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St. Germain On NESARA & Money

By Violinio Germain and Candace Frieze

Beloved Ascended Master Violinio St. Germain channeled through Candace Frieze,
Published initially in this website on May 28, 2005.  New updates are incorporated from time to time.  Revisit it.
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Saturday Morning, May 28, 2005


Hi everyone! We have had a number of questions about NESARA, so Germain is answering them in this message. I will be gone over the Memorial Day weekend, and when I return I will start the work on the next message with Rafael. Over this weekend, I also get to write down, in an orderly fashion, what I plan for AbundantHope for its first year. Hopefully we will see NESARA announced this weekend! There are no known problems thus far. However, should something intervene, I will remain patient.

Being somewhat more in the know, I have come to understand better the games played by the BBB&G’s, who will stop at nothing, down the last possible conflict they can conjure up. After I came to my senses at what the bomb meant for Peru could have done, and the kidnapping attempt, I remain now in the stance that even though I want all of this so very badly, I want it done also with the maximum safety and care that is possible. In the waiting horrid potential problems come forth and can be dealt with. The plans for the world wide installation of NESARA are not yet complete in some areas. If the major problems can be solved, more time can then be spent on more productive issues. The Second Coming event must not generate fear, it must be Holy in nature. So now, here is Germain.


Good Morning my friends, ‘tis a lovely day! I AM Germain, and I will discuss a little today about NESARA, funding, and money in general.

The prosperity funding is happening. I have given out quite a bit of monies actually over the last several weeks, on a special needs basis. Some of you have inquired about where the prosperity funds are coming from. I actually set in motion what was needed for these times some 200 years ago. Many in Europe at that time began setting aside fortunes that continue to this day, for when the needs became apparent, and we could together bring in changes that we saw coming way back then. We knew from experience, those of us who started the banking changes, what would happen in the future.

Banking as you know it today, allows the easy circulation of money. Precious metals are difficult to use world wide as an exchange medium. Banks hold the metals, and issue easy to use currency in their place. Now you have electronic money which is the easiest to use of all for a worldwide society still using money in its learning stages. I know that most of you appreciate the ability to swipe your cards in payment of debt or in the purchasing of goods. Many of you enjoy buying and paying bills on the Internet using electronic money.

Some in your churches are very against this idea, seeing the mark of the beast involved. As with any technology there is the potential for good and the potential for evil. The BBB&G’s, in the creation of the Federal Reserve System in the USA and similar systems in other countries through the World Bank system, show the way of evil in the management of money.

There is no real value, as many of you know, in the Federal Reserve Notes of the United States. This is a system backed by hot air, and enforced control of others, and markets. You have your war in Iraq, in part based on the fact that the Islamic countries use gold, either in coinage and/or currency backed by gold. These countries knew that the American dollar was of no real value, and began to accept payment of monies as precious metals, or currency backed by them, in payment for oil. The current Euro is backed by precious metals, and thus it has real value.

In my distant past I learned personally the hard way, as most do in Earth, the follies of misusing of money. I headed up a very large civilization that came to an end 50,000 years ago in the area which is now the Sahara Desert. I practiced personally at the time money management, much as the Federal Reserve does today. My peoples lost their sense of spirituality because they became so engulfed in money, wealth, and materialism.

My society failed from my mismanagement. The money became worthless, just as is what is happening now, on a large scale basis over much of the world. My society collapsed, and had nothing to fall back on, when the money became worthless. We basically just printed and spent, and developed little other skills that we could fall back on, for survival. I learned much then. I did not do this to bring about collapse and control. I did this because I wanted the peoples to be happy and comfortable. They were too comfortable. But I learned much about how money works in that venture.

Over the last 200 years I have worked behind the scenes to get electronic money up and running. Well, it wasn’t electronic then the way it is now, but I did start the banking up that has become what it is today. I did not start up the Federal Reserve System, this mess is the work entirely of the BBB&G’s. But electronic transfer of money is efficient, and makes it easy to use.

In the near future the money of all the societies of earth will be the same and have the same value so the game of exchange rates cannot be played. It will become more and more difficult to make money from manipulative investments, such as the stock market as currently run and the betting that goes on, such as the future’s market. Money will be made strictly from legitimate business practices.

In fact, in a few short years after NESARA has been implemented and its changes in effect world wide, everyone is going to have very adequate money. When everyone has adequate money, you will not play the inflation game, that the BBB&G’s create intentionally to rip people off in a variety of ways. What will happen in short is that when you are rolling in abundant money you will discover the stuff is useless, and build a society that does not use it. The Inner Earth peoples do not use money at all. Everyone works there, and full time work is 20 hours a week or less, as you define your week on the surface.

