Soltec On Earth Changes

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Soltec On Earth Changes

byAntoniose Soltec
Geophysicist of the Galactic Federation

The information of this article was extracted from channeled information by Candace FriezePosted in this website on June 30, 2005.

Read also the article "Earth Changes Are Coming" at: .

SOLTEC from the article Answers to Many Questions.

Hello everyone, I am Antoniose Soltec at your service.  Seems our Zeta friends have been causing a little unnecessary fear, with this idea there is a Planet X on the other side of the sun, causing interference. I am greatly in charge of the Earth geophysical changes, my specialty.  I am quite schooled in the physics of the Universe, and it is not possible for any Planet X, that might be on the other side of the sun, to stop the rotation of the Earth around the sun.

Nibiru, Hercolubus, Planet X, 12th  Planet, Wormwood
Graphic by Andy Loyd

We have not been playing with making it appear that the Earth is moving around the Sun, when they say it is not.  I think maybe the Zetas are a bit angry that they don’t get to keep their hybrid program.  Your government, when they agreed to let the Zetas have their hybrid program, knew that the Planet X story was false.

Let me say a bit again on what will happen.  There will continue to be Earth geophysical changes, but we will continue to control them as we are able, which is substantial.  After the Second Coming events you will be informed of some greater truth surrounding the major Tsunami in the Indonesia area last December.  This event was influenced to some degree, making it worse than what would have occurred normally.  Please do not ask Candace for the details.  This is just a little hint for you.

But, regardless, had your governments been in cooperation with us, and everyone aware of our presence, we could have evacuated those at risk beforehand.  We have plenty of ships and crew able to do so.  I tell you this, because, after the Second Coming event, we will evacuate where necessary, and people will be informed in advance.  In many cases, we can suggest simply moving, if there is time. If not, we can beam and remove.

We will control the major areas where there are volcanoes that could spout enough to adversely affect the atmosphere on Earth.  We are at constant work in this area, relieving pressures before they build too far.  Earth is going to be healed, and part of this healing will require that some lands be submerged and others raised[risen] from the sea.  This is a natural recycling of sorts, allowing the rest and rejuvenation of land by the sea. This would occur naturally had Earth been allowed her changes as she would have rolled over, quite literally, not simply changed the magnetics of the poles.  She would have swept herself quite clean and made much rearranging of her lands.

In order for you to continue your growth on the planet, we will be of great assistance in bringing the changes much more slowly and determining, where possible, they should occur. The planet is egg shaped, and needs to be more rounded. It would not be a bad idea to allow move the poles some, as is indeed happening now, to change the patterns of ice.

You will be able, for the most part, to remain on the surface.  But you are going to have to move from some areas unless you think you can become fish.  We will let you know when, well in advance.  Your Earth scientists will begin to participate in all of this, for the learning of it.

There is going to be no monstrous cataclysm.  Nothing even as bad as the Tsunami last December.  The changes will be controlled over many, many years.  I will not give you a time frame at this moment.  The planet has been ordered to be restored, mainly by request of many on Earth, and so it shall be. Some of you might need to move into the interior (Inner Earth) for a period of time, somewhat later, or even maybe all of you, to allow hastening of the changes.

Not all is set in stone at this moment.  But it is time to come out of the fear and games of the process.  The nuclear devastation, possible at one time, would have been beyond comparison to the gradual and minor changes you will experience.

You can move about, no big deal, really, as necessary for the changes. We come in honesty, not in fear. Be in trust, please, of what we do for we are all highly experienced. You will be considerably less creative, if you fear! Please ignore the fear stories that abound, they are just that, stories. Salu, Soltec.

SOLTEC from the article Updates on California and from Christ Michael.  June 23, 2005.

The part corresponding to Soltec of this article is published here.   The article was published in this website under the title: "Christ Michael On the Arrest of Bush and NESARA".

Hello my friends, I AM Antoniose Soltec, your friendly geophysicist, in charge of these mighty movements of the Earth going on, known as earthquakes. You have noticed recently that there are a number of quakes on the Western Rim of the Pacific Ring of Fire. These are nearly always my works, or rather I don’t usually do the works, I supervise them.

There is a great deal of pressure currently building up in this area, and we are causing selected quakes to release it, thus preventing a major catastrophe, in populated areas. You noticed recently the 7.0 quake 80 miles or so off theNorthern California coastline. We can make quite large quakes in ocean areas away from land and reduce much pressure.

