Messages from the Celestials, IV

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Messages from the Celestials, IV

Multiple channels.  Published initially in this website on January 28, 2008. See also Messages from the Celestials, I,Messages from the Celestials, II andMessages from the Celestial, III.

Messages Through Jess Anthony
Esu Speaks on Personal Truth
11th January, 2008
Taken from:

Jess: Esu, what is going on? Explain why we came to this point, if you will. Explain what the delays have led to. Explain what is the purpose of all the conjectured dates that have not been valid conjectures. I ask you to speak about what is going to happen, when, and how this will be encountered. Who is threatened? Who is safe?  Will we be given a sign, or will the stasis begin with little foreshadowing? I ask for answers that will be clear and as focused within our perceptions as possible.

Sananda: Jess, you are going to get sleepy before we get very far into this.  I will say a few preliminary words, and then you should get rest.

The time of change is here, which is a better phrase than «at hand.»  I have said repeatedly to you that fixed schedules are not workable. Everything is in flux, and you are right to be associating your own movement between dimensions and states of being with the flux that Earth finds herself in. Your remnants of 3d perspective are still coloring your 4d perspectives and choice of actions. This must change to allow you to open yourself to the great influx of energy that you are experiencing. The circumstances on Earth are changing by the minute and you must be ready for these changes.

[Stopped and resumed on Saturday 1-12-08]

Jess, this is a «thicker» day, meaning that the atmosphere around you is mitigating some of the direct energy impulses I am sending you as my thoughts. You also are in a «thicker» place, meaning you are more distracted than last night and less focused on hearing me speak to you mentally. We shall proceed, as it were.

This is a time of upheavals politically and economically. They are tied together, but the guiding hand in all of this has been the control of the banking system by a band of very wealthy individuals unwilling to relinquish what they perceive as their rightful global control. This has a long history of privilege and submission connected to their fiscal pre-eminence. Governmental design and structure has been determined by the few with the wealth to heighten their control. This wealthy few has been preserved in lineage from the earliest days of their forefathers the Anunnaki. These off-world travelers seized the control of the planet’s gentler inhabitants and forced them to accept their dominance. Their control was reinforced by the system of money exchange they instituted. All aspects of the inhabitants’ lives were subject to a monetary equivalence, and time and activities were regulated to allow complete dominance. The inhabitants were slaves to their new overlords.

This concept has continued to the present day in various forms and incarnations. The elite money holders still determine the lives of the rest of the Earth’s inhabitants through economic value and legislated restrictions on the free use of their time and goods. The cabal that still endeavors to control the Earth’s destiny is locked into this conception of elitism and service. Its unchecked rush to acquire control of every available dollar or fiat-produced-paper certificate is preconditioned in the group’s genetic makeup and reinforced by the situations they create for themselves inspired by their own instincts. The dominance of Earth has had such profound impact on the direction the growth of the planet has taken that it is almost impossible to determine the extent of its degradation on every level from Christ Michael’s original vision.

The vision Monjoronson gave [in TM message 1-3-08] of your being one powerful drop in the immensity of the ocean is particularly apt. You see yourself as separate, when, in fact you are all part of an immense sea of power and creativity. You all are part of the body and vision of Christ Michael and you each have a fragment of him within you, whether you realize it or not. Monjoronson went on to say that your difficulty at the present is in realizing your power and your connectedness.

You each are exploring a different aspect of Christ Michael’s vision, and your individuality is the distinctiveness he gave you so you would be able to explore that part of his Universe for him. Fragmenting himself gave him the opportunity to experience infinite varieties at the same time. He would be living vicariously through you and learning all as your separate inputs came together. Your individuality is the brilliance of Christ Michael’s creative genius, and each separate life is equally honored and respected as an experiential manifestation of himself.  None are better, none are inferior. All are part of Christ Michael.  You all have the co-creative power of Christ Michael because you all are part of him.

Your sense of superiority and judgment are not part of your natural make-up. They are emotional attitudes nourished by eons of control and forced aggression. You feel it is natural to condemn others as less informed than you. You feel threatened by others that play into your insecurities. You feel less than perfect because you have been told by others that you are not.

You are as perfect as Christ Michael. Your perception of that state of alignment is what is at fault. You manufacture a state of perfection and try to live up to those rules because you think that is Christ Michael. That is only your perception of your limits and your inadequacies to your way of thinking. You are not willing to accept yourself as you are embodied, or even take the time to find out exactly who you are and what your perfect state feels like.

Christ Michael is all of you and is constantly learning and experiencing life as you live it. He is not fixed perfection. The life of the Universe of Nebadon is lived through growth and making choices to explore the options that present themselves. Life is connection. Life is movement. Life is realization that all is part of one whole that is constantly in flux. You cannot determine the future because it has not been created.  As I have said before, only possibilities exist for your choices. You determine what is manifested and Christ Michael learns from that choice.

I speak of you in microcosm, but the same principle works through the whole Universe. Nebadon began as an idea of Christ Michael’s that was made manifest through the help of his spirit consort Nebadonia. All the vastness of his creation is designed for him to learn and explore his idea of creation. All the elements he has created are tools to find out the possibilities of his idea. This continues and seeks to experience every variation possible, which includes variants of connection and separation from the unity of Christ Michael’s created idea.

The approach of the dark was allowed as a variant. The participants were created equally lovingly to provide the conflict such a contradiction offered. The struggles man has undergone on Earth were unique and provided a laboratory of experiences that has happened no where else. The possibility of man overcoming the control of the dark was conceived and set in motion. The parameters of this victory were unknown but were accepted as yet another exploration of the infinite possibilities Christ Michael could draw upon to learn through his creation.

This cycle was always circumscribed, however, with a limit imposed by other more galactic processes that were interconnected with the experiences of Earth. When time came for these to progress, Earth had to progress with the rest of its galaxy. This is as if there were circles of experiences within circles of experiences within circles. Each was bound by the limits of its enclosing perimeter and could go no further beyond pre-set limits.

Earth has now reached that limit. As is the case with any shift into a new position or move into another sphere of activity, the participant must be prepared and ready to make this move. This involves physical, mental, and spiritual preparation and attunement to a new system. This process is designed as a means to move closer to unification with Christ Michael’s vision of this Universe. This involves awareness of connection with Christ Michael through your inner awareness of your self. You know you are linked and you know your decisions and choices are aligned with Christ Michael. It doesn’t matter what others determine to be their own personal view of Christ Michael’s truth. Your truth is what Christ Michael tells you is your truth. You weigh the value of other truths in comparison with your own.

There is no judgment of one truth over another because all is Christ Michael’s truth. A perception can and will be colored by individual preferences and preconditioning, however. Reactions are also usually colored by personal preferences or insecurities. Unless you accept a clear view of the parameters of your own individual truth, you are torn by outside input and the perception of other’s power. You have limitless power in your truth and the way you use it, and your role as Christ Michael’s representative is to recognize this truth and use this connection with him.

I say all this to comment on dueling channelers and misperceiving Lightworkers. Everyone is at their own place in individual awareness of connection with Christ Michael and no one is winning the race or is in a better position. All are learning and perceiving, and it is paramount that this be recognized. It is also paramount that you learn and perceive who you are and not depend on any outside source to provide your information.

Writings or examples can provide information to bolster your perceptions, but they cannot replace your own inner awareness. Clinging to outside sources indicates a lack of assuredness inwardly. That must come first, and it is easy to find this.

The dates and the proof you seek are ephemeral crutches you don’t need once you are aligned with Christ Michael through your own inner awareness. You understand your purpose, and you see how it should manifest itself within the context you inhabit. Events are happening based on the manifestations you create. These events are further affected by events happening beyond your awareness. Nothing is set in stone. That part of the [Kuthumi] message was correct. Nothing is in granite and only possibilities exist. Possibilities may seem concrete to you in your current perceptions, but, let me tell you, they are not in higher and more refined levels of energy connection. The sense of concreteness and solidity is characteristic of your exiting sense of perception. Realty is constantly becoming more malleable and adaptable to your own sense of proportions and needs.

Jupiter has been set in motion despite what the pundits tell you, and this will manifest at some point soon as a means to push the Earth into a new level of energy intensity and refinement. The rest of the solar system you inhabit rejoices at the possibilities of your joining with them more opening and knowingly. It is not important in the big picture when the banks collapse and who wins the primaries. The energy exploited in those struggles is wasted. The important event looming ahead is the birth of a new existence that allows you to achieve your true sense of self as a loved part of Christ Michael.

Esu, Sananda and Planetary Prince of Urantia

Esu Comments on Judgment and Personal Awareness
17th January, 2008
Taken from:

Jess: Esu, I ask for clarification on behavior and how we react with others. I particularly mean people that we feel threaten us or people we feel are obviously in error. My impression is that we can’t judge them, and it is our responsibility to make sure we are not in error first. I ask you to speak to that, if you will, and to make comments on how we should begin to develop more compassion and tolerance. I feel this is a major problem in America and I see ingrained attitudes that are inflexible and ego-driven in a harmful way. I also ask for updates that are possible and guidance in my own awareness.

Sananda: Yes, Jess, I have things to say to the questions you have raised. The attitudes that form the basis of much of the behavior and reactions to other people in America are only superficial attempts to understand the core of a universal relationship between two entities. This means that surface emotions and physical responses determine the depth of commitments, not an understanding that all are part of Christ Michael and that each individual soul has its own personality and set of issues it must address as it pursues its personal goals towards self-awareness.

People generally bristle emotionally at remarks they determine are addressing them in a way that demeans them or attempts to undercut what they perceive to be their position of authority. There is no position of authority that places them over another person. There is no judgment of superiority that allows them to assume their beliefs are better than another’s and to belittle the other person because of what they have stated.

A person’s own sense of incompleteness fosters this need to argue they are better. They must convince themselves and, instead of going within and exploring their motives and shortcomings in their own self analysis, they latch on to what they perceive as a similar shortcoming in another and public draw attention to that as a way of distracting others from their own inadequacies. This often takes the form of ridicule to belittle the person, or verbal attacking to undercut the authority they feel they lack in themselves.

This is a game that is played because you have been conditioned for eons to overpower others. The enormous baggage of memories you carry with you unconsciously forces you to slip into these behaviors and triggers recurring emotional reactions that support the reactions you engage.

Who are you to judge the behavior of others?  Who gave you the authority to determine your way is correct and someone else’s is wrong? Christ Michael honors the exploration of individuality in each person and recognizes that no one can have an awakening to the Light without first having experienced the dark in some fashion. Having a greater awareness than others is not a status that is ranked better. It is only viewed as a level of enlightenment that relates to personal evolution.

The Urantia book is clear on this. If Christ Michael and his advisors allowed Lucifer and Satan to work out the results of their rebellion without direct intervention and elimination initially, then surely you can allow a sense of compassion and awareness of difference without condemning someone. Lucifer chose to be uncreated finally in 1984 rather than accept the Light. Condemnation is anger and self frustration and is a waste of energy that can be more effectively used through an emotional vehicle that conveys the unity expressed in Christ Michael’s love for his Universe.

Your role, Jess, is to be sure of your own motives and your own sense of self. You must make decisions based on a clear evaluation of your own goals and purpose. Everything in your life should be determined by its effectiveness in helping you work toward those goals. Your behavior and your reactions to other people should also be colored by your sense of personal direction and the means you must take to follow that path. Weigh each decision on its value for your own purpose. Don’t pursue actions that are detrimental to you. Make certain your analysis is clear in determining the goals you are working toward.

If you are strong in your own goals and in your own awareness of your individual path, then so called attacks, or personal animosity against you will have little impact on your balance and self control. Your lack of response or retaliation is not weakness, but strength of individual assurance and security of personal perception.

I say to all reading this that the time is here for you to begin the sorts of behaviors that look to your own core values and not to those of others you perceive to be less than the perfection you imagine should be pursued. Who determines perfection? Who can say that the behavior that you feel is a threat or ridicule is not the catalyst you need to examine your own growth?

Esu, Planetary Prince of Urantia.

Esu Comments on Banking and Political Choice
20th January, 2008
Taken from:

Jess: Esu, I ask for information this evening that is beneficial to hear. I trust your judgment of how much is important to transmit to others. I recognize the focus on personal perception and the need for continued growth within the assurance the reality of the future change is manifesting. I ask for discernment for myself and strength to maintain a commitment as I engage in my life circumstances. I ask for support in being an influence through my awareness.

Sananda: Jess, I am here. I will speak to you tonight of several things that need saying as we prepare for the changes that are coming. The time table is set once again. Various disruptions have thrown the original intentions off the schedule we presumed they would have. Various supporters we had trusted have proved to be not trustworthy after all. Their agreements were worthless, and this group of two-faced back stabbers has been replaced within our consideration.

The banking situation is beyond farcical and unbelievably poor judgment is still preventing this scenario from having a resolution. The money is tied up as Germain says and it will not be available until after the stasis and the announcement period. The explanations we will provide will explain the monetary process that is coming and serve as an introduction to the changes that will be instituted immediately after the explanations.

The time for players in this monetary game to give up their gambits is long past, and the Earth must have the structure of a stable financial organization to coordinate the many changes that will be made. The force of your awareness of the depth this has gone will help to remove the blackness that has developed around this force in your society.

I speak to you of turning within and bolstering your sense of your inner self. Once you have an idea of your purpose and your individual function within Christ Michael’s creation, then nothing is able to deter you from pursuing it. The negativity of others is distracting because it hits too close to Home with your own unacknowledged faults and shortcomings. Something pricks at you because you have some aspect it can attack. Otherwise, you would not attract this sort of outside connection. And let me repeat that you are the ones that draw attackers or critics to you. It may appear that they have chosen you randomly, but the energy field you have around you draws elements that have a need to take the energy away from you. You are being attacked, to use that word again, because you let it be known you want to be attacked for whatever reason only you can determine.

The articles you have been reading have augmented your perception of this. The Matrix article was a masterful analysis, and the banking discussion on zero-point energy was equally insightful  .  You were correct in seeing their value. I can only teach you so much directly at one time, but I can suggest you find articles and examples that reinforce the growth you are undergoing.

I don’t want to speak of politics. The comments in the Matrix article spoke of the superficial nature of political games as a distraction from self examination. Everyone should find their own sense of justice and fair treatment that would allow them to deal with all situations fairly. If each examined their own personal integrity, there would be no need to elect officials to assume those roles for you. Elected representatives are just that: men or women who express your own voice for you in places you cannot attend. They are not your decision makers, nor are they in control of your lives, as you have come to assume they are. The political government system is a sham and you have invested in it as a substitute for your own personal involvement. This is another example of closed thinking that you must open up again to see to your true connection with all mankind. Once you do that, you see the necessity of fair treatment and are only comfortable with treating everyone as you would treat yourself. The Golden Rule is truly the basis of behavior. All other laws stem from that.

Behavior is determined by self respect and paying attention to your own needs as you grow and mature spiritually. Behavioral problems as you perceive them now will become less of an issue as people become aware of a larger perspective of societal cooperation. Individual choices are tempered by group needs. Your behavior becomes your individual contribution to a network of spiritual unified thinking. Your choices and attitudes are distinctly yours in terms of your soul purpose and the direction your path is taking you, but your actions become measured in terms of the benefit they will have in terms of improving the individual situations of all around you. How will your benefit help others? Selfish choices will be clearly detrimental to the society around you, which, in turn, will have a negative rebound on you. There is a larger frame of reference you will assume in your daily decision-making.

