What Is Happening to Our Bodies


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What OEarth Is Happening to Our Bodies!

The Big Picture —What Is Involved

by Wistancia Stone

Wistancia StonePart 1

The Big Picture of What on Earth is happening to our bodies needs to first be looked at through the lens of What on Earth his happening to the Body of Earth. And even beyond that, we need to see that as all things are created in Oneness and with a link of interconnection between all the "parts of GOD" in the various planetary, solar, galactic and universal levels – we cannot look upon a Quantum Transition occurring on one planet and not see that it has effects and reverberations on the whole picture.

Perhaps we should say "What on Earth is happening that is affecting what is happening in the Solar System and in the Galaxy and in the Local Universe?"  Years ago a spiritual teacher said, "When you pick up a grain of sand, you are literally changing the molecular structure of the whole Universe."  I understood then that all things were intertwined, no matter how distant we imagine the various dimensions to be, no matter how distant we imagine life on other planes of existence are. We are all connected by golden fibers that, seen or unseen, visible or invisible to our eyes, connect us all back to Source. In visions, in dreams, in meditations and in moments we have all felt into this quality of Life being connected. Through conscious breathing, we can feel into the Network of Life Breathing and feel the connection and quality of Oneness. More and more of the citizens of Earth are knowing innately within them, even if they cannot prove it, that Earth does not stand (or revolve) alone, in a universe, a galaxy, and a solar system that has no life except for the life on Earth.

Following in a universal perspective, it would also be wise to open up further and realize that there are endless and countless universes upon universes in God’s Infinite Universe or the Omniverse. And if there is a thread of Oneness that ties all of God’s Creation together, one big step for Humankind on Earth is a step for all. It’s a step for All That Is, or God, if you know what I mean. It couldn’t be otherwise. Maybe what we Really are talking about is What on Earth is happening that is happening to GOD? What really happens is that pulse by pulse, emanation by emanation, energy by energy, vibration by vibration, the Wholeness moves forward. Divine Power moves Divine Love and Divine Wisdom spreads out and GOD IS MOVED FORWARD INTO MORE OF "CREATION" AND INTO HIGHER ASPECTS OF "CREATION."

Following this line of thought, when one planet takes a huge leap for All That Is, there is celebration in all of the heavens. All of the movement, all of the leaps are about spiraling into greater evolutionary light and moving along on the God scale, you might say. Everything is energy and as one energetic push begins to circulate and is set into motion, it affects all of the spirals and all of the systems. We are not alone. We are All One.

The story of what is happening to the solar system and to the galaxy and to the universe may be a story that is told in a future book. It may be a story that is unfolded into. Parts of that story are coming to you in your awareness, in your dreams, in your channelings, or through another source. Perhaps some of that information will come through visitations from sisters and brothers from other systems. The important thing is that we are all connected and we are all characters in this story. Many galactic sisterhoods and brotherhoods of Light are watching Earth’s progression because they know we are interwoven. The Solar Hierarchies are watching. The universal sector is watching. Everyone is watching at various outposts of Creation in this Local Universe. They all watch with love and assistance as the pulses of energy move in the direction of ascension, evolution, and enlightenment. They know that all are affected. As you well known, our galactic, solar, and universal friends have been assisting our personal paths and our planet’s path for a very long time. The eyes of heaven are upon us, all the livelong day. The Big Picture is filling in now and the puzzle pieces of Creation are finding their way into the picture. Something Wondrous is forming and many are seeing and sensing the wonder of the time of radiance approaching Earth that is already here.

What is really happening is that Higher Light and Higher Frequencies, Wavelengths, emanations, Evolutionary Waveforms, consciousness, programs of light, light energy codings, – whatever you call it – are pouring into the planet in waves of ascension. What is also really happening is that the citizens of Earth are and have been awakening and allowing their own frequencies, light, love, and directed energy, invocations, prayers, meditations, activations and consciousness to draw forth more advanced love and light TO the Earth and to the people. A true co-creation has been going on and it is a recombining of Heaven and Earth. Heaven is coming to Earth. And Earth is rising to Heaven. Actually they are part of the same pattern but the frequencies are raising and recombining. It is not all top down. It is also a raising upward.

Magnetics Are Dropping and Frequencies Are Rising

The patterns of what Isaiah called "New Heaven and New Earth" are setting in in an unprecedented way and many can feel the deep changes that are occurring on the planet and in their bodies. The magnetics are dropping on the planet and in our bodies. The magnetics are like a kind of like energetic glue that holds things together. Without judgment it is high time for many patterns, beliefs, institutions, thoughtforms, programs, etc., to be dismantled. The magnetics dropping give a reflection and a signal that it Great change is occurring. Since scientists say that the drop in the magnetics is rapid at this time, the change appears to be also rapid. It’s kind of like a snowball effect. Another thing that is happening on Earth is that Her frequency is rising. The same thing is happening to the bodies of Her citizens. It is like an arrow pointed down and an arrow pointed up. If you feel like you may be pulled into two directions, that is a feeling that many associate with rising frequency of vibration and lowering of the magnetics. When magnetics drop some things may go out of the mental body, and the emotional body. What does that mean? It means that some old emotional baggage can become loosened in order to be pulled out. It is like the soil being loosened by earthworms. They loosen the soil and make it easier for the farmer. When the magnetics loosen old programs that we carry, it makes it easier to let go. Resistance begins to drop and all of a sudden you may find that you don’t know why something was so important in the first place. It served you in the past, what about now? All of a sudden certain people, places and situations will not work for you. It’s like the bottom has dropped out of them working for you. It’s time for a change and the bodies receive the signals. It can feel quite chaotic at times. Some people say that they do not know who they are anymore. Within an identity crisis, things that were unimportant can become important and things that were so important can begin to lack importance. The shifts are happening within the Earth’s body and within the bodies of those who live upon Her surface. It is dramatic at this time and at the time of the actual publishing of the book, it will have become more dramatic. Things are moving quickly.

What does that mean? I guess it is all relative. Some of the Masters say it needs to speed up. Others say it is right on course. Time is not a real thing and it is difficult to measure, especially when there is no fear and there is faith and trust. It is all going according to God’s clock. It’s just going. And we trust it. The Divine Plan after all is divine. It is good to know that the when the magnetics drop, many things will change and some things will just DROP out. There is never a reason to fear change, but it is good to know dramatic change is occurring on Earth.

What Is Happening to Our Bodies?

