Messages from the Celestials

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Messages from the Celestials, I

Channeled messages through Lauren and Jess Anthony.  Published initially in this website on April 26, 2006.  See also Messages from the Celestials, II and Messages from the Celestials, III.

23rd April, 2006
Messages from Christ Michael

On a Major Shift in Consciousness
Through Lauren

I come today to bring you news from the high realms. Before you stands a grand experiment of unprecedented proportion. This experiment is designed to enforce a major shift in consciousness. In this great shift there will be a guiding force that will lead each of you to your final destinations of geographic location and purpose. We are preparing for each of you to step into your roles as embodied angels and we portend a great awakening is upon you.

This notification is for the American people to establish great dissent for their governing leaders. We say that this is no time for acquiescence and we encourage each of you to lay claim to your rights. This request is beckoned of you from the powers that be, for soon you will be robbed of even your rights to protest. This will be a time of upheaval at best but one that must be put into action to declare your positions as citizens of a sovereign country. We are guiding you all to the opportunities to be of service in your own ways and we impart the tools and knowledge necessary for each of you to make a difference. It is up to you, however, to pay attention and utilize what is being given. We are at the end of a very long journey to fairness and equality but the mission still requires your action to overthrow your government.

It is in this way that you will all come to the realization that you are in fact capable of great change and in this way you will regain your conscious awareness as co-creators. When you have completed the journey to full Light you will be aware of many times that you had the upper hand but chose to ignore the option to use it. We encourage you now to put aside your fears of the unknown and allow your passion to rule your logic. Think with your hearts and not your minds and bring forth the New Era with your willingness to not lay down. In your quest for freedom you must let go of all that does not serve you to attain all that you require to live in peace. That includes the greatest force of power over you at this time, your current leadership.

Many want to know when this will happen and many want to know how, but we ask you the same questions now – When will you rise? How will you rise? We have given you the tools and you are armed with truth, now is the time for action. Now is the time to make your statement and have your voices heard.

How will you do this you ask? By your decision and willingness to stand up, to let go of fear, to give of yourself and your time in order to make the changes that you desperately seek. We come at you not disparagingly, but with the reminder that you are the creators now. Your creations start with thought and you have earned the powers to create your world as you see fit so use them. Staying on board and taking this to the finale means taking action in your own way. You have the right to claim your reality now and make your lives as you see them in divine ways. No more can you settle for what is unjust and corrupt and so your next move is crucial. Your next move is the one that will tip the scales in your favor, so what will that move be? Who will be the ones to step forward? Who will be the ones to stand up against tyranny? We are truly counting on each of you to take matters into your own hands now. As good parents do, we have supplied you with all you need to procure results and we support you in your endeavors, but now is the time to embark on your individual journeys into spiritual adulthood. No longer do you require the milk of your mother or the strength of your father, for you are Gods now.

We call forth the Forces of Light and ground crews at this time to activate your new roles upon Earth. We ask each of you to listen to your inner guidance and allow yourselves to be led. Go within and find the inspiration to take you to your destination of peace. Be relentless in your pursuits and know that you are supported. We are asking each and all of you to find your deepest desires and bring that forth for creating.

Now is the time to come together and sow the seeds of the New Era and now is the time to teach your fellow man the Light of truth. We are calling on all who work for the Light at this time to actively begin to bring harmony with your roles to these very uncertain times. As you sow these seeds you too shall begin to feel the inner peace of creation and the power of positive movement. This means stepping forward in your roles with faith and proving that you are capable of change.

I Am Christ Michael of Nebadon and I Am ordering movement in your realm. I come with armies and I come with love to assist in reclaiming the planet of Paradise and her inhabitants. Many of you are longing for reprieve and many have worked tirelessly for the efforts of the Light. I say to you, it is feasting time if you decide to make change. Time to renew yourselves and time to breathe, but first a time to decide. So decide to take now to your posts and be in position for change by listening to your inner urgings, and with this choice in mind, be alert for your call to freedom. Many opportunities arise from your willingness simply make a choice. What will you choose?

Man Must Take the Final Step Himself
Through Jess

Jess, let’s speak now for this morning. This is a major crisis that the Earth is experiencing, but it can also be considered/viewed as a wonderful opportunity to remove much that has held you back in the past. This is the time of cleansing and reorienting that will set you in place for the upcoming events.

You want to know specifics, I see. Yes, the schedule is still operational. We are working to get everything ready by the end of April. This is tied in with galactic and geographical determinants, as well as political upheavals and changes that must take place. The government is being intractable once again, and we are losing patience in your eyes with their recalcitrance. So why don’t we intervene, you ask? We have that authority, yes, but I want the effort to come from you. What more do we want, you say? I want commitment to action. I want you – Man on Earth – to take the final step you need to take. What does this mean, you ask? This is an individual determination. Does this mean active participation or involvement? In some cases, yes. In others, it means setting your goals and beginning to develop your own mission in the face of what appears to be insurmountable obstacles. They are not. The more you manifest your ideas now, the more the energy of the Earth changes to support these manifestations.

You are doing what you can. You are sending out information. You are working with men. You are creating art through your singing and playing. You are changing the aesthetic environment – which is your goal and your mission. You are using art to effect change. The information you come across is all grist for your mill of ideas. TheHidden Meanings site is full of interpretations that can shape your thinking on many areas of reasoning. The narrator/writer is working as a voice that will open up many people who read his columns. Candace is tired of battling the opposition. Yes, we told you she would be. We also told you she would rise to the occasion when needed. She is a voice as well as you. You say different things, but you are equally valuable. Your audience is inquiring in a different way than hers. That is fine. Each narrator speaks through the definitions and ideas they are familiar with. We work through their individual insights and use their experiences to express our truths.

What will you be doing? Yes, what about the money? The scenario is this at this point: we must remove the government before any further steps can be taken. We have a plan to do this before the end of April. We will use whatever means we can to wake the people up. The example of Bush going to war for spurious reasons has not been enough yet to cause an uprising. The gas protest will be effective, up to a point, but it will need a combination of events to trigger this massive scenario. The move by the Illinois legislature is a key step. This is an inviolable charge that must be considered by Congress. We will make sure this passes through and presents itself. Can this be done by next week? Not necessarily. This is one of many options we have to place pressure on the government that must be ousted. We cannot do this without your involvement. Your role is to resolve your karma. You must make the steps. You must act as a single force. We will not let you fail, but you must decide you will act in order for the thought to become a reality.