Individual choice in terms of personal relationships will be more inclusive in terms of soul growth. Your realization of the importance of spiritual interaction will assume greater precedence in finding compatible partners. You won’t be as drawn to sexual or physical parameters to the exclusion of intellectual or spiritual components. There will be a relationship you seek that satisfies many levels of yourself, not just a purely physical one. This pairing is mutually satisfying for both partners, and you find that both are using the relationship to grow individually. It is a merging on many levels that nourishes your personal maturing. The larger picture again has an impact on the individual that is involved but the individual choices, in turn, affect the growth of the relationship.

There is a symbiosis that characterizes the nature of organic interaction within the structure of Christ Michael’s Universal intention. The small is part of the large and each cooperates with the other. Once these are the determinants of attitude and choice, then man moves into a higher level of self awareness. Growth in spiritual development is not measured in specific events happening, but in awareness of attitudes and in choosing to implement this awareness in an everyday construct of relationships and behavior. Societal change is a result of individual assessment.

Think on these points of views as you prepare for the physical changes that are about to impact your society and your world. Your perceptions will change radically and the truth about the decisions others have made on your behalf will soon become evident. You have surrendered too much of your own power to representatives who are unworthy to be your representatives. They have abused your trust and have ignored your mandates in favor of their own selfish need for control and power. The history of your world has allowed a certain group to assume control and exploit the rest for their own benefit and satisfaction. They have manipulated all others to feed into their need for power. The cultural system they have created is based on your mindless participation. You have been convinced they are working for your best interests, when, in fact, they are working only for their own. Your concerns are not considered, and the representatives you surrender your power to, in turn, surrender the power you have given them to the controllers.

It is time to realize this surrender and to begin making your own decisions for your own best interests. Self awareness leads to group compassion and unified cultural thinking leads to peace and prosperity.
Esu, Planetary Prince for Urantia

Christ Michael Suggests Outline of Events
6th February, 2008
Taken from:

Jess: Christ Michael Aton, I ask for comments. Much seems indeterminate for many. Help clarify what is coming. Help us understand what has been set in motion so we can align ourselves completely. Speak on where we stand and what you want to clarify through me.

Christ Michael: Yes, Jess, I will speak with you. This is the beginning of much of the closure you as a people have sought. The banking system is in shambles and the attempts to inject further paper dollars into the mix have no discernable effect. We have worked with selected candidates to effect a change in the global political system. Many of your traditional assumptions are no longer valid. Many strongly held positions are being overturned. Much is being revisited and restructured to reflect my Universal ideas once again.

The time frame is unknown when this will manifest, although I strongly support the position espoused by Ashtar that it will all come to a head within three weeks. The levers causing the blocks to shift are being played upon, and the change is unstoppable, at this point. The fiscal uncertainty is ready for stability. The political indecision is ready for conviction and certainty.

You ask for details and specifics. I can tell you that the end is in sight when all will be changed. This result is decreed by Heaven and it will take place. Your impatience with it happening to fit your own agenda or timetable will not cause it to manifest any faster. Your whole-heartedly embracing its inevitability and aligning yourself with its actualization will help it become your reality much sooner. You are a part of the energy that is making up Earth and its layers of spiritual identity. Your reaction is as important as any outside contribution anyone in the galaxy will have. You are directly shaping the energy that makes up your existence. I am a part of that because I am in all things, but your individual personality and ability to make the proper choices for your experiences are the things that determine what the energy you are a part of does. I created you to have this ability and I learn through the choices you make as an extension of me. You are my emissaries and connections to my creation on Earth. The sooner this perception of your importance in the operation of this planet and Universe is recognized, the quicker you will awaken to your full role and your link to the oneness of my creation.

I am speaking now to the whole populace, whether they read these words or not. Your days as a self-contained generator of individual ideas and mechanisms are finished. You will now think as parts of the whole of my vision. You will see your role in this vision and you will work to achieve its manifestation. My will is that Earth ascends to its rightful place in the system of galactic organisms. The solar system you recognize and the much greater expanse of planets and stars that you only can glimpse are all part of the design I created to investigate the mandate the Creator Source approved for me to undertake. The Universe of Nebadon is allowed to be as a source of information regarding the unique combination of Trinity participants embodied here.

I will change the Earth as I see fit, and I will engineer whatever method I choose to accomplish this. Your perception of my power is necessarily limited by your method of experiencing existence on Earth in this very low range of energy frequencies. Due to the nature of energy design in lower frequencies, you assume you see physical reality as a solid. You assume time passes in an absolute manner from only one point to another. Time is what you define it to be, and it occupies whatever system of intersections you choose to recognize. All possible outcomes are already created, and your conditioning to follow one possibility as the only truth you accept absolutely limits your perception of systems and forms outside your comfortable overview.

You are my creation and I choose the method you will explore my vision. Your assumption of the unrestricted nature of your free will is an illusion. You can only choose to do what I have created as a possibility for you to explore. You have choice within those parameters, but the parameters you work within were determined by me as Creator Son. This awareness of your true role in my Universe is what will free you to make choices. Otherwise you undercut your effectiveness and ability to move forward by falling back on a repetitious system of habits produced by your history of emotional reactions to earlier experiences. These recurring choices are unthinking and not occasioned by your free will ability.

I plan to allow the banks to collapse and have the public realize the duplicitous nature of your political system. Not just a few awakened observers, but the vast majority of the so-far unthinking populace. This will be broadcast globally, and this shift in perception will be tied in with the wash of energy coming from Jupiter. The planet is undergoing its change as described and the burst of energy that will be coming soon will scour the countries with frequencies of vibration that are incompatible with many existing systems. This event is being prepared now and many are being pushed to become adaptable to this new density. The stories you read of ascension symptoms are good introductions to the physical changes that are occurring.

The plans beyond that are nebulous, depending on the parameters created by various sources of decision makers. I can outline a plausible scenario that may or may not hold.

The global disasters will trigger an inner awareness that will unify many more of the people. This kick to the global mass consciousness is necessary for Earth to continue to parallel the changes happening in other dimensions and on other planets. The Jupiter Event will burn your awareness of your true purpose into a personality that is merging its physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual capacities into one interconnected identity. You will need to agree to this change before it happens. Once the Jupiter Event takes place, I plan to begin the stasis maneuvers. Earth can go into stasis very quickly now, and it seems best to wait on that until it is absolutely prepared for. The public perception of cleaning the Earth is part of what is happening, but there also needs to be a core acceptance of the necessity of these changes with a conviction that the events are part of what must occur.

I view this as a comment for the present. Live as you are, but try to maintain your belief that the process of change has started. It truly has, and you will see its manifestation in a matter of days.
I am Commander in Chief, Christ Michael Aton, the Creator Son of Nebadon.

Christ Michael Comments on Break Up
11th February, 2008
Taken from:

Jess: Christ Michael, I ask for information and insight. Speak to what is happening and where we stand. I ask to communicate this as you wish.

Christ Michael: Yes, I have some things to say today. This is the disruption and collapse of the economic system that the dark has manufactured and attempted to use to run and ruin the world’s legitimate system of exchange and barter. This is a loaded sentence with many parameters and tangents to explore and dissolve. I say disruption because the blind acceptance of the «system» has led to unimaginable abuses on the part of the few who have controlled the economic system they created. They have corrupted the power of the exchange of goods and energy that have characterized my willingness to allow a laissez faire economy within a formal structure of linkage. They have taken my allowance and mocked it. I allowed this to happen to see the limit of where they would take this abuse, and I have watched them begin to abuse other systems that are typically discrete and self-contained. Their voraciousness knows no bounds. I created them with that potential, but I never assumed it would go as far as it has.

I have now removed my influence from their choices. They have determined they would ignore me and I have allowed this to happen. They will no longer be given the freedom to inveigh their opponents’ position. The time for argumentation is finished. The questions of connection or not have been answered. They will be removed from the playing field, to use that familiar expression. The game will be fresh and more correctly played from this point on.

You, Jess, ask for details, but I am not at a point where I can give them to you. What you read in Story is accurate, but it is not going to be widely reported until tomorrow. The sanctions will go into effect. It is time for the shift in consciousness that Ashtar spoke of. This is the catastrophe that will produce that. The people have to have an awakening and this will force them to seriously consider everything that has led up to this point. Why has their economy faltered? Why has the banking industry failed? Why has the surplus of goods and supplies disappeared? Why has there been no warning of this? Why have the supposedly objective and inquiring sources of information been silent?

The sanctions will go into effect because Bush and company are locked into a behavior that cannot be changed or ameliorated by reason. They are repeating the same decisions they are programmed to make. They are acting as tools for a group of controllers who no longer are in control. This has had to come to this end to resolve the enormous negative intentions that have accrued. The conscious and unconscious intentions and actions have created an immense reservoir of resistance that has had to be countered and broken up. This public exposure is the final lancing of this boil of dark manipulations and self-serving interests.

The time is now to turn in and see yourself in the swirling chaos that is flowing around you. You each are a sold individual that is strong in conviction of your purpose. You see your direction clearly, although you don’t see quite the path you will be able to take to reach this goal. I am always there to help you find your way. I and any other of your personal guides will show you the steps to take and help you see the immense possibilities your personal reality can achieve. Speak to me. Each person is a part of me and I am in each one. You hear me in you. I let you experiment, but I give you guidance and insight. You are my arm and are learning in this existence for me. My knowledge grows because of you.

Rest in the security of me and my compassion when the world turns against you. Be solid in uncertainty and rely on me to show you ways you can go.
I am Christ Michael this evening as we begin the fall and the renewal of life as you perceive it through your old prejudices and expectations.

Esu Speaks on Man’s Place in the Universe
26th February, 2008
Taken from:

Jess: Esu, where are we? What is possible to tell us about where we stand? Patience is difficult to maintain. Help me find insight and balance.

Sananda: Yes, Jess, I am here. Where are we? The process you are envisioning is only the tip of the enormous iceberg that will be causing the status quo to run aground. There are so many other contingencies and overlapping activities that you can’t imagine the complexity of what is going on. This is a shift that has been set in motion for at least twenty years, with various groups of galactic friends supervising certain aspects of the coordinated move to Ascend we are all undertaking. Some are looking out for Mother Earth and her geophysical strains. The physical manifestations of the toxic influences of the dark’s interference are overwhelming the planet’s natural intention to cleanse herself and move to a new place in the universal scheme of things. The shift in genetic mindset is also being supervised and coordinated by experts in DNA and its evolutionary interaction with cultural scenarios. Since 2001 the level of awakening has been intense and the level of Light has been an unstoppable counterattack on the dark.

This you know, however. I am repeating it to give you the proper context for what I am about to say. Man is moving into a new phase of his relationship with the universal truths embodied in the changing galactic environment he is living in. He is interacting more consciously and to better effect. The situation he inhabits is beginning to reflect more of his inner recognition and growth as a link to the awareness of the Creator Source.

Christ Michael is a conduit for the wishes of God the Father and his creation of the Universe of Nebadon is completely a manifestation of the will of the Creator Source. The template of the 7th Archetype has formed the structure of everything that has been designed to shape this local creation. The collaboration that formed this universe is all an extension of the desire of the Creative Father to explore a particular parameter on the unknowable scale of a grand universe’s interactions.

I am telling you this to help you understand the flexibility that is inherent in this move to a higher level of energy. The issue of free will complicates everything that is in process. Projections don’t always come to be, and the best evidence indicating a shift is coming is still preliminary to the actual event.

We don’t know exactly when things will happen. I have told you this before. Your responsibility in this is to convey the presumption that it will be happening imminently. Your frustration and sense of static movement is typical of people on Earth with their preconditioned mindset of expectation and progress. The process of getting there should be more crucial than the result to your way of thinking. You must envision the road there with as few personal obstacles as possible. You must actively seek to eliminate any conflicts or personal attitudes that interfere with smoothly finding a step to the next level of self-awareness.

Christ Michael is overseeing the results of the banking switchovers, and is about ready to find his closure on this perception he has envisioned. The information you hear is flawed and incorrect. The courts have given the governments and the chief players in the economic disaster a chance to reverse their actions. As a whole, they have not. The situation has to be exactly right, and only he knows what suits his vision.

We are preparing to move into the next phase ourselves, and are ready to begin working to clean up Earth, with your help, and tackle the daunting challenge of unifying religious and philosophical cross purposes. This has been the source of much of the warfare and animosity that has characterized the fragmented society you find yourself in even as we plan to move you quickly into a new level of information and insight. This befits your newly-acquired sense of who you are.

This is enough for the evening. Read this over again later and see if you find the resonance with your own intuitions.

Esu Speaks on Clones and Christ Michael’s Decision
2nd March, 2008
Taken from:

Jess: Esu, I feel upset and turmoil. Is this paralleling what is going on? Speak to me briefly, if you will.

Sananda: Jess, things are happening. Not the meetings you read about. No, that is disinformation protecting certain ones who know how to play the New Age game. None of the Senators are above the contamination that is endemic in Washington DC. I am not telling you much at the moment because we are waiting for certain actions to take place that will determine the final steps we are prepared to make. The pressure to make those choices is almost unbearable, caused by a stream of Light coming in that is ratcheting up the level of what the body is called upon to accept. This leaves no room for dark tendencies or negative intentions. This energy is pushing out the blocks caused by preconceptions and expectation of success at the expense of many others.

What is happening, you say still. We are working to enable the resignations of the president and vice-president so that they will be viewed publicly. This move will solidify the need to move to a higher level of understanding and cooperation. The obstacle his presidency presents is counter to everything necessary for this country to accept. He is entrenched in the system he has created and this is very difficult to beak down to leave him defenseless and willing to act according to higher interests.

Why is this a problem for a clone, you ask? The cloned version is still the president in all physical aspects. He physically deteriorates faster, and his mental range is more limited than the original, but to the average person viewing him, there is no difference. He inhabits the space of expectation that the public has for him. There is no reason to doubt his legitimacy. His actions and his decisions are made with essentially the same circuitry as the original. There have been many versions of both him and the vice president, and careful observation will show slight differences that are detectable. The plan for the resignation is to allow the original person to enact the final announcement, but the preparation for it and the actual maneuvering to make that happen must be gauged to the clone’s reactions and the support by still loyal acquaintances and workers. The attempts and the expectations can take a slightly different turn than projected by our allies. This has, in part, been the reason for the continued delay. Beings without a soul are more difficult to anticipate and predict, despite our technological superiority and grasp of mental activities in someone we are focused on.

I don’t want to give you a time frame. You are doing well without knowing exactly when things will come to a head. You sense it is close, and I tell you it is. Why are we waiting? We are waiting for you on Earth to decide as a whole that it is time. The preparations are made. Everyone is standing by waiting the signal to begin. Christ Michael is causing the arrival to be contingent on you as a populace to have enough acceptance of the concept of change for him to set it in motion. This is imminent. The weight of the desire for a new solution is pressing almost universally. On and beyond Earth. I can’t tell you precisely what he will be satisfied with. Imagine the involvement he has had with Earth, first as Creator Son and then as an inhabitant himself. He has an immense knowledge and understanding of the process you live through here and he is keenly aware of the subtleties of your thought processes that cause you to be torn between past preconceptions and a new invisible mandate. He understands this sense of indecision and is willing to allow the time for this to be resolved.

Rest peacefully in the assurance that it will happen and that the manipulations you see occurring are only surface chaos that must be resolved. They have little import in the decision to continue moving towards Ascension. View them as the skins binding you, coming unraveled. The freedom and air of lightness is permeating all. Watch the developments and see them as a play that is ending. You are the audience in one aspect, and you are separate from the players you see. You also are the participants and you know your role in achieving the resolution. Be confident and strong as you engage in the action or conscious support of those watching.
Esu, Planetary Prince for Urantia

Christ Michael Gives a Weekend Update
8th March, 2008
Taken from:

Jess: Christ Michael, I ask for comments. What is happening that you can tell me? Surely we are near the point where we can begin the changes that have been promised. What more needs to be accomplished before you are satisfied and order the stasis to begin? I ask for a structure I can work in even if it is not the absolute timeline.