Present day humankind on Earth walk in garments of flesh, in matter-energy bodies. They carry a certain density and a certain condensation has set into the bodies over times. These vehicles are being prepared and transmuting into more refined, less dense, Garments of Light. We are being prepared to carry less karma, less density, less limitation and to begin to interact through exchanges of higher consciousness with each other and with beings who live in other worlds, dimensions, or levels of existence. What is really going on is what the Masters call Transfiguration.

What is taking place is a kind of meltdown of our condensation or our condensed forms. The layers and/or substance of our physical body (that is so familiar to us) is actually becoming light as we go from a more gross material body to a more refined, light body. We are also moving into higher intelligence areas in our mind as we connect our minds to the Divine Mind. We are also passing initiations of light and are feeling the effects in all of the bodies. We have called for Transformation and it is happening deeply. We are seeing Transmutation, even of the flesh, at work.

The light that is coming into and in to the inhabitants of Earth is going through a process that is literally biochemically respatializing us. Our bodies are being activated and the actual chemistry of the mind and of the bodies is altering by the force of Light. Seen from another perspective, perhaps a poetic perspective, something ancient and yet new is breaking out of its shell. The outer membrane of Humanity is thinning out and the human is beginning to be connected to higher dimensions of light. It is like a beautiful flower preparing to blossom forth out of a bud. The bud holds the blueprint and/or potential for the "Christed flower." Our DNA holds the blueprint and/or potential for the flowering of the radiant Christ, the fully empowered, integrated ascended master who holds the potential of the Christ to step forth.

There have been countless contributions of Light to the planet that have been gifts and offerings. There has also been countless contributions to our bodies that have been prayed for, asked for, invoked and activated through conscious meditation and activation. The flowers are popping up now! The buds are opening! The light is truly activating the mind and bodies of those on Earth. What is also happening is that we are becoming a New Species of Light. We will not be the same. These changes are changing that. A brand new vibrational being is coming out slowly into physicality and she/he may not remember how the whole thing works. He/She may not even believe it is happening. The Earth is renewing Herself and we are too. Humanity as a whole is preparing and beginning to pass into a New Body of Light. Planet Earth is preparing and beginning to pass into a New Planet of Light. This may not be news to you, but the degree to which this is happening may be news to you.

Part 2

We are preparing and beginning to pass from one molecular density to a new molecular density, a higher one. This is transformation! The next rung on the GOD ladder for humanity is to take on the Adam Kadmon form. This is the next platform for humanity to reach into. We are also making clear strong ties into the Christ Overself Body which connects to our chakra column through the eighth chakra. It is one thing to call this body; it is another to fully anchor it and activate it. We have been installing it and for many this installation is complete now. We live on an electromagnetic world and the electromagnetic density that has felt so limiting is now being attuned Higher by the action of energy, the action of Flame, the electrification of the Matter in your Energy-Matter bodies. Why does this matter? Because it is a step in a step by step process that allows the Overself Body to become actualized in our development as a species involved in ongoing evolution. The work that has been accomplished has prepared some of humankind to begin to take up a different kind of residence and resonance. The one within the Overself Body. Literally we have needed our "matter" identities to become electrified. Some of that has already taken place.

For those of you who have been trying to leave the physical body, the physical plane, the physical Planet, it has been a kind of rude awakening. Planetary evolution has become important. We have learned that ascension is not about leaving the body behind, but about taking it with us up the Jacob’s Ladder.

Integrating the Goddess means we are going to feel everything

Integrating the Goddess means we need to love and nurture our bodies.

Part of Integrating the Goddess is about feeling our changes and being in conscious support of them. This will develop more wisdom so that we can embody a conscious ascension and a conscious enlightenment process. Agreement to feel what we need to feel so that we understand is important and will help the process of transformation and transmutation. The less resistance the better we will feel as we move into some of the more challenging aspects of a conscious ascension and transformation of our earthly vehicles. I always remember Lord Sananda saying that the way in and the way out is through the heart. When we can love our process of ascension as much as we love the ascension process we will eliminate fear and enjoy the process. As if we are writing a Book of Knowledge for worlds to come. Or at least writing a Book of Knowledge for us to understand the process. The heart knows ascension and the heart is the doorway to the radiant Christ, our potential who lives in the DNA. Our higher emotional states and our precision in monitoring our emotions will help us to experience life through Christ Consciousness emotions; these feelings will knock upon the doorway to the DNA and set our potential free. The I AM Presence is also connected to the Three Fold Flame in the Heart. The heart knows ascension.

Integrating the Goddess means mothering and loving the body as it undergoes its changes. You have to love yourself Free. The body has angels, too. There are devas over every chakra, organ, gland, cell, and body. Even overlighting the blood. You can work with these devas and bring to yourself more ease and more comfort in the process of physicalizing your ascension. You may call for the assistance of the Angels of Transformation, the Angels of Transfiguration, the Angels of Zero Point, and the Platinum Angels. These angels will bring comfort to the process of change. The zero point angels will help the body to let go of resistance as it moves into what scientists call zero point – a lowering of the magnetics and a change in the electromagnetic fields as we have known them. Platinum angels will take up residence in places in the physical or etheric body where there may be discomfort. They will remain for as long as you ask them to be with you.

Perceptions May Alter

On some cars there are side mirrors that say, "Objects may be closer than they appear! This advice would be good to take. The reason is that some of our perceptions are altering. We are sometimes crossing many dimensions. Some fourth dimensions frequencies are bombarding with third dimensional frequencies and the same is true for fifth dimensional frequencies and higher. Some people report that they are seeing in different dimension at different times the dimensions can cross or be blotted out for a period of time. Some report that they are not really seeing in third dimension for a while. Many report that there is a superimposition of dimensional perceptions. The truth is that it is different for everyone. The truth also is that humanity is beginning to see and sense in multiple dimensions and our perceptions may alter to one degree or another. Objects in the different dimensions can pass or appear to pass right through each other! Some people are losing objects and then finding them in the same or different place. It’s like they are there and then they are missing. You may lose things and then find them or never find them. Where are they going? Sometimes it may seem like there is a Bermuda triangle in your house.

Other lightworkers are reporting that they have vivid dreams. In dreams they can be teleporting or doing something that they want to learn to do or have never even considered. Many visions and dreams contain scenarios where we are told by a master or an angel that there is something coming to us or a gift that will open up a new possibility of our being able to accomplish something we can’t do at this time. Many cues and inner guidance is being given in dreams and visions to prepare us at inner levels and in our subconscious for the changes that are going to take place. Actually these accomplishments or gifts are already in a template for humanity. We may not know how to use them but we are being given a certain behind the scenes perception that some readiness or preparation is going on so that many miracles and wonders will one day be in our grasp. It is not wishful thinking or daydreaming; a lot of it is blueprinting. It is almost like we are being prepared to become what we already have been at other times or are in the higher evolutionary dimensions.

