Iraqi Children Are Children of Light

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Iraqi Children Are Children of Light

Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germain
Wednesday May 12, 2004

Saint Germain through Nancy Tate. Taken from: . Published in this website on May 23, 2004.

St. Germain here, I would like to report on some activity that is taking place on the other side of the globe, as we speak. Within reach of several ministers of good will in Iraq are many people who are taking the initiative and exploring the countryside for weapons that have not as yet been discharged. These people are in full co-operation and protection with the light forces who have stepped in and lent a hand in the situation there. Because of the nature of the work, those brave ones who are scouring the desert are carrying with them the ultimate protection that anyone can have. They are well suited to carry on in this endeavor, and there will be no harm come to them.

These ones have volunteered to go on this mission, for they have seen the carnage that is taking place in various sectors of that area of the world. They are united in their work and in their esteem with the wonders of the galactic brothers and sisters who are working alongside them. These ones are within their almighty power and are carrying forth in this way in order to pave the way for the development of the criteria for the proof of what has been taking place. Cameras are being employed, and voice reports are being made in order for these discoveries to be documented.

One day soon, there will be no doubt in the world’s mind that this has been a deliverance of goods, as you would say, to the population that has been under the influence of the lies of the governments of the world. There will be a grand awakening once those who have been asleep begin to wake up and see what is really before their eyes. Then, my friends, once the shock and awe has worn off, they will feel a new power begin to emerge from within and raise their awareness to heights that promote compassion and steadfastness to the truth of their Spirit, rather than to be swept into an energy of revenge.

The world is on the verge, dear ones, of finding the truth of who is in control here on earth. The people will come together and bring the truth of their inner knowing to the table and spread it out for all to see. This is not a weak transpiring that we see here, but a total and complete return to the authority that has for so long been suppressed. We are coming into a new beginning of the age of the mighty. There will be no more cover-ups and no more tyranny once the truth of the history of mankind is shown to the world.  When these evidences of truth and others that are being gathered and brought forth are in the public eye, there will be a shakeup that will stir the world and bring certain parties to their knees.

We encourage you all to proceed with what will be happening in your world with a great deal of peace and compassion. Fill your hearts with love, and you will find the way of dealing with what you are about to witness much easier. There are no short cuts to the truth now, my friends, and when it is all revealed then the bonds will fall away, and the freedom that is promised will be your way of life.

We ask that you bring all that you know to the table in your life, and sort through what you see lain before you. When you do so, allow yourself to view it with your heart. Feel what it brings you, and relate that which you find to the rest of the world. Note the similarities, and then if you find some areas that you seek to enhance, do so, and see that it carries out to the rest of the world. This is how you heal the world, by each of you healing your world and seeing that stretched out for all of eternity.

The children in Iraq are children of light. Some of them see what their fate is; some of them see that they have a great gift to give the world, and they do so with a glow of beauty, even as they leave a trail of tears. These children are children of God, and in their gifts they allow the sweetest resonance to wave forward in a sweet refrain of change and blessings. They are the children who will be returning and becoming the leaders of this new world. These children will follow in the dreams that they create, the ones that they see now for this blessed planet they choose to return to in the chorus of angels who beckon to them now. Cry not for them, lest they be tears of a bright new tomorrow, for they are light of heart, and shining in their moment of truth.

From where we stand here in the realm that is ever so much closer to you now, we see all the soldiers from every walk of life and every part of the globe who come to the gates of heaven and beam their love and their joy down to the earth that they joyfully prepare to return to. This is their finest gift to the planet they so love, and there is no other place and no other deed that they would have done than to give of this life for the next one, and to bring it in with such favor.

Bless the ones who remain, and the ones who shall return, for all are blessed beyond compare, and all are beautiful members of the family of man. God loves each and everyone who plays a part in this grand happening. Soon the bell will toll for all who have ever been and who are again and will be again, beautiful participants in this tale that is told on this great planet Earth.

I bid my leave for now, and tip my hat for all of you, whom I love so.

Thank you, dear Master St. Germain,
Love, Nancy


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