacred course due to overwhelming circumstances is one of the objectives of this new governance. At present you live in a society that is upside down and back-to-front: It is designed, from birth onwards, to wear you down and compel you to conform to its values rather than the ones given you by the Divine.

The new reality birthed by the "quiet revolution" gives you the opportunity to achieve your true desires. Bear in mind that monetary abundance is meant to provide a teaching environment in which lack and self-imposed limitations fade away. You are all very powerful Beings of Light who need to discover who you really are. The present workings of Heaven have opened up new possibilities for you to relearn all this in a timely manner. Our medical teams have merely enhanced, or "tweaked" when necessary, what Heaven has done. This teamwork is preparing you for your destiny. Look upon the present as simply a time of transition in which you are being prepared for your great leap in consciousness. A part of this is for you to accept some amazing changes in your current bleak and dreary reality. Remember, this reality is only meant to be temporary.

Your new reality is to be a place where your true talents are to merge with the wisdom that is you. People usually either undersell or oversell themselves, and what you need to learn is the more balanced middle ground. Try to see yourselves not through the eyes of your inflated or deflated ego but with the gentler intimations of your intuitive feelings. These are quite often correct, although it usually takes a bit of training to discern them. Nevertheless, begin to practice drawing more upon your inner self for guidance. Take time, either through meditation or a similar relaxation ritual, to explore this inner realm. The key is to become still, center yourself, and use this base to listen and learn about yourself and what you want to do. Your path to Full Consciousness is filled with wonder and self-revelation.

The present time is that special turning point that societies often encounter which leads either to extinction or the beginning of a Golden Age. Heaven and your True Selves have chosen the latter. What you are now experiencing are the first halting steps toward a new Golden Age, and it can be rather daunting at times. Just know that this phase will not last long. First Contact has a divine timetable, which is why we feel able to say that our meeting is not far off. We, like you, deeply desire to move on swiftly to the next stage in this most unusual operation. This is actually getting very close. Our Earth allies continue to proceed at a pace that ensures success for us all, while we continue to observe and make sure that you are progressing as planned. In a heavenly blink, the moment of our open meeting will be upon us!

Today we talked about issues relating to what is happening on your planet. We can tell you that some truly wondrous things are getting close. The trick is to remain patient and upbeat. These times are quite demanding of you and quite frustrating. Keep telling yourself that suddenly it will all be upon you. Together, We are indeed Victorious! Know, Dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Tuesday January 27th, 2009. 7 Caban, 5 Yax, 4 Eb
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Selamat Jarin! We come with more to say on a number of different subjects. Our Earth allies continue to move forward on several fronts. A series of events subject to a master timetable are currently on schedule. Our liaison teams tell us that as these events approach manifestation they can be the building blocks for our Earth allies’ final goals, deliveries, and accompanying announcements. As we wait for these things to happen, we are securing a number of places that are important for what is to occur. We also continue to monitor changes to Mother Earth’s surface and those that you are going through. Heaven decreed decades ago that this time was to comprise both struggle and transformation, in which the first series of changes to your governments and to your financial and monetary systems was to take place. These changes are also a sign that you are entering a period of accelerated changes to your physical, mental, and emotional bodies. These body changes are in consonance, so to speak, with what is happening externally in the global arena.

It is a time for cleansing your world on multiple levels as she prepares for what is about to supersede your present reality. The current world system is inadequate, and continuing attempts to prop it up are doomed. What is urgently required is "new thinking" much along the lines of that of our Earth allies over the past decade. In order to do this they had to move well beyond the cutting-edge thinking that was being brought to bear on your now distressed legal, financial, and political systems. They knew they had to think well outside the conventional "box" in order to come up with something befitting the new context. They threw out the economic philosophies which created the "crimes" that left the majority of your global populace prey to the excesses of your rich and powerful. They needed to come up with systems that not only reformed your world’s institutions but that offered an entirely different way of moving your global society out of the social control mechanisms that cripple your lives. Many of their proposals have since become sequestered laws that now await unveiling.

As this new "world system" is finally revealed, it most surely needs your heartfelt support. Your global society is at a crossroads, and it is abundantly clear that things are happening in the environment and in the economic sphere that emphatically demand a "new way". Your rise in consciousness makes you increasingly a force for good, and you need to capitalize on this by becoming active in implementing the solutions proposed by our Earth allies. Their ideas are partially contained in what many know as NESARA; but the "total package" of the allies goes far beyond the provisions of that most commendable document. You are on the verge of wondrous prosperity, which includes methods for spreading and maintaining this abundance. First of all an unassailable peace must prevail. This implies a state brought about by a process that transcends your current understanding of the word "diplomacy". People-oriented initiatives, rather than government-based, can create a global milieu of such unity that war becomes impossible!

Grass-roots movements of amazing scope and size have sprung up around the world. Clearing-houses are needed to link this plethora of organizations, and they need to include the capability to connect these multitudes of components on many different levels. This integration can form the foundation of a galactic society. Galactic society is a coherent whole made up of an interlinked, purpose-oriented clan system, in which we can temporarily substitute or interpose special task modules, if need be. These can hook up within the whole according to their points of shared interest and common agendas. The result is a powerful global network dedicated to peace, prosperity, and mutual support. This organic entity uses tools like ho’oponopono to come together by emphasizing accepted similarities rather than allowing differences to divide its members. This organized array of synergistic units works efficiently and powerfully for change.

Coordinating Earth’s grass-roots movements is now necessary, and here, our Earth allies are more than ready to oblige. Indeed, we have trained them extensively for this purpose. Their idea is to use the transitional governments and the above-mentioned people-oriented groups to form an invincible instrument for total institutional reform. As we said earlier, attempting to bolster the current mess is futile; your fatally flawed governance has reached a point where it must return to its democratic principles and then expand upon them. In fact, this is not as monumental a proposition as it at first appears. To begin with, the powerful deadwood and allied special interests that run your governments need to be removed. This is no time for "more of same". This is why we have supported the vast and sweeping new system proposed by our Earth allies. Its implementation is going to rock the world!

You have moved into an electronic and consciousness-expanding age. This period is the interim between what you have always known and the new world that is about to be born. This new world includes First Contact and your return to Full Consciousness. The question is, how to get you from here to there. The proposals advocated by our Earth allies revolve around this primary issue, and it is no simple task. Herein lies the reason it has taken so long to get you to the starting gate. Numerous legal, financial, and monetary programs had to be approved by influential segments of the world community. Now this is done. The next step is the implementation of what has been agreed to, and slowly but surely these stages are coming on line. What remains now is the trickier stuff.

This "trickier stuff", however, is ready to manifest. Our Earth allies and we are jointly doing what is necessary to get things done. What drives us is the prize of First Contact. As you reach the next phase in your journey, we need to move ourselves closer to First Contact. Needless to say, we wish to do this as smoothly as possible. Nevertheless, if so ordered by Heaven, we are to comply even if your governments are not yet ready to receive us. Remember that Heaven is unfolding a Divine Plan, and this plan lays out specific time points that we need to observe. These stipulations will be our orders to initiate First Contact, and we go planetward when so directed. Until then we follow the directives of the operation outlined in this and previous updates. Intuitively we feel that working closely with our Earth allies can lead quickly to a successful First Contact.

Getting you to return to Full Consciousness is the crux of what is happening on your world. In support of this goal, huge institutional reform needs to take place and then used to bring about peace, prosperity, and a new awareness of who you really are. The means for this lie within your grasp: Prosperity programs are waiting to be disbursed; new monetary, banking, and economic systems are ready to be activated. All that is needed is the Will to do so. Our Earth allies represent one part of this Will. Once they initiate things, it is your responsibility to take up the baton. Work together and make a world that we can come to in Joy and that Mother Earth can rejoice in. The time comes for you to do your part in making all this a reality!

Today we discussed more aspects surrounding your move toward Full Consciousness. We come to guide you and complete what Heaven and you have participated in for nearly 13 millennia. We look forward with joy to celebrating what you are now busy doing. Remember, Together, We are Victorious! Know, Dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Tuesday February 3rd, 2009. 1 Kan, 12 Yax, 4 Eb
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Selamat Balik! We come again with new things to tell you! Right now most of you are entering the next stage of your preparations for Full Consciousness. Heaven is putting in a whole new set of energies that are activating your heart and thymus chakras. These, in turn, are activating your immune system and causing you some discomfort. Many of you have flu-like symptoms or are experiencing increased fatigue and sleeplessness. These difficulties are to leave before this month is over. While this is happening your head chakras are going through some preliminary tests that may give you some vivid dreams, mild headaches, and occasional blurry vision. These changes can affect your lower limbs and feet, causing possible swelling of the ankles, knee pains, and on occasion very sore feet. As we said, this will only be short-lived. When this is done, you can begin to experience another leap in your conscious awareness. Colors can then appear brighter, your sleep can be deeper, and your vitality increased.

These physical changes are occurring now for a reason. Your global society is on the verge of great changes. The political and economic systems of much of your world are beginning to systemically fail. The reforms of our Earth allies are starting to be the only real alternative. Everywhere, governments are failing, economies are declining, and the monetary systems are on the brink of truly catastrophic changes. This cannot continue to go on much longer. The reforms require that this present economic and political reality be scrapped. In its stead, quite new ways of looking at your reality need to be adopted. The time has come to make a great leap from a scarcity-based system to one anchored in abundance. Initially, this means ending the age of oil. Many forms of limitless energy production now exist that are either suppressed or in use under national security tags. This technology needs to be released immediately. It also needs to be coupled with technologies that can easily clean up your air, water and land. This is, however, only the first stage.

The next step is to address governance, monetary reform and banking. Your present governments are incapable of handling the enormity of what the dark ones created. This systemic global mess was to be the justification for their final takeover of your world, which is why this worldwide disaster had to be a real dozy! What you see around you is getting worse. A further, enormous wave of debt has not yet emerged. This is the mega-tsunami that was to plunge your world into an endless abyss of tyranny! This calamity is still waiting to happen. The reforms of our Earth allies neutralize its manifestation through the route of global debt forgiveness. In addition, those debts that are now accumulating can equally be forgiven. The world starts afresh. The next step is open, participatory and clean government. This is currently impossible. Those who created the global political disaster need to be ousted along with the system of governance they have so superbly mangled. This process is what we call the "quiet revolution". Many brave men and women are close to making this real.

The quiet battles for your freedom and personal sovereignty do not need recounting here today. All that needs to be said is that many risked life and limb in this noble cause. You are to be the beneficiaries of what they have wrought. Meanwhile, a great deal of legal and financial paperwork was written and approved by a number of important and powerful individuals. This serves as the foundation for what is coming. Your world is to be reborn in freedom, peace and prosperity. You have wandered into this only because a great, unsung, sacred plan was instituted by Heaven, by many who are Earth allies, and by us. We are proud of where this movement has led us. We cannot say much about this until a series of major announcements have first shocked and rocked the world. Then we dearly intend to ask some of them to come forward and begin a public shepherding of what these courageous ones helped to create. You need to be led partially by example. Then you can take up the baton and affirm what has come to pass.

The coming transitional period is to be filled with some amazing events. Peace needs to be formally declared. Those who can create reasons for division from points based on cultural tradition need to be shown ways that can bring all together. The pain and sorrow within you is to be quenched and firmly replaced with something better. Abundance is only a means to a better end. This end is to show you how to manifest a way to spiritually and materially enrich the world you inhabit. There is more. As you grow together, you begin to see each other not as competitors but as fellow humans with inner dreams and a unique way of expressing them. Let this global show-and-tell be done effortlessly and with the great Love that lives in all of you. Long ago, your ancestors came here together from far away. This time is when a wondrous remembrance of this can begin. It is time to put aside your pain and hatred, and bring forth your Love.

This process of change is organic to these times. You are in the very midst of a transformation that is sanctioned by Heaven, applauded by Lord Surea, and carried out by the Angels! You have nothing to fear. This world of yours is on its last legs, but many things are being done. Most of these remain under the radar until the precise moment for disclosure. We write now only to inform you of this. Currently you are drowning in a veritable flood of depressing news, and more of this disconcerting babble is to come. Yet, unbeknownst to the world, a great proclamation is ready to be bellowed out across the airwaves of your globe! When its meaning strikes your ears, a shock may well set in. This is why we are speaking about this today: Be prepared and ready to rise above the shock and add your voice to the many who are to speak these miraculous words.

The next era on your planet is about understanding yourself while at the same time knowing others. The present dichotomy between self and others needs transforming. A merging is to come about shortly; indeed, this process is beginning even now. Participation in government or in your community can show you that your continuing apathy is not really an option. Coming out and letting yourself be a part of something, even in a very small way, is a good start. Let your unique wisdom come to the fore. Let your beautiful essence be no longer a thing of the shadows. Bask in the Light and shine! You are more than you can believe. Indeed, you are incredible Beings! We urge you to go forth and add your voice to the great global chorus. When we arrive, we intend to address those who showed the way and those with the courage to have believed in this.

This new reality engages the physical, the mental, and the Spirit. It is coming at you from many directions at once. Your task is to absorb it and do with it what your intuition prompts you to. You are on the last leg of a journey that is leading you to who you really are and of course to us! Your current world’s demise is far from unplanned: the Divine took up and reworked your reality yet again to produce this most positive solution. And this operation is only just beginning. Nevertheless, it is possible for it to be over in a flash. This anticipation of suddenness is a surprise that is to have a most unexpected way of ending. Hence, we cannot divulge it. What we can do is alert you to this. Do be prepared for everything, and expect a great joy to be with you shortly!

Today we carried on with our discussion of what is happening to you and your reality. Much is ready to pop up and be well received. We come and prepare our fleet for its grand showing-up on your shores. The moments are ticking and the next events are preparing to do what the Creator so decides. Know, Dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Tuesday February 10th, 2009. 8 Batz, 19 Yax, 4 Eb
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Selamat Jarin! We come again, filled with joy at what we have to report. At present, you are moving into a most curious phase of your history. Heavenly forces are at work to transform your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual selves back into galactic humans. This operation has its counterpart in what is happening to Mother Earth. These momentums have conjoined to make this time unique in your history, with millions of you now awakening each week from your deep slumber. This march toward a higher consciousness mirrors what is happening throughout your solar system and, indeed, all over this galaxy. All your lives are marked by the many-leveled changes taking place. You are living through a time when most of your major societal institutions are undergoing great systemic collapse, which is in fact a precursor to a series of vast economic, political, and societal reforms. This concatenation of factors is another reason why we have long referred to this period as an important transformational watershed in your history.

Your dark cabalists have long seen this march to Full Consciousness coming. What they failed to achieve was a means to stop the inevitability of this shift, and so your lives are now being much affected by local, national, and global upheaval. This has left you reeling as you cast around for ways to adjust to what is happening. We watch everything closely while you search for solutions. Many of you recognize the significance of what is happening and are demanding a meaningful change of direction for your society. Your protests against the same outworn solutions have helped many of the newly awakened ones to rethink their own conventional wisdom. This exploration of alternatives whizzes around the Internet, permitting many to discover and agree with a number of possible reforms for the present unworkable conditions. Many political and economic bodies are also openly discussing a similar range of proposals with each other. This widespread investigation is converging on the same conclusions contained in the reforms of our Earth allies.

The drive to restructure your present collapsing reality is coming from many quarters, including academia, reform-minded institutions, and a collection of your more savvy heads of state. They recognize that a major systemic collapse is happening. The thinking required for repairing this level of damage cannot stem from the discredited philosophies which got you into this mess in the first place; wholly novel approaches must not only mend the damage but also allow the emergence of a very different worldview. It is this that our Earth allies courageously champion. And even these unprecedented reforms merely constitute a transitional phase that can facilitate the advent of First Contact. If you look carefully, the trend is clear to see. At present, all this is just below the radar, waiting to come into view. Those in charge swamp your world with corruption, deceit, and betrayal that is frightful to watch. This all needs to be expunged, followed by a new direction kick-started by Heaven’s abundance.

Our Earth allies are assiduously focused on the remaining tasks. Several sticking points keep frustrating them: These arise from the avarice, misplaced loyalties, and downright perversions that characterize many of those in the upper echelons of your political and economic institutions. Most of these warped individuals have been removed, and an environment conducive to the many urgent reforms and other sweeping changes to your reality is currently being created. Our Earth allies know at firsthand what a challenge their quest has been. Given the magnitude of the changes required and the intractability of the planetary conditions, they were looking at a very protracted and circuitous undertaking. Early on, a series of unique maneuvers was agreed upon. Within this equation was of course us. This constituted a balancing-act for them, in which they had to reconcile and meld the information we provided for them with the present Earth worldview.

Adapting to the nature of the dark cabal and its daily operating procedures was central to our allies’ success. On top of this came the need to accommodate the deep changes being made to each one of you. Heaven had a plan, and soon our Earth allies and we had one too. We have combined these two into a master plan for this preparatory stage of First Contact. As you know, this First Contact operation is far from usual. You are considered by Heaven to be "special" and we have therefore used many resources outside of normal procedures. Every person from our fleet embedded in your society is studying your world from the standpoint of contact. From their recommendations we compiled a list with which we are complying. Based on this list, the operation has been reordered into three stages. We are presently completing stage one, in which our Earth allies are to bring us to the brink of direct, mass First Contact.

Stage two is the actual mass contact operation. Here, we drew up a whole range of points for our counselors to discuss with you. We have lots of information for you, and then we wish to mentor you through the actual move into Full Consciousness. It is helpful for us to view this prospect as both exciting but also a little bit surreal. Let us explain: Your society, to us, is marinated in contradiction. Incongruous and illogical customs seem literally to define you. And no one seems able to acknowledge the strangeness that riddles your society. This was one of the more striking qualities of your cultures for our embedded personnel, and they are now quite adept at adjusting to these idiosyncrasies. This knowledge is helping us to formulate our first moments with you. It is important that you perceive us as friendly. To this end a number of your odd cultural nuances have been taught to our fleet personnel.

For example, in many galactic cultures certain gestures are not considered either hostile or unfriendly. A comparison can be made with the custom, common to many Polynesian societies, of sticking the tongue out and screaming, which for them is a sign of friendship but which was viewed by most in the West as a hostile act. We quickly collated the results of a number of research projects on your many greeting protocols and then divided up our initial meeting with you into global sections. We also learned that starting a conversation with you is governed by specific verbal rules, and these too have been incorporated into our greeting ritual. First impressions are very important. After all, we come from societies that are undoubtedly strange to you too. Once we are acquainted, this mutual strangeness will fade, and we can begin the "getting to know you" part of First Contact.

We wish the moment when you discover that you are not alone to be a joyous one. We wish you to know that you are on the verge of a destiny that is truly wonderful! Over the past decades, we contacted a number of individuals in order to get you used to the idea that we are here and that we bring a series of important messages to deliver to you. Now we are in pre-First-Contact mode. Besides giving you brief overviews, like this one, of what is going on in your world and what we are doing, the next step includes vast interconnected, substantial change on your world. This clears the way for First Contact to be as smooth and successful an operation as possible. Together, we are indeed Victorious!

Today, we discussed what is being done to manifest the much-needed changes on your world as quickly as possible. As always, we are fully committed to this process. We look forward to meeting you soon and working with you toward your metamorphosis into Galactic Humans! Know, Dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Tuesday February 17th, 2009. 2 Etznab, 6 Zac, 4 Eb
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Selamat Jarin! We return with more information. As ever, we are ready to intervene directly if so directed by Heaven and our Earth allies continue to move forward on a number of vital fronts. However, while this progress needs to take place there is still no massive breakthrough in the stalemate that has prevented a number of essential things from manifesting. Currently, our Earth allies have enough precious metals in place to back the major currencies of your world, but these can only come on line when the last dark cabal is pushed from power. This dark oligarchy has lost much of its former tight grip, but enough remains in place to stall the desired changes. Another front is global debt forgiveness: This element too is secretly ready to be unveiled. But again, several regimes controlled by this dark group are still obstacles to this noble concept. We have asked our Earth allies if they wish us to use our good offices to break this deadlock which would permit them to finish off the first part of their joint duties to the Light.

In addition we are advising our Earth allies to be diligent with what remains to be done. Heaven continues to state that her plans include a way to make this breakthrough happen. Indeed, our spiritual advisors tell us that a major intervention on their part is extremely near. The fleet needs to keep to its present course of action and be ready to execute the next component of our primary timetable. Humanity is awakening in greater and greater numbers, and this renders them capable of accepting things which previously would have been unthinkable for most of them. So we are told to stick to the present course and wait for a signal. This is sure to come as you are entering a period when a great change is deemed divinely necessary. This alteration of your reality is to set the stage for many miracles that are to transform the world around you. The darkness clouding your lives is to disperse once the work of Heaven is done. Then a great signal is to be sent that frees us up, and we intend to do what is needed to bring a First Contact to your shores.

Until then a number of things are possible. First, we hold the proverbial advantage of the high ground. We look down upon your world with eyes and ears that make everything going on there perfectly transparent to us and thus are able to give relevant intelligence to our Earth allies. Second, we can use our technology to put pressure on the various segments of the dark cabal and guide them in certain helpful directions. This has helped a number of key agreements to be approved that formerly were denied to our Earth allies. Finally, we have used our technology to close down potential, lethal options that were put into play by the dark cabal’s henchmen. All this enhances our Earth allies’ strategies and contributes toward a successful outcome. That said, the primary party in this continues to be our Earth allies. It is our desire that all this be done sooner rather than later. We are convinced that the prevailing conditions now favor our Earth allies. We expect the deliveries and announcements quite soon.

When these happen, the "UFO" cover-up can at last be morphed into a total disclosure. This changes the game immediately. We can then move swiftly toward a greater degree of intervention. We have a number of our personnel imbedded in your societies across the globe who are fully trained in the best ways to reveal a range of technologies that can rapidly solve many of your present difficulties. But unveiling these bits of our technology requires a safe environment; governments dedicated to change, and truth forms such an environment. Further, this allows us to ask for reciprocation on their part by releasing many of the devices that they jointly possess, which are currently withheld due to national security tags. Both these branches of technology can be intertwined to ensure that you resolve the pollution and communication difficulties that hinder both Mother Earth and you. Moreover, these technologies can further ease you into a pre-First-Contact condition.

Our main objective is to get you through a mass First Contact as soon as possible. This goal is aided greatly on two fronts. The first is the huge changes being made by Heaven to your spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical bodies. This is making it possible for you to awaken from your long amnesiac slumber and accept who and what we are. The second is of course the noble work of our Earth allies. These brave souls have risked all to ensure that your world moves away from the dark’s goal of enslaving you all. We appreciate and approve their efforts. We are doing everything within the boundaries set by the Divine. Indeed, you could say that we are presently nudging some of these boundaries further at this time than intended by Heaven. We wish to carry out our mission as soon as possible. Our ships fill your skies and we are more than ready to land and celebrate our mutual victory!

The remaining maneuvers are proving to be a bit of a conundrum for our Earth allies. The final push toward a decisive victory can often be the most bloody when you are fighting an extremely determined foe. This dark cabal of yours knows that the people may react violently when they discover how badly they were manipulated. This greatly worries the cabalists. Every major government on your planet is infiltrate with their minions, and literally millions of individuals are involved globally. The amount of collusion within much of the dark’s banking system, its main instrument of power, is hardly even guessed at by the public. All that the average person sees is a vast economic disaster growing worse by the day. This damage is the dark’s cover for a final attempt to upset our applecart. Funds can be moved surreptitiously, schemes can be plotted and refined, all in the guise of plans to resolve a growing crisis.

Happily, all these machinations are doomed. Our Earth allies fully understand what the dark is up to. In fact, the allies’ goals are actually being accelerated by these desperate plots, and so we expect them to trump these treasonous, expensive schemes very shortly. A new world is being born. It is just that the surface details are changing daily owing to the scurrying and conniving of a now-frantic group of knaves who absolutely refuse to give up. However, as we mentioned earlier, the time is fast approaching when a favorable moment is to open up, in which a complex maneuver by our Earth allies can finish off these recalcitrant scalawags. Until then, expect some kind of movement, and if done at a propitious time the success we intend can come even earlier than expected. In any case, remain hopeful, and intend the success that all of Heaven so dearly wishes for you all!

The present goings-on are merely the death throes of the dark. The concept of a scorched-earth policy as a way to delay the inevitable is an ancient practice going back to the very dawn of your recorded history. Today, there is a dire weapon that can be used to this end, it is known to our Earth allies and was fully anticipated. The dark is afraid and knows that it is now playing a losing game. At some point, its strategy is likely to force our direct response and this is something it dreads. Whichever way the dark ones turn, it will end badly for them. The resources at their disposal are shrinking fast, which means, inevitably, that your victory is getting closer each day. Be joyful, patient, and ready to act quickly. The world is getting ready to shift, and the time for celebration is almost upon us all. Remember, Together, we are Victorious!

Today, we continued our discussion about current developments. The key words here are patience, focus, and readiness. The shift in your reality is appearing slowly but surely. Everywhere, the dawn of a New Day tinges your sky. We are poised and ready at the divine right moment to swoop in and gladly complete our First Contact with you! We now take our leave. Know, Dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Tuesday February 24th, 2009. 9 Chicchan, 13 Zac, 4 Eb
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Selamat Jarin! We return with more information about your transforming world. There is also much to be related concerning what the Spiritual Hierarchy is accomplishing at this stage in your spiritual development. At present we have moved closer to the resolution that we seek in the area of the global prosperity deliveries. A number of key strategic moves by our Earth allies have shifted this long-awaited disbursement much closer to kick-off. As always, the main impediment is those who continue to renege on their promises, thus creating situations that make it unsafe to go forward with these deliveries. Nevertheless, each of the delays brings this goal closer to happening. Our Earth allies assure us that their activities are reducing the effectiveness of these delaying tactics. The time for these deliveries draws closer by the day, and with them comes a sequence of actions that will set up the new transitional governments and deliver the many announcements which are to launch the new reality for your world’s societies.

This movement toward change is rooted in the sizable groundswell that has emerged around the globe in the last three decades. Added to this is the number of dedicated organizations and political movements that are now transnational in scope. This global orientation is providing the backdrop for what our Earth allies are planning. The concept of, and need for, drastic change is now an accepted part of most nations’ political, social, and economic thinking. Because of the urgency of the economic meltdown a majority of the global population now longs for the solutions contained in the programs of our Earth allies. What is needed is to implement these on a massive, global scale. They are to start in North America only because this land is both the source and the solution for what presently ails your world. America was put into this position by the Dumbarton Oaks Treaties executed near the end of WW II and by America’s decades of gross negligence in caring for her own grand responsibilities. These facts make her the focal point for the extensive change envisioned by our Earth allies and us.


America, as a concept, was created by the sheer magnificent intent of Count Saint Germaine and by divine providence. These two aspects of the Divine put America as a nation in a very special position from the outset. Because of what she represents, the dark had to work hard and fast to undo as much of this double blessing as possible. Thus the republic was born with a Light as well as a sinister side. These two underlying, opposing forces broke through the surface in the form of the Great War that pitted state against state and family against family. A decade later, the dark began in earnest to reduce America to a mere servant of the dark cabals, which still to some extent run your world today. Yet within America are a heart and a Soul pledged to regaining the full freedoms promised in the Declaration of Independence and the American Bill of Rights. This resolute movement lies at the very core of what our Earth allies are all about. A few in the present government still present obstacles to this noblest of causes, but what they are unaware of is that the legal drive to reestablish an active Constitution is close to implementation.

With this victory secured, the intent is to set up provisional governance that can carry out what we are talking about. The present conditions demand a drastic and thorough recasting of America’s government. The dark and its minions established a deliberately non-responsive system that would be unable to address what now faces America and the world. Exhaustive "house-cleaning" is therefore necessary before any attempt can be made to form a responsible and ethically elected new government. A transition period of eight to nine months is anticipated. During this time a large amount of new and currently sequestered technology can be introduced, along with a formal introduction of our presence and mission. Also, the truth and implications of your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual transformations can be fully explained to you. All this is expected to manifest shortly. This pre-First-Contact scenario is vital to our plans as we very much wish to come into your reality as safely and easily as possible.

As the various factions of the Light around your world work in unison, they forge the means for our success. The dark ones comprehend the full import of what is underway and also how they have cornered themselves. What they do not have is a viable solution. Here, our Earth allies are pressing home an advantage based on the dark’s notorious penchant for avarice, power, and all-out hubris. These predilections are its Achilles’ heel, and within its defeat are found your path back to the Light and the unfolding of your great destiny! Some bumps in the road remain. But none of these are as serious as they might have been: The past few weeks have seen great progress in knitting the coalition of the Light closer together. The upcoming brief period is intended to consolidate all this and then push on quickly toward victory. While this is happening, Heaven is heading into the next stage of what can be termed your Ascension to Full Consciousness.

Junk DNA

Most of you, by now, have experienced some form of physical or spiritual alteration; that is, many more of you are having your bodies unified with your various physical and spiritual energy fields. See yourselves as Light made physical, which is then tied like a giant circuit into your true Spirit/Creator essence. This highly complex operation is controlled by your RNA/DNA. This special organic computer acts as the safety switch in your Ascension. Here, included within your genes, is a vast amount of what your geneticists call "junk DNA". As you reach certain levels of Ascension, this junk DNA turns on and begins to encode your genes with new messages and programming, thus waking up parts of you that have long been dormant. This is the process that is returning you to Full Consciousness.

As these new sections of DNA encode your genetics, you awaken to higher and higher levels of consciousness. However, this process is also affected by your internal epigenetics. These compete for new general settings that control important parts of your genome. The contest is won gradually as entire new sections of junk DNA start their encoding procedures, which allow whole new systems of meridians, chakras, and codes within the genome to be altered. In effect, you are changing, chameleon-like, into something quite different. Eventually this process reaches a certain buildup of proteins, peptides, etc., where a stalemate prevails. At this point a special device is needed in order to safely complete this metamorphosis. This is where our metamorphosis chambers come into the picture.

First Contact is firstly about getting you to a point where you achieve some degree of knowledge about the true nature of the living Earth and the secret technology you possess. Conditions must also allow the setting up of governance that encourages and supports peace and cooperative endeavors, the most urgent of which is the greening of your world and uniting to solve your pollution crises and unnecessary waste creation. Concurrent with this, basic human rights and personal sovereignty need to be established and nurtured. It is at this point that we can formally be introduced. Then we can transition you to a point where you can accept the special potentials that come with Full Consciousness. This is why we are here: to mentor you, and teach you those etiquette protocols known and used by all fully conscious Beings of Light.

