The Ecological Community of BVC Renegades

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The Ecological Community of BVC Renegades
Sunday July 8, 2012
Luis Prada
Director of the Brother Veritus’ Community

Published initially in this website on Sunday July 8th, 2012. This message was given by Luis Prada, Director of the Brother Veritus’ Community, on Wednesday July 4, 2012, for the BVC, message shared in the Chatroom of the Spanish Forum of Brother Veritus’ Website (BVW) at the Alternate Meditation Hour at 8:00PM, Colombian Time. Original in Spanish, translation to English by the author.

If you want to participate in the Brother Veritus’ Community and help with the construction of the City of Light of BVC in the future, please send an email and state that you want to join the Brother Veritus’ Community.

In a human group never all are satisfied with everything given to them and what they share, specially when they have come from the 3rdD. There always is expected some dissent and discomfort. In the BVC of the future we must walk the line, straight and without two-facedness, always in accordance with the Plan of God.  The decisions are taken by a ruling group of leadership who are the ones who give orders of the work to be done and they expect all collaborate and do what they have committed to do with responsibility and goodwill.  But there will be people who do not like to receive orders, nor they will like laws and rules to be imposed upon them, they will feel uncomfortable with this.

Some people like the consumption of drugs or alcohol, the dissolute and dissipated life, open sex and other things proper of the 3rdD life they have left behind in the previous earth but to which they still have attachments. So when we live together in the BVC, some will show themselves rebellious and will protest, won’t want to follow rules nor obey. They will want to only receive orders from Esu, but Esu won’t do it since He will delegate that to bosses under his authority.  Our BVC government will be a down-sized copy of the government of the Universe of Nebadon.  It will be a pyramidal hierarchy of command.

Some managers are strict —and on that we have not much control— so some members will resist obedience. At the beginning some BVC members will ask to be dropped out from the community and will like to walk away. But outside its walls they will find immense savannas where hang around wild buffalo, coyotes, wild animals and where is very difficult the survival. It will be then the American country as was seen by Lewis and Clark during their famous expedition at the beginning of the XIX century.  It is for this reason that the BVC will help them establish on the Northwestern Florida in an ecological community without technology, an agrarian and simple life waits for them.  There they will not have government nor authority that limits them, they will live a hippie-style life, without norms of conduct, a lawless society.  They will learn to cultivate the land and will lead a free communal life.

Once in a while the BVC will visit them to give them help and to verify they are not degenerating themselves or losing moral values that might take them down to a fall. Over time more will want to join them so their community will grow.  Those who resign the community or are proscribed for wrong incorrigible behavior will be taken there in a scout ship and left in this ecological community.  Meanwhile the City of Light of BVC will continue growing in technology as a beautiful pioneer city, and those who live there will be all Ascended Masters.

This subculture community, agrarian and ecological, and which will be near Florida in areas not inundated by the sea, was seen by Scayatus in one of his visits to the future.  Ideally nobody will live in that ecological community, but as you can see now, we have had some who differ from the authority of BVC, this is why this alternative way of life will be created.

There will be more communities around the world but in North America the BVC will be the main, and will be isolated since it will be surrounded by vast uninhabited savannas. The City of Light of BVC is the most important community of the planet since its king is Esu Immanuel Sananda, the Planetary Prince of Urantia.

Comments to the Message

Luis Prada: Brother Scayatus, we are speaking of the ecological community that will exist in the future in the North Western part of Florida, to where will go dissents of BVC and the social refuse.
Scayatus: Yes, dear brothers, some Lightworkers of the 5thD told me some time ago that I should communicate to the Lightworkers of this timeline that they should be more prepared. There exist two main cities in the 5thD, one of them, and the most beautiful, is the City of Light of BVC, let’s say it is the main, the other was not finished by the groups that belonged to it.  I personally take groups to populate the New Earth and I know the geography of the new planet,  That is one of my tasks.
Luis Prada: It was not finished because is made of renegades and they lack the discipline to do a project so organized as the BVC.
Scayatus: It’s like that, brother Luis. That is why the brethren of the 5thD asked me to communicate to you to be more prepared to cross to the 5thD better fitted.
Blanca: It is required too much discipline to be able to study in the Brother Veritus’ University.
Luis Prada: Yes, Blanquita, studying in that university requires responsibility. Some do not want that neither follow rules, nor vegetarian diets.  They will rebel to that and to have bosses.

