The Twelve Ingredients of the World Teacher

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World Manifesto

The Twelve Ingredients of the World Teacher

The Twelve Qualities Required of the World Server Specialized in the Spiritual Teaching During the Age of Aquarius

Luis Prada
Editor and Publisher of "Brother Veritus’ Website"

Published in this website on June 15, 2004.


This discourse presents the key ingredients required by an individual to become a world spiritual teacher in the Aquarian Age.  It raises the bar several notches because it demands more talent, knowledge and spiritual development in this service than those exhibited by previous world spiritual instructors.

At Ephrata, Pennsylvania, on July 5, 1987, Saint Germain appeared and spoke to Philip Burley, the conversation was taped.  As he entered the room Saint Germain powerfully intoned:  "This is Saint Germain and I come in the Golden and Purple Light and from All That Is Holy.  It is so great indeed that we can be with someone who is as dedicated as you are."  After talking to Philip about his spiritual Path and instructing him about the development of more mediumship sensitivity, he said: "We must meet each other halfway, each doing his part.  If you love others as yourself —regardless of who they are, in spite of what they do or do not do— then that unconditional caring will draw me so close to you that I will be permanently cemented into your aura and we will move together at all times."

Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germain

During the 2004 Wesak Celebration at Mount Shasta with Dr. Joshua David Stone ( I asked Beloved Ascended Master St. Germain, channeled through Philip Burley, the following question on the Friday night session on April 30, 2004:

Luis P.: “As the religious, political and economic establishment crumbles down and the Dark Forces loosen their power grip, there is a great hunger among humanity for Higher Knowledge…”
St. Germain: “Yes, Sir.”
Luis P.: “There will be a need to instruct the world and fill this emptiness.  What are the twelve ingredients of a true world teacher?”
St. Germain: “Unconditional Love, unconditional love, unconditional love, unconditional love, unconditional love, unconditional love, unconditional love, unconditional love, unconditional love, unconditional love, unconditional love and unconditional love.”  [Audience laughs].

[Philip Burley is a trance medium so he is not aware about what St. Germain is saying while using his body.  Somebody told him about this answer after the session.  He found it as amusing as anybody else.]

Philip Burley
Medium, Mystic and Trance Channeler of Saint Germain
Phone: 480-820-6265,,

So, the basic underlying principle to create a world teacher, an international speaker who be able to communicate spiritual knowledge to greater audiences of all cultures and lands and be able to understand them, and relate to them, isUnconditional Love manifested sincerely in the teacher’ heart that will radiate through his or her aura and is sensed by the chelas or students.  This presence will create healing in the people around the teacher.  Needless to say, but this job requires some travel.

St. Germain’s emphasis on Unconditional Love is so high which implies that if it is not yet manifested in the spiritual teacher he or she is still not mature enough to take this divine labor.

Even though love is always the answer, we have to clarify that there are key ingredients that will be needed to create a true spiritual instructor.  If only Unconditional Love exists but the teacher lacks proper communication skills and spiritual knowledge he won’t be successful in conveying an effective message.  So, besides love and compassion, there are other qualities or talents the teacher needs to have in order to be able to accomplish this type of world service.  This is the subject of this manifesto.

Figuratively speaking, if you mix in a crucible the following twelve ingredients to make an alchemical concoction, stir them up and add the fire of transmutation you will obtain the essence of a qualified teacher who will be heard by all because is truly equipped for the job.

This manifesto describes a new spiritual leader who contrasts, for example, the old-fashioned Christian religious leader, priest or minister, with a stern self-righteous look, carrying a bible under his arm and inviting the congregation to find Jesus.

It was during a time of innocence in humanity when most everybody saw things as cut and dried, black and white, good versus evil, heaven and hell, God and the devil.  From the pulpit priests and ministers yelled:  “All ye, sinners, repent!  The end of the world is at hand and for your sins you all will end up in hell.  Find Jesus as your personal Savior and you’ll be in Heaven with Him and with all the Just.”  In other established religions there are similar religious authorities.  In the mystical schools exist one type of old-fashioned spiritual leader who is the antiquarian esoterist who writes arcane, dry and boring books and zealously guard knowledge from the unprepared.