April 28, 2006
Messages from Creator and Sananda
From: Lauren

"Hello, my beloved child of the blue ray."
L: Creator?
C: Yes, my love, it is I whom you term Creator. I come with many masters to assure you of your fated outcome. I come with a message from on high, a message of hope for you and for all. We are proud of such a monumental effort to close this tumultuous era of grieving and strife destined to be replaced with hope and love and joy. Indeed you are in the final stages of dire circumstance and we come to tell you that the time is now for change.  We have decreed that the end shall be in April and we shall hold true to our vow. Now it is up to you. What is laid before you is the proposed event of the masses that we speak of, the event that will turn history on its tracks and represent the New Era of man. This entrance to the higher realms will be crowded as many follow the warriors of truth to the Light of All That Is. In your efforts to prevail you have suffered greatly and though this is not necessary in the higher ways, it was successful in bringing the Light to earth in its current condition. We attest to many leaving the earth at this time in preparation for their roles on the other side, and we alarm those in political power that all is in position for change. It is our wish that those in power make the choice on their own accord to step down from their roles, however many are unprepared to let go of their egoic control. Though this is a choice, we greatly encourage the resurrection of their souls. It is with amnesty that we make the deliberate attempt to retrieve these souls and help to guide them in the direction of Light. However the outcome, they shall be presented with another opportunity to atone, rather replace their negative behaviors with right doing.

We also come here with a request, a request to stay in your homes on the eve of great change. You will know this change by the way in which you feel. When the moment has arrived for mass consciousness to tip the scales in your favor you will be freed from the chains of energetic captivity. You will be pardoned from your roles as bringers of truth from the unseen. When the Light has awakened in enough people to gain the necessary momentum all who bear the burden of truth will be relieved of their duties in a way that will be unmistakable. You will have a knowing that the time has arrived because you will feel the peace of upliftment in preparation for the ensuing chaos. We have pardoned Lightworkers from the drama that will take over the masses as a gift for your commendable diligence and perseverance. You who are tired will be rested, you who are weary will be joyous and you who are ill will be healed. In a sense you are all rushing to the finish line with unprecedented speed which is why it may seem on the outside that you are getting worse.  In actuality this paradox poses the appropriate conundrum for life in duality, that all that is seemingly one way is actually the opposite side of another. This is oftentimes the basis of humor and most literary work, that what appears to be real is similarly just as unreal from an opposing angle. The more awareness that you have, the funnier this seems, however, most don’t realize the implications of the 2-sided nature of duality and get lost in it. This is why so many are with you now to aid you to your awakening. It is never funny to see suffering in the name of duality and so now you must all step into your new roles as co-creators so as to co-create the New Terra.

As you are released from your roles are Light bearers, you will undoubtedly feel lighter. This lifting will enable you to breathe freely for the first time in many months.  As you breathe in the energy of the higher vibrations, take note of your ability to stay centered amongst chaos. This will be the most notable change in your awareness, that you will seemingly be unaffected by the lower energies and capable of feeling joy in turbulent times.  This will be advantageous to your well being and you will notice that healing will come to you quickly while in this state of homeostasis. Your antenna will rise so your intuition will be stronger and your communication with us will be effortless.

L: So, are you saying that there will be an announcement this weekend, since this is the last weekend in April?
C: I have decreed that this shall be so, however it is up to you to provide the forward momentum of my request.
L: So in other words, you are just proposing that this is the weekend?
C: It could be looked at that way, though ultimately it is up to you to decide what it means.
L: But if I look at it one way, then there is always the opposing side as you stated before.
C: Correct. This is the cause and effect of energy that we speak of, that what you focus on ultimately becomes the reality of your thoughts.
L: So basically, if more people «believe» that this is the weekend for the announcement than those believing that it will not be, then change will manifest?
C: This is the culmination of collective thought, yes.
L: Are there enough aware people now to put this thought in motion?
C: Without a doubt.
L: SO is this why you decreed that April shall be the month, so that enough people will pull together to think it into our reality?
C: Do you suppose that it could work this way?
L: At this stage in the game I have some reservations because Lightworkers are played out. And many still play the blame game for why results don’t appear. They especially like to blame the masters for our lack of results thereby spreading the energy of animosity and taking us further from our goal, which to me says that many still don’t get how energy really works.
C: Do you suppose that there is an underlying current of energy that is working for the intended outcome that may have been put into place long ago and is now ripe with the potential of manifestation?
L: Yes, but if that is the case, then why does what we think matter?
C: Good question. It matters because you have the potential to use/add to this energy to your advantage to create rapid results. Without this underlying current of energy you would be hard pressed to procure results in the physical realm.
L: SO what do you suggest we do to make sure this happens this weekend?  There are still many, many people who believe that you and others will save us.
C: In a sense you are being saved because never before have you had these available opportunities whilst on earth and with so much support.  That does not mean that you aren’t responsible for your realities, just that the reality of Light is more probable now.
L: I think some may see this as discouraging since many are hoping that the changes are definite.
C: Precisely. And when many more believe this to be true, it will be.
L: And it is realistic to think that these many more that you speak of will be ready by this evening for an announcement?
C: I have decreed that it shall be so.
L: I am confused.
C: Dearest one, it is all in the realm of possibilities. Everything and anything that you can imagine is a reality now en masse. There are enough aware Lightworkers across the globe right now to make this change happen in an instant if brought together collectively. The amount of energy necessary to tip the scales is so close that you would be annoyed. This is why we declare the month of April as the month of change, because collectively you have the power now.
L: Maybe we don’t really understand yet how to use it?
C: In essence this is true, because if you knew how to use it you would not be suffering still.
L: Can you give us a play by play? A collective plan for the masses to employ?
C: I can suggest a plan as I often do, but it will be up to you to employ.
L: Granted.
C: I would suggest creating a source of power that is impenetrable by lower thought forms. In creating this power source I would employ the Forces of Light to pull together through massive intent to rise above all else and visualize this change in the Now. I would use the tools that you have been given by the higher realms to spread the intent far and wide. (internet?) I would then imagine a successful outcome and step into this as reality. Then I would live in this reality only.
L: Haven’t we done this many times?
C: Have you succeeded?
L: Good point. I am getting tired, do you recommend that I publish this?
C: I recommend that you do all you can to gather the Lightworkers and get them on the same page. I recommend that you affirm to yourselves that this be the weekend and see it through to its completion.
L: Can you help us?
C: You are all my children and I will walk with you to the end.
L: Thank you, Creator.
C: Be at peace.

Hi all, a quick note from Sananda about the protests in NYC tomorrow:

L: Sananda, are you calling me? (4/28/06 5:30pm)
S: We come to tell you that there is a break through by way of government this evening. It pertains to the protests scheduled for tomorrow afternoon and it is imperative that the forces of light gather for this function. This will catapult the energy into the ethers which will swell with momentum to cause a profound effect. We wish to advise that many are planning on attending this event from far and wide and it will be a time of rejoicing as citizens from around the country unify under one God. Take to the streets in your hometowns, find the places where people gather and reinforce the institution of people-power tomorrow. Your efforts will be multiplied when you gather in numbers with the momentum of this powerful force sweeping through your nation. All are called and all shall listen to the needs of the people at this time. Join in and be part of the collective and make your voices heard. The stage is set and your leaders are very concerned about an uprising. Show them the power of a sovereign united nation and never again allow them to separate you, for you are one. Tell one and all to rise for without you, there shall be no government. Without you, there shall be no war. Without you, there shall be no corporations. Without you there shall be no economy. Without you, there shall be no nation, for it is you, collectively, who have the power. We come again to tell you that together you will claim victory. I Am Sananda Immanuel.