Some lightworkers report that they sometimes feel what I call "The Wonderland Syndrome." They will feel very tall as they are walking down the street. Or they will "feel" very short. The ground comes up to meet their face almost at times. Other times it appears that the ground is very far away from their faces. Sometimes they feel very huge, fat or dense. This is a perception, not what they look like in a physical mirror. At other times they can feel light as a feather. Sometimes they feel they are in the midst of a spinning top. Other times they are still as in the eye of a hurricane. Sometimes it feels as if the Earth is dipping down when you walk. The perceptions also occur when people are driving cars. Please be careful and extremely alert when these perceptions occur. People are driving cars sometimes and feeling like the dimensions are crossing. You do not want to cross "dimensions of the highways" when you are perceiving the "collision of dimensions." Nor do you want to cause a collision of another kind, while you are driving. Just stay extra alert. Ask for help to be guided as you drive. And the best thing is probably NOT to set up a veil of invisibility so that the police cannot see you. The best thing to do is to ground yourself so that you are visible and so that others are visible to you when you are driving in your car.

A lot more light is also being perceived by many. There are light presences everywhere and you may be seeing a lot more of them. Sometimes they will overlight your room at night. They are always there, especially if you are invoking and working with the angels and masters. However, your perceptions of light beings may be more obvious and more blatant at night. It is easier to see them at night against the darkness of the night sky or the night "covering" that happens when the sunlight disappears. You will be perceiving many more ships in the skies for many Christed Extraterrestrial races are coming closer. There is more activity in the sky that can be perceived by more people now. You may see doors outlined in violet light or some other color or frequency. You may see energy in the windows, like a fan swirling and turning, or in a doorway. Energy circuits and vortexes are there and are coming in to the planet now in a profound way; now you will be perceiving them, seeing them or sensing them.

The changes are profound and they will continue to be more and more dramatic. They are in a lot of people’s daily lives now. And they are not going away. This is not a phase. Transformation is not a phase that you will come out of. The Divine Plan is that the plans go deeper than ever before. There may be something in your distant memories that remembers what you are now going through or there may be nothing that you can make sense of in your past memories. It does not matter. This is a new time and a New Age that is approaching. If a part of you begins to go into fear about change, it is best to notice it, talk to that part of you, monitor your thoughts and tell your mind that change is real and that it is the Divine Plan. It’s all right to dialogue with the aspects of your personality that may go into momentary points of fear. There is a collective humanity thoughtform that doesn’t like change; there has been a lot of change that was not for the best. After all the vibration on Earth lowered, didn’t it? Something in you remembers that. Trust in this unfolding of the Golden Age of Peace on Planet Earth. Hold that vision and that concept. And tell the parts of you that may fear change that change is inevitable because everything is energy. Energy, by definition, is constantly changing. Reprogram your mind when fear of change bubbles up to the surface.

All the Bodies are undergoing a Change in Structure

Presently there are great surges of light coming into the forms that are our bodies and other forms on the planet. They are coming into plant life and into animal life and into the Planet Herself, as you know. This light is gradually being absorbed into all of the structures – but what does "gradual" mean? From whose viewpoint? If we are holding on to linear thinking and judging time from one perspective it may appear gradual. From the standpoint or perception of the masters it just IS. It may appear fast to some, for some have called the light forth for a long time and in a very extensive way. The calls are being answered. It’s like sending and receiving electronic mail. You send out a lot of emails and you receive a lot back. But this light coming in is also like the sunlight. It hits the roofs of all the houses, not just the roofs of those who worship the sun. Maybe metaphorically speaking some people are going up on the roof and laying there to receive the sun’s rays directly. But the surges of power and light are coming into the planet and hitting everyone, regardless of whether they have directly and consciously called for the light.

We are all being prepared in all of our bodies, not just the physical. That is why you sometimes feel dramatic shifts in your emotions. The four-body system is changing its inherent structure and since they are all connected they affect each other the same as they always have. Only now, they may be affecting each other more quickly or at least differently. Someone may say something to you that is quite harmless and you can feel like crying. You can all of a sudden feel that you are light years away from GOD and the God Force. Where is everyone? Like you have been totally cut off. You may feel deep pain of separation from everyone, including God. It can be like bubbles moving to the surface of water. Then the bubble reaches the top of the water and the whole reflection changes. All of a sudden you feel totally different and this time you feel totally connected to God and the masters. You can feel as if you are on a seesaw, flip flopping between extremes. Many are experiencing this. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you are totally out of balance in your bodies, but it would be a good thing check and monitor them. Balance your bodies and ground yourself. Clear yourself. Do what you can and be honest with you. What may be happening is that you are going through a dimensional shift in one or more body and it is impacting the four body system and putting you into a whirlwind that may feel as if you are totally out of balance. Sometimes you need to ride out the waves. It’s best not to excuse ordinary lack of balance between the bodies by calling it a dimensional shift. But sometimes it really is that! The best thing you can do is love yourself out of it. Have compassion for yourself. This is how the Goddess comes forth. Have patience with the transformation. Don’t look at it with a watch. Do not compare yourself to anyone else. Everyone is shifting in different ways and at different rates of shift.

People react differently when polarity structures drop out. People react differently when karma unwinds. When the myth of separation is punctured within a person there is no one way to act or feel it. Have loving kindness for yourself as you go through your changes.

What is Happening to the Physical Body

A carbon-based body is moving into a body of light or a silicate body. While it does not have to hurt it may not feel so good. Some lightworkers have contracts or agreements to bring the light into the density of particular parts of the physical body. Someone may be bringing the light into the heart. Others may do it in the bones. Others may do it in the brain functioning. Others may do it in the nervous system. It may happen without our noticing it or it may feel uncomfortable. It may be according to our contracts and our beliefs, but it also has something to do with the sensitivity of each of our own bodies.

In the years to come each of us will be very, very different. It’s hard to imagine the big changes begin in the years of the New Millennium. And it would be best not to pick up your current self and superimpose that self into a time line like the year 2010. You will each be different and the situations of life will be different.

Remember that things are speeding up.

Surely you have felt the speed of time. The dismantling of time. Have you felt that there is hardly any time to do what you need or want to do? Have you felt that you wake up and in an hour or two it is 5:00? The heartbeat of Mother Earth is speeding up as her frequencies rise and we are attempting to run track with Her! We are running along beside Her now and it feels like it. Where did the day go? Where did the month go? Where did the year go? It is not because you are aging. That is an old belief. It is because you are speeding up your frequency on a planet that is living out a frequency acceleration. The spinning fields may even make you dizzy at times. Does that sound familiar?

