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ByAscended Master Kuthumi

Originally published at:www.light-elixirs.com, 2002.  For Wesak bookings and further details contact The ASCEND Foundation of Australia through email ascend@light-elixirs.com.

Wesak Festival, held each year, is the most powerful and significant spiritual experience that anyone being can embrace while on Earth. It is at this time that the waves of love from Source are at their highest peak on Earth. This experience is a once in a lifetime opportunity as it involves the creation of the "new you" each year. Within this spiritual New Year, all energies within one’s being are able to become love and recognize the true nature of self. That one is Divine.

It is the time that all angels, Masters, initiates on the path of truth and love go within themselves to receive the most powerful assistance for their next years growth and soul purpose. All that join in the Wesak ceremony experience a unique spiritual alignment that will not only have the most profound effect on one’s physical life that any sole experience can give but also all receive at this time a vial of lovelight from Lord Buddha that feeds one with divine energy needed to achieve one’s divine purpose over the next year. The Wesak ceremony is a spiritual ceremony that involves no religion or sect. It is open to all love, Light and earthworkers upon the planet. To truly connect to the power of the gifts of Wesak one must connect through the ceremony that is actually taking place at this time. There is no one correct place to connect to this ceremony as the true place of the ceremony is in ones heart.  This ceremony is led in Mt Shasta at The Wesak Celebrations & in Mossman, Sydney at THE WESAK CONVERGENCE this year, and is held in smaller light circles around the globe.

At this time, the Full Moon in Taurus, the Earth receives the highest spiritual current of energy for the next year. In a way this is the Earth’s Spiritual New Year, when a whole new cycle begins on Earth and new waves of energy are received.  Major portals open at this time all around the world to receive this new wave of energy. To receive the energy for one’s own spiritual development, The Wesak Ceremony has been given to humanity to be able to connect energetically to the gifts that this spiritual current brings.

"We wish to invite all beings who are sincerely interested in their soul development to this sacred gathering. It is at this time we will offer the dispensations of love light to each of you so you may maintain level balance in your life over this coming year and maintain focus on your life purpose and goals. 2002 is the spiritual year of resolution for all of the unconscious motivations that can block the divine purpose from being enacted. It is the spiritual year of opening to one’s Divine Purpose. If you truly wish to align to your divine purpose, this gathering is for you and any others that you feel are in need of this alignment.

Blessed Be Your Love and Soul as One.


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