For those of you in other time zones, the march is being held at 12 noon EST if you wish to join in the streets of your hometown or even in thought. Hopefully this will reap great rewards. These are just the labor pains…we are exhausted, and we are weary, but we have one last push in us, lets make it the one that will rebirth our nation.

Hopefully like childbirth we will forget the pain when its over!

P.S. Below is some information on the march, and you can also go to
March for Peace, Justice, and Democracy – NYC Mass Mobilization
Starting Date: 04-29-2006
New York, NY 10001
United States

April 29, 2006
Message from Sananda
From: Lauren

Hi, friends! Some of you have been asking me for a group prayer to incorporate Lightworkers around the globe in the march for freedom today at 12 noon EST. It is now after receiving this very uplifting communication with Sananda that I believe we can participate in the Lord’s Prayer, simply because he has quoted it below. Of course, we can all contribute to the Light as we see fit, but I found Sananda’s words very powerful today and though I have no religious affiliation, I find this prayer very fitting in "delivering us from evil"… It is 12pm now EST…let the prayers and Light and love begin!

Lauren: Sananda, is that you?
S: Indeed, beloved. Thank you for hearing our call. We come this morning with encouragement for your new world.  We come from on high to embrace with you the energies that have circulated throughout the ethers and are concentrated now in the form of movement. We come to hail the progress of few, for the endurance of these special few have literally changed the views of thousands.  Blessed be he who walks in my name and blessed be the fruit of thy womb.  For thy kingdom come shall be done on earth, as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us for our trespasses, for we forgive those who trespass against us, and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil….

These words, my child, have slipped through the consciousness of many in your recent times. These words that I present you with now shall enrapture those who walk with me in truth for I am among you now. I come with legions of angels and I come with hope for a better world. I am in the company of many greats and we shall deliver you from this evil empire once and for all. Blessed be those who come in my company for together we shall inherit thy earth. As we walk and march for the rights of all we march with heaven in the realms of truth. We claim no hardship upon those who surrender to our will, thy will of God. For in each of you lies the seed waiting to be nourished. Some have seen the seed within grow exponentially over the ensuing months, and it is you who shall embrace true freedom for all.

As we step into our roles as teachers and wayshowers of the New Earth, you too shall step into your new roles as prophets, seers, wayshowers, teachers, and living proof of rapture. To all who claim my teachings as their own it is you who shall see the test of time rewarded among you. For so long you have carried the cross and been weighed down with wet wings. Now, my children of faith, your wings are dry and you are finally free to fly.  Soar high above the chaos and the turbulent energies en masse.  Soar high with the eagles and nest in the company of angels, for you are true angels now.  All who adorn me shall desire no more, all who stand tall shall be lifted.  Your time is here now, dearest children, and you have fared well.  We applaud your efforts and maintain that you are the true keepers of faith.  You have set before you many tests to try to alter your path of faith and each of you who read these words with an open heart have prevailed. You have overcome the many obstacles to the Light and have valiantly arrived as whole beings, the true masters. We take great pleasure in serving you now the way that you have diligently served the Light of Source. We send our many minions forth to rescue and coddle you now for your well-deserved fortitude.  You, my children, are now the spiritual parents that will be needed to foster your nations as we have fostered you to full maturity.  With this great responsibility comes great rewards and we are honored to graciously bestow them upon you.

Feel the energy of new life as it fills you, for coursing through your veins is a very new type of blood, the blood of Source. With this new blood you shall attune yourselves to the new frequencies inherent within your birth plan. This plan was decided by you before your incarnation and it has been decided by your oversoul, the exact time for full activation. You who are ready to activate now will be lifted shortly in preparation for what’s to come in your 3D world. This activation is one you have prepared for many eons and if it has been decided by you that the time is now, then you will be in a very different state of consciousness shortly. This new state of awareness is the necessary element required to bring forth your new DNA patterns in preparation for your new roles on earth.  In this state you will be limited by the amount of lower energies you can absorb, you will in a sense be impervious to the denser elements of physical existence. You will be in fact, lighter and more buoyant. This aspect of yourself is waiting to emerge in full light so that you may co-create with the highest and most pure aspects of the Light. With this comes great responsibility for you shall not lay complacent but rather be compelled to make change for the betterment of humanity and your world. You will have resources necessary to make your visions a reality and you will be supported by many seen and unseen forces. You have earned this quality of life and it shall be granted upon you, indeed. Celebrate this arrival, my friends, and celebrate the end of suffering for all. This was your goal and you have achieved it.

We leave you with one more morsel of hope that soon you are to release the pain of forbearance.  By this we claim that your rights are due to you now.  You have been the pillars of an unseen society for a very long time and now your pillars shall be reinforced by the right doings of all.  No longer shall you be hidden in your work for a better world and no more shall you fight for what is long overdue.  As you step forward now in your full light you will be revered for your determination to see this through and others will be inspired by your example of patience, foresight, and your willingness to sacrifice so much for a noble cause.  This was done on your part, willingly, and with the blessing of creator so that you shall have your prayers answered now.  Welcome to the home that you finally will belong to and this is the home that many will work to become citizens of.  You have established yourselves as the creators of an entirely new paradigm and for others to achieve this habitat with you, they must do their part too.  Fortunately, they will have the greatest teachers of all, you, the new Masters.

I Am Sananda Immanuel and I greet you all at the entrance to your destiny.  Here we shall meet one another and celebrate our victory together. We will toast our glasses and we shall feast upon the gracious givings of our Creator together, for together we have made history and together we will make miracles. Go in celebration to honor yourselves as the selfless support structure to your new nation. Blessings on all.

May 3, 2006
Message from St. Germain
From:  Through Jess Anthony

St. Germain, I ask if you can give me more information to clarify the assumptions and misconceptions that are swirling around at the moment. We are all looking for movement and I am thrilled to hear the rumors that are being sent around. Is this correct? Are the reposts from various sources accurate? Do we have a timetable in regards to the announcement or the removal of the present government? I thank you immeasurably for the leadership and guidance you have given, and ask for more clarity and understanding today.

St. Germain:
Jess, I speak to you today with great misgivings. Great misgivings over the lack of interest that is being shown in removing the government status quo. We are working around the clock according to your time to try to negotiate a separation and a change from the entrenched dark machinations and the entangled fiscal structure that has kept you economically in the dark for so long. This structure is enabling a continuance of your poor self-image and your continued reliance on an economic superstructure that is not in your best interests and individuals.