Once humanity is introduced to the Galactic Federation and officially becomes a galactic member, then this innocence is over, all paradigms —religious, social, scientific, economic and political— are shaken, knocked down or transformed.  The spiritual information is opened to everybody without the need for associations.  The spiritual leader then is a sort of technologic spiritualist who teaches true and real, science and spirit, sweeping from ancient to modern to future knowledge, no more fake to comply with controllers and established dogma with which in many cases the instructor is in disagreement.

Two important clarifications:  This manifesto is not addressing spiritual writers, although spiritual teachers are most of the time spiritual writers.  Here we are concerned with a charismatic public speaker.  Another point is that this model is not applicable to world instructors like Krishnamurti or Paramanhansa Yogananda or known members of the Theosophical Society.  They were teachers of the Piscean Age.  Herein is described a new teacher for the Age of Aquarius.

Later, during two sessions with Dr. Stone at the Wesak Celebration mentioned before, he referred to the question I asked St. Germain and elaborated on some keys or qualities based on spiritual lore and ancient wisdom.  See the keys given by Dr. Stone in the Reference 1, as I jotted them down in the semi-dark room.  These keys are mentioned throughout the text.

I also received other keys, more of a personal nature, on Sunday night before the closing ceremony, through Sheryl Blumenthal, , a gifted spiritual channel.  Telepathically she was asked by my Angelic guides to give me a message, I was sitting about 30 feet away from her across the room.  She did not know me and needed confirmation to be sure she was picking up the right person and if the inner request was real.  She turned to a girlfriend, another gifted channel, and asked her if this was correct.  She confirmed that was true and that that was the person.  Sheryl then approached me and we went to a bench outside the auditorium where she gave me a most moving message.

Most of the concepts herein were written down through inspiration from the seed thoughts “Unconditional Love, World Service and World Teacher”.  In fact, the whole discourse was written down in one sit, with no planning but as it came to my mind, that is, from vertical knowledge.  Horizontal knowledge, that is, external knowledge, second-hand knowledge or the knowledge acquired from others as Reference 1, was added later for enhancement.  This is the only way I always write, which defies logic and is contrary to the rules of writing and composition, because I focus on the paragraph I’m writing without knowing what the next one will be about.  Of course, later I add more information as I improve and correct the style, grammar and spelling, which takes the longest part.

One final comment:  At the beginning of April, 2004, St. Germain told me, as channeled by Roque, one of my family brothers in a phone call from Colombia, South America, that I was going to write a manifesto and that key codes will be given unto me.  I did not know back then that few weeks later I was coming up with this question for St. Germain, which I almost didn’t ask, and was going to receive the codes in such a strange way.  On Sunday and less than an hour after Dr. Stone finished his second presentation, and while in the conference room, I received a phone call on my mobile phone requesting me to make a presentation.  Weeks later I decided to write this discourse and use it for that presentation.  Only when I was writing this manifesto is when I connected all these independent events together into a coherent "plan" that now makes all sense.

The Twelve Ingredients of a World Teacher

1. Unconditional Love

Without sincere love and compassion for humanity and for rendering service the teacher is not fit for the job.  Knowledge is not enough since head and heart must be integrated.  The master must be free from the illusion of separation.

Peace of mind and serenity should always be reflected in his countenance.  Joy and contentment should inspire others and make them feel good by a contagious inner happiness felt in the presence of the teacher.

The manifestation of unconditional love happens when the individual becomes 100% real or has been healed in his personality’s psychology, in other words, when he or she has no fake in his personality makeup, does not create more dramas in his or her life.

