The World After NESARA

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The World After NESARA

by  Luis E. Prada
Editor and Publisher of "Brother Veritus’ Website"

First published on this website on December 29, 2003.
This article is the response to an email sent by a reader of this website.  The answer will benefit others with similar concerns.

December 27, 2003, wrote:

Question: I had come across your website on NESARA, in fact I have gone through your whole website and find it fascinating.  As I read your website, I find in my heart a lot truth in what you are presenting.
I knew when I watched the 2nd jet hit the towers live on TV that our government was involved. Then I knew for a fact when I saw Bush’s facial expression on his the first televised conference.
I am not new at this, but I am new at NESARA.  I have to ask you, that If it finally gets announced, and we all become millionaires, who will be working?  Who would want to serve people in restaurants, stores, hotels, or farm our cattle and produce, or pilot our passenger jets, ships, trains, buses, etc.?  Not to many people would want to work as hard as they used to, if any at all.
 I have worked very hard all my life and barely made a living. Now I am not able to do my work anymore because of a disability.  So now I receive SS Disability because my body won’t handle it anymore and I am still barely keeping my head above water.  This robbing Peter to pay Paul has to stop.
I am very curious to what your answer will be, so please get back to me as soon as you can. Thank You.
Love & Light,
Wanda L. W.

Thank you, Dear Wanda, for your honest and sincere questions, I had them myself in the past, but being aware of the details on NESARA as well as the meditation on these issues for a long time gave me the answers.  As you may intuit, I am not a political inclined individual, nor do I have a conspiracy website, but I am a mystic and a Lightworker working hard to bring spiritual teachings to the masses and an awareness of the New Age.

Since it is primordial to the prosperity in the New Age that people get above the survival level to start on their spiritual quest and have time to dedicate to lofty thoughts, then an economic prosperity to “We the People” is mandatory, to provide them with time and money resources to follow these pursuits.  NESARA is such a tool.  This is it, Dear Reader, this is it!  It is the result of our prayers.  The spiritual collective change starts at the financial level.

I have been an engineer all my life since a young age and at work in some cases have been humiliated, put down, and to some degree in most cases unappreciated for excellent, creative and detailed electrical designs I have done.  One example of the level of detail work I do, even though not engineering in this case, you can see it in the quality of my website and in the quality of my art if you visit myArt Gallery.

I am not alone, the majority of people, including you, have gone through similar circumstances, and yet we stick to our work because of sheer necessity, to provide bread for the family.  Corporations know that and they treat us as disposables (for layoff) and as slaves.  We comply, unfortunately, even though we do not like it.  In most cases we work hard in relationships and work environments we do not like to keep our jobs.  It is sad but true.

[If you feel you still want another piece of my mind regarding Corporations read the following paragraphs in my autobiography:  1.4; 17.2.1 through 17.2.10; 17.3.1 through 17.3.5.]

"NESARA’s announcement is our door to the Golden Age and we are approaching that door.  NESARA Yes!"
Dove of Oneness.  From the Dove Report of January 1, 2004

Peace and Prosperity for All!

However, after NESARA is announced, we go back to Constitutional Law and start the implementation of prosperity programs initially in the United States and later across the world.  This will mark the downfall of the Evil Empire (The Illuminati), arrogant, power-and-money-hungry and gluttonous super rich, always asking for more of your meager pennies even though their riches count in the trillions, so they can live in castles in Europe and US, call themselves noble, their properties and luxuries you and I cannot even imagine in our wildest dreams and with the best of our fanciful imagination simply because we have always been foreigners to those excesses.

Each week we work to support ourselves, our families, the state, the federal government and the gluttonous Illuminati.  The Illuminati take most of our taxes as the most expensive of our dependents, leaving the State and Federal government in debt to them.

So we go all our lives working hard with little time for personal development and hobbies to end up poor and unemployed, or poorly paid, at the fall and winter of our lives, how unfair! 5% have 95% of world’s resources!

When there will be a fair distribution of resources then we will work in what we like and we demand fair treatment: If the employer does not give it to us, we quit, we don’t need to put up with them or work for them, we work for pleasure and personal growth and to contribute to society.  This will be the power of “We the People”, self-governance and freedom.  The evil boss is left to find someone else who may be willing to work for him, either change his mind and heart or lose the business.  They will compete among themselves for the best talent, pay well, and strive to treat talent well, and keep their employees motivated and creative, or to just simply keep them.  People will be proud of what they do and work to do it well, and demand dignity and fair treatment in the community and at work, since money is not the issue we are all prosperous but fairness and dignity, as they should always be.

