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This Section covers New Age Astrophysics, or Aquarian Astrophysics, which is quite different from the established materialistic Astrophysics controlled by the Illuminati and which is taught in academia and aimed to keep you dumb!

"One should not become attached to anything that can be lost in a shipwreck." Old Zen saying

"Mainstream Science thought they knew everything there was to know at that time, as they do today.  At the turn of the twentieth century they looked back one hundred years and laughed at their arrogance.  I have a distinct feeling that at the turn of the twenty-second century, they will look back at the science of today and laugh at ours."  David E. Twichell, writer of "The UFO-Jesus Connection"

"That which seems the height of absurdity in one generation, often  becomes the height of wisdom in the next." John Stuart Mills

"… May I say something here? Your space program is stupid and part of the "UFO" cover-up! You have had "flying saucers" since WW II. With our help, you have earth folks on Mars inside that planet at this time. You know the situation of Mars, and have no need to put those little Rovers on it.

"What is amazing is that some of your scientists, that are doing this work, are kept from awareness of us, or told that they will die, if they mention this. You have personnel on the moon.

"You had 2 moons once. They were brought down by the BBB & G’s [BigBad Boys and Girls] long ago, and used to take out Atlantis and Lemuria. Atlantis was an accident. They intended the moon to destroy China. They miscalculated. Your moon is artificial, constructed in Orion, and towed to earth.

"It will be used elsewhere after your natural moons are restored. Your scientists are currently reporting a new moon that circles earth about every 80 days, and another quite a bit father out. These are our creations, not artificial, but from the Asteroid Belt."

—Sananda (Jesus), telepathic message of February 8, 2005, transmitted to Candace Frieze.  From "Thoughts on Islam, Part 4."  Excerpt.

NASA lied on us.  They told usMars was a dessert with very high temperatures, no water and no signs of life.  These photographs from NASA show there are trees on Mars.  Actually United States has underground military bases on Mars.

Forest on Mars NASA Photograph 1

Forest on Mars NASA Photograph 2



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