What is happening is affecting the nature of space and time, as you know it. It is affecting your relationship with energy, and your relationship with your body. Even the subatomics of your bodies as they re-align with light, are being affected. Sometimes you are going to feel it. You need to feel it; it is the way of the Goddess in you. As you leave behind a planetary spectrum that you have grown accustomed to and move onto one that is spinning differently you may feel very different.

Sometimes people think they are walk-ins because they experience upgrades in their bodies, in the amount of light they carry and their higher bodies are being activated. The important thing is that it doesn’t really matter if you are or if you are not. You are still here, going through the spectrum, raising in frequency, dropping in magnetics, and moving along on the moving sidewalks of time and space as you know it collapsing and reformatting into a new disk!  Welcome it. And, in the tradition of the Goddess, integrate how it feels into your life.

We are mutating

We are mutating. And in our process of mutation we are each becoming more of our Divine Self! This is happening rapidly, so it becomes very interesting. Some people call it going into Zero Point, where there is no resistance. Where resistance drops and density drops and the old programs cease to really work. Remember that that is nothing to be afraid of. God will provide. You are just receiving a different set of consciousness glasses and a different body to walk in. There are going to be many echoes ringing out from mountaintop to mountaintop. Many voices clueing everyone in and announcing the New Days. The truth is that you asked for this long before you came to Earth. Now it is occurring.

Just Give Me The Facts!

Our present biological arrangement of matter is changing. We are being respatialized into some new grids of attunement. There is grid repatterning going on. If you have asked for this kind of stuff, your are not being ignored. Ourblood systems are becoming more transparent. Why? Because our hemoglobin will shift from one molecular density to a new one. Everything is shifting. Our biological rhythms are altering. The magnetic fields of the brain are working with more light and a force of light that we are adjusting to. The brain frequency is being raised. We are being coded into the new higher energy codes of creation. The codes are literally coming in now and finding positions within us to re-activate dormant parts of us.

New Electromagnetic frequencies are coming on line in the body and in the brain so that we can move to the next phase of God’s plan.

More changes on the physical bodies

The head is becoming bigger, kind of like the ancients had or the early Egyptians. Remember that they always were seen in sculptures with very large heads. The head is enlarging. The blood is changing. Etherically you may feel like you are light enough to Almost could walk through a wall and at other times you may feel like you are as dense or heavy as an elephant. (No judgment to the elephant kingdom).

Sometimes you can look into a mirror and see only light where you are standing. Sometimes others will be able to see through you. I can already look right through my hands at night. I can see my dog at night and not be able to find her physical body; only light is there.

The spatial relationships in the subatomics of the body are altering, which means that waveforms are realigning or aligning in new ways to more multi-dimensional or universal waveforms. This may not always feel comfortable.

You may feel dizzy and out of spin with everything around you. Like you are beating to a different drum and the rhythm of the space you are in is not aligned with your own dance. All the grids are realigning and there is a grid around everything: every body, chakra, even the cells. The spins of all of the particles are changing. The spatial relationships and waveforms are altering. Energy and matter are changing. Certain parts of the body might feel stronger at times than other parts. You can almost feel like you might be able to walk on water or move something through the air like one of the Indigo Children, even though you cannot at this stage. But the foreshadowing of the feeling may be there.

You may feel a strong current running through you from top to bottom that is called The Waves of Metatron. It runs through the center of you, almost like the pranic tube and it is a column of light. This column or Wave of Metatron, as it is sometimes called, is a part of you that the Masters may use to reprogram you electromagnetically. You may feel heat when this happens as if you are heating up from the inside. And you may feel tired from the shift in realities. This is all normal.

When biological rearrangement starts to take place you are going to feel it. God and the Masters and your I AM Presence are literally re-spatializing your forms. They are bio-engineering your brain circuitry. The light is coming in to all the circuits in the body to restructure the molecules and speed up our biorhythms.

New knowledge is starting to come on line in the brain. There are also skin changes that are occurring. It is no less than the beginning of biological transmutation of our forms.

Descriptions of Bodies changing

You may feel a definite heat inside. The Flames of Change are upon us.

The nervous system is being destroyed and rebuilt at the same time

There is a different current of vibration emanating from our bones. The bones are the fossils that hold many stories. Sometimes it feels painful deep inside the core of the bones as the current is changing. Our stories are being shaken up. The skeletal structure is going to change more and more so we need to expect that. It doesn’t always feel so great. The way it is now it does not have the capacity to hold higher and higher frequencies. Change allows it to accommodate higher frequencies and faster spins of energies.

You may feel very tired and sometimes it comes on suddenly. Our realities as we have known them are being stretched and shifted and we can tire from this activity. It’s divine. Just go and allow yourself time to rest. It’s naptime.

Our appearance is going to begin to change, if it has not already. The temple of flesh is already beginning to vibrate faster than before. And for many of us the frequencies are primarily intense when it comes to the nervous system.

You will begin to think so differently that you will begin to know that you have the focus of the eyes and the ears of the hierarchy. It is not so much feeling like Big Brother is watching, but that GOD is with you. It is a comfort and it will change the way you do things.

Integration of the Goddess has to do with learning to see, hear and speak from the heart chakra.

There can be a Detoxification of the 4-body system and it can be on going. What does this mean? It means feeling flu like symptoms, pain, discomfort, aches, fever that really isn’t fever. You can also detox in the other bodies. You will note that you are detoxing your negative ego fear. Anger will boil up and subside. There can be a feeling of pain in all the bodies because feeling the old hidden emotional fears and negativities are uncomfortable. Especially if you had thought that you were totally clear. What is coming up now is the really deep hidden stuff that no one has seen and you thought would disappear on its own. If it is in there, it is going to surface because that is the beauty of GOD. GOD is thorough. The

shifts in the four bodies can be quite fast. And, as we said before the bodies may feel separated, even when they really are not. The bodies are geometrically changing because life is geometry. The Higher geometries and sacred yantras are coming in now. So keep in mind that The key to the transformation of our bodies is really The Christed Overself Body coming into Direct Contact and connection with the physical body

The Christed Overself Body is like a capstone on the pyramid of our bodies! It needs to come down for the completion of what is being created here. We are works in progress now and the capstone for completion does hinge on this body being anchored, activated, and actualized.

