Is it Nearing Showdown Time on Planet Earth?

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Esu "Jesus" Sananda:
"Is It Nearing Showdown Time On Planet Earth?"
Explicit Permission to Intervene

Sananda through unknown channel.  January 11, 2003.  First published in this website on April 24, 2006. Below you have updates from other channels. From: .

Permission is hereby granted to anyone to quote The SPECTRUM in whole or in part, so long as full credit of this source is given, including contacting information: The SPECTRUM, P.O. Box 1567, Tehachapi, CA 93581; phone: 1-877-280-2866 toll-free; and see website.

Good morning, my scribe. It is I, Esu «Jesus» Sananda. Be still and allow for the energies to settle. I come in the Light of Creator God. My core being expresses from the Golden-White Light of Creation, a vibration of Purity and Balance.

I must remind all ones—especially those of you who call upon the Higher Realms regularly for guidance and counsel—to be VERY diligent in clearing your space of unwanted «negative» energies. Make no assumption that you are beyond reach from the Dark Tricksters, for their «craftiness» is quite well practiced and their subtle ways are quite effective. This caution is needed more so now, and in the coming months and years, due to the vibrational upshifting in the «aethers» (the non-physical energy space that permeates the entirety of Creation).

You and all ones on your planet, as well as all physical matter, are speeding up (vibrating at a faster rate). This increase in physical vibration is due to the energy that you, your planet, and your solar system are passing through at this time. As you continue to acclimate to these shifting energies, you will begin to notice more and more that the veil which separates the physical from the non-physical is becoming thinner. Among other things, this means that you will be able to more easily connect with non-physical entities—many of whom do not have your best interests in mind.

By saying a prayer, affirmation, visualization, or whatever you feel helps you to connect with Creator Source within, you are calling into your presence Angels, Lighted Beings, and other Spirit Guides who will act as Guardians so as to keep the Tricksters away. Without such watchful protection, you leave yourself open to whomever shows up.

We honor your choice to open-up to whatever energies you may choose. Many do not believe that they are susceptible to Dark Energies, and in a somewhat egotistical way feel that only weak individuals need the assistance of the Lighted Brotherhood. Again, if this be your belief and choice, then we shall honor your free will, and allow for you to experience whomever or whatever comes your way.

We of the Lighted Realms encourage ALL ones who read this message to make part or your daily routine affirmations (prayers, visualizations, and such) that will allow the Lighted Brotherhood to more fully assist you throughout your lives.

This can be as simple as acknowledging your connection to God when you awaken in the morning. As you stretch your arms out, see and feel the Light and Warmth (Love) of Creator God washing all over you. Before, after, or even during a meal, you may find it quite beneficial to once again acknowledge and give thanks for the Energy that went into the items from which you gain physical nourishment. And prior to laying down for your evening respite, you would be quite wise indeed to reaffirm your intent toward the Light (Light here symbolizes the Goodness and Love of Creator God), and see this Light coming from within you and expanding outward until your whole family is encompassed within its reach. Even distant family members can benefit greatly from such assistance offered on your behalf.

The games being played on a planetary scale are continuing to escalate toward a point where intervention by the Lighted Brotherhood and those aligned with this intent toward service of others (namely, the extraterrestrial «Peace Corps» who have been assisting you and your planet since the very beginning of sentient life on your world) will become an in-your-face reality. At that point, all the debates over whether or not you are being visited will come to an end.

You ones always want to know WHEN and WHERE will this intervention take place. We of the Lighted Realms will only offer to you the following: it depends on the sequence of unfolding events more than anything else. For example, those who make the decisions to use nuclear weapons can either accelerate the timeline or push it back, depending on the choices they make. We of the Lighted Realms will NOT allow your planet to be destroyed, nor will we allow the slaughter of those who need just a little more time in the schoolroom so that they can «graduate» to the next level of spiritual awareness.

The Dark Tricksters would rather destroy the entire planet just so the small percentage of individuals mentioned above WON’T experience a «breakthrough» in their awareness. This is truly the level of insanity that is being dealt with by we of the Lighted Realms.

We not only have the means by which to accomplish our mission of salvation, but we have explicit permission to intervene if and when conditions (unfolding events) warrant our assistance. Your world leaders have been duly notified of our intent and know that we mean business.

We have, in the past, shut down entire arsenals of nuclear weapons; we have repeatedly «aborted» the many attempts to put weapons into orbit around your globe; and we have proven to the major world leaders that we will not tolerate the war games they try to play.

There are some who believe that with so-called «super-secret» advanced weapons they can match the technology of the so-called «extraterrestrial threat». To these ones we say: you must know by now, from the few craft you have recovered, that they are based on technology that is MANY THOUSANDS OF YEARS OLD from our point of view, and yet MANY THOUSANDS OF YEARS ADVANCED from your so-called «advanced» technical toys.