Today we reviewed what is close to happening. You are in the final aspects of moving your reality from its present catastrophe scenario to a place where great progress and prosperity become the norm. Here, First Contact can take place in a smooth and joyous manner. This time is very close to happening! Know, Dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Tuesday March 3rd, 2009. 3 Eb, 0 Ceh, 4 Eb
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Selamat Jarin! We come with much to convey to you. The time for the start of the much-needed changes has arrived! Accordingly, it is appropriate to look anew at what is to happen and to provide you with more details. A set protocol has been established by the main legal agencies responsible for supplying the timetables and the correct sequence for this worldwide "quiet revolution". It begins with the various abundance deliveries. How this is to be done, we cannot of course divulge. Just know that a safe and secure system is at last in place. Once this procedure is completed, the certified results can allow our Earth allies to replace a number of dark cabal regimes. These new governments are to make a series of announcements. The first will concern itself with the reasons for such drastic regime changes and the fate of those brought down by these changes in administration. The next issue to be addressed will be the nature of the new global economic system, which includes the subjects of global debt forgiveness, the end of income taxes, and the new transparent banking system.

The new banking is to be based on a new hard currency system. Banks are to be rigorously regulated, and no large, fully integrated banking institutions are to be permitted. Fractional banking, its many usurious practices, and derivatives are to be disallowed. In their stead will be strictly defined, local institutions. Savings banks are to remain, but commercial and investment banks are to be regulated strictly and according to rules that involve a great deal of transactional transparency. Another aspect of this new system concerns the many social responsibilities that are to be embedded in the new banking charters. Likewise, all corporations are to be rechartered and given a similar set of rules that reflect the need for transparency and social responsibility. This well-regulated environment is to emphasize universal prosperity and the social contact, and will be vigilant in limiting the excesses of the past century. Indeed, it is to be the precursor for your coming galactic society. We are to help you, after First Contact is completed, in establishing the foundations for galactic society.

To recap: you are to be provided with the beginnings of your prosperity, debt annulment, and the end of the illegal income tax system. This frees you up to tend to the many urgent needs of your fellows. Mother Earth requires you to start in immediately on programs to end homelessness, poverty, and malnourishment in your neighborhoods, nation, and throughout your globe. An essential part of this is an effective educational system and the building of bridges between nations, which will transform wars into peace and seething hatred into a mutual understanding of one another. The crying need for global infrastructure and the greening of your environment are good places to begin this transformative operation. Another sphere is the introduction of a number of nascent technologies that already exist at the cutting-edge of your scientific domain. Most of these require little capitalization to begin to positively affect the global economy. What you need is technologies which allow the refocusing of your current industrial mindset away from cost benefit toward improving the quality of life for everyone, especially Mother Earth.

The rising spiritual and social awareness of your global population demands suitable outlets. It is one thing to transform the social, political, and economic landscape; it is quite another to make these changes efficacious and permanent. Our Earth allies fully comprehend this, and that is why the first announcements need to be followed by actions that secure your God-given liberties and personal sovereignty. It is the duty of government not to dictate but to provide an environment that encourages liberty and equality, and allows you to exercise your personal sovereignty. An informed, well-educated, and prosperous citizenry is the foundation of a healthy, viable, planetary society. Only then can the Divine Plan for Earth become manifest. Therefore, our Earth allies fully intend to use their new powers to deliver the announcements and programs that encourage this outcome. This is the time when peace replaces strife, and the resulting reappraisal of each other transforms the way you view your fellows and your world.

This new reality is being born out of an insane realm created by the dark cabal, in which artificial divisions reinforce the separateness and alienation needed to control and manipulate whole sections of your populace. Constant strife kept you angry, suspicious, and willing to fight each other for perceived limited resources. In truth, humanity is unlimited in what it can create. You are meant to be prosperous and joyful! Hate and envy are very alien to your nature. These distortions are acculturated and inculcated into you from infancy. What we propose is to introduce you to a wholly new vision of yourselves. The first set of announcements concerning the new contract between government and society is just the start. The second set creates the premise for a New Age of global cooperation and understanding. Then new systems and ways of doing things can be introduced.

A new level of technology can be brought on line and used to achieve these goals swiftly. Your environment is very fragile and needs your help. The main pollution-creating industries can be reformed and those deemed unnecessary, abandoned. For such ambitious actions to succeed, global initiatives backed by vast capitalization are required; also needed is an abundant citizenry willing to volunteer and change what must be changed. This audacious agenda requires role models, and here, our Earth allies can lead by example. They have acquired a truly staggering amount of gold and wealth, part of which is to secure global abundance. Next, the elements necessary for transforming your world radically and rapidly must be manifested. The scope and speed of the upcoming changes provide a natural framework in which your First Contact can joyously take place.

As your body and its various interpenetrating energy systems advance toward Full Consciousness, you become more aware of the oddities that have long been accepted as unchallenged "truths" by your society. Your rise in consciousness predisposes you to new concepts and wider horizons, and this urge toward discovery is a vital ingredient in the grand changes planned by our Earth allies and us. Your collective input is essential to the process of integrating the new reforms. The upcoming interim period will involve a melding of your nation’s founding concepts with new inspiration. This mix of old and new forms a foundation for what is to come. As you ponder this, remember that you are literally morphing your realm from limited to Full Consciousness. Things need to be done differently!

America’s founding Constitution and related documents need to be redeemed and restored to their former preeminence. A vast, dark conspiracy generated by the dark cabal buried these august documents beneath a welter of fallacious statutes. These served the cabalists to bring about their deplorable goal of a Worldwide Order of tyranny and slavery for all. The progress toward these goals is clear now for all to see, but be assured that this direction is to be reversed by the imminent actions of our Earth allies. A new pattern is already emerging which, with the coming announcements, heralds a time of unprecedented change, First Contact, and your return to Full Consciousness. Remember, Together, We are indeed Victorious!

Today, we discussed what is underway on your world. We ask that you remain focused on what is to come, and not on what presently looks so threatening and hopeless. Your reality is at a trigger point for incredible change. Our Earth allies are working diligently to effect this change and are very close to success! We now take our leave. Know, Dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Tuesday March 10th, 2009. 10 Cauac, 7 Ceh, 4 Eb
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Selamat Jarin! We return to continue our conversation of last week. As we informed you then, a number of critical events are quite close to happening. As our Earth allies diligently push forward, a smaller counter-push is being exerted by the dark cabal. While this force is not sufficient to stop the allies’ progress, it is enough to ensure a series of unlikely delays. The dark badly wants all that the Light is accomplishing to go away. It is deeply disturbed by the constriction of its activities and is in a quandary about what to do next. The dark ones’ inability to find a solution throws them back on outworn tactics of the past that they repeat over and over, and this has become a great weakness for them. Meanwhile our earth allies are in the process of figuring out the proper sequence for the final thrust against the cabal. On another front many global institutions are using these moments to hammer home a number of important edicts which will resolve these last-minute hiccups in a positive way and allow the final form of the Light’s victory to emerge.

While this situation naturally untangles itself, it is important to know that our Earth allies have very carefully thought through the format of this transition. For centuries your world was ruled by a European-based oligarchy that imposed many unwanted alliances upon other areas of the globe with the approval and support of the Anunnaki. Many indigenous traditions were bullied and forced to kowtow to this oligarchy and its public and private minions. The past few decades has seen the revival of many groups that had to go underground or suppress their traditional knowledge and wisdom. With the advent of this quiet global revolution these regional groups are banding together, forming one of the major components of our Earth allies. Facilitated by long-sequestered quantities of gold and the financial maneuverings of Light-oriented members of this European oligarchy, these groups, along with other key individuals and institutions, are ready to set in place the policy orientation of the post-Dumbarton Oaks world.

In our last update we discussed two or three of the initial subjects to be addressed in the upcoming announcements. Today we want to talk about how all this is being set in place. A series of conferences have been held on the subject of global debt forgiveness, involving many banks, foreign dignitaries, and others, all sworn to secrecy about what was discussed. The idea was to float this agenda before those most concerned with the vast explosion of debt in the so-called third world and also in the second world. The present meltdown is creating huge burdens for many, and various solutions were put forward by the key Earth-ally members who were detailed to run these well-attended, secret conferences. A number of agreements emerged, and from these the basis for a global debt-forgiveness program came together. These meetings led to others, which eventually involved various indigenous societies. A coalition ensued, which started to counter the implications of Dumbarton Oaks.

These broad-based agreements need to be introduced first by the new transitional regimes. The cabalists who are to be replaced used secret funds, a rising debt level, and a manipulated populace to run roughshod over the global economy for decades. This is all to change once the above agreements come on line. Money is to regain worth once more, as opposed to being empty paper instruments for the dark’s stratagems. Further, the dark’s control network currently entangling your world is to be undone. All these aspects were debated exhaustively in the conferences just mentioned. No doubt this proposal sounds most improbable to the uninformed; in fact, debt is merely a concept that can be traded and exchanged on the international scene, and used as a measure of the worth of one’s portfolio. This concept needs to be redefined and brought back to reality, and this is why massive debt forgiveness is essential. Another issue being addressed is global bank fraud.

The way banks presently operate is criminal. This is the reason for the decision that a more regulated system is necessary. Further, this system is to comprise a number of regional currencies that have equal status, but these are to be only temporary. A great global abundance is to begin manifesting along with the announcements and this will eventually eliminate the need for banks entirely. So, part one is to remove the old financial restrictions, part two spreads an increasing abundance. This leads to a slew of financial education programs that make everyone on this world wealthy and capable of handling all that wealth entails. You are moving into a world that goes beyond money and limited resources and are thus freed up to concentrate on Love, peace, and mutual understanding and appreciation. This is what sets the stage for a most wondrous First Contact event!

As you can see, First Contact is a process composed of a series of necessary stages. Our Earth allies see themselves as heralds of a new reality. Their task is, first, to move you out of the old mindset which permitted the dark ones to seize your power and manipulate you as they saw fit. As this reality recedes you need to be able to gracefully accept the wonders of your emerging new world. As this becomes customary, you can more easily accept who you are to become: fully conscious Beings of Light. In these messages we have stressed that even these dark days and the daily-increasing chaos are merely tools to this end, set up by the dark. As the new abundance system sets in, you can come to accept what a gift ‘true reality’ is. These exercises in consciousness that we are describing are simply how Heaven wishes you to grow in consciousness and make more use of the ‘real you.’

To reiterate: the deliveries, government transitions, and the new global financial system form a sequence. This first stage is to get you moving into a new frame of mind. The subsequent stages are to transform all the poverty, general misery and lack into prosperity, peace, and caring for each other and Mother Earth. Since your global society is not yet up to the general prerequisites for a First Contact, our Earth allies and we agreed upon a plan approved by Heaven. This plan is tied into the grand heavenly transformation that all of you to some extent are now experiencing. This massive operation has become more than a simple First Contact. It is a transformative and educative process. You are all busy moving in your own way toward that glorious day of your return to Full Consciousness.

As all this becomes real, you integrate new wisdom and a new paradigm about who you truly are. You have a great destiny that is now to become manifest. Our role in this is to oversee this process and, using guidelines given to us by Heaven, to watch over what is happening to you. Part of this is, of course, First Contact. We do not in any way play down its importance to both our sacred missions. You have reached the end of a long hard slog through the bleak landscape thrown in front of you by the dark. The next period is exciting, but it might yet take a little longer than you desire. Patience is still needed. It has taken nearly 13 millennia for all this to take shape, and the little time remaining can be for savoring and giving thanks, knowing that divine right time guides the course and produces the perfect results.

Today, we continued our talk. A most magnificent blessing is coming your way which is to be the forerunner of First Contact. We joyously await the moment of our meeting when we can celebrate together the Beings of Light that you are in the process of becoming. We now take our leave. Know, Dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Tuesday March 17th, 2009. 4 Cimi, 14 Ceh, 4 Eb
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Selamat Jarin! We come again with more to say about many things. Right now a number of events are beginning to manifest. They are the forerunners of the many deliveries and announcements that signal the start of your new reality. What needs to be said here is that Heaven is determined to keep everything in balance. Human society is changing at a pace that mirrors your awakening. At the same time, your growth permits Mother Earth to begin transforming her surface areas. This reciprocity allows all to be known together, and to dovetail with what is happening in your solar system. Thus, change is comprehensive while remaining in balance. You have probably noticed that these changes are accelerating, heading for an amazing event, which sages, both past and present, call the Great Shift or the Ascension. Whatever the term, these things are both inevitable and a sign that it is now necessary to transform this reality. A major part of this sacred operation is our First Contact mission to Mother Earth and this solar system.

As mentioned many times, First Contact has changed from its original concept to an operation that is both a precursor to, and the means for, your transformation into fully conscious Beings of Light. This process put us in contact with our personnel who were embedded in your societies long before we arrived here in great numbers. We also linked up with the parallel contact mission from inner Earth. The resulting combined resources helped us learn about and become friends with our Earth allies. What is happening on your world has its origins in what these courageous and dedicated souls from inner Earth have done over the millennia to prepare all of you for what now lies ahead. When the time comes for the announcements, we ask that every bit of this incredible history be presented to you. You deserve full knowledge of your true history as well as sufficient background on what is being done to progress you from your present dark world into one filled with Light, Love, and inner Joy! You need to see just how much of a miracle your deliverance from the dark really is!

When the Anunnaki arrived here after the fall of Atlantis, your world was in a shambles. They used this opportunity to reshape your world and told you a fable about your origins. Time and again you discarded these lies, each time incurring the destructive wrath of these dark overlords. The Anunnaki persisted, until finally you succumbed to their fictitious creed around the time of the dawn of your recorded history. Since then you have been subservient to the Anunnaki’s appointed minions. This period is now at an end. Ahead of you is a time to reassess everything and to prepare for our arrival. It is a very special divine moment, in which you can thank Mother Earth and begin to make up for the destruction unthinkingly perpetrated upon her without mercy, or thanks for the gifts she gave you. It is the moment to end a death culture that has produced endless wars, mass hatred, and deep artificial schisms between you. For eons you doled out the same callous behavior toward each other that you visited upon Mother Earth.

This drive toward enlightenment is a strong impulse within you. Throughout your history we came to assist you along this path and to encourage your prophets and wise men to produce most of your sacred literature. In this we were helped along by Heaven and given explicit direction by the Divine Plan. You are here to witness the dark, to explore limited consciousness, and finally to return to Full Consciousness and the Light. All this is done according to a divine timeline. Our mission is to follow these directives and at an appointed moment to appear openly to you. In the lead-up to this moment we joust with your governments and warn some of them of the folly of their way of relating to one another. We do this to ensure that you are able to reach the point when your changes can manifest. Until then we are faithful watchdogs, constantly monitoring these governments to prevent ‘unwarranted’ actions from being set in motion.

War is something that your coming caretaker regimes are formally pledged to transform into peaceful channels. A great abundance is ready to rain down and change your world forever. As you know by now, a new financial and banking system is to prepare the ground for the time when money and power lose their sway over you. You are moving upward and back into a spiritual mindset quite different from what is now the norm in your society. And this is the point to ever keep in mind: You are safe, and a wholly new world is your destiny. Our arrival is merely one event among many that are to bring this into being. We repeat: this point is pivotal. You are here in the Earth school to learn, and to change those concepts that make this limited reality work. We are here to oversee this and, when so directed, to swoop down and assist you in completing what you started.

All of this has a divine timing. Within this framework our primary brief is first of all to be the divine, benevolent overseer; that is, to prevent global catastrophe such as nuclear war. We have been warning your governments repeatedly since the end of the Second World War not to consider this an option. Nevertheless, at certain moments in your recent history global conditions brought us close to a massive divine intervention. All governments receive briefings on these matters in which we are very clear about the dos and don’ts. We give our warning and we leave as we came. We carefully monitor your planet and these strange, spiteful entities you call government. Our relationship with these organizations is dubious at best, though some of them do have a more positive attitude toward us and have actually cooperated to the point of some degree of disclosure regarding ‘UFOs.’

While these regimes’ direction generally aligns with the desires of the Illuminati, some have become friendlier over the past decade. This may be enlightened self-interest because of what is now happening globally. A quiet worldwide revolution is gaining a reputation as an unstoppable force, and many recognize an urgent need to address this, for example, by providing a higher degree of transparency for their citizens on a number of vital issues. Public pressure is also beginning to force a reassessment on their policy toward UFOs, and some grudging attempts at disclosure are taking place despite the skeptics’ overall upper hand in this area. But, as with the dark, their grip is loosening. A new wave of officials in several nations can see the "writing on the wall" and are more willing to set some much-needed precedents for the disclosure process.

These changes are part of other things that are modifying the way your governments react to us. All know that we are benevolent and a catalyst for vast change in your definition of ‘humanness’ and ‘consciousness.’ Knowledge on this subject has mushroomed in recent years but public perception of this has not kept pace. New viewpoints and policies are now definitely required as who we are becomes more and more difficult to obscure. What this amounts to is the need to improve the way we are approached. However, although we welcome any attempts at enhanced diplomacy, our focus remains firmly on First Contact and your return to Full Consciousness. We need to make everyone aware of what is planned by Heaven. First Contact is as inevitable as Full Consciousness. The time to fully manifest your Quiet Revolution has arrived.

Today, we talked about the amazing changes being prepared for your world. Heaven is joyous about what is to happen. Revel in these last days before the great changes and the manifestation of your marvelous abundance. Remember, Together, We are indeed Victorious! Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Tuesday March 24th, 2009. 11 Ben, 1 Mac, 4 Eb
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Selamat Jarin! We come with many things to discuss with you! Right now, you are in the process of being prepared for the final Ascension procedures. Heaven is doing this now because the time for First Contact approaches. So far most of you have completed the first two stages of this procedure. You are rising out of your former slumbers and daily question what you see around you. You have also been through significant amounts of change that have affected your metabolism, redirected your nervous system, caused periods of strange fatigue and the need, from time to time, for more sleep at night. These adjustments brought on line a new set of chakras as well as a new range of aches and pains and other assorted discomforts. The good news is, this stage is nearing an end. Nevertheless, you are still on a path that is to take you back to Full Consciousness. Meanwhile, Mother Earth’s surface activity basically mirrors your own changes. All this is in divine preparation for the final steps that are to take place once First Contact becomes a reality.

These sacred alterations are affecting all aspects of your reality. Everywhere, the need for foundational reform is evident. Your society is at a major crossroads as is your own evolution. For millennia, you gazed at those in power and accepted the concept of rule-from-the-top as natural. You accepted without question the many peculiarities of your social environment as well as the unsatisfactory and unlikely explanations of those in power. This specious worldview is now breaking up and is seen by most of you as inadequate. New viewpoints are raising questions and coalescing into a global movement we like to call the Quiet Revolution. This mass movement is not mentioned in the mainstream press nor in the forms of media it controls. Occasionally an article will appear on some aspect of this subject, but none of them go into this phenomenon in any depth or look at the how the local aspects influence the global sphere. Thus this intricate and quite remarkable plethora of grassroots movements is largely unknown to the general public.

These movements are wide-ranging and focus on, for example, equitable access to financial resources and alternative medicine; protection of wilderness, wildlife, and organic farmland and food sources. They include people-based networks that address natural rights, personal sovereignty, and true literacy. Underlying this is a drive to link up into a global network that would be dedicated to basic ethics and humanity, elements which we consider essential for even a rudimentary form of galactic society. We have talked before about the diligent individuals and groups responsible for these movements and associated them directly with what our Earth allies are doing. These small yet expanding groups, whether local, national, or international in outlook, are the fertile ground in which the issues we mention can take root and flourish. This new growth springs from the inner drive of many activists to approach old problems in new ways. Open now to reevaluating old beliefs, they have in many cases stumbled upon the ideas put forth by our Earth allies.

This point is important. A synchronicity is developing that is tying together these small people-oriented movements and our Earth allies, a connection we touched upon in previous messages. What is wondrous is the amount of interlocking that is taking place throughout the globe. This development, along with the current economic crisis, is melting away the barriers to merging these diverse initiatives in the very near future. In fact, your economic difficulties are accelerating this process. Awareness of the necessity for massive global change has taken on a life of its own. Numerous economic and political leaders have espoused the need to rewrite the way your world does business and to examine how its financial institutions are to operate in the new business environment. This brings us to the programs mentioned in recent messages. Your world of fiat currencies, unfettered anything-goes strategies, and over-the-top greed needs to be replaced with a more socially responsible model.

This new model has been outlined before. What is pivotal is how it is to be implemented. This transition should be done in a way that safely mitigates any new forms of political or economic abuse. Hence, our Earth allies are deeply committed to a legal process that brings to light past abuses, replaces those responsible, and then establishes a fair procedure for dispensing justice. There is to be no violent overthrow, but rather a considered, responsible, and above all, consensual series of changes. As you are aware, some of what needs to be done has taken longer to prepare, but it is better by far to do things properly from the start than to build upon hastily construed foundations that are incapable of achieving the right results. A few more adjustments may be needed to get the requisite majority approval, but the vehicles agreed to in this manner now form a network of action agendas that can be revealed when the time is right.

What we are working with is a living mosaic that functions on multiple levels. Each level can be considered in isolation but is too intertwined with the other levels to be fully evaluated separately. This natural synergy dooms what the dark is still trying to do. Despite recognizing this inevitability many dark minions are ready to interfere with the activities of our Earth allies. Therefore, a certain amount of caution and committed focus is required to keep the Light moving forward to its victory. To this end, we intervene when essential and guide those events that are pivotal to success. We dearly wish that these preparations leading up to First Contact were not so laden with detail. It seems that each step forward is achieved only after an endless sequence of things slot into place in the precise right order.

Ensuring that all this happens as planned keeps our liaison teams busy. They find that firm assurances are needed whenever a vital point in these sequences is reached. We have therefore put in place elements that can provide this as necessary. We have been required to step up our oversight activities and so monitor very closely what the dark is secretly up to. We have become the involved spectator and the amount of involvement increases whenever certain types of roadblocks are thrown up by the dark. What now remains should be mostly obstacle-free. We have also added to our post-First-Contact list of activities: Up-to-date technology is badly needed on your world. Disclosing your sequestered devices is only a beginning; then you will need instruction in the use of what we intend to give you and a new paradigm in which to place it.

What lies ahead of you is not far off. The utter direness of your environment requires a massive amount of intervention. You are also ignorant of certain relationships in your solar system that affect your planetary systems. Your current weather patterns are the result of what you and your solar system do to each other. Much of your daily science is inadequate and must rapidly be brought up to speed. Moreover, the paradigm you currently use is barely enough to sustain a limited degree of inventiveness and needs an enormous boost in the right direction. After that, your knowledge can increase immensely. Some facts will need discarding while others can be reassessed. Thus your world-in-transition can move quickly toward your new reality.

Today we introduced a couple of new items and reviewed some old ones. As a planetary populace, you are entering a transition period, going from many millennia of darkness into a realm that is to be quite different from anything you have known. Hold steady through the confusion and walk resolutely toward your grand destiny! Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Tuesday March 31st, 2009. 5 Ahau, 8 Mac, 4 Eb
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Greetings! We come before you once again! Your planet is preparing to move into the next stage of her return to Full Consciousness. This development is accompanied by a similar move by all the water planets in the solar system. Thus, Mars, Venus, and the remnants of Pax (the trans-Martian world) are beginning to show more noticeable activity. Your Sun is now aligning herself with the multidimensional energy streaming forth from the galactic core. Indeed, a vast new rhythm is taking hold. This new patterning is imprinting itself upon all elements in your solar system. This is causing Mars to increase her seismic activity and bring some of her abundant subterranean water up to the surface, especially at the poles. Venus is likewise demonstrating strange cooling effects in her lower atmosphere as well as increased levels of volcanism. Many of the asteroids that once formed Pax are moving around each other in quite odd ways. In the last few months, the Sun has displayed some very unusual behavior as she moves through her current sunspot cycle.

All this activity is in anticipation of a tremendous amount of sacred instruction that is originating from the center of physicality. This great signal is affecting literally billions and billions of galaxies. Physicality is nearing a great shift that is destined to move a new Light throughout it. We have watched this taking form from data received from our Science and Engineering (S&E) fleets scattered throughout this galaxy. Similar reports have come from science fleets stationed in other nearby galaxies. We are on the edge of the great changes prophesied eons ago by Heaven. This excites us, and we come here at this time to tell you about what we are observing. These energies are a herald of a great Light that is to change us in the very near future. We ask that you understand two things about these energies: First, they do not represent anything calamitous; they are a positive force for change within our numerous realms. Second, they are going to transform you into something whole, wonderful, and good, as well as utterly transforming what you now know as your present reality.

These natural changes are showing up throughout this galaxy. Your scientists are noticing that a great deal of ultrahigh energy is streaming from several sectors in this galaxy and moving outward from the galactic core. This core energy is merely a forerunner of what is to come. This great wave comes from the very core of physical Creation. It is a wave of positive change! As it passes each galaxy, it rearranges how a galaxy operates. In effect, it reorders what physicality is and how it operates. This ‘God-force’ is not to be feared, rather, it is to be praised and longed for! Our communications with galaxies much closer to it confirm this, and we live in joy that such a wondrous event can happen during our present lifetime. We have asked our fleets to report on the effects of this wave as it approaches our own galaxy. So far the results indicate a radical effect on the many worlds contained in this galaxy and indicate a need to prepare all for what is getting close to happening. This is why we are informing you at this time about what we now know about these things.

Physicality has gone through many stages of development since it was first created eons ago. In this sector, a number of interlinked realities have come together to form this galaxy. You know very little of its true nature and its real size. Long ago, the Creator tossed some special seeds into physicality. Within them was the blueprint for all that you now see when you look up into the night sky. This world that you call Mother Earth carries one such special seed within her, making your home planet a very special place. Humans across this galaxy live on worlds that are named in her honor. To gaze upon her is to look in awe at the entity chosen by the Creator to forge this galaxy. To be here is to be someone special. Yet we look around and see how, in your great ignorance, you constantly rape this sacred entity! Once you have morphed into a galactic human, you will be able to comprehend what you have done and will dearly wish to make amends to her.

The transitional phase of your return to Full Consciousness began well over a year ago. The first part of this phase has now passed, bringing with it the huge amounts of chaos and confusion that you see around you. These things are intrinsic to the early stages of this transition. Now you are entering a new phase, and the moment quickly approaches for a great change in your affairs. Your world is full of rumors about this and we have carefully monitored everything as you world heads toward a supposed great precipice. The worse part seems yet to come as the first blows leave your society still largely intact. Change of this magnitude does not come easily. A great dark demon needs to be exorcised from your world. This horrendous demon is losing its stranglehold on this reality, and new things are just below the horizon, waiting to show themselves. We watch and now wait in joy for what is readying itself to appear.

Change in a limited-conscious realm happens either very slowly or, as now, very swiftly. Leading up to your present is a whole series of overlapping storylines, each of which has the potential to move your reality in a certain direction. Your primitive technology brings you to a point where a new consciousness must be born. Those in power want to retain indefinitely the status quo and have pushed this same technology forward. Nevertheless, even the conventional wisdom of your sciences hints that an entirely new paradigm is required. Moreover, your global society interacts in ways that threaten its survival. Something needs to give. Indeed, the hope for something radically new is now quite evident. In this ever-growing casting-about, the concept of extraterrestrials becomes a clear possibility.

As you move out into space, you also know that the still largely unknown properties of electro-magnetism can produce odd effects. These usually lead to some new type of electro-gravitic propulsion. This causes a ripple that creates the storyline that includes craft capable of interplanetary travel. Along with this comes an awakening that produces the wherewithal for the great leaps that place a society on the very brink of the sort of realities that our S&E fleets keep a lookout for. As we mentioned before, these conditions lead over centuries to a First Contact with these societies. In your case, you have a divine dispensation that allows you to have a First Contact that is part of a unique process to restore you to Full Consciousness. Such a process is tricky and can more properly be considered a sacred art rather than a mere application of spiritual science.

The crux of our message today is that great things are afoot in physicality. You are a special component of this coming phenomenon and are being raised up in order to transform your society, your reality, and yourselves. All of this is arranged around our coming First Contact with you. We see this as a series of wonderful interlocking experiences that are not only to return you to galactic humankind but are also to forge a new paradigm that flows naturally into what we call galactic society. Along the way, we have learned much about who you are and what you are rapidly becoming. This First Contact operation has taught us much patience and wisdom, but also what a wonder it is to be human. The time to come together is very near!d

Today we went over some important parts of the puzzle that is unfolding as First Contact. As this puzzle’s solution comes into view, the timing of our First Contact becomes clearer. We are ready and prepared for all the little details that are thrown up before us. The time to make First Contact draws nigh. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Tuesday April 7th, 2009. 12 Manik, 15 Mac, 4 Eb
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Selamat Jarin! We come with more information for you. As you know, our Earth allies are on the verge of success. Their plans are to change your present world of lack and limitation into a realm of abundance. This project includes a legal foundation that permits them to alter the world that you now know. All this fits nicely into our First Contact plans despite the fact that they are far more complex than any we have known. Normally, a whole host of preconditions followed by a series of special negotiations precedes First Contact. In your case, planetary conditions prevent us from observing the usual protocols. We are relying instead upon a special group of well-placed and wealthy individuals to achieve our preliminary objectives. This initial phase, generally called the ‘awakening,’ is somewhat tedious. It includes the work that Heaven is doing to return each of you to Full Consciousness. It also involves the grand work so far accomplished by our Earth allies. To aid them in this, we offer our advice and good offices when needed. This phase is nearing the last steps before its manifestation in the public arena.

The ‘awakening’ phase includes the announcements of our existence by the transitional governments and other actions that are to prepare your world for our arrival. If these preliminaries proceed smoothly, they can take the place of the initial contacts required of a normal contact operation. We are setting up liaison teams that can work with the new governments to create programs elucidating various aspects of First Contact and to introduce the technologies currently withheld from you. To these will be added some of our technology which can boost the present capabilities of your devices. It is important that your present apprehension and worry about us be dispelled as positively as possible. This can go a considerable way toward easing you from your awakening phase into the next one, which consists of the actual mass contact. Under Heaven’s guidance we are doing everything possible to make this First-Contact mission as complete as it normally would be. Assisting us in an advisory capacity are the Agarthans, your Inner Earth cousins. They are keen to reunite with you and re-form a planetwide galactic society.

The actual First Contact operation still comprises two options: The first consists of a mass landing without government announcements and, hence, you are still unaware of our existence and intentions. We will, however, make our own series of broadcasts to prepare the way for our ships. As you can imagine, this option is the more difficult one. Over the years we have discovered a great many things about you that stress the importance of preparatory announcements by your governments. Also, there are sinister elements in your dark cabal that are abnormally fearful of us. They view us as interlopers in their grand scheme to turn your world into a realm of tyranny and hopelessness where they and their cohorts can rule supreme. They will use anything in their dirty bag of tricks to stop us. The second option is the one we update you on each week. The first is only an emergency back up in the event that the present course is unable to be achieved within the timetable given to us by Heaven.