César R.: Scayatus, specifically, ¿what do you refer to when you say that the brothers warn us to have more preparation?, ¡please!
Luis Prada: César, Scayatus is referring to that when the energies go up to the 5thD some still attached to 3rdD will be badly prepared for that new dimension and therefore will make mistakes.

Goyo: Merit, brethren, there is no favoritism nor ego that is worthy. That is why I encourage you to work with the ego, brethren, that work is personal.  May the universal sentiments of consciousness, liberty and divine love be with us! Our today’s opinions serve to reflect and draw out the Light of understanding and they do not define the 5th Dimension. We know that for that we need to work with our ego.  Now is the moment of self revising our soul, to what degree we continue carrying inside our egotism, the lie, arrogance, etc., from psychological-type defects. To find them is a success since they must be eliminated from our life, this is a work of supreme URGENCY for ourselves.
Luis Prada: Yes, Goyo, it is not about favoritism what I said above, it is about personal behavior.  Those who wish to go to that ecological community ask for it, ask the drop out and it is given to them.  However, there will be cases of incorrigible ones who will be proscribed from BVC and will go there.

Cecilia M.: Proscribed? Even being in the 5thD, don Luis?
Luis Prada: Yes, Cecilia, there will be the possibility of proscribing incorrigible and problematic persons who create disharmony in the community and DO NOT ACCEPT ANY ADVICE NOR HELP offered to them. The disharmony of conflicting persons affects all the community and lower its energies.

César R.: It will be as it is commented by Drunvalo Melchizedek in his book.  He says that we must control and quiet our mind or thoughts so that they be more harmonious and positive. Also we must learn to quiet our mind since in the 5th Dimension what we think is manifested immediately. Is that what you refer to, Scayatus? OK, don Luis, thanks.  Even so, I lend weight to the previous comment.
Scayatus: It’s like that, dear brethren, so many carry attachments of the 3rdD that won’t let them advance to the 5thD and they separate themselves of the other groups.  Brethren, you must know that to reach a vibrational level that allows us pass to the 5thD does not mean we convert ourselves from night to day into sort of saints.  In the 5thD we also will have work to do since we carry some imperfections that will be polished from plane to plane even to the higher levels like the 6thD, 7thD, etc.

Luis Prada: Yes, César, you hit the nail o the head, what is thought manifests rapidly in the 5thD, that is why we must work on ourselves, or on the contrary when we have the joy of living in the City of Light of BVC, we won’t appreciate it for ego and we may end up losing everything for our ego and attachments of 3rdD, and living in the ecological community of renegades.

Pacho: With the most respect, brethren, I believe we are warning about and questioning the same vices and defects of the 3rdD when it is supposed that if we passed the exam to 4thD or to a 5thD is because we must’ve gone beyond the ego and changed our consciousness.
Luis Prada: Yes, Pacho, but not everybody will be at the same level, if a strict cut-off or selection be made almost nobody qualifies for the 5th D. Pacho, they may Ascend to the 5thD but they carry problems that later will show up as ego and attachments.
Pacho: How nice, don Luis, in truth your words fill me with hope.

Cecilia M.: Don Luis, how important is the influence of our emotions?
Luis Prada: Our emotions, Ceci, are key because the wrong qualification of them is what precipitates illnesses, and with illnesses we cannot enter the 5thD. The 3 Days of Darkness will create an atmosphere appropriate to work on ourselves and to remove from us the veils.

César R.: You’re right, don Luis, and it is an energy that has affected our computers since we are connected by converging in the Astral of our Sacred Etheric Temple of our Community.  We are as a cell inside the Unified Field at the quantum level! That is why that disharmony of one affects all the Network of BVC connected at a specific time, specially during a meditation. But the incompatibility of the renegades with the higher vibrational frequencies of 5thD won’t send them ipso facto to dimensions of 4thD or 3rdD, or, as is the case of the Lightships with the tractor beams of Light, would they disintegrate their matter?, because, how would it be explained they have survived processes of raising to higher frequencies in a planet and to pass on to another dimension?