Those civilizations who travel among the stars only gain the ability and knowledge to do so by developing their inner spiritual connection to Creator Source. It is through this inner development that all advanced knowledge is gifted to a civilization as they mature and prove that they are capable of responsibly handling same.

To those who believe they can stop us from intervening, should the planet be threatened in a global manner by the hotheaded puppets who do the bidding of the Master Tricksters: you haven’t seen anything at all in terms of ADVANCED technology from your Space Brothers—NOTHING AT ALL!

Please note that there are many individuals and agencies who monitor The SPECTRUM and those of you who are responsible for its existence and survival. Some of what is written here is directed to these «monitors» as a message within a message.

While on the subject of The SPECTRUM—I, Esu «Jesus» Sananda, along with MANY others of the Lighted Realms, thank you who support The SPECTRUM both financially as well as with many kind letters and prayers. Without your support, this conduit would simply not exist.

There is much energy «churning» in the aethers as this message is being penned. Let me remind you ones briefly of lessons offered in years past:

Prior to any physical manifestation, there is first formed an idea. This focus exists in what might be termed «mental-energy space». As more and more emotional energy (desire) is added to the mental idea, a perturbation in the aethers occurs that begins to summon forth the means by which to coalesce and precipitate the final results in the physical realm.

Let us take, for example, an inventor who sees a need for a non-polluting form of renewable energy, and who is by background an engineer with a broad understanding of physics and chemistry. As such an individual focuses his desire to find such a source of energy (his idea), a vibrational signal is sent out, from within his being, into the aethers—in a manner not too different in concept from the Internet.

This request begins to elicit responses immediately in the form of solution ideas. The rate and clarity of the solutions is directly proportional to the amount of emotional energy (desire) behind his original idea. The longer one is focusing on any particular idea with desire, the more the Universe begins to coordinate so that events begin to unfold—such as «chance» meetings with others who are working on the same or similar projects, or funding for research seems to appear just when one needs it, or any number of «coincidental» happenings that would allow for the manifesting of the highly desired idea.

You each create in this manner, some more deliberately than others. But such is the basic method by which your perceived physical reality is fundamentally constructed.

When I say that there is a «churning» in the aethers, I am referring to what can only be described as a diverging duality in mass consciousness. It is as if «heaven» and «hell» are both trying to manifest simultaneously.

As the frequency of your planet speeds up, those who are on a path of enlightenment are racing toward an ideal world of peace, while at the same time those who are single-mindedly trying to bring about complete world domination and control are racing toward a very «dark» outcome. In short—the dark narrow-minded ones are getting «darker», and the enlightened humanitarian ones are getting «lighter».

This dichotomy is causing the «churning» in the aethers wherein time itself is beginning to distort in order to accommodate the opposing energies. It is quite interesting from the point of view of the observer, as predictable outcomes continually shift as the masses, as a whole, continue to wrestle with the inner uncertainty of what exactly is taking place. The larger majority of your world sense that time is speeding up, and that there is «something» inside themselves that is not quite the same.

We of the Lighted Realms continually stand ready to answer the many calls from the hearts of these ones when their desire is clarified within their mind. Meanwhile, the Master Trickster will undoubtedly use more «shock therapy»—such as happened on September 11, 2001—in order to keep ones focused on the lower-vibrational emotional energies of grief, fear, and anger. This tactic in general keeps ones externally focused (distracted), and thus diverts ones’ attention away from what is awakening within as their consciousness continues to expand (move upward in frequency).

This sort of «shock therapy» also buys time for the Dark Manipulators, as they can ONLY function within the «shadows of consciousness» wherein conscious awareness is low. Their influence is much like the subliminal mind-control that permeates your movies, television, music, and advertisements. Likewise, they know that their time is indeed quite short, and thus they will become more and more erratic in their attempts to control from behind the scenes. In the light of exposure, these dark entities become quite ineffective, and thus go elsewhere where they can continue their chosen journey of exploring Creation.

Due to the unpredictable nature of the energies being summoned into your world, you are creating, as a planetary whole, a unique situation that warrants great study and monitoring by the many advanced beings who watch over your planet and its many inhabitants. Great care is taken on both individual levels and planetary levels to ensure that each being is given the maximum possible opportunity to grow. This unique unfolding of events also provides many an advanced being with great challenges that will inevitably cause them to stretch and grow. This cycle of expansion and growth is limitless, and each of you play a role in making it all possible. None are insignificant or without purpose.

If you are uncertain as to what your purpose is in all of this, you may find comfort in knowing that you are not alone. Even some of the ones who pen these messages for we of the Lighted Realms are uncertain of their «purpose»!

