The Coming Cataclysms

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The Coming Cataclysms
By Candace Frieze
September 25, 2006

Taken from: in this website on October 10, 2006.

Hello all potential messiahs, this is a new piece of required reading for those who have decided to submit missions, and for those who have already submitted mission statements. This piece is provocative reading for all of you. I hope it will motivate those of you who are unsure to reconsider, because we are going to require a lot of organized help in the coming times.

Recently, Monjoronson (the Magisterial Son) has suggested rather strongly in his works with the Urantia TM (Teaching Mission) groups, that we are facing adecimation of population and cataclysms. The purpose of this piece is to acquaint you in a generalized way with the coming adversities. You must know the “what is,” that is coming, in order to develop ideas and strategies.

Monjoronson has suggested that the Earth’s population will be reduced by 1/3 to 2/3 over the coming years. He is saying there are coming cataclysms. Both these statements are true. Now I have had some write to me wondering what then, if all this presumed tragedy is coming, what would then be the purpose of AbundantHope? Why the Messianic Mission program, why the getting off money to cure poverty, why the Changing the Face of Religion, if all seems to be lost in the planning and in what looks like is coming? I will leave you to answer that question after you have finished reading this piece.

The Earth has faced many a cataclysm before. Many of you are aware of Lemuria and Atlantis sinking into the sea, the final sinking from acts of war. The planet has experienced pole reversals many times.  The cataclysm of warfare brought to it by others and nuclear warfare of its own citizens promoted, that last cleansing that occurred as the planet went into the previous cycle of thephoton belt[N. of E.: The last time the solar system was going through the photon belt was in the constellation of Leo.]

It has been struck by awesomely huge asteroids and comets. It has been through the photon belt many times. This comes every 11,000 years and lasts about 2000 years. During the time in the photon belt a planet is cleansed if the civilization has not advanced sufficiently. Many civilizations have been lost before. Some individuals and a few societies have made Ascension but never the entire planet.

That this Ascension has never before occurred for Earth has been to the folly of man, who refuses to become HUman. Higher Universal man. Many of you know that Earth has been a prison planet. Many dark-side folks, both Descending and Ascending, were sent here from other spheres and planes, which do not tolerate the noxious, careless behavior of those that would bring down what many have built up.

These include those captured in the galactic warring of Orvonton (The Milky Way Galaxy) and the fallen from the Lucifer rebellion of 200,000 years ago. Earth (Urantia) was recently restored to the universal circuits, no longer an isolated planet of the Lucifer Rebellion. This was allowed after Lucifer and his cohorts faced adjudication. Lucifer was uncreated, so that he is no longer a problem.  The galactic wars have ended, thanks to the intervention of the Galactic Federation, and the final judgment over a long period of our history is at hand, in fact started a number of years ago.

Look around at the planet where so many are in need. Look at the horrid “politics” that have created much of this. Look at the lack of education. Look at the lack of the ability of people to see the slavery that is right in front of them in places like the United States and similar supposedly affluent countries. We have massive over population, which is out of control because of the lack of cosmic knowledge on the planet. There is not the spiritual development for the peoples to prevent or solve these problems. The planet itself is in danger of survival. The planet comes first. The destruction of billions of years of evolution of the most promising seed planet in Nebadon will not be allowed.  The biosphere must be cleansed before it is too late.

This is a horrendously dark and violent planet, even in these days in which the Light (knowledge used positively with love to create and uplift) is beginning to burst forth. This is the Light which will cause in time the desired and mandated Ascension into 5th dimension, the beginning state of Christ Consciousness, the entering into the era of Light and Life.

Those that shine the Light remain shunned by those who would keep the status quo. This remains a consistent theme amongst of all of us.  One of the hardest issues for those of you who are awakening to who you really are is the idea that most around you are not (and many cannot under the current paradigm in place) and shun you to the point of tears, anger and rejection if you don’t shut up.