This structure is doomed. We are dismantling it piece by piece – much as the Berlin Wall fell – but you must as a whole people provide the philosophical and spiritual support for the work that a few are carrying out. This is happening as you can tell by the few reports that filter through the Internet. But the time is right for a mass upheaval more in keeping with the revolutionary zeal that needs to be nurtured. Take the first steps! Move on your tyrannical overlords! These were words that the revolutionary patriots spoke in the 1700s. They should be once again the watchwords of the many!

You ask for specific information now. Let me assure you that the work is going on as reported in Casper the Friendly Ghost’s breathless missives. The excitement is building and the work is being carried out as we speak today on the computer. The deliveries are happening, yes, as described. In fact, they had to be carried out yesterday to avoid the companies losing their trucks and services by order of the international world court. The transfer of the money is more problematical. The political shenanigans of the people in power have played havoc with our control of the electronic title to the actual gold bullion. This has allowed the removal on paper of our ownership of said currency. We know where the money is and how much there is, but we have to arrange an easy access through the existing financial infrastructure for all the people who have prosperity entitlements. This is what Patrick was referring to, although he was in error as to the actual details.

The plan is to remove the existing government obstructions before we attempt to engage and coordinate a massive system of reparations and payouts. This should happen this week. We have all the pieces in place and frankly there is little that could be done to stop it. However, it, too, is determined by legal maneuvering and we must move as the wheels of justice turn. This is where the positive support you can give the process is crucial as to the creation of the determining factor. You don’t understand the power of your persuasion in mental terms. When everyone thinks the outcome is accomplished, it begins to take form and await your actions upon your wishes. It is very much like molding clay. You have the idea and it starts to take shape under your fingers. The idea is manifest. You are the creator and you have brought your ideas into reality.

This is enough warning and encouragement for today. LOL Act! Do! The money is there. The pieces are in place.
Namaste. Violinio Germain, otherwise know as St. Germain.

May 7, 2006
Message from Christ Michael
Through Jess Anthony

I asked for assurances and a timeline and this is what I heard from Christ Michael.  I don’t know the truth of the facts he states from personal investigation–only reports I’ve read online. I assume that was why Christ Michael spoke of those groups and their control. The comments about the financial groups are as clear as I could make them. We discussed the clarity of the wording to use after the fact.
Christ Michael, I again ask for clarity and understanding. I ask for an outline of events if one is available to me. I ask how I can help move it forward, and I ask what I need to prepare for as it approaches. Wonderful events are coming and I am eager to begin them. I realize the chaos and the emotional upheaval that will come, but I am confident your guidance will enable me to work within the flow that is coming. I ask for my own peace of mind and my own perspective. I will not release information until you say to do so.

Christ Michael:

Jess, hello this morning. We have had an eventful weekend —more so than normally. The events leading to the removal and overthrow of your current government are proceeding at their expected pace. What does this mean, you ask? We have given them every opportunity to capitulate and resign their positions before we laid down the law, so to speak, telling them they had to decide by this time or we would intervene with an overwhelming release of information condemning them personally and politically. We are sure they don’t want that, but they are struggling to maintain a position that appears to still give them some power. This cannot be in the terms we have laid out to them. They must surrender the control, or it will be taken away from them in a way that is not publicly pleasant.

This involves, as you suspected, the sex scandal that is brewing with ramifications that will spread globally. This is an internecine, cabal driven operation that involves players on both sides of the Atlantic. The Pacific groups are peripheral to the whole attempt to overturn the Constitution and install the money lords into public positions of control. This is obviously their goal to any thinking reader of the leaked information. This will not come to be. This is against all the intentions I have for this Universe and this globe specifically. This contravenes all notions of balance and harmony the Earth was constructed with.

The time table that is now in place calls for the Federal Reserve to declare its bankruptcy and ask the Treasury Department to take over the fiscal responsibility. The money is now in place to support this transition. We have been scurrying around the world tracking various deposits and caches of gold bullion that have mysteriously been moved from their intended repositories. This is electronic maneuvering that has been carried out in defiance ofour orders to stand down. This is yet another crime that has been perpetrated on the American public. The money is now in place and the deposits have been carried out. The delivery of the bank promises has also been carried out this past week, and the recipients of the windfall amounts are being notified this week. This will happen after the announcement is made that the Federal Reserve is transferring its money. This fiscal foundation is an important step that will undermine the political structure the Illuminati through Bush have erected.

The Bush investment cartel, led by Father Bush, is the figure head of the small group that controls the world’s financial picture. This group coordinates the fiscal policies of all economies for its own benefit. The value of all currency is based on the rules and regulations the group has put in place in its banking institutions. Who is this group, you ask?

This is a cartel of bankers led by the Rothschild family and controlled by the bank associated with London. This is the banking group that has tentacles reaching all over the world. The Vatican is not the owner, but it uses its power and control as the major tools the bankers have in operation around the world. The church influences the use of the wealth, make no mistake about that. But the Vatican doesn’t make the decision on how it wants the money distributed. The core group of bankers determines how it acts globally for its own interests. The Vatican follows along accordingly.

This is again based on knowledge and power wielded through historical precedents. Behavior is controlled through guilt and fear of sinning again «Almighty God.» This has been the tool that has been in operation since the Roman Empire. This control is based on off-world dominance that was translated into a form that the public would accept. This was what I and (Jesus-)Sananda warred against when we came two thousand years ago. We were successful only in installing a mechanism for change that produces a sense of inner awareness. This awareness has led to what we have now, and the time has come for the final chapter to end. It is time for a new scenario that is wholly in keeping with my intentions.

You ask how this could have happened. Yes, I see your questioning. This infection spread here to Earth without our knowing. We had seen it spread to other planets and galaxies within this Universe of Nebadon, but we assumed it would not come to Earth. This was a naïveté based on unfamiliarity with what was happening. It never had happened before and we could not imagine it would. We never suspect it was possible to have a working negativity that caused our balanced energy to reverse itself and begin to create unsuspected creations. This was an unavoidable event at the time. Our power is not unlimited, although you cannot fathom a limit to what we are able to do. This caused the tremendously long attack, to your way of thinking. In relative terms it was late and short-lived in terms of the age of the Universe and its history and accomplishments.

What is happening now? We want to have the government resign as a follow up to the fiscal changeover. The shift in government will be more tolerated as the off-shoot of failed financial policies and activities. People will accept fiscal mismanagement more readily and calmly than they will sexual misbehavior – although that is certainly available for inspection too. Emotional reactions to behavior on personal levels are always more of a trigger for instability than analytical and planned mismanagement.