Your purpose, in a very general way, is to experience and grow. Helping others to do likewise, by being a friend, counselor, or mentor, will likely be something you should find rewarding, especially if you are drawn to this sort of information. This message is offered with you, who will be reading it, in mind. It is of a general nature so as to cause you to go within and challenge your beliefs, preconceptions, and possible misunderstandings about yourself and the world in which you live.

Behind every question you ask is a desire—a desire to UNDERSTAND more, a desire to GROW beyond who you perceive yourself to be at the present time. Follow this desire. Be passionate about seeking answers to your questions. You will not only be making your life much more enjoyable, but you WILL be fulfilling your very own unique purpose.

I am Esu «Jesus» Sananda, come in the Radiant One Light of Creator God to answer the call of the heart for insight, as well as to play my part, alongside you ones, as a co-creator of life experience.

May you each learn the wisdom of calling upon the Lighted Brotherhood often for assistance, so as to ensure that you are maximizing the growth potential of all ones, everywhere.

Much Love, Light, Joy and Happiness to you all! Salu.

Update June 28, 2006
Through Lauren – June 28, 2006, 1.57 pm.From:

Hello friends!  I know many of you have been wondering where I and Sananda have been and it is my pleasure to say that we have been working tirelessly at my preparation for a new role in the new world.  He has requested that I stay off of the public market for a bit so I could dedicate myself to some serious soul work with him and the Ashtar Command.  Today, however, he has asked me to publish a seemingly important message and I am excited to share this with all of you.  For those of you who have asked about me, thank you for your concern!


L: Does anyone wish to communicate with me at this time?
"Hello, beloved, it is I."
L: Sananda?
S: Yes, beloved, good afternoon.
L: Same to you…do you have a message for me?
S: Indeed I do.  We are here today to tell you of some important advancements pertaining to your government if you wish to receive.
L: By all means…
S: We would first like to say that there is coming a tide in the affairs of man.  A great tide, a turbulent ocean of water is soon to sweep through your country’s capital and make way for the most glorious future for the
United States.  It is with great pleasure that we observe what is taking place at this hour, knowing that soon there will be a breakthrough so monumental that even the deepest disbelievers will soon believe.  It is with great joy that we represent the higher minds of all who shall show the way to a better world.   What we attempt to parlay to you is but a minute example of what is to come since your imagination could not uphold this vision in entirety.  What will be presented to the people will be so grand that it will seem unlikely or impossible.  This outpouring of love to your planet is one that has grown exponentially by all who surround your earth at this time and it is even more plausible that those on earth who have a connection with us will, in fact, have reached their enlightenment.  This stage of the game was a planned one in that those who will walk forward in all their glory to represent the new earth shall be duly prepared.

You are coming to know a new way of society, one that will take new understanding.  This understanding is currently locked up in the consciousness of all Lightworkers around the globe.  Now with your new wings outstretched, each of you will be able to unleash the truth to all.  You will all be in your element as those who have run the world for eons of time will have no foothold in the new ways.  It is therefore up to each of you to allow for and initiate the strength of the new web of frequency.  This frequency grid that is currently being activated around your earth is the one that will take each of you to your proper place in the plan.  The plan may seem vague to you at this time, however, I assure you that when the time arrives you will each feel the urging of your soul in a way that is noticeable.  It will be then that you will decide the fate of the future of your country and how you will go about change will be entirely up to each of you.  There will be help from all who can assist in these changes, and your resources will be unlimited in scope, but ultimately you must decide what will be.  Our job is to direct and guide you to the probable outcomes of your intentions and to allow you to choose how this will come to be.  We will in no way interfere with your work but will be offering ourselves and our assistance where welcome.

This brings us to the timing of said events.  If all goes according to plan the government changes shall commence shortly.  I would encourage each of you to tidy up and prepare the way that you envision necessary.  We would suggest a plan of action for a possible disruption in society, even if for a short while.  This is not to say that there is anything to fear, only that there will be a lot of confusion that will ensue and a lot of re-order will be necessary.  Logically, this could cause a short time of chaos, though we will ensure the proper balance of all areas of life.  We are in a position to tend to the needs of many and to that end we shall see it through.  Know that although there will be a time of confusion, directly following will be the proverbial pot of gold on the other side of the rainbow.  Yes, in a literal sense as well.  There is abundance for all waiting in the corridors of faith.  We are delighted to see the rewards bestowed upon all who have worked so diligently for the Light, and knowing that this time upon you now invokes great excitement for us all.

As you venture into the next phase of your reality, be sure to stay in a place of respite as the necessary element to calm the swelling fears of others is to be calm within yourselves.  This cannot be underestimated as the energies required to push this change over the edge are the same energies that will affect everyone and everything.  If you can see them for what they are, you are in a position to choose differently.  We say to you, choose peace.  Choose calm.  This will go far in your endeavors and will assist others greatly.