Some changes are occurring in our eyesight and in our hearing. There may even be pain in the eyes and in the ears. We may feel that we can hear way beyond what we could before, like a dog. But then it goes away. There are fluctuations happening. Our balance can be thrown off and, therefore, our equilibrium can be affected. Many people are having dizzy spells that come and go for no apparent reason. You can feel as if you are falling. You may feel as if you are missing a step when you come down a flight of stairs. You may also feel a bit clumsy now. You can walk into walls and bang into a lot of things and wonder what is wrong with you. There is nothing wrong with you. You are simply mutating!

There can be blurry vision. What you need to know is that a reconfigured kind of "sight" is pushing through, like a little seedling popping its green head through the thick ground. There has been a veil over the sight for a long time, even though many have various forms of "inner sight" and "clairvoyance." Seeing between the worlds is described. Straddling dimensions is being described. A lot is opening up on the inner for you, so please give yourself time to discover this by doing a regular practice of meditation. You may also want to practice "seeing" at twilight when it is easiest to see between the dimensions.

With the changes in the nervous system there can be assorted pains and discomforts as well as feeling not fully physical and yet not astral either; not fully fourth dimensional and yet not fully fifth dimensional either. What am I? You may truly feel that you are walking between the worlds. Or that you are in the world but not of it, because you are in another world at the same time. This in-between place will happen more and more. The truth is you are changing your consciousness and your bodies and your realities and tapping into energies that you were not tapped into before. You may feel very solid and heavy and at other times feel as light as a feather.

The reason it feels so strange is because it is happening to the densest part of you – the physical body. Your consciousness, chakras, and awareness have straddling dimensions for quite some time now. But now the physical body is coming onboard.

Brain functioning is changing

Our brains, our physical brains are altering. The pineal gland is coming back to life, you might say. It lost a lot of its vitality when the human form was condensed and moved into a lowered vibration. The third eye and the crown chakra used to be connected and united when we were more refined, beings of light in more subtle levels of light. Then the pineal gland began to shift lower and alter its size. The truth is that the pineal gland is growing and the pituitary gland is also growing. The head is growing in size. The pineal is coming back into alignment with its more divine nature, when we were in our higher light natures.

There can be pain in the center of the head and in moving parts of the head during this whole process.

The Head Aches and brain Shifting, LOOKING INTO MY HEAD

To begin this portion of the chapter I would like to dispel one myth that is strong in the New Age Movement. The myth says that since you do not need to suffer and you create your own reality, if you have pain you are creating it and/or you are holding on and resisting something. Or you believe that you have to suffer to grow. While these can be theories that do apply in some situations, they are also "myths" within the spiritual movement and we would be serve the Light more if we did not grab a pat answer and apply it to ourselves or to our brothers and sisters.

What is happening now is different. Don’t assume and don’t judge. And do not go into some explanation that worked before and bring it forward and apply it to what is happening now. It may or MAY NOT be true. You are not familiar with thisNewTerritory of where we are going. It may surprise you! So be humble. Some of us are opening evolutionary pathway for the whole group or a group. Some of us have very sensitive bodies and for a purpose. Some of us need to feel our way through and uncover the divine explanation so that we can achieve wisdom. Some of what we encompass is for teaching later in other worlds to other groups of humanity who may go through similar things. We need to know the whole ascension process consciously and we need to feel it. We are not going to just wake up and it is over! For some that may be the part they play. But there are some of us who are writing the Book of Knowledge for the Ascending planet. We need to go through every eye of every needle. So it is best not to judge.

I feel sometimes like I am a caterpillar undergoing metamorphosis. In our schools they teach that the caterpillar goes into a dark, safe cocoon, goes to sleep and a magical metamorphosis takes place. Emergence happens and at the end of a long sleep, a beautiful butterfly emerges. This is different! In this Aquarian, Seventh Golden Age Rendition of the Butterfly Story – the caterpillar is conscious of everything happening inside of the cocoon. So sometimes she feels like a gnarly old caterpillar, plugging along, dense and unable to fly, feeling the pain of her density – and other times she feels the blueprint – she feels her butterfly body coming on line, the wings, the breeze that will cross her face, her freedom and the unlimited access she will have with the sky. We are feeling our Metamorphosis all the way in now, in the physical body. Some of the places that we feel it the most are in the bones, which are like the fossils that record our histories.

Personally speaking, I experience discomfort with the ongoing brain shiftings. One day I lay down and looked into my head to see what was really going on. I know from experience that you can totally understand this shifting in your mind and then when the pain gets strong (if it does and it may not with you) you may still question "What is wrong with me?" It is just an old belief that says if there is pain then there is something wrong, some resistance or something I have to let go of.

I noticed the biological rearrangement of the rooms and hallways within the head.

I saw the blueprints of change within the circuitry of my own brain. I saw the hallways. They showed me x-rays of all the major lines of light and how some were lit up and some were not; that there were spaces were light would fill in. I was told that the spaces hurt in preparation for the for bio transfer of light. Also there were places that were being hit by the light that translated into "pain."

Bio energetic re-circuitry of the brain capacity was the statement. Masters confirmed that the Overself Body was attaching through the 8th chakra. And that the crown and third eye were attempting to re attach etherically. They said it had to do with tighter consciousness induction. Messages of Light and Love are not just thoughts; they are higher impulses sent by Love Beings to the Love that we are. They said I am being prepared for an ambassadorship. That connecting links were what was happening. They said that the funnel is widening and because of this more is being introduced than at some other time. I was told that the timing is perfect for a re-ordering of Living Light systems in the brain. That I am being Re-fashioned in the Image of God, rebuilt and re-defined. That everything will change because of it!

I asked what? The answer was the way I see. The way I see others. The way others see me. The way I hear. The way I speak. The way you hear(t). They said we need to begin to really and truly Hear with the heart. What was also being changed was the way I feel and how it feels to be in my auric field. The circuits are actually being squeezed together or shut, as if with a divine pliers

Divine Beings of Light speaking to me through my brain told me that I am going through a rapid respatialization and rapid spiritualization of the Divine Physical Body. The images I had were a Divine Clay Body. Divine Mud Body. I realized that a few years ago I didn’t really believe that Density is still GOD. Not like I do now. If you hate density, then you are not understanding something.

Higher frequencies of light were coating the cells and subatomics of the brain. Even though I was feeling pain, I was understanding something integral. I saw that Clarity is an offshoot of this conscious evolution. So is empowerment. So is the teaching of Mercy.

We ask for blessings from GOD and we become a blessing because we are part of GOD.

They showed me x-rays of the head from all angles. A Side view. A Back view. A Front view. The entire head had "nadis" all lit up; the circuitry is being turned on in another way. Is this about More voltage? The most dramatic ever. I realized that If I see it in self, will I see it in others.