Recently, I had a request to make a statement on the conditions in Southern California, in that the person wanted to know if it was safe to send family there in the next few weeks. Yes, it is, despite the little quakes that you see occurring. By interfering in this manner, we make goodly attempts to keep the quakes down to a size the area can handle. We can’t always be totally successful, but we are pretty good at what we do.

The Western Pacific Rim has been getting increasingly more unstable the last 6 months or so. You are going to see an increase in the activity, since we are causing the activity.

Once NESARA and our presence are announced, this information can be covered publicly for all to know, and this will greatly reduce the fear. There are going to be many smaller quakes throughout this area, often daily, just as we are still doing in the Indonesia area. We are still causing several a day in that region of the world. Go visit your government site, atEarthquake Hazards Program: NEIC to confirm this for yourselves.

I have been notified that one Sorcha Faal is creating some fear stories in her writings. Much of her knowledge is correct, but some of it is not. She is also using her writing in a way that generates fear and anxiety, and she could be doing a better job in this regard.

Her mention of activity in the Atlantic regions is accurate, but her interpretation is not. This area remains relatively stable. She tells that the North American plates are in serious trouble, and this is not so. We have released a few minor pressures in the Atlantic region. Others are allowed their natural course. There will come a time when this region also activates, and we will be there as needed.

We are going to give your earth scientists quite an education before much longer, and enlist their aid also, once they know about what they should know, and how that differs from what they think they know.  Sorcha is also misinterpreting what she writes regards the activity in the Northern Regions of Russia.

After the NESARA announcement, I want to have someone up on TV if possible right away to turn down the fear that may build up in California. Once we can be public we can announce our planned activities and thus prepare people before we send the ground to shaking under their feet. If you have friends in California, please in the meantime, send them a copy of this note, since I am not sure when exactly we will get on TV.

Won’t it be quite wonderful in a short while to have contact with us, and have the real truth, and also earthquake warnings of value? I am able to make a quite good estimate of what will happen with our stimulating and the level to expect. I am also quite good at having an idea of the time frame in which a serious quake or volcanic eruption might occur, in order to give advice about the matter, and what evacuation might be necessary.

As I mentioned before, should something need to happen that we can’t control, or it would be better to allow nature her way, we can evacuate huge numbers out of the way, if there is inadequate time to evacuate via automobiles, and crowded highways.

In due time, at a much later date, California is going to change, and people are going to have to move elsewhere, so it might be a good idea to begin exploring the options. The same will be true of people living along the Mississippi, the Atlantic Seaboard on both sides, and many other areas of the world. In general, if you live on a coastal area, you are going to move at some point in the future. For many, going further inland will suffice.

I have said that Lemuria, and Atlantis are going to rise, and that is very much so, but it will be quite gradual. Along with these earth changes, it will be the replacing of the firmament, the bands of permanent clouds of sorts in the higher atmosphere. This will remove a fair amount of water from the oceans, and more land will be exposed.

It is the nature of recycling on the planet for periodic land changes, with some lands going under, and some coming back up. Being under the ocean restores land. Of course, your BBB&G’s of long ago "assisted" this process abnormally, in the use of warfare.

The equator is going to change. I have said, I believe in these reports, that Earth is egg shaped. She needs to become round again, and this will change the equator and the southern areas. But this is not going to happen by sudden calamity. Earth, this final time, will be healed in a gradual way, by her occupants, so that she does not have to remove you forcefully. The process will go much easier on you with your cooperation, and your knowledge of things to come! Get on with fixing your peoples and environment, and leave the land changes to us.  Be in Peace, I AM Antoniose Soltec.

SOLTEC from the article "Santa Claus Is Not Coming to Town."  Excerpt.  Sunday December 4, 2005.

Soltec’s message is published in its entirety.



Americans continue to be sluggish about political issues. It is our civic duty, and responsibility to judge our government and hold it accountable. Many folks do know that power controls, but figure, well, what can I do about it? And in this idea, power has a hay day. Others are just plain oblivious. It is being considered more and more, that one must not question, otherwise one is not patriotic. True patriotism demands civic responsibility. And civic responsibility means we need to create a little chaos. This is the problem inAmerica, either we don’t make waves out of being discouraged, or we don’t realize we have a wave to make. Either way, the end result is the same.