All this was set in place by the dark forces to cause rejection of the Light and many of these folks who are rejecting the Light belong to a religious organization and supposedly know God but do not. They simply follow a set of very boxy rules created by the antichrist folks in power.  People have been confined to a box, and many choose to stay in the box, rather than doing the Godly thing of venturing out of it and growing. Many actually believe God limits the attainment of knowledge! This use by dark power is seen in the biblical story of Eve eating the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. There is a lack of higher perspective and thinking in most of the population due to the downward manipulation of the genetics on the planet by the dark.

What is meant by depopulation and cataclysm? What do we have to look forward to? Will there be gnashing of teeth as told in biblical texts? Yes, there will. This will mostly come to people who chose to ignore the obvious and made some pretty bad decisions. Some will say they had no choice economically but, yes, they did. They could have formed coalitions and begun to make some changes. They could have said no. They could have searched for a way to move away also from the coasts.

But also sadly, many leaders who began to stand up in the 1970s experienced fear and backed off.  Many joined together and went into business and have done some good in this arena bringing in organic products and attempting to change how we use energy and are attacked constantly by the dark for doing so. The recent story of the contamination of spinach, which was intentional, illustrates this story.

But there is, sadly it would seem, coming great change. The continental plates around the world continue to feel change from both the vibrational change and the effects of the photon belt. The melting polar ice caps are creating a rise in the oceans, particularly from those ice patches over land. Ice over water that melts actually takes up less space. Notice that water expands when you freeze it in ice cube trays. But the ice over land dumps into rivers and the seas as it melts. The Antarctic ice mass is such a case, as are the northern ice masses that are on land, such as Greenland, which may well become “green” again and the Siberian and Canadian areas.

This melt has increased the oceans by many inches already, and seeps into the fissures in the crust of the Pacific rim sometimes called the “ring of fire,” because of the volcanoes. When water seeps into cracks, it does great damage. As a simple example, if a crack occurs in a roof, in a relatively short time the water seeps inside and also widens the damaged area. I have an area of damaged siding on my home from a leak in the gutter. You who have played with plumbing know that water has pressure and leaks very easily through small places.

We are expecting, around the Pacific Rim many problems in the very near future. Again this is the result of a constantly changing Earth but the problems have been intensified by the poor decisions of mankind. I have an important and difficult mission in this piece to discuss a major event that will affect that huge area, and it is not very far off.

The assorted fault lines that occur in California are experiencing a great increase in pressure. As many of you are aware, theSan Andreas Fault results from the meshing of the Pacific and North American Plates, which are constantly, and increasingly rubbing together. I spent some time studying the known fault lines in California and they resemble a spider web in a sense, many in all directions. There are many unknown faults also and one of these was involved in the big quakes thatSouthern California experienced in the 90s.  The planet is returning to its round shape from its slightly egg shape and this produces stresses also.

The southwestern portion of much of California is a “ledge” over the ocean. There are major fault lines around this ledge. These are becoming increasingly unstable as are others in California and this state and those north of it will see increasing quakes in the coming year, some severe. It will see worse than this because at some point this ledge is going to break and fall down into the ocean. The current best guess at when this will occur could be in as little as a year.

The area under LA slopes backwards and down some distance, is a crevasse and a large cavern system up to 100 feet high in places.  It extends from the ocean all the way back to the San Andreas Fault. This means a very large chunk of the LA area will drop about 100 feet suddenly. Water has been churning into these faults for sometime now under increasing pressure from the rising seas.

These type systems are widespread around the world and many divers love to dive in them where they are close enough to the surface to do so. This cavern system is apparently quite a ways down, and rather unknown, but I have been informed that some on the Earth plane are aware of it and doing nothing.

This is a major contributing factor to the cataclysm spoken of by Monjoronson. The tsunamis from this event will be huge and spread to over the entire Pacific Rim. They will be multiple from repeating earthquakes generated before and after this event. The tsunami that the west coast of the United States experiences will be many hundreds, maybe a thousand feet high. The coastal areas of Asia will experience tsunamis of up to 100 feet high. And yes, I have been in a state of “unrest” on the receiving of this news having shed many tears. I have always known, since I knew that California existed, that at some point it would fall into the ocean and so shall a big chunk of it. Literally.

