The Underground Kingdom of Light

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The Underground Kingdom of Light

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Ishtar Antares

Original in Slovenian, this English version is a translation by the author.
Published here by request from the author.  First published in this website on February 1, 2004.

About the Author:

I live and work in Slovenia, Europe. I lead Galactic Tantra seminars and ama Cosmic astrology consultant. I began leading workshops about twin souls in 1993 and was very active in the following few years spreading messages from the Ascended Masters about the transformation that Earth is entering into. I also wrote a book about this transformation called " Ascension Star" in Slovenian language. I translated it into English also but has not yet been published outside Slovenia. I spread knowledge about tantra, Light Body Activation, telepathic communication, group merger process and other higherdimensional teachings on group meetings and workshops in Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Ireland and USA. I like to do workshops worldwide and I can travel anywhere if there are people interested to hear what I have to say. I am enclosing my program of activities. My contact phone number is celular: 386 40 236 600 and my email is .
The source of my information is Ashtar and Krotron of the Ashtar Command, the Pleiadians and a physical source that once belonged to the Resistance Movement. I belong to the Antara StarFamily that originates from the Pleiades.

Sanat Kumara

In Atlantean times, 25,000 years ago, when Earth became a quarantine planet under the occupation of Dark Forces, one part of Forces of Light withdrew under the surface and built there a civilization of many Cities of Light interconnected with vast system of tunnels. In those Atlantean citiesthe beings were pursuing their spiritual path under the vigilant guidance of  the King of the World, Lord Sanat Kumara. This Kingdom of Light is known by the name of Agartha or Shamballa and must not be confused with Shamballa which exists on the etheric plane since Lemuria and which served as a spiritual beacon for the underground civilization.

 In underground Agartha people lived in harmony between the spiritual world and the advanced Atlantean technology that served for their highest good. Each of them knew his higher purpose and followed it, so they lived with each other in harmonious relationships. Until the final deluge of Atlantis they were protected against attacks of the Dark Forces which have also built their strongholds in certain areas of the underworld since then. After the deluge everything changed. Dark Forces began to attack Agartha and as the Tibetan holy book Dzyan said,"there were fightings between builders and destroyers and fightings for space".  The Forces of Light were forced to leave many territories which they inhabited before. The system of underground tunnels was encircling the whole planet. The western tunnel network had its beginning under the Atacama desert in Chile and went in direction of Tiahuanaco – Cuzco – Mount Shasta – Grand Tetons, under American mainland and under the Atlantic Ocean towards the Atlas mountain range in Western Africa and then under the Ahaggar/Tibesti mountain ranges towards their final station, the Giza Pyramids. One important center was under the Mato Grosso region in Brazil, where Agartha had astrong connection with the Atlantean cities on the surface. The Himalayan Network was of extraordinary importance. Here the underground civilization developed as a mirror of the Atlantean colony which existed on the surface in the area of the contemporary Gobi desert. Of course it was no desert then, it was a subtropical paradise. The Himalayan network had its souce under the Gobi desert and it expanded under the Takla Makan desert and then onwards under Pamirs, Altai, Karakorum, Baltistan, under Kunluns and under the Chang Tang plateau towards the Himalayas.

 After the deluge of Atlantis, certain groups on the surface have come across important spiritual and scientific discoveries and have therefore retreated in the underground Agartha from the Dark Forces which had almost the whole surface in their grip by then. These reinforcements have accelerated scientific and technological progress in Agartha and with united forces they had unsealed old Atlantean tunnels, restored old Atlantean machines and expanded the original underground spaces in which they dwelt. With those expansions they often followed the course of underground rivers and underground energy streams. The development of technology was outstanding. Beyong the old Atlantean crystal technology they were developing teleportation chambers and free energy technology. They had connected their underground cities with trains that used the magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) drive, which then reached speeds up to 3000 mph. They came into touch with the galactic starfleet which had succeeded in rescuing some of them from the quarantine Earth.  The Resistance Movement of the Forces of Light —which had its starbases on the Moon, Mars, the asteroids, the moons of the outer planets and on Planet X— was sending in reinforcements all the time.

Madame Helena Petrovna Blavastky, founder of the Theosophical Society.