We plan to have this happen this week. We say this every time we talk and it is always contingent on you people on Earth’s cooperation and acceptance. You can look at yourself. You are doing what you are comfortable doing, but not going beyond your carefully determined space of security and safety. Will it be necessary for you to do more? Of course, at some point.

I sense frustration and impatience.

Jess:  So are you telling me it is going to be another year before we resolve this?
CM:  No. It will be this month.
Jess:  You said that last month. Why can you not have a definite date and hold to it? Everyone wants a definite time for this to happen. Don’t you realize that? Everyone is ready to move into the next phase. Are you going to let us drop again? If I am a mirror of your definitiveness then I ask for more assurance and conviction in holding securely to the course. Will you give me assurance that it will happen this week?
CM:  I will if you give me assurance you will do what is necessary.
Jess:  Have I not done that?
CM:  Jess, you always have limits on where you will go. That is the nature of your personality and the method you use for operating this lifetime. This is not a bad thing, just a factor that is there.
Jess:  I ask calmly, and with as much peace and support as I can muster at the moment for this to take place this week. Will you agree?
CM:  Yes, I will order the steps to begin. So be it. I order it so.

At the End of April, 2006
Message from Sananda
On the Advent of a New World Through Lauren

It is the Light of many as we share the emanation of purity and essence of source. We gather in numbers this day to celebrate the victory of a New Era. We come in droves to unify the peacekeepers of your world and we celebrate the advent of the new world. Blessed be those who come in the name of the Light and blessed be the crumbling paradigm before you now. As we celebrate the union of heaven and earth it is apparent to us that we are in for a bumpy ride as your cabal still refuses to let go of tyrannical control. This is not alarming in the sense that we will not succeed, only more tumultuous, and especially for those who will choose not to rectify their wrongdoings. We plead with them to release their dominion for the sake of all, yet they resist. Fret not, for these tumultuous times are ones that we are duly prepared for and we take no prisoners in our attempts to thwart evil.

This coming entrance to a new cycle in your Earth’s history is heralded by the many on and off Earth who work toward a common purpose. This Light of the masses guarantees our victory and we shall inherit justice. Prepare yourselves by taking a good look at your individual lives on this earth. Are you truly prepared for the changes that will soon commence? Are you in a position of careful and planned resolve for future chaos? We would encourage all of you to take heed for the countdown is upon you now. There is coming a mass movement of unprecedented scope and we suggest a plan of preparation for those who are aware. This may mean different things to different people, however it seems fitting that now is the time to begin your planning. Preparing yourselves first is the most important step for you will be very busy when the lid blows. You would benefit by securing yourselves in a firm position of truth so as to not be disheartened by upcoming fears of those who are unaware.

This time of exaltation will be a well deserved honor and a moment in your lifetime that you will not forget. As you reap the rewards of holding and spreading truth around, you will undoubtedly be in your joy. The ecstasy of freedom is unparalleled by most experiences and you will truly be free. Free to be who you are in truth as it was meant to be. The truth of who you are is just the right formula for change. It is the formula of much thought and planned theories of outcome for your successful missions whilst upon the earth. Do not underestimate your specially wired vessels for you chose the exact blueprint and DNA for your very special purpose in this incarnation. And you chose well for the Light of God to inhabit this vessel and purify each and every cell of your makeup.

When the Light of God is fully immersed in you, you are free. This is the goal of Ascension for each of you and for Mother Earth. As you increase your awareness and vibration, so too do you increase the actual amount of Light to be inhabited within. Use this Light now to illuminate others and spread the truth like a flame on arid land roaring and destroying all that is not of the highest good for all. Then it will be your land to repair and restore to paradise. It is your land to freely roam the countrysides and it is your land to raise the new generations of beings from the lighted realms. You who choose to stay on Earth will be rewarded beyond compare. Likewise, those who choose to leave the Earth will be rewarded with accolades and spiritual advancement light years beyond your present understanding. If you so choose to return to Earth in your next lifetime, it is there that you will be greeted with a life of ease for your future learnings through experience. No one will go unnoticed for their immense sacrifices in this life, and no one will be left to wonder the purpose of it all. All shall be revealed to you in due time and even you who know truth will be amazed at the uncovering of so many lies.

The time before you is truly a remarkable one, one that we cannot express through language. It will take the experience of living through a time like this to fully grasp the enormity of what is to come. This is why we ask you to affirm to yourselves your truth and guard it with firm intent. Your truth is all you have when the proverbial rug is pulled out from under you. Your faith in the outcome will be a strong asset to you and to others and you will remain the pillars of truth until the way is made for all. This was your soul contract and while you knew it would be an uphill battle, you also knew that you were equipped for the role. You are the pillars upon which the new world will build their foundations, an elevated foundation of the higher ways. Many will join you in this quest and you will notice shortly that the weight of truth becomes much lighter when you have so many to share the burden. Eventually, when enough people have joined you in truth you will feel no weight at all and together you will build upon this foundation to create new lands.

We are delighted at the integrity of this special group of souls and we celebrate this victory with you all. You now have experiential evidence of your mastership, one that cannot be lost. The advantages of your toil are many and your growth and wisdom are the tell-tale signs. As you change your robes of color, many will be drawn to you for counsel. Wear these robes proudly and command love of yourself as you remember your sacrifices for a better world. This is how we see you now, already in celebration of who you truly are. You are no longer my children, for you have grown into your full expressions of self. You are all masters now. Go in peace to prepare yourselves for the great shift of the Ages.

I Am Sananda Immanuel. (12:12pm).
(Hi friends! I also wanted to share the attached song & lyrics in Light of the coming times sent to me this morning from a Lightworker friend in Belgium. One of my favorite songs from a favorite artist…"My Sweet Lord" by George Harrison. A shout to Keith for always managing to lift my spirits…)

My sweet Lord,
Hm, my Lord,
Hm, my Lord.

I really want to see you,
Really want to be with you,
Really want to see you, Lord,
But it takes so long, my Lord.

My sweet Lord,
Hm, my Lord,
Hm, my Lord.

I really want to know you,
Really want to go with you,
Really want to show you, Lord,
That it won’t take long, my Lord (hallelujah).

My sweet Lord (hallelujah),
Hm, my Lord (hallelujah),
My sweet Lord (hallelujah).

I really want to see you,
Really want to see you,
Really want to see you, Lord,
Really want to see you, Lord,
But it takes so long, my Lord (hallelujah).

My sweet Lord (hallelujah),
Hm, my Lord (hallelujah),
My, my, my Lord (hallelujah).

I really want to know you (hallelujah),
Really want to go with you (hallelujah),
Really want to show you, Lord (aaah),
That it won’t take long, my Lord (hallelujah).

Hmm (hallelujah),
My sweet Lord (hallelujah),
My, my, Lord (hallelujah).

Hm, my Lord (hare Krishna),
My, my, my Lord (hare Krishna),
Oh hm, my sweet Lord (Krishna, Krishna),
Oh-uuh-uh (hare, hare).

