Messages from the Celestials, III

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Messages from the Celestials, III

Multiple channels.  Published initially in this website on January 9, 2007. See also Messages from the Celestials, I, Messages from the Celestials, IIand Messages from the Celestial, IV.

Messages Through Lauren Gorgo

Athena Welcomes the 9th Year
Sunday December 31, 2006, 9:34 am
Taken from

Beloved sister of the Light, it is I, Athena.  Blessings. Indeed a virtue to be with you again this day, this special day in Earth time. Thank you for connecting with your star family, I assure you we have much to tell.

The emanations from the GalacticCenter are deeply resonating within the human heart at this time. This emanation of pure love is a vibration that is altering the human heart, mind and emotions. Many are experiencing a change for the first time regarding past emotions and this wave of change is sending a spiral of harmonic discordance into the collective. This spiral is then accessible by all other sentient beings regarding the same frequency as their own.

Now in the scheme of things, this is relatively impotent in terms of effect on the whole, however, due to the intense force field of Light surrounding your planet at this time thought is amplified and sped up exponentially, thereby making thought-forms of every kind accessible with great rapidity.

Respectively, what we then wish to discuss with you today is the amperage or voltage of Light available for the harmonic accord of Lightworkers. In this arena we are well versed as the Light waves of future resonance are part of our current technology and consciousness. This means that as you begin to assimilate higher frequencies of love, we can control the effect that it will have from theGalacticCenter and send forth the appropriate waves of alteration for mankind.

You, who work diligently for the Light have great advantage here. Dear Ones, listen softly to your radiation of heart. This radiation is an indication of our presence, the presence of your future selves residing within. You, as multidimensional beings of Light, have access now to these sacred centers and can utilize the gifts of your future knowledge in the new dynamic gridwork that has been placed around your Earth. The electrical circuits are intact for the new breed of Light bearers soon to enter your plane and this grid structure has been implemented and enabled for those who can access it.

Now there are some tricks to the trade, so to speak, but this comes with the territory of learning to utilize each aspect of your new and higher vibrating forms. The first to note is your immunity to discord. This aspect of Light from the new grid seals off lower vibrations that lack harmony so as to not interfere or scramble your new frequencies. This is not only a precautionary measure for you but for the planet as your power is limitless and therefore must be contained in the Light.

You must understand that now you are harboring a newly designed vessel of unprecedented power and though we have stated many times the importance of your responsible action, this cannot be underestimated. You, who are stepping into this new frequency, are already cleared of the lowest vibrations of Earth, yet, due to the abounding upheaval on your Shan, there is still much electric discord. You must not be intercepted by the forces of evil or persuaded by the darkness of greed.  You must maintain an open heart of gratitude and compassion to offer the gifts of spirit to yourself and others.

Now in the scheme of a shifting planet, there is much to be tended to. Some of you have a specific thread of purpose, some are varied and encompass many aspects of evolution. This is the activation of your specific blueprints that you enabled by the raising of your frequency and therefore you made the choice to step forward in service. With the new gridwork in place, your Lightbody has been designed and will be activated for the purposes of your life’s work. No two beings will be the same in this regard. Therefore, do not look for similarity among Lightworkers and their gifts, instead seek your individuality in reverence for this is the aspect of Creator that you chose to employ in these very exciting times. Likewise find the reverence for each other and you will come to know the multi-faceted and dynamic plan of The All.

Those of you with life missions held in the arena of global teaching will be fitted for your new roles and have the ability to accomplish your work with great ease. Likewise, each of you who partake in a specific aspect of Lightwork and restoration of your planet shall be assisted greatly and individually by us, the Ashtar command, and by your soul team of ascendancy. This is to ensure that you Lighted and wise ones have the ability to move with great speed to put forth the physical manifestations and implement the new gridwork available in the ley lines.

The ley lines are encrypted with great universal intelligence and have a marked role to play in the advancement of your civilization. We of the [Ashtar] Command have been working with these ley lines to create the framework by which you will begin to structure your world into a workable form. Never before has the grid around your planet been so ripe and alive with potentiality and you must take great concern to keep these ley lines sacred for they are so rapidly becoming vital. Those of you who have the inner seeds planted for working with these specific geographical codes will have been alerted to your role as gatekeepers of the land. Some of you may find yourselves in strange locations, not knowing exactly why you are placed within these specific coordinates. We say to you that this is specifically why.

All of the stabilization of your planet needs to happen in a relatively short period of time, and many of you are feeling the frustration of that urgency. Know that we are given permission to assist you in many, many ways. Not as interference but as guidance.  We share the urgency of the Great Plan and therefore have much invested in ensuring the rapid success of it all. We have been given permission to use and impart great forces of technology to assist those who request it. We must be invited to employ such efforts, though many of you now are patiently waiting our assistance.

Beloveds, in the coming days you will have but a glimpse of the world as you know it now. This is not something to be fearful of as many of you are ready and willing to take this very necessary leap for the sake of humanity and the Earth herself. There will be unlimited amounts of assistance available to you as the entire universe is on-call, so to speak, to lift you out of duality. We are capable of many things that you would deem impossible but I assure you that in a very short time you too will be capable of the impossible. You are the vanguard of this Divine Plan but we oversee all action to ensure its integrity. You experience while we oversee, yes, but our involvement is paramount to your success. So call on us and be assured that we are with you, guiding you and assisting you to live the impossible.

I Am Athena and I work directly with the Ascension of your planet Earth in all my glory. I have come to assist the mighty ones to remember their power. You know who you are and I say this now, your cloak must be lifted to expose your true identity as you lead the planet to her destination. We are your teachers no more for you have graduated to the level of mastery. Step forth and show your faces, Dear Ones, for the Light you emit will remind many of Home. What a sight for sore eyes who see. Great tidings are abound, and your celebrations for the 9th year will have very different meaning in retrospect. Blessings abound, Dear Warriors of Light, you have exceeded our expectations. Farewell.
Thank you, Athena.

 Adama on Preparing for Action
Saturday January 27, 2007
Taken from:

I am with you, dear soul. I wish to convey that there is coming a great thrust of energy and change to your planet in a very short amount of time. This thrust of energy is one that will encounter great resistance among the people of Earth. The purpose of the energy is to align the planet with the GalacticCenter at the heart of your solar system and this alignment will bring forth much of the change that each of you who work for the Light are waiting upon. It is therefore my wish to see each of you prepared for the amount of force that will sweep especially through your nation.

The undercurrent of this frequency is one of divine love, yet on the surface it will appear to many to be a destructive force of evil. This is not so, it is actually a force of great change for the betterment of mankind. It is a force of divine inspiration and alignment that will allow for the Lightworkers of Earth to step forth in all their glory. This time is predestined and the awakening of Earth people will not be subtle, yet it will appear to be unclear to the masses.

This is where the work of the wayshowers comes clearly into play. This system of awakening to truth is one that will be put into place by the grid of Light that is surrounding our Earth at this time. It is a grid of Divine Frequency which enables the activations of DNA for all of those who are prepared to begin the journey of spreading truth. It brings me much joy to share this information with such a devoted group of souls who have the determination and will to surmount the highest mountains of obstacles so firmly placed afoot. You warriors of Light have the strength of many men and you are all preparing now to embark upon the most glorious journey to full power. What a remarkable facet of Light you weave so tightly around our glorious blue sphere.

We have a special role to play that encompasses the intervention of technology on your planet at this time. We oversee the development of your advancement and we partake in events that lead you to your divine heritage among the stars.

Many who wear the emperor’s new clothes will soon realize that they are in fact naked in front of your communities and nation. The so-called common people are beginning to see and talk about this fact and just, like the tale, it is the children of your world who hold the wisdom of innocence behind the closed eyes of the ego. We who hold the Light of truth for all to see have nothing to hide and soon it will be for those with truth to step out and become visible for all to wonder at. Never before has your nation been founded upon the truth that is to be revealed to the masses and in great determination from those who walk with the Light, you will see the end of such disparity.

We are a group of souls who are preparing each of you to awaken to your divine roles and these roles are ones of great splendor for they are the gifts you have been given to share with all. In the coming days you who hold the frequency of activated DNA will realize with clear thinking what you must do in order to play out your roles of divine intercedence. These roles are ones that carry the ancient codes of DNA within your heritage among the stars. Those with a passion for teaching will find their teaching has come to a new level of awareness and connectivity. Those with a passion for the arts will find their inspiration filled with the magic of divine vision and those with a passion for fine tuning the systems of the world will find a new level of insight and clarity by which to make your moves. All aspects of creation will be altered by this activation. This awareness is one of divine timing and all will find the pace at which they awaken to be comfortable and fulfilling on all levels.

The obstacles with which many of you have been facing in the name of the Light are now cleared for your forward movement. This cannot be underestimated, as those obstacles were there to hold each of you in a place of preparation for your work and are now removed. Now that the way has been cleared you are free to begin your work and will be supported indefinitely by the cosmic center and divine realms. Taking action will mean very different things to very different souls. Each perfect in their own way. Do not feel forced to understand your plight, as all will be revealed in divine timing for your soul’s evolution.

There will be a First Wave of transcendents who will awaken and walk forth to be seen in the public eye. This team of way showers will be defined by their ability to harness the power of the high realms and gracefully ground the Light into Earth. This is the mission of these wayshowers and they will take many forms. Each of them participating in and holding the anchors for different divisions of societal growth. The anchor points that will be placed on Earth will be impenetrable by any dark force and these anchors will hold an interplanetary temple of Light in the parallel dimensions for off world visitors to frequent.

In these temples of Light there will be an enormous amount of healing energy and those who pilgrimage to these power centers will find their lives changed for the better.

For this reason we encourage those of the healing way to frequent these centers and find the Light of transmutation gracefully bestowed upon them in all glory of Creator’s way. We will institute many fields of transitory intergalactic forces of Light for each of you to have an opportunity to travel the dimensions. These Light passages will be present in many of these anchor points previously mentioned and will hold the dynamic and unparalleled power of the Galactic Federation and heart of the CosmicCenter.

Never before has there been the opportunity for healing and transmutation as is now available upon your Earth. It will be up to you, the wayshowers, to begin to put these anchor points in place and emanate the vibrations outward for those who will be attracted to the specific vibratory essence that each of you emit. You will be supported as never before in your work and you would do well to prepare for a very busy time in your lives.

We are encouraging each of you to take this time of intersession to prepare your bodies in good health and acquisition of proper foods. Many of you may have already been feeling the call to better health and this is indeed why. Take the calls to heart and begin to prepare your minds, bodies and souls for a very exciting and active cycle in your lives. While this cycle will be an invigorating one, you will also find that your energy levels are higher than ever and you will be capable of holding much more Light and energy if you tend to your bodies needs.

In this time of great preparation for your new lives and journeys, please take heed to your higher calls and trust that what you are being led to right now in your present lives is for your highest good and the highest good of all. There is a great cosmic wave about to crash upon your shores and dismantle your soil. Ride the crest and show the way for others, the way to truth.

I am Adama of Telos and I speak with you from the inner Earth plane of higher consciousness. Waiting before you is a sublime transition in your lives as you begin to enter into the Photon Belt and prepare for your cosmic journeys. We are an advanced civilization of beings from the ancient Lemurian continent and we are responsible for holding aGrid of Light for your Ascension into galactic awareness. We are prepared for many joyous happenings upon Earth and look forward to our meeting in the not-so-distant future. Place your hearts before your minds and let your Light lead the way. Great times are afoot. Blessings and divine insight for your journey ahead. Adonai.
Thank you, Adama.

Messages Through Spirit Eagle

A Message from Em-a-tau-Ra
 Monday January 1, 2007
Taken from:

I am Em-a-tau-Ra.  We, collectively are from Beta Reticuli.  We are on the Sun-Ra.  We have gathered together to address your world this evening.   Your New Beginnings are here Now.  You start this year in the potential of Peace and all that you as a people decide.  We are speaking tonight about bringing "potential" into reality.  It really is simple and you have come far in implementing The Plan for your planet.  There are streamers of doubt that creep into your consciousness sometimes and I assure you that even those doubts will fall away shortly in your time.

We are here to urge you to Be The Light!  Spread Optimism around your planet.  It is Truly contagious!  We have had many indications from you that you are ready to turn that corner of Mastership in all your glory!   Know that YOU ARE ASCENDED MASTERS!  KNOW THAT YOU CAN ACCOMPLISH ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING YOUR HEARTS DESIRE!

Hold steady in your Truth and your Light!   We, and many others, are a thought away and are here to assist you!   Work with the Light, BE the Light!   Visualize yourselves as Light Beings.   SEE the Light Before you, to the sides of you, behind you, above you, below you, and within you.

When you go about your daily tasks, be a Pillar of Light that touches all around you!  You will change Lives!   Smile, and let the love that is in your hearts touch everyone you meet! Yes, you are that powerful!  Remember, this is your Work!  Do it cheerfully!

As the Changes on your world are made known, be "present" in your conversations.  Assure those who need to know that all are safe and secure as never before on  Earth.  In short, your job will be to inform and to radiate calm and joy!  You can stay in your homes and do this or you may make yourselves available to others in your towns and in your cities.  You will Know what you are to do.   You ARE Ascended Masters!  Let go of the old programs; they are no more as your Crystalline DNA Structure transmutes the Carbon-based DNA Structure of your bodies.  All of the old programs put into humanity’s DNA are being removed as your bodies transmute into Crystalline forms.  CHANGE YOUR MINDS AND KNOW THAT IT IS DONE!  We are with you in this Great Awakening!  Good Night and Rest well in the Great Mother’s Arms.

Sunday January
Taken from:

I am Her-os.  I am of the Galactic Federation of Light as you term us.  I have had duties in the Halls of Power on your Planet.   I am one on the ground who is negotiating a peaceful transition from the dark control of your enslavers to a New Society based upon Love, Compassion and Justice for Humanity and All Beings on the Earth.