What happens to your BRAIN

The brain needs to go through many levels of acceleration in order to accept Higher Evolutionary Knowledge and understand it. It must stand under the force of Change and withstand the re-wiring process that makes it ready to receive and create a higher form of transmission.

(Could it be that our brain is undergoing a bioengineering process and a re-wiring process, in order to achieve the capability of actually taking this Higher Knowledge that the brain can not take in now? Can it be that it might not feel good to be going through this process? Can it be that the light hits the dense parts of the brain like a jackhammer and tunnels into it so that the "wires" can be set in? Can this be why so many of us are experiencing pain in the head or headaches? Could this explain the disorientation that we sometimes feel? The dizziness? The lack of equilibrium? The throbbing in the back of the neck, where the head and neck join?

Are crystal frequencies being installed to activate channels in our circuitry so that we can love greater? So that we can have more wisdom? I’m not talking about crystal implants. Just frequencies.

Are our minds being linked up with higher spiritual power through templates and grids that have to be inserted into our temples? Could it be that the discomfort in our heads is really Urim Circuitry coming on line in the brain, connecting the 8th chakra above our heads with the 7th chakra, to enable our Christ Body to connect fully into our physical body? Is this the way that lower intelligence begins to prepare itself to receive and then Become HIGHER INTELLIGENCE? Is this how our brain gets stimulated to react to higher light and higher information, so we can be Encoded? So we can remember and recall our experiences in other realms? Is a communication threshold being set in so that we can begin to Send and Receive Electronic "Mail" more easily with the Masters and angels and the Higher Dimensions? Is this alteration what is so uncomfortable?

(Could it be that the pain in the head, the headaches and the re-wiring is the Urim Circuitry spoken about in the Keys of Enoch is coming on line in the brain.

Are we being step by step reconfigured, through the computer of the brain, to receive and decode light, color, sound, and form in a new way? Is this an attempt to create a Grander Wisdom in us so we can take another God Step? So we can truly integrate all of this into our bodies now?

I believe it is. I believe that the Masters are working overtime to help us also.

I believe that The Plan is to help us move into more refined spectrums of Matter-Energy in a step by step process. I believe that our very biorhythms are altering within the bombardment of higher energies on our planet. I believe that we are being coded with Living Codes of Energy from Metatron and from The Elohim and from Melchizedek. We are now accepting into our changing spectrums the keys and codes from the Archives of Michael and Faith, from the Golden Book of Melchizedek, from the Treasury of God, from the Verses from the Garden of the heart of Divine Mother, from the Scriptures of the Office of the Christ, from our angels and from the Hierarchies and from the Embers of the living Rays. I believe that the matter part of us is becoming electrified with the fire of Spirit and that we are being transformed into new and more refined energy forms. I believe that we are undergoing a massive bioengineering program that is transfiguring Humanity from the inside out and from the outside in. I believe that Science is coupling with Spirit to accomplish this. And that God’s Will is Being Done on Earth!

But the pain can be intense.

What About Pain Anyway?

Why intense Pain? For some of you it may not be intense. But for some of us it is. That is why this part of the chapter is important. It may come up. Years ago the Masters told me that it would be a small price to pay for something so divine. I knew it was going to happen to me – that I would be one of the deep feelers of this – and I wanted to be ready. I wasn’t always ready for the amplitude of pain that I felt.

The most important thing that you can do is TURN TO GOD AND THE MASTERS AND ASK FOR HELP. Call forth God, the Core Group, the Healers and the Holy Spirit. Then get as specific as you want to be or need to be. I work with a science of healing that is Christed Extraterrestrial and therefore I set up White Time during intensity. Never underestimate the power of prayer. They may not take it away from you – they probably will not, but they can sometimes lessen the feeling of it. The Arcturian technology is great. Dr. Lorphan and his healers are great. Metatron, Sananda, Mary, Djwhal Khul – they are all great. If you call them, they will come! But do not have expectations of them taking it all away. The nature of Expectation is that it brings disappointment. Place it in God’s capable hands and let go. Some of it we need to feel. Why?

We need to feel compassion for Humanity going through the Shift! It’s as simple as that. Also the shifts are deep and into the deepest, densest parts of us. So we are going to feel some of them.

Some circuits are being affixed and tightened.  Remember It is all Light and it is All Right. Remember: I have to "know" transformation from the inside out.  I need to know what it feels like.  I need to Love the Process, not just the End Result.  I need to understand the pain of density in order to have compassion, in order for us not to repeat this dance of density yet another time.

Compassion plays a major key here, in going through a Conscious Metamorphosis and a conscious ascension.

If the caterpillar feels its way into the butterflyhood, it is Wisdom that can be taught. If it just goes to sleep and emerges through the cocoon

Change is inevitable. If you have pain in the head think:

                            I am becoming a crystal heart.
                            A crystal skull.
                            A transmitter for the angels.

Programs of light are set in to the mind and the mind and the Divine Mind are co-coordinated. The points of "PAIN" might be points of co ordination.

Surrender to the reality of receiving that which you asked for.

Duration and Transcendence

A low vibration of a waveform is long and slow. That is one reason that Time here on Earth feels so long and so slow. It is not just that you are impatient. Part of you may remember faster vibrations, faster frequencies. Wavelengths that are quicker. A wavelength or waveform that is long and drawn out has duration so it is Felt. If it is a feeling of pain it may be needing to be felt so that something can be seen. It may be the birth of a teaching. It may be an opportunity to learn about density. To learn about falls into limitation. This is not so that we feel guilty for the fall of humankind. It may however be so that we understand limitation and how it feels, so that we can help other beings in similar worlds when we leave the Earth. It may not be easy so that our attention is harnesses upon it and we learn from it. It is not always easy.

The whole issue of pain and suffering has to do with duration and Time. There just may be something to learning about Time in lower vibratory worlds. If pain is not stretched out, it is easy to endure. It is easy to feel a flicker of a pain. But feeling pain for a few hours is another story. It makes you humble and I promise that you will listen to your words and your judgments of others, when you understand from the inside out, the story that pain may have to teach you. Someone might be hurting for a very long, stretched out duration of time and it may appear unbearable. Please do not be so quick to judge that they have not surrendered or that they are creating this reality. Do not be so quick to think that they love to suffer. Or that they have a Martyr complex. This is a new time with some new rules and none of the kids on the block have all of the rules.