Unconditional love must flow effortlessly and freely inwards and outwards from the heart fountain connected to God, inwards as unconditional love for thyself and outwards as unconditional love for humanity.  Unconditional love cannot be feigned, only imperfect love can.

Manifesting unconditional love and more spiritual Light does not mean that everybody will like the master, quite on the contrary, he or she may face more enemies among those who do not want change than before when he or she was not in this mission.  You cannot put on a smile all the time, sometimes you have to fight for what you consider right.  A hypocritical smile before the wrongs is not the way of a master.  Especially when he or she is knocking down the old paradigms and beliefs systems and is sincere and straight right in his affirmations, that will irritate a lot of people who will see threaten their comfortable zones.  Master Jesus is an example: He was hated by family, religious and government authorities and many others, sometimes He and the apostles were not allowed to enter a town to teach and heal because the inhabitants did not want to hear His message.  For many he was seen and treated as a saboteur, revolutionary and troublemaker.

2. Service

He possesses a deep desire to raise humanity from the depths of the ignorance, manipulation and control the Dark Forces have worked for many millennia to plunge her into.

The world teacher’s motivation is so deep that he or she would give anything to achieve this goal.  The Hindu Ascended Master Maha Avatar Babaji vowed to tarry on Earth until she reaches Ascension.  Babaji could have been on his way to Higher Realms of Splendid Light ten thousand years ago, however, he decided to stay on the planet because of his deep love for humanity.  He keeps taking grown-up humanbodies for his physical manifestation.

This world service will require traveling, the costs of which will be paid through theNESARA‘s prosperity programs under the leadership and the auspices of Beloved Ascended Master St. Germain.  This work falls under the spiritual education program.

3. Surrendering

Give up the world and its tinsel and embrace your mission, your divine mission.  Thus, the world teacher must surrender the lower ego to the Big Ego and unto God.

“Only that which you give away, you possess.”  You give up the world and its gratifications so you possess it back.  These spiritual teachers will be part of the celebrities of the future in contrast to the majority of ephemeral celebrities of previous times.  Their contribution to the Enlightenment of the mesmerized humanity and the awakening of starseeds and Lightworkers will endure time.

4. Sacred Heart

The spiritual teacher should see others as himself or herself, give a hand to the humble, pick up the pieces or fragments of those so-called “lost souls” when nobody else wants to take this task and help them.  He or she does not give up hope.

5. Hope and Inspiration

Be able to inspire the masses for a better future and to lift up the moral of the disbeliever, the pessimist and those who have lost hope.  Be able to align people to their responsibilities and to make them aspire to Greater Knowledge.

Able to walk straight with the head high facing the Light at the end of the tunnel through the struggles and challenges of third dimensional life.  An angel waits to embrace the master at the end of the path for a job well done.  Be able to do this when others do bad things and walk astray.  Help them and give them hope but never get lost in the morass of duality because he or she is the salt of the Earth.

Karmic challenges will precipitate on him but the teacher never, ever, gives up, because “whatever happens in life, he blesses it” and says: “Thank you, God, for the lesson.”  He then picks up his fragments and torn garments and walks straight ahead with dignity.  His personal lesson can be used as another story to teach others.  As he knows, “life is a process to meet Self”, so make the best of it.

He always looks at God’s Countenance, in other words, always work for the Divine Plan, the Plan the Masters Know and Serve.  “If you glorify God on Earth, you will be glorified in Heaven.”

A true world teacher does not look for loyalty, nor obedience, nor recognition from his disciples nor have expectations, but is there to orientate them, to show them the way of initiation and to let them choose on their own the best path (school) to follow.  His or her service is unconditional and without attachment and to do it with class the scope of the required knowledge is too vast to cover so many spiritual paths and sciences.

6. Manifest a Unique Style

Like a lead singer with a unique voice and style, there’s a quality in each of us that is special.  If the world teacher is able to recognize this forte, this unique talent, and use it to its maximum, he or she will manifest his or her unique fixed design with greater success.