There are basically two plans going on with getting NESARA announced. The goal of both is to cause the administration to resign. One is the legal pressure by Patrick Fitzgerald and others, and would include pressure by the media, politicians, and us. The other plan is the financial pressure being exerted, partly through the dumping of the money from China, which was behind the recent trip to Asia by Bush. This maneuver will also aid in getting the cooperation of the banking system. This week’s message by Sheldan Nidle,, would be a good resource to read.  [Editor’s Note: It is referring to the message of November 29th, 2005, read it inThe Process of Ousting This Dark Cabal, II.]

I am now going to Soltec. I had written a good deal more, but I can’t make all I want to say fit in this email, so I will write another piece to put up on my website.


Hello all, I am Antoniose Soltec, geophysicist with Ashtar Command. I am today answering a few questions through Candace about recent Earthquake activities. You have seen on your news recent Earthquakes off of Japan, these are again created by us to decrease the pressures in areas around Japan.

The earthquake of several weeks ago in Pakistan was the result of pumping the oil from the region. You are going to experience more earthquakes in that area, from the oil being removed. There will be earthquakes to be expected in any plate areas that float upon the oil. The recent Iran Earthquake is of this cause.

We can’t prevent these quakes, a different process is involved in them. Relieving pressure is not the answer. The quakes are the direct result of removing the Earth’s "blood" as some call it. The oil and gas beds are what some plates float upon, and if too much is removed, there will be quakes from these plates finding their new location. We can’t pump stuff back into the ground in these areas to prevent this situation.

Earth peoples have been very slow to realize this issue. The quakes from a year ago in the area are also of this cause. There was not the death rate in this recent quake as is being told on the news, not anywhere close. This is hype creating fear. That many buildings did come down, because of their construction is true.

The world has not responded adequately to these peoples who are displaced. There is not the caring apparently. Money should not be the issue in these cases. All of us in Ashtar command are very desirous that Earth will give up the money system that brings upon it so much slavery. It is very much time for the caring of the peoples of Earth to commence.

I have written in the past that we can give some attention, by means of the news services of impending quakes. This was actually done to news groups in this area, (Pakistan) but they did nothing to give warning to the peoples involved. There were some in the United States given the knowledge also, and yet this tragedy was of unimportance to them.

So many in Earth are so very resistant to the idea of growing up and becoming responsible for the planet. It is hoped that a number of people will choose messianic projects in the care of the planet, after the Second Coming. We will not do it for you, it is your job.

You must develop teams that will go into areas and evacuate them. We can help out in this endeavor until you have sufficient antigravity vehicles to make this your own concern, or you can also make some contracts with star peoples for this. The Earth is your responsibility to learn to understand the planets many issues. We are but advisors during your growing up period.

You must move from areas that will have problems, such as along almost any sea shore. You should not live in areas like New Orleans, or in the Dutch areas that are below sea level. Building bigger and better dikes is not the solution. Moving inland is the solution. The same in the areas where so much oil has been removed. You should move.


Our news is covering some on the issue of New Orleans. I saw a scientist type on TV recently saying that the sea levels in the New Orleans area are expected to rise dramatically over the next 80 years, possibly a 100 feet or more. I don’t think 100 foot dikes would be wonderfully successful.


Your scientists and military know much about the areas of risk, but choose to not do anything about it. We are getting pretty fed up with the military that has promised to do the right thing, and has not. Lots of hot air going on, but little action.

We have given so much knowledge and still there is the fear and inaction. They are not doing as they should in honoring the Constitution and removing these BBB&G’s. So be it at this time. We continue in Ashtar Command to await the awakening in America of Americans to the atrocities in Iraq, and to their responsibility to make civic noise about it.

Iraq daily increases their insurgent activities against the American intruders, and still the military and other leaders do nothing to inform Americans that the insurgency is from the Iraqi people themselves, defending their country, as they should be doing.

With Christ Michael’s and Sananda Immanuel’s permission, I am telling you thatAmerica is not awakening very well. We are not walking away, but we are going to await the actions of some more people on the ground to do the right thing. This would include readers writing to their supposed elected leaders, and demanding the right thing to be done.

Do not be in support of Patrick Bellringer’s dependence of the star people right now to do the right thing. This is the Santa Claus approach, as Candace has used in description, and we are not Santa Claus. We are advisors, and we are dealing with many issues. You are still upon the planet because of our many works. But you have got to come out of the savior idea and become your saviors.

I would make the suggestion that you focus on a few important individuals in your Congress, and write letters strongly encouraging doing the right thing. You should continue to awaken your friends and neighbors to the idea that something is wrong in Iraq, and that they should be doing their civil responsibility and making noise about it.