Nibiru, Hercolubus, Planet X, 12th  Planet, Wormwood
Graphic by Andy Loyd

 In time of ancient Greece certain colonists had voyaged across the Atlantic to Brazil and the US west coast and made contact with Agartha there.  Many ancient cultures that vanished without a trace (for example the Mayans) had in fact moved into the Agartha Empire.  Some Hopi Indians have had contact with Agartha just a few decades ago.  In Agartha, the Order of the Star was very active.  Its purpose is the healing of the separation on planet Earth and also the successful completion of the Experiment of Duality.  The Kings of Agartha were leaders of the Council of Twelve and were a physical anchor for the energies of Sanat Kumara.  Certain American presidents and presidents of some other states had contact with the Kings of Agartha during their term. Agartha often exerted its spiritual influence on the surface, especially the Himalayan Network in the region of India and Tibet. Over one thousand years ago, representatives of Agartha near Gilgit in contemporary Pakistan spread tantric teachings to the surface.  In the nineteenth century they strongly influenced theteachings of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky who had physical contacts with them.  In the beginning of the twentieth century Agartha had over twenty million members. During WW 1, the invasion of the Dark Forces begun. They wanted to break the power of Agartha. Hordes of warriors of Darkness rolled from enormous bases under China, Indonesia, near East and Africa through tunnels across the Atlantic towards Mexico and then the Southwestern US to limit the spiritual influence of Agartha on the arising western civilization. There were severe underground physical battles that mirrored on the surface as WW 1 and WW 2.  After the victory of the Forces of Light at the end of WW 2, Agartha turned its attention towards the spiritual awakening of the West.  The Forces of Darkness turned their forces to the annihilation of the Himalayan Network which reflected on the surface as the Chinese occupation of Tibet.  The stroke of the Dark Forces in 1996 weakened Agartha dramatically and in 1999 Agartha was almost erased from its underground dwellings.  Therefore at the end of 1999 a very strong reinforcement of Forces of Light came in the shape of the Resistance Movement fighters from the asteroid belt and Planet X.  Planet X has a radius of 9000 miles with a suface of frozen methane that gives it a bluish colour. Planet X is orbiting the Sun in a very inclined elliptical orbit 6 to 7 billion miles away.

The Forces of Darkness had their maximum power between 1996 and 2003.  The outer part of the Dark Forces is Draconian, humanoid beings from Alpha Draconis star system. Since Atlantis they have a plan for mass control of the human population, named the New World Order.  They use world politics to create artificial conflicts between nations and ignite wars to gain profit. Their main centres of activity are in Washington, Brussels and Rome.  They enslave humanity with programmable biochips that are inserted into the human body with vaccinations, and with nanoelectronic devices that control and direct human thoughts. Through their representatives in church, freemasonry and occult groups they control human spirituality and create spiritual conflicts.  Their core are so called the Illuminati, a chosen group that has control over the System on Earth. Only the Illuminati are directly connected with true masters of the quarantine Earth, a race of creatures which was created millions of years ago by the Dark Lords of Orion with genetic engineering. These creatures prevent advanced extraterrestrial civilizations to access Earth, holding humanity as a hostage, threatening with nuclear war. They enslaved humanity and kept it in quarantine since Atlantis.  This race mostly incarnates in humanoid clone bodies, although their true shape is in a form of various mutations of spiders, beetles, insects, reptiles, worms and serpents. Their only motivation is the total control over all Creation, spreading malice, terror and dread.  They mostly control humanity with implants  that create a space/time black hole anomaly and thus deface the human consciousness to an unrecognizable extent, confusing the human mind and emotions.  The implants are programmable crystals that were put into the physical and energetic bodies of every single human being on Earth with strong electronic devices.  The creature race is maintaining a distorted space/time structure with electromagnetic space/time chambers similar to those used in the Philadelphia Experiment. Most efficiently they retard the evolution on Earth with threats and violence, spread by their representatives. They are infiltrated in all pores of human society, pretending to be ordinary people.  Using unlawful means, threats and violence they prevent meetings between Twin Souls.  In their secret underground bases they have created sexual traumas to many women with horrible rapes, thus blocking the flow of sexual energy on planet Earth.  They also created traumas to produce multiple personality disorders, using the victims of this process as slaves.  The height of their power has fortunately already passed and the Forces of Light are defeating them step by step.  [See "The Holographic Prison" at: ].

The Forces of Light are coming to assist in the shape of seventy million members of the Resistance Movement from Planet X.  They will cause a change of the System on Earth in a near future. The old Asian legend says that warriors of Shamballa will come to the surface and destroy the Forces of Darkness.  The Resistance Movement has developed advanced technology of teleportation chambers, free energy, cloning and biotechnology as a whole. They have their underground cities mostly under the biggest cities of Europe and USA.  Their cities are interconnected with MHD drive tube-train systems with speeds of up to 15000 mph. Their underground civilization is a successor of the Kingdom of Agartha which was almost destroyed in attacks of the Dark Forces between 1996 and 1999.

 The core of the Light Forces is representatives of the Atlantean Network. This is a group of few thousand individuals of a very high spiritual vibration that is maintaining the purity of the Atlantean legacy permanently since the times of Atlantis itself.  The Atlants have their underground residences on some chosen locations under the Himalayas, under southern California, under some atolls near Tahiti and under Titicaca Lake. They inspire individuals towards their ideals of creating a harmonic society that will be known by the name of New Atlantis.

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