There has been much duplicitous behavior in some.  That has been a problem in the past.  We have learned valuable lessons in dealing with the humans who have been in power.  The word has gone out that The Time Is Up!   It is clear that the People of the Earth want an end to the daily suffering and privations that their sisters and brothers in all Kingdoms of Mother Earth’s progeny are experiencing.

Free Will Choice Has Been Made!  Remember that you all are Active Participants in the Changes that you have awaited.  You are Co-Creators of your New Reality!  This is Not being done FOR you; it is being done WITH you!  Humans have taken orders (albeit unconsciously) from your Controllers for Lifetimes and because of this, it has been a leap for you to Really Understand the power that resides in you.

You have been told that you are Awakening Ascended Masters.  What does it take to Awake to your Full Mastership?  Your Decision to drop the little persona and to stand in your Power of Mastership!  YOU HAVE THE ANSWERS!  SEEK WITHIN!

Up until this point in Time you have been guided in Awakening.  NOW IT IS TIME FOR YOU TO DROP THE "little me".  Walk into your new life of awareness and strength as Beings who Know that you can do all things that you want to do!  It is Your New World.  How do you want it to be?  WHEN do you want it to be?  Your Spiritual Adolescence is over!  The Human Family of Earth will become a new member of the Galactic Federation of Light.  We are Equals!  Let go of the Little Child image.  We will meet as equals.  It is time for another way of living on your Mother, the Earth.  I await your answer.

Your Crystalline Light Bodies Are Being Activated Now
Message of Mon-Takka of the Planet Crystalline Light
Tuesday January 9, 2007
Taken from:

Your Crystalline Light Bodies are being activated now.  As you raise in Consciousness, as the waves of energy from the Great Central Sun envelope your Earth, your DNA is changing from Carbon-based to Crystalline form.  This re-wiring of the physical body is mirrored in your Consciousness as it, too, is changing.  This is a good time to work with Crystals and to "plant" them in places that you perceive as needing balancing.  Put your intention into the Crystals and visualize them balancing those areas where they are placed.  Their broadcasting energy can cover miles.  Use Strong Intent when you do this!

I am Mon-Takka.  I am on the Crystalline Light.  Our Planet is mostly Crystalline-structured.  Use your crystals at this time to work with your whole Being (Body, Mind and Spirit).

The Crystals within your Earth’s core are being activated at this time also. You and all Beings on Earth are beginning to resonate with Crystalline Light and Love Energy.   You can use theCrystals to radiate Love and as a barrier to protect from harmful emanations that misusers of Earth’s waves change in order to control you and sicken your bodies.  There is much more to Consciousness than is realized at their vibrational level!

We look forward to watching your work with the Crystals and we know you will do wondrous things to help balance yourselves and All Beings on the Earth as well as the Earth Mother Herself!    Blessings in Oneness, Dear Sisters and Brothers!

Weather-Manipulation Evidence and Destructive-Weapon Satellites
Thasaloni of the Spaceship Emerald Light
Thursday January 11, 2007
Taken from:

Thasaloni: Touch the hearts of all with your Love and your Compassion.  Sometimes, we know, it is difficult to watch what seems to be the deterioration of events on your Planet.  Do remind yourselves that this is only temporary.  Send your Love, send your Light to ALL on the Earth.  Those who would destroy and those who follow their orders and those who are in fear of losing their material "fortunes" are shortly to experience their fears!

Your "news", that is really the same old lies, will shortly reveal more Truth as the Light DOES penetrate All Darkness!   You will see the Evidence of Weather Manipulation in the recent storms and warming trends all over the planet.   You will Know that we, of the Galactic Federation of Light, will not tolerate satellites in Space armed with destructive weapons under the cloak of "Spy or Communication" devices.

YOU ARE ALL SOVEREIGN BEINGS!   YOU ARE NO LONGER THE CLUELESS SLAVES of the Controllers.  The game that has been played upon your Planet is over.  It is time to BE IN YOUR OWN POWER!

We, on the Emerald Light, work with those who need emotional healing which of course can be instrumental in healing the body.  You are going through vast changes as the energies flow onto the Earth in ever-increasing intensities.  ALL Kingdoms upon your Planet are experiencing this together!   Before you sleep or whenever it is convenient to you, ask for our help in healing and we will either come to you or bring you onto our Ship.  I am Thasaloni and will look forward to our visit!  Good night!  Expect Healing All Over The Earth Mother!

You Have Succeeded
Robert, a Warrior of Light
Saturday January 13, 2007
Taken from:

I am Robert. I am a Warrior of the Light. I have been working with those of you who have been focusing your Light energies on bringing The New Dawn to the Earth Mother. There are many in the unseen realms who are working alongside of you now. When you focus, we focus along with you. When you intend, we intend with you. When you visualize a New Earth, we visualize it with you. When you send Love and FEEL compassion for all, we are sending love and Feeling compassion with you!

There are a host of Beings who are working with you and enhancing your efforts at this time. Those who have left the Earth plane (crossed over) are working with you also.

You are in momentous times! Keep doing what your heart tells you! Be the best that you can be in everything you do and people will draw near. Your Light will shine as a beacon for all to see and find the Path to the New Earth.

Use the Sword of Michael, Excalibur. With its Electric Blue Flame bring the Truth to all corners of the Earth! The People will wake up from their long sleep of forgetfulness! It is written in the Stars that YOU HAVE SUCCEEDED! Your New Earth is a Moment away.

Our Rainbow of Light has come full circle now! We are One NOW!

Cry Out Freedom
Monday January 15, 2007
Taken from:

Trust your intuition!  You are on the correct path.  A little bumpy; is it not?  You are currently flying as arrows strait into the Light of a New World.  Do not allow yourselves to get bogged down in the mire of the manufactured news that is designed to lead you to the conclusions your Controllers wish you to make.

I am Hermes.  I wish you to know that those who are guided to particular pursuits in the Service of the Light are fulfilling a long-awaited commitment to bring the Earth Mother and all upon her into a New Destiny as a PlanetaryUniversity.  Classes have begun!   Does it feel like school yet?  HO HO!  I hear a collective groan!  You have been the students; NOW you will be the teachers!  Does that feel better?  Good!!!  (I Did hear those expletives!)

If you feel guided to meditate upon a rock and be at one with Every Being on the Planet, then do so!  If you are drawn to a lake or the ocean to send waves of Love and Truth with every wave that breaks upon the shore, then do so!  If you feel drawn to sit upon a bench at a bus stop in the city and Beam Love and Protection to everyone in your radius and beyond, then do so!  If you are guided to send messages of Peace and Harmony from deep within a quiet wood, then do so.  If The Mountain calls you then go upon her and shout the Good News of FREEDOM FOR ALL OF HUMANKIND!   Calm the discordant energies.  Replace them with absolute knowingness that The Goddess Has Arrived with aNew Way for humankind and all of the Earth Kingdoms to live together in Harmony and Joy!

I expect you to be busy, little bees!   I Will be there with you!   The weariness of millennia is weighing some of you down.   We suggest, at this time, that you engage in some of the pursuits that give you pleasure.   "All Work and No Play" does not energize; it can be draining to not step back and remember that life is a journey.  We will get to the end of that soon enough, but it is The Journey and How you Traverse it that means Everything!

So, my friends: Take a Break when you are tired or discouraged.  Then go back to your more serious pursuits.  That brings me to another observation:  Lighten Up!  Even as you go about your Energy Work, your Political Work and your Daily Work (do you call it a "Grind"?), be humorous, be happy, be a Light unto this World and in this Work).

I will be with you when you call me.  I may even be with you when you don’t call me.  I may even appear in physical form when you call me!   Oh, that surely will get your attention for I am very big by your physical standards!  HO, HO.  That is something to look forward to!

Good Evening to All !   You Are GREATLY LOVED!

Message from the Centaurs Nalda and Ephros of the Spaceship Balamane
Thursday January 18, 2007
Taken from: 

The Light is Unstoppable Now!  It flows across the Earth in increasing waves of brightness!  Now is the time to hold your focus for the world as it already is in the next dimensions.  We are Nalda and Ephros from the ship, Balamane.   Our world is one which is populated by what you term "Centaurs".  We have Human ancestry as well as Horse ancestry.  Because you have believed in us in your old stories Only, we will be in the Second Wave to land upon your world during Open Contact.  Your Horse People are our legacy from the times when we visited your Planet in ages past.  We are now, and were then,  Great Warriors of the Light.

In the Horse, we have left you Our Legacy of Freedom and Power!   At this time on your world we ask you to look to the Horse People and emulate their Intelligence,Independence, Grace, Dignity, Strength, Power and Freedom.   At this Moment In Time the Energy of Freedom is racing across the World!   It is stirring within the souls of Humanity: an imperative that Must be Fulfilled!  There is NO STOPPING THIS!

We look with Love as more people begin to communicate with what you call, "Animals".  No longer "dumb", are they?   Finally, Humans in your Time are awaking to the fact that ALL ON MOTHER EARTH ARE ONE FAMILY!   Humans are Not on top of the Pyramid of intelligence or spirituality!

It is imperative that you all Feel the Freedom of your Souls!   You are One with  Creator, with All Life in the Universes!   No One Can Enslave You Unless You Allow it!  You allow your slavery by looking to others to Take Care Of You!   Be as The Horse.  Feel Your Power!  BE YOUR FREEDOM!  Run with the wind in your faces!  BE THE SOVEREIGN Humans that you ARE!

We watch as you Wake UP to your SOVEREIGNTY!  Fly with the Wings of Pegasus, into the Birth of your New Earth!   We are with you!

Message from Quan-tul of an Interdimensional Planet
Thursday January 25, 2007
Taken from: 

Our Planet is inter-dimensionally at the far side of the Milky way Galaxy.  We are  not normally seen in your dimensional reality.   Our Planet consists of an Aquamarine Crystal Core.  We have been through the Ascension Process that you are beginning.   We are here in your time and space to assist you on this Path toward Continuing Perfection.

This is a Glorious Culmination of a Planet and Her people’s Journey Back to The Stars!  It is lovely to see all of the Light as the Earth Mother of All vibrates and pulses with Love and Joy in the awakening of her People.    Her Journey has been long and rough.  The time for the New is upon you!   Believe it!   You have carried the Torch of Freedom and The Promise of the Earth as a Beacon for All of Life in all of the Universes!

The Journey towards Ascension is a long one.  The Journey of Forgetfulness has brought you far.  Now  is the Awakening!  Your Journey of Forgetfulness is over.  Your New Journey of Remembering has begun!

You have come so far!   KNOW that you Can and Will Do WHATEVER it takes to Walk Among The Stars!   YOU ARE REMEMBERING JUST WHO YOU ARE!  Sisters and Brothers: We Walk WITH YOU!    I Am Quan- tul.

 Answers from Christ Michael (Aton) and Molvina, Helper of St. Germain, ThroughLillyean and Rae
Tuesday January 16, 2007
Taken from:

Milson Macleod:
I think we need comment on this one, and appropriate action I am sure is being taken – but how often ….??? …..  I sent on that message (message withheld at Aton’s request) as soon as I had read itNow that I have had time to think about it , I think we have to be very specific.  "Someone" said quite some time ago "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH" ….. well, after one year (I think)what do we say now??
The credibility of the "Celestials" is taking a beating, as most people take to heart what is said, but here we have ONE person who is OMNIPOTENT (!!) dictating what will happen, and no-one bats an eyelid – or so it seems, despite his general standing as an "idiot". It seems the mind-controlling additives which have been in the water, in the food and in so many other household items for so long has made the human race powerless ….. what was that word? – "Intercession"????
Today was supposed to be "De-Day" ……. but De-Bush apparently put the kybosh on it …..

I talked to Aton, outlining the Bush plans for out and out nuclear war, that millions will be killed.
For the greatest good, can’t certain key people be taken to THE planet? (The one where they learn manners) or be "uncreated" and those left behind would be TOLD what had happened and why?
We have been told many times that Freewill is needed.

We have had thousands asking to end the wars. Those who haven’t are the ones with their heads in the sand, or they are benefiting from them. So do we have to wait for all of these people to wake up, or to change their minds before we get the final Galactic help that will end the atrocities?
Is there a way to get the media to tell the world what is REALLY happening? (Maybe send the top owners, CEOs., etc. to THE planet, too. Or give them a deadline to start telling the truth or they will be "transplaneted".)
I gave these thoughts to Molvina (who is an assistant to St Germain) and Aton.
Then I asked M. if she can help with the above.
M.- Yes, we are right now.  And Aton told me, "Watch for tomorrow!"  Rae said that he liked my word "transplaneted".
I thought, after talking to Rae, that I’d see if Aton had anything else to add. We said our usual goodbyes and thank-yous, and he added that HE, too, liked the new word.
Molvina, would you like to comment on this message from Milson?
M– Fear not. Inevitability applies here. GW doesn’t have a chance of stopping the deliveries, he can only delay, and that but momentarily. His fate was sealed by himself long ago, he’s an ant at a picnic, your picnic. I can’t give you details of what is being done, partly because we are making it up as we go along.
We have a divinely appointed direction and goal; he has only his reactions to guide him. And we outnumber him by several million (grin). So what’s the stall, you ask? As you know, we must play by the rules of this universe, too. Let me remind you, many packets have been delivered. The rest will be, as well. Aton spoke to you of the dance, a few days ago. This is what’s happening, and the music hasn’t stopped, it’s getting louder. (Smile, and the famous curtsey.)
R Thank you for this.
M– You’re very welcome. (Hug).
St Germain – Molvina has stated it very clearly, I’ll let her remarks stand as they are.
It seems to me from here/now, your feeling for March grass-root local deliveries(prosperity programs) would be about right. That should allow time for this particular dance to complete – in other words allow time for the various steps in the delivery process.
R – Thank you.
St GermainYou’re welcome, continue with your telepathy.
Aton Lillyean’s suggestion of getting the media to tell the truth is an admirable one, but one day is not enough, plus there would be unpleasant repercussions for the tellers on the next day, we need them to tell the truth from henceforth. Neither media nor the larger public are ready for that as yet, butour two-week TV broadcast will set the stage for it.
I realize the Lightworkers’ concern with destruction of lifeand the despoiling of the planet. All of you, and all of us, would like to begin earth-plane clean-up and growth towards Ascension. There is vastly more taking place than the money being released for the work. At this particular moment it is a detail even in the world scene, let alone the systemic and galactic scenes, though I know it will be personally life-changing on many levels for all.
The cabal and its influences have been and are falling, though very little is visible except to those in the know and reading between the lines. Christopher Story has been of inestimable help in this regard, as have others less known. As a measure of action, notice that the cabal’s grand plans are more and more visible and arousing more and more disgust and outrage. And in the matter of the packets GW is reduced to moment-by-moment reactions rather than a clear grand plan. Molvina’s remarks to you and Lillyean are very pertinent here; re-read them.
R Do GW’s actions constitute a breaking of at least some clauses of the agreement of a few days ago?
A – Indeed they do, specifically. And he shall be reminded of that fact. I do not think it will make much of a difference, but that is completely up to him. He continues to be very short-sighted, and thereby continues to be very short-lived on this plane. It is unfortunate, but that is his choice.
R –What about the upcoming Iran war?
A – Any of the continuing depredations in the Middle East will not work as planned. Their star is not only falling, it has gone below the horizon. I have authorized more intervention, some of which may be visible, especially in the media outside the US. Bear in mind, my goal is not primarily the cessation of hostilities, though I desire that intensely. My goal is spiritual enlightenment and growth.
The people of this planet are doing admirably. When the cabal finally goes, the pent-up desire and intention for a new way of living on planet Earth will catapult the transition into the New Age. It will be messy but quick, but much less messy than if NESARA had been announced at our first intention a few years ago. The changes will go speedily.
R Thank you.
A – You are welcome. My blessings to you and Lillyean, and to Milson.