This talent may be in music, in healing, in occult powers, in inspiration, in empathy and sympathy, in charm, charisma and good presence, in communication, or a combination of above.  He or she draws the masses to his or her classes because people look for that special something that only this instructor can give and for which is best known and qualified for.  His or her subtle energy is powerful and contagious.

“Honor yourself.  Recognize your own unique design.”

7. Open-mindedness

The New Age World Teacher that will lead humanity to the Aquarian Age, a Golden Era where Earth becomes as Heaven, must have an open-mindedness of 360 degrees, meaning not the mind of a credulous or naïve person, but that one whose knowledge is based on external and internal sources validated by inner guidance.

You do not need to be a walking encyclopedia of detailed knowledge to qualify but to know enough on multiple subjects and have a loving heart to be able to lead students to a more individual quest according to their needs.

8. Communication with Spirit

The world teacher must be able to converse with God and receive, trust and follow this inner guidance.  This is one of the highest requirements for this position.  As said in Reference 1, he should “practice the Presence of God”.  He must maintain a clean, pure and open channel for telepathic communication with entities on the other side of the veil, with members of the Galactic Federation, with the Ascended Masters, Angelic Beings and Spirit Guides.

The frequent communication with Spirit and a devotional life will create a spiritual channel that will manifest externally as knowledge, wisdom, expanded awareness, a sense of empowerment, fluency in the language and the capacity to improvise or speak ad libitum in public presentations.

Not always is there the luxury of time, especially while traveling in a tour, to write discourses beforehand.  Sometimes there are changes in plans by Spiritual Masters and Inner Guides to deliver a fresh speech addressing the needs of an audience in particular instead of delivering a presentation prepared in advance, which may not be appropriate to the occasion.  In cases like these, the world teacher should be on “automatic pilot.”

The spiritual teacher must also give up lesser gods, lesser doors, alternative lovers, or, as Beloved Ascended Lady Master Quan Yin calls them, “Pearls of Lesser Price”.  These are the false gods or lesser gods, not the big G., the false idols of material nature.  One such false idol is to believe and look for proofs or signs outside of ourselves, instead of inside us.

In the book “The Immortal” by J. J. Dewey [Ref. 2], John the Beloved talks about this subject recalling the word of Master Jesus as recorded in Matthew Chapter 16, verse 4,"A wicked and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign…"  John the Apostle then explains it:

"The brother of Light senses the Spirit of God within himself and has made a commitment to follow it and be one with it, similar to a marriage relationship. If he actively seeks a sign outside of himself for his main source of guidance, this causes a shift of attention away from the Spirit. So his God becomes a false God outside of himself and the inner God is ignored and betrayed. He has committed adultery against his only true source of guidance, which places a black wall between his personality self and the God within." [Ref. 2].

9. General Spiritual Knowledge

“Knowledge without wisdom results in separation.”  The knowledge of a world teacher must be integrated in the mind and the heart as experiential wisdom, both head and heart holistically integrated and as a unit of consciousness with full awareness.  Otherwise the knowledge, compartmentalize in the head only, creates separation within the lower ego and manifests separation from the people, a false sense of scholastic superiority.  Thusly, the teacher has failed because cannot connect to the student.

A preparation phase of study, meditation and alignment is a must to become a world spiritual authority. “If you would speak with the gods you must first learn the language of the gods.” This requires the acquisition of knowledge based on arcane wisdom and future wisdom.

Arcane or ancient wisdom refers to the thousands of religious, spiritual and kabalistic principles and teachings handed down to future generations by ancient avatar, gurus and spiritual teachers in mystical orders and world religions.  This knowledge —as precious, valuable, timeless and needed as it is— is not enough, however, for the Aquarian Age, though it was appropriate for the Piscean Age.