These peoples do barter for luxury items, and you will be taught how to do this on the surface. In actuality, most countries of reasonable size can produce what they need and will not have to bargain very much. You are going to produce goods that do not wear out a few days after the warranty expires.

You are not going to need a new car every few years. Your vehicles will last practically forever. You will need to develop better means of travel than the automobile. There are a variety of options available to choose from, and could vary from country to country. It will be a while before you have teleportation available for use. There is spiritual work to be done for these technologies to become useful.

Now, back to NESARA. In the United States, and many other countries around the world that have fraudulent banking systems and fraudulent taxation systems the citizens of these countries will be getting some sort of refund coming over a period of time. The amount will be dependent on the countries involved inflation rates, and the length of time the fraudulent systems have been in place.

Not all has been set up yet for many countries, as NESARA was created in the United States for the United States. Other countries became interested in the idea, and several had developed plans to be implemented shortly after NESARA was to be announced in the USA last March of 2004. Since the Galactic Federation took over the implementation of NESARA late last May, it was decided to implement it over a larger area, and then by fall, to simply implement it over the entire world.

Prior to this, had NESARA been announced over a year ago, there was going to be economic and political pressures applied to resistant countries to encourage them making similar changes. Many countries in places like Africa, the other countries separated from the Soviet Union, almost all of South and Central America would have been most difficult to work with and bring into NESARA.

World peace, true peace would still be a long way off in these small countries under dictators that would have not cooperated and given up power. Although the USA was going to back off and bring its troops home, many small countries would still have warred in one way or the other.

With the Galactic Federation taking over, as all involved studied Earth, it became apparent that the best way to go would be to install it world wide, period, in a short space of time. This world is very sick, as you all well know, both its environment, and its peoples. It is not really feasible to wait, with the increased effects of the Photon Belt energies and the earth changes that Mother Earth wishes to make in the clearing of negativity from the planet.

Although the planet was quite ill back in the times of Atlantis, near the end of that era, it was nowhere near as ill as it is now. It had a similar population back then, but there was still a good deal of spirituality, and spiritual technologies that did not pollute. We did not make use of oil, except for some plastics back then. Plastics do have their place and are useful.

I am going to describe now the changes for the United States, as these are the most detailed and planned for. Europe, Canada, Russia, India, and China will have similar changes. We are still working details for the many small war torn countries of the world. We can’t make monetary changes in these countries until there is a stable government. This article is more about the monetary changes than the political ones. You know that bad governments are getting replaced.

You are aware already that credit card debt gets erased. This is for everyone, citizen or not in the United States. Your mortgage debt will also be forgiven, but this is only for citizens. You will have to fill out paper work, proving citizenship. You will not have to make payments upon the announcement. In general, there will be credit card debt forgiveness in any country changing excess interest and expenses of credit. In many Islamic countries interest in not charged. In these countries the debts are therefore legal and ethical and will not be discharged. NESARA will be quite different from country to country.

Now I wish to cover an area, covered only briefly in the Dove Reports. Every citizen of the United States, over the age of 21, will receive a sum of ten million dollars, as a refund of monies taken through fraudulent banking and taxes over the years since 1913 when the Federal Reserve System was created.

It is not really possible to come to an actual figure. The designers of NESARA basically picked a figure out of a hat, so to speak. The deposits should start in approximately a year. One reason for the wait is that those who have been illegally stealing money for a long time, and are very wealthy as a result, will have these ill gotten funds (which include monies earned from the drug trade) taken away from them as part of their punishment, or what we prefer to call rehabilitation. This action will provide some of the funds coming to you.

This money will be deposited monthly into your bank accounts. It will be $75,000 a month, until the ten million has been reached, in slightly less than 12 years. In addition to this, to compensate to some degree for the massive inflation over the many years since 1913, everything in the USA will be re-priced, by simply moving the decimal point over one space to the left. This does not fully compensate for the inflation, but it is simple to do mathematically. Once the monies mentioned above have begun to be distributed some of you with vision and a plan may apply to receive a larger portion up front if you can prove need.

What this means, the moving of the decimal point, is that everything will cost 1/10 of what it did. Salaries will also change, being 1/10 of the original also. What is the point in this, in the United States? It will help correct trade deficits and problems of taking the jobs to cheaper places overseas. You will be competitive with the rest of the world.