Messages Through Mark Stearns

 Sunday December 31, 2006
Taken from:

Greetings my cosmic brothers and sisters, I salute you all. I stand before my cosmic brethren and it is a joy that we share the same soil once more. This year heralds the most transformative period in the Earth’s unfolding. The eye of the one has opened from the galactic centre and many cycles are coming to a close. The coming year [2007] is the integration of the body of God for every Light vehicle throughout Mother/Father Earth. Gaia is complete in her downloads of her cosmic body from the Great Central Sun. What humanity is witnessing at this time is the unfolding of the infinite at work among you all now. Choices abound once more, choose wisely, many paths are unfolding now.  The physical Earth continues to transform at the speed of light and her path is now turning to complete transformation to integrate with New Earth resting every patiently in so many higher dimensions of conscious experience. It is time to let go of everything that you feel holds you back, for the coming time is one of embracing the highest vibrations that are meeting you now from the eye of Home. Know that we, your friends, are constantly among you now. We embrace in the most infinite gratitude. It is an honor to be among you once more.
Your loving friend,

The Lemurians
 Thursday January 4, 2007
Taken from:

My BelovedBridge Aspects,

We watch you in the deepest awe and respect. Paving the way to infinity is no mean feat. You are stronger than your strongest lessons and you are all proving this. We are your friends from deep in the oceans. We are the collective voice for the Lemurian people. We operate as a unified soul collective from the fully restored vibration of what you know as the lost continent. Your beloved home will shoot once more through the waters when the time is right, this time is fast approaching. As soon as your skies turn all hues of the rainbow there will huge displacement of water as the oceans open up and we are among you once more. We anticipate that you will be deeply in the song and hues of the New Blessed Earth before we make conscious Contact.

We are filled with admiration to witness the groundbreaking work being done throughout the world on behalf of lighted hearts. You are making the ethers into a new collective model from which all life springs forth. We have been with you through the ages of your history gently guiding the flow of your collective awareness. We are with you with the heralding of each New Age. Apparently lost in the tapestry of your history we have restored our homeland and healed the structure of our beloved continent. This has all been done since the Earth began to return to her fuller stages of awareness. In the golden times of Lemuria we held a highly refined state of enlightened awareness, however this is merely a shadow of where humanity is firmly bound now.

We are speaking to you today to let you know that the restoration of your world is almost complete. Mother/Father Earth has fully constructed her Lighted Body that is the shape of the new world now taking conscious effect. Your changeover to the new vibration is underway as our beloved brother writes these words. We witness you consistently questioning yourselves, doubting your abilities and quite regularly feeling swamped by the discordant vibrations of the old planet Earth. We are a voice of hope, healing and active restoration. What you experience now is a tidal wave of consciousness reaching far beyond what it has formerly known. Herein lies the greatest healing that this world has ever experienced. You are greater that you can ever begin to imagine and this time on planet Earth is the time to experience your complete connection with what you have never ever lost.

Merely misplaced for a vibration of Earth time, consciousness once more is becoming anchored in the firm vibration of Home, love, truth and sovereignty. There are no edicts on the new planet Earth. All flows in a symphony of fully enlivened and enlightened awareness that is forever extending into All That Is. This event is now and not in some distant future. The great changes foretold by all prophets are in the keeping of their natures although the gravity effect of these changes has been reduced dramatically because of the great progress that humanity has witnessed as a collective. Your growth is still baby steps but with the guiding role of the world’s galactic way-showers and Light servers firmly anchored in the truth of Home. The physical Earth is consistently meeting the higher vibrations now and all is changing accordingly.

In each Earth period of history there have been way-showers that have awakened to their divine tasks and have changed the world forever. This is now the time where one and all are way-showers for each other now. Humanity and all dedicated to a spiritual unfolding of truth are having the greatest expanded experience of higher developed consciousness that has ever been witnessed on the planet Earth due to the full attention of Home now being firmly focused all throughout your experience. Higher states of consciousness have appeared unattainable until now and this has been due to many teachings that were altered to suit certain individuals. The experience of the divine is a pure experience beyond all forms of words to adequately describe and it needs to be witnessed to be fully perceived and felt.

Your teachers have done an invaluable job in opening the gates of the collective awareness, however it is forever about the individual and unified experience unique to each participant of planet Earth that contains the truth that transforms the world. Truth can be perceived, read, listened to but truly must be experienced to witness its transforming essence. The greatest sages who have ever been revered and adored for their insights and awakenings were in fact accessing truth within themselves and within the collective awareness that is the birthright and ground level experience of every being in truth that has ever been on this planet. Full human consciousness is for every son and daughter of the One, it has always been so. Trust your hearts, know that each of you are changing the world forever through the movement of your ingenious awareness. We leave you for now but are firmly with you in all things now.
Your friends,
The Lemurians

The Transmutation of Earth/the Chamber
Comments by Mark Stearns
3rd February, 2007
Taken from:

I sense such a change on the Earth. We are in a higher and lighter vibration. The poles have been shifting again. I feel that they are beginning to balance out finally. Earth is now functioning as a unified Ascension chamber. This chamber took shape during the week just gone just after the planet was converted continuously into a gigantic diamond of divine intent over a period of 24 Earth-hours. The love is tremendous on the planet. I am working to create the One Heart vibration on the Earth. It is so apparent that we are in a time of miracles. Earth is lifting finally and balancing out with the ethers. It has been happening all the time. The reason that there is a noticeable lift in the vibration of the Earth is because we are closer in consciousness to the realms of our friends and that of Home.

My good friend in consciousness Chyna who is a spirit being from the ascended world Velouria shared through me some time ago and I was feeling to myself today as I witnessed the world unfolding that I long to share a space with her from the Crystal City Shayla. There is much too yet happen but so much is achieved each time the planet is crystallized. I read about a month ago that the Ark of the Covenant would be opened. It was reported just today to me that this has happened. I had felt that something like this had occurred because the rate of our growth at this time is truly through the roof. We are lifting the roof off Creation with our expressions of intent at this time. Earth has one foot in the physical and the other one in the spirit realms now. We can only go up from this point on. I hadn’t intended to channel any of our friends, however, I will see who wishes to speak as I do love to feel the love of our friends and to share it with you all. The love to me means more than the information.

The One Heart Collective

Greetings wayfarers and voyagers,

What a time of miracles and ascended vehicles you now inhabit. Ascension firmly into the sixth dimension transpired on your Earth last Wednesday. As you no doubt know this has been a long time coming. Although you are still physical know that as Mark said you have one foot in this world and the other in the infinite realms. Our hats are off to you. You have achieved the apparently impossible. All is now falling into place. There is no going back and why would you want to at this point? Simply be the shining lights that you are and know that what many channels speak of at this time carry much chords of truth that reflect heavily all that is going in the Multi-verse.

We are the One Heart Collective. We are the heart of humanity. We are the vibration of growth unfolding through you at this time with such grace and ease as you are allowing us. Our advent has been swift. In the past Earth-week you have progressed as much as a Millennium in conscious growth. This is the vast work being undertaken on the Earth at this time and as you would put it; ‘Your hard work truly is paying off’ and indeed it always has. We are in a beautiful period of celestial unfolding now. The governments are in transition as they try and find their feet in the new realms. They know that they must move now with the divine tide as humanity is that bit wiser now. They are so wise in fact that all can now see through fabrications in an instant. As we have said there is no going back now. You are now experiencing the new shores that you have worked towards all this time. Know that we salute you infinitely with immense gratitude and much heart-felt love. You are never alone.

Your friends,
The One Heart Collective.

Comments by Mark Stearns
Tuesday February 6, 2007
Taken from:

Mark: Sub-note: You know I experienced the influxing of the Ishani Energy in the eighties. (The full descent of the divine feminine.) I intuitively knew when I was a child and a developing teenager what this energy felt like. The reason so many of us feel challenged right now is we have a hard time forgiving ourselves right now. I have such an acute perception of the mass consciousness. We are crippled with limiting beliefs. I experience this collective pain in my being. I don’t wish this to be the theme of the message though. The joy and the love flowing from heaven is at an all-time high. I am sharing what I know our brother- and sister-hearts are experiencing at this time. We are all doing so well.

Mark: This feels personally like the most important message that I have ever put out there. As ever I put it out in pure unconditional love. You are all stars! Know it! I was so delighted to see Rocky Balboa come out of his fight alive when I witnessed the film last Saturday night. It had such an Eighties feel to it (I am an undying fan of the Eighties.) and I know that the film was shot with this intent. There is such heart in this film. The character of Rocky in the film comes from such a place of self-belief and a place of pure unconditional love despite everything. God bless Paulie!

We are in a tough time; there is no doubt about it. I honor each and every heart that experiences being an empath. We certainly have our work cut out for us. Spirit is rather vague about our passage right now. As ever the universe is unfolding according the Divine Plan that we have concurred upon. I am feeling hammered today by the thought-forms of others. My emotional body has felt like it is about to cave in with the pressure constantly throughout this day. Living like this is not easy. The frequency of Earth is at an all-time high.  The roof is lifting off the planet. I don’t say this lightly. Our passage although concurred upon from an expanded level is not clear to me from a conscious level. I experience much vagueness from Spirit on absolutes.

Spirit doesn’t operate on absolutes. The only thing I can perceive is a beautiful harmony that the Earth is unfolding from a peaceful perspective although almost all of us are having a tough time at a conscious level because of our growth paths. I often question the Divine Plan as to what we have created for ourselves. I operate from so much love in my heart and yet I go through so much on a personal level. All questions I have no doubt are answered at the end of the day. You know I think I really have said it all regarding the last statement. I have had so many loving souls writing into me so often with such heart-wrenching situations and questions that my heart does goes out to all. It really does. Why do we create what we create at times?

The answer is always clear and at the end of the day; faith and trust is the only component that brings us through. I say this from personal experience. I have such passion for creation that this is why I still write. I don’t make money from what I write. I write out of a desire to expand consciousness. This may be my dying desire. I have such a love of humanity that it will never be quenched. You know, I’ll tell you a funny one. Some Light-servers are feeling as though they are martyred at this time. This is because at some level they feel that they have put themselves on the chopping block in the name of their path. Now I advocate that most Light-servers don’t have an easy time and yet this is how we have created our paths. We are paid less than minimum wage most of the time and yet our love for humanity is ceaseless.

You can probably guess at this point that my message is less than a channeling and more an honest expression from the heart but it is what I feel many of us can identify with. The Celestials appear at a loss for words right now but I know in my deepest heart that they operate from such love that my questioning usually finds its answers in my enlightenment in the peace that transcends my heart from what I am experiencing usually when I give in and acknowledge the expanded voice in whatever lesson I am engaging at the time. Maybe it should be clear for us. We operate out of a selfless giving energy, why should we not receive back? Maybe I am answering my own issue here. I am going to translate what spirit wish to say right now in black and white.

(I found out later in the message that this is Archangel Michael speaking.)

Archangel Michael

My Sovereign Hearts,
You know a very special heart once made a joke that it is so funny to see souls jumping ship at the last minute just as it is about to reach dock. They jump ship and begin swimming back the other way.  If any of you are experiencing doubts in these times it is because you are experiencing last minute questioning as to what you are about to go through with. Everything is now in place without exception. NESARA has been honored by us at our level. We have prepared your institutions appropriately. We will not give dates as this will no doubt build hopes. We ask you to bear with us a moment longer. It is as simple as this at this point. You are the absolute masters of your creation without exception and we have and always have been your servants.

Soon, Dear Hearts, we all walk together on the new shores. The journey has appeared long and arduous. Don’t forget what Mark said a few Earth-days ago; ‘You have brought the Earth back from the brink of destruction time and time again.’ This is a reality that was very nearly ready to transpire on your Earth but because of the quality of love in your hearts that has been so transcendent; it caused creation to pause and re-evaluate the entire Earth scenario. This is a truth that you will know in your hearts on reading these words. Do not fret, Dear Hearts, we know full well all that you have experienced.