The Aquarian Age teachings, that the masses are hungry for, must combine the ancient knowledge with the teachings of the future given to us by modern prophets —such as channellers and seers of modern days.  I refer here to the channeling of Ascended Masters, Christed Extraterrestrials of the Galactic Federation and Beings of Light of Higher Dimensions.  The main source of this information is the Internet, the Voice of “We the People.”

It is very important to know the 7 rays and the work of the Chohans, the Angelic Hierarchy with the Guardian Angels, the Cosmic plans for the creation and manifestation of life, the Soul Matrix and starseed programs for soul development and upliftment of planets, the works of the Wanderers, Watchers and Sowers of life on planets, the galactic genetic engineering to evolve life, the history of the galaxy with its Galactic Wars, the Template of Duality and the Template of Oneness, the eleven 11:11 ascension gates, the true history of humanity and its ancient civilizations, such as Lemuria and Atlantis, the Hollow Earth Agartha and Telos, the work of the Great White Brotherhood and, in particular, the works of the main Ascended Masters.

The teacher should also know the teachings of theViolet Flame, the White Golden Light of the Antakaranah Bridge, the Pink Flame of Compassion, etc.

It is good to know about crystals and their healing properties and to practice various healing techniques.

It is very important to know at least the basics of Sacred Geometry and how sacred geometry is at the heart of Creation, the phi number, the golden proportion, the platonic solids, the Merkabah, the tarot symbology and the kabalistic tree of life, likewise to know other subjects of occultism.

He should know the history of NESARA and of theworld economic and monetary system, the prosperity programs of NESARA for the world, and to hold a vision for Redeemed Humanity and the New Earth or Terra Nova.  He will help thus to create the Islands of Light —the Aquarian Communities.

The modern parlance of the techniques of Ascension in the physical body should be equally known to the teacher.  He or she should speak with fluidity, conviction and faith about these New Age subjects.  If the teacher is not convinced from the heart of the concepts and subjects mentioned in this manifesto, or has doubts on certain topics, he or she cannot convince anybody or do the job to full potential.  Better take a more honest position of stepping down the podium and let others speak until be better qualified.  This is part of the Divine Plan for humanity and the planet that must be done.

Platonic Solids

Platonic Solids

He should be able to conduct guided visualizations and meditations and always invite inner guides and angels to help heal the audience.

No word of spiritual New Age teachings should startle the speaker as when one is caught off-guard before the audience because the principle or teaching this word represents is foreigner to one.

He should have enough confidence in himself as to invite the audience participation with a session of questions and answers at the end of each presentation.

The spiritual teacher should be empathetic enough to clearly understand a question and respond it exactly to the point without divagation.  Personal questions should always be welcome and the teacher should have the ability to turn any personal question, by looking at its common grounds, into an interesting point and opportunity for general teaching applicable to anyone, benefiting both the inquirer and the audience.  This is a true art.  No one should be turned down and, for a good professor, no question is stupid.

A good teacher should avoid giving direct answers on controversial matters or those depending on the point of view such as related to spiritual, philosophical or behavioral topics.  Instead should give related answers that bring the point by analogy so the final conclusion and comprehension of the principle comes from the student’s reasoning rather than from the teacher’s answer.  This recalls the maieutic technique of Socrates.  Master Jesus was a true master of this indirect technique with the use of parables.  Some people have problems with the imposition of ideas from others because they rebel against authority and have a strong sense of independence and strong ego, they need to be taught though.  Direct answers rarely work and sound unreal because are like the imposition of an external idea without the necessary background, analysis and exploration of alternate solutions that leads to it, as is the case in the inner quest for the solution to a problem or the comprehension of a principle.  You need to "own" the answer.  Companies lose sometimes opportunities to profit from improvements of existing inventions made in other places because their employees hate to use ideas not invented by them.