I saw this idea ridiculed on the web but I think many psychics have seen it, and that is why the rumor got started in the first place. Perhaps the Indian inhabitants knew of it.  Soltec sent a picture of a lateral view to my 3rd eye, a slice of sorts for my visualization. I will work with him further to define the area in better detail that is affected by the above situation. Right now, I need to write this piece and get it done with. I have been in intense study and discussion the last month or so over coming changes to Earth from several causes.  It has not been a pleasant time, and I possess a most active imagination, so I have “journeyed” into this and resulting problems in great detail. I have needed to chat with those with whom I am telepathic, and with close friends on this plane. John has been a wonderful person for me to work with over the last couple of weeks. He has an equally vivid imagination.

The Earthquake season that starts this fall is expected to be greater than usual. Some of this is the unrest of the Mother Earth.  Other portions of it are man-made, as has happened with the quakes in the Middle East and Pakistan the last couple years. These are the result of pumping oil out of the ground. These regions will see more quakes as the Earth in the area finds a new place of rest. We have removed way too much oil. The plates of Earth float on it. People will in some places also begin to have serious problems from the reduction, and in some cases the depletion, of the natural aquifers which have been much over-pumped for water.

Recently there was a 6.0 quake in the Gulf of Mexico. There will be more. Again, the pumping of oil is the cause. There could be tsunamis in that region of varying degrees. Man’s overheating of the planet from using hydrocarbons for fuel is contributory also to the quakes and weather changes. The photon belt is heating the planet and much of the over heating of the ocean is coming from volcanoes in the sea that are erupting.

We are going to experience oil shortages beginning fairly soon.  Many of the quakes will seal many of the wells. Weather and quakes may affect refineries also.  We use large power grids. Quakes and bad weather are going to upset this. The planet was freely given the technology around 1900 to develop electricity not requiring hydrocarbons for production and wiring for distribution.  Tesla gave the world a method of WIRELESS transport of energy from hydroelectric dams.

He gave the world the electric car. He made a car, out of the less than refined methods we have now, that went 90 miles per hour using electricity generated on the vehicle. On the wheels of the time and the bad roads, it must have been most uncomfortable to ride in, but it certainly went fast enough!  Man, not HUman, decided to not use it. Thus we have hydrocarbon pollution in excess on the planet with the resultant problems. Our leaders have had only the insight to make war and money off of it, not caring beyond their shortsighted goals.

We were given the use of frequency to diagnose and heal disease by Raymond Royal Rife.  Again the technology was rejected and frequency technologies were used for harm instead.  Many others came with great technology which was not allowed to be developed or used instead to create problems, often in the name of greed.

The “Hidden Hand” and its minions that have run this world will see the results of its actions. There is always cause and effect.  In fact, many of the Hidden Hand” have been removed and before us in every country stand their puppets who are not particularly efficient and organized and are falling into greater disorganization before our very eyes. This is the scenario to which Monjoronson referred to, the very bad decisions and errors, to come during the coming Earth changes. There have been no plans made of value.

In a number of years, undetermined at this time, but in our more immediate future, there will also be major problems with the Atlantic Rift, as Atlantis arises, and this will cause tsunami issues of major proportions for the coastal areas on either side of it. Most of you have read the stories of Atlantis and Lemuria arising once again, and this slow process will also displace water. A normal planet tends to have the landmasses distributed in a balanced way, and the acts of war caused these two landmasses to suddenly disappear. Also, it is the normal process of cycles on a planet for land that has been overused to go down into the ocean to be renewed and for the renewed land in the ocean to rise again to the surface.

I want all of you to consider with the western coastal United States alone what will happen here. We have said that the star people might assist with evacuation in events that can be predicted a bit by them. This would remain true but we need to consider the logistics of this. People need to begin moving from the coast as soon as it can be publicly stated there is a major problem. Many will resist. Where does everyone go?

Some may go into the underground areas created by the dark for their use. But this will be a challenging situation for those that choose this. The challenge will be good for all, as chaos promotes the solving of problems and thus growth of mind. Consider the implications of 30+ million people in our western coastal regions, needing to move out of harms way. Consider the effects on peoples and economies living close to sea regions all around the Pacific Rim. Most of mankind lives on the coastal areas of the planet. ALL coastal areas and thus man living on them will be affected on the entire planet. No one escapes this, as people living on the interior regions are affected also.