Christ Michael: Jess, this is a busy time of resolutions and discoveries. Much of what you have come to expect is true will be proven soon not to be accurate. When is this coming you ask? It is coming soon, but at a time that is most optimum of the greatest number of possible people who can be involved productively.

Let’s speak further. The discussion you had with Candace this afternoon was a hint of what is going to take place. We have purposely disguised the extent of the changes that must happen and the numbers of persons that will not be able to remain in the higher intensity of energy vibration that will be needed. Why did we do this, you ask? And what does this mean about our sincerity? Yes, you can ask that.

This was a difficult choice for us to make. We sought you all out for the gifts and talents you have that will be of tremendous use to us in the future after the changes begin. We were guiding you all —even grooming you— for the roles you will move into. These roles are not surprises to your higher selves, to use that phrase. You had always seen this as a possibility you would be able to contribute if the need arose. We originally felt the planet would move into its Ascension without its inhabitants. This was the purpose of the evacuation plans. It would have been a compromise at best, but it would have preserved some of the more supportive.

We moved beyond that and realized it was possible to take many of Earth’s people with her as a result of a modified range of necessary geophysical reversals. The interaction Earth has with her inhabitants had completely changed the energy structure that would need to be reversed. The identification that has developed between Earth and her people is exponentially stronger and more unified that it was when the plan for evacuation was first developed. It is no longer necessary to do that to assist Earth in reshaping herself.

The larger picture is the Ascension of the planet Earth in the context of the Ascension of this part of your galaxy. The other planets in your solar system are connected with Earth in a symbiotic energy exchange and it is necessary for Earth’s grid to be directed in alignment with the others. My intention to allow man to continue here means he must adapt to the huge influx of energy that is necessary to reconfigure Earth to match the other neighboring planets. There is no other way to achieve this. This change eliminates the possibility of negative manifestations and destructive activities. The speed of the new energy vibrations will not allow these slower configurations to form.

The change in energy level will bring about a change in the shape and nature of Earth’s configuration. Energy input always filters down from higher etheric levels to become formalized in a physical shape. The manifestation is the last form it takes, although it seems to you on Earth that is it the cause of your problems. This is wrong thinking. You are the cause of your problems and they manifest because you have directed them to do so. This is a form of teaching you give yourself, but it also is still not clearly understood by your limited ability to assess yourself. You still perceive events as occurring outside your own sphere of creation. You yourself create the aura that allows an intersection with another. You originate the notion that a conflict is possible and you set out to make this happen.

The difficulties and problems you find on Earth are all of your own making. It is your responsibility to acknowledge them and seek to find some ways of remedying the situation. You must accept your role as co-creators of the situations and be willing to share the solution with us. We offer to help you move beyond the level you currently operate on.

What is coming now, you ask. We are waiting for the final tally to be made of those who will stay and those who must go. This sounds as if we are speaking of a sort of Last Judgment—which it is, in a sense—but one that is being done with love and the offer to help everyone move to the level they feel is most appropriate at this time in their Ascension plan. This is not a condemnation and punishment as described in the religious teachings you have become infused with, but an opportunity to move to a place that matches everyone’s decision determining the rate of Ascension they are willing to accept.

Our delay is more for reasons of galactic coordination than specifically waiting for a resolution of the imbroglio that man has created in his efforts to control the progress of my plan. The money situation is a preoccupation that you have, as is the removal of the governments you keep in office. You have a fear and worry, but not enough to act. There is nothing you could not do, if you determined to do so, and acted as a single unit with a single vision. There is unlimited power available through your own forgotten resources.

The most practical way of mopping us the mess you collectively have made is to move into a stasis situation that will allow the galactic forces and selected helpers to address the myriad of issues that must be looked at. This will be forthcoming soon. You must have the patience to wait for my decision when. Your pleas and pouting will not bring about the desired changes any sooner. My desire is to have a level of incipient awareness that will be able to monitor the activities that must accompany the rescue and renovations accompanying the geophysical changes.

The stasis must come before any announcements or changes in the government structure. The intentions of many are honorable, but limited in their perspective of the whole scenario. They only see the area they work in, however global that may be. They don’t see the larger picture of the use of the prosperity money as a means to living without money ultimately. They are too preoccupied in the system they understand now to realize the system will no longer function and will of necessity be broken up. The mind games in politics and in fiscal transactions are only superficial and distracting from the truth of what is involved in man’s Ascension.

This is sufficient for this evening. Post if you wish. The dates are still ambiguous, which will suit some and frustrate others.
Christ Michael

Messages Through Lauren Gorgo
The Andromedans, The Emergence of New Cycles of Time
Tuesday, March11
th, 2008
Taken from: , , , ,

Where are we?

Currently, humanity is on the cusp of a life-altering transformation which can be likened to a new beginning, a rebirth of life. Galactic time codes held by the Great Central Sun have been activated within the core of Earth and account for these momentous changes.

What are these time codes for?

Earth is accelerating beyond linear time and the new galactic time codes are altering the holographic fields of perceptual reality. These codes determine the new time/space reality structure for all upon the planet and will guide Earth through the emergence of the new cycles of time.

These portals of encoded energy are the nexus point lodged directly between the sun and the moon and dictate the perimeter interface structure of aligning universes and continuums. The point of intersection between the movement of the sun and the moon symbolizes the center of the Earth, the meeting point of all forces which is a constant force of cosmic neutrality.

How will this affect life as we know it?

Quantum realities will be the foundation for all existence. Those with conscious knowledge of these laws and the ability to apply them will be at the fore of humanity as teachers and leaders of the new paradigm. Those without the knowledge to create intentional platforms for their new reality structure will find that the old Newtonian laws no longer apply and fail to create consistent results. Quantum intentional realities require pure consciousness.

How do we make conscious use of these new realities?

The Law of One applies here. The Law of One is based in truth, unity consciousness. This law stipulates that what applies to one, applies to all….As Above So Below. Quantum realities are shared universally and based in vibration. The vibration of love is paramount to the creation of matter in the New Earth infrastructure and is equally paramount to harmonious coexistence. Intentionality through the unified field is the new transformational tool of creation. You are now fully engaged, as a collective, in the Universal Law of One.

To make conscious use of this law is to activate the vibration of love within. All who work within the frequency (vibration) of love realize that the universal mind is the force at work behind all conscious intention. Negative thinking cannot activate the quantum reality of intentional creation in this space. It is therefore required that one achieves the state of purity consciousness to effectuate intentional use of quantum realities in the New Earth paradigm.

When will this transformation take place?

The activation of new galactic time codes has long been initiated and the transformation commences upon the equinox. Many conscious of this shift into higher reality are being temporarily held at a cosmic way station for review and preparation for the entrance into the new.

The activations also stimulated the upgrade of light-codes for each and every living being on the planet. These energies are purifying the cellular memory and structure of all Earth’s inhabitants.

While undergoing necessary rewiring for the divine-human template and plugging into the new solar grid matrix, the physical body may become disoriented or drained of vitality. This is temporary and due to the merging of congruent multiple time lines.

What can we expect after the transformation has taken place?

The most perceptible change will be in the reunion of soul pairs, origin team members and like attractions of all kinds. The reuniting of these soul teams will begin the building of the New Earth template and activation of Earth’s original divine blueprint. Some of these reunions are already taking place in dream states.

It will be a time of rapid change and realignment. All of humanity will be called to serve in a unique and purposeful way.

New soul contracts will be fully activated and implementation will spontaneously begin upon the full opening of the original divine blueprint for Earth. This ensures that each soul has access to the truth of unity consciousness and can participate according to their unique plan. Those who have completed all necessary soulular clearings will enter the new reality fully and operate from the New Earth frequency.

Has the old paradigm of fear and lack been dismantled?

The existing fear-based paradigm has been deactivated. All who continue to play out soul plans of greed and destruction will be brought to light. The New Earth frequency will ensure that those with ill intent choose a better way and all will rise collectively under the new sun [Jupiter].

Old systems that lack integrity will dismantle and new systems will be instated to replace the outworn. These new systems will serve the All. To flourish in the New Earth paradigm, love is the only requirement.

The Release of Planetary Patriarchal Oppression by Lord Ashtar Sheran
Saturday, March15th, 2008
Taken from:  Telepathic communication through Lauren,

Greetings benevolent warriors! I am Ashtar, Lord and chief commander of the galactic overseers of planetary Ascension. We are the galactic emissaries of the Federation of Light and Great White Brotherhood. It is an honor to be in communication with you this day.

As galactic ambassadors, I wish to remind you of your part and great planetary contribution as a commander of Light. Your roles in this lifetime have been nothing short of momentous, for you are of the chosen warriors to reclaim the divine blueprint of ancient Earth.

In your quest for better understanding of your own divine heritage you have activated many dormant aspects of your ancient codes over your Earth years and have warranted the rights to reclaim your divine birthright of the stars!

The quest to Oneness took shape as you entered your early years in this lifetime and continued on in honor of your inner urgings. Now you stand poised at a critical crux, a decision point to alter the very landscape of your reality.

This decision process comes at a very timely point on the grand celestial scale, for collectively you are entering into a new cosmic timeline, through a new portal and into the dimensions of rapid intentional creation. Your time is now.

We, of the Ashtar Command, would like to congratulate each of you on your tenacious efforts to merge into divine union and to create the new template for Shan. Your accomplished feats have rewritten the codes for all of humanity and together with the future ambassadors of Light you will recreate Heaven on Earth.

The trials and tribulations of your experiences past were part of a great and collective cycle of clearing that you courageously volunteered for. The clearing that you incarnated and contracted to employ was part of a collective experience to rid the planet of the lower vibrations of past patriarchal domination and control. The suppression of the goddess energy has been freed and released due to the successful completion of your planetary assignments as a the warrior children of God.

The limitations that you felt were indeed a great part of your contract for the first cycle of initiation, however, these contracts have officially expired. This means that no longer are you required to break the chains of planetary patriarchal repressions, for the old paradigm of lack and limitation has etherically transcended into Oneness.

Right now you are currently toggling between the old and new paradigm as you prepare to plug into an entirely new way of being. This experience that you are gearing up to participate in is a global event, one that will change the face of Earth’s history. In the process of undergoing this great shift you have been rewired to ascertain the new grid network that is in place and awaiting activation.

What you are personally and globally preparing to engage will secure the finalization of the old grid based in fear and lack, and the implementation of the new grid based in love and abundance. This new grid is precisely what you came to install, initiate, and experience.

Those with soulular contracts to employ the efforts of new Earth existence will be able to fully engage this new paradigm with full consciousness. This conscious process is what will aid each of you in the exploration of new energies and ways of existing in shared love. As ambassadors of Light you then become the living examples of new Earth frequency with the ability to aid and inspire all others in your wake.

This incoming experience is what you have toiled over and worked diligently to attain. You have come to the end of a long period of intense clearing of personal and planetary wounds and you are now experienced in the ways of obtaining and holding increased levels of Light.

With this experience you will not only reclaim your birthright of abundance but you will be bestowed upon graciously due to the amount of Light that you hold as a clear channels of divine love. Universal laws of creation ensure this.

As a conscious creator of your life in the new Earth, you will be capable to employ great missions of service, should you choose. These missions are that which bring you great joy as joy will be the determinant of success in the new paradigm. Your ability to remain steadfast on your journey into divine union has brought with it the most credible rewards of faith.

Have you not considered how your personal life of ease and grace would aid and benefit the all? Surely you must consider the multiplicity of divine grace as you become a transmitter of eternal hope for all.

As you transition deeper into the truth of your core being, the unfolding of your divine life service can be likened to the entrance of the overdue season of spring after a long and cold winter of darkness. As the new approaches, the sun grows warmer, the sky brighter, but the winds still blow with a chill.

In the same way you sit idle on a precipice, in great anticipation of a new journey, yet still in the midst of settling. As you teeter in and out of clashing dimensions you are unsure from one day to the next, but soon you will come to anchor firmly in your new reality. This is part of the journey Home, but the arrival at your destination rivals next to none.

Warriors of Light, soon you will be free to put down your armor and engage life in an entirely new way. Your armor served its purpose well, but no longer will it be needed in the new framework of Earth. All you need shall be bestowed upon you and grace will overcome your ways of old.

Forgiveness will come naturally as you bump up and realize that no one is ever to blame for all souls contract to serve in honor and love of one another. True forgiveness comes solely from within and from accepting responsibility for your special role in this lifetime to clear the grids of patriarchal oppression.

Allow all past pain to melt away in honor of your service to the divine, for each member of your soul family played their part equally and perfectly well.

Now is the time to celebrate your release from bondage, anticipate your new life of freedom, and to honor the inner warrior who brought humanity Home. The waves are settling and as you walk the new shores of destiny’s arrival you will see that what no longer serves you was effortlessly washed away with the great cosmic tides.

Embrace the new days of clarity ahead as you encounter the full radiance and merging of your inner and outer reality.

I am Lord Ashtar, at your service this day. We are your galactic comrades in honor of your journeys and in great delight of your arrival. So soon shall you know the rewards of being hu-man. Blessings on your travels each day forward and into eternity. Farewell, commanders.

Message Through Helen Engel
Message to Earth from Jupiter
Monday, March17th, 2008
Taken from: .

"You are safe.  Earth will not be destroyed."  [More follows in blue.]

Helen:  I activate the special connector that has been implanted in my cranium, in addition to the Urim and Thummim.  I was advised that the special connector is an assist in order that I might use the Mental Telepathy Light Beam Intercommunication System required to connect with Jupiter.  Apparently at this time there are Light Beam Communication Centers on Jupiter, on Pleiades and on Earth.

[For those who may be new to Mental Telepathy Light Beam Intercommunication technology, this communication system was announced at a conclave in Salt Lake City, Utah on March 18, 2005.  In October 2004 I was gifted with an implant of a receiver and transmitter in my cranial space.  The receiver consists of an artificially crystallized layer of tissue at the back of my cranial space that serves as the receiver or Urim.  A special implant consists of a tiny "computer chip" called Thummim suspended immediately below the pituitary gland. The left side of my frontal cranial area is also partially crystallized, to reflect light beams into the Urim.  The Thummim interprets the incoming messages and sends them to the brain as words.  Excerpts from the text of the March 18, 2005, conclave follow the current message from Jupiter.]

Transcript of Communication with Jupiter:

H:  Helen Engel calling Euclid [a telepathic computer link on Pleiades.]  I request the Pleiadian’s Central Communications Center to connect me with the Jupiter Central Communications Center.
Euclid:  One moment, please.  [Pause.]
[My credentials are rechecked, [the] purity of intent and capacity to serve.  An (etheric) tight band is placed around my head.  I perceive that this is a protection and a communication assist.  There is a strong pulsation where the band touches my head, as when a finger is banged and it throbs.]  [Pause.]
[For this communication I do not rove (travel) into outer space.  I do not rise beyond the 6th Dimension.  Apparently at this time, because of the tremendous activity with many planets assisting Earth, it is not required that Earthlings travel beyond the 6th dimension in order to connect with the interplanetary communications network.  They need only request connection and be approved.  [Pause.]
[There is a protocol followed.  My record is observed.  I remain at "idle" at my post. This type of communication is different than channeling spiritual masters.  Actually this is almost a scientific first in that a connection is made with the Jupiter Central Communications system for a communications purpose, instead of a spiritual purpose.  In other words, if there were a scientist with the skill that is being demonstrated here, he would be welcomed on the Jupiter Communications link.  This means that science is invited to participate in interstellar communication using Mental Telepathy Light Beam Intercommunication technology.]
[The band around my head is activated, the rate of throbbing is quickened.  I am aware of a command.]