We are going to continue to await some more for action on the ground. We are awaiting for the news folks and the military to become more progressive for us to carry out our intervention. Write your news people and demand better. Write the same ones, every day if need be.

Now in the above statement, I realize they may turn the deaf ear, and we do not expect the limited number of readers of these messages to correct the situation. But your pressure just might get a few to do the right thing, and a few is all that is needed, we are so close now.

You yourselves must come out of Santa Claus mentality about the Second Coming. There is much written that we will do it all, we will give multiple food replicators and other technology and everything will be hunky dory in around 2 years. You can thank Patrick Bellringer for that, and it is not true.

We are going to give some of these to areas that have severe poverty, and in fact already are. We are going to bring in the machines that will bring AIDS under control in Africa, and are training peoples there in their use also at this time. We continue to work behind the news that you in America get.

The deaf, dumb and blind American peoples, often sitting in a place expecting rapture, and following their leaders rather than thinking, are needing to think. Rumsfeld and Mr. Cheney recently, sadly got "kudos" for their speeches before the American public. Pat Robertson and his ilk continue to manipulate their Christian followers into support of the regime. We were most appalled by Pat Robertson recently in his comments about killing Chavez in Venezuela. This man continues to lead the unthinking Christians into the hands of The Beast.

When the NESARA program is announced, and the rest of the Second Coming package plan takes place, you are merely having the door opened to the possibilities. You will have to ask for any help from us, we do not stuff it down your throats and take away your free will.

We fully expect some tribulation of thought, expectations, and resistance to who we are and what we are here for. We fully expect Pat Robertson, and others such as the Sherry Shriner folks to attempt at the rejection of this Second Coming process. After this Second Coming Event, it is you from the stars and more experienced souls that will get the big changes done.

Shortly you will learn that Mr. Bush and friends are running away, vacating. There is a temporary government set in place to take over for a few months until elections can occur. But you are the ones who must be very careful with whom runs for the new elections, and reject those that are unworthy. You need to not allow again, party platforms that do not serve your Constitution to come into place.

But it is you, the star people, now given the chance to spring into action who will do the works. You adopted the planet for this purpose, for your growth and experience, and to serve your Universe of Nebadon. You volunteered and the time is now to get a move on. You must be firm and strong. It is not the time to lay back and simply hope all will work out.

As Christ Michael said recently in these messages, you have 5 years to make a phenomenal change upon the planet. She is this year, 7 years ahead of time, fully into the photon belt year around. This will continue to initiate Earth changes, the cleansing, and we will not interfere for the most part in the process. By anchoring the Light, so shall you yourselves reduce the changes. Anchoring the Light is not done by only mediation and the beaming of love energy. It is done by doing the works, and the teaching of the peoples who are either asleep or have no knowledge in the first place. You must work with religion also, showing a better way. Those of you who do go to church must spring up and work against The Beast who will be working even more heavily after The Second Coming Event in trying to get people to reject the process.

The game of the Rapture is the game of The Beast. In New Age this game is played also in the idea of a special ascension date, in the idea that one will suddenly know all, the idea that you will be instantly able to manufacture by mind everything you need. These are skills that take time, and will not be given to the planet, until she is well into her growing up. Poverty will not truly end, until you are off of money, and have responsible people in power to handle the trading of goods that would be the norm under a situation of not using money.

Who will you elect a few short months from now?  The first year after the Second Coming Event will be a year of intense change that must come rapidly to set the planet on a better course. You must instigate this change in every field of practice upon the Earth. It will be a great event upon the people, the making of choices to stay with the planet or not. You must be confrontative with a lazy people wanting various versions of the rapture.





I am checking out some websites that apparently make it easy to send letters to your specific members of Congress and the Senate. I tried one, and I did get responses back. This one sent the letter also to the closet local newspaper. I will cover this in a message on my website. I think we should do as suggested above, and work with the few that seem oriented to solving the problems inIraq. We should send letters nearly daily, over and over to provide a kick in the "pituti." (My favorite word for "xxxxx.")

Hopefully the letter writing will be unimportant, and the waiting short for the eviction of these BBB&G’s. I am noting increasing coverage on CNN about some issues, and today they covered the problem with the paid propaganda in Iraq, actually calling it propaganda. I have heard that MSNBC is providing improved coverage, and perhaps if this is so, some pressure on them would be useful also. However we should not put off putting on the pressure assuming all will happen soon.