Now, I really want to see you (hare, Rama),
Really want to be with you (hare, Rama),
Really want to see you, Lord (aaah),
But it takes so long, my Lord (hallelujah).

Hm, my Lord (hallelujah),
My, my, my Lord (hare Krishna),
My sweet Lord (hare Krishna),
My sweet Lord (Krishna, Krishna),
My Lord (hare, hare),
Hm, hm (Gurur Brahma),
Hm, hm (Gurur Vishnu),
Hm, hm (Gurur Devo),
Hm, hm (Maheshwara).

My sweet Lord (Gurur Sakshaat),
My sweet Lord (Parabrahma),
My, my, my Lord (Tasmayi Shree),
My, my, my, my Lord (Guruve Namah),
My sweet Lord (Hare Rama).


(hare Krishna),
My sweet Lord (hare Krishna),
My sweet Lord (Krishna, Krishna),
My Lord (hare, hare).

May 1st, 2006
Message from Sananda
Preparing for Take-off Through Lauren

We are many and we come with many more. We issue a warrant for the arrest of the dark agenda and we anticipate the backing of an entire nation in this cause for civil liberty. Do you who know truth rally in the streets this day? Do you join the forces of those who sacrifice their security for a larger cause? Indeed these are the rights of humanity you fight for, not simply the rights of segregated bloodlines. Do you suppose that this march for freedom is the march for the rights of all? We say, indeed it is! Indeed these future rights that are stampeding in your cities are the rights for all who claim freedoms. Rise up, stand up, and join your brothers and sisters in the march for true freedom for all!

Now is the beginning of the change and now you can see the awareness with your own eyes. These transgressions that have been acted upon you can no longer be tolerated by anyone. It is because of these acts of violence against the people of your planet that you are finally in a position to wake up. This dark energy was necessary in the pursuit of equality and peace. See it for what it is, but take action to support your mission of fairness. We watch today with great joy to see the rising of so many for great cause. As we interpret the energy around your planet we can see the voids from darkness filled with the Light of love. This replacement of energy is necessary to lift the people of silent work to the next level in consciousness.

We are employing a mission of grand proportion and we are in a space much closer to earth at this time. We have begun to descend into your skies so as to prepare for the upcoming event. If you see movement in your night skies, know that we are ever closer and now with a better perspective. This gives us a vantage point in assisting your already forward movement. We have stated earlier that this is the time of great change and we declare that the battle has begun. You are only at the very beginning of an intense thrust of truth to be bestowed upon the people of your planet.

It is with honor that we send to you our missionaries and it is with gratitude that we employ these missions of Mother Earth in her quest for healing and transmutation. Please bear with us as we encounter many dark energies along the way, yet we can handle and are prepared for all that may step in our way to resolution. The dark has a force that is surmountable and the Light has a force that is irreconcilable in its attempts to thwart evil. Pay close attention to the words of your leaders and you will see the attempts to sway the attention of the masses to a place of distraction. The American people are bored with these attempts and they shall no longer succumb to the smoke and mirrors of a governing body based on lies and corruption. It is I who claim that these days upon you are the days of destruction of the dark empire and it is you who make these claims a reality in your physical domain. Soon we will work together in the light of truth to foreshadow the coming of Age in your world.

To this day and forward we move with rapid speed to help resolve the karma of many. It will be up to you to take this resolution to the final stages to play out the drama of invocation. In this process you will be guided to face and eliminate any lingering darkness in your soul bodies for the mass upliftment. It will seem as though time is speeding up exponentially in this final push forward to peace. Try to sit back and allow for these issues to be resolved on their own accord and fight not with your irrational minds.

These thought forms that are penetrating the masses at this time are due partly to the ensuing drama of the great change and due partly to your own personal clearings. We enforce that many are with you at this time to assist, call to us and we shall guide you to truth. For those of you who choose to not partake in the upliftment at this time, know that there will be other grand opportunities that will open up for when you feel ready to make the transition. No one is expected to participate without preparedness and to this we make no discrimination. We call to you to decide what will be your plight in this grand awakening. We assert that this moment before you has been decreed by Creator and therefore is your destiny. However, it is still your choice to decide when you will join the leagues of heaven in your mission to serve the great earth and it is up to you to decide when you will walk with your brothers and sisters to the threshold of the Golden Age. Take with you the hope of a better world and all else will be bestowed upon you.

We are your servants now as we lift you up out of denseness and prepare you for your new roles as leaders of this world. To begin the preparation for your journey, you must all eliminate any remains of past history of fear and wounds from your entire life stream. This is what you have been experiencing for quite some time, however, Creator has asked that the process be pardoned for those who cannot finish in time but who choose to be lifted. This means a final reparation for your soul as a gift of compensation for an arduous journey. This is a most gracious bestowal for only the greatest of warriors.

We assure you that the lessening of your suffering is at hand and the completion of your long journey is before you. As a final request we ask that you prepare yourselves for take-off by finding your center among the increasing light. We say this jokingly, though metaphorically it has worth, for you will be taking off to a very new destination. We have room aboard for all who wish to accompany us to the higher ways and we will make room for those who change their minds.

Thank you in advance for joining us on this very special mission of the stars, we are delighted to be with you again and we have strong ties to each of you with plenty of love abound. You are the victors of your era, victors with amnesia! A very special feat indeed. We come to you today with the news that you are all progressing rapidly now and with this news you should celebrate your arrival. As the leaders of a very new world, you have proven that you will succeed in your new roles. We look forward to partaking on this journey with you.

Blessings, dear ones, I Am Sananda Immanuel, Avatar of the Christed Era.

May 21st, 2006
Message from St. Germain
The Game Plan Has More Than One Route. Through Jess

I heard this Sunday.  St. Germain explains that the game plan has more than one route getting to the goal. This depends on which option we decide to take.
As far as Sheldan’s message, I didn’t read it as saying liftoff immediately. I understood it to say Announcement, education, First Contact/Second Coming, help with restoring the planet-which will involve some evacuation as the geography changes, and completion of our physical changes while this is taking place.  Then a return to a new Earth in a new body.  I don’t recall Sheldan or the Sirians ever talking about Aton/Christ Michael. Only the Masters and the Elohim. They are working from a different concept.
Journal 5-21-06
St. Germain, I ask for clarification today. I try to live in the now without creating needless scenarios or mindlessly following someone else’s scenario. The focus of the world on money has obviously maintained a tight grip on the economic loosing and ultimate monetary freedom promised with NESARA and the return to a gold standard. Many fiscal scenarios are proposed as authentic. I ask what is the true and right way through this. I ask what to believe. I ask who to believe, if any. I ask for guidance and assurance at this point.