After the master made his comments to a question you think you found the answer, when in reality you just found it with the help of the master: By walking the path the master left for you to explore without telling you that it was the path that led to the answer or that it was actually the answer.  He, cleverly and anonymously, seeded the answer in your mind.  Rarely but sometimes the instructor may sound like he does not know the answer or is not too sure or give you a related but wrong answer, or a close answer or an approximation, in which case you prove him wrong, you jump with the right answer, and by doing so you found the answer, now it is your answer.  The master knew this answer all along, and much more, but feigned not to know it.  He may use words like "suppose", ·"think", ·"what about…", "what happens if…",  "in situations like this, others do…", "this is similar to the case of… or to the story of a man that…", etc.  The answer is veiled.  If you ask again, this time the answer is more direct, and so on, because you have gain a comprehension, you are not as you were at the beginning.  It is like the game of the mouse chasing bait or the one of the hook and the fish.  Classical occultism uses this technique of indirect teaching in the analysis of symbology.  There are many esoteric books, classical in its genre, which have helped little in the spiritual awakening of humanity compared to the four gospels of the Bible because of their dry, direct and cryptic method of teaching.  Sometimes the student is ready to ask a question but not to receive the answer, if they receive a direct answer it makes no sense to them or it is ignored as if never heard.

Referring to other requirement related to languages, we would say that, although not essential, it is best if the world spiritual teacher speak at least two main languages, one of them English.

10. Knowledge of Sciences and Technologies

It is required to have a basic knowledge of the underlying Laws of Nature, Quantum Physics, magnetism and electricity, genetics,DNA upgradement and activation, biology, ecology and environmental sciences, economics, and the free-energy technologies which will help free mankind of its struggles for survival.

The world teacher should also understand the principles of multidimensional universes and multidimensional awareness, holographic realities, parallel universes, alternate realities, anti-matter universes, probable futures, space, time and interstellar traveling, the basic technology of the design of the Galactic Federation spaceships for interdimensional traveling, description of their facilities, amenities and décor, the technique of bilocation, levitation, invisibility, apportation or instant manifestation, etc.

The world teacher should be able to describe the main extraterrestrial cultures and their teachings and hierarchies, such as the Arcturian, Andromedan, Pleiadian, Sirian, etc., and to have knowledge of the galactic root races, clones and hybrids.

Comes also handy an astronomical knowledge of the main star systems, their spatial location in the celestial heavens, Astrology and planetary influences and theNew Age Astrophysics of interdimensional portals or gateways.  He should know the planetary grids and have awareness of the morphogenetic fields that form the physical bodies on Earth and their interrelationship with the planetary gravitational field.

11. Knowledge of the Works and Techniques of the Dark Brotherhood

There are four great virtues: wisdom, courage, strength and generosity.  Manifesting these qualities you can combat evil and never surrender or give up the fight.  These four virtues must be manifested in the world instructor as a Light Warrior to retrieve the planet back from the claws of Darkness.

There aretechniques used by the Dark Brotherhood for eons of time to create the conflict and polarity in the universe of duality.  These techniques should be known to the world teacher to neutralize them and to make the student aware of the crafty ways of the Dark Side.

He should have integrated within himself the two polarities, Light and Darkness, within the Template of Duality and avoid the pitfalls of the lesser light,the seductions of the world.

The world teacher should study the history of humanity and the works of the Illuminati Satanic sect, the New World Order’s dark agenda and the secret government [see The "Reptilian Pact" and "TheNew World Order, an Overview"], and discern what is behind the cover stories of mainstream corporate media and world history.  He should be able to detect the lies and be willing to expose their dark agenda.  This calls for a courageous spirit.  He who does this work is protected by Higher Forces.

The instructor should know the galactic history of the reptilian renegades, the Anunnaki, and the service-to-self zetas and their techniques of manipulation and control over their minion humans in positions of power.  Should also know the galactic fight of the underground resistance movement.

12. Psychic Powers

These are also referred to as the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.  The world teacher should have embraced enough ascension initiations and have increased the Light quotient to anchor the Higher Presence or Solar Angel, so he or she be able to manifest psychic powers and healing abilities before an audience. These psychic powers come handy to convince matter-of-fact individuals or to generate interest in the public when Spirit authorizes their public display.