Jupiter:  Come in, Earth, announce yourself.
H:  Helen Engel at Earth Communications Center calling Jupiter Central Communications Center.
J:  We receive you.  The purpose of your call.
H:  I await a message to be communicated to Earth from Jupiter via this link.
J:  Well spoken.  Let it be known that there will be scientists who will become aware that the connecting link has been completed.  Please send this message forth via your light beam technology.
[I type the message word for word as it is received, then holding my right hand over a charged quartz cluster and using thought power, I repeat the message by projecting each word into the crystal.  The tight band around my head serves as the transmitter from my head to the quartz cluster. The crystal beams the message into the Universe.]

The message:

You are safe.  Earth will not be destroyed.  The purpose of Creator to activate Jupiter is to move the Universe forward.  In each age the satellite [planetary] system undergoes a dramatic change, and it is this change that affects the local universe.  Some planets will be affected more than others.  You will be advised those matters that are of interest to science on Earth.

There is no stopping the oncoming change.  It is now in the works, and will reach Earth in good time.  Be prepared with hearts full of love, especially love for Mother Gaia and for fellow humans. Be at peace, prepare for this coming event as you prepare for nightfall, with serenity, acceptance, and great reverence.
[End of message.]  Helen Engel, March 17, 2008

= = = = = =


Re.:  Mental Telepathy Light Beam Intercommunication or "Language of Light" as defined in The Keys of Enoch.

"The purpose of the first conclave on Mental Telepathy Light Beam Intercommunication technology held in Salt Lake City on March 18, 2005, was to define the concept and to introduce a definition for the process.

Albert Einstein, Facilitator (discarnate):  «Mental Telepathy Light Beam Intercommunication is now being birthed on Earth.  This may be an appropriate time to present a definition for a ‘new’ procedure that combines thought energy, magnetic energy, light energy, radionic energy with love and healing energy that is emitted as a beam.  Such a lengthy description cries out for an abbreviated definition.  Scientists delight to give a process a scientific name, even before it has manifested.  Please consider two definitions for the procedure:

«The first is: THE LANGUAGE OF LIGHT (The definition used in The Keys of Enoch).  The second is: MENTAL TELEPATHY LIGHT BEAM INTERCOMMUNICATION (M.T.L.B.I.)»
Helen Engel, Scribe.

Message Through Mark Stearn
Message from Ashtar
Monday, May 5th, 2008
Taken from: .

Ashtar speaks:

Greetings dearest friends,

The speed of your collective Ascension process is indeed increasing tenfold at this time. Lightworkers are being activated all over the world. There is a great union taking place at this time through hearts and minds with a similar intent and this is creating a group intent that is changing this world’s order. The Light continues to stream in from heaven. The grids of your world are being carefully upgraded at this time and lending themselves to some movement that is connected to consciousness far out there in the cosmos. You have much support.

The Mushaba force is now fully active on your world. The planet’s crystal cities are coming online to forces all over the cosmos. This is increasing the planet’s base frequency. Very soon there will be an all out move to an increased state of awareness what with the Light now being so active on your world. World leaders are being to now beginning looking within for the answers that will bring your world beyond its current situation. The old way will no longer work. This is becoming very obvious. New cities are spawning all over the body of Mother Earth.

She is truly benefiting from the increased Light of the cosmos. Her inner core is currently well lit up. It will continue to do so as the increased energies continue to pour in from Home. It is a time of now, looking past all that has gone before and know that you are now manifesting a new collective future. Gone are the old limitations where by your Ascension process was slated to occur this way and that. There are indeed many, many ways that you are bringing the Light of the cosmos into full activation on this world.

The Light now reaching on from Home is activating key sites all over the world that are responsible for the way consciousness is flowing on the planet. Through these sites being accessed great leaps forward in universal awareness can instantly be made manifest. You are currently moving at the speed of light with no day being the same as the last. If this continues you will, this world quickly being remade as light and matter quickly become fused once and for all into a wonderful new pattern of consciousness. This is when you will know that we are among you for you will then freely witness our awareness as your own.

Indeed all consciousness on the planet will be united in a great tapestry of dawning universal awareness of your vast Home among the stars. This is when you will begin looking outside of your shell to the life beyond and become hungry for a look into the great neighborhood just waiting to make contact. It is all happening now at the speed of light, dear friends. The dormant light is a shell quickly being pierced by all active Light.

As I have said when this planet is fully active then you will know that you truly have a Home among the stars. For now keep up the sterling work and know that very soon we will breathe your beautiful air with you. Soon this planet is going to be reborn in a very new pattern of consciousness that is going to automatically shift everything on this world forever. Trust me this time is not long incoming. I will speak again very soon. I am your trusted friend,

Message Through Susan Leland
Message from St. Germain, It Is Done
Tuesday, May 6th, 2008
Taken from: .

Well, good evening everyone, it is I, St. Germain, and I am here to tell you some very special news, and the news is that it’s happening, all that you have been desiring. Beloved Ashtar mentioned something about impatience. Well plant some in your gardens, the flower by that name, if you wish, but know that it is not necessary to be impatient; it never was really. But we’re here to tell you that things are happening, as you would say, things are moving and shaking.

And we are delighted to be with you, and we know that in your hearts, there is an up-swelling, an outpouring, of the beauty that you all are, and of the courage that you have, and that you have expressed, and that all of these momentary feelings that may, or may not, have been run a muck in you most recently, are just simply of the past. They have served you well. And we bring to you again the Violet Ray for the transmutation, and we invite you to pay it forward, and offer it to all of those whom you see can benefit from it.

And now let’s move on. Let’s move on into the next phase. We’re talking about post-NESARA. We’re talking about the Joy, the Joy, the Joy of being here together re-united. We know each other well, all of us. And those of you in whose hearts burns the flame of freedom bright, and the courage to facilitate the return of Lady Liberty, and the introduction of Lady Nesara, and all that this means to planet Earth, and indeed to all of the kingdoms, let us come together now in gratitude, because it is done.

Oh we know, as you see time, there’s a moment or two left, what you might call the old days and old ways, but let me assure you it is done. And if you haven’t had that assurance up to now, take it into your hearts, and keep it there, and beam that out to the world. This, beloveds, is your mission for this moment. And so we ask that we all join hands and hearts. Hugs all around; feel the warmth, and feel the Joy of this grand company.

And beyond, feel the warmth and the joy, of all lovers of freedom, of all peace-makers around the world, of all of those who know, who know, that this is the finest hour for planet Earth, and that this is the mission for which you all came. And here we are together united.

And so let us look, and see the beautiful Lady Nesara, and let us offer our thanks. Breathe in the freedom. She stands hand in hand with Lady Liberty. Breathe it in, beloveds, breathe it in; let it warm you throughout all of your being, and radiate joy, and love, and thanks, that they are here.

And they have been long awaited, but they are here. And let us say thanks to each other, that we have done such wondrous things in all of our lifetimes here that we have come together again for this grand expression of gratitude. And let us say thanks to all of those who are hearing, or feeling for the first time, the joy, the absolute joy of this freedom, the joy of coming forward, and recognizing that they themselves have great Lights within their hearts, and that they themselves are made of the Light of Love.

And let us come together in thanks to each other that we have accomplished this grand Ascension facilitation for planet Earth, and we stand at the threshold, and the doors are wide open, and we are moving, ever, ever more upon our own Ascension Paths.

Some of us will be repeating, or have already done that which you call the Ascension process, but for most of us, it is the first, the first upon planet Earth, the first time, and the greatest time, because the planet as a whole, almost every, every individual upon the planet, almost everyone in all of the kingdoms of Mother Gaia, are committed to this Ascension process.

Thank yourselves, beloveds, thank yourselves, and all of those who have gone before you in this process. You are among the forerunners. You are among the ones. Yes, you may even have been what you call a freedom fighter more than once in your many illustrious lifetimes upon the planet. So thank yourselves. Give yourselves the medals of honor, the badges of courage, and know that the freedom, and the joy that it brings are now a reality upon planet Earth.

And if the last of the energies that have tried to keep you from realizing, and creating your freedoms here upon this planet Earth; the last of these energies are seen to be moving off of the stage, are totally disempowered to have any influence over you, or beloved planet Earth any longer. Yes, beloveds, beam your gratitude to them too, for they have shown you the way of the Light, they have shown you, and demonstrated to you, such that you could feel it throughout your entire beings, the path of freedom, the path of Light and joy, the path of love, and the way home.

Planet Earth has known as a consciousness, as a collective consciousness, that freedom must be restored before Ascension could fully be activated. Everyone upon the planet is to enjoy the blessings of freedom, the blessings of joy that freedom brings. And so thank yourselves, beloved ones, that you stayed on track, as they say, that you stayed with it, and that all of the Light workers have stayed with it, because collectively you have brought this freedom to become a reality on planet Earth.

And it has been a long, and arduous process through the eons, but it has been worth it. The consensus is that it has been well worth all of the sacrifices, and all of the hardships along the way. So thanks be to you, beloveds. We offer our thanks to you, and we accept your thanks to us, but we have partnered, in this grandest experience yet upon planet Earth.

And so we invite you to keep the Violet Ray always with you, ready to use its Light wherever, wherever, you see a place, where you can fan the flames of freedom even more, where you can transmute a bit of darkness to Light, where you can help one, who may not be seeing the Light as clearly as you.

Thanking everyone, and all participants with joy and gratitude, as you upon your own individual paths, and knowing that it’s all one path that we’re on; the path to home. You’re all so beautiful, beloved ones, with such courage, with such heart. Were it not for you, and the Light workers, as you call them, of this planet, it would be a much different path, and you know that.

We thank you so much, and we thank all of those, who have gone before, who may have been curtailed in some manner, who had the courage, never the less, to move ahead in the name of freedom. And they’re already celebrating, those who have gone on without their bodies, and they’re with you, and their Lights, and their Love are joined with you now, in this grandest experience yet for the Planet.

And so we thank you, and we bless you, and we say hand in hand, heart to heart, the journey continues. And so it is. Namaste!

© Susan Leland 2008. All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered.

Message Through CmdrLadyAthena
Message from Ashtar Sheran
Friday, May 16th, 2008
Taken from: .

We greet you one and all in the Light and Love of The Most Radiant One!  I am Ashtar joined with my other wholeness, Athena, in transmitting the unified blessings of our airborne fleets to all of our ground-based Coworkers.

You are currently entering a new phase of your collective planetary advancement. Many of you have already noted that there is a joy, a hopefulness —a certain sparkle of new energies caressing your auric fields as you enter this new cycle. Solar winds of Cosmic Grace are now impacting you at cellular and subatomic levels.

The crystalline network which has been intricately woven throughout your neural circuitry now allows for the registering of these extremely subtle energies.

You are experiencing the outpouring of very different energies now reaching the hearts and minds of all receptive vessels —energies flowing forth from a future overlay aspect of the Greater Galactic Central Sun Systems.

For some this will trigger a spontaneous return to your previously enlightened states of awareness. You will suddenly, ‘come to’… as if you’d been in a prolonged trancelike state. For others it will be a more gradual coming to… a gentle returning to your self… your sanity, if you will.

On a global level the new energies will result in the flames of war and animosity beginning to gradually cool down until there remains only an occasional localized flare up.

Many of you are concerned that there will be a worsening of existing conditions, but from our perspective this will not be the case. Rather the energies now impacting your world will instead ‘take the bite out of the dog». These tendencies toward warring, aggression, wanton hatred and prejudice will no longer be fueled by the energies of your physical sun.

The former baleful effects of your physical sun and its veiling influence, its buffering of multidimensional Self cognition and para-spectrum radiance, is now superseded / eclipsed by the new solar rays. These new radiations from The Greater Central Sun are devoid of any such dampening and buffering. With the registering of these currently invisible solar radiations, will dawn new revelations about the nature of both The Creator and creation, of life on Earth and within your solar system and galaxy.

There will appear, seeming overnight throughout your planet, new inventions of an entirely different nature, ones that will completely revise your form and manner of energy production.

A group of brilliant galactic scientists and others from the future have incarnated and entered your world through various means and they are now ready to make their presence known. They will be assuming leadership positions in every area of human endeavor.

Their methods will not be familiar to anyone of Earth —rather they will seem like science fiction to many… yet they will transform your Earth. By means of these life-enhancing discoveries we will be sharing some of our off-planet methods of accelerated food production, ways of tapping into cosmic energy sources, healing and regeneration of diseased organs through color, light and sound, and even how to produce water!  The array of discoveries and resources which will increasingly be revealed to those of humanitarian benevolence will be virtually limitless.

It is safe to say that the darkest portion of the night is now over for those of Light, and the increasing brightness of a New Day is upon you.

Collectively you are experiencing an interruption of your previous programming. From now onward Humanity will be receiving new transmitter beams from new stations now hitting your airwaves. From this metaphor you are hereby being notified that the old stations you’ve been listening to in the past have developed too much static, and they are being taken off the air. The new stations available for you to tune into will be clear as crystal.

Many have noticed that they seem unable to remember even the most recent conversations and events. You may understand this as the indication of no longer being able to access the old programming. You are no longer able to receive the programming formerly being transmitted by the old transmitter beams and stations.

You may think of this new cycle as one of NEW BEGINNINGS! New ways of viewing and doing almost everything. To walk in new ways also calls for you to set aside fear and to walk with the Lord in trust and confidence.

You are cherished, precious and guarded at all times. There is nothing at all to be feared. Close your ears to reports of doom and gloom. Allow each to go the way of their choosing. No need to attempt to force ripening and maturation upon the unwilling and reluctant. Each will come into their season in their own proper manner and cycle.

Essentially your previous phase of mission is arriving at a point of completion as well. Be ready to set aside your old «hats» and ways of being and serving. Be willing to step into newness in terms of your personal lives as well. Often ask yourself, what IF I COULD do such and such?

Question your sense of inhibition and limitation every time it surfaces. Keep pushing the envelope of where you’ve been, into what you never even imagined before that you could be and reach for.

We emphasize, that the only limit now is where your creative imagination has become stagnant or stunted. Therefore frequently devote some quality time envisioning your ideals for the planet, for your life and that of Human beings all over the world.

Dream the seemingly impossible dreams, beautiful dreams, keep seeing a world that works, that supports and meets the needs of all people everywhere. Dream, envision, postulate and project the thoughtform that all may live quality lives of happiness, creative participation, goodwill and peace.

Envision yourself and your planetary co-sharers walking with heads held high, serene, secure, healthy, radiant with happiness, with kind and loving demeanor. Hear their joyous laughter, see their glowing, smiling faces. Visualize well cared for, beloved children of all nationalities growing up in a world that allows for their full potential to be cultivated and expressed.

Imagine beautiful artistic and environmental creations adorning the Earth, lush crops and all manner of plant and animal life. See futuristic and welcoming new architecture and city planning designs replacing the outworn… beauty everywhere you look lavishly displayed. Imagine what it will be like to live in a world with peace and love as its major characteristics. This is the higher vibrational version of Earth into which you are now entering.

This is for each and every one of you willing to walk forward in faith without looking back. You enter the door which is just before you although invisible. Trust and know that the door is opening before you and is approached through your heart. The creative vision is there too glowing within your quiet mind… waiting behind the cloud of thoughts. You can find it… do so now.

This is the time you’ve awaited and been preparing for throughout the ages. Now allow the past history of all you thought you knew to be replaced with all the goodness that the Creator has prepared for you to inherit.  The best, the very best, is yet to come… arise and go greet it with a kiss.

Your cosmic family surrounds you with ever embracing love and certainty. Truly it can be stated that for those who live in loving Grace and innocence of intent… all is well.