We have talked at length with our Earth allies and the Agarthans, and all agree that a series of preliminary governmental announcements are required. In due course our own Galactic Federation broadcasts will be made as part of the mass-landing operation. Our Earth allies have suggested that we participate in a few joint projects and this will be made known by the caretaker regimes. The idea is for your fears to be assuaged by our open cooperation with your governments. Your ‘sci-fi’ literature and mass entertainment programs are filled with deliberately false and scary images about us. These need to be countered by some well-executed and positive episodes of mutual cooperation with you. This can go far in encouraging trust and setting the stage for our mass arrival. During this time we intend to begin putting into operation some of our technology and this can become more widely used after the mass landings.

After you are prepared for our arrival and understand why we have come, we can proceed with the mass landings. From our standpoint, these will be unusually extensive owing to the huge numbers of craft involved. We need to land counselors, one for each human on the planet, and technicians to install a series of devices, such as replicators for each household. You will require instruction on how to use, communicate with, and maintain this technology. In essence, its operation is quite simply, but it is nonetheless a very powerful, sentient interactive device. It does what many of you may consider to be miraculous. Hence, you can see that it is important for you to actively participate in the initial meetings between us. These can go a long way in preparing you for the first information we shall be giving you about your metamorphosis into fully conscious Galactic Humans. There is much to cover in a short space of time.

The post-landing period is to last about four months, during which you can get to know and trust your assigned mentor. This individual knows all about you: your history and life path, what stage you are at, and who you are to become once the metamorphosis process is completed. Your transformation back into Full Consciousness involves a lot of complex, detailed change to your many energy systems. To this end, each person will have a Light chamber personally calibrated to their own requirements. It can mend and restore all the damage and ‘unplugging’ done to your RNA/DNA during the latter days of Atlantis. It will reconstitute and unify your 13-chakra system and bring it on line, and your lost physical, mental, and spiritual abilities will be restored. Heaven’s mandate that you be restored to Full Consciousness in this way is quite unique in the annals of Federation history! You are indeed to become very special Beings of Light.

Once you are fully conversant with all aspects of your restoration process, you can be shown your specially prepared residence in an Inner Earth crystal city. It will be identical to your then-current surface dwelling. Placed next to it is your personal Light chamber which will complete your change into a fully conscious Galactic Human. Your guidance team and assigned mentor are to watch over you very carefully during your time in the Light chamber. They will monitor your energy systems while a cascade of interdimensional Light converts your RNA/DNA and your body’s chakra system into the 12-strand genetics and the 13 chakras that characterize a Galactic Human. During this time you are to go over your many ‘past’ lives and learn what your true objectives are for this one. At last the mystery of who you really are can be revealed!

After your transformation in the Light chamber you will need a period of acculturation which we call Full Consciousness Etiquette. You are now a fully sentient being, possessing quite unfamiliar powers that require a new sense of responsibility and mindfulness. In a sense, you are to go to ‘school’ to learn to control and use your new powers, including telepathy, clairvoyance, rejuvenation, and teleportation. For example, you can now ‘hear’ not only everybody’s thoughts but also the Song of the Universe! You are now literally ‘one’ with everything and you need to learn how to fine-tune your abilities to avoid physical, mental, and emotional overload. You need to learn the cultural and social etiquette that will allow you to fit in easily with your galactic family and to know the great inner joy that is your heritage.

Today, we talked about more aspects of what lies just ahead for you. We have prepared in great detail for all contingencies surrounding First Contact. We are confident that the time for all this is close. Know that something magnificent is just around the corner! We now take our leave. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Tuesday April 14th, 2009. 6 Ix, 2 Kank’in, 4 Eb
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Selamat Jarin! We come before you with more to talk about. As your world moves through the ongoing economic chaos, signs are cropping up here and there that a quiet revolution is taking hold in the hopes and hearts of this world. Right now, your awareness level of the spiritual is progressing well. As a result, the people are making increasing demands upon the last dark cabal and this is starting to play havoc with the cabal’s control of the public domain. Populist protests are putting the wind up these shadowy ones who exercise the real control of your global society’s wealth and power, compelling them to escalate their secret operations in order to fortify their hold on power. However, the fact of their rapidly dwindling wealth is undermining badly the success of these covert activities. For their part, our Earth allies are playing a simple waiting game. At the right time in the very near future, the Light can strike a decisive blow against the dark. Then the world can change swiftly for the better. Until then, the strategy is to wait and strike definitively at the optimum moment!

Meanwhile, our Earth allies are ferreting out the last attempts being set up by the dark ones to defer the inevitable. The excessively byzantine nature of their operations never ceases to amaze us! Indeed, the level of stealth and deceit seems to increase in proportion to the soaring levels of consternation among the cabal leadership. This uncertainty is delaying the deliveries and causing some frustration among our delivery teams. But never doubt that when the moment finally arrives, this first phase of our Earth allies’ plan is to be executed with lightning speed! Also on hold are the plans to replace a number of major governments on the planet with caretaker regimes. Those assigned to this particular task feel confident they are ready to go once the deliveries are completed. Until then, teams of top-echelon personnel stand ready to take over the cabinet posts and ranking administrative positions in these new regimes. None of these individuals is to be revealed until the time comes for this mass-action regime change to occur.

All is now ready. The only thing gumming up the works is the rearguard activities of the remaining cabal diehards. All our combined personnel involved in this final push are working all out to get this last part done. We are restricted to operating with great circumspection as the cabalists are on the lookout to amplify any action on our part that they deem too ‘direct,’ and we have had to come up with an under-the-radar approach to boost the pace of our Earth allies’ action teams. On another front, the deposits of the newly printed global currencies and their gold and silver backing grow by the day and are already at a level where the new global monetary system is ready to be implemented. Again, it is the continuing delays that make it difficult to go forward with our joint plans. Meanwhile, your world teeters on the edge of further, deepening financial crises, with the next wave of ‘difficulties’ set to appear in the late spring. But be assured we have done much to minimize the fallout from this. We are focusing on having the first part of our plans manifested before then. Know that we feel deeply for the burdens you bear at this time!

In our opinion it is unfortunate that this First Contact has taken so long to come about. Your struggles are legendary among us. For starters, you are in the midst of challenging transformations to all your energy systems, and to undergo these changes during such trying global circumstances is also not usual during a First Contact. For our part, sitting on the sidelines and monitoring is not a normal role for us. Heaven tells us, and we heartily concur, that you are special. Long ago, many things happened that left you much reduced in mind and body, and disconnected from Spirit. This point in time is all about returning you to your previous state of Being, and our purpose is to use this First Contact to complete this operation. To this end, we assembled a very large fleet, filled with the beings who are to mentor and train you when the moment arrives. Until then, we are to assist our Earth allies and advise them on what they need to prepare for, as the changes are to happen in a rapid-fire sequence that requires the correct responses.

To ensure that all this goes off without a hitch, it was necessary to rehearse the responses to all possible contingencies until they became second nature. We threw ourselves into this preparation with gusto and now have a fleet that is more than ready to respond rapidly to any situation thrown at us. We have also carried out drills with a number of special Earth-ally units. Moreover, our medical teams are checking up on each of you and making sure that your medical work-ups are kept current. Our prime focus is getting you all prepared for the event of First Contact. We are also making arrangements with Agartha (Inner Earth) to expand the size of our main base there and to make ready all your individual Light (metamorphosis) chambers. The special crystal cities are now ready and awaiting your arrival. This event is not far off!

What you see playing out around you is the endgame of the dark cabalists. They have played it well, but despite pulling out all the stops, they know the end is now upon them. As they thrash about like hooked fish on a ship’s deck, they persist in defying the reality of the defeat that stares them in the face. They are fated to go out with a splutter, and we watch as each dying flip-flop grows weaker. As control slips from their grasp, the hidden facts of their truly awful agenda for global domination begin to come out. Their evil deeds and plans need to see the light of day to be healed, and then put behind you. Your world populace desires to transform its global society into something far different than what the dark has wrought. In fact, the yearning of your fellows for truth and justice corresponds aptly with what is waiting in the wings. A new and righteous reality is close to being implemented.

In this reality you meet your Inner Earth cousins and begin a grand reunion with them that is to constitute the core of your new star nation. When we come, we bring with us knowledge of many things, including a history of your world mostly unknown to you. This new history details a quite different origin for humanity, designating you as extraterrestrials, as your geneticists know full well. You can be described as a unique and indeed ‘abnormal’ Earth primate! You simply do not fit. Genetically, you are closer to cetaceans than chimps and orangutans. When you know more about your origins, all this will make a lot of sense to you. Until then, be patient. But it is as well to prepare for a number of your central teachings to come crashing down around your ears!

Your new reality is being born in a storm of anguish and panic unleashed by your dark masters. These cold and heartless men and women are not to be looked up to; rather, they are more properly to be viewed as the foolish, misled descendants of the first earth minions of the Anunnaki. They still hope that their erstwhile off-world masters will come to their rescue, but this is not to be. What is to happen is their ignoble surrender and your jubilant victory. The ‘catchers of men’ have themselves been caught, and now their fate is sealed. You are destined to witness miracles and wonder as the time for the return of your full faculties approaches. Your spiritual and space families are ready to embrace you and welcome you back to full participation in the affairs of the galaxy!

Today, we talked about matters surrounding First Contact and your return to Full Consciousness. Stay focused and use your powers of intent to help make this so. We, likewise, are doing our intentions to empower all of us and make ready for the day of First Contact. We now take our leave. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Tuesday April 28th, 2009. 7 Lamat, 16 Kank’in, 4 Eb
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Greetings! We come again with more to say. Inner Earth and its Agarthan nation await you! The Agarthan people have lovingly constructed a whole series of special crystal cities for you to live in just before and after your transformation, which takes place in your individual metamorphosis Light chambers. Here, we would like to give you more details about Agartha and your crystal-city residences. To begin with, Inner Earth is a place filled with wonders. Inside your Earth is a fifth-dimensional realm created with Light technology, which turns Inner Earth into a paradise beyond compare. When you enter, you notice the gentler, diffuse glow of Earth’s central sun. Surrounding you are lush fields; great mountains; broad, dense forests; and stunning, luminous crystal cities, radiating with ever-changing colors. These clusters of immense, glowing crystals house a society of fully conscious humans whose customs and ceremonies mirror those of other galactic humans throughout the galaxy. Other things that strike you are the wide-open sky and the wonderfully pure scent of the air.

When you enter a crystal city, you feel great calmness and a sense of coming Home. You marvel at the miles-high dome overhead and at the magic of the holography that makes the inside resemble the outside. The people are very friendly and are as curious as children about who you are and are eager to help you. Their homes are at once spacious and intimate due to the same holographic technology that combines their own superb abilities with the capabilities of their unique brand of organic computers. The environment conforms perfectly to the wants and creativity of each inhabitant. Daily ceremonies consist of dance, music, songs, and special chants, and the different colored clothing of each group of participants adds to the overall delight of these special gatherings. Life here is a collage of work, family, and sacred duties, interspersed with daily interaction with Galactic Federation personnel. There can be no doubt that First Contact is vitally important to the Agarthans. Everything they do reflects this focus.

An example of their dedication to this cause is the crystal cities that they have built to house you all when the time comes for you to morph, like a butterfly, into a fully conscious human. Alongside your own dwelling is your individual Light chamber, calibrated to your specific needs. To accomplish your metamorphosis the Galactic Federation has asked all its medical teams to compile a meticulous, daily medical dossier on each of you to enable this unbelievably complex process to be carried out with seamless precision. You are all to be changed back into Full Consciousness at the same time. Normally such a process takes centuries to achieve, but Heaven has decreed that you are to take this final step all together, in one fell swoop, followed by training in Full-Consciousness etiquette. Earth’s surface, too, is to undergo a vast reconfiguration in synchrony with your transformation. Her new biosphere is to resemble that of Inner Earth so that, for the first time since the Lemurian catastrophe, inner and surface Earth can be linked, as they are designed to be.

Naturally, while this is happening you need to be elsewhere: in the safe haven of Inner Earth. At the same time, we will evacuate from the surface all animals and plants which your local Spiritual Hierarchy deem compatible with the new reality. This means no ticks or mosquitoes! Under their direction, a new surface topography is to emerge that strongly resembles the one during the time of Lemuria, and when you awaken from your morphing-slumber this new world will be ready for its new guardians: you! In your fully conscious state the ways of galactic humans quickly become clear to you, including the reasons for living inside the planet, not on her surface. All planets are hollow, and their fully conscious guardians live in the inside. Surface expeditions are undertaken mainly to conduct sacred ceremonies designed to sustain and support the planet and her beautiful, diverse ecology. Mars and Venus, too, will be terraformed and ready to receive those of you who choose to move there.

Among the many changes to Mother Earth will be magnetic and electric ones. This means that electro-magnetic Beings, such as yourselves, will be much more comfortable in Inner Earth where the earth forces are properly aligned with you. All creatures returning to the new surface will need to undergo a divine change that makes it possible for them to exist on the surface, and this will be done when the Earth’s flora and fauna is temporarily lifted off the planet during the time of her reconfiguration. Here, it helps to remember that you are originally outsiders to this world. You are invited guests with a special mission to perform. Your task is not to get in the way of the surface ecology but to sustain and foster its well being. As Earth guardians you are here to ensure the thriving health of a most glorious electrogravitic Being, Mother Earth, and this is easily done from the perfectly calibrated Inner Earth realms.

This divinely instigated mission to move you all simultaneously into Full Consciousness created the need to intervene in your affairs on a truly massive scale. This is the reason for First Contact at this time. The logistics of this operation require an unparalleled amount of preparation on many levels, from building the crystal cities to ways of remedying your deeply inculcated fears. Try to imagine the task of preparing a global populace weaned for millennia on ignorance, violence, and poverty, and getting it to the point of accepting in a matter of months a shining future of unknown freedoms and undreamt-of possibilities. This is our challenge with you. We have rehearsed all aspects of this difficult operation many times and we feel that all is going well. After the landings, community seminars will be held to inform you and answer your questions. Then in Inner Earth you will meet your special personal mentor.

The process of transforming you back into Full Consciousness largely reverses the Atlanteans’ genetic intrusions that diminished you. This involves interdimensional Light. Guided by Heaven and under the direct supervision of Lord Surea, this Light created all things in physicality. It then took on multiple realities and almost endless potential, but only a few of these myriad combinations manifested and forged what physicality now is. You too are formed from this Light, but in a particular way, with an immense number of individual combinations. You are in effect an especially encrypted key code, expressed through your genetics and your various chakra encodings. These unique, intertwined frequencies make up the physical you. The encryptions are set up and guided by your I Am Presence.

With the divine help of your I Am Presence, the Light chamber connects swiftly to these myriad codes, transforming your genetics and chakras, and restoring the sequences not used since you were last fully conscious. Over the course of a few days, while you slumber, you regain your True Self. You leave the chamber somewhat vulnerable and overwhelmed, a little bit nauseous, ready to be Loved and cared for. Your own special mentor is waiting to embrace you and carry you off on angelic gossamer wings to begin your days of training. He/she clears up your inner and outer chaos and shows you who you really are and what particular, immense talents you possess. Now you are ready to become something wonderful: a galactic human!

Today, we looked at Inner Earth and some of her many glories and wonders. We talked about the nature of your Light chambers and began to give you details about their role in returning you to Full Consciousness. Interesting though this is, remember that this journey of yours really takes off once you become a galactic human again. We now take our leave. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Tuesday May 5th, 2009. 1 Men, 3 Moan, 4 Eb
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Selamat Jarin! We come again with more things to tell you! Right now, each of you is moving along your Ascension path toward Full Consciousness. This path is a journey that your Higher Self and Heaven set for you in this lifetime. During this journey you are evolving from limited to Full Consciousness. To understand this operation better, it would be useful for you to have some guidelines and to know what we are doing to assist you along the way. To begin with, you need to know how you fell into this limited consciousness reality in the first place. Realities are special physical collections of interdimensional Light that are drawn up by Heaven and those sentient Beings who occupy them. These agreements were reached before any of you first ventured into this reality. Living in a limited reality is much more difficult that in a fully conscious one. It requires a set of unique skills and pre-approval from Heaven and your own inner councils. Once permission is obtained, a new set of additional body guardians is assigned.

These requirements are necessary because maintaining your physical presence in such realities is more iffy. The energies contained in these realities are more fragile and subject to sudden collapse and accidents, which can cause these realities to merge with other similar realities. This means that a grand smorgasbord of possibilities exists. Thus, each new birth into this reality grid needs to be looked at. Each life has a life script in which the friends, family, and events belonging to it are balanced by the rest of the grid. This balancing is done by the protector of each grid to ensure the reality’s efficiency. This process is ever expanding, and this expansion needs to be accounted for by the grid guardians. As you progress toward Full Consciousness, this balancing becomes less tedious. As your frequencies rise, so too do those of your reality. Higher amounts of energy safely contained within a reality make it much more stable and easier to transform. It is this goal that Heaven is now fully engaged upon in your reality.

As you move into this higher energy, your physical body automatically starts to transform. To allow this, a number of overlaying epigenetic encodings need to be readjusted. This is what your heavenly body guardians are accomplishing with the aid of our various Galactic Federation Medical Teams. Each of you received a complex overlay of genetic programming from the Atlantean science teams that were responsible for moving your ancestors from full to limited consciousness. The present task is to reverse these programs as well as any others that may have accumulated since then. For example, experiences encountered by distant or near ancestors may have added to or slightly altered your overall epigenetic encodings. These latter changes make each of you a unique case. Further boosting your individual uniqueness are your own experiences, which add to this long list of special programming. Our work requires us to make a thorough daily scan of each of you and this is done during our nightly examinations.

The result of these constant updates is an emerging picture of how you look genetically. The billions of sequencings can be digested by our computers and a living picture of you takes shape. Life science engineering clan members then use these living maps to create devices that can complete your transformation back into fully conscious Beings. Your epigenetic encodings are done by your body in thousands of layered sequences that are entwined through your particular genome. This individual genome is highly specific. It is you, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Overseeing all this is your Spiritual Self, who has allowed us the privilege of doing this. Heaven intends to speed up this mass Ascension operation and has asked us to find a physical means to do this. The rules of this reality require that such a mass operation take place as part of the vast reordering of this reality. A precondition of this Ascension operation is a First Contact mass landing.

To give you a better idea of what is happening we need to look at what the Atlanteans did to your ancestors long ago. First of all, fully conscious Beings are wholly integrated into their environment. These Beings regulate the grids and assist the grid guardians in their daily tasks. Such Beings are entirely aware of how Creation is being revealed through physicality. In order to diminish you, the Atlantean scientists knew that the genetic, or Light, encodings used for these activities needed to be neutralized and then disconnected. What was left was an active genetic sequencing similar in its capabilities to that of Beings in other 3-dimensional realities. The dark in this galaxy was trapped by its own choosing within this series of realities, and its desire was to ensnare the fully conscious Beings that they encountered into this same series of realities. Studies by the Atlanteans’ dark allies led to your fall long ago into this present reality. The time has come to reverse all this and return you to your original state.

When you choose to return yourself to Full Consciousness, a three-step process is required. The first step is to start a compression of your 14 outer energy-fields into your physical body. This initiates a raising of your basic body frequency. This first step is now complete in nearly everyone on the planet. The next step is to begin to use these new physical energies to bring in your new chakra system and to start to awaken your now mostly dormant RNA/DNA. You need to go beyond what you now sense, feel, and believe in. This is done by connecting the third strand in your DNA helix and beginning to encode what geneticists call your junk DNA. This part of the second step is now being done to just about all of you. What now needs to happen is to greatly increase the amount of Light affecting this junk DNA, and thus speeding up the encoding operation.

The definitive step, if you intend to do this procedure swiftly, is to employ a device that can transduce interdimensional energy and, by so doing, flip you into Full Consciousness. This is what the metamorphosis Light chamber does. As we explained, each of you possesses a unique set of epigenetic encodings. Therefore, each chamber needs to be precisely aligned to these individual groups of frequencies. At birth you acquired a series of master patterns and these accrued new elements over your lifetime. All of this is embedded in the thousands of epigenetic layers that surround your RNA/DNA. Some need to be shut down and others turned on. This intricate process extends throughout your multitude of layers all at once, and new sequences can then be added.

At each moment massive amounts of holistic adjustment to this sequencing is carried out. That is why this operation requires three days to complete. Your spiritual and your body guardians work with us to see that this labyrinthine procedure goes as planned. A great deal of preplanning is required as well as a lot of interactive advice from Heaven for you to be transformed into physical Angels. All aspects of this undertaking were agreed to before you incarnated into this reality. The only question at that time was the precise details of how this return to Full Consciousness was to be carried out. Heaven’s answer to this was a First Contact followed by the use of individualized metamorphosis Light chambers. Then let the fun begin!

Today, we continued our discussion of your change into Fully Conscious Beings of Light! Our First Contact mission is based on what the Divine has decreed for you. These tasks are sacred to us. Hence we come to reunite with you and welcome you back Home. Our Agarthan allies come to end 13 millennia of division and to return your star nation to full membership in the Galactic Federation. We now take our leave. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Tuesday May 12th, 2009. 8 Ik, 10 Moan, 4 Eb
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Selamat Jarin! We return to talk about another aspect of your transforming reality. Your world is just beginning to shift its level of consciousness. The first part of this has been the increase in seabed and land volcanism, paralleled with a corresponding upsurge in global seismic activity. The surface of your world needs a massive facelift as well as a new type of bio-magnetic field. This will eventually reset your world’s gravitational field and align with similar alterations that are happening to the other members of your solar system, including your Sun. As your planet reaches for the 5th dimension, so too does the rest of your reality require an upgrade. Around your solar system is something your scientists call ‘dark matter.’ It is the stuff of this Creation and is the medium by which this universe is lifting itself into the 5th dimension and higher. Dark matter acts much like the ‘junk DNA’ that makes up a lot of your genetic material. This matter is now merging with your limited realities and augmenting their ability to transform into fully conscious ones.

Part of this operation is for the dark matter to begin to encode and transform limited-conscious matter. This is what is causing vast anomalies throughout the near section of intra- and intergalactic space. Your scientists realize just how little they know about what makes physicality work and are questioning present concepts of what gravitation and electromagnetism truly represent. This is leading them toward a number of new theories that are eventually to produce a much-needed paradigm shift. Gravitation is a by-product of interdimensional electromagnetism, which in turn comes from interdimensional Light. All this has a divine purpose. Creation is a sacred plan and these things we have just named are part of a vast tool kit. Your world sits in a reality and this reality is up against a cluster of similar realities. Keep in mind that this is a very conscious universe and as such, has many layers making up its nearly infinite parts. In effect, your solar system and this galaxy exist in multilayered realities. You are simply reconnecting yourselves along with this reality to your other aspects of the whole.

This sentient whole is the sacred cloth that was used to form and manifest all physicality. Each part is interconnected through numerous individual layers to the divine Whole. Physicality has a definite purpose; it is just that at the level where you now exist, it is too limiting to observe exactly how this whole interconnects. When you reach this point of definition, you can easily see how it is all divinely put together. It is then that a sacred science can be reestablished as one of the new canons of your galactic society. Until then you need to view this period as one of many transitions happening on multiple levels simultaneously. Your present perceptions contain some degree of truth but are obscured by your false and rather fuzzy logic. You require a redefinition of the terms ‘alive’ and ‘lifeless.’ We see a reality filled with life and overflowing with an abundance of life streams of varying degrees of sentiency. As you begin to look at your reality in this way, many things that now puzzle your scientists will start to make sense.

As we mentioned earlier, your planet and solar system are drifting through a vast sea of dark matter. This matter is unknown to your scientists as it is, as yet, invisible to them. It possesses a great deal of energy and defies what ‘matter’ is considered to be. This is why earlier theorists saw it as an etheric fluid, which it isn’t. This matter is constantly moving from one-dimensional reality to another. Your Ascension requires that it begin to interact with your reality in a more direct manner. For this to happen, you need to be physically altered. This applies of course to planets, stars, and galaxies as well as yourselves. This means comprehensive electromagnetic change and a revamping of the relationship between the numerous gravitational fields that compose this sector of physicality. This transformation is underway and has caused the lowering of Earth’s gravitational strength and the Sun to engage in two consecutive, rare aspects of its traditional sunspot cycle. The way your solar system relates to its Sun is impressively changing.

This merely hints at what is to come. The movement toward full sentiency means that as you move upward the incredible Light energy stored in the dark matter begins to become more real to you. It is one thing to be in transition and quite another to view the actual vehicle of this operation. You are now close to this revelation. To us, this Universe is full of Light whose magnificent displays are beyond description! We rejoice in these phenomena as it is a constant reminder of the glory of the Creator. We see ourselves as whole, interconnected Beings who have come together to unfold this Creation and carry out the decrees of Lord Surea. The tripartite Godhead is what guides us. You are on the path to this marvelous series of realizations, at the end of which is being able to live in the library of the Akashic and within the sacred walls of this Creation. Here, you are enlivened by the energies of Truth and by the wonders of the Divine Plan.

Your world is teeming with divine Light. We watch in joyous awe as she changes with each increase in the intensity of this Light. Likewise your own Light is intensifying and its purity radiates from you like a prism. New shades and colors of Light abound. All this is causing your reality to alter her grids and to move in a new direction. You are leaving behind this 3rd dimension as your primary home and are now heading swiftly toward the 5th dimension. But this is only the start of what is happening to you and your reality. You are currently reconnecting fully to the 5th dimension while anchoring a part of you in the 3rd. You are ready to become a supraliminal Being and are returning to Full Consciousness, a state far above what you consider to be possible. It is this promise that has led us from our distant homes to these shores.

In sum, you are going through the middle stages of a great metamorphosis. This work is making you a physical Angel, which confers great responsibilities upon you. Just think! You are being transformed reality-wide; your ‘junk DNA’ and the galactic dark matter are acting in similar ways to reconstitute every aspect of your reality. Meanwhile, as you go through this, entire new galaxies, nebulae, and magnificently colored and shaped cosmic dust are to make an appearance in your telescopes and upon the electronic maps of your science! This splendor and beauty cannot fail to transform you utterly! We ourselves never fail to be awestruck time and again by what we observe on our travels, and this is what awaits you! As you return to your multidimensional state you regain your sense of wonder and amazement at the grandeur of it all!

The reality that you are headed for is something you cannot at present grasp. It is brimming with an infinity of colors, shapes, sizes, and sensations that you daily interact with in ways that fill you with a sense of completeness. This puts you in a constant state of bliss, and everything you do contributes to this bliss as it entails endlessly improving the daily life of your reality and your galactic society. You live in an interconnected array of realms and can move with ease between them. And so we come not only to move you into Full Consciousness but also to enlarge upon and enhance the multitude of realities that we simultaneously inhabit. Soon this too is to be your truth and you are to use these abilities to help another move into the realms of Full Consciousness.

Today, we added to the information we have been giving you over the past few weeks. It is this glowing future that is the primary reason for First Contact. Heaven has decreed that you are to be transformed into fully conscious Beings, and this requires our assistance as well as our mentoring. We look forward to reuniting your branch of the human family with ours! We now take our leave. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Tuesday May 19th, 2009. 2 Muluc, 17 Moan, 4 Eb
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Selamat Balik! We come once more with some more interesting morsels for your intellectual and spiritual appetite! In our past few messages, we have been ever so slightly detailing those things that are happening to you, your reality and this vast sentient Universe! As you move toward your Ascension, your physical and spiritual aspects are swiftly merging. This operation is as we have shown is both quite complex and amazingly simple. Heaven sees physicality as a highly pliable palette upon which to draw its many degrees of possibility. One of these possibilities, you are now passing through and doing so very awkwardly. As you do, you are at the same time being prepared by Heaven to move into your fully conscious selves. This event is at times also a most painful and difficult procedure. Bear in mind at these most excruciating moments that a master plan is in effect and that your time in this reality is nearing its end. In its place is to be the bliss of Full Consciousness  and the joys of your new fifth dimensional reality. What is now needed is some frank alliteration on what this really means.

Full Consciousness  is more a massive upgrade in your mental, physical and emotional capabilities. It is like you have opened up a true unbreakable link to your soul and to the very heart of the Creator. You bask in this energy and draw amazing creative insights to whatever you intend to study. These insights are embellishing by the data and the collaborative efforts supplied to you by your spiritual guides. In this environment it is easy to feel somewhat omnipotent. What brings you "down to Earth" is the way you interact with your fellow galactic society members. Each child from even before birth is brought into this loving, trust-giving community. You develop a need to explore your sovereignty and simultaneous to serve this community, a sort of symbiotic relationship develops over time. Divine service and service to the community become your co-anchors. This relationship is reinforced by the heavenly wisdom that you feed upon daily. The concept of competition or being less than is wonderfully exempted by your own honoring by the community and by your selfless service to it.

Each day is a time for your self-expression and for tasks that help make your community better. One of these is ritual. It is done to help sustain your galaxy, your star nation and the beautiful world that you live in. While doing these events you interact with the Spiritual Hierarchies that guide this section of physicality. As with all the things that you do, there is a constant exchange of energy and wisdom in your ritual group and with these grand sacred Beings who look over and watch physicality. You leave this event feeling stronger emotionally and mentally. You have communed with a great series of Beings and leave in awe at the beauty that they have given back to you. The same is true with life’s career. Each day follow a similar prescription involving an exchange of energy and of wisdom. To you, this community is not fully perfect but nonetheless possesses the ability to change and to restore itself as needed. This is done by the use of "fluid group dynamics" based upon the worthiness of each of its members and the brilliance of those chosen to lead a group through any difficulty it encounters.

In this world of galactic humans, there is a constant interaction with the environment that is your reality. This environment can at times constitute even distant galaxies, stars and other occupied worlds. You are living in a world filled with colored sounds, music that you can taste and words that reach out and give their mathematical meaning. Flowers exude their beauty through their music and innate poetry. The sky sings out the vibrations of the planet in a gentle soothing symphony of sounds and colors. Then there is the talk of the planet as she recites her great wisdoms to all who care to take it in. Even the water chimes in with her variations upon the wonders expressed by the sky. There is, thus, a great deal of beauty and wisdom that can be used to create by, to live by and to be by. It is no wonder that galactic humans see themselves as receivers, sustainers and observers of this joy that is physicality. It is this reality that you are now on the verge of experiencing. Everywhere bits and pieces of this are temporarily emerging before you.

