St Germain on Soul Groups

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Saint Germain On Soul Groups

By Saint Germain

Channeled by Paul E. Yandeau.  This submission carries a MULTIDIMENSIONAL COPYRIGHT (M©) in the name of all beings everywhere; Please copy and share!  Source: www.spiritual-endeavors.orgIllustrations of the Soul Matrix by Luis Prada, Editor and Publisher of Brother Veritus’ Website.  See illustrations for better text clarity.


Beloved, it is with great interest that I observe the statements that are made and attributed to me. It is a very great concern that information be consolidated, corrected and enjoyed from the Light and Love that is intended.

What is the I am presence? It is that within you which is part of God Source. The balance within, the core star of who you are. You are no different than I, equal in that part of Source we all are. I have greater consciousness than you, not better, just more in my mastery of remembrance, a place of growth that you will attain, all humanity will attain. So, beloved, you are me, I am you. We are all God source. We are all magical, masters, God source, divine beings. Live, Love, Light, Laugh, great Joy, at-one-meant.

It has created wonderment within me to observe all that people say, down through the ages, which are credited to my name, and my doing. I was Merlin, I was Columbus, I was St. Francis, I was etc., all of whom are part of the same Soul Group that I am. For some, I am as Germain, had the agreement to be their Spirit Guide, others as channels, which transmitted that information they were capable of understanding, and others that agreed to be embodiments of myself, such as Paul, whom we are currently working with. (An embodiment that is in its beginning stages, which will be in fullness within the next 5 moon cycles of time.) Even with an embodiment on the earth we still do the work with those who chose to Channel the energy of Germain. All Channels are that composition of awareness of their truth, which evolves as that channel evolves in their mastery of remembrance.

So, what does a Soul Group consist of? There are 2,135 Soul Groups upon the Earth at this time. Each Group has 144,000 Monads, each Monad has 12 oversoul Souls that split into the duality of male-female upon entering into the 3rd dimensional form. You, as either male or female, are that part of God, which is one with all that is, to experience, individually, all creation in its diversity and wonderment. Those, who you call Soul Mates, are beings who have agreements with you to teach, and be taught by you, the lessons in this diversity, down through the illusion of what we call time. The purpose of duality is to understand Light and Darkness in fullness of Creation. You, as an individual, have God, both as Light and Darkness. You choose which you will experience in the Now moment. Your life reflects those choices. Twin Flames are that original male-female split from the monad you descended from. As members of a monad take on greater Light in their mastery of remembrance they contribute to the Soul Groups greater Light in its mastery of remembrance, and as the Soul Group evolves in taking on greater Light, it too, takes on greater amounts of Light to evolve in its mastery of remembrance.

It is my wish, Beloved, this information brings greater understanding in your remembrance. Love and Light to you.  St. Germain.



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