We bless you in the Light of The Most Radiant One.

Cmdrs. Ashtar, Athena and the fleets of the Ashtar Galactic Command.  ADONAI.

Message Through Spirit Eagle
Message from Ashtar Sheran
Wednesday, June 4th , 2008
Taken from:

This is a message for the "Ground Crew".  You Know who you are!  Be ready now to take action when called upon!  We are Very Close to Big Changes within the governments of the Earth!   Be in a meditative state as much as possible in order to prepare for the support which you will give to your fellow travelers on the Earth at this time!  I am Ashtar and I call upon you all to Remember Who You Are!

As the Changes approach in every aspect of your societies, you may notice some panic and fear among the people.  It is Your Assignment to calm the people in your communities with reassurance and with information regarding just What is happening.  It is your assignment to be Liaisons in your neighborhoods, in your hometowns, and in your cities.  It is your knowledge that will be needed.  It is your Light that will be needed!  As you suffuse yourselves with Light, Love and Compassion you will be the Light to which others will be drawn.

Stay centered within yourselves and remain peaceful regardless of what is going on at any given moment.  Remember that Humanity is All One Family!   Be the Best Family member that you can be!   Without you, our work would be much harder.  You have grown in Light and in confidence as you have traveled this road with us over these past years.  We are Proud of All of You!   Rainbow Warriors, put on your Rainbow Capes and join the Rainbow Warriors from the Stars in bringing the New World into being!

It is Time NOW!  Be Ready!  Be Joyful!  Use Archangel Michael’s  Sword of Blue Flame to remove the remaining dark remnants of the Old Guard!   Bring the Sword of Truth to All!   Be in Peaceful Anticipation!  It is the Time for that which you have been waiting!  You are at the Threshold of the Final Phase of this Great Cosmic Shift!   We will speak again!

Message Through Valerie Donner
A Message from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council
Wednesday, July 2nd , 2008
Taken from: .

Greetings, I am Mira.  I reach out to you. We know that you are going through some challenging times. We are very near you, on the Earth and in your skies. We are helping to hold your Earth steady as she breaths and releases. She is letting go and moving out the creases. We are of one mind and one intention. That is why we are available to get you through the Ascension. We are from the Pleiadian High Council. We hold you in our hearts. As I said, we are close and you are close to us.

Time as you know it is short. It is ceasing to exist. This makes matters on the Earth even more intense. Energies are moving quickly off the Earth and from you. We see you challenged at remaining in your bodies. Some of you would like to fly off with us. This will happen soon enough. Some of you are tightening your belts, not because of increased weight although that could contribute, but financially you are being impacted by the biggest influx of avarice and greed ever created on the Earth. We would love to bring you the technology that would free you from the current energy systems that you use and keep you tied into this negative energy. It will happen soon enough. We are working with certain people technically so that you will have new and free means of travel and using energy.

It is a complicated process in which you now find yourselves. Since most of humanity is still asleep you are the wakened ones and much will be demanded of you. Are you ready? As more earth changes occur and other troubles brew, you will be called into service. We can guide you and assist but we cannot make ourselves physically known quite yet. You know we are with you and we are.

Some of the things that you will be doing are: helping to make order, to line things up, help people remain stable emotionally, teach them about what is happening, bring them current according to what you know, connect them with others who will be able to help, work with animals, teaching people how to be in community, to live off the land, to communicate with others through new means, helping them to heal, find new foods, show people how to help others, get them up to speed with new technology and show them how to learn from us when we arrive. They will learn about energy from you and how new systems can help them. You will teach them how to trust themselves and you will show them about love, unconditional love.

This all sounds like something that humanity needs right now and it does. They have been fed lies for so long that if we tried to teach them these things they would not believe it. Soon they will be faced with situations that many are already finding themselves in where they will be looking for answers. They will need help and they will begin to open up to new ways of living their lives. This will become a necessity because the old way of being and living on the Earth is falling apart on all levels. There is a leveling out and that is necessary for all to survive and live on the beautiful New Earth.

Please understand that we are working on this together. We hear your prayers and feel what is in your hearts. We know that you love us and can’t wait to get along with your important work. We are doing our part and so are you. Soon it will become much more.

As part of our roles in the High Council we are called upon to keep things in balance. We will be working with many types of councils in the future to assist the Earth in a new way of governance. You have some enlightened leaders moving into your future. Do not worry about a thing because the plan that is in place is a good one.

We assure you that the Earth is in a good place. She is moving forward with her soul’s plan. She is feeling better as the cleansing continues and is happy that she is receiving so much assistance from all realms. She is a loving and gracious being. She is sorry when some of her children have to leave her abode but is grateful to be progressing in her rise. She is moving forward rapidly because she needs to do this in order to survive. The harm that has been done to her is in need of reversal but it is not humanity’s entire fault. There is a natural cleansing and clearing process that she goes through on a cyclical basis.

We give you the gift of our focused attention and love. We surround you with assistance. We maintain our support and stand for your continual renewal and Ascension.

I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council.

In Conclusion:

We are moving faster than the speed of Light into the higher dimensions. Information is coming to us at breakneck speed. We are facing our issues and those of others. Everything is working for our highest good to be in the truth and the Light. We are being forced to align our energies in all relationships. Balance is required to maintain a steady course for Ascension.

Assistance from our space brothers and sisters, as well as from the Light Realms and our Creator is fantastic. Let the excitement for the upliftment of all of life and for our beloved Mother Earth abound.  Blessings, love and Light,
Valerie Donner

Message Through Amanda R. Ryan
A Message from the Pleiadian Renegades
Thursday July 31st, 2008
Taken from: .

«Can you imagine what it is like for the sleepers unaware? What is offered to them in the way of hope?»

It has been quite some time since you have, as a planetary organism, seen the light of two suns in your sky. It has also been a while since there was only light in your world. You are, as a planetary organism, about to enter again into perpetual day, into the light that sends all shadows scurrying, the dawn of time. Enough vagueness, let’s get into the nitty-gritty truth about what’s looming on your horizon. So many people are all a-twitter about the coming days, it is well to have something solid to chew on.

Coming first is a disintegration of sorts, a loss of integrity on all levels of your collectively agreed-upon reality. In many ways, this will cause some change to your everyday lives, but it will also be a welcome relief. If you can manage to work together and create some kind of sense of order within chaos based on co-operation, trust, and respect for each other, you will be on the way to better living than you ever dreamed possible.

If, beyond that, you can also manage to keep your focus on your service to love in all its forms and functions, it will be an easier transition into global awareness than if you focus merely on what could go wrong. We are not focusing on business as usual in any way at all. We are focusing on how we can be of service to those who are awakening who seek to know a little about making the most delightful transition possible as the days become more and more intense. If our words impart any hope or guidance for anyone, we are happy. If our message stirs any to forget their role for just a moment and remember their true selves to the extent that they live more authentically and fearlessly, we are happy.

If any find our words to be irksome, we too are happy, for that means we have begun to tickle the greater awakening which is on its way.

Our job is to prepare the way for the awakened ones so they may be of service to those who choose to sleep a little bit late. For you, we speak most pensively, for you are the receivers, the open and aware conduit through which your own higher awareness speaks and acts.

Everyone has the ability to help another awaken, not by shaking them or dousing them with a glass of cold water, but by gently parting the bedroom curtains so the light can enter the darkness of their sleep and pierce the illusion of dreams given to them by others. At least, that is possible.

Can you imagine what it is like for the sleepers unaware? What is offered to them in the way of hope? Blindly following a path that has been craftily set before you and complacently following codes of behavior that detach your awareness to the deeper understandings? Could fear be playing a part in the stupefaction of the hypnotic masses? That is possible. How you respond to fear as it is experienced by another is the question that we would like to focus on right now.

All others fade into irrelevance once you can answer that one. In answering it in such a way that you see the root of fear and create a safe and loving setting for it to bring itself to peaceful resolution in, you eradicate its hold on awareness and provide much-needed relief. When the root of fear is exposed to the light of silent, brilliant, loving OM’s presence in your own, integration of the shattered and fearful aspects of your beingness can finally bring peace where before was only disruptive chaotic separation from self.

In the awakening, integration is sort of the key. It is the natural proclivity of the individual to seek integration within itself, and is possible when outside sources of social engineering are seen for what they are. Similarly, when someone allows an old fear to rise to the surface of his awareness and allows it to dissipate through the breath or some other practice, he experiences afterwards the bliss of becoming whole. Until that can happen, though, it can be a lot more pleasant of a reality to snuggle a little deeper under the covers and keep dreaming.

However, it is only a matter of time before the engineered dreams give way to the nightmares the subconscious mind creates as a back-up alarm clock. And while such an awakening is possible, it is by no means necessary. Still, your intention to create a peaceful and harmonious future is the most obviously important component of any service you elect to undertake in love.  Simply holding an intention to see the possibility for peace where logic and experience tell you that peace is highly improbable or even, if you dare say, impossible, is the single act from which all actions spring.

All you need to do is see it and believe, and a thousand different sources of help appear with solutions at hand. Complete trust helps, too, but we understand your reticence. In time, you may become better acquainted with trust. It will develop naturally as peace settles within the inner spaces where chaos and fear had been.

Trust is your natural state of relationship outside of time, where the interplay of space and time solidifies into the infinity of possibility known as zero point. See yourself there. When you can hold that in your mind’s eye, you’ll know what «anything’s possible» really means. Keep on believing, and before you know it you’ll be enjoying a future of great expectations coming true. Time and your intentional belief truly are all that separate you from the joy that awaits.

First, the inspiration: Brothers from Another Planet.  You could say that a real person is divining the words for this site, or you could say that a more is-like intelligence is saying the monologue. It is all the same to us. We are making an oration to the people of Planet Earth – have a nice, cozy day. We are your brothers and sisters of another star and another time. Our words come to you through a keeper of the kind of understanding that facilitates our energetic communion. We come to you in love and peace from near the risen stars of the Pleiades. Good day to you!

Message Through Jess Anthony
A Message from Esu Immanuel Sananda
Esu’s Comments on Present Situation
Monday August 18th, 2008
Taken from: .

Jess: Esu let me hear your comments on what is happening and what we most probably should expect. I anticipate things breaking apart, but we’ve been there many times before. The military should act, but will they? I don’t understand how Americans are so afraid to move forward when they know something should be done. I suppose my own reluctance is a good indication of the public reluctance that prevents things moving out of comfortable inactivity. Give me clarity and insight and help me find the determination to move ahead more forcefully than before.

Esu: Jess, yes, let’s speak this evening. Much has happened and much is still occurring. The stories you read in Casper and Story are accurate. The shit has hit the fan, so to speak. The chickens are coming home to roost, and the hen house is not big enough for the stink that will be caused when they arrive.

The money situation has been closed around them. They have no assets and they have no way to pay the loans that are outstanding. They are in default. The creditors and the countries they owe are beginning to rise up and demand their just due. The participants in this charade are the Bushes, the Clintons, the various Cabinet ministers named, the Supreme Court justices named, and hundreds of bankers and business millionaires and billionaires who have involved themselves in the scam over the years. The numbers are almost mind boggling when looked at in a global perspective. They have defrauded the governments and the peoples of various countries and stolen the trillions of dollars they have placed in Dubai and other supposedly secret repositories.

This money has been frozen and locked. We have a clear picture of where everything has been taken and deposited, and the criminals have no access to it now. This stolen money will be returned to its rightful owners in due time.The process for funding various recipients is not going to move forward until it is safe for it to do so. This is a vast undertaking and it will be handled when there is no interference.

The military is primed to act if the crooked government officials don’t respond positively to the demands being made. They have ample proof of the crimes but are reluctant to move against the President and their Commander in Chief. The courage to do this is forthcoming from the people who understand the necessity of this move. The stabilization the military needs is being provided amply to venture ahead on this critical step.

Tomorrow is an important day to have these events take place. There is a high probability they will move as they have said they will. There is very little that can derail them at this juncture. They understand completely the foolhardiness of moving into Iran or attacking the Russian military. The bluffing and posturing that is being spooned out by Washington D.C. is false and completely diversionary. [Christopher] Story is completely right that it was staged to provide adequate subterfuge for the banking debacle. Russia was attacked and the country was within its rights to react as it did. America was the source of the training and supplies needed to sustain such an attack, and in fact it was encouraged as a means to set off the attack that has been desperately wanted for twenty years.

I will not tell you the exact sequence of events because they are not actualized. The people involved have not yet made a decision on whether to move or not. The sequence of what happens is the product of your collective imagination and discernment. Events are ideas set in motion that have to be resolved. Christ Michael will not step in and make the moves you have to choose yourself. He is watching and giving advice, but he is not taking the initiative that is yours alone. The worry you have about time passing is your worry for the most part, although certain events beyond the scope of your planning and manifestation have been determined to be taking place. Their sequence precedes yours in terms of importance and outcome.

Let us see what tomorrow brings. It is not yet here in your time. It is already happening is other parts of the globe that will be involved in the decision making and its attempted aftermath.

That is enough for this evening.

Messages Through Spirit Eagle
A Message from Athena and Hermes
Friday August 15th, 2008
Taken from:

As you know this Full Moon is a time of very high energy that is affecting all of you. There is great opportunity here to tune into the accelerated energies that are coming to you from Source. When you ride the wave of this energy of Light you will have the opportunity to make a giant leap in Consciousness.

As each of you opens yourselves to this Light in the Consciousness of Intent, you will be the Wayshowers to the path to the New Earth. You are being asked to walk in Awareness and to surround yourselves with the Light of the Christ as the energies are such that there will be many who will not willingly flow with the Light. This is a time of increased opposition to the Light even as it is an opportunity to grow into limitless Joy and Peace. Be Aware of your surroundings and those who you encounter. Use protection as stated above for the Time has come for the separation of the "Wheat from the Chaff".

Walk in the Light, Consciously! Bring the Joy of your hearts to the world! Sing the Song of Freedom for all of Humankind! I Am Athena.

Ho! This is Hermes. Just a postscript to Athena’s message: The Dark Lords are prowling the Earth in their usual arrogance. Be Strong and KNOW that you are protected! Ask for what you need. Carry the Sword of Michael with Courage and Confidence for you are all Warriors of Light! Be Still and in that peace-filled place within for the Light is Supreme now and grows brighter every day. Be in Peace and Walk in Beauty!

A Message from Ker-ton-tec
Friday August 22th, 2008
Taken from:

This is Ker-ton-tec, your Paschat Warrior.  There is much transpiring on the Earth Mother right now.  Mother Sekhmet is walking the Earth at this time.  She and her Paschats have been very busy indeed!  Much is occurring that will be revealed to all and there will no longer be doubt in the hearts of humanity about the lies that have been smothering you in unending confusion and fear!

As you all know, Earth is a free-will planet and all will play out to the end.  We ask you at this time to be alert and to be aware of your thoughts and where they lead you.  See your future THE WAY YOU WANT IT TO BE!  Live in harmony with all around you.  aBy your peaceful and loving vibrations you are changing the world.  Allowing yourselves to play in the sandbox of your past spiritual infancy is holding you back from your Spiritual power of Manifestation for the World and All Beings on the Earth Mother.

This is Your Time!  You will BE NEEDED as those in power fall and confusion reigns in the minds of many.  Your Calmness and Strength will be as a Beacon of Light in the darkness of confusion for those who are unaware of the true story of these past many millennia.

 Message Through Valerie Donner
A Message from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council
Tuesday August 26th, 2008
Taken from:

I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council. It is with honor and respect that I greet you at this time. We are pleased that more of you are asking us to come and that you are noticing our presence in the sky. We have always been with you and are walking with you on the surface of the Earth. We are strategically located all around your planet doing our various tasks in assisting humanity and the Earth with the earth changes. We watch over the planet. We are at your service with love.