What do the economies of our western coastal states contribute to the United States and world? They are going be to greatly disrupted and in many cases totally destroyed. How about the shipping areas everywhere? We rely heavily on shipping on the planet to deliver goods. We also depend on roads to get goods to the coastal areas to be shipped. We have a world economy dependant on shipping. We have not developed adequately alternative methods of shipping by air.

And we are loosing, in the dependence on goods produced elsewhere, our own abilities in theUSA to produce locally what we need.  If huge numbers of people move out of harm’s way, how do we feed, house and clothe them? California alone grows a great deal of food and these farming areas will be no more for some time to come.  This same question applies to all the regions around the Pacific Rim that will be affected.

Those that have developed California, in order to supply water to residents and farms, have built many reservoirs and channels to carry the water. The water pressure from large reservoirs creates instability in the ground, not only from the weight, but again, water seeps into everything. In my state of Colorado, we have faced such a situation. A large reservoir on the western slope called Green Mountain Reservoir was constructed mostly for electricity production. There is a town called Henley on the southern shores.

As the result of rising waters and pressure, water seeped in the ground under Henley destabilizing it and this area was going to fall into the reservoir causing the dam to be overflowed and possibly destroyed. This would cause great damage downstream and also end the production of electricity. The decision made was to lower greatly the level of the water thus reducing this scenario. I am quite sure this condition is possible in many reservoirs around the world particularly where there are hillsides involved.

Even without hillsides, the water pressure into the surrounding rocks and soils seeps into cracks and creates instability, possibly creating earthquakes, mud slides and rising ground water making future construction difficult and causing leaking basements.

Also, back in the 1970s we were experiencing many small earthquakes in the Denver Metro area. This was the result of slippage produced by pressure from pumping noxious substances into the ground as a method of disposal. This was stopped, and the quakes stopped. But we have an underground contaminated with radioactive junk as a result also.

So OK, we are facing weather and earthquake problems that will create much chaos and loss of life. Even if those on the coasts move inland and solve problems as able, and make use of the underground areas so generously built by the dark side for their nefarious needs, there is another issue at hand.

Another portion of cataclysm is the issue of our rising vibrations on the planet, the result of our hard work over hundreds or thousands of years for some, who came committed to make change. This is a good thing and it is promoting the Ascension of the planet. But those who are not advancing will be leaving the planet in greater numbers unable to handle the increase in vibrations. After the Second Coming event, the cleansing that occurs during it will increase the vibrations up to an expected 4.7, making it more difficult for many of the planet to withstand. We will see people leaving much more frequently after that.

The higher vibrations are going to produce a great deal of passing from this plane in large numbers everywhere. You are beginning, I think, to see this already to a small degree. This process will not take long years, it will occur over a few short years. In the first 6 months after the Second Coming event, there will be a NET 1% or greater decrease in population, from this alone. There will also be far fewer new births to those that have the dumbed-down DNA that is extremely common on the planet. Fertility will decrease dramatically.

The chaos will in all likelihood produce disease. The dark have laid plans for some time now for the reduction of population and these are fully in place. This is not the work of “God.” Poor health will increase dramatically from the polluted, artificial food consumption. Many organisms have been introduced into water supplies. Food has been genetically altered to produce ill health and also to cause food supplies to dwindle.

This summer I planted 3 tomato plants, enough to provide tomatoes for my personal needs for an entire year, if I canned and froze the excess. They are genetically damaged producing tomatoes small and with ugly brown spots on them. The plants are not healthy. I will not eat these tomatoes, the few of them that there are, because I don’t know how they have been genetically contaminated. This is the second batch of tomato plants I have tried to grow in the last three years. I bought these rather than starting them from seed.

I have had genetic problems with the new corn too, and with squashes. Last year the squashes I love so much that I purchase in the grocery store had a bad taste, almost every single on from either genetic manipulation or poor growing conditions.  Many of you know that terminator genes have been introduced into plants that prevent the farmer from gathering his own seed and replanting with it. These genes are spreading to other plants by normal pollination procedures in nature. Nothing is safe anymore. Human genes have been introduced into plants and I doubt that this is a healthy thing to do. Weather changes are affecting food production also.