The powers do not come easy, they require an integrated ascension which involves the dealings with the negative ego and the psychology of the individual.  Until these issues have not been addressed and resolved the spiritual teacher is not ready to effectively teach because two ancient keys are not met yet:  “Know Thyself” and “Physician, Heal Thyself.”

Over aeons of time and multiple incarnations the Light Body gets cloaked with layers of debris of many conflicting experiences.  With the removal of this hindrance the Light Body will be set free to manifest unusual powers.

In this New Dispensation for the planet to be open to these gifts and to express them will help heal humanity.


There are qualities required of a teacher of spirituality for the Aquarian Age that do not match the old models of religious and spiritual teachers of previous centuries.  A new model, covered in this manifesto, is needed that be unique and tailored to the needs of a new society hungry for the new and tired of the outmoded controlling religious ideas, worn-out rituals and passé ideals and codes of conduct of the Piscean Age.

Under the influence of Uranus in Aquarius people are rebellious against authority and demand more from their leaders.  The new teachers, be them spiritual or otherwise, must be prepared to face challenging students.  They cannot avoid certain subjects and questions and come up with evasive or incomplete answers.  They will be educating generations of Indigo Children who cannot be fooled.

Not covered by the controlled media and ignored by the mainstream society, a group of Lightworkers has fulfilled the spiritual needs of students of Higher Spirituality for the last 50 years.  However, soon this first wave of New Age teachers will be gone and a new wave of teachers will jump on stage to replace them.

If you feel like teaching spirituality for the Aquarian Age is your mission and have a desire and commitment to fulfill this mission of awakening humanity, then you may be one of the hidden masters returned to the planet, who have been working behind the scenes, ready to jump into the arena and spotlight of the New Age and feed the hungry masses with a new song of Light, Life and Love, inspiring them with the Angelic rhythms of a New Day and a better future.  This song will have the proper tune and message that will inspire and heal them.

What was presented here is an ideal model.  You may not have developed yet all the qualities and acquired all the knowledge mentioned above, say, some ingredients are still missing, but if you are willing to take this challenge then time, focus and dedication, devotion, humbleness, study and love for the New Age teachings and for the Ascended Masters and a deep desire to serve in this capacity will unleash the missing talents and qualifications, and you, when least expected, will find the opportunity to join the team of true world teachers.

Maybe next time you will leave the student chair and be the one at the podium with the cameras focusing on you.

Reference Material

 1. Keys that lead to the Qualities of a World Teacher, as delivered by Dr. Joshua David Stone:

  1. Love of self-cause of your reality, self-mastery, service and love.

  2. You cannot have the crown without the cross (the crucifixion of the negative ego).  In life we all have a cross to bear.  Integrated Ascension.

  3. Only that which you give away, you possess.

  4. Knowledge without wisdom results in separation.  In your patience you achieve peace.

  5. Practice the Presence of God in your daily life.  [Embody the Presence of God, Holy Spirit, and Christed Self.]

  6. Be content but never satisfied.

  7. If you glorify God on Earth, you will be glorified in Heaven.

  8. Whatever happens in life, bless it.  (Say to God: “Thank you for the lesson.”)

  9. Life is a process to meet Self.

10. Give up the lesser gods, lesser doors, false gods not the big G., idol worshipping and alternative lovers, that is, become Virgin.  [Here it refers to the Virgin Philosopher, virgin in Spirit, not in the physical.  Virgin in spirit means pure in heart and faithful, not adulterous to God.]  These lesser gods are referred to by Beloved Ascended Lady Master Quan Yin as “Pearls of Lesser Price”.

11. Focus and dedication.

12. Be a receiver to receive your healings.  Honor yourself.  Recognize your own unique design.

2. The Immortal, by J. J. Dewey, book available for free, click here .


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