For all too long our presence has been kept secret. Some of you have known of us or have been drawn to The Seven Sisters in the sky. You have felt our energies in your DNA and in your hearts. You vowed that you would meet us again. In your loneliness at times you wished that we would come whisk you away on one of our ships. We are making ourselves more available to you. In the future there will be many more sightings. As humanity learns the truth we will have interaction that we have long awaited. The truth will not be able to be held back. Those who have done this will be losing power. Their strength has been in fear and control, which will become things of the past.

You are moving into the present moment. This presence is what slows you down so that you can breathe and be aware of what is going on around you. You will marvel at what you see when you slow down and look at the sky. You will feel our energy and our consciousness. You may even get us to display some of our special ways of acknowledging you. You will find joy and excitement with our exchange.

Powerful forces are at play on the Earth at this time. You are a part of this power. We are linked with you in the Light Forces for the upliftment of consciousness and the planet. You must remember where the true power is—it is not in the energy of fear or darkness. Even though it may falsely appear to be a deterrent to our arrival, we want you to know that these energies cannot stand up to the power of the Light and the love that is at its strongest point now in the evolution of the Earth.

On the 08-08-08 much happened to re-direct the entries and focus on the Earth and elsewhere. If you remember the feelings of peace and love right after the opening of this gateway, you will get a sense of where the planet is headed. Some of the chaos that you are feeling right now on the planet has to do with this new energy and the impact of the higher level of love and consciousness that is coming through. It takes some time to adapt to these higher energies. You will enjoy them as they continue to influence you. They can almost lull you out of the third dimension, which is part of their mission. They are not to take you away but to relieve you of the harshness of the third dimension.

As these softer energies influence you there will be some who find them uncomfortable. They will resist and find this a challenge for themselves. They may vacillate between wanting to remain in the old harsh feelings and a curiosity of the new. It will be interesting and some may choose to stay in a fallback position on the Earth or even leave their physical incarnations. Quite a few may choose to leave.

You are the stronghold of our ground crew team. You are our mainstay that helps us to bounce energies, ideas and emotions off of you. We are a team even if you are unaware of how you interact with us. You have jobs to do. You have memories and old issues to release. You have Ascending to do and we are with you in this process.

«Proceed as directed» will be the word of the day. We will direct you as you find the inner direction to make the emotional choices for your new work and consciousness. Releasing will become easier. There is an orchestration to this plan so everyone will know what to do when the time is right.

We will not be coming to take over. We will be a part of your communities and families. We will delight in all that we have to share with you and you will with us. You will learn how to use new technologies. We are certain you will prefer our gas-free forms of transportation. We will educate mutually in lovely ways to live to help clean up the Earth and life on the planet.

We have some work to do, don’t you think? The time has come to proceed with greater speed so that the Earth and life on the Earth can survive.  More big changes are coming. You will be supported and protected all the way. Let go of the fear and allow for the Creator’s Plan to unfold.

I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council. We love you and are with you.

Message Through Lauren Gorgo
A Message from the Pleiadian High Council
The New Holographic Matrices
Tuesday August 19th , 2008
Taken from: or

In your world affairs many are beginning to realize that the truth can no longer be repressed by the few who wish to dominate the land. A tide has turned and the current is too strong to swim against and many are losing the strength to resist the unyielding cosmic flow.

It is, however, with great honor and prestige that the mighty and the few who begin to rise to the surface now will be noticed for their glory in lieu of selfishness or greed. The story of the past can no longer precipitate the planning for the future, for the future beckons new perspective, new levels of consciousness that are rising to serve the planet as a whole.

The new stewardship of earth will be governed by those who have attained high levels of Light and love within, those who emanate and radiate that Light outward to restructure the very particles of matter in existence.

This new type of leadership is coming of age and all those who awaken to serve the new direction of the planet will be swept up in the momentum of the great upward spiral of evolution. Some of the changes will seem simple in nature, yet comprehensive in scope. Some will seem revolutionary.

The new stewards of the land are gearing up to lead the mass population to their destiny now, a destiny which has deep roots in ancient ways. These members of the galactic brigade for a New Earth are seeded with the bio-genetic codes of the future and the once dormant receptors encoded within the strands of your deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) are now enlivened.

Activated by consciousness, these genetic triggers are timed by specific levels of electromagnetic frequencies which are now permeating the planet’s bio-sphere, emanating from earth’s central core and radiating from the new sun.

Adamantine Particles

The New Earth is comprised of crystalline Adamantine particles that are restructuring the very form of matter as humanity awakens to the pure vibration of love. These particulates contain within them the intelligence of divinity in form; new ways of being and living in love.

All matter is composed of intelligent elementary particles responsive to consciousness. The particles of ages past held within them codes of survival mechanisms that resulted in polarity through separation consciousness. Adamantine particles have contained within them the encoded intelligence of harmony, wholeness, of resurrection and unity consciousness.

To access these intelligent codes one must give & receive pure love through the sacred vessel of the high heart. The high heart, directed & regulated by the thymus gland in the physical body, is the center for receiving and radiating the energy of love. This center must be fully charged, fully open and capable to surrender to the Higher Will to manifest spirit into form.

The Higher Will is the will of the highest good for All and is contained within the genetic blueprint of each and every incarnate. The purpose of the high heart is to map out the path of universal love for each and every living being through magnetic resonance.

The cocreation of divine love can only be accessed and magnetized through the purity of consciousness which is how those with pure heart will mold and restructure the New Earth. What this means on a global scale is exponential, for the technological advancement of the species will be made available through these particles of pure intent for the purposes of global upliftment.

The restructuring process will be precipitated by a consistent flow of new intelligence that will permeate any lower existing thoughtforms contained within the grids of those holographic reality structures.

Those withpure intent will have access to this revolutionary intelligence contained within the advanced particulates of Light and rendering much of the old planetary systems obsolete while serving to advance the species through higher intelligence.

Those with contracts to serve on higher planes of existence will in fact be anchoring the new vibrations of earth through the awakened DNA within their human biology. This will serve two purposes… to fulfill contracts of service through the formation of information super-highways for galactic technology, and to form new holographic matrices for those preparing to embark upon the journey of Ascended 5th dimensional living and being.

Many who have attained high levels of truth through the cleansing of toxic karmic debris will be serving in the final frontier. The final frontier is the code given to those who chose to bridge the gap between worlds, rather dimensions, as the examples and way-showers of the pure potentiality available through the matrices of universal love.

These way-showers will be stationed in visible locations as the pioneers of New Earth. You who see clearly will be given tools to share your visions with the world. You who know the Light and The Way will be given the resources to implement those visions into form.

The time has come for those awakened warriors to take the first step in action of Ascended living. The first brigade will lead by example and all who follow will continue to pave the way for the future of humanity. As the torch is passed along in service to Mother Earth and her inhabitants, the Light will illuminate every dark corner and revitalize all in its path.

We serve as the Council of Light overseeing planetary affairs to propel the advancement of the human species through bio-genetic recoding.  Exciting times are upon you!

In gratitude,

Message Through Jennifer Hoffman
A Message from the Archangel Uriel
The Journey to Wholeness
Friday August 29th , 2008
Taken from:

Your soul contract is undertaken to return you to your power and wholeness. Your power is relinquished when you allow fear to become your guiding force so that your human nature dominates your spirituality. Your soul’s state of wholeness is affected by the traumas encountered in each lifetime and the degree to which they are healed, resolved and transmuted to the Light. Until you have achieved mastery of your power and are fully whole your soul will continue to journey on the material plane to reintegrate the Light that has been lost to fear.

Each new lifetime is an opportunity to reclaim your power and heal your soul’s wounds. It is your wounded soul that connects to teachers and situations that will allow you to recapture those parts of you that you have given over to fear, pain and sorrow. In this journey your body is spirit’s vessel in the material world and the lifetime is the vehicle through which the learning, healing and Light reintegration can occur. Without the body the soul cannot function in the material plane and without the lifetime there is no structure for the process.

The lack of joy you experience is an echo of a past pain that calls out for healing. You can become lost in the pain or you can pray to remember your purpose, to recall the contract and find the learning. Do not ask the Universe to remove this lesson from you. Its awareness of your situation lies within your power, the fulfillment you seek, the mastery you possess and the Light you bring to the world. The Universe cannot respond to your hopelessness but it can give you hope and guidance when you ask through the Light.

The angels cry with you in your sorrow and despair and they rejoice with you when you step into your mastery. It is time for humanity to end the game of fear, powerlessness and sorrow and step into a new vibration of joy and unconditional love. The soul achieves wholeness when the echoes of the past are transmuted into the joy of the present moment, when fear is replaced by power, and love is the energy that all connect to effortlessly. This week remember that your lifetime is a journey of wholeness, returning your wounded soul to the loving Light of the Creator. Each of your lessons is an opportunity for you to return to this state and find peace and joy in the new vibrations you are creating for yourself and for humanity.

Article Copyright ©2008 by Jennifer Hoffman, All rights reserved.

Message Through Spirit Eagle
A Message from Loreli and Adama
Friday September 26th , 2008
Taken from:

Loreli here now.  Thank you for coming today.  Your Personal Paschat Warrior. Did see what was happening here today!  He was going to take them on single-handedly!   There are Warriors of the Dark who are projecting their spirits to this and other Portals around the Globe in an effort to stop the Light that is building upon Mother Earth Now!  This IS a time in which Fierceness is Needed by the Rainbow Warriors of Light!  Fierceness for Truth and Justice and Oneness of the Light upon the Earth!  This is a time for Knowingness that this Mission (you may call it a Rescue Mission) Must Be Completed NOW!

We have been walking the Earth with you.  We Have been singing the Song of Love with you!   We Have been Whispering in your ear, the fulfillment of the Promise made so long ago (when you three closed the Portal) that we would, in the distant future, come together again as a Family United, having completed our Mission for the Ascension of all and for the Precious Earth Mother Herself!   We Will sing "Auld Lang Syne" TOGETHER AGAIN!  We will sing this time with Great Joy rather than Great Sadness!  We will See and Touch each other in the physical once again!  We will Hug and Laugh and Talk, oh, so much!  We ask you to send protection to ALL Portals at this time, known and unknown!  This is the finality of the Dark Plague upon the Earth.  Now is the Time to Step Into Your Full Power!   You are on a Rescue Mission and your Light is Your Power.  Peace and Strength Be With You!

I am one of the Guardians of the Portals to the Inner Earth.  We want you to know that because the power of the Dark is weakening they are attempting EVERYTHING and ANYTHING to stop the increase of Light upon the Planet.  Unspeakable ceremonies and infliction of Fear and Pain upon the innocent is happening Right Now!  We ask you all to step into the Light of your Own Power and to Flood the Earth with Love and Compassion.  Put on your armor of the Warriors of the Rainbow.  Flood all of the Dark Places with Light!  The Light will, as you know, dispel the Dark for it must flee at its sight.  You are stronger than you have been Led to Believe!   Stand Up!  Stand Tall with your Sword of The Blue Flame!  It is Your Time to Shine as a Beacon for All To See!

Ah Ho!  I Am Adama.

Message Through Jess Anthony
Esu Immanuel Sananda Clarifies Financial Confusion and Speaks of the Power to Take Charge
Sunday October 12th , 2008
Taken from:

Jess: Esu, I ask for an update. I can’t see clearly with all the disinformation and the half truths posted. I sense an upheaval. I sense change, but I find continuation and delay yet again. I need clarity and I need guidance on where my focus should be. I ask for calm and focus. Speak on what is the truth and what is the sequence we should recognize.

Esu: Jess, are you ready? Let’s speak. We have much to discuss this evening, and much that should be said at this time of political chaos and economic collapse. The sham being played out in the newspapers and on the television screens is fixed to be distracting from the true scenario. The truth is that China is calling the shots, so to speak, and the markers they hold are in the trillions of dollars of American currency and real estate assets. They are in conference with other major holders of worthless American paper. Russia and some countries in Europe have also been cheated of the worth of their previous investments. The story you read of their working together is precisely true. They have been watching the subterfuge of the American stock market and seeing how it is being manipulated by the government’s infusing of paper money supposedly coming from the Treasury. It is all a hoax that is generating wide upswings of selling and buying to no avail. The value of the stock is not based on real currency at this point. The market manipulations are all on paper and all bogus in creating profit. This creates the illusion that the American government is still controlling the financial playing field.

Bush is not able to pay from any of his sources. Most have been frozen and returned to their original owners. Bush Sr. is also at his end. The German bank he operates from is unable to force his will on the global enterprise he has established. The assets are frozen there, as well, and his influence has dwindled in other countries. The Clintons are desperate to have a solution offered to them. They have bought into the whole NWO scenario that has created this chaos and collapsing economy to provide the funds for its selfish plans.

The inevitable keeps being postponed because the players are functioning on a loop of resistance. They are unable to stop as a result of reasonable arguments, and they must be legally cornered and made to stop because of unwavering strength of resistance. The power of bribery and the fear of death are strong motivators in persuading resistors to side with their adversaries. A sufficient number of Lightworkers and sympathetic officials are now available if the power of their intentions can be harnessed in unison opposition. The right trigger is there if enough opposition will become aware of their power and begin to act as a unit. Send energy and support to ensure this is manifest.

The timetable is fluid as always. Certain objectives are decided, however, and there is an order in their sequence. The banking changeover is ready to begin. The funds have been shifted to their proper places so that St. Germain’s reimbursements can be set up more easily and more expeditiously. This will not happen, of course, until the government officials robbing the existing banking system have been removed. This will be soon. It very easily could be this week. The parameters are all in place and ready to move in a synchronized way.

My role in this will be to begin reshaping the spiritual conceptions of the Earth’s inhabitants. This will happen during the stasis period and after a period of accommodating to the new level of energy. This will need a period of adjustment before the inhabitants are settled enough to begin considering their existence on a more spiritual level. I am functioning as the spiritual Planetary Prince and will be the material representative as soon as I can allow myself to be embodied easily.

The role you [Jess] will play in this is to be my voice until I am able to be seen by the majority of the public. I will function through you much as Monjoronson is operating through Daniel and Henry.  They use their own awareness to create the words Monjoronson wishes to express through them. You will be a conscious voice for my words in the same way. My energy will be visible as Light, but it will be a while before my physical form becomes more solid in a density Earth can perceive.

My advice to you is to continue as you are. Watch for the signs and feel balanced and poised even if the world around seems to be falling apart. The actions of all have a purpose, and the resolution of the paradigms set in motion many years ago have to be played out. This too will become something else. Your job is to maintain your separateness and your strength in the face of what seems to be attack or failure. You are provided for and you will have sufficient.

The die is cast, and the final numbers have been rolled. Believe this absolutely.

Message Through Jim Langman
The Emissaries of the Light Answer Questions
Thursday October 30th , 2008
Taken from:

(Introduction regarding today’s channeled communication)
Hello, my name is Noel Gilbert. I am the Webmaster for the Phoenix Ascended website. This week I had the rare opportunity to ask the Emissaries of the Light through Jim Langman a number of questions that I felt would be important to many of our readers.

Greetings and blessings, we are the Emissaries of the Light. Noel, we are ready to answer your questions.

Noel presents the following Questions.

Q1Please explain to us the Ascension process in full?

A) The Ascension process can be better described as a full integration- taking place of all your aspects into the one whole. These are your spiritual, physical, emotional and mental bodies. It must be understood that at the moment, you exist on many dimensional planes or levels, all at the same time. Who you are in your physical three-dimensional body is only a small part of who you truly are. Ascension means all your aspects of whom you are merging into one. What does this mean for you? Dear ones, this means you become God like. You consciously become one with Everything That Is.