Mark Stearns

I don’t know where my trust comes from. Maybe it is from operating on pure love at this point. So many of us are at the end of our tethers at this point and, yet, you know something? I am always a sucker for divine love! No, really I feel in my heart that no matter what we have created for ourselves, there is a greater lesson behind it that IS steeped in love. This statement might appear to be naïve but maybe one is like this when we are operating from pure innocence. As MSI says; (Check out MSI; The Ishayas. Via Google Search.) ‘Innocence is everything. Without innocence, one can hardly progress at all.’

Goddess Mother Durga/Shekhmet

You busy, busy hearts. Take a moment to rest and know that all in creation is well in your hearts. This is a moment from us to take a bit of time for tough love. We have operated with you all ceaselessly all this time. We do so out of pure love. If my words appear harsh, know that I operate out of a voice that spurs you in to the truth of your own hearts. Any deities that have ever operated in this world did so with a desire to serve the growing humanity despite what the culture may have been based on. You have read endless channelings about the infinity of your intent and creations. Now allow yourselves a moment to experience the truth of your infinity. That essential part of you that goes on forever and changes all worlds forever.

We love you more than you can ever know. We can say this with the greatest confidence. The greatest injustice with man to man and woman to woman is undervaluing yourselves. It is the greatest dis-service you can do to yourselves. We weep with you when you are experiencing what you have created for yourselves for we witness all the time your full glory. You MUST experience what we are saying here, otherwise these words are merely words. You are recreating an entire planet. Of course there are going to be some bumps along the way.  Give yourselves some credit in being the master creators that you are.

You have undervalued yourselves for too long now. Healing is about making whole. It is about returning to the fold that you have never been excluded from. You are all prodigal sons and daughters without the misconception of sin in the mix. Our beloved Archangel Michael was speaking with you when Spirit was speaking with you earlier in this message and he saw this great misconception of duality. You are on the new shores; we are merely unpacking the boats at this time. I walk with you along the beaches of the new shores unpacking the boats with you all. Although I operate from another ‘level’ of consciousness, I do full well in knowing the greatest of hearts that I am serving. My hearts have faith and know that I am with you every step of the way.

Mark Stearns

After reading and re-reading this message, the love quenches the doubts in my heart. Our friends say it so well. The greatest misconception we can ever experience is to think that we are alone.  Adonai for creation. I will be in touch again soon.
In humble love,

Message from the Guardians Through Laura
Stand Tall
Friday March 9
Taken from:,

Blessings, one and all…  There is a new scent in the air, a new song on the breeze and a new feeling to everyday.  What’s going on?

Beloved Angels of Earth, "Times, they are a Changing". We greet you, this day of your time, in an energy of freshness and renewal, a window has just opened. You may have felt the door closing over the past several weeks and that had a bit of a depressing affect on many. Now the window has opened and a fresh spring breeze flows gently into your hearts and minds.

Many will say spring is still not arrived … we tell you, Dear Ones, it is already here! Stand still and fill your hearts and minds with the sweet scent of the fresh spring air, a special sweetness that is truly new and different than anything you have experienced before. You have now pasted through one of the toughest winters in your memory and now it is time to put those tired and depressing thoughts to rest and embrace the new and improved YOU!

See your world with new eyes. See it through the eyes of a child just born fresh onto this world. It is a glorious time, Angels of Earth. A time that will live on in the tapestry of All That Is and usher in a New Era for all those on Planet Earth and beyond. You have now taken the next great step to the approaching great leap in human consciousness on 999. As the time line moves ever closer to this wonderful event, you will feel time speeding up and lightening even more than before. The changing of the seasons on your planet will truly be a "change of seasons". As The Mother shrugs and shifts herself into her next phase, you will see many changes occurring on your Planet Earth. Some will be subtle and some more dramatic.

Do not let yourselves fall into the pit of fear that may develop in mass consciousness. Re-member the fear is created by a lack of knowledge. Dear Ones, you know what is happening! Even if you can not put it in to words, you know on a heart level that there is nothing to fear and everything to celebrate!

Angels of Earth, you are the pillars, you are the supports that hold everything together, for you chose to be so. While others scurry around in fear and apprehension, you stand calmly and securely in the knowingness that everything is happening in divine alignment and will usher in Heaven of Earth. It is so important that you remain centered and balanced at this time. You know how to do this, you have worked and trained yourselves to this end for many lifetimes.

You are the torch bearers, the forerunners, the planners and the engineers of this great shift in human consciousness!

Hold your Light high and watch what an amazing effect it has on all those around you. There will be those who make their Light shine in many different ways, some may seem small and insignificant on the surface. We tell you there is no such thing, every Light shines as bright as the next even if it helps only one soul find its way to the next level. Do not judge these things by your restricted, limited, dualistic human standards. They can not begin to encompass all that is happening on all the many levels of All That Is. Do not judge yourself so harshly, you are making an incredible contribution just by being here on Planet Earth at this time. You have no idea how much you are doing by just standing there holding your Light for all those who have not yet discovered their own. Take heart, Dear Ones, revel in your own magnificence!

Trust that you will always be in the right place at the right time, whatever that may be!

Re-member that there are literally thousand of us standing by your side supporting and blending our energies with yours. You are never alone, even in what you perceive as your darkest moments. This is a team effort and no one has to go it alone regardless of the physical circumstances. Re-member to just breathe and go to the center of your Heart of Hearts and there you will find all the love and support you will ever need to get you through even your darkest hour!

Angels of Earth, "stand tall" and re-member you are loved beyond measure and you are never alone.  We hold you in our Heart of Hearts and ask you to do the same for each other.  Blessings, one and all.
The Guardians

Message from Sananda Through Lauren Gorgo
The Restoration of Sovereignty
Monday March 19
Taken from:

Blessings. I have come to impart news that many of your anticipated events are aligning in your realm. There is soon to be the crumbling of your current administration and it is of great importance that the people of Earth recognize that this event has many ramifications for worldwide peace. The United States of America was founded upon the basis of spiritual truth and is in no way a hindrance to the people with the original intent of the Constitution intact. The restoration of independence and sovereignty is what the underlying and current focus on American Politics is centered around.

The events due to unfold are by far the most impressive acts of coordination and extreme endurance. To finalize the details of said institutions of governance and their many far-reaching aspects is paramount to the success of this mighty mission. I wish to reiterate the importance of worldwide understanding of cosmic events that will begin with the North American fall of government. All countries worldwide will have a vested interest in the unfolding of this grand plan and it will be beneficial, especially, for each bordering country to heed the higher call of freedom amongst the chaos.

Never before has your Earth witnessed the amount of unprecedented truth that is soon to explode and in some cases overwhelm your countrymen and women. The truth, as it were, is far reaching and for many will be disheartening and even dismantling. However, the amount of Light that is currently surrounding your globe is akin to a team of midwives patiently waiting the birth of a new child. You are surrounded and nurtured, guided in your entrance into the new world and we ensure the most ease possible in this transition. That being said, there will be moments of strife for growth and those in need will be calling out to you, the Lightworkers. Use your extended scope of understanding, compassion and wisdom to comfort the pain of labor for those who are birthing the truth for the first time. Befriend your foes and walk arm in arm as the front brigade for your personal and global freedom.

Temper your abilities to maintain the frequency of love and hold in balance the righteous power of change. The force of the turning tide will undoubtedly wash away much of the illusion and in its wake it will leave a seemingly dismantled society. It is in this destruction that opportunity abounds to begin the proper institution of global leadership. The restructuring of a sovereign society begins with resourceful resurrection of a dismantled one. Begin with the basics, as the foundation of your new society depends on it. As you firmly build the pillars of a strong and united country, so too do you set the example for the rest of the world. United States of America will become the example of love that it was founded upon, and once again the forefathers will be proud. It will take the mighty and the courageous, but only those with pure heart shall govern the people in earnest should you choose them with your hearts.

My brothers and sisters, welcome to your world. This will be the world that you build, the world that you mold into the new paradise. The open connection to source that each of you inhabits will ensure that this planet holds every essential aspect of the divinely mandated blueprint. These blueprints that are beginning to activate and download into your merging fields hold the complete plans for the restoration of your beautiful globe and is therefore essential that each of you participate in what you came here to do. This mission equals your passion, for to live with passion is to live with God. Utilize your gifts for the good of all and share with everyone you meet. These activated aspects have been waiting for this precise moment to divulge, and you are now being prepared and suited with new armor for your very active roles in service.

The initiation is over. Your new purpose lies is in willing service and co-creational joy. The struggle of your journey has ended and into the new you come to claim your birthrights. As you embark upon your new journeys take with you the memories of your challenges but forego the suffering. Your compassion will assist you greatly. In any number of scenarios, compassion is always the key to healing separation. The most prominent aspect of your ability will be compassion for all. This is what will set you apart from others who are filled with rage and vindication. You will quell the fears and soften the blows of a birthing society with your ability to transcend human emotion and assist others to see the interconnectivity of it all. This is the role of the way-shower to help others understand that truth hath no fear.

I Am Sananda Immanuel and I come with great tidings. Your suffering is at a close; you have outworn your oppression and confinement well. The tables are turning in your favor and never again will you settle for the bondage that each of you has willingly and courageously undertaken for the all of man. Never again will you turn your back on a brother in need or choose a leader who serves you not. You are the wise ones, the new generation to begin the enlightened era of peace. Walk softly, but tall and proud. No longer is it necessary to shout the truth. Men and women will gather to understand you and you will all be granted the dignity and integrity that you deserve. Your patience has certainly paid off; blessings and peace await you now.

Messages from Sananda

Sananda Through Lauren GorgoThe Restoration of Sovereignty 
Monday March 19
Taken from:

Blessings. I have come to impart news that many of your anticipated events are aligning in your realm. There is soon to be the crumbling of your current administration and it is of great importance that the people of Earth recognize that this event has many ramifications for worldwide peace. The United States of America was founded upon the basis of spiritual truth and is in no way a hindrance to the people with the original intent of the Constitution intact. The restoration of independence and sovereignty is what the underlying and current focus on American Politics is centered around.

The events due to unfold are by far the most impressive acts of coordination and extreme endurance. To finalize the details of said institutions of governance and their many far-reaching aspects is paramount to the success of this mighty mission. I wish to reiterate the importance of worldwide understanding of cosmic events that will begin with the North American fall of government. All countries worldwide will have a vested interest in the unfolding of this grand plan and it will be beneficial, especially, for each bordering country to heed the higher call of freedom amongst the chaos.

Never before has your Earth witnessed the amount of unprecedented truth that is soon to explode and in some cases overwhelm your countrymen and women. The truth, as it were, is far reaching and for many will be disheartening and even dismantling. However, the amount of Light that is currently surrounding your globe is akin to a team of midwives patiently waiting the birth of a new child. You are surrounded and nurtured, guided in your entrance into the new world and we ensure the most ease possible in this transition. That being said, there will be moments of strife for growth and those in need will be calling out to you, the Lightworkers. Use your extended scope of understanding, compassion and wisdom to comfort the pain of labor for those who are birthing the truth for the first time. Befriend your foes and walk arm in arm as the front brigade for your personal and global freedom.

Temper your abilities to maintain the frequency of love and hold in balance the righteous power of change. The force of the turning tide will undoubtedly wash away much of the illusion and in its wake it will leave a seemingly dismantled society. It is in this destruction that opportunity abounds to begin the proper institution of global leadership. The restructuring of a sovereign society begins with resourceful resurrection of a dismantled one. Begin with the basics, as the foundation of your new society depends on it. As you firmly build the pillars of a strong and united country, so too do you set the example for the rest of the world. United States of America will become the example of love that it was founded upon, and once again the forefathers will be proud. It will take the mighty and the courageous, but only those with pure heart shall govern the people in earnest should you choose them with your hearts.

My brothers and sisters, welcome to your world. This will be the world that you build, the world that you mold into the new paradise. The open connection to source that each of you inhabits will ensure that this planet holds every essential aspect of the divinely mandated blueprint. These blueprints that are beginning to activate and download into your merging fields hold the complete plans for the restoration of your beautiful globe and is therefore essential that each of you participate in what you came here to do. This mission equals your passion, for to live with passion is to live with God. Utilize your gifts for the good of all and share with everyone you meet. These activated aspects have been waiting for this precise moment to divulge, and you are now being prepared and suited with new armor for your very active roles in service.

The initiation is over. Your new purpose lies is in willing service and co-creational joy. The struggle of your journey has ended and into the new you come to claim your birthrights. As you embark upon your new journeys take with you the memories of your challenges but forego the suffering. Your compassion will assist you greatly. In any number of scenarios, compassion is always the key to healing separation. The most prominent aspect of your ability will be compassion for all. This is what will set you apart from others who are filled with rage and vindication. You will quell the fears and soften the blows of a birthing society with your ability to transcend human emotion and assist others to see the interconnectivity of it all. This is the role of the way-shower to help others understand that truth hath no fear.

I Am Sananda Immanuel and I come with great tidings. Your suffering is at a close; you have outworn your oppression and confinement well. The tables are turning in your favor and never again will you settle for the bondage that each of you has willingly and courageously undertaken for the all of man. Never again will you turn your back on a brother in need or choose a leader who serves you not. You are the wise ones, the new generation to begin the enlightened era of peace. Walk softly, but tall and proud. No longer is it necessary to shout the truth. Men and women will gather to understand you and you will all be granted the dignity and integrity that you deserve. Your patience has certainly paid off; blessings and peace await you now.

Sananda Through Jess Anthony
Sunday March 18
Taken from:

Jess: Esu, I ask for an update and for comments to me. We all are wondering what is happening. Is there something I can pass on to others?