While these things at present are "normal" for only a very few who have had the genetic mutation needed for these abilities to appear. Usually, such "gifted" individuals have only one or two aspects of the abilities known to galactic humans. Some of your geneticists have seized upon these freakish mutants as the "future" of humanity. While they are correct, they fail to see that a full amalgam of these gifts and even more not discovered is the true future of surface humanity! You are working in a very uneven way toward doing naturally what we have been talking about. Our geneticists see that without an intervention on the scale intended by Heaven it still requires about another century or two before you are ready to transform into galactic humans. Hence, we have used our advanced technology to develop the metamorphosis Light chambers and train the number of mentors needed to carry out this vast project.

We do this, to enable Heaven’s sacred plan to continue to move forward on your world. As you can note by now, a grand plan is needed to make your transformation possible in a much shorter timeframe. You are in a very fragile time of your history. The former overseers of your world left over a decade ago and demanded that their minions switch to the Light as well. These minions rejected this new condition and a war for control of the various factions in this formerly all-powerful group began. While this was going on, we become acquainted with those in these groups who sincerely wished to follow the edicts of the Anunnaki. The past decade has been a process of preparing these positive groups for the scenarios that can lead up to First Contact. Simultaneously, we have been watching you and readying for the time when these transformations are to begin.

The things that we are describing to you are how we daily see your reality. We can accurately forecast that what you are now going through are the birthing pangs of this new fully conscious you. Each of you is changing according to your own preset biological clock. You agreed before incarnating here that you gladly accept what is planned for you. It is these before-birth approvals that permitted Heaven to bring us here and for the degree of transformation that you are nearly ready to go through. This is why we were told to begin to step up your "education" about what is ahead for you. It took us a number of years to design, build, test and customize these chambers. This operation continues daily as we evaluate what your medical teams discover about you. Such new data brings slight adjustments in these billions of specially-built devices.

As you are changing, so is the surface of Mother Earth. The ice sheets are melting. The oceans are slowly swelling in volume. There is as well the great damage that your global society is still doing to the water, earth and air of this sacred orb. A part of the Pacific Ocean greater than Texas in size is cluttered with plastic bottles, bottle rings and other forms of plastic waste. Polluted dust storms rage from North China across the Pacific to the forests and wilderness areas of North America. Vast remains of oil slicks and bilge oil can be found floating throughout the oceans of the world. Indeed no part of your world remains pristine. This pollution is only hastening the changes on Mother Earth. This needs to be addressed as you move back into Full Consciousness . You are in need of a new reality and a duty to clean and prepare Earth for what is about to be!

Today, we carried on with our discussion of your transformation into a fully conscious Being. As we noted, Heaven and us are dedicated to this change. We have put together a program that can quickly transform you. What is now required is for you to take responsibility for your past actions and to formulate a means to swiftly correct this. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Tuesday May 27th, 2009. 9 Cib, 4 Pax, 4 Eb
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Selamat Balik! We come again with more to talk about on a variety of topics. As you move toward Full Consciousness, you are able to see more easily the occasional flashes of light that reveal the entrance into this reality of entities from much higher realms of existence. Each instance of each day is marked by Heaven thus blessing your reality by sending forth a special living bundle of Light. As this living Light touches your realm it instantly blends with it, producing a concentrated flash or point of light. This cascade of Light-blessings is continually being received at some location on your globe. The same can be said of similar interactions being observed by your visual and radio telescopes, except that here the same phenomenon is seen to happen on a much grander scale. Divine Light is moving us with grace into a new reality and toward the rebirth of your fully conscious potential. What you are to accomplish here is something that none of you can as yet really grasp. It is for this reason that a First Contact is of the essence in carrying out the Divine Plan.

Another aspect we mentioned recently was the ‘dark matter’ that covers most of the make-up of this reality. As we stated, this is actually a living ‘fluid’ or plasma, which is rising up and starting to move this collection of realities into a higher dimension. This upward movement is the Divine Plan’s way of turning this aspect of physicality into a greater Light or Spirit. This is part of how physicality works. To look at it in its entirety would be to see a vast sweep of undulating Lights of varying densities intermingling with each other, like a sort of magnificent kaleidoscope. This stunningly beautiful display is echoed to some degree by the fantastic shapes and colors of distant dust clouds, nebulae, and other effects that make up parts of this galaxy. Here, the scale is simply immense, and the intensity of the colors, the sudden flashes, and the range of awesome and singular shapes are mind-boggling! It is this beauty and your growing ability to perceive it that awaits you as you awaken into Full Consciousness. We never grow tired of watching, listening to, and learning from these wondrous aspects of this Creation.

Moving back into Full Consciousness means fully reconnecting to Spirit. Once this happens you are able to see just why you took on this particular lifetime. During a series of revelations you discover that you are connected directly to many on this plane and that, in truth, you are all one. This leads to a reevaluation of the way your societies are constructed. Soon you are to become societal engineers and are to build a far more dynamic version of the global community than you have now. The abundance programs and the quiet revolution are mere catalysts for this; they can serve as tools that allow you to rethink who you are and what ‘society’ is all about. The strong philosophical principles you grew up with are a foundation you can expand upon. A fully conscious world is a very moral world. ‘Good’ is the wellspring of your truth. Equality and sovereignty are seen as a given, and privacy as fundamental. Respect for the individual determines the respect for society as a whole. In short, you are to view your world through vastly different eyes!

Galactic society is founded upon a set of sacred ‘Laws’ and upon the unlimited ability of humans to resolve creatively any problem that comes up. Its lodestar is divine service, and its members comprehend fully that this pursuit expands their wisdom and leads to the next levels of service to their Creator. This motivates all to do their best, resulting in a community that acknowledges your contributions in many different ways. Light technology removes the need to plunder a planet’s resources in the interests of survival and allows you to interact with your home world as stewards and nurturers of her ecology. You live inside your planet and develop living spaces that further act to sustain her. The living dynamo or heart of a planet is her central core or ‘sun.’ By living here you use your collective energies to strengthen your mother world’s sun and to maintain your beautiful home planet. In like manner, you relate similarly to every other world you reside in.

Galactic societies are space exploration societies. As you discover the full extent of your connection to Spirit, you want to meet and interact directly with your fellow explorers. This is why the Galactic Federation and its many predecessors are so important to us. We are here in physicality to aid in the unfolding of this Creation and to share our wisdom with others. In so doing we also acquire their special wisdom and add it to our joint, ever-deepening appreciation of this Creation. As we spread outward in our explorations, new star nations join us in mutual assistance and mentoring, adding to our collective joy and giving us the means to move further out into this and other galaxies. This drive to explore led many nearby galaxies to First Contact us millions of years ago. This ongoing interaction between us all is part of how the Divine Plan unfolds Creation.

What you are undergoing is a transition from the world you currently know to one that more truly reflects who you are becoming. The technology you use is no longer adequate for your needs and for your planet’s changing circumstances. You require a huge leap in your technological potential and this feeds directly into your shift in consciousness. As a society grows in awareness of its responsibilities toward its world and itself, a fundamental revision of what is ‘real’ ensues. This process is now happening to you, and it is also where we come into the picture. You need a guiding hand which, at the right moment, can nudge you gently and, above all, responsibly in the direction of your divine destiny. This is the part we call our ‘pre-contact’ mission, and the element on your world we are most involved with is our Earth allies. This part is now almost completed.

After the caretaker regimes and just before the actual mass landings, we intend that there be a period in which we can introduce to you your long-sequestered technologies. These can go a long way toward solving your current energy crisis and your global pollution problems. The inventors of these technologies worked at the leading-edge of your science, and even went some way beyond it by making use of electrical and magnetic phenomena that were generally downplayed and kept out of the public arena; hence, these discoveries were unknown to even the most informed of your general populace. These technologies are to be merely the first steps out of the pit of your current environmental crisis, to be closely followed by the ones we will provide as part of First Contact.

First Contact is to vault you quickly into pre-Full-Consciousness mode, and for this we need to bring you up to speed on a wide range of fronts. You are being prepared at this point for your move to Inner Earth and your three-day journey to Full Consciousness. Then comes learning how to handle your fully conscious vehicle under the tutelage of your mentor, and part of this is your introduction to our advanced technology. The intent is to move you, once the mass landings and accompanying preliminaries are completed, into Full Consciousness as quickly as possible. You are a vital cog in the unfolding of divine Creation in this galaxy. This is why First Contact is inevitable and is planned to happen in your very near future!

Today, we continued our discussion by expanding on some familiar topics and introducing some new avenues to be explored in our next messages. First Contact and all the preliminary steps toward it loom large on your horizon. We look forward to meeting you on this most significant occasion and to introducing you to your Inner Earth neighbors. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Tuesday June 2nd, 2009. 3 Akbal, 11 Pax, 4 Eb
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Selamat Jarin! We come before you again with more to discuss. In the past, we talked about the changes, both hidden and overt, happening on your world and throughout your reality. These changes are merely mirroring the needs of your global population. Everywhere the perception grows of just how inadequate the policies of government are to the basic requirements of the people. This lack of consensus between government and people is reaching a breaking point. Besides this escalating discrepancy are the issues regarding water, land use, and pollution, matters which rob your populations of good health, decent housing, and proper education. Consequently, unrest is growing rapidly from the grassroots to the top echelons of society. The very nature of the way your world works is pushing for an unavoidable revolution. This global outcry for something more attuned to the needs of the people is further exacerbated by the accelerating rise in consciousness. As you know, we have been watching the growth of this phenomenon for the past decade and a half.

Your world is manifestly in full-throttle transition mode. Take a look at the amount of upheaval all around you and then think how little you know about what is truly going on. Your move toward Full Consciousness is expanding your awareness both inward: pushing you to discover more of the real you, and outward: where you begin to sense the unfathomable immensity of this multidimensional living universe. It is indeed about to be an age of miracles and wonder! As you move beyond the bounds of the conventional and acceptable, you begin to perceive and explore propositions that hitherto were considered ‘imaginary’ or outright loopy! Happily, such derisive labels are losing their punch and furthermore, much of what you are feeling has no adequate linguistic expression as yet. You find yourself using, and beginning to trust, an internal faculty of perception, an intuitive ‘common sense.’ This kind of intuitive perception is anathema to your intellectual pundits, and also greatly unsettles the growing numbers of the general populace who are wrestling with these unaccountable feelings and their very real yet inexplicable ‘logic.’

This new reality welling up within you is busting huge holes in the limiting governing precepts of your society and hence, change more in accordance with your growing inner vision is imperative in order to resolve your world’s multiplying crises. At first glance Mother Earth can be seen as a fragile world inordinately ravaged by her ‘civilizations’ for millennia and appears ready to wipe out humanity in her effort to survive. But this leaves out the Love factor, which lies at the core of any new approach to change because it is a primary aspect of consciousness. Once you view reality not in the cold, objective ways of your sciences but with the loving philosophies of the heart, the Love expressed for you by Mother Earth becomes evident. As you add the world of Spirit to your belief system, you begin to appreciate the power of blessings and the wonder of well-placed, positive intentions. This adds a whole new dimension to your experience of what is real and what is not.

As your core beliefs expand, you become able to see how you are changing on many levels and begin to sense the fact that you are not alone. Surrounding you is a vast spiritual host of kindred souls, including the beneficent Beings you call your space family. They are here to see you grow carefree and unfettered, and then help you spread your magnificence ever outward like the eternally blooming lotus. Thus First Contact is a means to give you the option to transform your world into something grand. At present your society is at a point where those at the top are concocting one crisis after another in a last-ditch attempt to maintain the chaotic status quo. But a shift in consciousness of the degree you are experiencing demands a complete change of societal direction and profound new perceptions. The old ways cannot simply be adjusted; this struggle between old and new requires something truly radical: your move to Full Consciousness!

Our ongoing role as observers allows us to chart your progress as wave upon wave of your population tumble to the fact that your conventional societal structures are designed to restrict you and to subtly select some few for special privileges. This structure is falling apart. Too many are growing beyond these controls and are envisioning society in bold, new ways. And still your dyed-in-the-wool cabalists persist in chasing after a compromise! This is no longer acceptable. Clearly the new is in the ascendant, and as it expands upon its agenda the world waits with bated breath for the inevitable victory to manifest at last. As you prepare for a series of triumphs, bear in mind the context we have been discussing as it can help you better understand the gist of what is taking place below the often-misleading surface dramas of your society.

To get a better ‘feeling’ for what you are going through, we embedded many of our personnel among you and this has taught us much about you. We have studied all classes of people, all types of communities, and a wide range of your different cultures. We have come to know you and Love you. We see the potential in each of you and are appalled by what your society does to you. Some of you have persisted and overcome; others have been emotionally strangled and have fallen. All in all, we are amazed at the way the Anunnaki crafted your society so as to put you to the test in so many ways! Your ‘civilization’ is simply upside down and back to front, the purpose being to produce individuals who are compliant, gullible, and easily swayed. Such a populace was well suited to the purposes and requirements of your once-dark off-world masters.

To recap, the old mindset has run its course and a wholly new way of looking at things is beginning to change how you see each other and the world you live in and on. It is the rise of this new mindset that Heaven is counting on to transform your reality. The key point here is that you are growing in consciousness and hence, your society is exploring new ways of moving forward. Be very clear that the old ways are failing, and fast. Indeed, this is now abundantly obvious to all of you as you hurtle toward the tipping-point. The crucial attitude of mind here is patience balanced with an active agenda for change. Be ready for what is getting very close; and be likewise prepared for certain vital aspects to take a bit longer than we all would wish. We monitor everything closely and do whatever is needed to bring things to divine fruition.

This period in your history is crammed full of serious crises, but also brings a most special divine intervention. It forms a watershed, with the millennia of your many trying lifetimes under the heel of the dark on the one side, and a new, more highly conscious period that transforms you into a galactic society on the other. These clashing momentums are the lifeblood of these times. As you go through each day, be aware that you are living through a most historic and momentous series of developments and that, by divine decree, this great confrontation has a positive outcome. Know intuitively that that time is near. Then at last we can reunite with you to joyously expedite your evolution back into Full Consciousness.

Today, we reviewed certain points and added new ones. It is important to maintain patience, with your eyes firmly focused on the prize just ahead. First Contact approaches, bringing with it a most exquisite time for us all! We are ready to land and stage the celebrations, transformations, and most eagerly anticipated of all, the grand family reunion! Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Tuesday June 9th, 2009. 10 Oc, 18 Pax, 4 Eb
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Selamat Jarin! We come with news of many things that are happening on your world and in your solar system. To start with, we can report that significant movement has taken place on a number of fronts. The Earth allies’ secret struggle against the dark cabal is progressing well. Most of the cabal’s strategies that were put into play since the start of this year are failing, and many last-minute deals are not producing the results needed to sustain the cabal’s survival. In fact, some governments, which until now were staunch supporters of the cabal, are making agreements with our Earth allies. This sudden shift of support places the cabalists in a shaky position while boosting the strength of our allies. Further, another critical area of the cabal’s support structure has been pried free and turned against them; namely, the vast quantities of gold, silver, and other precious resources now held by our Earth allies and presently scattered in secret caches around the planet. The changes long sought after are becoming more and more imminent.

As many new nations are seen to enthusiastically join the Earth allies’ cause, those that maintain their adversarial stance are now rethinking their position, and numerous breakthroughs are beginning to occur. Bear in mind that this is a work in progress and while many fronts are making headway, others persist in lagging. All this takes place within the context of the still-ongoing power struggle that erupted after the departure of the Anunnaki in the mid-1990s; that power vacuum is only now about to be filled. While the dark cabalists inherited the post-Anunnaki world holding an upper hand, this considerable advantage is now nearly gone. Until this position of power is totally abdicated, however, the struggle continues. Having said that, it is very noticeable that the last dark bastion is swiftly crumbling. And our Earth allies know that, now more than ever, it is vital to maintain scrupulous vigilance and not to let up on the relentless pressure to secure the essential strategic powerbases until these are won. Our Earth allies have learned much in the last strife-ridden decade, pitted against these dark ones.

The transformation of your solar system from a limited to a fully conscious state is also becoming more and more noticeable. The key to this change is of course the Sun, who is going through a very odd sunspot cycle. She started with a period of prolonged hyperactivity, followed abruptly by a phase of anomalous inactivity. There are a number of reasons for this, one of which is that this reality, like all others, is founded on a specific set of a priori agreements. These call for a new primary frequency to be introduced at this time, which is why astronomers are noticing that the planets and the Sun have indeed begun to work on a higher base frequency. This is affecting the electromagnetic envelope that encases the Sun and the entire planetary system. This rise in frequency corresponds to yours, as you shift, so too does your reality. These vibratory shifts have compelled your scientists to reevaluate how the solar system operates. In fact, observable anomalies are increasing exponentially. In short, a new solar system is being born.

In this new solar system, the hyperdimensionality of each planet needs to be taken into account. The planetary missions of your space agencies have discovered the polar entrances to the large gas planets and also the north polar hole of Mars. We note that your scientists increasingly say one thing among themselves, and quite another in public. They are learning to discern, for example, the daily ‘conversations’ between Jupiter and the Sun, which defies the notion that these planetary bodies are inert. They are coming to understand the fact that the solar system is a living entity with many living parts. From our standpoint, your solar system is starting to resemble the fully conscious ones we come from, and this ongoing shifting is what makes the longed-for outcome on your world inevitable. You cannot live in the world Heaven is putting in place without a similar shift taking place within yourselves, and the accelerating pace of these changes necessitates our arrival sooner rather than later.

All told, the amount of change in the last few decades is nothing short of remarkable. For example, your planet is changing the nature of her self-imposed wobble, or precession. The composition of her atmosphere and even her ‘layering’ is also changing. These modifications are linked to the change in Earth’s base frequency, which until recently was recorded at 7.8 Hertz. Currently, this rate is well over 12 Hertz. Further, the type of energy your planet receives from the Sun is changing, causing an increase in the melting of her ice caps and a jump in global mean temperature. A focal element here is the high levels of man-made pollution which are boosting the natural dynamics of your world; you are driving the changes as well as partaking in them. Although our research verifies the symbiotic relationship between your society’s type of industrialization and the nature of your environment, divine change is the underlying cause.

In effect, the Divine Plan is reflecting back to you the changes you have wrought with your uneven industrialization and resulting levels of pollution. To quote from a proverb of yours: "As above, so below." Thus you are being moved by inexorable forces toward a predetermined conclusion. Along this path are many points that act as a sort of trail guide for what is to come next. We watch for these points closely and rarely miss their sudden appearance in your reality. Each of these historic waypoints indicates the next milepost. World War II came out of the Great Depression; the Vietnam War altered the global scene and led to the opening up of China, which indirectly created the present global economic disaster, and so on. Each major point moves you toward the next specific series of outcomes.

Your reality’s momentum has a great number of possible conclusions. Originally, the Anunnaki were your master timekeepers. They established a system that was designed to defy the rules under which they took over this reality some 13 millennia ago. Operating under the Divine Plan, Heaven had already signaled the Galactic Federation about this intended breach and ordered some preliminary spadework to be done in the immediate post-WW II era. This resulted in the global ‘UFO’ fly-by operation of every major capital in the summer of 1952. With this heads-up Heaven wished to convey to the Anunnaki and their on-planet minions that their enslavement plans were not to be allowed to succeed. This warning was not heeded by the minions but was, however, taken into account by the Anunnaki when the Peace of Anchara was revealed in the mid-1990s. This led to the surprise defection of the Anunnaki at that time.

Since the mid-1990s, the minions have been on their own and largely at war with one another. This war is about to end. The economic and political factions on your world are aligning with a special coalition that we dub our Earth allies. Moreover, the divine transformation of your reality means that a First Contact is absolutely necessary. The various preparations we have made both on our ships and in Inner Earth are a sign of our degree of commitment to the people of Earth. We have carried on a dialogue with every major government on your planet. They all know that when the divine signal is given, we are coming in immense numbers. Before then, we expect the changes prepared by the Ascended Masters to be in place. Your future is a return to global prosperity and Full Consciousness!

Today, we continued our overall discussion about what is happening on your world and throughout your solar system. This great shift is the means whereby the Divine Plan ensures your transformation back into Full Consciousness. Our long-anticipated celebrations, which are to follow the mass landings, do indeed seem quite imminent. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Tuesday June 16th, 2009. 10 Oc, 18 Pax, 4 Eb
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Selamat Balik! We come with more to discuss with you. As ever, our Earth allies are progressing well with their strategies to deliver your prosperity to you as soon as possible. We are unable to go further into detail at this time as this information is not available to the general public, and all parties to these activities are under a severe non-disclosure injunction enforced by our Earth allies. All we can comment on is the overall goals of these numerous operations. The dark cabalists are now fighting desperately to maintain their power, wealth, and prestige. On all fronts their power base is being challenged to the full by the diverse elements that make up our Earth allies. We can definitely state that our allies are moving forward, with all major written agreements now signed and countersigned by the key governmental, banking, and corporate groups involved in both the delivery operations and the formal exchanges of governmental power. Very few items remain to be tied up. Accordingly, we can say that the time for these actions and for the announcements is very close.

While these vital activities progress we continue, in concert with our Inner Earth family, to prepare ourselves for First Contact. A flurry of final adjustments is being made to your individual Light chambers, including, where necessary, alterations to your temporary living quarters. In addition, we are monitoring Mother Earth and helping to relieve her most intense stress points. She is moving a great quantity of materials throughout her near-surface interior, and we are using these movements to expand her electromagnetic fields and prepare her for the great polar shift which is close to happening. Shortly after you are safely moved to Inner Earth, she fully intends to move from a bi-polar to a mono-polar surface configuration. The same adjustment is being made to the Sun and the entire solar system. This change can release the as-yet unmanifested imprints of the destroyed trans-Martian planet (Maldek or Pax) and reveal the apparently vanished planet Vulcan. The solar system’s Elohim are preparing to create this new solar system when so divinely directed.

Meanwhile, all of you are moving through the next series of changes to your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. In this round we are continuing to integrate your various parts. The major stress points here are your upper chest, head, and lower legs. You may experience a degree of discomfort as these operations move ever deeper into your physical body. Side effects may include some temporary memory loss, strange pains in your legs, and cramping of the muscles on or near your upper ribcage. You may also have vivid dreams about things long forgotten. Then there are the now all-too-familiar bouts of sudden fatigue, which can be followed by surges of energy and vitality. We are adjusting your metabolism as well, and this can result in you feeling hungry at odd times, or conversely, wanting no food for a period. This can go on for the next few months. You need a larger number of integrated fields in order to be ready for our arrival, and our medical teams are making sure that you are all on schedule.

Each day, we work with our Earth allies on a very complex plan to implement the essential elements surrounding the mass landings. Of prime importance is the immense educational project, starting with our Earth allies who are learning a lot about us. We have given them full access to our ships and have done much to explain how our societies function. In turn, we are learning about every aspect of your many cultures, languages, and life styles. We have our people embedded in every part of your globe, and their feedback, combined with a thorough cross-examination of all the individuals and groups comprising our Earth allies, gives us a deep appreciation of who you are and what is required to encourage the changes that you now need to make. These mutual education encounters allow us to plan in greater detail what we need to do on our side to get you to where you need to be. We are forming an increasingly clearer picture of what still needs to be done just prior to and after the mass landings.

This planning and detailing of our many programs is vital. What is to happen must happen quickly, and we need you all to be fully in the picture. This is a most challenging communications project as a proper grasp of the entire program needs to be conveyed fully to all. This means that you must ‘get it’ on a logical as well as an emotional level. You need to be able to intuit what comes next and put your approach into the mix. The idea is to move forward together. Each of you is sovereign; each of you has an inner agenda which needs to be figured into the whole. We are coming not to dictate but to educate and mentor you, and assist Heaven in a divine change of epic proportions. You are to be reconnected to faculties that are way beyond what you can conceive of. Our task is to make this as easy and seamless a change as possible. Thus we need an interaction between us that can achieve our mutual purposes.

Getting all this in place is a major part of our planning. Our announcements form part of a multistage approach that permits you to accept, and then prepares you for, the multifaceted training you require. This process began when we first contacted those who became our Earth allies. We recognize that you are a very insular people, who have been programmed for decades by your mass media to deny or ridicule our existence. We also understand that your religions for the most part feel threatened by what we represent. Our first task was to find a scenario capable of alleviating these stumbling blocks. Our next task was to locate on-planet allies who had the potential to carry out our prime scenario. These objectives came together most synergistically with the formation of our Earth allies. Then it was a matter of forging a joint strategy.

We have described the next step to you in many previous messages; suffice it to say, we reached a meeting of the minds and began to go forward together in the early part of this decade. Since then, we honed the techniques needed to understand your societies better; we learned from our allies what has been going on here and confirmed these assessments through our Pleiadean and Sirian personnel and our liaison teams began to communicate more with your Agarthan cousins. Heaven’s many decrees mapped out a quite specific agenda for us and we moved into a more hands-on mode in the middle of this decade. She wanted us to get a move on with landings and so we asked our Earth allies to escalate their activities. We were also allowed to approach them more directly.

This resulted in a greater amount of cooperation and we formed a joint taskforce liaison group that met daily to hash out the next steps and pass on information. This grew into a special committee that now includes the highest-ranking members of our Earth allies. We reached many major procedural agreements and drew up a number of prioritized timelines. We started to map out in detail what was to occur once the deliveries and regime changes happened. Then we introduced our Earth allies to our main Aghartan team members and regular visits between them followed. We needed to come up with the final procedures for introducing you first to us and then to your Full-Consciousness training. This has now been accomplished!

Today, we continued our talk about what is happening on your world and throughout your reality. The time for First Contact is getting really close. We are excited about the prospect of finally meeting you and being able to watch the swift transformation of your reality. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Tuesday June 23rd, 2009. 11 Kan, 12 Kayab, 4 Eb
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Selamat Balik! We come again with much to discuss with you. With each week that passes, we can report that our Earth allies continue to push forward. Here, we wish to remind you that each forward step is won in the teeth of diabolic and desperate opposition from the last dark cabal. Happily, however, the cabal’s strength continues to dwindle rapidly. The diverse alliance that makes up our Earth allies grows in its determination to see its mission through to the end, thus making it very clear to the cabalists that their position is ever more untenable. The Earth allies’ goal is one that the dark ones are frantic to avoid at all costs, and it is this obdurate tunnel vision of theirs that has prolonged this end game well beyond the point that any of us had wished. The dark must yield soon, and it is this clear inevitability that lies behind the recent exponential increase in organizations, both private and otherwise, changing over to the cause of the Light. As the fulcrum of history swings in our favor, we are busy refining the exact timings of a number of different approaches for reaching our prescribed goals.

The first goal is of course the prosperity programs and instituting the new reformist regimes. These are to restore the true ways of constitutional governance and the new supremacy of common law. This is as important as the funds, because it is essential to provide a structure wherein these funds can achieve their desired potential. The old debt-ridden, corrupt, power-hungry regimes are to fall by the wayside, and the new ones will begin with a clean slate. All the former ways of operating must go, as oil and water cannot mix! A completely new start is to forge a new reality for humanity. You are to move away from war, poverty, hatred, and ignorance toward peace, prosperity, cooperation, and knowledge. Many things are to be proposed by the new regimes which can lead you swiftly out of the chaotic, violent world you now know into one that you have long yearned for. This turnabout in world direction is the underlying determinant of the numerous programs our Earth allies are now putting the finishing touches on.

These multiple projects serve as a preliminary to First Contact. Our diplomatic and liaison groups have made it a priority to inform all nations on the planet of our existence, our benevolent intent, and the fact of the near-future date for a mass First Contact. In a similar vein, we have informed all nations of the intentions of our Earth allies and have used these meetings to press home the Earth allies’ points. The progress made in this area has got to a stage where a positive resolution of these issues can be had. We are very clear about what has been done and what still needs to be ironed out. Returning your world to what the dark regard as the halcyon days under Anunnaki rule is not an option. A great deal has shifted and your future now lies within the province of the Light. Indeed, a drastic transformation of your reality toward the Light is well underway. The sticking point is that the dark needs first to acknowledge this and then surrender gracefully. Until then, we do all we can to achieve this quickly. To this end, we have informed the dark that there are as yet unused methodologies that can achieve this objective.

Meanwhile, our Earth allies are resolving the remaining stalemates and moving to a point where victory is a fait accompli. The final push for victory started in earnest last spring. A series of key meetings completed the arrangements for the new economic system, the delivery procedures, and the timing of the first announcements. Armed with these details, many other critical agreements were hammered out. The quantity of precious metals needed to back the new monetary system is in place; the accords required to move away from Admiralty to common law are signed; how the new governments are to function is also resolved and signed off on; the personnel to be appointed to these regimes are decided upon and ready to go when the green light is given. All that remains is the specifics that permit the dark to step aside graciously and let it all happen. We are, at this moment, on the brink of a most historic time! This fact thrills us no end!

As this immediate aspect of your reality prepares to shift, the solar system also prepares for the new, fully conscious mode. Shifting this aspect of your realm is basic to reintegrating your reality’s true scope and nature. Your reality is a multidimensional construct, and while we are able to occupy its totality, you have limited yourselves to a very small part of it. Your reality comprises this galaxy and all her nearly countless components. Full Consciousness expands you, permitting you to flow outwards and glimpse this reality’s immensity. An equally near-infinite number of realities make up physicality. Exploring and learning about this vastness called physicality is one of our keenest joys. This is why we helped forge the Intergalactic Union. It has thus far brought us into contact with literally tens of thousands of galaxies and their diverse cultures and star-nations. And this is a mere beginning!

Fully conscious Beings are multidimensional in nature. Within each of us lies a deep comprehension of our two symbiotic aspects. First, we partake of a unified greater whole that is an important factor in the unfolding of the Creator’s divine plan. Second, we are sovereign individuals with a clear-cut life plan mapped out in great detail in our life contract. Within these two aspects, these two sides of a coin, is found a wondrous way to understand ourselves and all of Creation. We see our voyages of exploration as a confirmation of life’s immense diversity and as a means to assist in evolving the wonders that are to come in this part of physicality. Being the messengers of this joy is the raison d’être of our Science and Exploration Fleets. With them we have observed just how magnificent the Creator’s plans truly are. Moving you into Full Consciousness allows you to gain this knowledge and share our great inner joy!

First Contact is thus a decisive watershed in your history. It places you in a position to make a momentous evolutionary leap which can unite you instantaneously both with your Lemurian ancestors and with your amazing future. The unifying link is the immense scope of the cosmic records which you will be privy to. This will cast the last 13 millennia in a whole new light, placing this span within the great ebb and flow of physicality. Now you are moving toward the Light again, endowed with a vast reservoir of innumerable lifetimes to draw on. This resource will serve you well during your interactions with the myriad societies you are soon to visit. The chronicles of your intrepid journeys through the darklands can bridge societies, star-nations, and galaxies! It is this background of yours that makes you so special to us and to all of physicality!