Now as the time is assuredly upon you, realize that no more is it necessary to struggle.  Struggle is resistance and resistance is fear, so resist nothing.  We say this as a requirement for all of the ways in which your society will need to change.  It will be a process of the unexpected as you become awakened to all that has transpired over the long history of time.  It will be a shocking moment of realization for all who welcome change into their lives and it will be the seat of denial for those who have not the strength to change their ways.  We say to those, come to the Light of truth and it will set you free.  Only in truth is there salvation and only in salvation is there true freedom.  Freedom for all is the goal of this mighty venture and freedom for all it shall be.  We leave you with one final thought this day…Take with you the armor of truth and all else will become putty in your hands.  Hold the Light for others to see the way.  Stand tall in your glorious pursuits to righteousness, and allow all others to feed off of your valiant glory.  I Am Sananda Immanuel.

L: Sananda, do I publish this information?
S: This message should be available to all.
L: Thank you!

Update Sunday September 3, 2006
Through Lauren Gorgo,
Sananda:  A Clarion Call to Earth Angels

It is with pleasure that we greet you and it is in the company of angels that we reside. Take with you this day the blessings bestowed from the highest of realms. As we encircle you in Light know that you are linked with the lineage of mastership and beyond. Blessed one, it is time in the realms of Light to partake in monumental events beyond human scope. What we are alerting you to is the clarion call to all earth angels to rise up now and hear the trumpets sound. Each of you has been planted with a seed of intelligence prior to your incarnation that is beginning to break open and germinate. This seed that I refer to is perfectly placed within the heart center of each of you. In this way, you will all know the beginning of your new journey based on the amount of love you are able to hold in your being. What we wish to make known to all earth angels at this time is that each of you is being nudged in a personal way to heed our call. We are in need of the angels of Earth to begin now to rise to their destination posts. Each of you has a divine blueprint embedded within your active DNA which enables you to fully realize your potential in your field of divine perfection and expertise. What we hope to accomplish is a gathering of waking souls to bind the energy of Christ consciousness into a working fire of transmutation. In this process of gathering each of you will feel a tug on your heartstrings which will lead you to the divine truth waiting to be uncovered within. We are with you today to insist that all pay attention for it is in this nudging that you will have found your peace.

Please be sure to foretell the ways in which you allow others to influence your destiny. For now is the time of individual power, and decision making is essential. Angels of Earth, now is the time to decide your destiny. Now is the time to put your plans in action and now is the time to see them through. Though this is still a question in some minds, we say to you, move forward in the intended direction that you wish to go and the powers that be will take on a new momentum for your journey. Clarity will become you but you must put your first foot forward and choose the path for your highest good. We say to you that what you do is not as important as who you have become, for it is in the power of your vibration that you shall affect all others. In this way, you will change the world. Be not overly concerned with what you will do, but more with what you are deciding to do, for now is the time of great choosing.

We have initiated all who will step forward in great leadership roles in the new paradigm. These souls have tirelessly worked toward a nebulous goal, one that caused great shifting and momentary strife. Now is the time for our great leaders to emerge from their cocoons, for they have completed the metamorphosis phase. Some of you may be noticing subtle differences in your physical makeup or life. This is due to the emergence that is beginning to take place. You see, each of you is destined to take the reins now. No longer is the current paradigm a plausible one and it will be up to each of you now to take control of your planet. In this way Mother Earth will be ensured her survival.

How do you do this you ask? By simple means. All that is required of you now is to follow the clear guidance of your heart. The seed that has begun to germinate is in need of Light, the Light of truth. With this Light the power of your transformation will take hold and become the fullest expression of you. Likewise, each of you will be trained in your new fields of expertise, and this will come very easy as you have most likely done it many times before.

What we are about to witness on a global scale is all made possible by the anchors of Light on this planet. Without you, none of this would be possible. This is why you are here and this is what you came to fulfill in service to Creator. In the next moments of reality, you will undoubtedly be called to service, sometimes in ways that you do not expect. As you assist others, know in your heart that this is exactly why you are on Earth at this very special time.

Not long ago you were in a position of being bound by the illusory fears of the third dimension. Notice now how you are able to witness and transcend these fears with the Light of Truth. This in and of itself is an advantageous position to be in, for you realize there is no power left in the illusion. As you begin to uncover each area of your life that still needs Light, you will be releasing the old in preparation for the newly evolved consciousness emerging in your reality. Where there is lower vibration, the higher cannot infiltrate, it is up to you then to willingly release all that does not serve you any longer. This is important for those preparing to walk forward in leadership roles, for any darkness will block the truth of your next walking steps.

Be sure to see clearly now as you embark upon the very comfortable fitting roles that each of you is longing to express. We can see your heart Lights and know that they are throbbing in anticipation for the new world. Little by little you can allow this Light to escape and infiltrate any darkness that you stumble upon. Those ready to take the next steps in their Ascension will flock to you in anticipation of freedom from limiting beliefs.