Your dollar has been terribly misused in the creating of inflation by intent. If you haven’t read some of the Protocols of Zion, now would be a good time to do so. These describe in quite good detail the monetary plans of enslavement, and the ways to make money from money. An ideal society still using money learns that inflation is a real killer. Inflation only happens as a result of greed, plain and simple.

Not only in the United States, but also countries where the value of money is comparable to the dollar, in exchange rates, will have similar adjustments in economy to make your monies more equal in value. The poorer countries will not need these adjustments. We plan that in 5 years or less there will be a universal currency in place. Much of it will be electronic but the banks will hold precious metals to back it up.

So, now, what will the citizens of the United States, and other countries do with this money? $75,000 a month, with an economy returned to a lower exchange, is way more than most of you could spend in luxury living. Also, there will not be enough goods to buy with it, as luxury goods. Not all of you can buy a personal yacht, for example.

This is where you chose to become a messiah, in one way or the other. You can create programs to care for people with it. You can create better schools. You can upgrade the technology, as new technology is given to you. If I had my way, we would stop money right now, and have everyone contribute time to their society. Money is imaginary at any rate. But your multiple societies around the world are not ready for this yet.

You still need money as an exchange. It will be a great test of many people in the United States, and similar wealthy countries, as to what they do with this money. Some are sure to experiment with power in a negative way. This won’t last too long as since you will all have plenty of the stuff you won’t need to come under the power of others. There is going to be no more inflation so it won’t work to buy up a bunch of apartment buildings for example and rent them out at ever increasing rates.

It will be interesting what will happen with housing. I imagine that many of you are not going to stay living in a little dinky apartment, or old worn out mobile homes, and similar old housing. I would advise some of you interested in the new housing market that will be created from this wealth to wait in doing so until you understand the newer technologies and can put them in place.

The electric grid in many countries must go. You will be receiving new technology wherein each building can have its own electricity supply that is clean and efficient. You have a huge amount of electricity in the air for the taking. This can be used easily requiring no fuel to obtain it.

Please do not get into a building rush, and create buildings using old technologies for energy. Wait a bit please, not only if you are a builder, but also a buyer. All over the world there exist apartment buildings. If properly constructed, these should be maintained and made use of for a period of time. They can be refitted, and walls torn down to make larger rooms. Create fewer, but bigger apartments in these buildings.

It will no longer necessary to stuff people into small places to have large profits. Many will actually prefer to still live in these buildings, as many do not want yards to care for, or to travel longer distances to work. In many areas, that are heavily populated, there is not enough land to spread out. Look to change these communities for the better. I would suggest, that with all the money available, that these be converted to units that can be purchased, rather than rented, taking away the money making of rentals the way it currently exists.

Automobiles will need to be used for a time until there are new techniques. You will be eventually getting rid of highways and roads, as you know them. Many will probably own hovercraft for some of the transportation requirements. You should also build communities in which many can work either from home, or nearby, so that the huge amount of time given to daily travel will be decreased.

Your large grocery stores need to go away. You should have small community shops for fresh food. You should have areas in the community for growing of fresh greens. You will still import foods from other countries, but these will be shipped quite differently. With the use of "flying saucers" food can be harvested and shipped in a matter of hours for more immediate consumption.

Many of you looking for messianic missions should look into the food, and how it is supplied. If you are already working in the food area, in whatever form, stay there and bring in the new changes. Restaurants will remain important. In fact, around the world, you may need more of them, as people will travel for business, recreation and learning much more frequently. The Inner Earth folks intend to teach you much about food in all areas of importance. In choosing something messianic to do we not only need help feeding the world but need great help in bringing about all sorts of changes in every field imaginable.

The planet is changing its axis. There used to not be the change in seasons that you experience. This happened when Atlantis went down and with the photon belt changes at that time. The planet’s normal existence is straight up and down, not tilted. When this returns to normal totally you will have difficulty measuring the year in that it won’t be marked by the changes of the seasons. Much of the weather changes in recent years are the result of the gradual changes in the tilt.

As a result, the foods you grow will also change. The growing seasons will be much longer, in fact constant.

But I seem to have side tracked a bit. Back to the prosperity funds. A number of individuals are going to receive funds that have purposely been built over time by wealthy individuals to be distributed to the world in general. The receivers of these funds will redistribute them to others. This is what you have seen about the making of lists for designated receivers.

These receivers can use their funds for a messianic project and also continue the distribution to others beyond their needs. Remember that months down the road most in the United States and similar countries will have generous funding that I discussed above. If you are a citizen begin creating ideas for ways to use this huge tax and interest rebate.