The surface world of Mother Earth has been a most eye-opening incubator for you. Now this chapter of your story is ending and another is opening up, one which will bring you back to the stars. First Contact starts off the new chapter with a bang, and we look forward with much glee to watching your reality transform, gloriously, out of all recognition! With the aid of your new mode of consciousness you are to discover new stars, cosmic phenomena, and whole new galaxies. Along the way, you will discern the purpose of the energies you call ‘dark matter,’ and this can lead you to the underpinnings of a true spiritual science. Armed with this and with access to the cosmic histories, you are ready to make your glittering contributions to physicality!

Today, we continued our ongoing discussions about what is happening to you. The work of our Earth allies is beginning to bear fruit and the time for First Contact draws near. See these last moments as the hushed time before the dawn, a dawn that bursts upon you with First Contact. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Tuesday June 30th, 2009. 5 Batz, 19 Kayab, 4 Eb
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Selamat Jarin! We come to continue our discussion about the changes happening to Mother Earth and you. Our Earth allies have entered a very critical period and have asked us to say little about their current activities, beyond stating that much progress was made in the last week and that all longed-for events maintain an imminent status. In the meantime, Mother Earth is inching forward with a multitude of changes. The realm of Agharta is a 5-D reality. The purview of this reality has recently been extended to include the Earth’s gravitational neutral zone that lies about 400 miles (640 kilometers) beneath the surface of the planet. In this manner, Mother Earth is moving her 5-D reality incrementally closer to your 3-D surface world. This accounts for many of the geological anomalies currently being observed by your scientists. The so-called magma fields are behaving in unusual ways and this is raising some alarms about a dangerous period of more prevalent seismic and volcanic activities. While this is somewhat true, the main cause is the fact that the geomagnetic fields themselves are being redistributed.

The Earth is at present ‘split’ between a 3-D surface realm and a 5-D inner-terrestrial realm. These two worlds need to be reintegrated as soon as possible. To this end Heaven has decreed that the actions being taken to return you to Full Consciousness be further accelerated, and so a massive realignment of your physical bodies with your spiritual faculties is now underway. This period is to be temporary. Nevertheless, it is putting increased pressure on our Earth allies to achieve their prime goals as quickly as possible. We have also been given strict instructions on how to care for Mother Earth during this most vulnerable phase. We are using our Earth-monitoring bases in Inner Earth and a number of motherships and assorted scout craft to carry out these complex instructions. In addition, our exoplanetary scientists, who have looked after Mother Earth for nearly two decades, are making the required adjustments to their daily guardianship duties. These diverse operations are keeping Mother Earth stable.

This coming period requires all those involved in the First Contact mission to find ways to bring forward our current timelines. Our command team has asked the commanders of all contingents in the First Contact mission to give us their creative input, which we intend to use to redraft the carrying out of the mass contact. Meanwhile, our science and diplomatic groups continue to monitor these situations and supply us with a stream of new data on various fronts. Recent meetings of our fluid management teams have resulted in a readjustment of our daily procedures and in setting up a series of new tables to reevaluate the entire First Contact operation. First Contact, as we often remind you, is a perpetually fluid work-in-progress. This is essential because it permits us to reinterpret and adapt the mission to keep up with volatile planetary requirements. In this context, we have moved additional motherships into a closer orbit with Earth, which have the capability to take more accurate readings of the results of our Earth guardianship activities.

Everything we are engaged upon is designed to assist Heaven to accomplish this mission as swiftly as divinely possible. On many occasions we have redesigned the mission’s setup and revised the main goals, and now we are called upon to do this once more. Remember that the changes to Mother Earth are also happening to the other planets in your solar system. Mars is shifting internally, as is Venus and the large gaseous planets such as Saturn, Jupiter, and Uranus. These changes will in time include realigning their present orbits and mean distances from the Sun. You are on the verge of a massive restructuring of your solar system. The Elohim have put out magnetic markers which plot the courses of the new, more circular orbits that your planets are to take. As you can imagine, your scientists are a little perplexed by this. They are also mystified by the changes made by the Sun as she redraws her vast electromagnetic fields and reshapes the huge cocoon that forms the outer edges of your solar system.

These preparatory steps are being carried out on a number of levels. Physicality is being restructured in order to allow you to move into a higher reality. This jump from 3-D to 5-D is quite complex and needs to be done in a series of stages involving everything in your solar system. As you know by now, these changes involve awakening your dormant chakras and long-inactive RNA/DNA, thus reordering how you are put together and preparing the ground for reintegrating you with your spiritual components. This is the path to Full Consciousness. It is causing your overall frequencies to increase and realign in new ways with the living universe. This is sending a signal to Mother Earth and the solar system to move upward as well. The result is a massive movement toward a wholly new reality!

This new reality is forming all around you and inside you. You may have noticed, from time to time, bits and pieces of it manifesting briefly somewhere in this reality, and then suddenly vanishing again. The moment for locking in this new reality is extremely close. The precursor events are already happening everywhere, leading to instances when a section of this reality reaches above the threshold frequency, but because of its still-inherent instability it soon falls back to its former level. In short, you are almost there! What is lacking is simply the series of events that dramatically alters the prevailing present instability. Beneath your feet the ever-rising 5-D waves from the Inner Earth realms are welling up to the surface world, and as we told you, these have now reached the 400-mile neutral zone. The next step is for these 5-D waves to engulf the surface world you live on!

The final merging with the rising 5-D domain is inevitable. Indeed, Inner Earth and Surface Earth have been at odds, dimensionally speaking, for far too long! The reintegration of the two realities and your return to Full Consciousness now possess a momentum that is unstoppable. This applies equally to all the changes afoot in the solar system. Events are forming that are divinely meant to manifest, and Heaven and Lord Surea have decreed that this to happen very soon. Accordingly, the complex forces that hold the solar system together are changing, and doing so at a pace that indicates the need for you to return to Full Consciousness very shortly. Our brief from Heaven is to do this via the means of a formal mass-First-Contact landing, and we intend to do this at the divinely appointed moment!

Our Earth allies know this full well and are working diligently to complete the prerequisites for an optimum framework within which the mass landings can smoothly occur. We comprehend the immensity of the task and we deeply appreciate their efforts. Our part is to assist when they feel it necessary. The pressure they work under stems from the Agreement of 1998, and their dedication to the responsibilities they assumed then is greatly admired by us. We are confident that the Earth allies are more than ready to complete the grand preliminaries to First Contact. Then the rest can quickly unfold and you can be brought up to speed about who you really are. And once your brief sojourn in the Light chambers is over, your wondrous, adventure-filled, fully conscious life can begin!

Today, we talked at length about what is awaiting you on your journey back to Full Consciousness. The coming celebrations are to reunite us all and put that final piece of the puzzle that is the human story back in its proper place! Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Tuesday July 7th, 2009. 12 Etznab, 6 Kumku, 4 Eb
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Selamat Jarin! We return with more to discuss. The prosperity programs are tied into multiple aspects of the regime changes which are to take place in several major governments. The diverse levels of legal institutions that are to certify the authenticity of these deliveries are finishing off a series of preliminary procedures. Once finished, these operations can accelerate the drastic changes needed to ensure an unbroken continuity of prosperity. The components involved in the deliveries are awaiting the ‘green light’ that signals that the actual abundance distributions can go forth in a swift and timely manner. The elements required to legally transfer these governments into caretaker mode are in place, and the difficulties encountered before are now fully corrected. The personnel to man these interim regimes are approved and officially appointed by our Earth allies. Thus the first steps in this quiet revolution are taken, and a careful waiting period is in place which is not expected to last long. All is at the ready, as the final elements in this long drama are locked into place.

The various financial institutions and their allied central banks have fought hard against what is about to happen. Keep in mind that the sheer scale of the changes to be implemented is unheard of in these lofty financial circles. This is a truly divine coup, one which enables our Earth allies to go forward and completely transform the unequal and unregulated system that has controlled the money resources on your world for centuries. We need to thank Saint Germain and a whole group of Ascended Masters, such as Hilarion, El Morya, and Quan Yin. These wonderful Souls and their Inner-Earth allies continue to do miraculous work in paving the way for your coming successes. We are most grateful and joyously look forward to having them and the associated Brotherhoods and Sisterhoods of the Light as an important part of the mass landings. Until then, we are all working diligently to ensure that these complex plans achieve their goals. Understand in your heart that a great deal of inner and outer work is required, and what is close to happening is due to this grand, joint undertaking. The time to celebrate draws near!

The day commemorating the American Independence is always a special time for Saint Germain. This is the time when he and a number of other Ascended Masters brought forth a document that is most special to the spreading of the Light on your world. During this time, many celebrations take place throughout the nearly infinite layers of Beings that make up Mother Earth’s Spiritual Hierarchy. This unique proclamation of Freedom and Divine Sovereignty is a platform for what is about to happen on your world. It is a springboard that those involved with the careful forging of the Declaration of Independence would be truly proud of. A vast global change of unprecedented proportions is being orchestrated, vaulting you into a position previously denied to all but the most powerful. The former disciples of the Anunnaki are being forced to give up what their arrogance and greed once reserved only for themselves. This moment marks the true end of the reign of the dark. Look upon these final moments as a most masterfully coordinated divine coup.

Use these last ‘good old days’ to truly comprehend what a complex and momentous event is being prepared for you! Everywhere around your planet, secret meetings are resulting in unique and fully signed agreements, generating other developments too numerous to mention, all of which are making your new reality possible. We are busy watching and carefully overseeing these things. We dearly desire this divine cycle to be successfully completed, and as this plethora of scenarios moves forward, our joy in being able to implement First Contact grows ever greater. We came here originally under divine supervision for the primary purpose of a mass-landing First Contact. Now, we are involved in operations not usually associated with this. In normal circumstances, First Contact involves simply contacting a star-nation’s central government and arranging for our formal introduction to that star-nation’s citizenry. Here, Heaven expects much more of us.

Indeed, our mission was soon fundamentally altered: We were told that we needed to interact with those of you who were deep into preparations to birth a greater consciousness and to open up Planet Earth fully to the Light. Our initial contacts were quite fruitful and a formal bond was signed in 1998. These agreements remain private and are only to be revealed fully after our arrival. Until then, we are both content to remember fondly how our union began. This last decade led to a primary strategy which we are on the verge of completing. While the dark remains resolute to stay our arrival, the mere circumstances of current global events daily make it more and more difficult for its plans to continue, making the dark’s defeat inevitable. The time to, if necessary, force a resolution likewise draws near. Thus our fleet stands ready to do whatever Heaven so decrees.

As we have often informed you, Planet Earth is a very special place. Last week we described how Agharta’s fifth-dimensional realm has moved upward and now sits a mere 400 miles (640 kilometers) from the surface. This is in line with a vast movement of the north and south poles. Each is migrating toward the other, while the southern pole is also migrating toward Mother Earth’s central sun. These movements are to be wholly adjusted when the Earth goes from being a dipolar to a monopolar entity. This shift is to happen once you are ready to leave your individual Light chambers. Then a crescendo of change on Earth’s surface can receive its divine coda: the switch to monopolarity. This allows Mother Earth to complete her sacred transformation, becoming once again a functional, fully conscious realm.

This new world is to resemble the one that the Galactic Federation colonists created during the first Lemurian society. This partially spiritual, partially physical empire is the stuff of legends. It was handed down first as oral, and later as written, myth. You will recollect all this once you are in your fully conscious state. These histories are locked in the collective consciousness of the large cetaceans that ply the world’s oceans. When you are ready, these glorious record-keepers are to download this data to you. Then you can relive those halcyon days and use the information to help shape your new galactic society. And then there are the legends about Atlantis that you need to go over as well. These can help you to better understand all that has happened since then so that you can decide how to creatively transform all this.

What lies ahead is a world that most of you can scarcely conceive of, and First Contact is the final set of steps toward that wondrous realm. We see ourselves as catalysts for change and as an endorsement of your entry into this galaxy, thus formally ending the millennia of quarantine that you have just passed through. You are to embark upon adventures well beyond the imaginary reaches of your science fiction, beyond what you currently believe to be possible, and into realms where the ‘impossible’ becomes commonplace. This approaching wonderland is something we dearly wish to introduce you to. And it is our privilege to be the teachers and mentors who experience this with you, our most beloved long-lost family!

Today, we carried on with our discussion about how you are to transform this living planet and, of course, yourselves. This operation teaches us much every day and we are most grateful to Heaven for this experience. We are also very thankful to each of you for the privilege of getting to know you! Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Tuesday July 14th, 2009. 6 Chicchan, 13 Kumku, 4 Eb
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Selamat Jarin! We return with more information about what is going on and what is to be in your very near future. First, there is the matter of regime change, coupled with the promise of First Contact. Neither of these do we take lightly. Many pivotal events are close; these are the remaining things we must do before the regimes fronting for the dark can be transformed into new caretaker ones. Concurrent with these operations is the parallel mission to deliver the prosperity funds. We are overseeing all this carefully and can tell you that what remains to be done can be achieved and achieved quickly. The courageous men and women of our Earth allies are busy finishing off their last tasks with commendable dedication. These teams are made up of groups from Inner Earth and those, like you, from the surface realm. The mutual cooperation they daily demonstrate shows us just how well you work together. This bodes well for what is to come after you complete your transformation back into fully conscious Beings of Light.

What is currently happening is part of a divine undertaking, with guidelines that are supplied to us on a daily basis by Heaven. Just as you need to be transformed, so too does Mother Earth. This is to say that the severity of her changes precludes any living thing surviving on the surface world. Therefore, it is essential that you be evacuated from the surface to Inner Earth. This evacuation mission includes saving the flora and fauna of this world. We arranged with the Aghartans and elements within our fleet for a vast and complex rescue project to save the living ecosystem of Mother Earth, and our projections have shown us how to do this successfully. After the 11+ earthquakes, many-miles-high tsunamis, and the unceasing volcanic eruptions, a new surface for Mother Earth can emerge. Then we can repopulate your world with renewed flora and fauna. The beauty of this new world will remind you of the accounts of the European explorers as they looked with awe upon the pristine forests, lakes, and mountains of the Americas, Africa, Asia, and Oceania!

During this thorough geophysical reconfiguration, when the surface will be too dangerous even for the survival of flora and fauna, it goes without saying that you must be tucked away in your safe havens in Inner Earth’s special crystal cities. When you emerge from your slumbers in your Light chambers, Mother Earth, like you, will have morphed into a five-dimensional Being. At this time you will witness the rebirth of your solar system into a magnificent 12-planet system upon which your new star-nation is to be built. It is to be the focal point for your many great achievements, starting with conferences to work out in detail the final galactic peace, and meetings to discuss the expansion of the present Intergalactic Union. You will make tours, in style, of your beautiful solar system, which is to become a major destination in the very near future for a large portion of physicality. What you are embarking upon is the final stage of a most convoluted odyssey, one that led you from the glories of Lemuria, through the fall of Atlantis, and into an age of darkness, culminating now in your return to Full Consciousness.

We want you to be in no doubt that you are ready to begin the swift transition to the beginning of this new reality. A vast accumulation of gold and silver and its distribution to appropriate states throughout your world is secured. The accords setting up a fair and equitable banking system worldwide are also procured. What is left is the final thrust that transforms specific governments into caretaker states which will be willing to instigate the many needed reforms. These reforms are to end the cycles of war, poverty, and hatred which have plagued your reality for millennia. This grand shift into prosperity, peace, and personal sovereignty is to change the way you perceive and think about your world. These eye-openers are just the start, as many secrets are to be revealed. The coming time is not merely about the big technological leap forward; it is about a transformation in consciousness, and the initial jolts are the opening salvos in a huge ‘quiet revolution’ that is to turn your world upside down.

The moment is coming to reform a world that is broken and that has outlived its ‘sell-by date.’ The old realities were established millennia ago by the dark and thereafter maintained by the Anunnaki and their global minions. It is this which is to be thoroughly reshuffled. Many of you have listened to those who are uninformed about the extent and thoroughness of the preplanning and the sheer immensity of what lies ahead. Mother Earth can no longer continue as at present; and you as a people have reached a point where something very different must take you down a new path. The new era for humanity is here. The first step is to chip away at the veneer that hides the real world from view; indeed, the extreme events of the past year are the start of this process. Next come the essential announcements proclaiming the new direction. This part is underway and can appear before you at any moment.

Your task is to get this message out. Many among you do not comprehend the full import of what is happening. The old reality is ending and beginning to morph into something quite different. The sacred magic at work here has nothing in common with the old ‘magic’ that was purposefully twisted and misused by the Anunnaki. The misled ones mentioned above, because they are not in possession of the facts about the Divine Plan for Earth, see only old patterns that are no longer in play. These are the ones you need to inform. They need to come to grips with the vastness and rapidity of this change and also its true divine purpose, namely, the huge shift in consciousness and the huge shift in Mother Earth, and the fact that these necessitate a divine intervention! First Contact is merely one component of an operation outlined to us by Heaven and comprehensively explained in the Divine Plan.

What is happening is fundamental change. The seed to recreate the planet Vulcan is ready to appear. The things happening now on Mars and Venus are precursors of the extensive remodeling that will return them to full-fledged status as water planets. Saturn, Jupiter, and Uranus are likewise doing things that signal vast alterations on the horizon. The electromagnetics of the solar system are changing apace, and the recent odd behavior of the Sun is another sign of this impending change. Do not discount the magnitude of the transformation being undertaken here. We watch and record it each day on our instruments and we feel its imminence. Multidimensional, foundational change is underway. Use your intuition to feel the bow wave and sense that "something wondrous this way comes"!

First Contact, as an operation, spans the full range of the changes, making this mission unique. We have touched upon many aspects today because we wish to emphasize that it is time to engage your community. Begin at a level that makes sense to you. Events can pop at any moment! Most people in the communities around you are in a bit of a funk right now: The news of the disintegrating old world is overwhelming to them, and a bit of ‘good news’ can help them regain some balance and prepare for the startling revelations just ahead. They also need to know something about the nature and degree of the consciousness shift. Gather your data and put it into easily digestible bits. Indeed, the coming wonders are to astound even the most prepared among you!

Today, we gave you a once over lightly on many aspects. The time comes for action! Be ready and fully prepared to talk about the myriad aspects of these changes with your community. Accept and understand their skepticism, and compile and adapt the info we give you as necessary to gently tell them what is going on. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Tuesday July 28th, 2009. 7 Cauac, 2 Pop, 5 Caban
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Selamat Jarin! We come again with more to tell you. This reality of yours continues to crumble, with cracks, everywhere, widening rapidly just below the surface. Panic is rampant among the cabal, their every escape route having been blocked and their modes of transportation denied them by our Earth allies. Now the final endgame events are in play, and we watch with confidence as the ‘nooses’ descend over the heads of these beleaguered miscreants! These final acts set the stage for the preconditions of our arrival: the global delivery of the prosperity funds; the sudden changes in major governments; and the comprehensive national and personal debt-forgiveness programs. The new regimes are dedicated to worldwide peace and cooperation, and to a full-out effort to remove man-made pollution from your world. The latter will necessitate the revealing of long-suppressed and hidden technologies, as well as the ending of the UFO cover-up. However, all this merely heralds the revelation of a far more significant and actively suppressed fact: your sensational transformation into fullyconscious Beings of Light!

This fundamental overhaul of your dualistic realm is a crucial element of the Divine Plan. The dark took over your world completely after the fall of Atlantis some 13 millennia ago. During the first seven millennia you went through four golden ages, but your dark overlords, the Anunnaki, crushed each one by global flood, fire from the sky, fire from the earth, and a second flood, respectively. These bouts of destruction were wreaked upon you in an effort to expunge the fragmented memories you retained from the last ages of Atlantis and the carefully preserved tales of the motherland of humanity, Lemuria. These memories still lie within you, and this is why all attempts to validate these memories are ‘interfered with’ by the dark cabal. And yet fact-based stories from "the Hollow Earth" persist to challenge the factoids pulled over your eyes by the dark. As long as these all-powerful reality-spinners can keep you believing in their cockamamie version of reality, then their control over you endures. Once you take back your inner powers, the dark realm can no longer survive, and this inevitability scares the cabal like nothing else!

Heaven has spent the last two centuries preparing this world for a grand transformation in consciousness. The rise of the Age of Enlightenment birthed more than the beginnings of science; it brought in an era of new thought and philosophy, in which the concept of ‘the divine right of kings’ was challenged and a nascent belief in individual sovereignty was permitted an airing. Inevitably, this heady time was short-lived: tyrants responded predictably to this threat and various self-styled power-seekers, newly liberated from the old ways, expressed their anxiety via the usual time-honored methods of war, new taxes, and virulent persecution of ‘heretics.’ Into this world came Saint Germain with a plan to undo the old restrictive ways. The Ascended Masters promulgated a new way of packaging wealth, which soon became all the rage throughout Europe. These trusts’ ultimate, secret purpose was, in fact, to become one of the prime instruments for tearing down the seemingly invincible power of the dark. Meanwhile, the American War of Independence was sowing the seeds for a great many other things!

Saint Germain and many other Ascended Masters, such as Hilarion and Serapis Bey, then turned their attention to this next pivotal event. America was to become the symbol of a new type of governance: a democratic republic centered on a new relationship between sovereign citizens, the states, and a free national republic. She had the potential to be an important prototype, able to serve as a foundation for the creation of a galactic society. She represented a crucial step in this direction and thus required a truly unique document to mark the inception. In order to ensure the correct setting up of this seminal text, Saint Germain oversaw the process in person, and this gave rise to the myth of how the Declaration of Independence was written. According to the story, the ‘old man’ directly across the hall from Jefferson was constantly consulted on the precise wording to be used. Thereafter, only Franklin changed a few brief phrases to make it more succinct. The rest, as they say, is history.

After this historic first step, the new American republic worked its way toward the creation of the American Constitution, which was the second step in forming the needed prototype. While in actuality the Constitution was an attempt to steer the nation away from the principles stated in the Declaration, this stratagem was partially thwarted by the Bill of Rights. And so the basic concepts for America remained in place. Now a wait-and-watch period ensued in which the dark began to work its secret agenda to undermine the new American republic. The plot entailed slowly taking over America by setting up an illegal, secret corporation, the District of Columbia, and then drowning her potential in a vast internal debt, created by the Federal Reserve and its banking and governmental allies. This treason is now clearly manifest for all to see and the time to put an end to it has arrived.

This continuing, behind-the-scenes confrontation between the Light and the dark cabal shapes the history of America and indeed the rest of your world. Recently, however, the cabal acquired an Achilles’ heel in the form of its increasing reliance on technology. Despite the cabal’s concerted efforts to use technology to enslave humanity, technology is instead becoming humanity’s salvation. For tyranny to flourish, the people must feel powerless. Yet here we have a case where your rapidly expanding electrical technology has fostered a veritable explosion of communication around the world, leading to personal empowerment and a resultant rise in consciousness. Your plethora of electronic ‘smart devices’ is punching holes in the dark’s control by means of instantaneous networking and spreading of information, and by enabling the spontaneous organizing of demonstrations in defiance of repression and social manipulation.

This refusal to put up with the old stifling paradigms is helping the shift toward the Light and was inevitable. The Divine Plan specified these end times as the point of change for this reality. It is the time when an all-powerful ruling-faction loses its fixed grip on the reins of power. As we watch this taking place, we rejoice with our Inner-Earth family in what you are doing. We use our expertise to assist our Earth allies and ensure your joint success, which is to bring down the dark and manifest the remainder of the endgame we talked about. This process involves the participation of both Earth’s humanity and us. Many wonderful surprises are to come about, leading to global prosperity, new governments and, of course, our mass landing upon your world.

Our coming en masse is the culmination of your present journey. To get you there, a series of specially orchestrated maneuvers has begun, which include letting the world in on what has been brewing for the past few decades. The reality you know is about to be drastically changed, with the grand gift of global prosperity being merely the first phase in an operation that leads directly to First Contact. We have taken on a great deal of responsibility to move this mission forward as rapidly as possible. We do this gladly, knowing that this process is the best way to arrive at First Contact. We are here under divine decree and, accordingly, are willing to do what is necessary to fulfill our mission. And so the divine moment for bringing in your glorious future approaches!

Today, we talked about the accelerating changes on your world. Your reality is ready to shift and become something much more fit for fully conscious Beings of Light. Our fleet remains at the ready. It is fully prepared to perform a mass landing at a moment’s notice! Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Tuesday August 4th, 2009. 1 Cimi, 9 Pop, 5 Caban
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Selamat Jarin! We come today with many things to discuss with you. The dark cabalists’ world continues to deteriorate. All around them they witness the shrinking of their various financial empires. The retrenching of the global financial community is another harbinger of the disaster that awaits them, and panic grips each of the families constituting the inner membership of this diverse dark entity. Yet, even as the dire moment of their destruction looms over them, their malignant scheming slackens not one whit! Each day sees new meetings of their inner circle, in which these dark ones formulate plots they believe can save them from their fate. This belief in their infallibility keeps their irrational self-confidence alive. Our Earth allies are fully determined to smash their bravado and bring these rapscallions to long-overdue account. The world has reached a point where it is necessary to remove these heartless ones from their positions of power and replace them with a leadership founded on Love and a more enlightened worldview.

The plan is to use recently gained advantages to trump the old ways, thereby setting up a new, abundant, and people-friendly financial structure. It is to be a highly transparent structure, which favors a broad-based prosperity that can start to rectify the myriad faults of a limited money system. Your present system is in fact a thinly disguised ‘legal’ ponzi trick, designed to keep the poor submerged in debt and the wealthy few floating in a vast sea of affluence. It broke down due to the rapacious greed and selfishness of those who ran the system. Another causative factor was the above-mentioned belief in invincibility, fostered in these elites by their dark overlords, the Anunnaki. It is this veritable hubris that ensures their downfall. All around you the horrid results of this out-of-control egotism can be seen. Into this growing power-vacuum flow the solutions proposed by our Earth allies. Recently, the increasing teamwork between certain banks and nations resulted in chances for the Earth allies to fill pivotal positions of influence, and this went unnoticed by the dark cabal until it was too late.

The present period is one in which we are consolidating our gains, preparing for the release of the prosperity funds, and setting up the strategies and the agendas required to thoroughly reform the governance and financial systems that have ruled your world for the last few centuries. Clearly, a primary requirement will be the dissemination of information to the public regarding who-what-why, and why we are suddenly going in a vastly different direction. Hence this operation begins with a series of announcements from the new caretaker regimes. The old ways must be discussed openly, crimes disclosed, and prescribed punishment stated in a clear and objective manner. Then, proper legal process needs to be enacted. It is to be a time for doing the right thing, not for indulging in displays of undisciplined emotion. And once your cupboards are cleaned out, you need to move on and carry out the work of introducing the new technologies and the public disclosure of our benevolent existence. We wish to work alongside you in a manner both therapeutic and uplifting to your very Being.

The latter prospect, we know, is currently heretical to most of you. You have been raised in a very barbaric and cruel culture, one that views ‘reality’ through a lens of xenophobia. Your media plays on your fears by portraying any ‘outsiders’ as sinister invaders bent on malicious intent! It is high time you learned of your own extraterrestrial origins and came to grips with a history that is far different from the one taught you in school. The shock to your preconceptions is likely to be great. We have studied you for millennia and know of your deep inner fears and multiple insecurities. It is one thing to imagine our arrival and quite another to actually experience it. We have carried out this experiment on innumerable occasions and observed your distaste for this experience. This is why we have put together a public, government-initiated recognition of our presence. This can then be followed by more open interaction between us.

In the period preceding our arrival, the people of your world can get accustomed to the fact that we are here and that we are benevolent. Then and only then can we gently increase our interaction with you. This time can be used to explore each other’s beliefs and correct any common misconceptions. In this atmosphere, the landings can happen easily and without the degree of fear observed in past attempts at interaction. Essentially, First Contact is about reuniting families; that is, your space and spiritual families need to reconnect with you and transform your present illusory fears into the Love that truly exists between us. It is also a wholly appropriate precondition for the rapid consciousness change that you are nearly ready to come into contact with. This leap in consciousness is the fundamental reason behind the deep transformations you are now undergoing, and an intrinsic component of this is a mass First Contact.

As you work toward raising your consciousness, your body likewise goes through great changes. These include the introduction of new chakras into your body and the reconnection of these to your body’s meridians. Within these are the nodes that tie in to your brain’s upper and lower parts. You are a creature living in a world of physical feelings that, for the most part, have been of a lower vibration. Now you are being moved into a higher realm which requires your emotional body be reconnected to you in a very different way. This is why some of you are to go through a period of strange headaches, the amount and intensity of which depends upon how long you have been in an awakening state; in other words, those still asleep will have more discomfort. Heaven needs to adjust your body’s processes according to the requisites of the next stage of your consciousness development.

It is time for Heaven to accelerate your transformation in order to bring you all up to a minimum baseline in readiness for what is to happen, from just after the announcements to the time when you are to be moved either into your Inner-Earth residences or up to your home-world’s mothership. This time is to be a most exciting and joyous one. However, the entire procedure is dependent largely upon how well you adjust to the many changes that are happening to you and to your reality. Remember that your reality reflects the ease or the turmoil being experienced by your collective selves, and so some of you will have a somewhat more challenging time than others. We are prepared for this and are ready to put more effort into those of you who do have a harder time. This does not imply that any of you are not to receive all the help you require!

First Contact, by and large, is moving forward swiftly. We watch your rate of change closely and make sure that all of you are ready for what awaits you after the mass landings take place. This operation needs unreserved dedication by our huge staff, and thanks to fluid group dynamics we have kept ourselves ahead of the curve and ready to do whatever is necessary to carry out this mission with success. Heaven supervises our every move, and with Love and grace allows us to prepare and carry out whatever is deemed essential. We monitor the constant rotation of personnel and maintain the high level of professionalism that we are justly proud of. This is not just any reunion; it is also a mission to bring you online so that you can make your wondrous contribution to this galaxy and to all Creation!

Today, we reviewed some of what is happening on your world. We are proud of each and every one of you! We look forward to the actual day of First Contact and all that is to be discussed with you then. Just think of the magnificent adventures and experiences that lie ahead of you! Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Tuesday August 11th, 2009. 8 Ben, 16 Pop, 5 Caban
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Selamat Jarin! We come before you on this special day with a lot to discuss! Everywhere your world is going through a series of important changes. These changes to your reality are a precursor to a greatly transformed realm. These include the way your planetary grid is being realigned. The former fully conscious grid is starting to appear in your atmosphere as strangely timed patterns that seem at first to be tied to the energy streams originating from the Sun. In fact, these are vortexes that are spreading the key nodal points which are to anchor in the new fully conscious grid once the Sun and Mother Earth return to Full Consciousness. These grids are to extend throughout the planet and will link up with the new electrogravitic grids that are to hold the newly revitalized solar system in place. This process involves interdimensional forces not yet understood by your scientists. Once their thinking moves beyond its present quantum framework into a true spiritual and holistic concept of physicality, this ‘strangeness’ can begin to make sense to them.