My brothers and sisters of Light, the emperor’s new clothes have finally revealed the truth. No longer is it prudent to swim with the masses, for it will be the courageous who say what they see from their heart. You are all in valuable positions and no longer shall you be swept away by the beliefs of an ignorant society nor a despotic governing system of authority. Step forth now and expose the emperor, for he truly is without his robe. Be like the small child who is only capable of seeing what is and leave the rest to history. Rise up Earth Angels, take to your posts. We are preparing for lift off.

I AM Sananda Immanuel of the Spiritual Hierarchy of the Universal Light beckoning you now. Take heed and stand tall in your pursuits for the Light of the Father is with you. Blessings.

Update Tuesday September 12, 2006
Through Lauren Gorgo,
Sananda Addresses the Ramifications of 911

I would like to address the issues pertaining to your county’s reaction to the anniversary of the 911 tragedy. The ramifications of this day were far reaching by way re-opening wounds for deeper cleansing. It is a time of great anticipation for some and a time of great despair for many. We say anticipation regarding the opportunity that 911 provided for a shift in consciousness. The beginning phases of 911 were that of shock and sadness and tremendous loss followed by the reality that the United States of America was in fact, not impervious to attack. Following this initial reaction was the wave of curiosity that overcame those in the know. The logistics that didn’t make sense were too big to ignore and this created the ripple of necessary questioning to surface.

Now there is a tidal wave of curiosity among those who previously had no doubts and the impedance from your high ranking officials can no longer hold back the sovereignty of this nation. In truth you have all been seeded with the perfect timing of your awakening for the purposes of joining hands with your brothers and sisters on earth. It is a time of great bonding and hope for a better world due to the magnificent love pouring through the hearts of those in grievance. It is a time of rising up and demanding truth. No more lies can be acceptable to the people for it is you who hold the power. No longer can you be subjugated in an attempt to control your destiny. You hold the reins now and it is up to you to realize that you can no longer be held down.

My people of earth, hear your calls. Stand up for what’s just and deliver yourselves from evil. The evil that we refer to lies in the hands of those in power. Take the power back and refuse to listen to the shenanigans of greed. We are supporting your efforts but it is you who must make the first moves. We can add the strength of an entire army to your decisions, but it is you who must decide. Stand up now and choose your freedom. Stand up now and be chaste. Stand up now and be your wisdom. The power is in yours, and the leaders of every country live with fear in their hearts that you will one day realize this truth. We say to you, realize this truth now. Realize it by taking action in the only way that you can make a difference, by being unwilling to relent. Those with anger in their hearts will combust under the pressure of purity and insistence.

What we offer you from the hierarchy of the lighted realms is the comfort of knowing you have already won. With this knowledge you can feel empowered in your attempts to overthrow the despotic system currently ruling you. When you really believe that you are capable of pulling together, you can change your reality, this is currently the belief of many. Utilize this energy to transform this righteous country. It will be up to a few sovereign souls to expose the punitive attempts of your leaders, however, it will be up to the nation to support these claims. When the opportunity to rise befalls you, be astute. Take to the streets and gather in numbers to march toward your destiny. Utilize the God given chance to make a difference and save your country. Rise up one and all for the truth, demand it from your representatives and disjointed leadership. Sever the ties of a network of deceit and see to it that all tell the truth once and for all.

The new government in place shall be a transparent one. All who understand the true nature of honesty shall support a government for the people of integrity. Never again will you be in a place of submission if all command the truth. Be one with all and the concentrated force of your thoughts will make miracles happen.

I Am Sananda Immanuel and all is in readiness for the dismantling of an outworn paradigm. Be prudent and wise as the days of restructuring fall upon you and you shall prevail. We are ever closer to you now in these final days to see to it that you emerge victoriously. Take heed, the Light of heaven shines brightly for those willing to walk in it. There we shall meet you to begin the work of the divine. Blessings be.

Update Sunday September 17, 2006
Through Lauren Gorgo, slc14@yahoo.comFrom:
Sananda On Choosing Your Destiny
9/17/06 12pm

Beloved, I have come. It is with great pleasure that I greet you this day.  I have come in numbers and we wish to speak with you as a collective. Each of us has something to share on this auspicious day, each of us will infuse with your essence so as to give the complete scenario. All of us bond with you this day in love. All of us surround you in joyfulness. We have come to herald a new day dawning on earth. We have come to rise you up in the grandest fashion. We have come to release you from the density and replace your feelings with everlasting love and joy. What we proclaim is the power of numbers. What we are to employ is the greatest service to human kind, the upliftment of man. Standing beside you now is one of the greats who wishes to step forward in your thoughts…

"Thank you for allowing me to enter, I am your brother and friend. I have come to be a part of the journey to source with mankind. I am known as a deliverer. I am in the company of many greats and we all have a special part to play in the mass awakening. My part is specially suited for those souls preparing to lift up in advance of society to lead the way of the New Earth. I am hearkening the voices of those ready for the ascent and prepared to deliver man from evil. What a joyous journey you are to ride. Thank you for hearing my thoughts this day.»

