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Great Invocation
Major Invocation
Universal Invocation
Planetary Invocation
Mantram of Azembor, Spirit of Peace
Mantram of Circulation of Light
Formula of Protection

Decree of Love
We Invoke Thee, Lord
Peace in the Middle East
Prayer of the Seven Directions
Mantram of Unity of World Disciple
Invocation of Archangel Michael
Invocation to Create Projecting the Violet Light


By Lord Maitreya through Ascended Master Djwhal Khul
(Gender-free Version)

"To prepare men for the reapparition of Christ (the World Instructor)… This is the first and biggest duty. The most important part of that work is to teach men—in ample scale— to employ the Great Invocation so that it becomes a world prayer, and to focus the invocatory demand of humanity."
"The Exteriorization of the Hierarchy" ("La Exteriorización de la Jerarquía"), page 527. Djwhal Khul (The Tibetan Master)

Ascended Master Djwhal Khul, the Tibetan

From the Point of Light Within the Mind of God,
Let Light Stream Forth Into the Minds of All,
Let Light Descend on Earth.

From the Point of Love Within the Heart of God,
Let Love Stream Forth Into the Hearts of All,
May Christ Return to Earth.

From the Center Where the Will of God is Known,
Let Purpose Guide Our Little Wills,
The Purpose the Masters Know and Serve.

From the Center Which We Call the Human Race
Let the Plan of Love and Light Work Out,
And May It Seal the Door Where Evil Dwells.

Let Light, Love, and Power Restore the Plan on Earth.

Major Invocation

Unknown Author. Original in Spanish, translation.  Centro Lusitano de Unificación Cultural, Argentinean Delegation,

From the sublime Presence in our hearts,
Oh Christ
!, Oh Redeemer!,
Receive the ardent flame of our Great Love!

From the Real Presence that crowns our minds,
Oh Christ
!,  Oh Potentate!,
Welcome the Rising Light and the awaken Power!

From the timid embryo of our intelligence,
Oh Redeemer
!,  Oh Holy One!,
Fabricate your staff, order to weave Thy mantle!

Because we want to close the door to evil forever,
Oh Christ
!,  Oh Our Brother!,
Show us Thy face and stretch out Thy hand!

May Light, Love and Power of the Father
Be manifested by Thy medium,
Over us, in us and by us
Eternizing the Plan on Earth!



Unknown Author

In the name of all the people of the Earth
Let us join our hearts to the Rhythm of the Cosmos
And invoke the greatness of the Universal Power
With the living appeal of our souls.

Oh Lord of Love and Light,
Master of Knowledge of all times and places,
Come join the divided parts, all the yearnings,
All the beliefs, all the gleams, all the lives!

Give us the Courage, give us the strength to serve!
Give us the Peace, give us the strength of virtue!
Give us, oh Master, the Power of the Word
So that the Kingdom may come, forever, on Earth!

We affirm Thee as the Will of God!
We affirm Thee as Love consecrated!
We affirm Thee as the Wisdom of God!
And we manifest Thee in the world as Light and Truth!

All of us, Lord, we live with Thee in us!



By Unknown Author

From the centre of the Universe,
from the depths of the Being,
from the heart of the Cosmos,
may the Fire descend to Earth!

May it burn the useless,
may it destroy putrefaction,
may it kindle new lights!

From each small presence
in the hearts of the beings
who inhabit the entire Earth,
may the Fire rise to the Heavens!

May the Flame rise and shine!
May the Flame melt the form!
May the form no longer bind!

The Fires of Matter and Spirit are but one!
The whole Earth is Fire, is Light, is Christ,
is a Sun in the Sky, a Star of Freedom!

I AM the Love, I AM the Light, I AM the Christ!

Mantramof Azembor, Spirit of Peace

PRAYER OF PEACE. Original in Spanish, Translation

Master Azembor

From the cosmic point of great concentration, LET THERE BE LIGHT: spring forth the illumination in the minds of men.
From the cosmic point of attraction and repulsion, let the will of the guardians of the DIVINE BEING be fulfilled: be reestablished the correct relationship between men and men, living beings and gods.
From the great point of cosmic synthesis of the TRINITY, be reestablished the thread of reality: Be made the ONE in All, for All, through All.


   Mantram of Circulation of Light

Unknown Author. Original in Spanish, Translation.

That the Solar Light of Christ overflow and fill all channels,
That all channels, in perfect union, form a distributing grid.
That this Planetary Light illumine all the corners of the Earth.
That Earth be Christed turning into a Star of Freedom.
That in this Great Communion of Light we fulfill our mediating function
being already… now… the CHRIST IN ACTION.


Formula of Protection

Unknown Author. Original in Spanish, translation.  Centro Lusitano de Unificación Cultural, Argentinean Delegation,

For all groups that work for the Light

In the Name of Love that gave us Life,
In the Name of Power that sustains us,
In the Name of Light, to which we follow,
We affirm the Presence of the Divine.
To guard and protect,
To transmute and lead
The Service we offer!
May descend over the world
The indispensable Force of Virtue!
May manifest in us
The Glorifying Power of Oneness!
May darkness be dissolved
With a luminous stroke of Truth!
In the Love of God, we work,
In the Power of Love, we trust!

Decree of Love

Unknown Author
(Original in Spanish, Translation)

In the name of God in action that I AM, I invoke the Violet Flame transmuting for all life against the will of God Father/Mother.

I also invoke the White Flame of Purity and Ascension, the Rose Flame of Divine Love and Comfort, the Green Flame of Truth and Healing, the Golden Flame of Illumination and Wisdom, the Blue Flame of Faith and Protection, and, lastly, the Golden Ruby Flame of Peace and Grace.

