Spokes and Wheels


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Spokes and Wheels

By Andomus through Gail Powell. Published in the Magazine Sedona Journal of EMERGENCE!, August 1996.

About Andomus:

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Good morning.  We are Andomus.  It is withgreat joy that we embrace your energy, just as you feel the joy when youinteract with ours.  Today we would like to address the concept ofaccessing information from the past, present and future, and how each individualinteracts with these time frames.

All that you are, all that you ever have been and allthat you will be is recorded not only within your soul, but can be accessedthrough an inner searching, through a meditative state.  This might seem tobe a very bold statement, but it is most certainly true.  All theexperiences you have ever encountered are recorded, as you know, upon scriptswithin the akashic library.  But further, the knowledge of each experienceyou have ever encountered through your many, many lifetimes is also recordedwithin your DNA.  Not only is it recorded in such a convenient place, it isalso shared with other members of your specific community of lightworkers.

These are the entities who were created at the sameinstant as you when the burst of energy emanated from the UniversalSource.  This happened many times; therefore, there are unique and quitespecific communities to which each grouping belongs.  These groupingsaccount for the different characteristics that can be seen within your humansociety today.  Some share the same general features as others, but havedifferent cultural values to which they subscribe.  A good example of thiscan be seen within the Asian cultures.

The Japanese culture has a very deep center thatis almost impenetrable for anyone who is not born into the race.  It isvery difficult for other cultures to enter into business activities successfullywith the Japanese nation because of the lack of understanding of their culturalnature.  There are literally multiple rings, or layers, that must bepenetrated before one is able to reach the innermost rings of the Japanesecenter of activity.  Any other culture that desires to do business withthis society might never realize they are only at the outermost ring instead ofbeing in the center or hub.  Quite likely, a culture foreign to theJapanese will never penetrate into more than the second or third layer, when intruth there might be ten or more inner rings that could be accessed if theforeign culture were more attuned to the Japanese culture.

The same is true of, let us say, the culture ofIndia.  As with the Japanese, their culture is steeped in religion and hasat its core the awareness of reincarnation.  While there are fewer layersto penetrate to actively conduct business or personal affairs with the Indianculture than the Japanese, there are certainly multiple levels.  If one isable, through a self-awareness and inner searching, to become cognizant of thesedeeper levels within a specific culture or society, one will uncover a greatwealth of knowledge about the society in general that was previously hidden.

Discerning these inner layers in a society oftentimesis enabled by meditation.  While in the meditative state one should seekknowledge from their higher source, which is a repository for all knowledge fromall sources.

Imagine, if you will, a wagon wheel.  Imagine oneof the wonderful old wheels on the Conestoga wagons that made their way westhundreds of years ago.  Or picture in your mind the wheels found on the oldstagecoaches of the Wild West.  Now imagine that you are one of the spokeswithin one of those wheels, centering your awareness at the far end of one ofthe spokes.  During your meditative states let your awareness flow upthrough the spokes to the very center, to the hub.  This is the place thatbecomes the repository of all knowledge for all of the entities who are membersof the wheel.  Understand that you are not alone on the wheel, for each ofthe other spokes has an entity at the end of it as well.  Each spoke has anentity whose experiences are conveyed along their spoke to the hub, becomingthen available to all the members of the wheel.  Therefore, when you allowyour awareness to travel into the hub, you will find not only records of yourown experience there, but those of all the members of the wheel.

Now, take this example a step further.  Becomeaware of the fact that while your particular spoke of the wheel might becentered in what you considered the present (1996) [when this article waspublished], the entity who is inhabiting the spoke next to you might, in his orher reality, be grounded in their present of , say A.D. 2,025 or 25,000,or 1,500 or 25,000 B.C.  Experiences from whatever their particular presentare fed to the hub and take their place within the repository of allknowledge.  Become aware of the fact that you can travel into the center ofthe hub and access all the information that resides there, whether it comes fromwhat you consider the distant past, the present or the future.  Quitesimply, you have access to information from all levels at all times.

Generally, the entities who make up the differentspokes within the wheel originate from the same burst of energy, although it isnot uncommon to have visiting member from a different culture who has found itnecessary to expand his or her experiences by incarnating into acounterculture.  These visiting entities will add a great deal of awarenessto your own particular culture and give you ideas about how your culture mightexpand and grow, how it might improve upon its values.  This is how culturesevolve throughout time.  Likewise, you will find in one or more lifetimesthat you too have incarnated within a counterculture, simply for the experienceand the knowledge that you could gain from it.  You might already have doneit so many times in many different cultures.  It is indeed a wonderfulexperience, for each culture has its own breadth and depth of beauty anduniqueness.

Now, let us take the example even further. Picture the wheel of which you are a member, attached at the hub to an axle thatis attached to another wheel.  The axle is the tunnel through which informationfreely flows between the two cultures contained at either end.  This isanother vehicle through which one is able to gain awareness and understanding ofother societies and cultures, although many individuals never become aware ofthis connection and therefore never explore it.

You might expand this picture even further byenvisioning a drive train that connects the rear axle to the front axle -which,of course, has two other cultures attached to it.  If you permit yourawareness to explore through your meditations, you will discover many other nuancesof life and its societies when you begin to move through the equivalent of thedrive train to reach your sister societies.  Doing so will enable you togain much awareness into the huge number of other societies that exist withinyour world.

Now, let’s explode the image of the wheel and itsspokes.  Quite literally, your spoke is able to wander or travel anyplaceit desires.  The spoke of one wheel might be pointed in any given directionwhile the spoke next to it is doing its own thing.  Therefore, the wheelimage we have portrayed is somewhat different from the actual wagon wheel, sinceour spokes are able to go where they wish, do what they wish and be what theywish.  The only prerequisite is that each member of the wheel or group mustshare their experiences with the group itself, must make them available forothers to access if they so desire.  This is done automatically and withoutany conscious effort on the part of the entity.  It simply is.  Itsimply occurs.  There would be no way for an individual entity to shield anyexperience from the group.

Virtually everything you do, as virtually anything theydo, is available for the whole to access and use as their own experiencebase.  This is how the society grows without everyone having to personallyexperience every nuance of life, although to some believe they probably havedone so individually.  There quite simply are not enough lifetimes toencounter every possible experience a human life could present.

 Now, lest you become concerned, please be awarethat while the information pertaining to a given experience is most certainly sharedwith the group, the record of who experienced it becomes lost.  It becomesa pool of knowledge quite general in nature and for which no one takes credit orblame.  Therefore, there is no need to become concerned about what yourneighbor thinks because your neighboring spoke will be aware only of theexperience itself, not the "who did it."

We encourage each of you to meditate on this conceptand begin drawing from the experiences that are truly available to you throughthe hub of  your wheel.  In truth, your wheel is connected to manyother wheels, each of which is ultimately attached to the universalSource.  Therefore, if you seek deeply enough, you are able to access notonly all the other experiences that have occurred, but the ultimate Source aswell.  It is truly a breathtaking experience, providing great enlightenmentto you in your daily life.  That enlightenment can extend to your personaldealings with other cultures, cultures you might previously have avoided. You will find there is great beauty in all cultures if you allow yourself toexplore them.

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