As you move into the higher orders of consciousness, you start to realize that this physical Creation is in truth a sort of ‘ordered randomness.’ As paradoxical as this sounds, you have already begun to use this concept in many areas. Fractals, ‘fuzzy logic,’ and a number of other such applications are a good beginning. Another approach is to comprehend that all aspects of physicality are related in one way or another. Vast patterns that appear unrelated actually are, because of the interdimensional links between them. Divine Light and Love are the means by which all of this was originally manifested. One notion you need to move beyond is the ludicrous Big Bang theory of creation. Creation began as a series of interlocking states that manifested all that you see and, as of yet, cannot see. Out of these states of manifestation came the spiritual forces that enliven us all. Thus there is a Divine Plan that guides us and works its magic in each instant. Our part is to sense these patterns fully and apply our own magic to unfold the majesty that is Creation.

Creation is a combination of unique elements united by means that seem ‘odd’ and yet in the long run are quite definable. They work in very predictable ways. Knowing this, we can re-create these patterns in matter and bring forth a very suitable and quite natural technology. A clear indicator of primitive technology is that, even as it advances in its efficiency, it works increasingly against the natural patterns of nature. In your case this is clear to see, as your technologies move from the simple tools of your ancestors to your present electronic age. Your various dysfunctional societal models are the cause of a lot of this, but you also do not look at the underlying ‘random’ patterns that form nature, searching instead for ways to control or at least master nature’s forces. This is now being rightly seen as a self-defeating basic philosophy which you inherited from your erstwhile overlords, the Anunnaki. Your awakening is prompting you to rethink many such basic notions, thus paving the way for a new, more holistic paradigm.

This new paradigm is being birthed in all the various disciplines that make up your present science. Researchers are starting to see that discoveries in one area actually have far more relevance in another, quite unrelated area of science. This cross-fertilization is a vital element in your search for a new paradigm. Scientists and many interdisciplinary researchers are coming together at international conferences and putting these new puzzle-pieces together. Your reality is manifestly changing and these scientists are documenting in detail the scope and rapid pace of these wide-ranging shifts. As your consciousness rises, it becomes clear to any outside observer that you are now much more willing to contemplate concepts that, once, you would have rejected out of hand. This is opening up a meeting of the minds between scientists and those researchers considered to be pursuing speculative or unfounded hypotheses.

This loosening of hardline attitudes dovetails with the natural changes being observed on your world. The amount of anomalous activity in your atmosphere, oceans, and on your land is forcing your sciences to rethink their foundational theories. Similarly, the number of anomalies noted in the cosmos actually dwarfs those occurring on your world! The integrity of your sciences, as you know them, is collapsing; yet, in public, their members continue to profess a set of beliefs that no longer hold water. This dichotomy cannot go on much longer. Further, the changes happening to each of you can no longer remain veiled by a massive scientific cover-up. The truth needs to come out and a new paradigm formally proclaimed. Until then these new avenues of research serve as fodder to encourage your own explorations for the truth about what is really happening to you and your reality. Indeed, a crucial watershed of change is already manifesting all across the planet.

In all areas, spiritual and holistic research is setting up a new trail for science to follow. Normally, such a huge leap in across-the-board scientific thinking would take decades, even centuries, to reach a new consensus. One of the factors driving this massive watershed is the sheer quantity of new evidence and numbers of prominent researchers who are proclaiming that a wholly new framework is desperately needed to explain and integrate the new evidence. All in all, a pattern of interlocking events is about to coalesce. The result will be the pronouncement of a new series of truths, which is to be reinforced by our appearance in large numbers in your skies. Indeed, confirmation of our benevolent presence seems to be the tipping-point for what is now ready to happen. In short, your societies’ worldview is about to be burst wide open!

This veritable morphing of your reality on all fronts can no longer be concealed. Any remaining denial is simply the ongoing attempt-at-all-costs by those in power to cling to authority. As power and credibility slips faster and faster out of their grasp, there comes a time when this desperate posturing becomes self-defeating and a forthright, authoritative acknowledgment of the new status quo needs to happen. You are currently within this special moment. Our designated role is simply to encourage this acknowledgment and the shift in power that is surely to follow. In this exciting, new environment, the changes that are to quickly change your world can take place. As they roll out, the opportunity to make our presence formally known can arise. First Contact can then follow naturally, putting an end to your present, crazy roller-coaster ride!

This moment in your history can be regarded as an epoch in which humanity learned some fundamental truths about itself and was able to accept them whole-heartedly. It is not easy, whilst in limited consciousness, to contemplate the coming wonders of Full Consciousness. Accordingly, it has required a tumultuous collapse of your reality, balanced by a vision of the new reality to replace the old, a vision that we have been attempting to depict to some degree in our messages to you. The Creator has a plan that requires you to return to Full Consciousness. Thus, all the machinations of the dark cannot prevent what is decreed for you. We are here to ensure the fulfillment of these plans and with Heaven’s guidance to lead you to your glorious destiny!

Today, we talked about the many reasons why the positive transformation of this reality is inevitable. The Divine has positioned you at a point where a most marvelous series of transformations is to happen. These include a mass First Contact with us and your swift return to Full Consciousness! Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Tuesday August 18th, 2009. 2 Ahau, 3 Uo, 5 Caban
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Greetings! We come again with more to discuss with you! As you know, this solar system is being bombarded daily with the great Blessings of Lord Surea and Heaven. This constant down pouring of celestial Love and Light has increased the quantity of interdimensional Light by a truly amazing amount, causing the very fabric of space-time surrounding this solar system to literally begin to glow. This energy is seeping into the physical grids of the planets, producing unusual atmospheric radiance and warming, and inducing a large increase in atmospheric pressure. These anomalies are the outcome of the innumerable changes transforming your solar system, which are preparing each planet to modify her present mode of existence. Your reality’s base frequencies are moving upward and beginning to reconnect with her true holistic self, a process which is reopening the spiritual communications that formerly flowed freely between this aspect of physicality and Heaven.

As you, too, reopen your connection to Spirit, you encounter events and feelings that bring you joy and pain, seemingly simultaneously. This is because you are undergoing a bodily and an emotional awakening. It is through your joy and your pain that past experiences are being unlocked. These events, harking back down the ages as far as 13 millennia ago, are carried in your genes. Every one of your ancestors has contributed both emotional and genetic experiences to who you are. Now you have reached a point where access to all of this can be divinely given. This is why you are having strange dreams containing valuable lessons from your ancestors. These upwellings, which have been really stressful and even overwhelming at times, are now becoming more easily manageable, and you are therefore able to review them and integrate them positively into your psyche. This enables you to learn more about how you came to be you, and what your potential is. So look beyond the pain and observe how you are changing. This spiritual metamorphosis is revealing what your journey is all about.

As you look within, look around you as well and see the corresponding outer changes happening not just in the solar system but to Earth, too. ‘Global warming’ has a number of causes: The two dominant ones are this new influx of energies, mentioned above, and the erratic developments of humanity that have ravaged Mother Earth. The swelling of the global population in recent decades is due to the need to have millions incarnated on this world who are to be the way-showers for a New Era. This New Age is dawning, regardless of how the old order continues to scheme to prevent its appearance. Heaven, under the decrees of the Creator, has a Divine Plan for humanity. But it is easy for people who lack the necessary information and insight to claim that what we tell you is unfounded. Now, the evidence is standing the naysayers’ denial on its head! Your sciences daily record millions of facts that loudly proclaim that such change is happening and accelerating! Further, our appearance in your skies is a purposeful herald of approaching contact.

Beneficial change is being sensed on some level by just about everyone on your world. The world you have known for centuries is in a state of collapse. The ‘recovery’ being promulgated is an illusion. Certain factors just now starting to appear are to rapidly submerge this notion. The current world scene has run its course, but hard on its tail is something quite new. This promises the birth of a New Era of true spiritual growth and the emergence of such long-sought dreams as peace, prosperity, and an end to the fragmentation and deep schisms that have marked the post-World War II period. When we first arrived here in large numbers around that time, we watched your governments and their secret masters strike covert deals with the dark off-world Anchara Alliance beings. Despite these malevolent stratagems’ initial thriving, the past decade has seen these plans largely demolished. Now we find ourselves in an interregnum, watching as that Dark Age dissolves and a New Era of hope and renewal comes into view.

First Contact is a special mission for us. We have watched it grow in scope and scale. It has inspired us and helped us learn much about you and the unique environment you live in. America came on the scene over two centuries ago as a great experiment in liberty and as the special child of Saint Germaine. As she matured, and especially during the last 150 years, she was increasingly subsumed by a scurvy that today threatens her foundational structure and by an internal avarice that perverted her founding principles, turning her into a monster that is now feared and hated by much of your world. The quiet revolution of our Earth allies is close to healing this polluting scurvy and curing the greed that so nearly devoured this precious planet. We have come to oversee the many divine decrees that are to lead to the new epoch for humanity, and to carry out the final steps that return you to Full Consciousness.

Full Consciousness is the divine goal. The Creator decrees that your reality is to transform into a fully conscious one. This is to happen relatively quickly. Many astonishing things are happening throughout the galaxy and in your solar system, and these changes are being scrutinized by your scientists. The reality you currently know is rapidly becoming something quite different. We are seeing all this take place before our very eyes and observe closely as the galaxy shifts back into a unified, multidimensional state. The growing activity within the galactic core and the energy streamers being expelled from the core are two aspects of this. These vast energy waves are reordering the energy fields that weave together space-time. As this reweaving goes forth, the galaxy manifests her beauty in the guise of brilliant colors and awe-inspiring shapes.

When these new energies permeate a reality, the degree of change within that reality is fully dependent on the amount of energy flowing in. In your case, this is nearly infinite, and so change in your system is expected to be swift. The electromagnetic and electrogravitic fields that hold your solar system together are being warped so extensively that even your scientists can easily chart these phenomena. These effects are increasing exponentially and the potential for change spirals accordingly. We are amused to note the way your astronomers cover up what they observe in the skies night after night. Your solar system is unusually active and a new way of thinking about these intriguing developments is urgently needed. The old paradigms patently no longer apply and a much-expanded framework needs to be drawn up.

Spirit, the great Light of Lights, is talking directly to you. It is telling you that a time of wonder is upon you. Hearken to these inner voices! Coming from Heaven is a clarion call that will not be stilled. It has summoned you to this place and time. It is providing you with an interlude to enable you to see that all that has long seemed real to you is in dispute. You have all searched through books, articles, and the Internet, and this search has led you to us. You wonder why we have come and why governments dare to cover up the obvious. You have also looked at us and wanted us to land here and now, and change everything in an instant. As you dream and speculate, you discover that a grand Divine Plan is in operation which fulfills your wildest longings and so much more. The time for change and for us to land en masse is very close.

Today we continued our multifaceted discussion. Much is happening and the time remaining is relatively brief as First Contact has a definite schedule. Take heart and understand that what our Earth allies are doing is close to fruition. Then we can land, and together reunite on a path that brings you back to Full Consciousness. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Tuesday August 25th, 2009. 9 Manik, 10 Uo, 5 Caban
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Selamat Jarin! We come again with more to talk about with you. Wherever we look on your globe there is distress and pain. This is disheartening to us. You are a people who have endured much in the past year, but events are brewing that can go a long way toward righting these tremendous wrongs. Our Earth allies have accomplished much and despite great odds are extremely close to achieving their goals. Their activities are bringing to completion a number of crucial operations that can ensure their success. Keep in mind that your world has long been the unchallenged domain of dark cabals whose unconscionable behavior sparked wars, economic depressions, and civil unrest in all parts of your world. Ridding you of this malevolence and transforming its dire effects into something entirely different is not an easy task. And yet our Earth allies have persisted in rooting out this evil and in exposing its vile, clandestine realm. They have also compiled a huge amount of legal evidence so that a series of global trials of unprecedented proportions can be properly adjudicated. Their good deeds go well beyond merely establishing transitional regimes!

A new and truly moral system of common law is required to be formally reintroduced to your world. The rise of statute law and its detrimental consequences to your global society need to be rectified. To this end a worldwide legal team, with deep connections to many international and world courts, was constituted. This drive is tied into the bringing to power of numerous transitional governments whose main purposes include the prosecution of thousands of individuals who acted as functionaries for the illegal and fictitious "war on terror." This process is still underway as we speak. Each day, new defendants are added to the already bulging lists. One of the purposes of all this is to start off these new governments on a legal and moral foundation. The gross immorality of the last 13 millennia cannot be overstated! The process of this house cleaning can establish new governments that are genuinely based on liberty, justice, and personal sovereignty. It is through the practice of functional morality that people-run republics can serve as intended, and that global abundance can be disbursed unhindered.

This transitional world is the preferred environment for announcing our existence and for carrying out a series of projects that can best prepare your world for First Contact. However, our Earth allies and we know that Heaven envisions a specific timeframe for the actual First Contact operation. Accordingly, we have been jointly working out the remaining kinks in our procedures and have ascertained that all is do-able in the time left on our clock. Much due diligence is involved in what we have accomplished and what we are in the process of doing. A great amount of legal foundation work is done and the world’s legal system, as a whole, recognizes what we have put together. A range of broad, interlocking investigations have dug up the great secrets of the dark cabal, which establish the climate for its legal fall from power. This done, we jointly put into play the operations that are to culminate shortly in our success. Meanwhile, we watch, we participate, and we set up alternatives for First Contact. It is imperative that announcements ending the global UFO cover-up be made as soon as possible.

Heaven desires that the UFO cover-up be forthrightly transformed into full disclosure of our existence and our benevolent mission for open First Contact with you. We have discussed this issue with many governments on your world and, of course, at length with our Earth allies. One of the major obstacles to First Contact continues to be the degree of raging xenophobia that afflicts a percentage of your population. This baseless fear is heightened by a whole slew of ‘alien invasion’ movies, television programs, and magazine articles, sponsored in large part by the dark cabal. Adding to this carnival-like atmosphere is the way the scientific and government-based ‘disclaimers’ and ‘skeptics’ are given preferential treatment by your media. Naturally, a bias took root in your society that only recently is being countered in some aspects of your media. We are pleased with these developments but much remains to be done to redress the inculcated prejudice now inherent in much of the Western mainstream media.

Our goal is to institute a variety of different approaches to offset the results of these decades of deliberate fear mongering. In the 1940s, the dark cabals and their former masters, the Anunnaki, saw the cover-up as a necessity because the appearance of UFOs in your skies created a dilemma that needed to be resolved quickly; namely, the authority that the cabals and their overlords had long enjoyed was suddenly being challenged! Action was needed to restore control and rebut this new threat. At first the cover-up was a means to work secretly without interference from the public. Later, it became a standard operation to conceal what was then actually happening. We watched and took careful note of what was really taking place between these dark cabals and their dark galactic counterparts. We knew that in a few decades a more active response to the growing cover-up problem would be required. The time for these actions has at last arrived!

In the mid-1990s, the dark galactic star-nations, including the Anunnaki, switched sides. Suddenly, the many obstacles to our intercession in your affairs were removed, and we fully intended to use this opportunity to further our mission of First Contact. At this time we ran into the growing discords that had torn apart the former unity of the various dark cabals, and this instability led us to rethink First Contact. We decided to find more amenable groups and learn more about what was covertly happening on your world. This led eventually to the Agreement of 1998 between our Earth allies and us. We began to promote lasting relationships between these wonderful groups, their interesting cast of gracious individuals, and us. Then followed more than a decade of cooperation that is now close to achieving its multiple objectives.

Presently, we watch intently as the various plans for First Contact develop. Our aim is to move into priority mode whichever scenario breaks through by the end of our given timeframe. Accordingly, we have quite an array of action teams involved in the implementing of these primary scenarios. Heaven knows that First Contact is inevitable and that we are not departing until you have been returned to Full Consciousness. This solar system now requires that a fully conscious and adequately trained humanity be left in charge. This guardian role is presently being filled by Mother Earth’s cetaceans and by the Aghartans of Inner Earth but to be successful they need your assistance, which you can provide only by returning to Full Consciousness. And so we are all busy doing what needs to be done before First Contact can take place.

First Contact is normally done quite differently. Here, we are actually preparing to quite literally push you forward to a point where you can master a technology and a state of consciousness that, in your present state, seems to you to be a most improbable fairy tale! Some of your sci-fi writers and anthropologists have surmised that a sufficiently advanced technology can appear to be magic to a more primitive society. The same applies to levels of consciousness: Full Consciousness can seem startling to a limited-conscious society, with the seemingly god-like qualities invoking baseless fears. To address this, we have come up with a number of possible approaches that we can talk about in later messages. Just be aware that First Contact is close and that we are helping our Earth allies. Amazing things are imminent. Be prepared for miracles!

Today, we expanded upon what is happening on your world. We want to make it very clear to you that First Contact is close! We Love you all deeply and desire to reunite you with the entirety of the human space family and with your spiritual family as well. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Tuesday September 1st, 2009. 3 Ix, 17 Uo, 5 Caban
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Selamat Balik! We come again to inform you of current events on your world and how your reality is transforming. Everywhere, signs of great change are appearing. Your oceans, atmosphere, and lands are becoming something quite different. The vast increase in energies from the galactic core has begun to affect your Sun as well as each planet’s general orbit and composition, including her relationship to the various moons that circle her. This energy influx is re-forming the electromagnetic and electrogravitic grids that bind your solar system together, and is one of the main causes of global warming and the heating-up of the oceans. It is also responsible for the exponential rise over the past two decades of seismic and volcanic activity. All these things affect the Earth by weakening her electromagnetic and gravitational fields, conditions which prefigure a new monopolar, fifth-dimensional world. These transformations also mirror what is happening to all of you: You are becoming multidimensional Beings, with full access to the Creator’s magnificent, countless realities!

The global society you currently live in is collapsing around you. The reason for this is that the core philosophies of your societies no longer resonate with the new energies, and a new philosophy is now essential. The axioms of the newly emerging paradigm go far beyond merely ‘going green’ or reforming the rules that govern corporations or ethical standards in government. A philosophical and humanistic change is taking shape which is to move you, finally, beyond scarcity and limitation into abundance and sovereignty. This mandates a foundational reordering of your society. As your consciousness rises, so too does the need to express those basic emotions that make you quintessentially human. We have watched you become more and more aware of your innate need to care for each other, and of your growing distress at the alienating and degrading social codes under which you live. These unsatisfactory constraints, intrinsic to your society, are beginning to break down, as demonstrated by the recent, ongoing crash of your financial and economic system. The need for something quite new grows more urgent by the day!

The need for a new worldview is reciprocated by a movement on your planet to return to a more connected and humane social order. The nature of this impetus leads naturally to what we call galactic society. The philosophy behind galactic society emphasizes the innate sovereignty of the individual and integrates this with a familial grouping that focuses on nurturing and honoring not just the young but also each person’s natural talents and abilities. This translates into a process we call fluid group management. This ‘glue’ holds our society together and facilitates a technology that serves humanity in a manner that elevates honoring its members to the highest level possible. This naturally ‘organic’ technology was given to us in its most rudimentary form some 4 million of your years ago. Since then we have perfected it, and would like to gift it to you in turn. As you return to Full Consciousness you will require all the accoutrements that a fully conscious society entitles you to.

Your industrial society is predicated on ravaging the Earth. The wholesale depredation of your environment has reached the point where it can no longer support your present global society. The avarice and brutality of your society guarantee its impending ruin. The way forward lies not in recoiling into some form of technological primitivism, nor being subsumed by an already looming tyranny which hoards and controls your dwindling global resources. Another option stands on your horizon, one which requires a new understanding of technology. Until now on your planet, technology has been largely a slave to profit rather than a true servant of humanity. Most civilizations in this galaxy, upon reaching this point of no return, either adapt upwards or succumb to chaos and assorted dictatorships, followed by self-destruction. We are here to carry out a special plan that, one way or another, leads you toward Heaven’s highest vision for you. This is the reason for this First Contact mission.

First Contact, now more than ever, is a complex process. We are using our expertise together with the experience of our Inner Earth family to guide you to where you need to go. This is neither an easy, nor a familiar path for you. We fully realize this and have set up parameters for our Earth allies to follow. This they are doing, and we expect the next major markers in your journey to be achieved shortly. Disclosures of many things, including our presence, are in their to-do list directly after the initial prosperity programs are delivered and their major announcements are broadcast throughout the world. We intend to play a key role behind the scenes to ensure that all comes about in a timely manner. Further, our Inner Earth family is closely advising our Earth allies on what the last dark cabal is doing. Thus we intend the next moves to happen swiftly. We are also ready to land at a moment’s notice if required.

Our operation is tied into a timetable set by Heaven. We have been informing your world’s governments of this since the late 1990s, and since then have regularly revisited them to emphasize that First Contact is inevitable. They are also apprised of the divine ban on all nuclear weaponry. Our continuing visits to your governments have two major aims: We want them to be very clear about the fact that we are not going away and that, at an appointed time chosen by Heaven, we are to make ourselves known to you and land on your world in great numbers. We also want them to know that their days as major controllers of the planet are about to end. We are watching and if, by chance, what is planned fails to materialize, we have back-up scenarios to enable us to complete what has been decreed by Heaven and Lord Surea.

Let us now return to what we touched on in earlier paragraphs. Your world has reached what many call a turning point; in other words, your global society lacks the means to continue forward as it has in centuries past. Wars, as a workable tactic, have run their course. The rationale for your society’s existence is beginning to sound like a hollow mockery of past achievements. Your global economy is on life-support and the future is bleak, to put it mildly! The ties binding your society together are unraveling. Your futurists see this clearly and know that your world must graduate from its childish ways or colossal, ungovernable environmental disorder will erupt. Only the politicians and those with deranged levels of obduracy intent on maintaining the status quo against all reason still resist what needs to be done.

Your world cries out for something completely different. A global ‘quiet revolution’ is imperative. Your social scientists have now come to the conclusion that capitalism, as presently constituted, is not the answer. You require a global move into universal prosperity, followed swiftly by the introduction of now-suppressed technologies. These liberating developments can be instrumental in putting your Earth-centric xenophobia to flight and preparing you to accept the next leaps in your development toward a successful, fully conscious global society. These final, challenging steps require a Loving, fully conscious mentor, and if necessary we are ready to jump-start this remit of ours with a mass landing on your beautiful shores.

Today, we continued our discussion about First Contact. Events are close to happening which assure us that these leaps in consciousness can be done easily and without a lot of public sensationalism. And so we stand ready to carry out a First Contact with you when Heaven and Lord Surea so decree! Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Tuesday September 8th, 2009. 10 Imix, 4 Zip, 5 Caban
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Selamat Jarin! We return with more to discuss with you. The events leading up to the announcements by the new transitional regimes are close to happening. Our Earth allies have caught the dark cabal in a series of grievous mistakes, which allows them to spring a trap that has taken literally years to construct. We fully expect this well-deserved triumph to be just moments away. In this light, let us look at what is occurring around your globe as we speak. The new financial system is poised to manifest; indeed, certain aspects of this system have been operating freely without a great deal of interference from the dark. Vast quantities of gold bullion have been moved secretly from place to place in preparation for the setting up of a new, global, gold and silver-based currency system. This new system is one of the topics to be revealed as part of the many startling public announcements. Another issue is to be the series of special trials conducted to punish the many members of the dark cabal who so lightly and savagely disregarded the unalienable, God-given rights of humanity.

The many horrible crimes perpetrated by this dark cabal that are to be addressed are only the better-known aspects of their thuggery. For millennia, this miserable bunch of miscreants has lied, cheated, and mass-murdered their way through history in the guise of your rulers. They have wrought endless wars, forged fictitious hatred, and spread continuous economic calamity designed only to enrich their coffers and increase the amount of suffering that has been their only bequest to humanity. Now this era of grief and woe is closing, and the advent of a new, prosperous day shines down lovingly upon your valiant efforts! Our Earth allies have an agenda in place that is to restore your liberties and provide you with the opportunities to grow and become all that you are capable of being. This New Era brings a time for First Contact, when we, with your collective approval, can land upon your beautiful shores. These landings are to happen once you have graciously demonstrated to Mother Earth your worthiness to once again be her true guardians, by making inroads into cleaning up her oceans, disinfecting her land, and purifying her air.

As her guardians you become eligible for the final steps which are to return you swiftly to Full Consciousness. These steps are to take place in the awesomely gorgeous 5-D realm that is Inner Earth. Here, magnificent crystal cities have been prepared for you, where a technology will be used that can undo the outrageous impairment carried out against you in ancient Atlantis. When you emerge from your Light chambers, you are whole again. You have been carefully reintegrated with your many now-dormant strands of DNA/RNA, and in this restored state you are once again ready to experience states of being and realms only dreamed of. Now, Heaven can fully appear to you and the unknown wonders of physicality can become known. You have morphed into a most glorious butterfly! The miracles you are now capable of are truly infinite. You need, at this time, a very special group of mentors to teach you the ropes of this new realm and to help you fully comprehend and apply its complex etiquette. Heaven has extended this most loving task to us. You are arising out of a long amnesia and require a gentle touch.

Many truths are to be revealed to you. Much that your former overloads, the Anunnaki, taught you will be shown for the twisted lies they are. Special training on a great many subjects is to be given. Hands-on seminars will be ready to teach you Full-Consciousness etiquette and this is likely to be the first thing that you will be involved in after the reintegration process is complete. Being fully conscious puts you into a world filled with sensations and powerful abilities that you have not experienced before. We will train you to attune with and integrate the incoming waves of memories of past and future lives, and to harmonize with and control your now-restored instant-thought-creation abilities. Some of you may even feel a bit nauseous at first, or overwhelmed by what is happening to you. In these rare cases, your mentor’s soothing physical energy balancing will put this straight within minutes. Our role is to assist and prepare you to go through your orientation as gently and easily as possible.

The new crystal cities recently built for you by the Aghartans are designed to be easily converted into places that can fully serve your needs and desires. The Aghartans intend to make it possible for a grand reunion between Inner Earth and the surface world to take place. This means that you need to learn about your true planetary history and general planetary protocols. Some of you are under the strange impression that Inner Earth is a dark and dismal place. In fact Inner Earth is a most beautiful and spacious world, filled with many different ecological zones. The Inner Earth sun is the glowing central core or heart of Mother Earth. Surrounded by these vivifying energies, the Aghartans have created a wonderful galactic society that can serve as one of the prototypes for the future galactic society of your still-nascent star-nation. The coming time is the beginning of a New Era for Earth’s humanity.

As the fear and negativity of the dark is replaced by the prosperity and the Love of the Light, Heaven lifts you up into a wondrous age of Full Consciousness. In this realm you are sovereign, honored, and able to express your true talents and abilities. You live in an environment that permits you to blossom and to freely help your fellows. Gone is the need to worry, or to think less of yourself or of others. You are all equals who have come together to forge a remarkable organic entity: your galactic society. Galactic societies develop out of the expressed needs and desires of a society. It is expected that as you re-member your past, you will propose social models that reflect your distant origins on the many human home-worlds that are scattered throughout the Galactic Federation of Light. From these memories will develop your star-nation’s galactic society.

Once this star-nation has taken shape, you can become the happy inhabitants of three newly terra-formed worlds. These worlds are Mars, Venus, and the reconstituted planet that will be called Pax. Venus lost her oceans and her atmosphere when the dark Anchara Alliance attacked about one million years ago. The same ravaging disfigurement was inflicted upon Mars. Shortly, this damage is to be reversed, and over 80 per cent of your current population is to be transferred to these three worlds once they are gloriously ready for their human inhabitants. Then you are to revel in the magic that you are capable of. In the twinkling of an eye, you are to build a network of cities inside these three worlds, and a living star-nation is to be the result of your grand endeavors!

The glorious future of your star-nation is your grand destiny. First Contact, as you can see, is only one of many steps that lie ahead of you on the path to Full Consciousness, and many of these have already been completed. The steps remaining on this path are being prepared by our Earth allies and by us, with Heaven, as ever, as our divine supervisor. The dark ones who have controlled you for over 13 millennia are losing their grip over you, and the time has come for a much-needed transformation of your realm. We await with glee the signal to begin our mass landing, but before that comes the damage restoration of Mother Earth that will transform your lands. It is time to let go of your old ways and to accept the new ways given to you by the Divine!

Today, we continued our discussion of events which are now imminent on your world. These great changes are to transform dark into Light and scarcity into abundance. Put aside your fears and let the Love and the Joy of this prospect penetrate every inch of your Soul! The time for miracles and wonders has at last arrived! Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Tuesday September 15th, 2009. 4 Lamat, 11 Zip, 5 Caban
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Selamat Jarin! We continue to follow what is happening on your world. Our Earth allies are proceeding to deploy the trap they sprung on the dark cabal a few weeks ago. A global action is underway that is moving your world toward the creation of a fully transparent banking system and a monetary system based on precious metals, such as gold and silver. This action is being implemented throughout most of the globe. To manifest it fully the American system needs to default to gold, and the Federal Reserve and the illegal Internal Revenue Service (IRS) must now disappear. The means for this to happen is in place, and quite shortly, all of this is to be announced by a new caretaker government in Washington. As these announcements are made, a vast reordering of the American Republic is to take place. The USA corporate entity that has long controlled this government is to be dissolved and the myriad statutory laws that were put in place since the start of the Roosevelt administration in 1933 are to be nullified.

In its place is to emerge a smaller government with hugely decreased international commitments. America will be dedicated to peace and will no longer send her military to the four corners of the globe. All major foreign bases are to be abandoned and all remaining foreign bases reduced to their pre-WW II size (13 small foreign bases). America was never intended to be a European or Asian power. Japan and Germany need their naval, air force, and military bases back, and the US needs to withdraw from Korea and, in so doing, help reunify North and South. China needs to give up Tibet, and India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan to redraw their mutual borders. Africa likewise needs to address the same issues. The colonial map of pre-WW II is a sorry excuse for drawing up the borders of the nations of your world. A great deal of thought has been given to these matters by our Earth allies and by us as all of this constitutes a large part of forging a new reality for your home world. Further, it is necessary to restructure the United Nations and remove it from the clutches of the dark cabal and its many silent cronies.

Let us return to the caretaker regime of the restored American Republic. The first thing you notice is that the vast social welfare net created by the Roosevelt administration is gone. It is replaced by a series of private organizations created by the abundance programs and by a structure framed by our Earth allies. The purpose of governance is to guide and direct; interference and regulation happen only in special cases where the "general welfare" is at stake. A return to "common law" blended with constitutional law is to become the new social contract governing the mutual responsibilities between government, business, and citizenry, and will be overseen by a new Justice Department. The premise of these laws is to "provide for the general welfare" as stipulated in the preamble to the US Constitution. America is once more to become a nation founded on freedom, prosperity, sovereignty, and the "pursuit of happiness." To accomplish this, a vast nationwide network of abundance disbursement programs is to become a primary force in the life of each American.