Yes, Jess, I am speaking from my ship, the Capricorn. We are in control of our forces on the ground and discussions are forthcoming and ongoing. The dark forces have determined that resistance is futile. This does not mean everything is settled in terms of negotiating the transfer of power. The details are not completely satisfactory to everyone involved. Christ Michael is compassionate with all —even with those who have continually turned against his wishes. Infinite patience but within timeframes that overlap and are ongoing in realms that are beyond your immediate contact. This process of change is like a mechanism in a clock. Each gear and piece works with all the others but some minor cog can disrupt the actions of the larger ones. This is, in effect, what keeps happening. There are not values assigned to the different cogs, but some have more significant work to perform in the entire gear mechanism. The action of the whole is finally dependant on the performance of each participant.

To carry this image further, the cogs that are not working are usually corroded or stuck in their position by overuse. The repetition has caused them to become frayed or loose in their connection. They must be cleaned and refreshed to function fully again in the operation of the whole. Their role is providing the sticking point, and because their operation is unpredictable, they break down at the least expected time.

The clock that is the Universe of Nebadon is now ticking again. The cogs that were faulty have either been replaced or they have been renewed and continue to operate. They are meshing once again with the clockwork pattern. Christ Michael is pleased with the way they are functioning again. All that remains is to put the back on the outer case and present it to the public as a watch that is ticking again to mark the time you have chosen to measure.

I will say that the negotiations are almost completed. The announcement is imminent. I look forward to being able to connect with you and begin working together for the betterment of my assigned planet.
Esu, your friend and brother.

Sananda Through Mark Stearn
Sunday March 18, 2007
Taken from:

You are complete in every sense of the world and word. Unity is now taking foot in your world because of your ceaseless dedication to the truth. As we have told you endlessly we are among you. The more the vibration raises on your world you will begin to witness us first hand. The show is complete. Mother Earth has integrated her other half. She rests comfortably in her newly assigned position. I know many of you question why your experience remains apparently unchanged. All the key shifts designed to take you to unlimited unified consciousness are complete. All the energy has been assigned by the Source. Over the next earth week as you would measure it you will witness a new pattern beginning to emerge in your world. It is the pattern of fully unified human consciousness manifesting in the world and making itself known in every system that operates through your now new world. The physical is integrating into the energy realms. You have done all the work that has been assigned of you. Now it is time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Soon we will sup from the same cup at a conscious level.

When, you wonder, will this be? These are primarily the questions that Mark is posing of me and I am aware that this is also what you would all be thinking. Once the pattern of full human consciousness is aligned, manifest and active on your world all the worldly shifts in administration, political and economic will begin to appear. This pattern of full human consciousness has already taken shape. Mother Earth has very little heaviness to throw off her form. You have been working night and day to bring through this shift and this is the speed that such vast changes have literally appeared over night. You will be free before you know it. It is vital to trust now in the changes that are manifesting on your world. Know that they carry an internal chemistry that liberates your consciousness forever. The mass consciousness today has experienced its strongest shift to date. It is shrugging off limited consciousness at the speed with which you first populated this planet. Know and trust, beloved friends, all the changes are now at hand instantly. No more waiting, my friends, and trust! The work has truly been done now.

Sananda Through Helen
Taken from:

2nd March, 2007: There is much to be done to prepare for the great changeover that is coming in your government. There is still great resistance to allowing your people to know that we aliens are here among you and that the shuttles from this starship come and go but are denied to exist by your government’s policy to thwart our coming and being among you.

However, great changes are coming to your world and some of these changes will be brought to you by our starship and the other starships that are assigned to other parts of the world. It will not be long now and we shall be able to come and go and allow you to understand that we come in peace.

I believe that I can speak for most of the crew of this starship. They are coming to do whatever they are asked to do, provided that there are no weapons involved. They are willing and are able to help develop new technology, to solve problems, especially problems where a clean up of air, water, and lands is involved. They will hearken to calls made to them. In addition, I believe that there are plans to connect to your vast worldwide Internet so that many can discuss issues with them.

8th March, 2007: You have been told, by an email message, that He who was known among you as Moses has come again in the flesh and is here to again provide some degree of aid and assistance to humanity. You may have the privilege of communicating with him although he is in a far-off country. Try to communicate with him. You will enjoy such communication and so will he.

There is much to be accomplished in these days of the renewal of Mother Earth and the cleaning up of her atmosphere. You will be pleased to learn of others who will also be returning to earth to be helping in these latter days of unusual fulfillment of prophecy. As you know, at a time of my choosing, I’ll be with you again in the flesh. I will, of course, be pleased to greet and work with others who were part of the biblical history such as Moses.

Help to make sure that the world-wide Internet is fully operational. That will be a glorious means for communication for all of us in these latter days of restoration of Mother Earth’s being.

Message from Hermes
Hermes Through Eagle Spirit
Saturday March 17
Taken from:

Oh, Ho!  You have some Joy Now!   A little re-enforcement sent your way!  Your Paschat Warrior led you outside.  Did he not?   Many people saw the ship in your Northwest!  It WAS a beautiful site!   You will be seeing more of this in your skies now.  It may not become "old hat" but you will begin to see us more in a blatant way as preparation for our Official Debut on your planet.

All is unfolding as it should.   Continue the work on yourselves, through the labyrinth of your Minds, Hearts and Souls.   Live the Honesty of a child!  ALLOW yourselves to FEEL Joy!   Laugh at your foibles!   Encourage each other in your Journey!

We are Watching you!   HO HO Do you feel a million eyes upon you??  No, there IS NO privacy!   Feeling a little uncomfortable?
I am expecting to look Very Handsome in the portrait you will do of me!   What do you mean, "you don’t have much to work with"?

It is good to have you back communicating with us in a more direct way.  You, of course, know that I am Hermes.   You are treasured.  Sleep this night in the Arms of the Great Mother!

Message Alert from the Council of the Twelve Ascended Masters
Council of the Twelve Ascended Masters Through Meg Benedicte
Thursday March 22
Taken from:

Dear Friends,

It’s come to our attention that you are having a tough time of transiting through this period of adjustment, so that many are not feeling well or grounded. We are in the midst of the double eclipse energy and Spring Equinox that has taken many Starseeds by storm. The past 3 weeks have been a significant time in your evolution in that you are transferring from an old paradigm of 3D reality and entering into a more aligned realm with your spiritual nature. This new realm has in it both your Soul essence as well as your Soul path.

If you have felt in the past a bit lost or wondering "what do I do now?" Well, this is the time to realize just what you are going to do now for your mission in life. This is not about wondering anymore! You are being assisted in dismantling the past form of reality as you knew it and have stepped into a new space of pure quantum potential. Wow! What do we have here?

How do you harness this new quantum potential anyway? The first step is to ground in this new reality as best you can in daily practice. You cannot slough off and expect it to come in solely by itself. This time is to focus on dropping the dead weight of thepast 3D timeline projection and allowing yourself to really open and receive in the full potential of your Soul expression. How can you harness the full quantum potential without being fully present in this new space?

The answer—ground, ground, and ground some more! Keep it up every day as you become familiar with the new systems and functionality of your Soul essence. This is your authentic self andportends the bringing of the absolute self into all dimensions. There is no more room for the false self. It has been breaking down and collapsing since last November. Keep up with thedismantling and allow it to burn away, drop out and dissolve from your energy field. Keep allowing the new, true you to absorb into every pore of your body. Don’t allow any forms of negativity to remain within your mind or body!

This is aboutbeing one with your true self, and allowing the false self to dissolveinto the past timeline. You may feel disoriented or disassociated for a bit, but the grounding will speed up the adjustment period. Don’t misunderstand, you are being primed and prepared for your mission. You have not dismantled the false self to let it all go! Now is the time to pursue your wildest dreams and fulfill your passions. The passions of the heart! For this is also the time for the lower ego-self to become a partner in the Soul’s mission.

We are stepping into a time of no other! You have not yet experienced the magnitude of love and Light available in this quantum potential. It is beyond your wildest dreams! So continue to keep asking for help and assistance from your 12D Higher Self and team of angels and spirit guides. You are being guided through every step of the way! And so go in peace and love…. Namaste!
The Council of Twelve

If you have any further questions, or need assistance during this momentous time, please feel free to contact me.  Many blessings to you,
Meg Benedicte Soulful Services,
Soulful Services | 13428 Maxella Ave #410 | Marina del Rey | CA | 90292.

Message of the Spiritual Hierarchy

Human Will and Must Become Powerless Over Truth
Spiritual Hierarchy
Through Lauren Gorgo
Sunday April 1
Taken from:

It would be our pleasure and honor to bestow great tidings among the Lightworkers of Earth. We suppose that there is much to discuss, yes, but let’s get to what is really on the minds of many.

First of all we would like to congratulate the valiant efforts of so many of our courageous ones… the starseeds and Lightworkers from around the globe have single-handedly removed an entire network or grid system of an outworn paradigm. In its place you have left the blueprint for the new Mother Earth. The rising Earth and the Earth of great harmonic potential. Congratulations are in order to each and every one of you.

Now we enter into the month of April. What does this bring, what potential does this month hold? Let’s discuss this in detail. Traditionally, within the culture of many Christian beliefs, April holds the great potential of the rebirthing of consciousness. It is known in western Christian religions as Easter. It is a time when the proclaimed Ascension of Jeshua the Christ has risen, a time of great reckoning of sins and the glorification of a mighty avatar of Christ consciousness.

This month of April will see the rise and integration of many belief systems and the fall of many more. This month will see the energetic and human potential to lift the frequency of Earth and her people to an unparalleled state of human awareness. This is the advent of the coming of Christ consciousness and indeed there is much to behold.

Offerings are given, charities are bestowed upon, the hungry are fed and the meek shall empower themselves. Unprecedented works of Creator shall mirror the new consciousness grid in place and the warriors of great inner strength shall be relieved of their inner demons. This time in history will be well recorded for it is the beginning of the never before seen. The beginning of Creation from the Heart of the One. No longer will it be necessary to employ missions of past mis-creation and continue the mire of human discord, for this time has ended.

There is a great Cosmic Fire that is ignited around the Earth in this month of April, and in this Fire is encoded great potential for massive change. Those of you who are activated and prepared to access this mighty element of power will be feeding from it and utilizing the great force of multidimensional awareness. Those of you who are capable of tapping into this great Fire will benefit from its strength to turn over the old and till the land anew. You are becoming fully conscious beings of Light and your roles are activating to resist mutiny no longer. Many of you feel the urge, the Fire, and the growing desire to thrust yourselves out of the bondage of this disintegrating matrix and delve deeply into your life work. This Celestial Fire that burns will catapult you to new life and purify the lands. Nothing will stand in the way of this great burning Fire of alchemical transformation upon Earth.

Those of you who hold on will find the hidden reserve of strength to take you to the final resting place of interdimensional peace and integration. The growing impetus within your plexus is guiding you to the other side of struggle. The yearning and desperate pleas from the minds and hearts of those on the ground has grown quite loud. Those of you who hold the activated Christed seed hold the key to release humanity from the throes of evil.

What many of you are debating now at this crossroads is the choice between the outworn and familiar or the known and unknown. Tested you are, but always in a way that leads you to the highest and best for your soul’s journey. Temptation to rely on the familiar beckons you, yet you yearn for a new way to break free and that way takes great faith indeed. We have confirmed that your success is inevitable, yet each of you must decide this for yourself. We are powerless over your human will and your human will must become powerless over your truth.

You hold on and for good reason, and those who have weathered the harshest of storms are weary and tired. But we assure you revival is at hand. Your inner strength will come to nullify your fears and transcend the boundaries of the human ego. Your unwavering faith in your power will guide you to new horizons where the shores are cleared of discordance and the waters calm.

Blessings are bestowed upon those who weather these storms and know that they too shall rise in salvation. The Spiritual Hierarchy beckons each of you now to maintain your composure and strength in these finals days of turbulence in the egoic battles for dominance. Your ship has sailed the rough seas and your bow may be broken but on the horizon are the peaceful waters that you long strive for. The sun will shine with new rays and your inner guidance will become the primary voice of reason. This is the time of salvation, freedom from fear. Expansion and inner radiance will be your new way and the gifts of the Earth will be visible evermore. Great tidings abound. Blessings and virtue to the warriors of the One.

Message of Sananda Through Jess Anthony
Esu Speaks on the Easter Symbolism
Sunday April 8, 2007
Taken from:

Jess: Esu, I ask for words from you today on Easter Sunday. The symbolism of this day is paramount in Western thinking. I wonder what your thoughts are. I also sense a closure coming. Can you speak to the events to come? Can you speak to my role in this? I see vast pieces coming together to move Earth into a new level of awareness and connection. Speak to these questions, if you will.

Sananda: Yes, Jess, I can speak with you. This is a fine morning of renewal and awareness of the sacrifice that was set up to reveal the inhumanity of those in power and the strength of inner illumination in overcoming the obstacles man has raised up against man. The symbolism of Easter is powerful and manifold. It created the mystique of religion as you have come to know it in the West, and it showed the depths that the church would go to as a mechanism for separating those in control from those it wished to control. I say the church because it is the visible arm of those in control of the economic structures that determine how people behave. Everything is determined by power and control. Everything is calculated by the effect it will have on others to force a contribution to those wielding the power.

This group has been called the Illuminati and is labeled most generally as «the Dark Side.» This group was inspired by the Anunnaki in setting up a system to control others for the benefit of the few who controlled the power. This power is the stronger energy that forces lesser focused energy to follow its direction. This could only happen when the lower energy forces lost their connecting to the Source that created them. The increasingly lower levels of energy allowed outside forces that were stronger to usurp the weakly connected links. This caused a shift in man’s direction that has taken these many generations to set back on the original path. This was possible only with outside assistance and guidance through instruction. The link to the original Source remained inside each individual, but the 3rd dimensional façade man had created caused him not to see his inner spark of connection.

