What Is AbundantHope?


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What Is AbundantHope?

Goals and Objectives of AbundantHope

By Candace Frieze

Taken from: http://www.abundanthope.net/mb1a/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=34&Itemid=26February 7, 2006.

Published in this website on February 9, 2006.

AbundantHope is an organization created in my mind sometime in the year 2000. I registered it in my state as a non profit the fall of 2001. For most of this current lifetime I have abhorred war on this planet seeing most of it as creations by people intent on control for one reason or another.

I came to realize that the United States seems to be a country which promotes war as a tool to expand its imperialism much as Britain and other European countries did long ago. On this planet, organized religion is often a tool of war, people of one religion claiming to be superior to another group and killing in the name of their God.

Yet there is only One Creation, One Source of All That Is, One God, One Giver Of Life.  It is said that we are made in the likeness of God and what I observe instead is that people make God in the likeness of Men, and often woman are somehow excluded from this. Thus people have created a God who is vengeful, angry, judgmental and who supports the killing of others with a different belief system, for no other reason than a different belief system.

I was appalled thoroughly with 911, definitely seeing the United States playing both the religion, and the race card to gain support of the American peoples for the goal of imperialism in the Arab world and the ownership of the wealth of these peoples to serve American needs. Rather than develop the already known technologies that will take us off the use of oil we would rather covet and steal the resources of others.

Religions suggest that one should not covet and one should not steal, nor kill other human beings. But yet in these wars since 911, American Christians tend to support all of this behavior. Covet what the Arabs have, oil, then steal it, using murder where necessary.  I have encountered many, not only in organized religion, but those that aren’t, who say what we are doing in Iraq right now is OK.

It is not OK.  Nor was it OK to covet the resources of Africa, and give the AIDS virus to its peoples around 1970 via the small pox vaccine. Thus, we remove the peoples of Africa, again seen as less than human, by killing via disease. It is killing, murder, whether by disease or weapons or deprivation of food. Poverty is a huge problem, leading to death for many, a form of murder in many cases.

I have attended quite a few Christian churches since 911 and observed regularly the support of Mr. Bush and his agenda, the support of this illicit war.  Young soldiers, sons and daughters of church members, are encouraged to enlist. When they do, they get a great deal of support for doing "God’s Work." It is not God’s work, what is going on in this world at the hands of the United States.

Islam is guilty as charged also, for the belief system that says God gave them the final rules and all aspire to Islam above Christianity and Judaism. And so is Judaism, in the belief system that they are the chosen people of God, and should thus, control the world as God’s peoples.

By my confronting of Judaism, I generally mean those ofKhazar origin of long ago, that determined this to be a goal, and are set tightly around the world in a variety of organizations, often calling themselves Zionists. These Zionists have infiltrated every major organization, religion and power group on the planet, not just Judaism.

So, those several years ago I decided something had to be done about the use of religion to fuel the war machine. I was determined that peoples in the various religions should find their common truths of real value and stop killing each other in God’s name.

This still remains part of the goal.  With the entire Second Coming Process, which goes on for many years, war will be ended. In the beginning, the star visitors will provide great assistance in keeping the peace while Earth’s peoples learn new truths and ways of being. But ultimately it will be the responsibility of Earth’s peoples to maintain this peace of good will to one another.

So the first major goal of AbundantHope is to provide an education to organized religion and others who have interest.  The understanding of the God concept on this planet is appalling. So AbundantHope, myself, together with my chosen board members, will CHANGE THE FACE OF RELIGION.  AbundantHope is part of the Second Coming package and we are working personally with Christ Michael, Sananda Immanuel and other Masters.

The planet and her peoples are needing a mighty remodeling. Our air is poor, we live in polluted conditions, our food is often packaged non-food and nutritionally inferior. We are losing many species of animals and plants important to this grand evolutionary planet. Our water is contaminated, we cut down the forests needed for oxygen production and to house wildlife.

We drive vehicles, heat and light our buildings with assorted carbon-based fuels from the Earth that pollute, are expensive, produce war and unnecessary competition, coveting, of resources. We are suffering increased earthquakes because we pump out massive quantities of oil and gas on which the tectonic plates float. We create in this manner a goodly portion of our earthquake problems.

For at least 100 years we have had the technology to produce free or low cost non-polluting energy. People have repeatedly incarnated into the Earth plane to bring us advanced technologies to supply our energy needs. The same has been done to supply us with the knowledge to better cure our problems with disease. The major names of people that came are Nikola Tesla and Raymond Rife. There have been many others. These technologies were rejected because of greed, nothing more, period. The planet now is confronted with huge problems that seem almost irresolvable.