Next Tuesday, December 6, there is a phone campaign where you can ask Congress to bring the troops home from Iraq. The number is 1-800-614-2803. Give it a try, nothing to loose! If you have folks around you who are dissatisfied with Iraq, share the number with them.

Remember the saying I am sure most have heard: "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil, is for good men to do nothing." We need to be the good men and women and put pressure on others to do the same. I have a couple favorite sayings I like to refer to sometimes when people think I am an odd sort of person about my beliefs around 911 and Iraq, Aspartame, and other issues. They are:

"Your failure to be informed, does not make me a wako." By John Loeffler.
"Today’s nut is tomorrow’s oak tree that held its ground." By Plato.

In ending, I would like to remind you, that the Kumara’s, which include Sananda Immanuel, and Sanat Kumara, got themselves out of a nasty matrix, including imprisonment by the use of weapons, without the assistance we are getting. Now we do need some help, because this planet is the last hold out of the Anunnaki and others, and has a particularly large problem, but still, we must do our share.

It is always the planetary peoples responsibility for their planet, and solving its social, economic, political and environmental problems. Learning does not occur if another does the work. I look forward to having you come to my new website, and participating in the forums if you would like to do so. Take care, and Happy Holidays! Candace.

PS. Today I was asked to support Jerry Falwell’s efforts to put the Christ back into Christmas. The Christian Right is unhappy about the term "Happy Holidays" by merchants. The person asked me to come to a Targets asking people to not buy from Targets and Koels this year. I declined. I sent email to the sender with my opinions, and it came back intentionally rejected by the list monitor with no reason given as the reason. This person has been working to gain support for the exposure of 911, a worthy goal indeed.

Several religions celebrate over this season of gift buying and giving, which also includes Thanksgiving and the New Year, complete with all the football games.  And many who are not of any faith also participate. This is manipulation to get Christians to support the NWO agenda, of a one religion state. It is a Christian Right activity. It matters not to me that Christianity is the prominent religion, it does not need to control the business activities ofAmerica in this manner.  It would be much more important to draw attention to the war, AIDS and other issues of real spiritual concern. The Christian Right should put the Christ back into Christmas, by demanding this unlawfully installed antichrist vacate the White House.

I want out of the Holiday season, personally. I have not enjoyed the pressure over my life to conform to the expectations. I tried to teach my children about Santa Claus and met with huge disapproval of family, friends and neighbors, who did not want their kids to learn there was no Santa Claus from mine. I actually did not desire the Christmas season at all, but explain that to a family and society steeped in Christmas.

One year early in my marriage all of our clothing, sheets, and towels were stolen off a clothes line, during my one day a week to do all the wash. My family never seemed to forgive that we didn’t give Christmas presents that year, what little money we had went to replacing the above items. We did not have a credit card. My ex husband was a poorly paid private in the military during the Vietnam war. My wages were low also.

I was and am often penalized for not spending as much money as was spent on me, even though I did not have it to spend. I was raised in a family situation where Christmas and birthday giving was criticized if the gift giver failed to give a financially appropriate gift, no matter the situation or truth and beliefs of the "giver." I have seen this behavior in other families all my life also. I have seen much heartache over the requirement of gifts. I have felt and often continue the heartache myself in the game of gift giving during the holiday times.

There is great social pressure to conform to Christmas. It is to me about merchandising, and has become increasingly so over time. The pressure has been increased by the advent of television. I think the Christ was taken out of Christmas long ago, long before my birth.  Simply forcing stores to use the term "Christmas" does not solve a single problem about Christmas. We need to celebrate the birth of Christ, and God, year around, 24/7. In that we might become more Holy. The poor need to eat every day, the homeless need shelter every day. People run up their credit card debt to conform.

In this Christmas season it is easy for America to forget about Iraq, and its suffering. For some, it will be easy to sit down to Christmas dinner, and all the while discuss that we must get those Muslims, keep up this war on terror. So it has been every Christmas since the Iraq war began. Since 911. Since Afghanistan.  And there will be the eating of a turkey that was raised in inhuman conditions, filled with chemicals to provide tenderness and moisture. I know I sound like the Grinch that stole Christmas, but I want Christ like, God like behavior throughout the planet, everyday of the year. Let’s get a good start on that in 2006 make the New Year, really new.