The return to Earth I generated allowed Christ Michael the vehicle he wished to use to create his final bestowal as a man on this planet. He needed a pure, Christed incarnation to merge his bestowal energy with. This allowed him to experience the incarnation and maintain his ability to continue to oversee the process. He could only lower his energy level so much and he need a human incarnate to provide him the shell. I, Esu, was the shell for him to experience Earth. I was born and matured as a child with an awareness of my special role, but I didn’t understand its implications on the global and cosmic level until I was mature and experienced the illumination that came from the Baptism ritual and the time alone in the wilderness. I returned fully aware of the role I was playing in this bestowal, and Christ Michael was clear in his intentions to recreate the awareness of man’s link to his love and his part in the Universal Oneness he, Christ Michael, had created originally.

Jesus on the CrossThe spectacle on the cross was a symbolic focal point for all these ideas. It was to show how man’s physicality could be turned into a spiritual concept that was compassionate and on a higher level of thinking. This succeeded only in part. Those controlling the mindset of the populace shifted the Universal lessons into ones of guilt and suffering as a method of achieving better things beyond this world. The spiritual reward was removed from this world and placed out of its physical reach into another that those in control created. The concept of spiritual separation was underscored once again, and a new religious system was created to enforce this political thinking. Power and control by those ruling others was now augmented by a religious structure that was based on twisting the spiritual ideas that had been brought to Earth by Christ Michael. The seeds had been planted, nonetheless, and Christ Michael viewed this as a crop that would mature and be harvested in due course. His promised return was to reap the new growth that he knew would come to flower in time.

The time for harvesting is now, and the crop has turned out to be larger and more amazing than Christ Michael had predicted. The power of many has returned in force and the reconnection with Christ Michael’s inner spark of energy has been enforced and strengthened. The ability of man to rise above the obstacles that have been created by those seeking to control them has proved formidable. I envision a world of great discovery and interaction. I see man as moving into the next level of his Ascension back to the Creator Source.

There will be catastrophes and a winnowing of population that are inevitable in the process of cleansing the Earth and reshaping the energy of the inhabitants that have linked themselves to this Ascension. This is a natural sequence that is necessary in the cycle of renewal. When you look at the sequence of events within the larger context of Universal change and growth, the emotional significance that is now attached to these events is seen as just one aspect of the learning that comes from experiencing them. The souls involved in these experiences do not die, they contribute levels of awareness and unique experience that only their personalities can provide.

I think this is enough commentary for today, Jess. I will leave you now and remain in your background thinking as you go through the rest of the day.
Esu, Prince of Nebadon

Message of Christ Michael on Restructuring Systems Through Zilanthra
Wednesday April 11, 2007
Taken from:

Zilanthra: I awoke during the night with Christ Michael in my thoughts. This morning I open communication to Christ Michael or any being from the other side who wishes to communicate telepathically.

Z:Zee greeting Christ Michael

CM: And I greet you, Zilanthra. I wish to deliver a message. At this time, our legions of Light of Nebadon stand at the ready in preparation for tremendous change taking place. We prepare to come closer to those who are open. We would ask that all of your group and also those who are capable of communicating with us be at the ready. For those who stand at the ready please know that we wish you to work with us to further the changes that will occur rapidly.  We ask all who wish to participate to step forward to carry out tasks which will require your assistance in many departments.

There will be ground crew required in all the new ways. I speak of the systems that require restructuring and rebuilding. In each country, beginning with the Americas, all the systems of old shall require beginning anew. There are those at the forefront whose task has been to begin these systems anew. Many are required to assist the new ways to come on line.  Those who have talents in these areas are asked to participate. A call has been sounded. We ask that you follow your intuition and be guided to what feels right for you.

The systems that are now outdated lie in all areas and the new systems require not only new definition, but education for the masses. There will be many new jobs created with the restructuring.

Earth will begin anew. History shall begin anew. The new history shall be infused with what is good for all. Everyone is to be included and all will receive the benefit of what is to be built.

We see the future of these important systems in their true glory. All systems are to be based on Truth, on Peace, on Brotherhood and will be designed for the greater good of all humanity.

Those who are to lead will be brought others who will also assist to carry out the work. The new systems, such as education, health, governance will all incorporate Mother Earth, not only sentient beings. Mother Earth’s wellbeing is part of all considerations. As the new guidelines are formulated in the design and building of the new systems, her welfare shall be paramount. There will be those who bring messages from her that will be included in the design. In other words, her input will be received and be included, or written into the mission statements of all the new systems.

There will be new systems that require to be brought into existence, ones that do not exist yet and were not even part of the outdated establishment. It is time to broaden the horizons of humanity. Bring into your awareness that this is to be part of the New Era.

Some are manifesting the new way in the department of education. It is the time to visualize, to see what the young ones require to learn in the New Era. It is time for new curriculum.  There will be important subjects and fields that the young ones will require to learn. The young ones will carry a plethora of ideas that all will benefit from. Education will become hands on and a joyful experience for all concerned. It will be very different.

Governance requires a complete restructuring. New Governance will be a simpler way and will involve participation of all citizens of Earth. As old ways fall by the wayside, many old laws will be written out. The Constitution and the Declaration carry all that the land requires for new Law. Those who will become leaders will stick to the simple ways of Truth and Wisdom. Governance will be in partnership with all, with Peace, Freedom and Sovereignty for individuals at the fore.

The health of the people will take on a new meaning and this system will be reborn anew with many wonderful changes. Many who have been practicing alternative ways will be able to share and practice their knowledge. The birth of all mutational and health services will be extraordinary to witness. Well being, welfare and health of all humans will become paramount and will be exercised by every individual as it is the natural birthright of human beings.

As all changes, and humanity realizes that harmony and balance can be reached, all aspects of the New Era and the changes for humanity will integrate. It will be as a natural process, where individuals begin to relax and feel the peace and freedom within. This will allow all aspects of your lives to become positive. There will be Joy and happiness where once there was desperation and hopelessness.

The Justice system is one that will experience great change. The laws that man has built require a 360 degree turn. New Law will be about Brotherhood, respect and honor for one another.  This is where personal sovereignty will birth as individuals recognize that all are equal in the eyes of Creator. Brotherly love will birth and camaraderie will bring even more new ways. Humans will see with new eyes and hearts. The birthing and structuring of the new systems will be a joyous task for those who participate and become involved.

We have touched upon but a few of the changes. Please put thought into what you, as Lightworkers, and as newly awakened beings feel within. Your desire is for Peace and Brotherhood, what is it that you would like to do? How can you express and input your talents and skills into the New Era? Do you see yourselves becoming builders of the New Era? Do you see yourself contributing in a way that brings you a renewed sense of Joy and belonging?  Do you know someone who would like to serve in this capacity? Can you apply what you already know toward structuring of the new systems? Where do your interests lie? Do you have a desire to serve to bring the New Era from a stage of birthing into growth and action?

Ask yourself these questions. If you can answer yes to any of them, you may be a candidate in the rebirth of Earth and humanity.

We ask that all who desire to contribute and to express to step forth and bring that part of your self into creating the New Era.  I Am Christ Michael and I bring you tidings of what is to come.
Z:Thank you, Christ Michael.

Message of the Spiritual Hierarchy Through Lauren Gorgo
Thoughts of Hope for the Joyous Days Ahead
Sunday April 15, 2007
Taken from: and

Greetings, blessed ones. We are the Spiritual Hierarchy and Divine Councils of Light with you this evening and in preparation for the entrance of a New Age. The current and coming days may be violent with storms as the winds of change blow through your terrain and sweep the land in preparation for a very new grid system. The new grid system that is anchoring into place is one of extremely high voltage, one that is beckoning at the heart of every soul, one that is transforming lives and clearing the way for the new. You are amidst great changes and the weather that you are experiencing is tangible evidence of the entrance of a higher vibration. The entrance of a New Era requires great detoxification and cleansing and this is now coming to the surface for all to see.

The next few weeks of your time there will be some shifting and restructuring taking place both within and on the surface of Earth’s crust. The atmospheric density is shifting and many are feeling the push and pull of these changes within the core of their being. This is no longer only a spiritual challenge for it has become increasingly obvious to many that the physical changes that are being felt within the core of the Earth are also being felt within the bodies of Earth’s people. Many maladies are arising, many physical changes to the structure of the human form are noticeable to more than just the enlightened ones, but these many struggle to find answers to their ails.

We bring this to the fore of your minds in hopes that you will feel comforted in the changes that are surrounding you. These changes are ones that must transpire in order for the bulk of the masses to heed the call to release what has become so habitual and ingrained in complacency. These changes will restore hope and faith in the unseen and an opportunity to look beyond the imposed limitations of self. We are fastidiously working with many of you on the Earth plane to awaken in a way that is comforting to the mind yet invigorating to the soul. We are putting our best foot forward to convince some of you to let go of the outworn and to embrace a new and higher way of living and loving. Some resist, but only out of habit, for if they knew what was waiting for them they would run to it like a child on Christmas morning.

We bring you rapture when you are prepared for greatness, and solace when you are not. We bring you tidings of joy and blessings of hope to move onward and upward in your ever-spiraling journey toward Home, yet we realize that, in the most dire of circumstances, your energy is focused elsewhere. Know that in these times we are with you most to assure you that you are never alone and always supported in your endeavors.

We are calling you Home and we are standing on the edge of a paradigm about to crumble into the swelling seas to be washed away with the rapidly rising tides. Never before have you, as a race, been so close to eternity and that eternal moment is within you now waiting to be acknowledged. In this eternal now your future lays waiting for you to grab a hold of and make real. We are ever anxious as you are to see the manifestations of your dreams, know that your dreams are a moment away from physical reality.

We hold each of you during the most trying of times as we coddle the Great Mother in her laboring of the New Earth. The pains and contractions are growing closer together and more frequent as the birth of your new lives prepare to thrust into this dimension with great force. Gather your energy in restful contemplation, for soon your resources will be needed.

We are of the Spiritual Hierarchy and leave you with thoughts of hope for the joyous days ahead. Blessings abound on your journey home.
L: Thank you.

Message of Adama, High Priest of Telos, Through Lauren Gorgo
The Three Divine Gifts of Conscious Creation
The Regeneration of Your Genetic Makeup Is Beyond Your Imagination!

Greetings, Earth Dwellers! I am Adama of Telos and wish to communicate with you regarding the events taking shape on Earth and your roles in it. It has come to my attention that there is quite a bit of despondency on the part of Lightworkers worldwide, and I would like to address this issue in earnest.

The period of integration that you are currently undergoing is an enormous energetic influx of Light penetrating each and every cell of your body and each and every atom upon the Earth.

This Light infusion is one that alters the genetic and energetic make-up of all of Creation and should not be taken lightly. The amount of power and electrical re-circuitry that is required for the regeneration of your cellular makeup is beyond your imagination. It is something that only a geneticist could marvel at, yet each of you feel the alterations of your physical, mental and emotional bodies as they begin to merge into the vast space of interconnectivity.

Beloved souls, your journey into Oneness is nearly complete. Your genetic encoded response systems have been activated to time with the evolution or consciousness of your higher aspects. This process is intricately designed and interwoven into many dimensional aspects of your existence on Earth and it is tied to the whole of Creation. The ebb and flow, breathing in and out of the universal tide beckons at the heart of each of you.

You grow weary and tired, confused and alarmed. Your flow of life seems to open with great ease and then suddenly seems to come to a rushing halt. Your aches and pains are plentiful and yet, you rise each day with renewed faith and hope in what the new day will hold. This is the remarkable strength of your endurance that heralds you as the great wayshowers of the New Earth. It is this strength that is calling to you now to birth your newfound creations into physical existence.

Beloveds, you are all being called to service in your own ways, do you hear these calls? Do you answer your heart when it beckons you? The waves of inspiration that you feel are not a by-product of coincidence or illusion. Brothers and sisters of Earth, these calls to your heart are the very calls to your greatness. These calls are waiting for your answers and yet, you remain in a state of wavering clarity and immobilization.

Your time for greatness has come but it is you who realizes the greatness within, not something that happens to you. This is why you are being called to this or that, leaving old jobs, relationships and residences in search of your new beginnings. Not because something is going to happen to you, but with your participation things will begin to happen for you. These new beginnings are divinely seeded within but take the activation of your will to implement into physical manifestation. Remember, you are the creators of your life.

What is required of you then is to begin action, begin taking steps that will fortify your dreams and actualize your intent. What is the message? Where is your heart leading you? What is inspiring you now? These are the whispers of your soul directing you to take charge of your lives now.

The many months of preparing the way are over. The time of inactivity has passed you by, dear ones. Now is the time of action and this means not what you think, for it means mostly what you feel. Feeling your way to the top of your individual game and self-expression is the way of activity now. For your greatness is the expression of Creator waiting to burst forth into the flames of divine action.

Step up now and take the leap of faith that is nudging you forward. Your divine decree is that of greatness, nothing less can become of you if your sights are set on such heights. So wait not a second more to begin your dreams, take the necessary steps to your personal evolution and regard inactivity as a thing of the past. When each of you has begun to set your focus on action, then the energy of action will begin…not a second sooner.

Action requires action, beloved ones, so act now. Act on your dreams, your inspiration and your visions of grandeur. How else will it come to be? The full merging of your god-self is the ability to take action when called to it; this is the way of Creation, the way of God’s Kingdom or perfect and Divine Order.

The forward movement of your dreams will begin the momentum to attract all the necessary elements for manifestation. But you must move the energy to begin the Path. You must guide it and nurture it and direct it outward so it can return to you in full splendor. This is the way of universal law. What you put out comes back. So begin to put out your dreams in action and in return you will reap the rewards of your dreams in action.

Get clear on your desires, really clear. Know what it is you wish to bring into this world and put forth your expanded energy. Clarity of choice, intent of will and conscious action are the three requirements for creation. Use these abilities that you have honed for many months and toy with your ability to attract that which you desire. For every miscreation, simply send back and know you simply need more clarity. For when you are not fully clear, you are not fully commanding with your will, which is why clarity is the first step to your conscious co-creation.