L: Thank you for sharing.
S: Beloved, I act as the spokesperson but collectively we share. The rising of man is beginning and the downfall of the paradigm is immanent. Collectively we gather you in numbers, collectively you are our faithful servants of the divine. We have promised you a rising before the fall and we come now to make good on our word. Before you now lies the cracking in the foundation of laid plans for centuries. Now is the beginning of the end, the end of a cycle in the history of man. The beginning of a new day for all prepared to change the world as you know it. In the awakening of your dormant power you will begin to find the strength to step out in truth. One by one you will rise up and become empowered. One by one you will put forth your divine potential. But together, you change history.

Each of you has come with a divine blueprint intact. Each of you has had the nudgings and guiding hand to your destiny. Grab it now with both hands and see yourselves through. You are masters in the making and you must begin your fellowship in haste. No more is there time for doubting your worth. No more is there time for straddling the fence. Rise up now and be among the counted. You are all here to contribute your frequency to the new grid. You are in readiness. You are complete. Put in action your greatest passion and you shall be delivered from evil. As you step forth and claim your birthright, you will find a new day has dawned. As each of you gather and share your Light among the masses, you too shall be saved. It is in sharing with others that you have arrived. It is in the sharing with others that what you long believed has finally become known. That which is known is truth. That which is believed is only sought after. Take your knowledge of greatness and share it with others, and you will have attained eternal freedom.

Show yourselves, share yourselves, stand in your knowing. No more second guesses, no more lingering. The time has come to decide your fate, choose wisely. Remember that not to choose is a choice in and of itself. So choose now. As each of you emerge from your cocoon you will fly to find each other again in the heights of heaven. Putting your power in action says this is so. To be who you are is to do what you love. Loving what you do is synonymous with freedom. Take heed all ye in service to thine earth. Your day of beckoning has arrived. See to it that you too shall attain freedom through the choice of mastery. See to it that you too shall hear Creator’s call through your heart center. See to it that you too shall be delivered from evil. It is merely a choice, but it is yours to make. We are the hierarchy of heaven and we call forth all those ready to walk the talk and to live the truth you have so long learned. All are welcomed through the gates of heaven where infinite supply is yours. Rise up and join us in this pursuit of truth. May the Light shine upon you always. Blessings be.
Lauren:  Please, take a minute (actually 9 minutes) to witness a palpable example of standing in truth. This video was sent to me this morning by a brave and spirited Lightworker who is courageously following her heart to truth. Just like the miracles of synchronicity, the perfect timing of this video coupled with Sananda’s message is too obvious to ignore.
Thank you, BriAnna, for being bold and beautiful! – Lauren. . (we have BriAnna’s permission to share this with all!)

Update September 28, 2006
Through Mark Steam, Email:markstearn@yahoo. ie ,http://markstearn. livejournal. comFrom: . The Return of Love; http://www.freewebs .com/parareturne d/

9/17/06 12pm
Sananda Immanuel:
Greetings and Aloha! I have been delegated as something of a welcoming committee! (Much laughter.) We are all here I assure you. You experience us in your hearts as you feel the vibration of these words. This is something of a final announcement from us as the celebrations are already underway from many Earth realities for those who have already changed over. Faith is something of a lesson for us all and it is really a realization that we already are; »The Whole Deal.’ What I am building up to saying is that ‘Everything has already happened!’ It always has in fact, it is simply that when one measures time, the human mind wishes to box concepts and of course the ego naturally thrives on the idea of confining realities to what we generally know as the timelines. Ashtar is also with me and, as Mark mentioned yesterday, we have gathered in a higher vibration of creation and have been acting as a midway between the merging of all Earth realities. Your Ascension process really has been an ongoing merging of Earth realities the entire way through and what we are experiencing right now is a grand final coming together of so many predictions of where our Earth has been bound all this time.

So much to say and Mark is feeling much excitement in his heart as he experiences my vibration as he is typing these words. I should let you all know that we will appear to you all once the progress to the New Earth is complete. If one is thinking in terms of the three days then you will be glad to know that this is indeed an accurate prediction in terms of how you perceive the idea of time. We have been toying around with the idea of letting you all know that the idea of three days was honored from the Source level to align all human mind-related Lightbody constructs with a boxed concept of a timescale for the shift. This happened to magnify the power of collective intent contained in the body of the actual shift itself. As we have shared many times in the past, time really is only a concept that humanity created itself and of course this vibration once it became manifest in the human heart was honored from the vibration that we inhabit. Time Lords were chosen and assigned to the various levels where time is experienced. So hence the power of creation is infinite in terms of the reality we pertain to our creations. The New Earth is currently enfolding the physical Earth in her loving wings as she gradually finds her way into our conscious experience. The celestial experience has always been there, it is now that our finite minds are beginning to experience the infinite.