Healing is sometimes enduring.  It is converting Time.  I have cried for the pain of Duration

For the pain of all. I have cried for the pain of Earth. Pain opened me up to Her in a new way, because Earth has suffered. She can barely breathe! Water plays an important role here as well. Our tears are the water. They can refresh you and awaken you. Tears can be a wash over you. Remember the tears of The Divine Mother. Remember the rain as tears of the Earth Mother softly saying "Remember me.."

Integrating the Goddess at the Cellular Level

A constantly changing cellular structure has become the norm for lightworkers! It is becoming a household term to say, "I feel like I am undergoing cellular transformation." The intent has gone into the cells; now the light is also entering the cells in a concentrated way. The circumstances of many peoples’ lives has created situations where higher frequencies are coming in; electrons are jumping and leaping into higher frequencies under those circumstances that humanity has moved in to. The circumstances are also being "created" by other levels and cosmic beings in other dimensions, as light is being sent into the planet. The phenomena of what is happening on Earth is really and truly a co-creation.

The human form as we know it is in a temporary condition! We are in the midst of clearing ourselves at the cellular level. And changing ourselves at the cellular level. Each cell is said to hold and reflect the potential of the entire body. Just as we are like cells on God’s body, little points of life or Divine Sparks, each of our cells has intelligence and reflects our whole physical body. They are like holograms, reflecting the whole.

Humanity is going through a Physiological emergence into a higher vibration and we are doing it cell by cell by cell. We are engaging ourselves in Clearing out the cellular database. We are stimulating our DNA to push out the Christ, the Adam Kadmon potential that is carried in our genetic encodements. While our cells still carry ancestral beliefs, divisions, judgments, thoughtforms and limitations from our past, the potential Dove of Peace is also contained in the DNA patterning. It’s almost like a veil or mist had been sprayed over that part and now the unveiling has begun. There has grown up around the DNA potential, a forest of compacted thoughtforms and beliefs like bramble bushes growing up all around a beautiful castle. Now think of a grand gardener who has come to cut down this overgrowth. The Database of Old, Congealed, Outdated Thoughtforms is now becoming released from our Genetic Code, being deleted from our cellular database.

We have asked for it and turned on the internal technology for this to happen. There has also been divine intercession for our planet and for those who live on her. The light is piercing the veil, so to speak. Prayers have been heard all the way into the heart of every cell. All we need to do is open to receive and be ready to give to others.

When we let go of the old cellular databases, our human physiology changes. As our cells change, we change. The electrical currents in the body are altering.

As this happens more, the body will become more transparent and luminous. Luminosity refers to a kind of self-effulgent light; a light that radiates from a point within and goes out.

When the masters showed me the x-rays of the brain they said that the light was "radiating from within the head." Light is guiding the bodies now. Our bodies may well be a bit confused, thinking they need things that they do not need much of any longer. Since New Physiology is emerging we are going to see that we are beginning to be more self-sustaining than we once were. We will probably eat less and need less food. There may be a tug of war between beliefs new and old.

There can be a tug of war between what we think and what we know.

If thoughts create our reality, the tug of war creates a sense of struggle and confusion and the body holds on, experiencing reverberations throughout it.

  1. Call forth first to the I AM presence of monad
  2. Call next to the Deva of the DNA.

At the core of the DNA is an overlighting deva. Think of it as a little you. You may think of it as the overlighting deva of the DNA.

Our DNA programs are like snakes shedding old skins. Our DNA could be said to be shedding its old encodings. Encodings are points of information. The DNA stores a lot of genetic information that has been passed down generation to generation and is from our ancestors. Since the electromagnetic current that held it in place is changing and the magnetics are dropping, many things will no longer beheld in place. DNA encodings will therefore be released through the body that is changing.

Sometimes you may feel the DNA imprinting moving through you. It can be arthritis that your father held. It can be a virus that your mother had. As It moves through your blood, you may actually feel the same ailments that your parents felt. And it can be felt but actually it is not really you! It will probably not be diagnosable. Elements from past plagues may come to the surface to be cleansed. Cellular clearing is quite interesting. The good part is that the "illness" usually doesn’t last a long time. It passes out through the blood. You may be clearing genetic imprinting from the cells and think that all kinds of things are happening to you. Make sure that it is this clearing of the DNA and not a real problem. You may need to check it out formally just to be sure because it is not always easy to tell. Perhaps your inner guidance will let you know.

You may begin calling to the Devas of the Cells! They will guide you and you can guide the cells and work with your subconscious mind and conscious mind. Think of every cell as a living intelligence who loves you. Then see that each cell has an angel, like the angel of your house overlighting it. You may choose to work with all the angels of all sizes and work all together for your process.

Sometimes you may choose to call on the deva of the stomach, intestines, or the eyes.

Integration of the Goddess at the cellular level is like Heaven integrating with the Earth when enough LOVE is here on Earth. The DNA is like a complex communication system. When the cells communicate love, then the Goddess in being integrated at the cellular level. It’s like each cell echoing its truth to the next one. Sometimes the cells are in a kind of cell battle. Some of them are marching off into Christ Consciousness. Others are in that tug of war, holding on to Mass Consciousness. We need to program them toward the Christ. Talk to them. Call in the vibration of Truth into the cells and watch them transform. Act as if they have intelligence, treat them with respect, and they will work for you. They work like the hundredth monkey. Your cells can transmit vitality to the cells of other people. When highly charged atoms of vibrational ideas are transmitted, they are not just thoughts, they are high vibrations carrying information. Change will occur. The cellular impulses, if they could be seen, might look like infinitesimal geometries flying through the air.

Integrating the Goddess is about cooperation. It is about working with all the parts of us. It is about manifesting divinity into the smallest part, the DNA and into the largest body. It always sees the Whole Story, because it is looking for the Holy Story. The Goddess is always about bringing Divine Love into manifestation. Let the cells manifest their brightest.

Integrating the Goddess: into the heart chakra.  We are being forced to love ourselves

(You need to love yourself More than ever before. Allow yourself to be nurtured and loved even more than ever before. All of the allowance training, the self-love training, of our past has brought us to the point now where we need to really get On Line with Self Love. Before maybe was the practice; this is the real thing!

There is an Indian bhajan that goes:

                                                        Leaving the world when you go away
                                                        Nothing can you carry with you on that day..
                                                        How can you say this is mine, everything will be left behind
                                                        Nothing will remain; you stay for such a short time

The truth is that our bodies are GOD’s bodies. We do not own them. We are here for a short time to refine, learn, and master something. Master ourselves. We are here to move upward on the GOD ladder. The truth is that we do not own anything and even these bodies are not our own. Our children are given to us and all of the situations are opportunities to grow.