In the waiting of a year you will see what newer technologies are coming and how you might choose to participate. Many of you should stay in your areas of interest already and make changes from within. If this is not feasible do to the nature of your employment you could simply write a check instead giving funds to those that further need them.

There is going to be much building of many different sorts going on. So understand, that if no prosperity funds come your way, and this is possible, that you are going to receive your prosperity through this rebate program. As I said, this will also happen in many other countries. I can’t give the amounts rebated, in this message, as it will be different from place to place. And don’t forget, all of you having credit and loans through commercial institutions get the benefit of debt relief.

But stolen monies are going to be rebated worldwide wherever this has happened. The countries in Africa and similar areas of the world may have little to rebate. The scoundrels running these places are not that wealthy, they spend much of it. What monies can be rebated in these countries will probably go to visionaries that can do something of consequence with this money.

Also in the United States there are many who will receive funds, that were the farmers in the farm claims issues. These monies will be rebated fairly soon after the NESARA announcement in the United States. You know who you are in that program. There are some who were farmers that were likewise ripped off, who may also receive funds but there will be some education on this first. Many who gave up their farms under pressure and loans that could not be paid are not yet aware of the farm claims program.

Some of you that can leave your jobs should do so and travel to these places and fix them with your rebates. Get together in groups and pool your resources and skills working the idea of "Two or more in My Name." These poor countries that have such awful electricity, or the lack of it, need to benefit from the new technologies being brought in.

You should create decent housing and food supply for these peoples, and employ them in the process, as they grow into sustainable communities and out of living in little shacks. You need to do more than just have a great food line, you need to build communities, and involve these peoples in the creating of the dream.

You might even be able to build communities that don’t really need money, that are self-sustaining in time. Let these people learn the value of helping themselves using yourselves as resources. Teach them to "fish", in other words. But do feed them first, as a hungry people can’t move past the hunger until they are fed.

Understand that NESARA and the Second Coming Events, do not immediately fix the world, they only set the stage. I think we shall see a very different world in a period of five years. Your star visitors will enforce the peace, in a very short time, allowing you to begin your work.

Until the funds and ideas begin to happen, they can feed many, in areas that are impoverished, until the rest of you can help in other ways. The star people are not going to do it all. You must do it all. They will serve more in an advisory capacity. They will impart the knowledge you need to change your world, but you must make use of this knowledge and create the changes yourself.

And as mentioned, the Inner Earth people will impart knowledge, they have been there and done that, as the expression goes, and are eager to share with you their own learning and experience. But the Inner Earth society has not the population problems of the surface, nor the degree of political strife, ever, so they do not have all the solutions. This will be time of learning also for them, as they begin to mingle with you.

Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian FederationSo, my friends, begin your dreams and ideas in earnest. Study your world and its needs. Look first at home, if that suits you, for what needs fixing. Go on the Internet and read of other places. Africa is in the most need of help from others. It is so very war torn, and unstable. Even though there are poor in almost any country, the countries of Africa have the most.

Societies in South America have many poor, but these also have greater resources. If you live in South America, look around you. You have much to improve upon, but your resources and education are better than Africa. What Africa does have, however, is a great people in general, who are exhausted from life as lived, and once fed, and healed of illness, they will be a mighty force in helping themselves, if you will but provide the money, and certain resources to them.

We will take care of the dictator problem that exists in many places. There will be star people in temporary governments in many countries in Africa as there is no one suitable at this time to do so. Russia is beginning to step up to the plate in providing for the countries that left the Soviet Union in a positive way. You do not read of this of course but it is happening.

Actually, Putin will not be replaced at this time, he has so fully come into the Light. He has many challenges ahead, and is up to them. Russia will also have honest elections in due time, but not in the four months, that will happen in the United States. Many countries will have to wait longer than 4 months for honest elections as they are too unstable to bring this about.

So, I am trying to get across that the changes will vary from country to country, dependent on the local situations. But within a year, there should be a much more satisfactory flow of monies from a variety of sources to all the world. Good day, my friends. I AM Violinio Germain.


I am now going to include a few websites that feature translations of these messages. I have repeatedly forgotten to do so.
Dutch site:Dutch.
Bilingual Spanish/English Has nice illustrations of the messages.
Spanish only, with translations of a few Phoenix
I had a site for German translations, but I must have copied it wrong. If the person that sent me that site, reads this message, please resend the information to me. I apologize for whatever I did to mess up. If I have missed an email, for identity of other sites, please send another, and draw attention to this in the subject line. I can’t open all the mail anymore, there is so much of it. I won’t of course be answering any of the mail while I am out of town. Have a great weekend! Take care, Candace

Editor’s Notes:
For those wishing to become Messiahs in the area of teaching at a worldwide level read the article "The Twelve Ingredients of the World Teacher" at: .
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Banking Rumor Not True

August 17, 2006, 8:50AM

From: .