Excerpt of the Dove Report of December 28, 2003

"…It seems that one of the reasons the White Knight Decision Team is planning to delay until the end of March 2004 before submitting a petition to World Court asking for a NESARA announcement time period, is to give the Illuminati another year to bleed income tax money out of Americans.  Most of the income tax money collected from Americans and businesses in the U.S. goes to the owners of the Federal Reserve central bank. There are other sources of income which are used to run the federal government; the big lie is that Americans’ income tax money funds the government.

"The Federal Reserve is a private corporation owned mainly by the foreign banking corporations of the world’s top Illuminati banking families. I confirmed this fact by calling U.S. Representative Ron Paul’s office; Ron Paul has sponsored a bill to abolish the Federal Reserve. Norm S. of Ron Paul’s staff confirmed for us in October 2002 that the Federal Reserve is owned by a dozen private and public entities/corporations.

"The Illuminati who own the Federal Reserve want their full portion of Americans’ income tax money and have ordered the White Knight decision team to delay requesting a NESARA announcement time period until just a few weeks before the unlawful income tax’s deadline of April 15th."

Peace and Prosperity for All!

Not everybody is qualified for any job, some people like, or are qualified for, being the bus driver, janitor, gardener, restaurant waiter, car mechanics, carpenter, etc., and in these jobs they will give their best and be proud of their work and expect to be respected for their contribution.  Everybody works and contributes or will be entered in special training, psychological analyses, or simply be ousted from their Aquarian community.  Over time some of the repetitive and unchallenging jobs such as cleaning, and work under harsh conditions or jobs that require brute force will be replaced by machines and androids, so the more enlightened society can dedicate their precious time to creativity and inner development. 

We will work less hours a week.  Most likely at the beginning we will continue to work 40 hours a week to reconstruct the system, to clean up the environment and help Mother Earth (wasted by Corporations and cartels) and to develop energy technologies, then we will work less to end up working only four hours a day or less.  Remember, a great deal of what you do today during your work hours is lost as a monetary contribution to you or the community, because is the monetary share for the rich, and the Illuminati owners of the Federal Reserve (and controllers of the monstrous and bureaucratic IRS), so these expensive-and-gluttonous dependents of you take a great deal of your labor through taxes to live a corrupted life of their own, as the worst spoiled child.  Were the money not being funneled to them through the Federal Reserve stock earning distribution and through the military industrial complex they own, we would need to work a lot fewer hours to keep our same standard of living and to contribute money for state offices, education, highways construction and maintenance, government services, etc.  The illegal and unconstitutional IRS was created by the Illuminati of the Federal Reserve to collect taxes for them mainly.  For the needs of the federal and the state less taxation would be enough as in sale taxes on new items collected by a simpler tax office. [See sidebar.]

Companies will end up owned by communities, not individuals.  We all want to help the company we own and that brings prosperity to our community.  No more rich and poor, everybody will be seen as equal and Earth will be in the Fifth Dimension, a dimension of Love and Understanding.  Those whose bodies cannot tolerate the higher vibrations of this higher dimension, who cannot change their minds and stick to the old ways or are corrupt, lazy, irresponsible, materialistic minded and procrastinators, negative, reactive, insensitive, egoistic and self-serving, etc., and who refuse to be healed, will be leaving the Earth through natural causes and diseases, and will not reincarnate on this planet again.  The Divine Master taught us that “the humble will inherit the Earth”, this is a Cosmic Law proven by bioscience as in DNA mutation by the new energetics of the sun and thePhoton Belt and body transmutation.  This formula is not just a romantic ideal.  Science is already discovering these DNA mutations.

Yes, you read Bush well, these individuals reflect in their countenance the lies they hide in their minds, those are the corrupted who will be taken down and be judged by Man and God/Goddess through His/Her Cosmic Law of Karma.

Glad to be of service and to give you hope.  If you believe this to be true you should support NESARA and should join an NTAT group.  Also help to disseminate this information.  Blessings on you will be manifold should you do so.

I AM Luis Prada

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