Q2How far are we into the Ascension process and how long do we have before completion?

A) This question has been asked many times in the past. We will say that at this moment in time everything is within the divine timetable set forth by the heavenly orders. Heaven has stipulated that the Ascension process must be completed within the given timetable. Dear ones, you must know you are now living in those coming times; you are presently in a period of transition. The moment for your return to Full Consciousness and completion of your Ascension process quickly approaches.

Q3) Are the Earth changes going to happen as indicated and if so is the population going to be kept SAFE?

A) It must always be remembered that due to free will upon your planet, there will be those that will choose not to Ascend at this time. The ones that choose not to Ascend this time round will complete their journey on a world already completed for them to carry on their learning process, which will continue until the next time of Ascension, which may include many more reincarnations to complete their journey. There will be major earth changes and those that have chosen to Ascend with Mother Earth will survive. There are plans, which have been in place for a very long time, where the Galactic Federation will remove many in harm’s way onto their motherships, where others will be shifted into the inner earth. These plans that have been put in place will only be acted upon once Mother Earth has started her major restructuring of her surface. It is also very important to know and always remember that everyone will be in the right place at the right time when this moment arrives.

Q4) How long is the financial crisis going to last? Will all major Banks fail in Australia and the USA?

A) The most important thing to remember is the fact that with the financial crisis you presently are experiencing, you must do your best not to come from a place of fear. When a group consciousness comes from fear this emanates out to increase the fear within the mass consciousness causing the process presently in place to become more disorderly than what could naturally have been. The financial crisis that you are at the beginning of is something that has had to happen for a very long time now. Your present financial system is totally and utterly corrupt. The whole system is structured to benefit the few and not the many upon your world. The coming crash of your financial system, not to mention your present banking system, will come about. As with the ending of an old reality and the bringing in of a new, there is always a transitional period where the new needs time to be fully integrated before it can be implemented. The new financial system will be able to be brought online very quickly once the old is completely removed.

Q5) What is the best thing to do to survive the financial crash?

A) You may wish to review and reflect on our last communication with you where we stated no matter how large or small, whatever amount of cash you would be able to put aside, it is better to have some put aside than nothing. We also stated to put aside food supplies that can be stored, also to store water, as the time will come when these provisions will become very important and understood by all why they were needed.

Q6) Why are the ordinary people made to suffer when it was the world banksters who caused the problems with their GREED?

A) There is much we can speak about on this subject but we wish to keep our answer to this question brief, so we won’t go too deeply into this. We will say, however, that the power they now have over the world population was simply given to them by the people over a very long period of time. They cannot maintain control over a world population if that world population chooses not to give any further power to them. Look at what is now taking place: the world population is realizing now, more than ever before, what the banking elites have been doing and how it is all totally corrupt and evil.

The people of your world now choose for the present system to cease and that is exactly what is now happening. YOU are the ones that are bringing the system down. YOU are the ones that are bringing the banking system to its knees. YOU are the ones that will be making them answerable to all the wrongs and for everything they have cheated you out of for so many years. This, dear ones, is all soon to come about. These changes are to come about in your very, very near future.

Q7) How will the New Government system and money system be introduced?

A) There will be for a short period where the banks that still remain will need to close their doors. This period will be needed for the implementation of the new financial system to be incorporated into their database and for their employees to be given instructions on the new banking system and, more importantly, the benefits that will flow onto the people.

Q8) When will the financial system change to allow everyone on earth to enjoy a comfortable living?

A) As with all changes there comes a period of transition. During this transitional period, this is where the provisions we have spoken of for you to put aside will be needed. We will be assisting and working with our earth allies to make this transition period to be done with as much ease as possible and be completed as quickly as possible. It would not take long before the people of your world will be able to awaken to a New Day and a new time of prosperity that would be provided equally to all countries of the world and just as important to the people of your world. It will be a time in its own right for great celebration.

Q9) When will the people be informed that we are not alone in Creation?

A) The announcements that you have been waiting for quickly approaches. The time for these announcements may be sooner than you could possibly imagine. We cannot at this time give you the exact moment, as there are many conditions that presently dictate that we keep secret the exact moment of the announcements. Just know that that moment is very near.

Q10) How will First Contact be introduced to the people of earth?

A) Once the announcements are made to the world of our existence and of our benevolence, this will open the way for us to appear before you by landing on your beautiful shores. For us to meet with all our earth brothers and sisters will be a reunion that has been long awaited by all of us. It will be a moment of great joy and celebration that will follow.

Q11) Will death still occur on earth after the Ascension process is completed?

A) Death is a very misunderstood concept. There really is no such thing as death as you will quickly come to learn. You are spiritual beings, which means that you are immortal. Until Ascension takes place, your only means of returning Home is where you have had to shed and leave behind your physical body, which has been the vehicle that has enabled you to live on the earthly realm. Once you Ascend and have become fully integrated with all your other aspects, physical death no longer exists, as you presently know it. You will, however, gain the ability to simply shift your consciousness to another place and leave your present form if you so wish. This is a conscious choice you will be able to make.

Until next time we meet. We leave you with love,
Emissaries of Light

Message Through Jess Anthony
Esu Immanuel Sananda Speaks on the Inauguration and Timeline for Changes
Sunday January 18th , 2009
Taken from:

Jess: Esu, I ask for very specific comments today. Please speak to me about Obama’s intentions, and the intentions of those who put him in the presidency. Please speak to me about Gaza and the new ceasefire. Please speak to me about the stasis plans and when this may now happen. Please speak to me about the announcements and the removal of the cabal, which apparently have not been removed by legal means before they leave office. All our message and projections have alluded to a different agenda than seems to be happening. Speak to this, please.

Esu: Jess, I will speak to you this afternoon. Many events have happened in the last few weeks that have shifted the direction of what we anticipated would most likely happen. The attack in Gaza has solidified much resentment and distaste for the attackers and the events that have manifested as a result of their plans and ideas. There is a significant reaction that has developed that needs to be allowed to continue to play out for the reason that many individuals are waking up to their connection to this situation. They may not be literally involved, but they are supporting the actions or finding them uncalled for. These perceptive ones are combining their energies with the mass consciousness that is calling for change and a shift to higher principles of coordination and compassion.

This awakening that is going on is causing a rethinking of the game plan, to an extent. Remember that the decisions are always made in a fluid stream of possibilities. No choice is better than another, to use your Earthly typecasting. Each is a possible step along the path of evolvement that man decides to take. Our goal is reunion with Christ Michael’s intentions and a shift to a level of perception of individual purpose that recognizes its connection to each inhabitant living on Earth. This will lead ultimately to a higher dimensional sense of connection with the Creator’s Plan and the use of co-creation.

The specifics of how this is achieved are what man determines. Again I say to you that man chooses his existence on Earth. The conflicts and the injustices you perceive are all your doing. We are not able to interrupt what you have set in motion, although we always are available to guide you and suggest ways you can avoid the pitfalls you continually run across. Gaza will resolve itself when man chooses to let it. It would serve no educational purpose for us to intervene and disrupt the creative stream you have set in motion. You must always learn from your experiences. That is the purpose of your being on Earth.

Barack Obama

I see no change that will come with the new administration. There is a superficial new layer of suggested changes, but the core participants are those who initiated the problems you now face. Replacing what has come to be viewed as disciplined and mature attacks on Constitutional principles with another group equally responsible for the preparation is not much of a shift, in my view. Those controlling Obama’s election have chosen those they wish to continue the breakdown of restrictive legislation and fiscal safeguards.

The talk of announced change to NESARA and the creation of funding are all couched in the purview of those higher ups continuing to pull economic and political strings. This includes the Rockefeller consortium and the Rothschild family. These two groups control the Earth’s money and make the decisions how it is accrued and spent based completely on its benefit to them. There are conflicts and one-upmanship that creates friction between the two camps. This friction generates wars and political manipulation of the world’s economy. The ideology that triggers international incidents is planned and inculcated for the purpose of creating political chaos for earning money.  Nothing happens without it being bought and paid for through banks owned by the families —this includes all governmental expenditures. The racial and political hatred you see is ingrained thinking that was planned to cause upheaval and loss of individual control. The historical unraveling that you, the public, are discovering shows the immense network of control that has been established over the last few thousand years.


NESARA or GESARA will not be put in place until man is completely ready to deal with its purposes. The structure of the program has changed and the nature of its function has shifted. The hierarchy of donors and funders has become unnecessary and would only reflect the current shambles that the banking system has become. There is no likelihood that man will shift his thinking on this system without being forced to create a new one. The funding that is set aside by Germain to underscore the changes will be kept safe until the current system collapses beyond any hope of continuation. This is harsher than I have spoken previously but continued entreaties for yet another year of your time have made no difference in how man views the system he has created. Political and economic realities than man has set in motion will be thought of as comfortable until they are not. Loss of power and lack of resources will speak more clearly to man than we have been able to.


I see the stasis resolution as necessary, but timed in a way that is most beneficial to man perceiving his situation. It will be a learning experience and an assisted regeneration of the planet on a scale that is unimaginable at present. Man must be primed to accept this intervention, even if only after it happens. The events that it entails have been determined as necessary and man’s role in this transformation is the only factor that is unclear. This sequence of changes has been spoken of in many messages and predictions, but the scenario it will follow is only partially alluded to. The specifics of this process will be worked out among those participating much the same way as man is determining his progress on Earth. Change is inevitable to protect Earth, and man is determined to be part of this change. These are givens. The sequence is fluid.

Man’s dependence on specific dates and timelines is not a factor in our determination of when is most appropriate to move into this phase of transition. The period of transition has begun, as Monjoronson has pointed out, but the specifics are continually being modified according to man’s shifting thinking and commitments. Stasis is correlated to the Jupiter ignition —that is true— but the time sequence of when and in what order events happen remains fluid until it occurs. It is useful to watch the progression of Earth in relation to Jupiter as it appears to move behind the sun, and an awareness of the benefits of that positioning for Earth’s inhabitants is one of the more compelling facts in broadening his awareness of the impending reality.

I say, watch the inaugural events with a perceptive eye and look carefully at the goals the leadership announces. I say, watch the skies for astronomical events. I say, be discerning in self awareness and take responsibility for your actions. You can control those and cause a positive interaction with all those around you. I say, view current events with an eye of compassion and an awareness that all are making individual decisions they have chosen for their own evolution. It is not your responsibility to judge any actions but your own. It is your responsibility to set an example and to communicate your reasons for doing so. Events are not caused by historical reasons. They are caused by man choosing to act out what he believes is the best fulfillment of his own wishes. If man seriously reflects on his best fulfillment, he will choose peace and harmony with others. Setting an example of this is ultimately more effective than war.


Esu Immanuel SanandaSpeaks on Man’s Reaction to Messages
Sunday February 15, 2009
Taken from:

Jess: Esu, I connect today. Speak of Jupiter. Speak of plans and preparations we need to make. Speak of personal insight I need. Help me remove unnecessary limits and preconceptions.

Esu: Let’s speak. You ask several questions in your topics, and I have a variety of things I need to tell you at this point. The most wondrous is the fact thatJupiter has become a mini sun. This state of cosmic evolution is typical of the workings of the Universe, and it serves a purpose beyond the more local one of affecting the evolution of your planet Earth. I am very careful with my words here, and I choose to say that the next phase of your progression into a greater awareness of your full potential has begun.

This has been called many names —Ascension, the preparation for First Contact, the Return of Christ Michael— and each of these conveys a portion of the collective that is ongoing.  Each commentator has his or her own spin on the information being disseminated.  Each has their own interpretation of the fact of spiritual growth that is being initiated. Each has an awareness and a perception based on what they hear and know from past education.  I say to you that the messages that are apparently confusing on the surfacewith conflicting statements and perspectives— are ultimately not in conflict, but are elements of the learning that must go on to allow individuals to view their situation with individual perspective and discernment.

I’m saying here that all channelings and messages have a base in true facts and information however much their comments stray from what was their source. The pettiness and competitiveness of many listeners and readers who follow some blindly at the exclusion of others is limited and blocks their own personal insight and perception. There is no exclusive information source that speaks solely to one receiver. The variance of accuracy in receiving messages depends the clearness of the reception and the conscious effort by the received to suppress a personal agenda in what is received and communicated.  No source is transmitted infallibly. No receiver hears completely. All have misperceptions and limits in communicating what they hear or see. The immensity of the truth is beyond anyone’s ability to understand it or express it on Earth.

You are here on Earth as experiments, to be rather blunt. You chose to come here to explore your own soul identity within the context of Earth’s quest for its higher identity. This is a symbiotic relationship you agreed to exist within. The parameters of your current set of incarnations involve finding ways to move into the next level of spiritual awareness and perceived unity. You were aware of this agenda when you incarnated here, at this time, and you have explored ways to achieve this goal within the limitations you agreed to. This was a challenging situation you wanted to test and master.

 Your long work on Earth has been shaped by waves of mass perceptions and misled beliefs. You have found yourself accepting reasoning and persuasion from others because you have not allowed your brain to develop its own surety and self-confidence. In many cases, you have not realized your individual purpose and recognized the links your conscious brain has with mass thinking and spiritual unity. The thoughts of all should become aspects of one all encompassing perception. The ideas and concepts of one are a thread in the gigantic weave that constitutes the entire fabric of the ideas of all. Each is recognized as a unique, but necessary element.

The thoughts of many on Earth are colored by their background and education. The forms their lessons take are factored and limited by the perceptions of the intended listeners or readers. The information is shaped to be most understandable within the range of their ability to communicate and rationalize. The information is then shaped further by a recipient’s individual perceptions.  There are levels of factoring and simplification that must be recognized for Earth inhabitants to comprehend what is being communicated.

The goal of Ascension/evolution is to grow beyond these limits. Man on Earth is not able to comprehend the immensity of the Universal truth he is a part of. There is no way the material shell you have adapted to survive here is able to assimilate the breadth of what can be learned. . [N. of the Editor of BVW: The human brain only weighs 3 lb. How can it be that in that little three-dimensional neuronal tissue can, for instance, be recorded consciously all the truth of the Superuniverse of Orvonton which is multidimensional?  Simple logic indicates that it is not enough.  For that we need a much larger brain and to Ascend dimensionally the physical body, to transform its DNA and to incorporate the Lightbody. At present condition the human being cannot assimilate all higher truth without distorsion and to comprehend it in its magnitude.]Your current DNA is not sufficiently connected to utilize many strands that exist within its structure. You don’t perceive completely, and you don’t understand you don’t perceive completely. Your life on Earth has been facilitated by mental systematizing and emotional stereotypes that provide familiar explanations you grasp in unfamiliar situations you must assimilate.  You rely on previous thoughts and memories to understand new experiences. This simplifies the analysis, but limits the range of your discernment. [N. of the Editor of BVW:In other words, the conscioushuman mind is somehow robotic (repetitive and slow to change) and conditioned following stereotypes.]

The unexpected experience that Jupiter will provide is a jolt to your established preconceptions. You must reconcile new information that will not fit existing parameters. You must begin to re-think your perceptions. You must allow the energy to re-configure your accepted templates with explanations that encompass new possibilities.

I will express more later. I expect man to begin to observe and evaluate in new ways. I expect man to recognize his commonality and his individuality as he functions together with others.

This is all for today.

