Soltec On the Ignition of Jupiter

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Soltec On the Ignition of Jupiter
blue bulletCommander Soltec
December 8, 2008

Taken from: in this website on December 12, 2008.

bead, purpleQuestions raised on 8th December, 2008, by a group in Michigan were put by Milson (M) to a telepath, Rae Ramsey (R), for confirmation by Commander Soltec, the geophysicist, with whom they have been in frequent contact over the years:

M: What causes Jupiter to "explode"? Is this more than sudden increased light or a physical event?

R: As near as I could understand it, the potential to be a sun is inherent in every planet-body as it grows during its life cycle. It’s rather like the transformation of a caterpillar to a butterfly, though I don’t think every planet necessarily has ‘sun-hood’ as its destiny. Besides the mechanical processes involved, there is also the direction and purpose (as well as maturity of awareness) of the being whose body is the planet.

Commander Soltec: Well stated.  The process could be described as taking a deep breath, pausing a moment while the interior energies at the etheric level realign and reorganize, and then sneezing. My understanding is that Jupiter became stuck between the inhale and the sneeze last fall, and was then held in that state by Federation technology till it was again behind the sun.

They tried to nudge him at the time, but couldn’t get him to let go before he came out from behind the sun (this would be more a matter of interior planetary mechanics, rather than something under conscious control of the being). So, now we get another go at it. It’s actually a good deal more complex than that, but that will serve as an abstract overview of the process.)

M: What is the benefit of having TWO suns? I seem to recollect having being told (perhaps through the Phoenix Journals?) that we were the only system with just one sun. Some actually have three.

R: There is no particular benefit or detriment to having two suns, or one, or three or four. It’s just a situation, another manifold expression of the One Cause. For inhabitants of the planets involved, it would certainly make a difference, as the energy fields bathing them would be much more complex. Animal and plant life would evolve to interact with the new arrangement, and take advantage of it. Humans, likewise. In terms of astrological influences, I would much rather have Jupiter be a strongly radiating center than Mars or Saturn, for example. I hope we are ready to take these influences for our growth and expansion (very Jupiterian traits).

Commander Soltec: Absolutely correct! And as for the qualities of the energies, they WILL come – the rest is up to you.

M: Does this light consist of photons? My understanding is that photons are light particles, therefore Light itself.

R: I don’t have a clear picture of all the energetic and vibrational goodies that shine on us, and I am certain the current scientific model is sadly inadequate. One of my (zillion) projects is to look into this area, especially from the viewpoint of hyperspace physics. Right now I don’t have a complete enough understanding to be able to translate what I see myself and what I am shown by (a very patient) Commander Soltec.

Certainly the energies from Jupiter would be the same kind as from Sol, but with a different ‘flavor’, just as people have different ‘feelings’ around them which can be sensed by others as they walk into a room. Undoubtedly there will be a period of erratic blasts till the new Jupiter-body gets fully organized and operating smoothly, rather like a baby learning to walk.

Commander Soltec: Yes, that’s right. And do go ahead with your studies, you can always consult with me as you have been, and I will send nudges as needed.

PS: Rae is one of the very few telepaths who have ever spoken with Jupiter himself, it seems. There was a conversation recorded exactly one year ago, when he said that he could not hold on much longer.

Comment: The next probable time for ignition when Jupiter will be behind the Sun to limit its damage to Earth will be around Jan 24 which is when Milson said stasis/Ascension is scheduled to begin.  There are many benefits to having 2 suns: increased energy and more daylight available are but a few.

This is one reason stasis was canceled last year around Christmas since Jupiter was unwilling to allow this ignition and it is a part of stasis.  The next available time will be about March 2010 if this is again delayed.  Soltec is in charge of changes in our universe and monitors probable earthquakes.

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