There is no Santa Claus, no tooth fairy, no Easter bunny. It is my belief that in teaching these seemingly harmless stories that we encourage our little ones to believe in a fairy tale as if it were true. We continue this on in our schools by teaching that we have a free press, another fairy tale. We have a lot of fairy tales in organized religion, and in other areas of The Matrix. I think it is well past time to stop the fairy tales. If we lie about Santa, how might our children respect our ability to provide truthful answers to their questions? I have personally seen quite a few children who became very upset on learning they had been lied to in this manner.

One of these fairy tales is that baptism is required to enter into heaven or to be "saved." When people try to drop out of the Mormon Church, or are excommunicated from it and others, they are told that their baptism has been revoked. Why would God require the sprinkling of water, or the dunking, to enter into his Kingdom? And why does the leaving of an organization take away the supposed effects of the Baptism? It is time to think and ponder such things. The freedom that Christ brought has been reformed into yet anotherprison of existence.

I have no problem with people celebrating life through ceremonies and rituals. But they should be based on fact and not used to teach fairy tales. I think it is a spiritually wonderful idea to have a naming ceremony for a new child, welcoming the child to life, and blessing the parents.  I support having some sort of ceremony for those that desire it, to support various life milestones, including a choice to consciously serve God and life, service to others. I support the idea that marriage, and the bringing of children into the world is sacred, and can have a sacred ceremony of choice. I have no problem with sacred ceremonies around the passing from this plane, or around celebration of children coming into their adulthood. Graduation from any worthwhile education program is a sacred event. These are worthy ideas, sanctifying life and its Holy experiences. I do have a problem with the idea that one is excluded from God based on the fairy tale of Baptism.

SOLTEC from the article "Soltec Provides an Updating."  Excerpt.  Friday April 18, 2008.

Soltec’s full message is published in Stasis 101, Part II.



There has been quite an increase in quake activity around the world. There is a large volcano under the sea off of Oregon that has raised the seabed a bit as pressure has been rising. It is highly possible this volcano will become very active, and although it is under the sea there will a goodly deal of wave action off the west coast nearby as it becomes more active. This is distantly related to the system and responsive to the area of Mt. Helens and Mount Rainier and there is much increase in activities through this system. This growing volcano will affect these other systems, as they have contiguous branches.

Mount Rainier sits sort of in the middle of several branches, and some of these drain magma into the base of Rainier. You had increasing activity months back in Mount Helens. The pressure is building in the underground channels, if you wish, of these interconnected systems.  When Mount Rainier blows, it will likely blow its top off, similar to Helens, but this will be a goodly deal larger blast, and Seattle shall not be sitting comfortably. We do not predict the time, it is not soon as in months but in a few years as best can be estimated.

My instruments can see and measure many pressures, but it is not necessarily possible at any one time to accurately predict a disturbance and we go by the little clues. All the various interconnected plates all affect the ones nearby, and the magma movements all have different drainage systems. In general there are large drainage systems from Nevada into California, especially towards Southern California.

Your dark ones had a lot of fun detonating nuclear bombs in Nevada, and when these downhill, so to speak, drainage systems of magma within the faults erupt onto the surface in any manner, there will be radiation released.

During the stasis period those under my specific command will be dealing with some of these, and we can «evacuate» some of the radiation in those areas, so that it will be considerably less harmful in the future. We have planned a good deal of clean up during that period. We will also cause, using pulse beams, quite a few quakes so that certain events will happen now, and not later.


Regards the above statement, we have covered before I think, anyway, that during stasis certain events will be encouraged so we do not have certain problems later. This will reduce the number of expected «calamities and cataclysms», but remember the Earth needs to make many changes and thus we will face issues over the many years, for a couple hundred years or so. Once we have the public’s attention, there can be better planning before some of these events.


I have been told many of you are nervous that the Jupiter Event has not yet materialized and that is because the information was given early enough to attempt to obtain cooperation from leaders and also to prepare some of you. The planet is fully prepared and but awaiting its activation at a time under our control. This must be soon because of the nature of the pollution upon our planet, and we desire to get it started before the food shortages become increasingly severe.  Mother Earth will be relieved of a goodly deal of her suffering during stasis.


Rather than going on so many years, many Earth changes will occur from the ignition of Jupiter, as we have been calling it. It is no longer behind the sun and in a few months it will be in opposition to Earth, meaning at the closest approach in this cycle.

It will be ignited during this closer range, when Michael is ready and you will be asleep, so not to worry individually, for you have all made your committed choices and that is done, and so be it. The Mother is quite ill, from not only the pollution, but the warring and the duality that is 4th dimension. In 4th dimension the energies of goodness and darkness become very polarized and this is tough on the planet, especially this planet.