St. Germain:
Jess, my boy. You want responses to your questions, I can see. This is a difficult and complicated subject that has been tainted beyond the original parameters of our intentions —our pure intentions. This higher realm concept has become mired and entangled in the thicket of your world’s financial dealings —its dog and pony show over dollars that are worthless.

The truth of the matter is that the dollars are worth less than ever, which is less than nothing, because of the new influx of trillions of more worthless paper printings to cover up the errors inspired by the disastrous and atrocious Gulf War over Iraq. This is but a continuation of the skirmish begun by the former Bush, and his limited figurehead son is but carrying out his orders to continue and finish his father’s game plan. This provides the oil-controlling cartel with the means to control the production of oil in the whole region. The question on their minds is not about the stargates as bandied about, but out the barrels of oil they sit on and control. This was the whole purpose of the "war" in the first place. To wrest control of the barrels and wells from Sadaam Hussein, their former linchpin in that region. As soon as he began making waves to be independent of their control, he was removed, and the attack on him served the purpose of putting America in charge of the oil and refineries.

This is off the track from your original questions, but it provides the background to understand the machinations and manipulations that are taking place over an astonishingly large sum of money. This will give them world dominance beyond what they already have and, in effect, hand over the future of the planet. Of course we are fighting this.

The battle in terms of energy and conviction has been won. The mass conscious, as far as perception is concerned, is now firmly against the plans of the former leaders. The difficulty is, of course, the control over the activities that determine and shape the policies that affect the use of the money. The hold outs still have an enormous sway over the control of the fiscal reality. These important people are the one that we are removing one by one as we are able. It is not a question of our removing them with a wave of our almighty inspired hand. It is a job that you must do yourself. We will help and give suggestion as to how, but you must act.

Ok, I hear this almost every message. There is something I am not doing, clearly, or I wouldn’t get the instructions each time. What do I need to do that I don’t know, or haven’t seen?
St. Germain:
Jess, your goals are pure and your ideals clean. This is a scenario, as you put it, which must be carried out by others. It is frustrating to see this not happen, by your 3d perspective, but remember we are constantly making progress. We see this from an infinite perspective, remember, not your scheduled timeframe on Earth.
So, that seems to criticize our perceptions. Do you mean we are looking at the situation in a way we should, even though we still are "mired" in the 3d scenario.
St. Germain:
This is a difficult question to answer. We see things from our perspective, you see them from yours. This is why we have channels and watch the physical developments to see how our wishes are played out. We wish your timeframe coincided with ours. We wish you could observe the Earth as we do. We wish you realized the connection you have with us.
So, how do we achieve this? How do we work through our 3d reality with its fiscal worries and built-in preconditioning.
St. Germain:
You must try to imagine the reality of the future is here. The scenario is this, now, as we see it having to take place: the government must come down before the announcement can be made. This is being triggered by fiscal instability on the stock market and in international gold purchases, and also by the continuing comedy that is taking place within the White House and the environs of
WashingtonD.C.  These are two blows to the knees, and either will be what will bring America to the point where it rises in anger and disgust to remove the tyrants. The collapse of the monetary system is predicated on the bankruptcy and collapse of the Federal Reserve. This illegal institution has see its approaching demise and has begun hoarding all it can to prevent a wholesale massacre. The question remains which will come first–the collapse of the government or the fall of the monetary system. Both are in play at the moment and either can happen at any time. The indictments are ready to be presented and the selling and trading for gold and other forms of currency is removing any backup for the paper dollar.

The NESARA questions and the announcement of the imposition of the legally approved system will take place after one or the other of the scenarios. We are waiting to see which happens. We are ready to make the announcement and all the key players are ready and in place. They are just waiting the signal to begin.

What can you do, you ask silently. There is not more you can do than believe it is here and has happened. Belief completely in an idea brings that idea into physicality. This is creation and this is you power at this time.
Can I have some guidance and assurance?
St. Germain:
This is like a log jam that is waiting for the right log to give way and cause the torrent to spill over. Literally everything is waiting for the right move or right step to create the proposed scenario.
Can you show us which log to kick?
St. Germain:
No, we cannot do that. That would be determining a process for you and you must decide collectively which way you will go. There are several alternatives that lead to the final goal of announcement and Ascension ultimately. You must determine which is the way you want to go as a society. Clear examining and discernment allow a faster deciding and an easier process of determining what the future is to be and how to get there. The number of steps depends on how you decide.

What should you do as you wait? Allow the wheels to start turning and we will take care of the process that it needs to operate the system. Let go there too.

This is certainly enough for an afternoon.  Violinio Germain.

June 22nd, 2006
Message from Aton (Christ Michael)
Aton comments on the latest news reports you are hearingThrough Jess

Journal 6-22-06
Aton, I ask for comments this evening, if you have things to say publicly. I sense wondrous things about to become public. Help me see my direction clearly.

Jess, yes, I will speak with you this evening. This is a time of chaos and apparent troubles. The news stories are false and designed to instill fear and confirm the government’s false line of explanation. The attack on the Sears tower was designed to show the government’s ability to catch terrorists—as was the raid in
Florida . These were false situations planned to create fear and rally support for the government. The miscreants operating in the name of the government can inflict damage still, but the central command is fraying badly and the line of authority is weak and tenuous.

The news articles once again trot out incorrect information and allude to fictitious events and scenarios the government wants the public to believe.  Florida was not the training ground for the terrorist hijackers. Those actions were government controlled and government coordinated to appear as if terrorists from Muslim countries were the attackers. This was not the true situation.  The events of 9/11 were planned and manipulated to produce the monetary effects they have had. This is coming to an end. The banks are caught in their lies and duplicitous dealings with money they didn’t control. This will be made public shortly, as will the truth about the attacks on 9/11. Pay attention to the new articles forthcoming from the researcher in Utah . They clearly show the means for implosion and bringing down the Towers in record time. The fire was not the cause. The planned demolition was. Pay attention and see the truth about this, as well as the truth about the media’s manipulation of the facts according to the government’s political agenda. This also has to change.

The time frame is in place and it cannot be changed. Heaven and the Galactic Federation have determined that events beyond the control of the governmental forces will happen at specific times. The Universe is set in motion like a clock on a vast scale and it will continue to operate. My concern has been to allow Earth’s inhabitants to connect with the miraculous events happening with Mother Earth’s Ascension. This is caused delay after delay within the period this can happen. The absolute deadlines have not been reached yet, although they are approaching nearer each day. Geographical and vibrational changes will take place, and those who are ready will join in with the shift to a higher dimension. Those who are not will be forced to leave, because they cannot physically tolerate this increased energy.