When you talk about your body, you are talking about GOD’s body that you are being allowed to wear. The understanding here is that one of the ascension lessons is to learn Unconditional Love for our FORMS. Yes, our forms! True self-love is not only loving the spark of Divinity in the heart. But loving ourselves all the way through. We belong to GOD. We are one of GOD’s children. Part of our ascension lesson is to once and for all, beyond any shadows of any doubts, learn to value the physical body. We need to let go of shame and hatred of the body. If you do not see yourself in this picture, please look further because collective humanity generally has at least the shadows of these feelings. It stems from the fall into limitation. We have hated our bodies because we have hated limitation and density. This is not a judgment; it is a fact. The sooner we can track it in us, even if there is only a spec left, the better off we are. We can acknowledge it and let it go. First we have to see if we still carry any of it.

If we do it is a misunderstanding of who we are and that we belong to GOD. If that is missing, it gets pretty difficult to love ourselves. If we feel separate from GOD it is hard to love ourselves because we feel separation which creates fear. Then we can feel we are not good enough to "belong." It is a long story and we have been through eons of suffering over the Myth of Separation from GOD.

The truth that God always was and always will be One.

Shema Yisrael Adonai Elohenu Adonai El Chod

We just have to convince all the parts of us that this is true.

Hear, O Israel, (spiritual Israel which means Children of GOD) all parts of self, all children of God, all cells, all bodies, all DNA, the Lord, Thy God is ONE! If GOD is ONE, I cannot be apart from that. I AM a part OF THAT! I AM ONE!

Ascension and Biological changes

We have seen that Ascension brings change and transfer into higher and higher light. At each level of initiation more light is sustained in our fields. The monadic personality takes more and more dominion over the lower self or personality. An entire restructuring of our energies is accomplished step by step. We have seen that a physical ascension process includes a biological restructuring of our forms. A resurrection process takes place and our very foundations as we have known them are shifted, like sand. We see a shifting in the foundation of our thoughts, feelings, our words and our activities. It hits all the bodies. Our self-image is rocked. Our physical body is rocked. We have seen that one house is being torn down and another erected on the same lot. Releasing the old foundation is not always comfortable.

Form and formless are merging, right here, right now, in this body on this Earth now. This is another aspect of Integration. We have seen that our genes have carried the thoughts of our ancestors. And that we have entered a period of time when it’s time when our housecleaning, our genetic cleaning is beginning to pay off. It is happening into the nitty gritty of our cells. We have learned that we need to learn to value the body much more and love it. We need to totally let go of shame and hatred of the body. We need to integrate the Love of the Goddess into the physical structure of our body at every level.

BALANCE is important.  Balancing Power and Love.  Being precise and coming from the heart

I believe that balancing it all is our biggest challenge. We are being fine-tuned and we need to keep balancing ourselves. I believe that we need to monitor ourselves so that we can study this process even as we go through it. I also believe that the more precise we are the easier it will be. We have a chance to be

Precise in our thinking and in our speech and in our activities. It’s important to remember that what really counts is the energy that went into your words. The energy that went into your cooking. Your state of heart and union when you were thinking and speaking your truth. As your vision expands it is important to remember that you are visible to GOD and to the God Force. There is nowhere to hide and no reason to hide. We are all one. You are in the company of the masters all of the time and they attune to your thoughts and to your emotions. They hear the meditations of your heart. While they do not judge us, they are here. God is here. God is everywhere and we are connected to everywhere also. So it would be wise to Pay Attention to God. To pay attention to what comes forth from us. Sananda gives the vision of the Shepherd/ess on the hill with four sheep. They stand for one’s Thoughts, Feelings, Words, and Activities. He says to keep them high on the hill, at the crest of the hill, at the Christ of the hill with you. When they run away from you, call them back lovingly, without judgment to you. When they run downhill, just bring them back to the Christ. Be in charge and be precise. Balance the four bodies during this time of transformation.

Within that the Integration of the Goddess is one half of the equation. Think about it. God is Whole and Holy. We need to be whole and holy. After all, we are Sons and Daughters.

We don’t have to be alarmed by change; it might be better to expect change and welcome it. When we understand what we are changing into it is divine. So we need to tell our brains and instruct our minds that there is nothing to fear.

When we integrate the Goddess we are bringing back the power of the Heart and the Power of Love into every part of our life, including the physical. We are understanding with compassion what is happening to our Planet, our bodies, and our brothers and sisters. We are being asked to reach into the deep sanctuary of the Sacred Heart and live life through the experience of Compassion. We are seeing that when we feel the Compassionate Goddess returned and taking residence within us, we are restored in Balance and in Integrity. We can forgive Her exile. We can forgive the past. We can forgive the parts of us who still are in fear of her and who try, even now, to suppress her.

There are countries, there are places where the Goddess cannot walk. At this time the women who live in Afghanistan cannot leave their houses without a male escort. They cannot make a noise with their shoes. They cannot show their divine faces. They cannot attend school nor work. They are prisoners in their homes and going against these laws are punishable by death. By the time this book is published we pray that this situation changes. It is placing before Humanity’s and the public a demonstration of Total Ignorance of the Divine Feminine that can still take place even as we are on the cusp of a New Age. Perhaps it is a pattern that needed to be demonstrated so that All would notice and see and understand. So that everyone would understand that when one turns the gaze away from GOD and ignores GOD, then many strange things can happen. Perhaps the exile of the Feminine needed to be demonstrated in this way so that we would never forget. Perhaps Humanity’s heart strings needed to be pulled in a collective fashion. Perhaps the prayer in Humanity’s heart when they discover this atrocity is that the Goddess must be integrated now. The male and the female are the two halves of God, so to speak. GOD is inseparable. There is no time to spare.

We have seen that the change is happening. The Earth Mother is determined. GOD and the Masters are determined. Humanity is also becoming determined. Our bodies and our minds are being recharged and reconfigured by light emanations and permeations. The Template of Humankind shall access the Light more intimately, and grow more precisely within the sacred knowledge of the Orders of Melchizedek on Earth and in the Heavens, and with the assistance of Brotherhoods and Sisterhoods of Light. What needs to happen is also a profound Integration of the Goddess into the entire movement into the Light. We are not going into this quantum transition with old values. We are not going to be able to transfer with incomplete transcripts, so to speak, into a high, prestigious institution of higher learning. Integrating the Goddess into every aspect of life on Earth needs to take place for this transfer to be complete. Completion depicts wholeness and wholeness is the way that GOD moves. The Goddess energies will be integrated fully by the time of Full Radiance for this planet Earth!

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