Epilogue to the Masculine Era


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Epilogue to the Masculine Era
Daniel Raphael, Ph.D.

The Age of Woman, the Feminine Era

Republished by AbundantHope at: http://abundanthope.net/pages/article_1036.shtmlPublished in this website on March 25, 2008.

These are exciting times for the world. The character, feeling, and the mood of the world are changing. For perspective, imagine that you are on a small boat at sea. You see and feel the waves, even the big rollers, as you are tossed about in your little dinghy. Yet, the mighty and far more powerful influence of the moon and sun go unnoticed. Your boat raises and lowers with imperceptible movement. You are unaware of the awesome changes in elevation that are going on around you. What is occurring in the world on the spiritual plane is nearly the same.

The author is only a clanging buoy and this article is only a wind vane swinging to the influence of new, fresh spiritual winds that waft through this planet. There are many parallels between the growth and maturity of an individual’s spirituality and that of this planet’s civilizations. For individuals, there are ups and downs, setbacks and advances, growth and decay, decadence, and aspiring spirituality. It is not much different for civilizations. The hope for both is that each would mature at all levels over the years, decades, centuries, and millennia and come to develop and express their inherent potential. Eventually, consciously.

Going back in time thousands of years, man walked away from his Earth Mother to make his own home, his own life, choosing his occupations according to his needs. This was the beginning of The Masculine Era. The "time of man," not woman,…but that would change.

It was been the chore of man to wrest a living from Mother Earth, not by living in the trees but by felling the trees to make lumber to build shelters. It has taken the brute force of men to conquer the physical world, and hurl his population over the planet by the force and power of his physical body and by his assertive, aggressive will.

Billions of us are now witnessing and often personally experiencing the external and internal turmoil that grips individuals and cultures as The Masculine Era comes to an end. The turmoil is personal and cultural because it involves a loss of identity and a way of doing business that has been familiar to the world since the beginnings of civilization. Man, individually and as a class, is becoming aware that he is in transition in the world. But he, as yet, has not figured out to what extent this transition will affect him. Like drunken brawlers, man continues to compete in the world at the expense of the planet, crippling and maiming bystanders as he wrestles a living from the Earth. He is about to pull the actual roof of the world down upon himself.

What is next? Years of transition from the dominating influence of the masculine to the persuasive and persistently assertive influence of the feminine. The transition years will give way to The Feminine Era.

The transition years began with the Feminist Movement in the 1960s. It has made tremendous changes in social consciousness, values, and personal behaviors. How did this occur? Quite simply by individuals changing their concept about "the place" of women in the world. Slowly men and women are realizing that there are no polarized positions of "him and her,” but of "us."

Women must become more assertive to replace the competitive, driving need for power and authority of men. There must develop an assertive consciousness of the feminine in all individuals. The power and mystique of the feminine and masculine already exist in each of us often as an undeveloped potential, which if used would make each of us more whole and complete as a person.

The feminine character and perspective will be necessary for the management of businesses, nations, and the world. Those men who continue to maintain the bravado of the macho male and do not grasp and use their own inherent feminine qualities may easily find that they are being left out of the play of civilization, the business of governing, and commerce. Brash masculine behavior, whether by males or females, will soon be obviously unproductive, even counter-productive. Competition that is pandemic, the sin quo non of "real men,” will be replaced with cooperation and coordination, so that there will be no losers all winnersin most situations.

"Man" and "woman" are used rather loosely in this Epilogue. There are millions of females behaving as males in man’s world. Women who ride the career ladder of public office and business frequently "out man" their male peers. Men often call these women "ball busters," castrating females whose behavior would be reluctantly condoned if it were done by another male considered as part of the competitive action that surrounds his seemingly instinctual need to vie for power, dominance, and control.

We are entering a time in the development of our civilization where it is time for woman to tame and conquer the unruly nature of civilization with its unruly societies, governments, businesses, and value systems. In the early millennia, the world was like a wild horse that needed to be broken by a physically strong person man. Now, it is ready to be trained by a physically weaker, but determined woman to till the soil.

In these transition years we are in the midst of evolving from the barbarously primitive state of rugged individualism to the appreciation that the power of evolved individualism and personal spirituality has to effect change in the world. The evolved individual is a latent potential that can only be energized and actualized through the efforts of communities of individuals coming from functional families. There, the individual can express his and her potentialproactively cooperating and coordinating their efforts in communities of individuals. She is already good at the skills of cooperating and coordinating, and knows that in order to become more she and he must share more of herself with others. And in doing so, she will redefine "civilization."  As with love, she knows that when power is shared (not given away) she becomes more powerful.

This is unfamiliar ground for most who have ruled in The Masculine Era, yet ironically is ground that has been worked by some of the most profoundly effective leaders in history. Men who wish to excel in this New Era must strive to take on the best traits of the feminine, which come so easily and naturally to women. She provides a model for social balance that only men of exception have been able to emulate.

The transition years will give way to "the age of woman,” The Feminine Era. Now that man with his strong body and aggressive nature has tamed the frontiers and conquered the mountains, rivers, and seas, it is his turn to watch and learn from his helpmate. She has stood by, not idly, not patiently, but expectantly as a woman in pregnancy knows there is much to look ward to, much at stake, and a new life to come. She nurtures not only herself, but also the one to come.  The Feminine Era has been brought forth as such, from men and women.