Luis Prada: In a planet of perfect harmony persons of other planets that live in attachments and ego problems cannot be accepted because they carry bad vibrations and these ones affect the vibrations of all the planet and its inhabitants.  That is why these beings do not allow beings of lower vibrations in their planet.  In the BVC we will have the same problem. Scayatus seems not to remember the community of renegades of which in the past he told us he saw. However, he tells us of the groups of people in the 5thD that split because of ego and attachments problems.  That is the same idea.  With the development of telepathy in the City of Light of BVC we are going all to be attuned with each other and therefore we are going to be more sensitive to the disharmonies of those who live with nuisances, annoyances and other «ances». It is for that reason that the alternate ecological commune will be the outlet or escape to those persons of low vibes.
Cecilia M.: Don Luis, that confirms what Scayatus said previously.

Scayatus: Yes, brother Luis, if we go more prepared there will be less problems. That group I talked about does not want to have contact with the other groups and split towards the East of the map and they are divide from the rest by a great river and some small rivers and they almost do not let anybody come in.  Their vibration is felt from far away, they are the only ones that have marked their territory.
Luis Prada: Exactly, Scayatus, it is that group I am referring to here, the one of those renegades. That is not the Río Grande of the limit between the United States and Mexico, but an isthmus formed with the flooding of the coasts of the United States and Florida almost all under the sea, under the Atlantic Ocean.
Scayatus: Yes, the colonies that were made have a representative in the Council of the City of Light but the renegades do not want to be told how to live.  They have attachments to the 3rdD, they remember how the governments in the 3rd D deceived them and because of those attachments —that they did not leave behind— have problems of adaptation.

Luis Prada: Exactly, those renegades did not want bosses in the BVC and left, now they live as in Slab City in the Nevada dessert of the United States, a commune hippie-style.  I have posted several videos of the American nomad life in the English forum, there is a video of Slab City. I recommend you to see it.  It is a town without any law. It is like living in the American wild West of the mid XIX century. It is for that reason other colonies have representatives in the City of Light of the BVC, except the colonies of renegades since they are unsettled ones who want to live lawlessly. They think because the City of Light of BVC is so organized in technology and because it follows the law, can be turned into a New World Order.

Hugo: That city of renegades will be a city of training for the attachments. If that is so, I better start training myself right now. What do you think, brothers?
César R.: I think such persons will not remain very much longer in those higher dimensions since they will contaminate the astral of the planet sensitized by the higher frequencies incompatible with the one of the renegades who will feel separate and different to the others, typical of 3rd D. You are quite right, Goyo.

Cecilia M.: ¡Wow! It’s scary to know that some brethren can go down to those levels of low vibration.
Luis Prada: Do not get scared, Cecilia, remember that several members of BVC believed that Esu is living in Venezuela, and when it was told to them no, that they were wrong, they got upset and left.
Cecilia M.: Don Luis, it was a way of saying since what a pain it would be to see our brethren fall to those states because of caprices or stubbornness, for their egos.
Gonzalo A.: I hope the 25 that left return.  They should have at this time reflected they were mistaken. I said it, Cecilia, that those 25 brethren that left are returning with other pseudonym, since they feel a little bad to know they were mistaken and return with a different name.
Goyo: We hope so, Gonzalo, the only way of recognizing the error is not to throw the blame on another, by being ONESELF responsible for our acts. In the Fifth Dimension we will live in accordance with universal laws.