To update you on some of the many activities. (Much laughter) The Ashtar Command are currently stationing themselves on the physical Earth. They are boring through underground to directly free humanity up of the energetic control structures. Reptilians and of course other breeds that do take human form to disguise themselves operate a mass mind-conscious program designed to limit. There is only power in this where the conscious mind of a soul is still in the throes of the Earth dream. So to be very honest this operation is currently being carried out with much precision and you will experience shifting in the control structures of the planet once this plan has been fully implemented. The Command are also stationing themselves on Earth to ground the shift into active reality. We are setting us bases mainly from the inner Earth to fully monitor the physical Earth’s progress. This plan will go off without a hitch as it has already been decided how the collective realities will unfold. We operate primarily from the ethereal fourth dimensions as well as the fifth dimension which many on the Earth are becoming conscious of as the frequency continues to rise. The Earth continues to morph as true realities aligned with love find their destined place in the structure of the new paradigm. There really is no structure as all is vibration of energy however, simply to let you all know that the actual bones of the shift are currently underway.

With love to you All, in infinite service, Sananda.

Update of March 24, 2010
Easter Potentials
Esu through Eve. From:

Eve: This morning I woke up with a memory of Esu’s Easter message of last year and while it was circling around in my mind I was pondering whether there would be a message for the coming Easter holiday. Suddenly the awareness grew that it was Esu knocking at my door asking for a transmission to be done. And now I’m sitting at my laptop, offering my support.

Esu: Dearly beloveds, it’s me, Esu, addressing some words to you regarding the coming Easter holiday and the potentials in store. I would like to connect to my last year’s message which was called «This Is the Time of Resurrection" where I told you about the potential of a mighty resurrection. Well, now, there is another year behind us and still there are so many people who have no idea about what is to come. They are living in their little box, their little private world, and when they are pondering about Easter holiday it’s just that old story of crucifixion and suffering and taking over the sins in a way similar to: «Jesus has taken our trash out, and as the garbage man he has cleaned our garbage cans, so, no matter what we do, how much further waste we produce, we can always rely on that big Christed sort of Yom Kippur Day and just go on like we always did, without any efforts to change things, we will have our after-death celestial barbecues anyway, with a happy ‘cheers, Jesus’.»

Now, how does that feel to me? Truly, it’s a big «oh my GOD." How blind can man be? How many people do have a vacuum in the location where a brain should be working?


There is just less potential left for the many ones who chose to remain ignorant and ridiculing to the knowing ones tipping slightly on their shoulders. Sure, there will be some moments of awakening, connected with great despair and regret, when they suddenly feel as if they were the actors in the disaster movie about 2012, when the ground and buildings start crumbling all around them and they will maybe not be able to step into an evacuation tractor beam from a vessel, because the programmed mind just interferes with memories of movies they did watch, about alien attacks with blood all around. But mostly, if they do not have the heart to step in, it will be too late for them, at least for this life.

I’m not only talking about California going into the sea, but also about worldwide potential. However, California is a real serious topic. Things are getting hot there. Folks, you are living there on some kind of symbolic bomb, on the giant St. Andrew Fault line, near the Pacific Rim of Fire, and this giant is likely to wake up. You don’t believe it, you just don’t believe it. You have been told about the potential, but you decided to live there, anyway. That’s a real strange behavior of men, this thing with the roots, which makes people live in dangerous places, just as their ancestors have also been living there (and these have maybe even been dying a violent death resulting from the place where they lived). Why do people live at the foot of volcanoes, at dangerous coast lines, on St. Andrew fault line – just for a special dial inner kick of «hey, I’m still there, it’s me against nature, just try to get me!»

Man has never truly been able to fight nature. There is just one workable way, and this is cooperating with nature, by understanding it and by meeting wise decisions. Now, WHY DO PEOPLE LIVE IN CALIFORNIA although knowing about the potential? This «sunshine state", as you call it, is not the only one where you can see the sun. I think one of the main reasons why people are drawn to California is their Lemurian roots. California has once been a part of Lemuria and it’s the ancient love for this continent which is urging them to move there. But, dear ones…. what did happen to Lemuria? Right, it went into the sea. Do you really wish to repeat that scenario, wasn’t it not enough for you to go down with your land back in the ancient times, you won’t tell me that you enjoyed that! If you now go down with the land another time – how many further times will it need until you learn to make wise decisions?