This leads to the second mission of AbundantHope. The planet is in need of many messiahs. Yes, Jesus and many others are back but they can’t do it all. We have been taught that a savior would come to solve our problems, but the reality is, the problems belong to the planetary peoples, not a savior. The savior is merely opening a door. There is no rapture away to a distant and misunderstood heaven.

The Second Coming process is a process of salvation, but not the salvation that is taught by religion. The salvation of your very souls would depend upon your works in cleaning up this world, and giving health and abundance to its peoples, its animals, its plant systems, and its environment. All are inter-related, all are one. We must develop Unity Consciousness, which is about all of us getting together and caring for this home of ours.

Man was given dominion of the planet not to rape and pillage it but to care for it. We are given charge of caring for the air we must all breathe, for caring for the water, for caring for each other. We are given charge of participating in the learning that is required for the solving of the problems. To think, learn, and solve problems is the gift of the Father, the gift of mind and will.

AbundantHope will encourage all to accept messianic thinking and problem solving. We are our own saviors. We are the ones we have been waiting for all this time. The Second Coming project opens the door to fixing the planet. But it will not fix the planet by itself. Messiahs are people that can see a problem and create a solution for it.

There are many messiahs now incarnate from other worlds upon the planet. It is time for you in this category to awaken, if you have not. If you have, and found the Earth plane difficult to work and create in, now you have the chance. If you are an old soul on the Earth plane, now is your chance. If you are a new soul, having your first life time, now is the time to make great progress in your personal growth.

Your messianic ideas can be great or small according to your abilities. We will encourage everyone to approach all of life from a more Godly point of view as messiahs. We invite you to show another way in every community in which you participate. By community I mean your immediate family, your place of work, your places of social activities, your schools and, most definitely, your Churches, Mosques, and Synagogues, and temples.

There is huge power in any organization. In my personal study of organized religion I find the power is given to others, and often wasted. Time is wasted, spent on attending services, but over the long run, learning little for the time spent. AbundantHope will encourage organizations, particularly religious organizations, to do something with that time. I have never been to a Sunday service where there was a discussion of problems and issues. No one raises a hand. What do you pay your ministers for? Pretty and mind-dulling entertainment for the most part. Much money is wasted. I see small and rather insignificant projects going on for the most part.

God has no use for these ceremonies, does not require them. God does have use of the great minds that are left idle. There is much interest in spirituality on the planet at this time, and this is a good thing. However, spirituality is very misunderstood. It is not about ceremony, although life is certainly to be celebrated by ceremony, and cultural traditions.

But the real spirituality is found in growth of the mind, the quality of daily life, the living in abundance for all. Good quality entertainment, music, sports, are all a part of great living and so many on the planet have none of this. The education facilities on the planet leave a great deal to be desired.

Many work for a pittance, in slavery to money for their entire lives, and experience little spiritual growth. Even those with money and in power experience little spiritual growth of mind. Many businesses do not provide a spiritual atmosphere, which would encourage participation and growth in the business by the employees. There is beginning to be interest in this concept.

Galactic travel is important for learning and entertainment and so it shall come also to the planet. There are many peoples of God in our Universe waiting to meet and share with us. It is a falsehood that it is nearly impossible to travel to distant planets and star systems but it is very possible. New technology will show the way. It is easy to travel well beyond the speed of light. We are not alone.

AbundantHope also has a third goal, the elimination of the use of money to exchange goods. While it can be useful, on Earth it is more a tool of power and control. People are enslaved by meager wages, being forced to work long hours to the financial and power benefit of others. This method also reduces the time available for family and spiritual growth.

Advanced societies move past money. Everyone is healthy and contributes to the society according to interest and abilities. The work required, because of modern technologies, to maintain a society is far less than the 40 hours a week in theUnited States. Goods are traded as needed. Everyone gets a home, food is free, energy is free, education is free. It is free because there is no money, simple as that. Imagine simply going into a food distribution center, and leaving with what you require. The same idea for other commodities necessary to life. No one does without.

With the coming ofNESARA to the world there will be released great sums of money for use in the interim until we can create a society that does not use it. Initially people will have too much in some countries and of course the point is to put the money to good use, create messianic missions or support them.  If all the people have enough money, even excess money, they will discover it is not needed.

We have set a goal of having the world off of money in ten years or less. It is hoped to aid this process that we will go first to a world wide currency, rather than the many currencies now, in around five years.  This ends the issue of people making money with the exchange of currencies and the manipulation of economies that occur with multiple currencies. After that we should be able to work our way off the stuff all together.

To summarize, AbundantHope has three basic goals. First to Change the Face of Religion. Second to encourage people to create Messianic Missions in a broad area of ideas and works to heal the planet, and all of her life upon it.  Third, to truly end poverty by the creation of a global society not requiring the use of currency.  May we journey all together in this great work.


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