Scayatus: I don’t remember that information you’re talking about specifically and don’t want to err, but we’re cleansing various both dimensions and alternate timelines or parallel realities.  Ceci, there’s nothing to fear, the frequency of the renegades is of the lowest of the 5thD but they reached a percentage that allowed them to pass over to the other side.  That is why I tell you that reaching a level or percentage that allows us to elevate ourselves to the other side doesn’t mean that we already are some "saints" to say it in some way.  If not, we’d pass directly to higher dimensions above 5thD. In the 5thD we continue our work to eliminate more weight and to raise ourselves to the dimensions we need to climb.
Cecilia M.: Yes, I know, Scayatus, only that makes you sad that brethren may fall with full consciousness and do not give in.
César R.: Cecilia, dear Cecilia, focus your love and thought in that everything will be different, as really you want to see and feel it, and not as you don’t want it be, that will be enough to contribute your grain of sand in helping the brethren that have the possibility of being renegades.
Cecilia M.: But it does not prevent that our emotions be sensitive to our brethren although they do wrong choices. Love, thought and discernment will help us to open roads to others, brother César.
César R.: Exactly, Ceci, and we could make things change before that possibility in the future so it won’t be different as it is being commented here.
Cecilia M.: That is the change, César, to open our hearts same as Esu does it with us.

Fabiaz: Being renegade doesn’t mean he is dark or of low vibrations. To me it’s already being confirmed which ones of my family members will Ascend and which ones won’t. I have my father I love dearly and my sister of blood, they won’t be able to Ascend. Imagine the attachment I have for them, it’s very sad. That is why our Ascended Brethren warned us to overcome attachments.

Scayatus: When we were in evacuation works a couple of years ago when I was calling those we would evacuate to the ships on that occasion in South America a man approached me and asked me: «Who are you? Are you angels?» It was before the first Chilean earthquake.

Well, along the planet history there always have been evacuations before what some call a catastrophe. When they call us to work at night they gather us in the ships and then we go to the place. When we arrive we get out and there starts the job. We raise our vibration and as it is said, those who have ears, let them hear. Let’s raise our frequency, and the people who are good or of high vibration start to arrive. The ships have a very high frequency and only can get in persons of high frequency, those of low frequency cannot enter since the ship will repel them, it is like going down to a deep depth in the sea. They wouldn’t withstand a high frequency of the ship, those who has it low and would like to get in. The persons get out of their homes and head to the evacuation ships. Some think they’re dreaming.

A person that was more conscious of the event was going to the ship which was shooting out a great light and high vibration and he walked towards this one. He approached me and asked me: «Who are you? Are you angels?» I pondered myself and analyzed what we were doing, as we raised our frequency our bodies shine and I felt great. I felt our work is worthy although it is not recognized by the sleeping ones.  It was a very nice experience.

Remember to work with telepathy.  In another evacuation, this one was in China, the first that the Chinese government did not want to officially recognize. In this evacuation we used telepathy also to communicate and love to calm them down.  Well, there among the evacuees was a Russian woman.  Since I speak a little bit of Russian I wanted to greet her in that language. So I left the telepathy and greeted her in Russian and as she heard her language she spoke to me in Russian very fast and became more nervous and I could not know how to answer since that broke the telepathic and harmonic link by the nervousness of the woman. So I switched back to telepathy and raised my frequency to communicate telepathically and with love I calmed her down.  So remember to practice telepathy.  Much inner work, dear brethren, the elimination of egos.  And as the Bible says, and all these things shall be added unto you. Let’s learn from each other, we are a big family.  We learn every day, so take advantage of each moment.  We are Masters and Students for each other.

Cecilia M.: It is for this the importance of the meditations to elevate the vibratory frequency.  We are on that, Scaya, practicing telepathy and also in our inner work.
Gonzalo A.: See, I tell you, Gardenia was right.
Scayatus: It’s like that, Gonza, learn all you can from the dear sister Gardenia, she’s a good teacher. I’m leaving too, dear brethren.  Blessings from the Heart, Word and Thought.
Cecilia M.: Thanks, Scaya, it is a blessing to share with you tonight. Scayatus is one of my best teachers I have and it is he who is helping me a lot on telepathy.
Scayatus: Thank you, Ceci, we are all Students and Teachers at the same time. Thank you, for listening.  Remember the advice of the brethren of the 5thD, prepare yourselves more to arrive better prepared to the 5thD, it must be for something.
Cecilia M.: It’s me, Scaya, who thank you for all the help and advices for the improvement of our Inner Being.  Blessings, brethren, have a great night.
Gonzalo A.: Blessings, Scayatus, rest with the angels and you look for me around here. Something from Chichiuas came out of me. Blessings, dear brethren, masters, Light Warriors, I leave you.  Good bye to everybody.

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