Feminine aspects of our civilization, technologies, and cultures that already exist will remain. Those aspects of our civilization that carry the qualities of the feminine to create, care for, nourish, and tend will grow in influence in these transition years. We are beginning to see some of the results that this renaissance period is bringing into our world. For example, we can already see when we combine the best effects of the masculine with the effect of the feminine, that farming in gentle and nurturing ways is able to thrive and replace punitive ways of producing abundance from the earth. Sharing traditional roles is becoming much more common, also. Today, couples, who are parents for the first time, have to explain to the other what they mean when they say they are going to "the nursery,” for a nursery is also a greenhouse, a garden, and conservatory, as well as a room for infants, daycare center, playroom, and kindergarten. There is plenty of room for both men and women to tend our planet and its children in productive, creative, and prospering ways.

The spirituality of the world is changing by taking on feminine qualities with its inherent co-creative functions. In The Feminine Era women and men can become co-creators with other individuals, and ultimately understand and use their co-creative energies to bring a co-creative world age into existence; to ultimately become co-creators of the world with the Spiritual Guardians of our planet.

How will this change take place? It is already occurring the threads of the future being woven inextricably into the fabric of today. If only more of us could see these threads, we would see how the future is being produced from the weavers of today.

We are all weavers! The threads are the choices we make every day as to how we will live and what we want of our tomorrows. We needn’t be surprised with the quality of fabric that the future delivers! It depends upon how well we are able to express our innate, combined feminine-masculine-spiritual natures. Ego-centeredness is selfish and me-oriented while loving, co-creativeness considers all as the center.

Ignorance of choice is often a protective barrier to the consequences that follow. Civilization is ignorant of consequences made by individuals who have the power of decision for making choices. Individuals make choices but are ignorant of the consequences of their contribution to their civilization and world. The individual’s lifetime perspective is too brief to overcome their short-sightedness. This circle of ignorance can only be broken when individuals appreciate their self-worth and the significance of their actions over a lifetime of small decisions.

Now that millions of us are aware of the consequences, it is past time to amend our destructive ways and get on with the business of nurturing, caring for, and cherishing our planetary home. It will be woman who will teach this to man. The sooner each man accepts the feminine side of himself, the less suffering he will experience in the Feminine Era.

Slowly, men and women are realizing, too, as they did as children, that there are no polarized positions of man and woman, but a common "us,” just as there are no polarized positions between "us" and The Creator, but a common spiritual co-creative Oneness. We gain more personal power and control of our world when we accept the combined feminine and masculine sides of our self. And this combined personal power is multiplied when we accept the combined power of our personal, unique spiritual nature with the spiritual presence of The Creator in each of us. In the decades and centuries ahead the combined aspects of our masculine and feminine sides will become part of the expression of the best character and influence of both woman and man working in close harmony in the home, in governance, in business, and in play.

Each of us has the same intimacy of our own personal spirit with The Creator as we have the same intimacy of the feminine and masculine aspects of our personalities. There is no separation between either our masculine and feminine nature or our spiritual nature and The Creator, unless we say there is. There is no escape from this connection, and can only be transformed by breaking the circle of ignorance that there is separation between us, individually, and all else.

This is a connection of Oneness in all planes. The intimate connection between the body of the individual and the body of the earth is almost imperceptible. We are intimately connected to our material planet, for our bodies have their material origins from the nutrients of the soil and plants. Our bodies replicate the mineral content of the earth our blood replicates the water of the oceans. It remains for us to appreciate this intimacy and develop new theologies and beliefs about The Creator and Mother Earth that reflect this Oneness, and see that there is no separation from either. When we understand this Oneness, we will be able to express our lives in ways that promote completion and wholeness in our relationships with The Creator, ourselves, our families and mates, and our planet. Then we will have begun The Era of Family and Community.

Readers are welcome to reproduce this article. Please retain the name and addresses of the author, for those who wish to contact:Daniel Raphael, Ph.D., PO Box 3718, Boulder, CO 80307-3718, USA,dr@boulderlifecoach.com



Daniel Raphael is the Channel that T/Rs with Monjoronson and others in the Teaching Mission. His book, which is co-authored with Monjoronson, is available on this website [Candace meanswww.AbundantHope.net website, N. of E. of BVW]. I can’t really paste the link in here, because it’s an uploaded file and works differently.

Simply to the area where I place Monjoronson’s work, and find Daniel’s name. The Book is entitled "Global Sustainability and Planetary Management."  If you have dial up, it will take up to 1/2 hour to download, and don’t forget once the download is done to save it to the file of your choice, otherwise it won’t be there next time!

Damián and his team have completed a Spanish Translation which you can access at this link here:http://abundanthope.net/pages/article980.shtml  orhttp://esperanza-abundante.net/pdf/book12.5gs-pm-es-ah.pdf  which is Damián’s site. Hope I typed that right. In fact, when you use the link to AH above, you will find the second link above.

I had the pleasure of meeting Daniel recently, and he is simply a marvelous person, very spiritually advanced. You can find more about him at his personal website:www.holisticsoul.com/    He has written several spiritual books and is a holistic life coach.


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