Hi everyone, there are rumors being spread today via the GLP forum that Germain wishes to answer. Apparently somebody posted a message saying the banks will close globally in one week, get your money now. Some are worried that this is a terror game. There are often rumors that are not true that are started on this other forum. Here is Germain’s response.


Dearly Beloveds, this could be a terror game but will not be allowed to happen. If plans go the way intended at this time, the new temporary President of the United States and the closing of the Federal Reserve will be announced simultaneously. No matter the scenario, the banks in the USA will be closed for 3 to 5 business days to make the changeovers to the new Treasury system and to finish the stocking processes of the new currency.

You have known of this for sometime and it is wise to always, under any circumstances, have a bit of cash on hand.  The closing of the USA banks will be covered in the news and people given time to withdraw cash since plastic will not work. The absence of banking may cause a few businesses to have some monetary issues for a few days and some may not stay open the whole time for business, so it is not a bad idea to have adequate food and related needs, and a full tank of gas in each car for commuting in case some gas stations close that deal mainly in cards.

There is no plan to close banks globally at the same time. There will be other countries that have printed a new currency whose banks may or may not close at the same time. These would close at some point to make changes. Someone is again having some fun creating fear amongst you.

The Prosperity Funds and Farm Claim Funds can’t be distributed until the changes in the USA. It is not safe to do so. Stop paying attention to false posts around that concept. It is not safe to identify receivers by delivering papers either and there is a scam going on to deliver paperwork that is not legit to cause harm.  All important papers will be delivered by courier not registered mail. This has always been the case.

There are still people trying to scam and steal of all of the funding, including my World Trusts and these shall face their music down the road. False "Lightworkers" will be identified and the funds recovered if mistakenly given out. I have new people who will be accepting applications for trust funds of many types and applications will be scrutinized carefully and proof will have to be submitted of appropriate use of funding. There are still those dark who claim to be Lightworkers who are not in hopes of obtaining funds for misuse and to be given unto dark people to use in wicked ways.

The problem with this idea is that these dark ones will be exiting the planet over the next several months and not be around to use of their stealing.  Once the "star people" are on the ground and public, many of the dark will be very easily identified and removed.  Judgment time, we call it. I advise against the scams. It will not serve you well. There are resources, ways and means, to identify the dark after the Second Coming Event that are not on the planet yet but under Monjoronson’s courts, so shall it happen.

Beware the games, you, players of them!  With the Second Coming event comes the new rules to play by and they are tough, quick, and final.  So Be It.  This could have been easier for these dark ones to cross the fence.  At the beginning of the Second Coming the decision time has ended for you who are intentionally dark.  So Be It, on that too.  You will be removed as rapidly as possible from the planet, your final chance to change is about over.

Now as to my various World Trusts. I have created many, in a variety of countries, so that application will be handled locally for the most part. These will be very carefully approved and the application process will not be easy. These funds will start accepting applications about 3 months from the Second Coming which helps to relieve the problem of the dark applying for them because the worst will have exited the planet. I advise that there will be some not very pretty scenarios for some and Lightworkers will need to be of help to those in their circles who may experience some losses.

There are certain programs that will be funded shortly after the removal of the Federal Reserve, that have been pre approved by me and my staff. Others will have to await the public disclosure of the application process to begin to apply. Many of you will need to await, in the USA, for the refund programs to become active for your funding of missions. Your missions can be funded out of your personal rebates, which will be just as we have stated for some time now, $75000 a month for slightly over 12 years.

In the USA, the decimal point by then will be moved over, so this amount of money becomes huge in the USA, buying 10 times what it would now. This may not be true in other economies but we are working hard to restructure all economies to a standard world monetary system, within 5 years and, if all goes well, considerably less. All countries that have experienced considerable inflation, such as in Europe and the USA, will experience changes to correct the inflation. This is the first course in correcting the widespread problems of inflation.

Monjoronson’s program will be public in a short while after the Second Coming event, and hopefully this knowledge will cause some to straighten up. His courts are definitive in their findings and there is no recourse nor will there be the possibility of long drawn out trials. Those that scam the trust funds will answer to his courts and not the courts of the land. Enough said on that.

So, beloveds, stop the worrying about all the stuff that spreads on forums at times. I am the one in charge and so be it. Namaste, I AM Germain.

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