We cannot avoid chaos. It is upon us. People chose to develop California and other costal regions as has been done and occupy these lands in large numbers. There has been exactly zilch forethought in all of this. People moved there and now they are sitting ducks.

The air must be cleansed before it is past the ability for it to be cleansed without more catastrophic events. The planet was ready to do a pole flip after World War II, so dark was it. And this was interfered with by celestial and highly evolved beings from other-worlds, that the process might be delayed until the Earth could be upgraded with newer technologies and awaken to what was coming. Many incarnated in large numbers to effect change. It helped but was not enough.

Obviously chaotic events like massive earthquakes with resultant tsunamis leave survivors that pass this plane from lack of food, illness, depression, fear, lack of protective housing and related survival problems. The past two years has seen a small decimation of population from earthquakes and weather problems of well over 1 million people. And to war, not only in Iraq and Afghanistan, but Africa also, maybe another couple million has left this plane.

Add to this list the growing number of deaths from AIDS, a created disease given through small pox and hepatitis vaccines. Many are dying now from the bad food and medicines that kill. Diabetes is wide spread in the USA, and also heart disease and cancers. We are in a depopulation mode already.

The Earth’s population doubled since I graduated [from] high school in 1965. We have not met the demands of this, and with present technology we cannot continue to live this way. The pollution is too great and too many people are underserved. As disasters reduce further the food supply, disease and starvation will be rampant. People will lose control and more crime will result.

We are receiving of help. Often a planet must totally face its bad decisions. We are receiving help because this is an important seed planet, and it will be preserved and restored. And the advanced souls of our universe, incarnate, will have the experience in this restoral and building a different way to do things. As has been widely said about the Internet and in various literatures, we are the ones we have been waiting for.

We are the future, not only of this planet, but also of our Universe of Nebadon and universes beyond and yet to be created. This is our training realm right now. Many of the long problems on this planet are related to its isolation as the result of the rebellion. Planets are normally ruled by celestial beings, and this one fell away from this. Caligastia, our former Planetary Prince ruled quite poorly after the rebellion, and would not submit to higher help and advice. Many of the planets that entered into the rebellion are now once again accepting celestial rule, and finding their way out of their messes.

Do we need AbundantHope in all of this, yes, we do. I hope that many will unite with this Second Coming organization, and work Two or More in My Name to do the best we can do under the circumstances and build an enduring and permanent world in Light and Life. Light and Life planets are eternally “in heaven.” They are not perfect, but they continue to grow in perfection. They have come out of duality and have become mono-polar, working in positive ways to grow into all that can be obtained.

It is the business of AbundantHope to ensure that the Michael’s desires manifest. It is our desire, all of us who are advanced souls regardless of origin, the Earth or elsewhere. Many from elsewhere have adopted the planet as a new home. There are now about 200 million star incarnates living on the planet and more coming. Some who have been here will depart, their work finished, and continue their journeys in another place, often returning to their planets of origin.

Many of us are staying and more are coming daily. Many are incarnating, others will work from The Other Side or from star ships. The change to the planet comes from those incarnate that do the work in consultation and unison with their guardian advisors.  Many who depart will work on our Other Side assisting us in many ways and learning from that vantage point while we on the ground restore the balance.

Of great important, starting now, is the formation of communities. We must form solid groups and assist each other and those we have come to serve and help through the transition. Every apartment building, every mobile home park must form a community amongst themselves. So must every regular neighborhood. Community should also be formed in our work places and in our social structures and religious organization. It is vital to surviving and building a better world.

Those of you who are dreaming your Messianic Missions, or have even started them, must build strong and resilient organizations. Chaos is not a bad thing; it only seems so. Life is chaos. Planets constantly change as they form and then become balanced so that life may be implanted. Life survives, by surviving the continuing and never ending chaos, always solving the problems in front of it.

This is the nature of evolution. And evolution goes forth constantly and eternally, never stopping. It matters not the realm, all realms evolve. Christ Michael has said through me that he continues to evolve; he does not know it all. Do we ever know it all?  No, I doubt it.