She will be given a big assist, and the children of God, the true children of God, will have their experience at rebuilding the planet. Bringing it into Light and Life. Into balance. The intervention talked of a time now was granted, as the planet will not be destroyed. Because of the request of many students and elevated spirits incarnate, at a higher level, they wish to experience raising the planet from her almost deathbed and into again a beauteous place while continuing to live on the planet rather than repairing her after a pole reversal and starting a new civilization.

The plan is huge and it’s nearly in place. Botanists and specialists in animal life have taken many specimens and stored also much of the original seeds. These will be gifted back into capable hands and there will be removal of those genetically-modified plants and seeds, including terminator varieties the dark have developed.  Life may not be patented and life should also be only modified in the hands of truly capable and enlightened scientists.

The stasis period will remove many of the lower energies from man downward. The light will be intense not only from the new sun but the greater effects of the photon belt and other yet uncovered energies. You will awaken to quite a big difference and, as has been presented to you, there will be appropriate coverage on the media. None of the beneficial technology will be lost, particularly your communication systems.

Any damage will be repaired to utility systems and the like.  There will be a period of food shortage because growing seasons will be interrupted by the process. To avoid negativity after stasis is ended there will be plenty of food and NECESSARY supplies for living until the agricultural process can be started again.

There will be no airplanes afterwards allowed to fly.  They will have difficulty in the new energies and will not be safe to operate. In addition to that, they will be grounded so as to prevent the pollution to the newly cleansed higher atmosphere.

You will be given ways to negotiate with Starfleet organizations for extensive needed travel, but for a time, your luxury vacations will not be.  Travel will be limited to that which is necessary. During stasis we will also be deactivating some of the damage where possible from the use of depleted uranium. Without doing so, it will be more difficult to restart life in abundance. We think that stasis will last perhaps up to year. We are not sure, it depends on what time it all takes.

We simply to do not know for sure, hopefully it will be shorter, but it matters not, in reality.  Only the higher life forms, man and his animals, will be asleep during it, and regular life and weather will continue. Many are going to leave the planet at this time. It has been decided to gift the Mother in this way as man has become a parasite and knows not how to stop doing so. The other solution is to reverse the poles, and that is again chosen against, because the future planetary/solar system and upward leaders incarnate need this experience.


SOLTEC: "The Truth behind the Tsunami of 2004 with Some Comments from Candace".  Monday July 21, 2008.

Taken from: .


Dear ones, It is I, Soltec, and the purpose of my little missive here is that it has finally become approved by others that I might tell you what happened during the Earthquakes and resultant Tsunami on December 26, 2004.  Many on the Internet put out that they feared it may have been man generated, meaning something deliberately caused in some sort of warring for any of several causes that people conjured up, and this is valid because quite a few of your earthquakes are the result of man intentional cause.

This one, however, while caused by man, was «accidental.»  But do not take that lightly, for man is still highly to blame in his ignorance of his planet. Before I reveal the cause, do understand that this area of the world sits on many fault lines and this will not be the first major earthquake in that area.

That area is being or, better said, was because the production is not going well now either, pumped for natural gas. It is a huge natural gas field worth a great deal of money. It had experienced some settling during many minor quakes in the region and was no longer producing the quantity of flow it had once produced. And, in fact, dear ones, all pumping puts any area of earth at increased risk of quakes from settlement after material, be it solid as in coal, or liquid as in gas and oil, will cause some loss of structure and quakes and cave-ins may well result. So goes also with the pumping of water out of aquifers also, and many areas over aquifers are experiencing sink holes and quakes.

So, some bigheaded thugs decided to see if they could make some changes to open up the obstructed flows and placed detonations in an attempt to do that. Being that the area was greatly destabilized already from the excess pumping and inflowing water into empty gas reservoirs, plus the natural response to the remodeling of the globe at this time, they created that catastrophe. And hundreds of thousands paid with their lives. So be it, Many make the dollar more important than lives.

You are overpopulated, dear ones, well beyond now what your planet can support in all ways. In the USA you want to pump more of this natural gas for auto use, you want to strip more coal, for auto use, and the like, and no matter the stated clean technologies on coal-to-gas conversion, it is NOT clean, and you will do ever more harm to your environment.


It is too late. You did not develop the technologies brought by many to this planet, including the more known Nicola Tesla. You have too many people with too many needs to fix this now and you will pay the piper. China is in really dire shape, regards coal pollution for electricity generation. A whole war in Viet Nam was fought not over «communism» and not so much over oil as suggested, but over the huge natural gas resources in that corner of the world.