I will comfort those who read this and understand my words. They already are on the road to Ascension. It is a simple decision really. You just have to accept the Universal truths that are fixed and causing inevitable changes. This will be for the better, for it will allow you to connect with the unconditional love I and everyone else in the higher dimensions are offering you. You will be part of us and return to your rightful place as masters and sources of great energy yourself. You have done a masterful service here on Earth and have allowed this planet to enter into a process of Ascension that no other planet has undertaken. This is extraordinary in this Universe of Nebadon, and, in fact, is extraordinary in the Superuniverse of Orvonton. The Ascension process normally is not concerned with physical manifestations in the 3rd or 4th dimension. The fact that you are granted the privilege of experiencing this is a remarkable dispensation from the Creator of All.

The monetary resources will be forthcoming shortly. I tell this to you to allay your fears. The bank statements are being delivered and the government is due for a fall. The banking information you read from Milson is an accurate picture of the immense folly the financial institutions have engaged in. This will be known shortly. I still will not give you a definite date. Gary is right. The dates I have given you are always predicated on the conditions at the time. Things can change momentarily and the predictions are no longer viable.

This is enough for this evening. Aton of Nebadon. There will be more from Monjoronson soon.

Additional Note from Jess:
Aton told me he thought it was more appropriate than Christ Michael.
Who am I to argue? For a while he has been saying things to me like "this is Christ Michael, as you refer to me" and one day he just said "use Aton." It does feel more comfortable to me, and I can see how it might be less confusing ultimately than Christ Michael.

June 28th, 2006
Message from Aton (Christ Michael)
Through Jess
I just received this from Aton. He wanted everyone to read this.
Journal 6-28-06
Aton, I ask for an update this afternoon with comments I can send to the public. I ask for guidance and insight into the events that are coming for us. I ask for your love to connect us all in oneness and commitment.

Aton (Christ Michael):
Jess, this is again a glorious afternoon. I have words you can pass on to everyone who reads your message. This is a time of unity and one heart—my heart, which is full of overflowing love for everyone on Earth. The days of preparation have been unforeseen and unexpectedly difficult to withstand. Yet, you have prevailed, as you knew you would when you asked to come here. There never was any question that you would not have the energy in your soul and your personal manifestation to be able to accomplish what you intended. The ways have been made difficult by your choice, yet see what you have accomplished in overcoming your own obstacles.

This is a time for rejoicing, as well as a time for reflection and forgiveness. Everyone had his or her own role to play in this immense drama and everyone has played out the part they chose to actualize. Some have karma still to resolve that will cause them to continue working on issues they have begun here this time. Others will have succeeded in resolving the issues they came here to address. All will move into another dimension of greater energy and compassion where fear and negativity has no place.

The announcement will be forthcoming. I can say that it is imminent, and the confusion that may appear can be mitigated by viewing the situation clearly and without unexamined emotional reactions. Be peaceful and serene and know that a greater good is coming than you have ever imagined existed. This is the happy ending that everyone has sought in their dreams. It is to be a time of joy and peace with abundance for everyone.  My blessings on you all.

Namaste. Aton of Nebadon, known to many as Christ Michael, the Creator Son of this Universe.  Send this out to all who wish to read this.

July7th, 2006
Message from Ashtar
Through Jess
I think what I heard from Ashtar last Friday evening is certainly real and not sugar-coated. I will point out that his comments about Monjoronson were said before Candace’s wonderful interview appeared over the weekend.  You may, of course, believe this message or not.
Journal 7-7-06
I throw this out there to whoever has time to speak with me. I honestly feel I’m not being as current as others, but then maybe your guidance is being channeled into the [work I’m doing]. And helping me to remain calm and unconnected with too much of what is going on. I ask for what I need to do that I don’t realize. I ask for comments on what is happening for me and for others near to me. I ask for more clarity and insight into what I am doing and who I am.


Jess, this is Ashtar. Yes, you have called me this evening. I can speak with you with more freedom than some of the others at this point. Many are very busy working on the last minute details that must be taken care of before we can announce the changes.

The time is near. I would say nigh, but that is more of an indefinite than near, although they both are indeterminate. The announcement is dependant upon the correct players being in place and making the right decisions. This is now tipped in their favor, and their decisions are much less conflicting to make as a result of our persuasion through extra energy.

This may sound callous or cavalier, but the truth is the Universe is changing, and we must move Earth Shan, as you call her, into place for her own changes. We have no more time to waste on pointless attempts to try to overwhelm our power. You ask why this continues. It is because it must. We are bound to follow the dictates of free choice and must honor the decisions made by all. However, we do have the seniority to say "enough is enough" at the very last minute we have to say it. Heaven will allow us to intervene if need be. This must be accomplished.

The dates you have seen and have surmised are working to our end. We are designated to achieve the proper results by the end of July. This is determined by the Council of Orvonton, which is above and beyond the power of your Galactic Federation. This ruling force in the whole Superuniverse is not normally so involved in the affairs of individual galaxies such as Nebadon presents. Nebadon, itself, is a minor consideration in the scheme of things for them. Yet they have paid attention and have charted a course it must follow to serve the best interests of the Superuniverse of Orvonton.

You have no concept of the immensity of this decision, nor the force that goes behind it. We in the Ashtar command are bound by this decision. It will happen when it must. Christ Michael, as you call him, is bound to this time scale just as much as we are, but he is waiting until the last possible moment to implement the inevitable. He is love in action, and is concerned that as many as humanly possible will be able to move with us into a new dimension with Gaia.

Let’s speak of your work. You are progressing exceedingly well, you should realize. This may seem inconsequential to you, but the energy you are bringing to it, with your vision for cleaning and your concern for all it will connect with, is bringing new levels of intensity and clearance to those you wish to administer with your program. You must not be concerned with hearing messages and being in the forefront of the action. Your place is to sit where you are and work on the process as it materializes.

Lauren is being primed for another mission than you. Yours is a relaxed one initially, although you will find yourself increasingly in positions of authority and respect. Your research will be the lynch pin in bringing together a disparate group of young and old gay males who are sincerely interested in making changes in their lives. Let her go into her own universe, and you go more fully into yours. This is the time for you to experiment and learn, before it gets too hectic.

Let’s tell you a little about Monjoronson. He has been around the Earth construct for a very long time. He has not been manifested on the Earth until now, however. This is his new role as planet judge and administrator. Sananda will be concerned primarily with religious questions and metaphysical truths. Monjoronson will be concerned with administering law and true justice. His paths will cross yours—that is true.

Let’s speak of the time frame now. The changes in government should happen next week. Consider this a done deal, unless some untoward situation presents itself. They already know the rules and they have until midnight Wednesday to make an appeal. Of course, they probably will try an appeal, but the judge should be strong willed enough to deny the bail and cause the monkey-faced baboon to play out his own devices. The bank certificates are in place; the difficulties are the result of reluctance and difficulties being spread about by underlings. This will have to end soon, too.

This is enough for this fine evening. I will speak with you soon.
Ashtar, Commander of the Galactic Fleet.

Continues on Messages from the Celestials, II


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