Our personal evolution is ours to determine. There awaits everyone choosing eternal life a grand journey. The changing times upon Urantia, Mother Earth, Shan, Gaia, by whatever name you choose will be challenging and without challenge there is no growth. We live in a free will creation from its earliest days. That is the gift of personality of the Father of all. Chaos and change will always be because of the continued formation of new universes and new free will creatures that will serve them and grow with them.

Such is life and may it always go on!  Those reading this are invited to partake in a grand journey. Please join with AbundantHope if you wish or create elsewhere. It is your choice. But create, co-create with God and let us all bring this planet back home to its grandeur foreseen so long ago. There is Hope in Abundance and together we can create it! Take care, Candace.

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Christ Michael Issues Alert
Through Hazel. Thursday July 27, 2010

Message taken from

This is meant to be an alert for those who live in the proximity of the Gulf of Mexico and those who live in coastal areas affected by the oil contamination. There is an increased release of noxious gases pervading the atmosphere at this relevant point and it is unsafe to remain in these areas. Bathing in the oceans contaminated with the oil dispersants should be strictly prohibited. You ones remain unaware of the hazard that this presents to the population at large in affected areas. The main stream media has done and continues to do everything possible to keep the population in the dark but there are cracks is their system for information is being leaked out for you ones to access. Unfortunately the majority who live in neighboring areas affected by the oil spill remain in ignorance to date. It is these one that I ask you the Light workers who are aware to work with, please. Every effort is counted at this point in time.

The sea bed continues to be increasingly unstable and efforts to remedy the problem have only served to exacerbate its already tenuous situation. As at this moment is seems inevitable to us that there will be propitious movement that will rock the region of the gulf which with certainty will generate a tsunami. The area has become increasingly fragile.

We cannot yet guarantee a time for this to happen but Gaia shows increased signs of movement in that area according to our instruments. She is in great discomfort at the moment and has asked my permission to move which I have given to her. This move will be catastrophic should she decide to go ahead and execute.

Treat this brief update as a warning of pending devastation and take all necessary steps to protect yourselves and your loved ones. We are stationed above your globe in readiness to undertake evacuations should this become necessary. Note that this appears to be the condition at this time of reporting.

I shall provide another update of it becomes necessary to do so. I am Christ Michael Aton.

Message by Esu through Adam
Tuesday July 27, 2010

Message taken from

Adam: Checking in. Is there a message?
Esu: Yes, I am here. Good evening, Adam!

Well, there is some news: Christ Michael no longer sees reason to wait. The ships are making final preparations for liftoffs and transportation to other worlds, etc. The Gulf situation, specifically repercussions of a methane release, will make Earth pretty unlivable for some time to come if allowed to run its course. Christ Michael will decide the exact moment of action, of course, but there is little left to be gained by waiting much longer.

It is worth noting at this point that although we have been "waiting" for stasis / First Contact / governmental changes / Earth changes, etc., much has occurred and nothing has been really standing still. There has been a great deal of activity.

You wonder how long and "when is soon," etc., as you have before. You know I have no date and time for you, but Earth herself is being strongly encouraged to move her timetable along and events will be coordinated partially around that.

To continue waiting now is likely to diminish the Light in some ways, not grow it. The tipping point is here.

Expect to find yourself shipboard quite suddenly and quite soon. Do not be concerned with the destination and disposition of others, for all such decisions have been made and our job does not include this aspect of the sorting and harvest. You will be given specific information as events warrant and plans unfold. That’s all for now. Good night.

Candace:  This gulf event to come is far more dangerous and worrisome than the other quakes that could manifest.  The issue is the potential dangerous poisoning that could occur to life prior to stasis from it.  So there is a balance being observed as to when best to go into stasis with this.  While the quakes and any resultant tsunamis from the possibilities in California and in the Pacific Rim off the Tonga Trench will cause great loss of life, they will not affect the health of the atmosphere of the planet.  Environmentally the gulf situation is far more dangerous and catastrophic and I am informed as fleet watches and studies this, the whole of the gulf sea floor is deteriorating very rapidly and rather surprisingly also.  This was not anticipated a couple of months ago.



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