And I ask all of this eternally sustained and powerfully active until all life have come back to the divine perfection it Is.

So Mote It Be, Beloved I AM.

We Invoke Thee, Lord

Ludy Mellt Sekher©

(Original in Spanish, Translation)

We invoke you, Our Lord, so your Divine Presence illumines the planet!!

O Infinite Love that has descended to us and has manifested in multiple aspects:  We implore you to dissipate hatred and fill human hearts with your love.

Divine Presence I AM:  We invoke you always, in all difficulties of our lives, because we have faith and hope that where you are the difficulties will dissipate, as does darkness before light.

Bless us, O Lord, in Thy grace bless all the human beings that contribute with their work, be it personal, professional, scientific or public, in the physical and spiritual improvement of this planet, who are Thy children.  Bless all who day and night invoke Thee and are in Thy presence.  Bless all who are in silent prayer with us.

Blessings, Lord, for the demised, for the wounded ones and their families, the children, the elderly.  Blessings, Lord, for this brotherly land and, Lord:  a very special blessing for those future children that were not able to be born… So Mote It Be!

Peace in the Middle East

From Church Universal and Triumphant

"The entire Middle East is a setup. It is a setup of the fallen ones and the conspiracy of the fallen ones." (Shiva, 9/78).
"The Middle East has been long considered the trump card of the fallen ones.  If all else fails, they still intend to explode that condition in the Middle East." (Shiva, 9/78).
"The masters must know whom they can count upon at every hour of the day or night when dealing with world crises." (El Morya, 3/75).


Some examples of hourly spiritual calls could be:

1. In the name of Sanat Kumara and Mighty Astrea and the Seven Mighty Elohim, I call for megatons of blue lightning and Violet Flame to descend into the entire Middle East and into all records of the destruction of Maldek carried in the memory bodies of the people embodied there.  I call for waves of peace from the heart of Peace and Aloha and Lady Master Nada to calm the raging waters of the astral plane in the Middle East.

2. In the name of Sanat Kumara and Saint Germain, I call for Violet Flame to flood the Middle East and to extinguish and transmute the ancient records of Maldek and the fallen ones who would use these violent energies and hatreds to destroy the earth.

Prayer of the Seven Directions

Mayan Permission to the Elementals

Unknown Author. Original in Spanish, Translation.

It is recited standing, with palms facing up and towards the front, looking to the 4 cardinal points as the verses are said, when it says "of the lower house of the earth", we should kneel a knee on earth and rest the palms of the hands on the earth.  When it says "from the central source of the galaxy"again standing with hands up and towards heaven and especially with all intention of LOVE FOR ALL EARTH AND ALL THAT LIVES ON HER.

From the "East" House of Light
May wisdom be opened as dawn over us
So we can see the houses with clarity.

From the "North" House of Night
May wisdom mature in us
So we do what needs to be done.

From the "West" House of Transformation
May wisdom be transformed in right action
So we do what needs to be done.

From the "South" House of the Eternal Sun
May the right action give us harvest
So we can enjoy the fruits of the planetary Being.

From the "Higher" House of Paradise
Where are gathered people of the stars and the ancestors
May blessings come to us now.

From the "Lower" House of Earth
May the throb of the heart of the Planetary Crystal
Bless us with its harmonies so we end war.

From the "Central" Source of the Galaxy
That is in all places at the same time
May all be recognized as light of mutual love.


Central Sun of the Galaxy, Save the Harmony of the mind and nature.

Mantram of Unity of World Disciple

Unknown Author. Original in Spanish, Translation.

The children of men are one and I am one with them.
I try to love and not hate;
I try to serve and not demand service;
I try to heal and not hurt.

May the pain bring the due reward of Light and Love.
May the soul control the external form,
Life and all events
And bring to light the underlying love of all which is happening at this time.

 May the vision and internal perception come;
May the future be revealed;
May the inner vision be demonstrated;
May external divisions cease.

May love prevail;
May all men love.

Invocation to Archangel Michael

Unknown Author. Originals in Spanish, Translation.

O Beloved and Mighty ARCHANGEL MICHAEL!, we invoke your protection and assistance to destroy the error in our lives and in all the world.  Protect all people that work for the LIGHT, serving for the concretion of the Divine Plan over the planet.  Help us with your Blue Flaming Sword by destroying all negative thought, feeling, fear and all that obstructs the God’s Plan for the world, in us and in all humanity.  So Mote It Be.

Another invocation of protection to Archangel Michael:

Oh, Defender of the One! Let thy faithful solders, those who cover themselves with Thy Being, surround me and protect me.  Turn me impermeable to trickery, give me the elixir of discernment and light in me the Light of the Absolute, keep away from me pride and let humility sit in my throne and thus I be able to fulfill my mission of servant, and faithful and lovingly interpret the part that corresponds to me in this Plan that I serve until exhaustion, and beyond it, in the succession of cycles, in the passing of millennia, until the integral reunion of the parts in the All sings the eternal glory of Love and, forever, perpetuates the Kingdom.  I venerate Thee, AUM!  I reiterate Thee, AUM!  For All and in All, GLORY in the Love of One!

Invocation to Create Projecting the Violet Light

Prayer given by Margarita Muñoz and channeled by her grandson Elías Tabja in 1997 in the City of Santiago de Chile.

The beings of Light say that it should be prayed imagining that the voice comes out with a violet and/or green color.

I AM pure energy,
I AM Created and Creator,
I summon the Cosmos
To carry out its labor
Since I ask too much, I know,
But I Am Giver too.
What I ask for be Created
And not be blocked
As I know that I AM
Who has created it.


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