Natural gas in particular tends to form in areas where the crust is thinner and in areas of great cavernous formation and so it is around the Pacific Rim, and in fact under many parts of your US of A. This is NO solution, dear ones, even though natural gas burns cleaner and is thus more suited for lighting, heating and stoves. Even if you start today, right now, and put trillions of dollars into what others such as Tesla brought to you, it is TOO LATE. You have signed your demise as of this current civilization and there is naught to be done, except cleanse and start over.

By this I am not saying there will be a pole reversal cleanse, but there must be substantial cleansing nevertheless.  Your population must be brought down, and that is the purpose of stasis on planets that are not going to experience pole reversal as the method of choice for cleansing. And then nature and all the other mistakes and errors of mankind will also contribute over the many years until you learn to control your growth and become sustainable.

Nature’s depopulation will continue, probably several times, until man can foresee the future of not only his children (which he still doesn’t do very well) but unto the 7th generation AT LEAST.  That is the meaning behind that statement in the bible. Man’s decisions affect unto at least the 7th generation, and in the case of planets with shortened lives such as this one, longer than that. You must learn to plan 100s of years in advance!  What have you left for your children, your grandchildren, and your great grandchildren? Many problems for many years. So be it.

Those of you who are awake and are joining in this effort by AbundantHope are the blessed ones. Many are awakening to some degree in other countries now too. Russia is being heavily taught by the masters now, as they have become more receptive. Actually the people there were always more receptive to the ideas of God, even when under the Bolsheviks, who are now out of Russia. We now can work there without that influence and we are. Russia, under Putin, even though he has «moved aside» a bit, is doing much to protect the world from the Zionists, having known them so personally and realizing their methods.

You in American that serve AbundantHope are needing to become stronger, and you must better study the issues and begin your thinking of how you will serve within a people who refuse to look.  There is question as to whether the American citizen, following the still being set into process of the attacks, will even wake up then. The media has such control.

It will be for you to stand strongly in your KNOWING and not your beliefs. There is such a difference and you will be told repeatedly that «I believe such and such» and you must say, I KNOW such and such. Inform yourselves well, my beloveds, because the fear that will envelop America will be far greater than 911, which was a surprise. Your government has prepared as usual the pack of lies to blame it on others, and we are not sure until it manifests whether it will be Islam and Iran, or the Russians. Either scenario is possible.

Your «beloved Obama», is busy right now in the Middle Eastern countries carrying out his orders from his Zionist controllers. He is riling up in Afghanistan against Pakistan. Your black ops folks have been very busy again lately, creating instability there and Obama has told you many times you must get the soldiers out of Iraq and send them right on to Afghanistan again because the plan is to carry war into Pakistan, from Afghanistan.  You have in the «New Age» community, one Matthew Ward through Suzy his mother, and who has said Obama is a gifted star seed. In that, you know not to trust Suzy or Matthew for your spiritual growth. Dear ones, stop following all of this, and look at the evidence if you are accepting Matthew’s version. Obama, by his fruits, is not a lighted man. Enough said.  Namaste, I wish you all well. Antoniose Soltec.


Soltec feels deeply, deeply saddened to me as I work with him today. Regards the comments about Russia being taught by the Ascended Masters, there is a new channel there who has been working since spring 2005,  I placed a couple of pieces through her on our website. Those of you who followed the Prophets of Summit Lighthouse will be pleased to know that Mark Prophet, who passed long ago, is teaching in Russia, under his name Lanello.

Just go the site and start with the first period of dictations and you will see him. He has a few up and you will find the first one quite interesting, because Summit Lighthouse is no longer the organization it was. Interestingly, on their current website, they are not being honest as near as I can tell anyway, about Elizabeth Prophet. On a blog I found there is a separate family site that is raising money for the care of Elizabeth who has become disabled from Alzheimer’s disease and I find no mention of this on the main site.

So many of the masters have a lot of material on this Russian site. It is translated into fairly good English on the English version above but I noticed the more recent translations are not as good as the first ones. Take that into mind as you read them. I don’t know if the area that shows what languages are available are actual sites in other languages, or this is just translation software.

I have a piece going with Christ Michael, hopefully we will get it finalized today. Actually this Soltec piece was to be part of that one but I decided to go ahead and publish it separately. Take care, Candace.


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