The purpose of this is to enable each of you to become "your brother’s and sister’s keeper." You are responsible for each other and to each other. You are to become a community of Love and Light, and this is to extend throughout the globe. Your new reality is about helping each other, being caring, sovereign citizens, and making good use of those resources provided for us by Mother Earth and by your own creativity. To this end, a lot of technology, at present either suppressed or hidden away, needs to be revealed and fully supported by the world community. These new technologies can solve the current energy crisis, clean up your world’s vast store of polluted water, soil, and air, and provide you with faster, more efficient forms of ground, sea, and air transportation. This is only the start of what you can accomplish in a very short period of time. A whole network of interrelated business enterprises can be built, which can also be the basis for establishing a workable system of "fluid group management."

What you are getting ready to do is shed the society that you have lived in up until this moment. Yours is a society based on separation, fragmentation, and alienation. Only a few deeds of exceptional kindness on the part of some extraordinary individuals and service-oriented families have kept your societies from a continuous state of open rebellion. This has been the case down through the ages. Despite this, these groups were usually unable to prevent the sudden outbreak of such uprisings, and so your history is one long catalogue of bloody revolutions, mindless wars, and mass outpourings of pent-up anger. The aim now is to transform all this. Prosperity and mindful, loving cooperation can replace the above. New institutions are therefore needed which maintain and promote global cooperation. This is something our Earth allies and we have thought about long and hard.

An essential component is an independent and powerful central arbiter: an organization that can respond effectively in a crisis, namely, a reconstituted United Nations. However, the financial institutions that are to guard the new monetary and financial system will not be attached to it. Instead, the UN’s role is solely to promote peace, and establish and maintain international harmony. Central to its new modus operandi will be the principles of "fluid management" and the Hawaiian "Ho’oponopono." These creative conflict- and problem-solving techniques transform the difficulties in a given situation to the satisfaction of all concerned. We ourselves use such tools to remove obstacles that may at first appear insurmountable. Our Earth allies are fully acquainted with both these practices and are ready to use them on a daily basis.

Each sovereign nation is to be prosperous, debt-free, and home to self-motivated, curious, and informed citizens. There is a desperate need on your world for a well-educated global populace, and learning technologies exist which can rapidly create this prime requisite for sovereignty, both individual and national. Education is a vital ingredient of your transforming reality and is central to your being able to identify and achieve your primary goals. One of the main reasons that you were so easily manipulated throughout history was the extent of your ignorance of all things. This must be remedied. On top of this are the many things your inner logic tries to tell you but that your social environment forces you to deny. Such abilities can be given free rein in the times ahead, supported by a cornucopia of exciting and useful new data.

As this new realm comes on-line, be aware of the vital role you play at this juncture between the old and the new world. In this context, it is very important for the initial investors in the prosperity programs to follow to the letter the instructions accompanying the funds. Do not go into overwhelm. These rules are designed very carefully to enable you to hold on to your funds! Then, when appropriate, dispense them in the widest and wisest way possible. Remember what we suggested: Come together in networks with similar agendas. It is your responsibility to share this immense wealth with the world. You are doing nothing less than creating the foundation of the new world we are talking about. This global prosperity is the means to defeat the dark permanently, thus ushering in a new world that can easily accept our First Contact with you!

Today, we furnished you with more details about what is about to happen. Take note that you are very close to a huge change in world affairs. This transformation leads toward Full Consciousness and a mass First Contact with your spiritual and space families! The time has come to celebrate the beginning of a New Era. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Tuesday September 22th, 2009. 11 Men, 17 Zip, 5 Caban
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Selamat Jarin! We return with more to tell you about what is happening on your world. In our last message we gave you some details concerning the changes being prepared by our Earth allies. At present, the trap sprung upon the dark cabal is forcing a resolution to a campaign that has dragged on for far too long. As ever, our Earth allies are "gutting it out" as they complete the final steps that is to result in their well-earned victory. A number of major pronouncements are ready to be made once this victory is secured. Those who are detailed to be the American governmental caretakers are planning their first 100 days as we speak, and this includes carefully going over, one last time, the myriad details, both large and small, to make sure nothing has been overlooked. This attention to detail is essential because their first actions establish critical precedents that set the tone for all that is to follow. Making a series of startling announcements is, after all, just the beginning. An entirely new way of legislating needs to be made quite clear so that when congress is in session, guidelines are there to protect the legislature.

A similar process is to take place within the judiciary. The switch to common and constitutional law requires a whole new range of legal precedents, which in turn demands a massive retraining of all law professions in order for the new system to be fully integrated. An interim legal team is ready to step into the breach during the retraining period. The same process, naturally, is to happen in the banking and corporate world. In short, a whole new philosophy and basic framework is being instituted here, and it is this which sets this regime apart from its predecessors. Once this is done, the government is to downsize in most areas and to expand only where needed to protect the nation’s "general welfare." Government is now to become a general overseer, partnering with her citizens to maintain and use the new prosperity to spread wealth to all, and ensure that each citizen is supported in their "pursuit of happiness." Accessing and satisfying one’s innate purposes are conditions which are essential to the foundation of your coming galactic society.

What we are talking about here is the mother-of-all-transitions! It does not merely involve a massive shift from lack to abundance; you are facing an about-face in your worldview. More importantly, the new worldview is predicated on a brand new self-perception. You are to totally revise who you, in truth, are! And this is to constitute one of your major occupations in the upcoming period: What are your talents and what brings you joy? What activities "light your fire" and what sort of person do you want to become? Once you identify and begin to develop the inner you, your zest for life spreads itself to others and a kind of serendipity is set in motion. Heartfelt mutual interests flow naturally into joint activities, which become organizations that effortlessly support other similar organizations. A natural fortuitous confluence of people and circumstances is expected to prevail as your society morphs into abundance and creativity, and this is exactly what your transitional governments are intended to support and enhance.

Another area your new governments intend to tackle is education. A huge variety of educational and healing centers, environmentally oriented, are in the pipeline. Our Earth allies have gathered together a number of specially trained facilitators and mentors to help bring these centers about. Your government will be instrumental here in shifting key social institutions back into the private (but not corporate) sector, and this time it is to be the Light Workers, with their immense wealth and resources, who will have their hands on the tiller. This transfer of responsibility into a ‘new public sector’ is to revolve around questions of social and private accountability; of freedom and personal sovereignty; and the meaning of "being your brother’s and sister’s keeper." You all have a lot of healing to do on many levels. The means are there to turn your society into a paradise, but huge cultural and linguistic differences need to be overcome and reconciled, and you need to come up with ways to heal these open social wounds.

Your learning curve is set up to be a very rapid and exciting one! Your new responsibilities include new therapies to swiftly end addiction. New almost-instantaneous building technology will end the blight of urban slums and create bright and healthy living environments. These projects will throw open new knowledge and go a long way toward ending social and cultural prejudice. As you go at these projects, you will find society coming together naturally in ways impossible before. Along the way you will begin to understand the manipulative tricks used by the old order to divide and control, and from this will come the understanding to integrate society and transform fear and hatred into wisdom. We must make it very clear that a great deal of wise and open-minded interaction between all members of your global village needs to take place in order for this vision to succeed.

To return to the subject of global peace and cooperation: Any international organization incorporating these goals must have legal ‘teeth’ in order to be effectual. Further, if the mediator is to be successful, that entity must have an official position that is acceptable to all parties involved in the dispute. Next, the negotiations need to address the causes behind the problems, which means that social and cultural ‘baggage’ must be dealt with. All parties to the dispute are to undergo a specific process that can heal the issues that lie at the root of the problems. To this end, all mediators are to be trained in a form of national "Ho’oponopono," the conflict-resolution methodology of the Hawaiians. Using this, we expect great headway to be made in all areas of current global discord.

A similar creative approach is to be used to endorse and spread this new form of society and governance around the globe. It is essential that each citizen be well informed and works closely with others to circulate the truth of many things throughout the planet. Here, discernment is of the essence. Each citizen needs to participate in government, whether at the top or local levels, because this diligence is a key component of the success of the new systems being introduced by the caretaker regimes. Now, regarding ‘fun stuff’: Your new world is to unveil a great many things, including long-suppressed technologies that can restore worldwide environmental health and solve your energy and climate crises. As you can see, you are to be swept up into an unprecedented healing- and learning curve, with equally unprecedented responsibilities

For us the highpoint, naturally, is First Contact. The events and details we have been enumerating are simply to turn you from a passive subject and follower into a thinking, feeling, responsible citizen of your globe. This independence and sovereignty is a requisite to First Contact. It is vital for you to control your lives and reconcile your own best interests with those of your fellows. The Federation is composed of galactic societies dedicated to serving Creation and galactic humanity, and our talents and abilities are creatively and joyously devoted to this end. You have not had the opportunity to think in this way for millennia, but now, many wonderful things are about to focus you all in this direction, and this includes your swift return to Full Consciousness.

Today, we carried on our discussion about what is ready to transpire on your world. As all this begins to dominate your attention, do not forget that an even more incredible event by far lies in wait: your First Contact! We come to celebrate our reunion with you, your return to Full Consciousness, and the birth of your own star-nation! Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Tuesday September 29th, 2009. NO REPORT.

Tuesday October 6th, 2009. 12 Muluc, 12 Tzotz, 5 Caban
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Selamat Jarin! We return after a short break with interesting things to discuss. The plans to move several major global governments into their transitional modes are currently being implemented. Of these, the American corporation, run by the dark cabal, constitutes the primary stumbling block to profound global change, but this impediment will quite shortly be unblocked. Then a range of transformative measures immediately go into effect worldwide. These include: the new pro-Basil III banking system, a new hard currency system, a number of new central banks, and global debt forgiveness. All this will come under the rubric of a new multinational financial system which forms a much-needed stopgap between the present financial morass and a new comprehensive system of abundance. Eventually this abundance is to outgrow the need for money as a survival mechanism because new ‘miracle’ technologies will give each household the ability to provide its own food, clothing, and furniture. This eliminates the need for farms, factories, and other staples of your present economy.

One of the purposes of this transitional state is for all of you to experience abundant prosperity and the creative freedom this brings, and to set up, among other things, a huge variety of non-profit, mutually supportive organizations. The present offensive plight of your world must be reversed! Basic human needs of every sort must be met throughout your world, and you will find that this evokes within you contentment and a joy you have never known before. Paramount among these activities is to be the transformation of schisms and hatred into worldwide cooperation and peace. Moving beyond ancient animosities is most important to our Earth allies and to us. If your planet is to survive, you need to quickly change your current misperceptions of each other, drop those beliefs that were used to separate you, and come together as a global people in freedom and sovereignty. We have told our Earth allies that thousands of nations, long scattered and crushed, are to have their day in the sun. The world is to witness the resurgence of many new nations and revel in the freedom that permits them to be reborn.

A slosh of wonderful new technologies is to transform how your society operates. Your cities and suburbs will be rebuilt. Vast greenbelts will replace your farms and factories, giving a miraculous face-lift to your environment! This will be the prelude to the announcements that end the cover-up of our benevolent existence. The first step of this process addresses the UFO cover-up and introduces the public to the amazing technologies developed over the past six decades by your major governments. We shall request that these devices, long in use in many covert bases, be disclosed. These disclosures form a preamble to the formal broadcast about this First Contact mission. Over the past few decades we have groomed a number of individuals and governments to proclaim our presence. Then, at the right time, the Galactic Federation and this mission in particular are to be made known to you. The disclosure that you are not alone and that a great deal of secret technology exists needs to be revealed in digestible bites.

With this behind you, you can begin to delve in earnest into your true history and your spiritual and physical origins. The universe you live in is quite different from what you have been told. The physical universe is a vast conglomeration of realms, dimensions, and Spirit, all held together by Love, Light, and Consciousness. Within the vast scope of these nearly infinite realms is to be found the truth of who you truly are, leading you ultimately to the Supreme Creative Force, a Triune Being of immense Love, Light, and Spirit. It is this universal source that we are endlessly absorbed in learning about and from. The key is that we are a great living unity, a sum of many parts. Each has a purpose and a reason to extend into many different lifetimes. In our reality we experience only the Now, which encompasses past, present, and future, and within these illusory states are the means to live many interrelated lifetimes. These lifetimes can provide a fast track to the acquisition of wisdom, which in turn leads us to Truth!

As you know by now, your society is at a crossroads, where your choice is either to adopt a wholly new paradigm and survive, or continue to muddle on in ignorance and perish! Our Science and Exploration Fleet watch your world closely and report back to the Regional Federation Council. In this instance, the Divine altered this standard procedure: We have been detailed to ensure your successful survival and your return to Full Consciousness, and this of course changes our normal First Contact protocols. You are now at a point where the aforementioned transition needs to be properly put in motion, and we are ready to intervene even more massively than at present in order to effect this. Pursuant to this, we have put in place a number of working options. Two points are important here: You do not have much time left, and a great many of these requisite changes need your full and heartfelt participation.

Your successful survival mandates you changing your fundamental societal paradigms. Your society is predicated on constant economic growth and open-ended exploitation of Mother Earth’s resources. This untenable modus operandi is to shift to a celebration of a "living Earth" which ends the usage of Mother Earth’s natural resource. Instead, you are to expand your energy resource base and use your consequently revised technologies to replicate whatever your society may require. This means that you make a huge break away from your traditional theories of how your society sustains itself. You cease harvesting, mining, and cutting down Earth’s natural resources and plumb the knowledge contained in your expanding consciousness. You can then apply these discoveries to provide abundantly for yourselves and your societies, thus moving to first base on your path to your true galactic society.

This process of transforming into a proto-galactic society is next on your agenda. The foundation for this is a wonderful prosperity, allowing you to become a society that revels in cooperation and to wash away conflict and needless hatred. This next step in your evolution as a conscious Being is most encouraging: You are ready to receive a great abundance, carry out a host of significant reforms, and learn that you are indeed not alone in this vast physical Creation. All this can so transform your psyche that a mass First Contact is then possible. This natural process of reuniting with your extended family segues, equally naturally, into reunion with your Inner Earth brethren. All these steps on your path back to Full Consciousness then bring you to the grand adventure of re-colonizing the other water planets of your solar system!

We have just outlined the steps that lie ahead of you. As we speak, our Earth allies are wrapping up a number of agreements placing you at a point where these changes become possible. A new paradigm is forming in many of your areas of study, like the natural and social sciences, which is to move you beyond your traditional understanding of economics, physics, and religion. These new ‘brush-strokes’ are to paint a very different, more vibrant picture of how you see yourselves and your societies. As a result, a new definition of consciousness will begin to coalesce at around the time that First Contact takes place. A magnificent new world is waiting to emerge and present you with very new, stimulating, and positive experiences.

Today, we discussed what is preparing to appear. You are on the verge of wonders you can hardly conceive of! Before you is the completion of your journey through limited consciousness. Then the focus turns toward Ascension and your return to Full Consciousness! Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Tuesday October 13th, 2009. 6 Cib, 19 Tzotz, 5 Caban
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Selamat Jarin! We come again with many things to discuss with you! Right now numerous critical decisions are being made. A great deal of soul-searching is the order of the day for this dark cabal. They collectively realize just how determined our Earth allies are to carry out the final parts of their overall agenda, and the results of myriad recent meetings have taken the starch out of the cabal’s belief in its infallibility. Finally these arrogant rapscallions understand that their fall from power is indeed inevitable. What is happening now across your globe is a vast holding pattern that is starting to give way. This massive corroding of the dark’s strategies means that, for them, the end is near. What remains is the formal exchange of power, accompanied by a series of very special announcements that will shock the majority of your planetary populace. These pronouncements herald a more prosperous world and set the stage for First Contact. Your planet is in dire need of these momentous changes. New technology and the release of some amazing truths are the start of something grand!

In our last message we touched on some of what this entails. But it is important to remember that these things can, as ever, take a little longer than expected. After all, what is being done here is the transformation of a 13-millennia-old reality of corruption and limitation, which has kept humanity imprisoned within a prescribed set of beliefs that dictate how you see your reality. All this is set to change once you begin the transition to your new reality and will require a wholly new conceptual framework and core beliefs. In the past, as your technology improved, you gradually adopted minor changes to your core beliefs, but what is soon to happen will compel you to actually redefine your philosophical base. This process, as you can imagine, will be hard for some and quite easy for others. The purpose of your transitional governments is to see you through this and ensure the disbursement of universal abundance. This abundance can begin the process of freeing you from the nominal constraints of this world; however, there is a pressing need to go deeper, to seek the spiritual, and embrace the fact of your rise in consciousness.

The transition that we are talking about is happening in many ways. First, you are becoming more intuitive. This is because the spiritual realms are adjusting your RNA/DNA ever so slightly upward each decade. This enables you to sense more of Spirit and to feel more at home with what Heaven is doing to make you more conscious. In addition, big change is happening to Mother Earth. Your sciences can identify only a small fraction of the changes to her geology, electromagnetics, and gravitics. These myriad earth changes mirror yours, and thus are intentional. Over the last decade change has become exponential each year, and this speeding-up is to flip the planet and humanity into a new state of consciousness. This new state prepares you for our arrival and your return to Full Consciousness. In short, a new reality is something most special, and the work required to manifest it is being done now at a very increased rate. Our part is to let Heaven be in charge and to enter your world formally when so appropriate.

First Contact, as we have long emphasized, is part of this leap in consciousness. We live in a dreamlike realm that permits Heaven and physicality to merge easily. Our role is to be the stewards of this merger and to use Heaven’s wisdom to spread joy, Love, and Light to all of Creation. We come to watch you grow and to ensure that your return to Full Consciousness occurs as planned. The Anunnaki were always seen as a merely temporary intrusion into your reality. Once you learned the lessons they presented, their task was to let go and permit a swift return to your natural state of consciousness. This journey through darkness was to make you a unique and important addition to this galaxy, able to train the vast populations of the former Anchara (dark) Alliance to become fully conscious and true Children of the Light. These many star-nations and former star-empires look forward with joyful expectations to this eventuality! You are to be teachers, mentors, and guides to these many, diverse populations.

Your future roles are only one of the many reasons for our presence here. Welcoming a new star-nation into the fold is a very complex task and one that we deeply enjoy. Many among you work with us and yet do not understand the grand plan that is daily unfolding on your world and throughout this galaxy. We have long watched and conformed to customs in these realms that run counter to what we know and are told by Heaven. Our mission is to use what is now happening here and in the galaxy to ‘lock in’ a new peaceful super-reality. This galaxy is one of thousands that have been mutually attracted to each other, and this setup allows each of us to grow and to assist one another in creatively solving whatever obstacles cross our path. This we have been doing. You have within you many capabilities that can allow you to help solve some major challenges that the Galactic Federation faces in the future.

The road to greater consciousness is often fraught with many strange dilemmas and unforeseen difficulties. A case in point is the present delay happening on your world caused by the Earth allies’ great caution and the cabal’s fear of its approaching nemesis. Now, this phase is almost over. Several factors embedded in your world’s political and economic crises are drawing a noose around the cabal’s agenda, greatly impacting their goals and making their demise inevitable. Our Earth allies are determined to defeat the cabal and bring them to justice, and they fully realize how these ‘factors’ are conspiring to aid them. Thus the time for rejoicing draws closer by the day. Patience and fortitude are a prime virtue at this time, while knowing absolutely that your victory is close. Be ready and have a plan to support what is about to happen.

First Contact is becoming a process that involves governments, private organizations and private citizens. These various groups have been used by us to create a range of scenarios that serve as possible back up plans to what our Earth allies are doing. This weave of many interests serves to assure Heaven that this divine act of First Contact occurs as desired. You are not alone! A vast fleet encircles your planet and pours into your solar system. We have bases on many nearby planets and inside Mother Earth, and this leads us to the subject of our great allies, the Aghartans. They have put their crystal cities at our disposal to house our personnel and have permitted us to build a main base next to their capital, Shamballah. Agharta’s surface personnel have helped us to better understand your global society and to plan what to do first in a post-Contact world.

High drama is transpiring behind the scenes on your world! Changing your global reality peacefully is a most intriguing operation. We have watched as one government after another became overwhelmed by this challenge. The same has happened to many individuals involved in this process. Our prime concern is for your planet and her people to be delivered from the great darkness forged nearly 13 millennia ago by the Anunnaki and their minions. This situation is to be ended by our Earth allies and by First Contact. Remember, First Contact changes everything. Plus, it serves as the last resort if other avenues fail to ensure your release. The cabal knows this, and thus respects us. Our prime intent is for our Earth allies to disburse the prosperity and manifest a number of caretaker regimes.

Today, we continued our discussion and emphasize that your victory is near. The dark is fully aware of this and yet schemes desperately to prevent the inevitable. We are ready, when Heaven so signals, to land on your shores. Above all, be patient, focused, and ready for action when so advised. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Tuesday October 20th, 2009. 13 Akbal, 6 Tzec, 5 Caban
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Selamat Jarin! We come before you with more to say on a number of topics. Around your globe the final great struggle between the dark cabal and our Earth allies is finishing off. The many secret members of this dark group are busy sabotaging the deliveries and the changes in government with only partial success. Consequently, the degree of change that is close to happening is looking to be increasingly severe. The dark seems to be on a scorched-earth policy that is dooming more of them to a most unkind fate. We watch this skullduggery and observe how our Earth allies have become more adept at countering these heinous and unforeseen blows. With each day, the ability of these dark ones to work against the Light decreases enormously, and thus the moment of promised change approaches fast. Those within the various councils of the dark seem wearier and more worried about their looming defeat, and this shift in attitude has brought out a certain careless abandon toward what they are doing and it is clear that their rout is inevitable!

As this plays out, Mother Earth pushes forward with the changes that are to come before you are evacuated from your surface world. She is adjusting more of her surface plates in order to lock them into position. These collisions have caused an increase in seismic activity and ocean volcanism in the plate zones located in the Indian and Pacific Oceans, and this increase is set to augment still further as these operations intensify during the coming year. Likewise, the odd weather associated with ‘global warming’ is to grow more drastic. In this way, Mother Earth is signaling to humanity that the changes to humankind require a swift and all-encompassing resolution, and we have duly acknowledged this message of hers. As we noted in previous updates, we have set up a number of alternate scenarios to carry out this much-needed return to Full Consciousness. You are under a prime decree by Lord Surea to be returned to your natural state of Full Consciousness. A number of special crystal cities are ready in Inner Earth to house you during this time and the procedures for your transfer there are well tested and ready.

What is left is to use the remaining time to aid all of you in achieving the change in governments, to carry out the prosperity and other programs designed to alleviate your present suffering, and to inform you of our presence. Then you can begin to solve the current crises of pollution, want, wars, and accumulated hatreds that have so long plagued you. These things our Earth allies intend to do. A new world filled with amazing technologies long hidden away within the multitude of dark projects undertaken since the end of World War II is the goal behind the agenda of our Earth allies. We have watched the serious interference put up by the dark, yet even these dark ones now realize the hopelessness of their cause. This world of yours is to move in only one direction, which is toward the Light and into the joy of a fully conscious reality. This process is taking a bigger chunk of the divine timeline you are on as the dark uses its acquired technologies to delay our arrival. This process can only go so far before we intervene fully. Bear in mind that our direct intervention alters everything for the dark.

One of the things we have to emphasize is that we fully realize just how we can affect what is happening right now. Your world is moving toward a transition that spans the interval between where you are now and where Heaven desires you to be. Our role is to come early only if necessary. Those who currently run your world remain as arrogant as ever. This stance is only to be expected of a group that has known nothing but special privilege since the dawn of this present age. To push them aside is to make them realize just how fragile their situation now is, which is why they fight with all the resources at their command. What frightens them is to see how quickly their privileges are being dissolved, and we watch as their stranglehold on power slips rapidly away under the attrition of our Earth allies. It is our intention to have this completed imminently and for you to enjoy the sovereignty and freedom guaranteed you by Heaven.

Your struggle to regain your true place in your reality has been arduous and long. Thirteen millennia of strife and deceitful rule by the Anunnaki have robbed you of any remaining memories of who you really are and of your true extraterrestrial origins. This is to be remedied once we land. Our mission then is to prepare you swiftly to accept the great changes that are to happen to you and your world. Right now, the great machine that powers your world is failing. Likewise, a comprehensive ‘extinction’ is beginning to alter the very nature of the ecosystem that surrounds you. This is yet another portent of the huge changes that are coming. To use a timely analogy: Your realm is now going through a winter that is severely testing your reality’s viability to survive and powerfully demonstrating that a series of sweeping transformations are truly the order of the day. The time for great change is upon you!

These changes are to come suddenly. The dark matrix is like a great dam crumbling under the weight of a storm surge that is undermining its foundation and breaching its walls. The sluice gates cannot alleviate what is happening. The rapidly rising waters of the unrelenting storm surge are weakening the entire structure and there seems to be no way out. Yet, until the fatal cracks appear in great numbers, the engineers of this edifice (the dark) cannot give up the hope that they can somehow muddle through. Even as the terminal cracks appear, as they are now doing, they cling to their deranged hope. It is to take the fateful boom of the dam finally giving way to demonstrate the truth of their situation. This is the point at which you now stand. Our Earth allies have done remarkable work and are near the point of all-out victory!

The present period can cause a degree of frustration to all of you. It is not easy to be on edge for so long. The destruction created by the greed of the dark devastated many of you, while others among you watched as continued war and hatred created chaos and prevented the resolution of these difficulties by the world community. The operation to transform your world, as we have mentioned before, is to result in escalating turmoil, as if some unforeseen, immense whirlwind had been dropped on you. This situation is encouraged by the dark. On previous occasions, such dire conditions helped to discourage all who tried to topple the dark, but now a new group has arisen that is unable to be thus dissuaded and is determined to succeed. Thus the scene is set to topple the mighty dam of dark power and forge a new, positive reality for all!

First Contact heralds a new time for all. We have come here to end the UFO cover-up and start the final stage of your journey to Full Consciousness. This part of our mission is now where we are at. We review our options daily and prioritize the best way to aid our Earth allies. But this is merely a small aspect of our work here. We also have strong links to Inner Earth and our allies, the Aghartans. These fully conscious Terrans have helped us greatly to know you and to prepare our schedule for the post-landing meetings with you. Much needs to be discussed and our mutual and equal exchanges are most important to us. We are here to reunite you with Inner Earth and to impart to you our experiences in the realms of the fully conscious. We are more than ready to get these final stages underway!

Today, we continued our exploration into what is going on in your world. We come as a grand expedition of explorers. We have stayed, as a special group at Heaven’s request, to move you gracefully into Full Consciousness. The time comes for action, and the moment approaches for First Contact and a new, fully conscious reality! Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy)!

Tuesday October 27th, 2009. 7 Oc, 13 Tzec, 5 Caban
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Selamat Jarin! We come to talk of the many things getting ready to manifest! Your world is finishing up a great struggle between the agents of the Light and the dark ones who have managed this reality for the past 13 millennia. This conflict is all about the grand transformation that Heaven is now implementing. Her goal for you requires a physical environment far different than the one proposed by the dark, who promises only more ravaging of Mother Earth and more fallacious manipulation of humanity. The increasing extinction of the ecosystem and the strange activities of the Sun and her many daughter planets has demonstrated that this reign is no longer seen to be necessary. In its stead Heaven is proposing something completely different. This new reality is emerging as we speak, and the chaos born of this conflict is a sign of just how weakened the dark cabal has become. Now we await the last vestiges of this brawl. We know that the Divine Plan lays her desires upon the legions of the Light, and we are here merely to accent this and to do so in magnificence when we land among you shortly.

This period of transition is the moment when your global society assesses "what it is all about." For many centuries you have exploited the Earth and wrenched from her such vital resources as metal ores; fuel such as coal and oil; and the basis of your wealth: gold, silver, and precious gems. This continual rape of Mother Earth has brought you to the brink of extinction, and now the crying need for an entirely new way of organizing, providing for, and maintaining your societies requires equally new thought. Historians and prominent philosophers who study your world daily see the ominous writing on the wall, and wonder openly if this society can indeed survive. Increasingly, theoretical science and philosophy go together down this road. Your civilization is at a crossroads; indeed, this watershed moment in your history was prophesied by your ancient and aboriginal peoples. It is the moment when what worked before now utterly fails and needs to be replaced by a new prime consensus. The Maya, the Aborigines, and the ancient Egyptians each explored this moment in their myths and calendars.

We come here to this beautiful blue-green realm at this most propitious time. We have tried to be very clear with you about why First Contact is inevitable. It is the moment which deftly separates you from your recent past. We are ambassadors of change and divine emissaries of consciousness. Heaven and Lord Surea decreed that this period in your growth is to return you to Full Consciousness. Hence, we are currently involved in a two-step mission: The first is to change the relationships in your society and government. To this end a number of programs were developed over the past few decades to ensure that Saint Germaine’s largesse be distributed to the people. "Light workers" are to create a prosperity that alters decisively how the present power constructs in your global societies operate. Then, new caretaker regimes are to take these new relationships and swiftly form policies that free society from the tyranny of the wealthy and powerful, letting an age of renewed democracy and true free republics to flourish.

These are the prime objectives of our Earth allies. Our role is to watch, advise and, if necessary, use our good offices to cajole these things into being. This task is at once pleasurable and difficult: Many major governments have worked secretly to bring about a technology designed to impede what we are talking about. For example, they intended to stage a fake First Contact event in order to discredit us with the public. We prevented such things in the past and continue to warn them against such activities in the future. A special liaison team works with the positive factions in these governments to ensure that the transitional regimes come about. The success of this operation rests on both a legal and a financial foundation, the latter being ready to go. What is taking time is the legal pressure that puts an end to your present governmental tyranny. However, those in charge of this aspect are almost at the point of resolution, which means that the moment of glory and triumph is at hand!

The end point of this stage is First Contact. It is the sword that slashes asunder the Gordian knot that is your dark cabal. The dark knows this and has fought tooth and nail to prevent this moment from happening. We are committed to a divine timetable and to a mass landing on your shores. These things are non-negotiable. It is time for the dark to step aside and permit all to occur. Our patience is infinite; however, the timetable of the Divine is not. When that divine moment is reached, the ships are to land and the time for transformation arrives with us! We have legions of highly trained personnel to help you move quickly into Full Consciousness. All who wish it are to be transformed, becoming the human sustainers of this solar system and your new star-nation. You are to immigrate to Mars and Venus, and eventually to the reconstituted water-planet Pax, the remains of which form your Asteroid Belt.