And often it’s exactly this kind of people who are sending claims to God straight after the loss of their physical body, as your joke goes: «Hey, God, why did you not save me? I prayed and you promised to save me, but now I lost my body and you did not keep your promise.»  And Christ Michael answering: «Hey, man, I sent you my evacuation vessel for your happy resurrection but you just did not come in???!!!» (Smiley with sunglasses).

So, coming back to the potentials in store, exactly nobody can predict the new coast lines or exact locations of disastrous happenings. Exactly nobody can predict the 100% timing. I have been repeating this sentence similar to one of these Tibet prayer mills. There is a certain and sure potential for further comprising of nature events, while heading for Easter holiday, and you should be acting very wisely when you feel you live in an area which is not save, it’s always a drama around the families around you who don’t believe you could be right, and you might not wish to leave them, so you might decide to remain with them until the last second literally, but then, if you cannot convince them to get into the evacuation vessel, make sure that at least YOU DO!

Resurrection on this Easter holiday might come in a totally different and unexpected way, and it’s wise to remain prepared.

One must not be a prophet to conclude that. YOU HAVE SO MANY TOOLS TO CHECK, dear ones. You have your earthquake maps to check. You have your alternative Net-Reports, and even some mainstream media report about the increasing volcanic activity which is likely to trigger chain reactions. See what happens with the volcanoes in Iceland. Even the mainstream media meanwhile admits that the «smaller" volcano was likely to trigger the blowing of the bigger one (Katla) and that this could have global effects.

Oh, sitting in California you might still believe your newspapers telling you: «Go back to sleep, just a small quake, nothing serious.» And you believe it’s just that one and that it’s just small and has no further meaning. BUT IT’S MANY SMALL QUAKES ADDING UP IN YOUR REGION AND THE QUAKES MIGHT INCREASE THEIR INTENSITY FROM ONE SECOND TO THE OTHER AND THEN WHAT’S GOING TO BE LEFT UNDER YOUR FEET, IF ALL THE HOLLOW SPACES BELOW ARE BREAKING IN, SENDING YOU INTO THE OCEAN WITH THUNDERS AND ROARING FROM UNDERGROUND, and you might think you are in the «wrong movie», but it will not just be great cinema, it will be real life, with no return.

I’m aware that the most of you do not love to hear me talking like this, but I will always give another warning and again another one, up to the last minute. No single one will be able to turn to me claiming: «You could have told us.»  Well I DO TELL YOU, again and again. And if you check what’s 2 plus 2, you will get as a result that the «hour of truth» is upon you. Even if you don’t really believe in the Jupiter sun, you see the space pictures of the large objects around the sun, you can read the earthquake monitors, you can watch the CME’s coming in on Realtime, you can make up your mind around the volcanic activity. None of you can tell me that there is any need to hide your Easter eggs under volcanic ashes or a stream of lava.

And all these activities —even if «they» want you to believe that— are not caused by earthly technology or weapons. Of course, our dark ones, who are so resistant to learn into the right direction, do some sort of high-jacking natural events, by telling you they caused Haiti to shake or else. Dear ones, it’s not just Haiti or Chile shaking. All the world is shaking, and it’s getting stronger. By telling you that it was «them causing it», they just want to get you into a «shock and awe» state, feeling lost in a way of thinking: They could simply do everything, blow the planet, shake every single location at will, maybe in a manner of rising in the morning and pondering while drinking their morning coffee: «Now, where are we going to produce Earth quakes today? Here or there or perhaps here AND there?»

There have been a few shaking disasters underground in the past, where, e.g., accidently a nuclear subterranean plant was blown, but this was an exception. We do not allow nuclear bombs any more, and would also not allow further escalations harming the earth by causing quakes, etc.

The planet is in the position to produce the cleaning process out of own strength and connection with cosmic influence, and the increasing factors for big natural events are a part of the plan.

When you are thinking about resurrection around this Easter holiday, I beg you not just to ponder about the past, but about the NOW and the FUTURE, as it’s about the resurrection of our planet and the resurrection of humanity. The programmed living you have is not very far away from being dead, so even with all the trouble and disasters that might cross your way there is a great new potential coming in, about learning to live again. Some among you might think that learning to live again would feel like being killed, but man is always much stronger than he thinks. The old garbage cans must be cleared before the new paradigm will be able to fill your empty buckets again. YOU WILL LEARN TO LIVE AGAIN.

Please, put Christ finally down from your cross, turn away from the past and realize that you stand there eye to eye with the NOW, in the times of big changes.

My faithful ones, I keep holding all of you in my heart so dearly, in the knowledge that it won’t be long until I meet many of your personally. Keep going, my beloveds, keep the Light bright, keep the divine torch of resurrection up for all to see, keep hope, keep trust, and most of all, KEEP LOVE!!  Holding you tight to my heart, dear ones. This is Esu, your planetary housekeeper.


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