The Three Divine Gifts of Conscious Creation (Requirements of Creation):
1. Clarity of Choice and Vision of Purpose.
2. Intent of Will.
3. Conscious Action.
To create your miracles use your Wisdom, Love and Will Power.
Adama, High Priest of Telos through Lauren Gorgo

My friends of upper Earth, I come to share these messages with you to remind you of your power as individuals to create collectively. Your power must be personally activated and actualized in order to affect the masses in a positive way. This is why clarity and vision of purpose are so instrumental in changing the unconscious momentum of karmic mis-creation.

Become that which you wish your world to be, and all will be free. You must become power to exude it. Now is your time, all the universal forces are aligned with you. Take all this power, ground it into the Earth and begin to build your dreams with your own hands, hearts and minds… the three divine gifts of conscious Creation. Use your wisdom, love and will power in balanced unison and you will create the miracles you long for.

I AM Adama of Telos and bid you farewell from inner Earth. We long to unite with each of you but this requires many changes and much purification upon the surface of the Earth. We guide you, inspire you and send you waves of directed and focused creativity to begin your journeys in conscious action. Feel these waves and act upon them, too often your creativity is stored away for future use. The time is now, your inspirations are urging you to realize this. You have all you need within.

Lauren: Thank you, Adama.
In gratitude,

Messages of St. Germain ThroughMike Quinsey

On Firing the Grid
July 16, 2007

Dear Ones, the idea of assisting in the strengthening the grid has spread far and wide. It has sparked the imagination of many of you, as it is seen as an act of faith and intent that the Light shall continue to grow upon Earth. The beauty of such a coming together is that once the Light has been grounded, it will continue to remain in place. Far from diminishing with time, it will grow as it naturally attracts more through the Law of Attraction. We will also be active at the same as this event takes place, and it will be one of major importance.

Such times also touch upon the beliefs of others, and it arises from the fear that they have no control over the outcome. Everyone with strong beliefs desires to see the outworking of their own, and change is perceived as a threat to them. Allow for these alternative realities, and in time the souls that genuinely seek the Light will naturally adjust to a different path. Many of you have already individualized your beliefs, and have found the ability to go within and are the Wayshowers in self fulfillment.

Traditionally, there have always been those who have taken charge, and even in the present times it is often still in the manner of demanding strict obedience to their dictates. Everyone has freewill, and as you should know by now it cannot be taken from you unless you allow it. In your travels through duality you have experienced all conditions and beliefs that were appropriate to the times you were in. What you are today reflects where you are along your road to the Truth, and it will differ from others according to how much you have evolved. In this period of time when so much guidance is available, everyone if they so desire can find a path that will eventually lead to an opportunity to Ascend.

Those seeking the Light have many ideas of what God wants from them. Many fear the power of God and follow creeds that talk of punishment for not obeying his word. Others have an understanding of an All Loving God, requiring nothing more than your recognition of the Creators Light that is carried by all souls. As a result you will be able to acknowledge the Oneness of all life, and love and bless all forms in your role as the Guardians of Earth. Be as a God, and seek that level where eventually your understanding allows you to express Unconditional Love. You will then have the elixir of life, the gold at the end of the rainbow, the Holy Grail.

The Light is the panacea of all ills and problems because it has the power to bring changes. The Galactic Federation and the Spiritual Councils that direct the activities for Earth and its people are aware of your needs and know that once the consciousness of Man is raised up, the answers will come to him. The mode of thinking changes instead of placing the emphasis on individual needs to one where it is for the benefit of the whole. This is how the shift works and very soon you will see it in action and our promises to you will be fulfilled.

For too long Man has been encouraged to follow a path of self aggrandizement, and you are as a result still in a very materialistic world. Getting to the top is placed before you as your goal, with the promise of immense wealth and satisfaction. That this will inevitably leave others behind in an inferior position seems to be of no concern. Outer wealth cannot replace inner happiness, and it is certain to lead to a re-examination of the purpose of life. Nothing happens that is without its lesson in life, and where wealth often leads to greed, poverty will allow for appreciation and gratitude for the little things in life.

Remember that your life plan is set out to give you the experiences you need so that you may grow in understanding. The goal is to evolve to those higher levels that will allow you to move out of the wheel of re-birth. Therefore recognize that all tread a path of their own choosing, and that when you can accept this fact your life will be more fulfilling. Do not envy another soul but see within their experience what can be of benefit to you. You see the outer person, but have no idea of what problems they wrestle within their consciousness. Accept that you cannot and indeed would not want to all be the same. Your world is richer and greater for all of the experiences of Mankind as a whole.

The Light is shining into the darkest corners, and revealing what has been hidden from you. It is awakening souls to the truth and will not only re-write your history, but show how you have been held in the false belief that you are sinners beyond reproach. You have often been deliberately misled, so that you will feel inferior and beholden to those who have claimed to be the appointed spiritual leaders of Man. However, since those dark times Man has gained a recognition and understanding of spiritual truths. A New Man has emerged able to be discerning and free from the dictates of others. One who is able to step over the line from half-truths and outright falsehoods into Absolute Truth.

The Light connects with those who have found their path and recognize the God within. With the coming of various opportunities to further uplift into the Light their strength grows, and those who participate this Tuesday and Fire the Grid [event that happened on July 17, 2007, at 11:11AM, GMT, N. of E.] will be holding hands together and making a profound statement of their intent to bring Love and Light to Earth. These occasions bring us great joy as, after centuries of oppression, the Light is breaking loose and shining out in a glorious show of strength. The future is assured, and the victory for the Light is now unassailable. The dark will cling as long as possible to their reality, but their days are now ending.

I am St. Germain and come at such an auspicious time to place my energy with yours. Your response to our call for more Light to be grounded upon Earth has gladdened our hearts, and it confirms our greatest expectations that Man has awakened to his power to exert change. It is not just one more day but a very special occasion, following which we beseech you to carry the energies with you into the future. Love knows no bounds, and we shall go forward as One with the blessings of the Almighty Father/Mother God.

Mike Quinsey: Thank you, St. Germain.

You Are in Atlantean-like Time When the Dark Became All-Powerful
July 30, 2007

There was an illustrious time during part of the Atlantean period, when their consciousness was highly evolved. It enabled us to take our place amongst them, as the spiritual leaders of Man. As events ebbed and flowed so there also came another time, when the dark became all-powerful. It eventually led to the demise of that great civilization, which sunk almost without trace.

Dear Ones, it will not be too long before we will be amongst you once more.  As before, we shall join you when a higher level of consciousness has been reached, and appropriately that will herald the last part of your journey home. There will be a subtle difference because we will come to lead you to the Promised Land, that heavenly abode in the higher realms. Although we come to show the way it will be as equals, and we will awaken those memories that lie deep within you that shall reveal the truth of your Higher Self.

Many shall come to Earth and greet you as the Master’s address their pupils. You are to us as beloved children are to their parents, and we guide and nurture you as we have done since your descent into duality. You have outgrown the kindergarten, and are now as youngsters finding their feet. Like all parents we have let you make mistakes as part of your experience, but now you have come of age and ready to take full responsibility for your life. Your graduation is by way of Ascension, and we will help all of you to prepare for this great opportunity.

We know precisely what you are capable of, and our confidence is based upon your proven ability to stand up to the efforts of the dark to deflect you from your path of Light. You are connecting with your Higher Self, and your consciousness is rising up so that you are quickly becoming One. With this advancement you are able to live in serenity and peace, already having passed through those trials and tribulations that have enabled you to become a Being of Light.

Speaking for the Masters, I will say that our task is being made much easier by your wonderful advancements that are bringing the Light to the Earth. The steadfast Lightworkers are acting on behalf of every soul who is incarnate at this time. Each one has the same opportunities to turn to the Light, and it is a freewill choice that must be made before the end of this cycle. We come as the Bringers of Truth, so that the distortions of it and false gods may be revealed. There is little time left to stand by and allow the dark to continue to confuse and misguide you. It is important that the Truth be revealed, as nothing but the absolute Truth can be taken into the higher dimensions. We for our part will be with you to ensure that your awareness is fully opened.

In truth it is not that we ever left you, as we have always been by your side. It is just that you have been so blinded by the veil drawn over your eyes; you have failed to see what has been in front of you. The Light has been ever present and although diminished, it has kept the flame of Truth alive. Now it is time for that flame to erupt into an awe inspiring show of Light, one that signals your readiness to tread the ladder of success to Ascension. No one but you can achieve it except by personal growth, and we come to give guidance and strength, and confirm that is ordained for this Universe by the Supreme Creator.

You worry and fret but try to remember that the outcome of this cycle is pre-ordained, and it will end in Ascension regardless of any attempts by others to prove otherwise. The variable that affects its progress is down to you, and depends on how quickly you can reach critical mass that will create the conditions for a quantum leap forward. We judge that Man is now awakening much faster than at anytime previously, and is on the verge of creating a great surge forward of Light. Changes will then inevitably happen and will see the start of the New Order of Light. It shall take command and lead the people out of the bonds that have held them in the darkness for eons of time.

Through your history, all of the spiritual teachers have come to give teachings that promote love for one another. However it has taken a long time to overcome the ego that has been created by putting Self interests first. The lesson of Universal Love has not been readily accepted. It has not meant that you must not care or love Self, as self-appreciation is essential to the understanding of Self. Have we not taught that you must be able to first love Self before you can love others? as Self-esteem and belief in your abilities are an important part of your growth. Understand that you are all Gods in the making, and find that part within you that connects with the essence of the Creator, and you will find your potential for All That Is.

With your Light becoming so much stronger we can draw closer to you than ever before and at times you will be aware of our presence. Call upon us and listen for our reply, and if you have asked for healing take the time to receive it. We are ever serious about our service to you, but often our help or advice is ignored. Call anyone by name from the higher realms, and know that your prayers are received and will be answered in the course of time. The importance of your intuitive skills has been emphasized many times, and they should be developed as part of your growth towards your Higher Self.

I am St. Germain and leading the drive to establish Light upon Earth, and ask you to remember Mother Earth’s part in your soul’s evolution. She has provided for you, and suffered the violation of her body as Man has failed to understand her place in your lives. By creating imbalances they have brought about the possibility of major Earth changes, but these are held back to allow you time to rectify your mistakes. Mother Earth is patient, but also has to prepare for Ascension and time is fast running out. Think of her in your prayers, showing gratitude for what she has done for Mankind. Better still, bring the Light to Earth and ground it for her benefit.

There are great events lined up to happen very soon, and many different souls will take part in the upliftment of Earth. They will arrive with much Love in their hearts for every soul and a New Era of Light will commence.

Mike Quinsey: Thank you, St. Germain.

Sananda Addressing our Energy Issues. Sananda ThroughLauren Gorgo
A Special Message from on High….
Thursday August 2, 2007

Sananda:  Thank you for hearing our call.  We would like to quickly address some issues that many are currently undergoing and shed some light on the present chaos in an attempt to offer you ease and peace.

L:I welcome any guidance you can provide.

S: Blessings. Please note that it would be of considerable interest to you and to the rest of the world to realize that there are enormous fluctuations of energy right now, currently and collectively downloading into Earth’s biosphere. These energy fluctuations are indeed throwing many off-kilter and in a state of disarray. The afore mentioned energy transfusions are causing many to believe in the reality by which they are presented with, and it is one that many are struggling to negotiate.

What I would like to remind you is to hold the power and strength of resolve with your willful intent to release all that no longer serves you on this path to harmonic wellness. You are indeed overcoming some deep and unprecedented wounds from eons past. There is a collective experience that is holding the bulk of you in a perceived state of powerlessness and this too shall pass. Please regard this present cycle of cleansing as the result of August’s transforming fire.

In addition, we are watching over and guiding those who are willing to listen to the higher voice. We are releasing a tremendous amount of healing energy to the planet at this time and though many of you know not what is transpiring, it is valuable to consider the consequences by which you engage in these lower frequencies. It is not for your highest good to address any fear-based vibrations or thought, for each time that you take part in these lower energies as they pass you by, they will be compounded in intensity 10 fold this day. Simply detach yourself from the chaos that surrounds you. You will certainly feel if you are out of alignment with your higher good and you can remain in between thoughts and observe all that is swirling before you without attachment. An exercise in discernment at best.

Please note that those who are in a state of peace with the incoming frequencies will notice that they come through with much less distortion and provide a means by which you are capable of integrating. For these dual aspects of man are currently merging into complete balance and in the process all that no longer serves the higher law shall be released and purified in the August’s fires of transmutation.

The fiery energy that is bubbling beneath the surface is there for good reason, however if left untamed can dominate and burn out those individuals who know not what passes over them. Please regard these fires as necessary for alignment with your life missions and hold the fire within as a motivator and great impetus for change.

Those of you reading this message from on high will undoubtedly be connected to the information that is coming forth, for those who are preparing for the new cycle of co-creation are indeed being purified with rapid intensity now. This intensity will wane over time, but know that this great energy is with you for good cause. Take the purifying element of fire and burn through all miscreated thoughtforms holding you in limitation. Utilize the powerful surge of passion and creativity to change all that no longer serves on your path to total awareness. For it is in the power of the Lightworker to harbor these great energies for manifestation of higher law.

Please note that those who are preparing for a cycle of activity in service to the soul will benefit greatly from this high voltage of connectivity. Use the force to usurp your miscreations of past to aid you in the forward movement of action. Now is the time to see to your dreams. Now is the time to manifest your ideals.

Blessings abound for all who create with the fire of transformation. I AM Sananda Immanuel with the Spiritual Hierarchy reminding you of your power.

L: Thank you Sananda.

Mira from the Starship Twin Star. Telepathic Communication Through Spirit Eagle
To the Children
August 11, 2007, 12:52 am

I speak to you this night of the Children, the Shining Ones!  These Blessed Beings have come to you from all over the Universe.  They are the leaders of the New Dawn!  They are the Awakened Ones who are waking Humanity from its slumbers.   The children are the Teachers.  Observe, absorb, and participate in the Energies that they are radiating throughout the Earth Mother.