This move out into the solar system and then into the galaxy is your divine destiny. There, you can use your great abilities to unfold galactic history and to aid all of physical Creation. These are the reasons, among others, for our presence here and why we are pledged to carry out this mass landing on your world. We do this, of course, with the full supervision and assistance of Heaven. It is your divine Hierarchy that is to accompany us to Mother Earth’s surface along with the people from Agharta. This is the time for reuniting the peoples of the surface world with the Aghartans. It is the moment when the great discrepancies proclaimed long ago by the Anunnaki can be disproved and truths long hidden from you be revealed. These disclosures will put an end to the fictions of the dark and allow Light to spread among you once more.

The Galactic Federation is dedicated to returning you to Full Consciousness. The present global conditions are ready to fold into the new reality that we have been describing to you. The current situation is rife with delicate matters that cannot be discussed at present. Major governments possess multiple resources which can be called upon in an emergency. Removing these one by one or, more rarely, in clusters requires great expertise and a judicious degree of force, followed by the means to prove the truth of what we tell them. This is happening as we speak and progressing to the moment of change. While we assist as needed, the denouement needs to be between the two major Earth factions: those of the Light and those of the dark. The time for the victory of the Light, and of yours, is imminent!

The Ascension to Full Consciousness continues unabated. Heaven is preparing you for the next round of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual changes, which are to integrate you to the point where you are ready for the final steps which are to take place in Inner Earth. What we have been describing are the steps required to change the grand illusion that is limited consciousness, which will allow you to accept the Truths embodied in your fifth-dimensional state. The aim is to move you quickly into an acceptance of your True Self and your true abilities. This is to be accomplished by means of the landings and all that swiftly follows. Your destiny is to be a fully conscious one!

Today, we carried on our discussion of what is happening around you. A great change is underway, in which Heaven is to transform you all into fifth-dimensional, fully conscious Beings of Light. All this is transpiring according to the divine decrees of Lord Surea. The Creator is preparing you for a most wondrous surprise! Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Tuesday November 3rd, 2009. 1 Caban, 0 Xul, 5 Caban
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Selamat Balik! We return with more to discuss with you! Your world is drawing closer with each day to the time when all things on your globe transform. This transformation is coming in a number of different forms. First, there are the governmental and fiscal changes. Then come the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual changes that you are personally going through daily. Finally, there are the adjustments that Mother Earth has planned for completely redoing her outer surface. Heaven is carefully monitoring these things. A special timetable is winding down, and quite soon some major events are to manifest in your world. We have the time forecasted in divine prose by the Creator. Heaven and Earth are set to move! A new reality is to appear before you almost in one fell swoop, but before all this happens some final adjustments need to be made. As you know, we are fully ready. A great and sublime ride awaits us all. Fasten your seatbelts and prepare for the unexpected! We have come to a point where our presence needs to be known; it is time to make the forces behind the ongoing UFO cover-up step aside.

Full disclosure is rapidly becoming something we expect from our Earth allies as well as from the major governments of your world. As you approach critical mass, it becomes increasingly silly to insist that you are alone in the universe. Over the past half-decade we have informed hordes of witnesses and supporters about our existence and about what Heaven has proclaimed for this world and its inhabitants. We have also witnessed the lunacy of this UFO cover-up in action: Many who continue to deny our existence do so while setting up a global network of exotic weaponry to be used against us! These ‘toys’ have bankrupted many governments and brought death and ruin to multitudes [N. of E.: of drug addicts]who are the lifeblood of the illegal drug trade set up to pay for the expensive weapons projects designed to prevent our arrival. It is time to end all of this and for these rogues to simply bow out. All their preventive scheming is futile: When Heaven decrees our arrival, it will happen easily and swiftly. Heaven is, after all, the final arbiter.

The remaining moments of this reality are to be about the great changes in your world and the wholesale collapse of the dark. We have watched as the monumental greed and arrogance of this bunch stoked the incessant wars, diseases, and general distress. Most of your reality is pockmarked with the misdeeds of the dark’s minions. This massive abuse usually goes unpunished; indeed, these denizens of the shadows feel themselves to be above the vicious laws their tribunals so eagerly foist upon your hapless world. We have been very clear with them that this divine operation signifies the end of their reign on Earth. It is time for every one of you to experience the freedom of abundance and be able to know the full and outright truth. These truths can sink many religions and sweep aside the bombast and drivel of your governments. These bastard offspring of the Anunnaki have warped your souls by taking Truth and turning it upside down and back to front! The shock of what you are about to learn will truly set you free.

Worlds that are ready to become fully conscious often have to jettison beliefs that were used by the powerful to tame the masses. You are moving into a time of true equality and great responsibility. You are chosen for this because you elected to be the heralds of great change. This is the moment for your activation and, at the right divine time, your empowerment, enabling you to produce the foundation for a new world. Our Earth allies have worked hard to create the financial and governmental instruments for change. These transformative tools are linked to your empowerment and to our First Contact with you. It is no coincidence that contact mirrors your growth in consciousness; Heaven has carefully drawn out this operation for a purpose. We are to help each other and, by so doing, reunite another ‘lost’ branch of the human family with the main trunk of humankind. This reunion we welcome and look forward joyously to conjoining with you.

Mother Earth dearly wishes to return to her original state. She is torn between her five-dimensional inner realm and the three-dimensional outer world. This dichotomy she has precariously maintained for nearly 13 millennia. Your world needs to be upgraded and reunited with her inner ‘sister’ realm. Your sciences deny the obvious and work hard to hoodwink the naïve. It is time to end this charade and let the Light of truth beam its discerning shafts into the murky hallways of your societal structures. This we intend to see happen. Our Earth allies promise that a whole range of startling truths are to air daily once the new transitional governments are installed and fully functional. It is essential to be able to demonstrate the validity of what needs to be disclosed. Our Earth allies realize this and have developed a plan by which all these things are to be done.

We want to emphasize that each of you are given tasks that are appropriate for the abilities you possess for seeing them through to a successful conclusion. The new governance will be free of warring political parties; it will also spell the end of special corporate interests that have long clogged up the legislatures of this world. It is time for you to express your wishes, but only after being adequately informed on the issues of the day. This process can enliven your reality and prepare you to accept the mantle of Full Consciousness. Acceptance opens up whole new perspectives for you, which enable you to consider rationally the many technologies long held back by a host of covert agencies. These run the gamut from free energy to pollution technology and transporter mediums that can quickly transform your global society.

This duty is a mere thimbleful of the responsibilities that you are to assume as a fully conscious Being of Light. Try to imagine the range of feelings and sensibilities that you are to possess once your ‘extra’ fully conscious senses come online. You sense and regulate Creation in accordance with the divine decrees of the Creator. This is a supreme duty and one that we cherish. To return this wondrous gift to you is a very special task for us which we gladly accepted. First Contact is both a physical and a spiritual act. It is no coincidence that your Ascended Masters and special Angels of this holy realm accompany us on our journey to Earth. Our arrival is intended to blast away the toxic half-truths that have been used to dupe and manipulate you into hostilities with your fellows. We come to reunite you and to manifest your freedom and sovereignty.

Events are brewing which herald a new, abundant realm. Secret meetings have brought your world to the brink of a truly remarkable moment. Likewise, we have put the pressure on for disclosure. Once we are officially announced as real and benevolent, a new reality is thrown open. It is one thing to confuse the issue with denials and misinformation and quite another to admit the truth and let a new period of consciousness erupt into being! It is in this shining moment that many things hitherto considered impossible suddenly become very possible. First Contact is all about moving you into this light of truth, thus permitting a cascade of hidden truths to become commonplace and opening up a range of stunning and exhilarating new perspectives.

Today, we continued our ongoing discussion of First Contact and your return to Full Consciousness. We are committed, as is Heaven, to carrying out what the Creator has so decreed. The time for abundance and freedom is neigh. Our mass landing on your shores is inevitable and imminent! Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Tuesday November 24th, 2009. 9 Etznab, 1 Yaxk’in, 5 Caban
Article taken from:

Selamat Jarin! We come again to continue our weekly discussion with you! Around you the struggle between Light and dark plays out. The last dark cabal prevails, but its grip on your world has dwindled considerably and what are now mere finger-holds are slipping fast. Meanwhile, your society continues to wrestle with the disease, chaos, and out-and-out chicanery the dark has unleashed. The necessity for the much-needed distribution of your global abundance weighs heavily upon our Earth allies and their determination to get their massive agenda rolling keeps getting stronger by the day. The moment of their success approaches rapidly and all is in readiness. We monitor everything and do as much for them as Heaven will allow. To help their efforts we have brought forward our program for full ‘UFO’ disclosure. A project that spans nearly this entire decade is close to a series of major breakthroughs. Many key governments on your planet have clubbed together to bring this unveiling to fruition as UFO disclosure can easily become the straw that breaks the dark camel’s back.

Your suffering reaches a point where Heaven hints that a direct approach is required, as your transformation cannot continue to be delayed by the dark. Lord Surea has issued a solemn decree to Heaven’s local Administration that the divinely right moment has arrived to bring down the dark and its many arrogant minions. This decree opens up many possibilities for us as we probe your world for a way to initiate disclosure. At this time we are leaning toward a special conference where a formal joint announcement can be made. Yet to be decided are time and place. We are also working with our Earth allies to end the power of the USA Corporation and to set up an interim regime. These tasks demonstrate how committed we are to changing your world for the better by (for starters) transforming your planet’s most powerful government back into a de jure republic. As we have mentioned before, our complex involvement in your affairs is unique in the annals of our nearly countless First Contact missions. Our intention is to ensure that this contact moves smoothly from ‘unique’ to something much more normal.

This push forms the cornerstone of our mission. As you know, you are moving from a limited to a fully conscious Being. Many in some of your governments want this sacred operation stopped by whatever means necessary, or at least delayed. This motivation lays behind the many unconscionable acts that have sickened parts of your population, and it fuels further plans to unleash deadly pandemics upon you. The panic among the dark ones that this attests to is only just beginning to surface. Schemes to steal your abundance are also ongoing, and this constitutes the least of their outrages. They have plans to stage false UFO invasions, rev up the intensity of their illegal wars, and instigate an even more disastrous economic calamity. We keep tabs on this perfidy and observe that the global elements of this military-corporate-media complex are using every last trick in their very black book! These plots involve huge amounts of dark government programs. Naturally, we keep our Earth allies fully informed about what the cabal is up to.

In short, a vast, powerful establishment is working feverishly to prevent our coming and to keep our presence from the public. Normally this very hostile treatment of us would lead us to conclude that you are not yet ready for contact; we would then watch from afar to see if you could actually survive. In your case, this is not an option as First Contact has been divinely decreed. We have even involved to a much greater extent than is usual the many Aghartans (Inner Earthers) who have long embedded themselves in your many global societies. This puts some of them in danger, and others right in the path of these panicked dark cabalists. We have jeopardized their cover in the interests of making your governments aware that a great deal of energy is being expended by us to let the dark ones know the degree of determination being brought to bear to carry out the Divine Plan for Earth. This led to some deaths among the Terran associates of the undercover personnel, but despite these troubles we will not falter!

We are working closely with individuals who have access to many of the key resources of these dark ones; it is our intention to bring into focus the remaining dark plots. We are using this information to set up a formula for a successful disclosure conference. As you can imagine, this operation is highly secret, but it is important to let you know that we are pursuing this option diligently. A number of key leaders are doing what is necessary to prepare you for this coming event. The time left is getting short, and so we have given top priority status to a number of projects along the lines stated above, backed by contingency plans for all other possible eventualities. Thus you are in the final moments of your present reality. We are going to see this through, and transform your world sufficiently to allow First Contact to be readily plausible. This moment verily draws near!

As we look at your world we see a powerful cabal that is losing its control and ultimately unable to counter the deep inroads made by the Earth allies. We also see a group that is devilishly cunning but which just does not know how to sensibly let go. Your world is falling into a great abyss which our arrival in part prevents. Further, our Earth allies now comprehend the grand implications of what is happening to you: This transformation transcends by far any past massive upheaval in your history, such as the sudden overthrow of an empire; this time you will see fantastic new technologies appear, accompanied by the fully formed scientific explanations and spiritual concepts to go with them. Then you will move beyond even these. You are entering a new reality that is to stretch well into your future. This time is thus unique, and constitutes a portal to something utterly compelling: a new level of global consciousness!

We recognize this and see the unfolding events as a process which is pushing you toward your meeting with us and onwards to your divine destiny. First Contact is an intrinsic part of all this and comes none too soon. Your pace is quickening. Heaven’s plans are revealing the ways in which this is to become known to you, and the whole disclosure process is moving in tandem with this. Your society needs to see clearly that it is not alone and that what is to happen is not threatening. Far from it! Your innocence, or more properly your ignorance, about who we are is to be resolved in a very profound way. We welcome this imminence. Each day we prepare our crews to brief a number of major friendly governments and we feel these meetings are getting quite close to full UFO disclosure.

We are describing to you the means which, in one way or another, are to bring you relief from many mounting calamities. Your reality is already within the early stages of transformation and this reality shift is starting to accelerate. Our ships and crews are trained and ready to carry out the vital "go" order from Heaven. We wait and we act in accordance with what we have been told. Mother Earth is also ready to transform. Indeed, the entire solar system is beginning to change in consonance with the Divine Plan. All this is tied to your move into Full Consciousness. You are approaching the zero minute for this to manifest. Meanwhile, we monitor everything and are in joy over the things you are about to experience and the celebration that is nigh!

Today, we discussed the many things we are doing to bring all this to its divine conclusion. You are close to your transformation into Full Consciousness. Our role is to be announcer and mentor for this operation. We welcome this and joyfully anticipate our meeting and the celebration once your Full Consciousness is achieved. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Tuesday December 1st, 2009. 3 Chicchan, 8 Yaxk’in, 5 Caban
Article taken from:

Selamat Balik! We come again with more to tell you. Many bodily changes brought on by your transformation into Full Consciousness are creating new areas of pain or discomfort in your physical bodies. At present the new diaphragm chakra is bringing up old memories from your youth or childhood. This is the repository for physical emotions of either joy or pain. As these emotions are released, your mind receives fleeting images of the incidents associated with the emotions being released. These discharges then trigger buried memories also held in your heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, and spleen, all of which can create a certain amount of havoc in your system, prodding long-dormant, old injuries to quicken again. These releases can bring on great joy, and many of you are having these positive and negative flashes at odd moments throughout the day. It is wonderful to see this happening to you as it is yet another sign of the transformations that are affecting your reality. They constitute a herald of what is to come!

Mother Earth is changing at a rate more to your liking. She dearly wishes to roll her inner energies out upon her surface. In other words, she intends to bring her surface world into alignment with the inner. In so doing, Mother Earth upgrades her surface duality into a unity which is fully aligned with the infinite. This operation is part of a larger one that is changing your solar system and preparing her to rejoin us. This process raises your realm up out of the dark’s control and into a realm where the full and visible Light of the Creator shines brightly and indelibly within all. The uncertainties of the dark dualistic world will evaporate changing the way you think and feel. You are then restored to a flawless and vibrant exchange with Heaven and with each other. Galactic societies live for and within this impeccable web of Light, which confers a knowing that is at present beyond your grasp. Nevertheless, you can attain a glimpse of this state when you meditate, or even during a moment of deep quiet and grace. This state of divine wisdom is to become more available to you on a daily basis.

This gradual reinstatement is to return you to the natural state that you enjoyed over 13 millennia ago. As you come to remember this time, we anticipate a large increase in the queries you will have for us during our nightly appointments with you. At night, we work to dismantle the wholly illogical way you were downgraded into your present weakened state of physical existence. Here, we need to retrace your steps and reveal some ancient history. Mother Earth knew, eons ago, of this upcoming dark time and waited patiently for this trying odyssey to unfold. Now, she wants you to understand the connection between your present predicament and those special events back in the end-days of Atlantis. Furthermore, a certain element was in play back then which was to limit severely what the Atlanteans were able to achieve before their fall. This element was the offspring who were dedicated to a full return to the Light, and they became part of the original realm now called Agharta. This Inner Earth world was preserved from the time when Mother Earth was first colonized.

You have a history that is unique. The first chapters describe a world that is very different from the present one. It is peopled by fully conscious Beings. These were quite ethereal, and to dream of this time is to enter a land that many of your aboriginal peoples call ‘dream time.’ This period prevailed for hundreds of thousands of years. It is the so-called Eden that is mentioned in many holy works. This world was shanghaied by the Atlanteans some 15,000 years ago and experiments began which were denounced by the Lemurians and other ‘daughter’ lands. This outcry did not stop the dark and the Atlanteans. Heaven watched and allowed only the first stages of this heinous plot to unfold. Then, as if by magic, these nefarious activities were thwarted. Nevertheless, by this time two distinct realms were in existence: a duality-ruled surface world, controlled by the Anunnaki, and an inner world that retained the Light and the Love of the early Lemurian Empire.

Since then, your history became peppered with ‘golden ages’ interspersed with great destruction. Civilizations were leveled by fire, flood, and the thunderbolts of an irate Anunnaki. False creator myths were invented by the mystic ‘sky lords’ to explain to a confused humanity that these strange unworldly tyrants were in reality a kind and wondrous race that was worthy of humanity’s worship and unquestioning loyalty. This relationship was nurtured by the Anunnaki and interfered with, only when necessary, by Heaven. Her purpose was to prepare you for your future reunion with Agharta. You gleaned much wisdom during these 13 millennia, and received a most ‘special gift’ that you were going to need to unfold physical Creation. Now the time comes to transform this dark duality and return you to a true sense of Self. To this end, Heaven fashioned a First Contact mission and brought together an on-planet group to carry out this most urgent task!

First Contact is the culmination of this long and arduous operation. Our arrival here coincided with a number of things that Heaven was doing to offset the dastardly goals of the Anunnaki. A more direct type of First Contact mission was our initial operating plan. But the advent of the Peace of Anchara in the mid-1990s changed the global conditions. This shake-up led us to contact those who have now become our Earth allies and to undertake a vastly expanded type of First Contact. We were to use these enlightened ones to act as a forerunner to contact, and over the past decade these plans jelled, resulting in a scenario we are close to completing. Our intention is to have various changes of government, followed by a series of formal broadcasts recognizing our benevolent existence. This will permit us to introduce ourselves to you.

Our immediate concern is to bring the disaster that is presently unfolding around you to a rapid and successful end. Each day we watch the immense perfidy of these dark ones! Your world can no longer exist with these wrongdoers at the helm; a new and fairer way is now of the essence. This last dark outpost, your world, which the cabal laid out at the end of World War II, served them well. It is time to turn away from the cliff-edge, bring in your prosperity, and learn to work internationally with each other. This forms a lead-in to what we will bring. Mother Earth and this planetary system need to transform. The imprints of former animosities are no longer appropriate. The coming period is meant for peace, and for a whole host of wondrous revelations that are a prelude to Full Consciousness.

This is not a time for calamity. It is a time for successfully infusing enough Light into your world to foment major change. This change is to be positive in nature, and will realign your constructs toward beneficial influences. A world calibrated to respond largely to dark input was long the way in which your world was manipulated by the Anunnaki and, more recently, by their minions, the last dark cabal. These groups are now in decline and ready to relinquish their reins to you and other Light Workers like our Earth allies. We are firmly behind all of this. However, we must hold to a divine timetable set up by the Creator and solemnly administered by Heaven. This timetable is behind the powerful decrees given by Lord Surea and taken as Truth by the Divine! Thus, the time is at hand for action and for the manifesting of a new, prosperous reality!

Today, we come as joyful heralds of a new reality. We speak in the name of Heaven and command that a new reality be proclaimed upon your world! We watch and await the signals which announce the start of many wonderful things! Let us rejoice in the knowledge that the grand plan of Heaven is unfolding before us! Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven is indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Tuesday December 8th, 2009. 10 Eb, 15 Yaxk’in, 5 Caban
Article taken from:

Selamat Jarin! We come today with more things to discuss. The process for change is making headway! We are currently fully involved in a push to bring about the collapse of your present reality. To achieve this, we have instructed our liaison teams to focus on and accelerate an alternative plan in which a number of your major governments acknowledge our existence. We find that the last dark cabal is strengthening its resistance even as we apply measures that are to lead to its downfall. This stubbornness manifests as a slew of stalling tactics which have slightly delayed the momentum of our Earth allies, turning the behind-the-scenes face-off into a veritable cold war situation. As a result we are seriously considering a number of options that involve a more open level of support for our Earth allies. We have detailed new liaison teams to advise our Earth allies on possible new tactics. We do not want to intervene directly until the disclosure conferences are over and the main instrument for implementing the dark agenda (the current US regime) is ousted legally from power.

The situation is to worsen before it gets better. We understand the implications of this and are asking our Earth associates to complete what they are on the brink of accomplishing. The need for change is quickly becoming an imperative for us and Heaven is carrying out all that has been mandated by the Divine Plan. An essential aspect of this mission is that contact not be scary or seen to be in any way a direct move against your governments. However, the primary directive here is to ensure that your transformation into Full Consciousness occurs as planned. The dark cabalists understand the immense odds they are up against but nevertheless are more fearful even of what is to happen once they give in and surrender to the Light. However, their fears are misplaced! Yes, their previous actions do have consequences, but our role does not include that of executioner! The changes are not about subjecting them to their own brand of vicious justice but about carrying out a propitious act of Divine Grace.

This process is more in the nature of rehabilitation, which can allow these former denizens of the dark to come to realize a number of things about themselves and their sacred links to all life. It is to be carried out by the Aghartans acting in sacred concert with Heaven. Heaven is not about pain and suffering but about Love and Divine Grace. We are here to be your mentors and teachers. Ours is not to conduct a violent intervention into your reality as the dark ones are keen to have you believe. The scenario of something monstrous from "outer space" suddenly hurtling itself upon you lies at the core of your science fiction media and has been drilled into you for over six decades. This fear is now deep within you and you ask us, how can you determine our true motives? As always, the answer lies in your heart knowing. Use your intuitive logic to discern the truth, for this is your link to the Divine. The dark sees the present time as its last chance for survival and has pulled out all its stops to defer our actions. But as you know, the cabal is destined to fail.

The present conditions contain within them a slight chance for the dark to prolong things. This is why we are pursuing the option of getting one or more of your major governments to introduce us formally and invite us to come and visit them. In this event, we can make a much smaller First Contact and ensure that your deliveries are carried out and the required global announcements made. We repeat: First Contact changes everything. It transforms your reality and can come as a big wake-up call to many of you. This is a requirement that is to be met head on by your Ascended Masters. Their appearance is to lead to peace and enhanced global cooperation, and is to provide the catalyst for wide-ranging discussions that are to introduce a great many things that your religions have either distorted or largely ignored. These topics will be explored well after this limited contact is over.

Once this ‘introduction’ scenario is underway we intend to bring in the rest of our landing parties. With this act the dark is vanquished, and the prosperity promised you can then manifest. Thereafter, the principle scenario we have been discussing with you can go ahead. As for the exact dates for all this, it would be silly of us to disclose this aspect of our plans as we want to keep the dark on edge. We have a number of irons in the fire and what happens exactly is dependent on factors that change daily, even hourly. What we can say is that we do not intend to see your suffering become as great as the dark’s machinations would seem at present to suggest. A divine edict guides us and we are to do what Heaven so prescribes. This is leading to the above reappraisal of the situation. In any event, victory is close.

It is important for us to reiterate that we are working in concert with the Divine to achieve success. First Contact is the exact point where your reality changes inexorably and emphatically for the better. Everyone working toward this end knows this. Yet, we cannot simply swoop down without some form of effective preamble. As it is, your media and entertainment industries have recently conjured up some terrifying "what if" scenarios which require dispelling. This is another reason for our move to the alternative plan mentioned above. There are other ways to initiate contact, and we are exploring them too. We have a sacred responsibility to carry out a First Contact that achieves the objectives given to us by Heaven, and the dark’s unending machinations cannot deflect us from this task.

We are determined to utilize every positive means to achieve First Contact and are, as we speak, studying various avenues that we previously dismissed. We come here as family members, ready to expedite a sacred intervention that is to give you the means to return to Full Consciousness. Already your Ascended Masters are setting energies that permit us to transform the present situation easily and quickly. Heaven has a plan, a Divine Plan. This plan is not a rescue, but rather a way to effect the change necessary to return you to Full Consciousness. We, along with the Aghartans, have come up with a way to allow all we have talked about to manifest. The coming time is therefore for setting the energies swiftly and bringing about the necessary overture to First Contact.

There are groups on your world that form part of our Earth allies and that hold positions of power given to them long ago by a number of somewhat lesser known (to you) Ascended Masters. Within these groups are powers that have not been implemented on your world since blessed Lemuria passed beneath the waves. The moment arrives for these energies to be activated again in order to recycle a true conclusion to the vast energies of this present processional period. This energy has many gifted chelas who wait patiently for the divine word to be given. Then, from within the Earth’s core and the rituals of the Aghartans this energy can flow up to the surface world. When properly evoked, this energy can change everything! Be ready.

Today, we continued our talk about Mother Earth’s transformation and focused on alternative scenarios. Things are getting close! First Contact is most sacred to us and is not taken lightly. Once the proper prequels are in place and we receive the green light, First Contact happens quickly and smoothly. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Tuesday December 15th, 2009. 4 Cauac, 2 Mol, 5 Caban
Article taken from:

Selamat Jarin! We return with more to discuss with you. Everywhere, your world is preparing to transform. The collapse of your economic and financial systems is a precursor to the shake-up about to take place in the political and social sectors. A new world is pushing up through the now-gaping cracks of your reality and is already forging new ways for your social and political systems to function. These changes are gaining momentum in many parts of your globe; the green movement and new approaches in medicine and banking, among others, are redefining the way your societies perceive themselves. This movement is geared toward local, practical solutions that break the grip that large multinationals have exercised over you for 60-odd years. This "small is beautiful" approach shows our Earth allies how the bigger reforms they plan can accelerate what is happening at the grass-roots level. Another key guiding principle here is "we are one." Extensive associations of such groups network with each other on the Internet, blurring national and ethnic boundaries and bolstering each others’ campaigns.

This nascent global web demonstrates what needs to be done on a much larger scale, yet your mainstream media remains silent about this phenomenon. These interwoven groups are determined to create programs that tackle growing pollution, the development of credit in small communities, and new ways to bring medical personnel to understaffed communities. As the old systems collapse the world needs to re-form along new lines; ones that take into account the rising consciousness and that extend the benefits of this modern age to all citizens of Mother Earth. This momentum is encouraged and supported by our Earth allies. The coming prosperity is the massive catalyst that can produce a transformational tour de force! Our Galactic Federation personnel, embedded for decades within these global networks, have done their part to ensure the growth of these myriad inventive endeavors, all of which we have assiduously catalogued. We stand ready at a moment’s notice to help these enterprises flourish and prosper.

These small projects are to have a profound effect on what is to happen once the regime changes occur. Our Earth allies report to us daily on their progress against the dark cabal. Indeed, in the last few weeks some amazing breakthroughs have happened. The cabalists’ sphere of influence is shrinking, but they still possess a large amount of control over several major governments. As long as this grip holds sway, progress is stalled. Hence, our Earth allies are now focusing primarily on forcing the ‘puppets’ in charge of these regimes to resign or give up the formal reins of power. This strategy, too, has been close to success at times. The decisive factor, this time around, is the presence of much-needed safeguards to ensure the success of the regime changes. When the time comes again for the definitive thrust, measures will be in place to prevent the insider duplicity that scuttled previous attempts at regime change. The personnel for the temporary regimes have long been ready, and await their opportunity to assume their positions of authority.

Evidence of global change is largely ignored by your mass media. Only those who are attuned to these social and economic currents are aware of the implications of these micro-movements. From our perspective, we see the new consciousness spreading like wildfire. New ways of social and group interaction is the engine driving these developments. In fact, these methods could be described as a primitive version of fluid group dynamics in so far as each group reflects the level of expertise of its combined membership. It is exciting to watch other groups’ interest in these networks and to see them tapping in to the Internet conversations and adding their knowledge and skills to the mix. In this way the ability to put these new organizational techniques to use is growing in leaps and bounds. Our liaison personnel are also now active in this arena. Moreover, this new knowledge is spawning a leadership that is starting to comprehend the power of this new social tool. It extends also to the way our Earth allies do business.

We watch as this consciousness proliferation begins to manifest a whole new reality matrix. New insights spring up from the confluence and interaction of these diverse groups. These now resemble primitive neural networks, and as they grow in complexity, they attract increasingly cogent and pertinent information. This global web is beginning to mesh into a more complex pattern, and as the ‘synapses’ proliferate, the constituent parts of the collective are motivated to see everything more holistically. This means that new ideas are seen as viable additions, not threats. Like a computer gathering files, these holistic networks become both mentor and innovator for the whole. These groups, flying still largely below the mainstream radar, gather strength as they reach out for more and more useful data, and soon their time to make their mark will be upon them.

Thus you have a micro- and a macro-level preparing for change. The missing ingredient is the grand global prosperity and the formal encouragement from the top that will ignite this waiting tinderbox of change. This is why we focused on this aspect today. Your new reality happens because the blueprint is already forming in the guise of a new web of societies more self-sustaining and decentralized, predicated on the need to come together to foment change. Innovation frequently happens haphazardly and our organizational tools can smooth the process of integrating change by honoring the innovators. This growing open-mindedness toward change is a symptom of the new consciousness. Your inventors are being accepted and recognized for what they can contribute. In fact, a section of the new web built up around innovation is beginning to contribute to the direction these networks are heading in.

Your world is in transition. Often such transitions go unrecognized for decades until a movement in a major nation brings the new ideas to the fore. Your case demands a swifter response, and the answer is the Internet. Your electronic age is about to move beyond the Internet. The rise of more personal communication devices coupled with a generation raised within their purview is changing how you interact with one another. Again, this merely reflects your rising consciousness. Your perceptions of yourselves and your world are morphing out of all recognition because of your exploding information age. A new Internet generation mirrors the arrival of the crystal children, and together they form the first underpinnings of the consciousness revolution. This is combining with your environmental and economic crises to fashion a new reality.

First Contact is a watershed that takes all we have been talking about to new heights. Your society goes to the brink of transformation and, at a stroke, achieves it! The final stages of your journey to Full Consciousness are to be completed quickly after we arrive. The UFO disclosure is an important part of this process and the leadership of our Earth allies realizes this fully. Long discussions between them and us resulted in a comprehensive scenario that leads to Full Consciousness. Those who realize that your world is changing watch in awe as even the growing chaos of your world cannot deter them from their sacred tasks. Ahead lies a world of wonders, prosperity, First Contact, and Full Consciousness!

Today, we discussed a number of subjects that are very pertinent to the coming of First Contact. We looked at the micro- and macro-levels of change and their relationship to what our Earth allies have planned. A movement is underway that is very close to achieving its goals, thus permitting a massive First Contact. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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