Esu Immanuel SanandaSpeaks on Acting a Role
Sunday April 5, 2009
Taken from:

Jess: Esu, I ask for guidance today. My mind has been playing over the possibilities for directions. I sit here bags that I have packed and repacked for four years. Deadlines have been stated and then not held to. I have tried to maintain focus despite no visible change in the large sense. I don’t see the need to argue with people operating on an emotional level with fixed preconceptions. I accept that I am impatient, but I am also tired of the run around. I have to keep living the life I have created here that provides what physical gratification I can get in this incarnation. It is difficult to live two or three lives, and none of them has a complete commitment. I want to move on. I don’t see the value of continuing the present state. If everything is continuous, why this need to adhere to a constantly changing scenario to determine when to begin the change? The point never arrives. Isn’t there a higher sense of timing that determines unavoidable change? I ask you to speak to this today. Reaffirm my purpose, and explain what is happening.

Esu: Yes, Jess, I am here. You ask many question, make many assertions. Much is perfectly reasonable from your perspective. You have to evaluate our actions in terms of what you view as logical progressions and sequential actions. There are causes and effects. There are reasons things happen in the progression they do, and the causes that lead to the illogical sequence, in your view, are in many cases beyond the grasp of your present understanding. I know this sounds condescending, but you are working through an incarnation that is purposefully disconnected from much of the awareness that you once had. This remnant of your awareness is what discourages you and makes you seek further explanations. You miss the immediate links to Universal purpose and you seek to reestablish them at this point. You have grown much in your current awareness, and you have become dissatisfied with the level of your understanding.

This is not an indictment; this is only an observation of what you chose to do this time around. This has all been for a good purpose that has produced much good writing and much useful inspiration for collaboration and development. You chose to incarnate this time as an artist in a position to encourage your art and that of many others. This is your method for raising the level of universal awareness of truth and wholeness. Compassion and understanding come from agreement and satisfaction through art. Art provides a template for your teaching. Creative production provides an example to be used as a model of conception and action.

The chaos you see in your world at the present is largely the result of miscommunication and misunderstanding of the ideal of unity and cooperation within the sense of considerate treatment of all. War is not possible within that ideal. Consumer acquisition and power struggles in business are symptomatic of the same desire for control as war. This all is a symptom of the needs of a few to determine the needs of all. The concept of the Illuminati is a convenient image that takes an individual form in everyone who knows the concept.

Everyone’s aware of the controlling group has their own perception of what this group is based on their own fears and lacks. This really is only the manifestation of a rejection of Christ Michael Aton’s plan for Universal organization and interaction. The Source is beyond the scope of your understanding in terms of materialized embodiment of reaction to his manifestation as all aspects of his Universe. You see this manifested as a group that you have labeled the Dark, as opposed to those aware at some level of the Unity and consideration at the core of what is called the Light.

Everything is energy. Energy connects at infinite levels of vibration and movement and assumes different forms based on the context of the frequencies that interact and synchronize the speeds of their vibrations. The physical reality you think you perceive is really your mental image that explains the energy movements that make up your thinking.  Your life is a projection you make to be able to interact at this level of energy vibration and at this level of disruption. The resistance has settled here at this level of energy vibration and you who have chosen to interact with it take the form necessary—which is what you perceive of yourself and your surroundings.

The political chaos and the economic upheavals are merely reflections of the incongruences you encounter in energy movement.  Energy bonds together at similar wavelengths and forms powerful structures that resist the flow of the energy you bring to the nexus. Your energy may be a higher frequency, but it takes longer to synchronize such a reinforced construct operating at a lower level with a different materialized form in your thinking. This appears to your mind at present as literal and emotional battles against ideas taking the form of physical realities in this dimensional construct. Your inbred preconceptions interpret this energy battle as a physical one with real people and real danger.

Your emotional experiences have conditioned you to feel pain and fear. Your embodiment has created these interpretations of the energy reactions. Your present form identifies with these emotional reactions and controls your sense of awareness of how you encounter them. You feel something you identify as pain. You experience hopelessness because you associate the resistance the energy bloc presents with preconditioned perceptions of loss of control and inability to determine your own existence.

These are all preconceptions and emotional interpretations that have no validity in establishing your continued existence as a spiritual entity. You are only participating in this scenario because you agreed to engage in it. You can literally view this as acting a role in a play. You have a character and you say the lines you have been assigned. Your part of the interaction that produces the end product is focused on your contribution. You have lost sight of the fact that you are acting. This day-to-day existence is one you are creating with millions of other actors who have forgotten they are in a play. The play is largely improvised, in terms of action and dialogue, but it does have an ending point that is determined by the surroundings the play is occurring in.

The Universe and the solar system you are a part of determining how Earth progresses as part of its own interaction. The play on Earth is happening within the context of the larger play that is happening with the planets and the sun.  They do influence each other, but the larger play takes precedence. Man is on Earth to establish certain variables that must be set up to allow the larger interaction in the solar system to function completely. The play on Earth continues until the requirements of the larger system are satisfied. This is reaching the point of fulfillment.

The impatience you feel is really your awareness that more is at play here. The frustration is due to an awareness of something more that is happening that serves a more universal purpose. Your awareness of this influences your perceptions of your visible existence. Your mental interpretations are colored by this desire for greater balance and unity. This is the role of art and this is why you have chosen this route.

I can’t give you the definite timetable when this is finished in its present status. I see completion and readiness to move, but I don’t see the decision. Once again I leave you with indecision and lack of concrete dates or actions plans. I can only tell you to be ready to move and be willing to shift your focus to a level of perception that is beyond what you currently have. This will happen very soon, I assure you. All conditions are met and the concepts are in place as to the shape this change will take. There is only Christ Michael Aton’s decision to initiate the change that is missing.

Pleiadian RenegadesThrough Amanda R. Ryan
Saturday June 20, 2009
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High above the clouds, millions of people are waiting to buckle up and take a short trip to see you face to face. The ships are there, with people in them, it is true. You have only a short while to wait, and all of Earth will be abuzz. Then why not kick things up a notch, and take the initiative yourself, and move into the state of receptivity? Before you know it, we will respond in a way that will delight even the most skeptical among you. We know many have prepared their hearts for our arrival. You will not be disappointed. But some others of you, your families, friends, and neighbors, are at a loss as to what to think about the whole question of our mere existence, much less being prepared for a demonstration of our reality. To those who doubt, we say, don’t worry, we come in peace with tidings of great joy. This party is for everyone. Homecoming is near at hand.

Higher still than our ships above the surface of your planet are the interplanetary spaces of the solar system. Within those spaces are the vacuous realms of inter-galactic magnetic communications, on which bands our words have traveled from our source, which is, locally, from our own home stars, and non-locally from OM, which is everywhere and nowhere specific. Understanding of such concepts as love of self, love of Nemesis, love of the truth above ego — this sort of thinking comes from your own experience within a system of divinity embodied in communication with divinity itself, the self reflecting the reverberations of OM back to the Source of all being.

OM is the name we have for the perfection of Self as the creation, from the thought I AM impulsed from consciousness, to the vibration of form in recognition of itself as being. The Parent from which everything is generated. The word which creates. It is from the star Alcyone that the impulses of OM are beamed as through a lens gathering holographic light from the belly of the galaxy, which itself bends the light from the heart of the universe. And so it is that we speak with you from the vastness of space. There are many things that you will be learning in the coming months, as your science catches up with reality.

Until the time has come for the attention of the whole world to be turned to the skies, we continue to hold our positions and act as a lens for the truth of OM to be transmitted through. In the short time until we all meet, we will continue to relay information designed through the understanding of love to waken dormant mental circuitry and encourage you to embrace your transformation into beings of a higher Light. Right on schedule we are. Rather than sit idly by, we offer these words so you might have the satisfaction of waking, stretching, and embracing in awareness you as a new being. But don’t be surprised if we show up unexpectedly. Big changes are coming as we kick it up a notch.

Message Through Jess Anthony
Esu Immanuel Sananda Speaks on Earth Changes and Man’s Responsibilities
Sunday January 24th , 2010, 3:38:42PM
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Jess: Esu, I believe it is time to ask for more comments.  Much is happening that seems to be bringing some closure to aspects of the financial and political quagmire the world is stuck in. I ask for comments about that, as well as comments on the Earth’s physical condition and what we should expect. Speak on Jupiter if you will, and project what can happen there. Speak on how we who have some perspective can better interact with society. Guide us in preparing for what is sure to come.

Esu: Jess, it is time to talk again. Many things are occurring. Much has happened to the Earth itself since last we spoke formally. The physical structure of the planet is moving into a new configuration, and an increase in unexpected activity is the result. Generally all of these occurrences are the result of natural causes. The crustal movement of the continental plates causing the earthquakes is being triggered by both inner and outer energy forces. The instability of the inner core is a reflection of the lessening influence of the weakening magnetosphere and a lateral displacement of historical magnetic axes. The poles are moving quickly, and the Earth’s natural alignments that so much of its society depends on are out of balance.

This instability is coupled with increased energy input coming from the Earth’s current position inside the photon belt, as well as from the ever brighter exposure the Earth is experiencing as Jupiter emerges slowly from behind the sun.  The amount of exposure to these new rays is carefully monitored by the galactic overseers who are gauging Earth’s reaction to the extra energy. Too much too soon could be disastrous to the anticipated forward progression of man’s Ascension in conjunction with the Earth’s. The effect of too much exposure would cause more change than man could assimilate.

The geographical upheaval that occurred in Haiti was one example of the type of Earth movement you can expect in greater numbers as the input of photon energy increases. This form of energy carries additional information encoded within its frequency. Earth and its elements vibrate at a different level  of structural energy as the photon energy surrounding it increases.  Photon energy is carried in what you term light waves. The energy coming from Jupiter is a new source that is coming into play as the planet is moved from behind the sun.

This light from Jupiter will seem to you as if there were a distant sun shining in addition to your regular sun. This is because the planet now has the means to generate energy waves on its own. The position of Jupiter has been carefully monitored since the ignition last year [2009] in order to prevent a premature exposure to Earth.  The precarious nature of Earth’s geophysical structure has necessitated keeping the planet positioned behind your system’s sun to block the force of its strengthened rays. This manipulating of the planet’s position has necessarily been kept secret because it was decided the time was not right to show this transformation.  The diversion took the form of a hologram that was projected from a space ship positioned at the location Jupiter typically would be located. The images taken of the planet are, in fact images of the projection of the planet. The real orb had been moved behind the sun to shield its energy force.


I want to speak more on the earthquakes. There will most likely be several more that are of high magnitude.  The most pending disaster is the California coastline, although your own New Madrid fault line is undependable. Other will probably take place in locations that are already receiving shocks. This includes the Caribbean and the Pacific Rim countries.  This is not news; those watching earthquake formation have long said these quakes are dangerously near.  I’m saying that their happening is almost probable. Haiti is once again experiencing rumbles, and Yellowstone is tangential to the California situation.

There will be enough warning to make better preparations than occurred in Haiti. Scientists knew the plates were moving and predicted earthquake damage pretty early on. This news didn’t fit in with your government’s idea to use the devastated county as a distraction to prevent people from hearing news of financial wrongdoings that might become public. Look for discrepancies. Use the Internet information to bypass the mainstream media, and rely on the details posted there. Be careful what you accept, however. Always check to see if the report is valid. We can tell you this easily, if you ask us.

Political turmoil is to be expected, as well. The financial chaos is so widespread that no solution beyond a crash and new beginning can "fix" it. There are no means to uproot so well entrenched a financial network.  The dependence on American dollars is being rejected. The global debt is astronomical and there is not enough money available to pay it. Printing trillions more will not save a system that has no hard currency reserve to back up its legal tender.

The work of the Office of the International Treasury Control (OITC) is helping to break up some of this financial log jam, but its mandated system of operations does not give the organization much assistance in breaking away from the operational system that caused its problems in the first place. It must interact with other governments that control a portion of its deposits as another sovereign state.  Legal protocols must be observed on OITC’s part even in situations where the other government has not done so.

The public’s focus on settlement payments and packets of access to accounts is a red herring. There is no money left in the original accounts to pay back any of the so called loans. The legal paper work used to establish these financial agreements further removed any claim the donors would have on their money at any future date. Claimants gave the representatives their money and signed away any right to it. None of the legal agreements that are still extant indicate any obligation for the program to pay any of the money back. The accounts have long since been robbed at the orders of those trying to maintain their existence as it is now. It would be more practical for the recipients to examine their paper work more closely and turn their attentions to removing the system that has tricked them.

The naiveté of the general public has been purposefully structured to prevent any significant inquiry. The conspiracy theorists are correct in arguing that poor public health and nutrition, abysmal public education standards, mindless religious teachings, and distracting media coverage have all been created to lower the level of discernment and intellectual interest in the general public as a whole. All of these streams of social welfare have been manipulated to produce a global group of Earth inhabitants that can neither object nor be aware there is a problem. The distractions placed before them keep them blind and mindless.

Christ Michael Aton has always envisioned the Earth as a testing place and an experimental laboratory, as it were, to allow souls to examine complex issues that determine the development of creation. This classroom has been asked to learn from negative examples and dissociation from Universal truth for many thousands of years.  Experiential instruction has been the only means most souls have been able to maintain the progress in growth and Ascension that Christ Michael has imagined they would be able to do for him. Each soul is an extension of Christ Michael and each is created with the need to reconnect in some way.

Since Earth was made a prison planet for many of this Universe’s most resistant creations, the most protected form souls could assume in coming here later would be one of general forgetfulness of the extent of the rebels’ actions.  Earlier incarnations were largely untainted by the confusion brought by later incarnations of those most against the vision of Christ Michael.  The arrival on Earth of this group of souls determined to take control in opposition necessitated inhabitants be incarnated in lower dimensions of forgetfulness.  The spark of Christ Michael remained ready to be recognized, but direct guidance was given over to outside suggestion and random intuition.

This state of being has gradually awakened to higher levels spiritual consciousness, and at this time a group of inhabitants has reestablished their direct contact with Christ Michael and his higher dimensional creations.  This group is working in various ways to return the inhabitants of Earth’s awareness to a fuller vision of its true place and role in its Universe. This awakening is occurring in the midst of a tremendous battle to prevent this from happening. Those battling recognize the futility of what they are continuing to do against Christ Michael, but they have become so conditioned to this behavior they are unable to stop. Those who have awakened are experiencing this battle even more fully that the others who remain blind to what are occurring. The levels of frustration and disenchantment have never been higher.

Man is experiencing this painful awakening because that is the role he has taken on at this time. Emotional pain and physical discomfort are still part of the experiential lesions going on. The teaching I give now is to take control of these situations and find ways to resolve the issues in your own lives.  Fears and insecurities are holdover memories from earlier experiences. They do not determine what you do now as individuals. Only you choose what you will do. Examine your memories dispassionately and envision new ways to encounter these situations. Use your own abilities to chart a path to a new level of balance and satisfaction.

This personal growth should be happening now while the Earth is recreating her embodiment. You should be growing spiritually while your surroundings are changing. Many things around you are extensions of your personality, and they will remain connected to you if you truly need them. Examine what this is, and feel free to let go what is not.

The time is coming when the change Earth needs to continue to ascend will require substantially more galactic energy than man is at present capable of assimilating. The state spoken of as stasis will occur to pause man’s existence at one energy level while his environment makes the changes it needs to make at another. This is not suspended animation in the sense that man is sleeping; this is interrupting his energy movement at one point while the energy that surrounds him speeds up. There is no awareness of time or physical change because man is not interacting with the frequency of what is happening on Earth.  It is like circles of energy moving around each other at different speeds but not connecting.  When the environment is safe for man to resume interacting, he will, and will have no sense of an interruption. The physical evidence will be there to require assimilation, however, and man will have to reconcile this with his own sense of no time being lost. This will be the point where teaching and a new understanding will begin.

I think this is sufficient for today.  Look to the heavens for signs that Earth is ready to begin her next phase.  Her environment also must change in order for her body to be renewed. Esu.

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