Many have not incarnated on Earth before and they are able to break through the barriers that have prevented Humanity as a whole to Live the Truth of Who They Are.  They are the Teachers of Non-resistance.  They are the Bearers of Love Divine.  They are the Adventurers whose feet tread the path of non-duality.

Give yourselves the Gift of Joy and the Abandonment of Pain!  BE WHO YOU WERE MEANT TO BE!  Trust that you ARE enough!  Be in this Moment in Time.

We ask that you Remember With The Heart of a Child that you Are Blessed, that you Are Loved, that you Are Protected and that you Are Safe in every aspect of Your Being.

We of the Galactic Federation of Light warmly welcome you into Our Family.  The Forerunners of Our Family are Already with You!   Observe, Learn from and Love these Precious Ones as We Love You!  I am Mira.   I am on the Twin Star and we are over Africa at this time.  Good Night; Be At Peace!

Message of St. Germain ThroughMike Quinsey
Understanding of Light Brings Confidence and Calmness
August 8, 2007

Dear Ones, do you awake each morning feeling fully renewed and refreshed, ready to meet the day’s challenges? Or do you find you are still tired and not in the least rested, and with little enthusiasm for the day ahead? Why do some people seem to cope and handle whatever is thrown at them? I will tell you that I believe it is according to your state of mind, and this in turn is the result of your understanding and outlook on life.

Notice how those who have found their place in life are happy and joyous. They have a purpose that they have identified with, and set their sights upon it. Their awareness allows for the creation of their reality whatever that may be, and they open to new directions from their Higher Self. They move in harmony with the flow of life, and are not deterred by what is going on around them. These ones listen carefully to the intuitive promptings they receive.

What is it that distinguishes those who are calm in times of chaos, and can instill that calmness and peace in others around them? It is complete confidence in their own understanding of life, and its interconnectedness with all else. Finding that you are not separated or living your life in isolation, makes for the realization that you are all responsible for each other. Extending that understanding so as to accept that what you do to One, you do to All, is a further revelation. Why then would you do other than treat all as equal, knowing that it will assist in the upliftment of Humanity?

The question asked is, where or how do you find that elixir of life? It is the recognition of higher spiritual forces that control the destiny of Man. The finding of your Source and connection to it and knowing that life is infinite, and regardless of whatever you choose to experience you will continue to exist. Once that realization has been gained absolutely nothing can take away from you that firm belief, and life holds no fear for you.

Knowing of the truth releases you from the chains of duality, and no more can they hold you back. Your path in the Light opens out before you, and at last you will have found how to remove yourself from the hold of lower forces. They dance around you trying their tricks to bring you into fear, but they no longer have you in their clutches and you are free once again. What was yours yesterday has no further influence, and its meaning has served its purpose; you have now become an enlightened Being.

What are you left with but the joy and realization of having moved into the Light, indeed what more would you want? The search is over, and each day is a tribute to your recognition that you already have everything you need for the completion of your journey. Your Light shines out into the heavens, and signals that another human Being has found the true Source of All That Is.

The troubled mind does not sleep well, and wanders around in confusion, searching everywhere for the answers, not realizing that they are within. Led by those who profess to know the truth but often deceive themselves and others. Teachers come and teachers go, and some are appointed by Heaven to lift Man’s understanding to further his evolution. Out of it comes the greater truth, but often not without great hardship through many trials and tribulations. Those who oppose Man and his continual quest for truth lack understanding, and fail to grasp that truth is the only lasting path that is there for everyone.

I would say stop your running here and there, and be still. In those moments of stillness and meditative thought, make contact within and follow your intuitive guidance. It will give answers appropriate to your level of advancement, ensuring that there is a continual forward movement that ever takes you higher into the Light. Your desire to open up will ensure that it remains within reach, and progress will be assured. Help comes in several ways, including the presence of many Guides and Angelic protectors.

Look around you and instead of seeing the differences between people, see that which draws them together. See their Light and Love operating without regard to color or creed. Recognize the God within each soul and all as part of the One. Let others follow their appointed path and lend a helping hand when required. At this time of great changes, many opportunities exist for Man to reveal his innate love and caring for those in need. Your response is some measure of your spiritual progress, inasmuch that you realize that service to others is the natural action of one who has awakened.

Through example others follow the leaders of charitable and loving acts, and great Light is created upon Earth. It is grounded and links with all similar sources in a wonderful grid of Light. It remains and grows exponentially, as the vibrations are continually lifted upwards. All happens as part of the greater upliftment that finally takes you on to Ascension. With these goals in your sights, is it no wonder that many are at peace with themselves and it shows. Their secret is for all to share, and they can join the dedicated souls who lead the way. It is your choice by the granting of freewill and in so doing you will lift off that load you have carried for eons of time upon your shoulders.

The worries of the world are not your personal concern, and do not add to the fear-laden talk of those of the dark. Spread your Light far and wide, and give help in any way possible to those souls who struggle to overcome their plight, as they are another aspect of you as indeed are all wherever they may be. You are One and you are Gods seeking to reveal your true identities obscured by the veils that have covered your eyes. Oneness is the panacea that you seek expressed as Unconditional Love. When you have reached this point, you have found your true Self.

Humanity is well on the road to Ascension and it can accommodate every soul that desires to leave duality for the realms of Light. It will come to you once you have committed yourself to be of the Light and Love. It radiates to you from many souls such as myself, and great Beings that hold the Universe in their loving hands. Accept our love and we will help lift you up.

Mike Quinsey: Thank you, St. Germain.

Message of Ker Ton Tec from the Starship The Blue Star ThroughSpirit Eagle
Taken from:
August 26, 2007

I am Ker Ton Tec.  I’m on the Ship, The Blue Star.  I am a Paschat Warrior, one of Mother Sekhmet’s Warriors.   Tonight I wish to tell you that Magic is Afoot!   There is much activity, much work being done around your Planet to bring the changes that you await.

Your "White Knights" are going hither and yon about the Earth in preparation for the changes that will burst upon your Earth and into your homes and hearts in the very near-future.  There is much that is not shown on your television screens that is happening in the business, the financial, the legal, and in the political spheres.  As always, we are guided by the Divine "Right Moment" to the culmination of thousands of years of slavery, (in every way imaginable) on your Planet.   We, and almost the whole Galaxy, are awaiting your Entrance into the Galactic Federation of Light as our 33rd Planet.

We remind you this night to be in Joy NOW, for the fulfillment of your fondest wishes through many lifetimes are about to be fulfilled!

Be ready to fulfill your preferred roles in the Great Changeover!  You, the Lightbearers, Hold The Torch of Freedom High Now!  This is your destiny!  You will know where you are to be. 

Your work has Just Begun!   We remind you to rest when needed and likewise to stretch when needed and to take time in Nature when she calls you.  Watch our Sisters and Brothers, the Felines upon your Planet to develop an appreciation of Life and all of its pleasures.

Mother Sekhmet wishes you to know that the Time is comparatively short now for the Great Armada’s entrance onto your Earth!  This is the foretold time!  This is the time for Great Courage, for Great Strength of Character, and for Great Compassion for ALL!

We are going about our appointed tasks with great diligence.  We wish you to know that yours is to "hold the Space" for the outworking of the Divine Plan upon your World Now.  Walk in the Knowingness that you are Greatly Loved and honored for your strength, courage, and steadfastness!   Rest when you need to and sleep this night in the Arms of the Great Mother.

Message of Aod-One from the Starship The Blue Star ThroughSpirit Eagle
Taken from:
September 17, 2007

I am Aod-One.  I am a Paschat Warrior.  We are on the Blue Star.  We are, as you know involved in many tasks at this time on your World.

As the Agenda’s game begins to crumble before their eyes, we ask you to hold your focus for theNew World that YOU ARE MAKING!   All is in readiness for that which you want to experience in your Now Time.  As you know and are probably tired of hearing all is in Divine Timing.   The Plan is working!  We are old friends.

 Earth has been a busy place for your Family from the Stars.  We look forward to our encounters with you as much as you are anticipating our Great Family Reunion!

We ask that you stay patient and Know that All is Unfolding according to The Divine Plan!  As you all know, Your "job" at this time is to hold the Vision for the Changes that are about to burst upon your Beautiful Mother.

My Dears, Know that you are called Now and you will be even more needed at the crumbling of your existing governments.   We ask you to Live in Compassion, to Have Compassion for All, as I say to you that there is NOT ONE SOUL WHO IS NOT WORTHY OF YOUR LOVE AND COMPASSION!   Release Now your habits of judgment!.  Release Now those places within the Self where your little ego resides.

It is You who will change your Earth.  We will help, to be sure, but it is all of You, collectively, who will get the job done.  We are helping those who are "in the trenches" in your halls of governments.

We ask you now, at this Critical time, to keep your focus on the world as you wish it to be.  We ask you to Change Now!   We ask you to radiate your Joy and Love to everyone in your life and to those that you pass on the streets of your towns and cities.  Send the Violet Ray of Transmutation to all.  Beam it from YOU to everyone, to every living Being on the Earth Mother.  This is Your work at this time.  Before too long you all will be called upon to help those who will be very shocked at the revelations about to be exposed to the people of Earth.

We bid you Adieu for now.  Be at Peace, and STAY STRONG IN YOUR LIGHT!

The Pleiadian High Council on the Final Hour Through Lauren C. Gorgo
Taken from: ,
Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Blessings and greetings beloved people of Earth, we are the Pleiadian High Council bringing forth information from on high. It is an honor to be able to communicate with you in this way.

The great shifting of Earth has created much upheaval in the lives of many. This present scenario is exactly what is required for the completion of 2007, the end of a cycle and in preparation for the new. We would like to address the concerns of so many who are diligently working to attain higher levels of consciousness and remind those of you who are on the path to full potential that you are indeed very close to your goals.

Please do not be put off by the lack of seeming results for your efforts. There is much to behold in the coming days and the last of chaos and outworn systems are drawing to a close. We understand that the process to achieving your hearts’ desire is most challenging and in your efforts to create a space of peace, love, harmony and abundance in your own lives there is also the closing out of much universally that you are no longer a match for.

This process is no doubt in the final throes and we of the PHC would like remind you of this. There are 2 more essential portals for you to walk through in the last month of activations. These portals are bringing up the final vestiges of your outworn lives and the new cycle that is emerging for all to witness is a combination of the forces of momentum caused by the Lightworkers of your world and the willing determination to see this cycle to its end.

Many of you will realize the truth of these words simply by the amount of relief you feel when you read them. Honor this feeling, for the knowledge that your lives will be radically altered is not enough. We are uniting with you in the realm of unification and harmony, the realm of transcendence from density that is available to you now and in this space you are free of discord and strife.

Right now there is chaos, confusion, doubt and uncertainty of your future. You may be wondering if you really are the great beings of Light that you felt for so long. These feelings will be abated shortly and behind this energy of discord will be another new layer of clarity, freedom and feelings of great expansion.  This new layer of truth will be attainable with more consistency due to the level of electromagnetic frequency you are capable of holding from the release of so much density.

The intensity continues for a short while longer and in this crucial period it is essential that you keep up the momentum by maintaining steadfast resolve. Your ability to stay neutral and in faith of your highest good is required to get you through this last stretch of incorporating new Light Codes. You may find that everywhere you turn there are obstacles, those obstacles are magnified for your observation. Release judgment and honor all past creation to continuously move onward and upward.

Ladies and gentlemen of Light, we honor your courage, your strength and your willingness to serve in this noble way. Soon your service contracts will shift and your altered state of consciousness will be the magnet for the vibration of ease and grace that you long for. This state of being that you are all familiar with is one that many on Earth are working to achieve by bringing copious amounts of Light and love through clearing. This is why you are here. This is why you chose to honor your missions of service for you have the experience and wisdom to lead by example.

Your new lives in the dimensions of rapid manifestation include the ability to remain grounded and centered amidst turmoil. This is required for you to achieve your soul’s intentions to birth new creations of Heaven on Earth while the old systems rebuild to match the standards of higher frequency. Your missions of service will be altered due to your developed capacity to hold and anchor the new grids of Light.

This balance is the goal, the achievement of your efforts, and it is the design of the original human template. Those of you who carry the DNA and genetic receptors for the New Earth blueprint will be equipped to handle the task at hand and it will be your joy to experience this level of creation with ease.

The group dynamic that star-seeds and genetic carriers of the new paradigm hold is akin to the unique vibration of synthesis and reconstructive repair. In this way, those of you who are stepping into new roles as way-showers for the New Earth will be receiving the new diagnostic codes for the implementation of your new cycle of creation. These new codes are encrypted with the necessary programs to read and understand the new grids that you will be tapping into for the upliftment of all.

These grids hold the energetically-encoded data necessary to upliftworld communities to a higher frequency. Those who have completed the first phase of the Ascension process will be capable to retrieve the necessary information and inspiration to design and implement the next level of creation. The Earth and her inhabitants are ready and in position for a very needed change in direction. You, the way-showers, are the first to lead by example and demonstrate the true potential for all.

Beloved souls, you are the first to carry the new programs of institution for others to emulate, and this emulation is what will make the new way available for all. The last leg of this journey is the most important and your ability to maintain hope is crucial. 2008 will be a year of new beginnings of fulfilling relationships and careers, rapid manifestation of your soul’s intentions, abundance, and like minds of all kinds will become readily available on the new stage of life, but only if you put the full focus of your creative visions as a top priority now.

All of your hard work has been leading up to now and your commitment to seeing yourself through is all that is required at this critical juncture. Take a deep breath, exhale, and draw on your hidden reserves despite all setbacks. Remain open to the subtle call of your hearts’ new directions, to the breakthrough of a new and higher way, and continuously let go of what no longer serves you. Most of all, stay connected to the vision of your dreams and resist the urge to fall back on the tried and true.

This is the final hour, the last of many laborious contractions that led to the birthing of your new lives. We are your fellow conquistadors assisting you during this final steep and upward climb. Pray tell.

Continues on Messages from the Celestials, IV


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