Answers to Many Questions


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Answers to Many Questions

By Christ Michael, Sananda, Germain, Soltec and Candace Frieze

Messages channeled through Candace Frieze, [email protected].
Published in this website on June 9, 2005.  New updates are incorporated from time to time.  Revisit it.
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June 7, 2005


Hi everyone! Sorry I have been a bit late.  I had a procedure on ship that set me back a few days. This occurred a couple days after I returned from my holiday weekend.  This will be covered in further detail in the Rafael message. The purpose of this message is to answer a number of questions that readers have sent.  These are being answered by Germain, Sananda, Soltec, and Christ Michael. So let’s just get started.


My Dear Ones, Candace has received many emails since my message of May 27 concerning some of the prosperity that NESARA will provide. In particular, people are asking what will happen when most adults in the USA will have $75,000 a month, on a changed economy, where the money will buy 10X more than now.

People are in a bit of fear, believing that most will quit their jobs, particularly those jobs in the service industries, such as food and clothing. Yes, some will do this, for a while. However, in the years waiting, we will do much education about this money and what to do and how to manage.

There is to be some gifting of food replicators and similar technology, making for change in the food industry. The main purpose of the replicators will be to give soil a rest for a while in areas where it is depleted. However, not everyone will be relying totally on these technologies. These are merely aids during the healing.  Real food is of great value for many reasons and even societies and people living totally on ship, still prefer, and in fact for optimal health require, some real food.

People will work, almost all of them. There will be some who will be selfish, being only of service to self, and go on a very extended vacation from the difficulties of life. This will be a time of healing for some of these people. They need a period of rest from their intense work at just staying alive. Most of you, however, will continue to work. There will be some, who do not desire anything but play, and these that fail to develop some idea of service-to-others concept, will have their just rewards, living in another 3D world.

Even those of the least intelligence know that someone has to provide for services of many kinds.  What will happen is that many will put themselves with great joy into learning a new way to be.  Man is rarely satisfied with an existence of purely play, in fact, never is, after the period of play.

You have many people who have no work.  I believe that nearly all of you will not only choose work but you will choose to employ everyone.  In the process you will create a much shorter workweek with everyone contributing in some way.  You will create joy in the choices available.

And one of these choices will be for one of the parents in a family to stay home and care for the children rather than using daycare.  Or if both want to work, they will work a great deal less and thus have more time with family.  Strong family is the root of a healthy society and you do not in general have strong families in the USA.  (Comment by Candace: I would think also that singles moms could stay at home with the kids, instead of working one or more jobs).

There will be a return to small farms, as some will get money back to return to farming, others will also enter into the idea and will have the money to do so.  You will have the money, with the aid of the star visitor’s technology, to reclaim your planet and create your New World.  Your New World should not depend on the great deal of time put in by people at the present working at very low wages, and putting in very long hours to just barely make do. Some do not even make do and are very dependent on help from others.

Please do not worry, you will all rise to the occasion.  You will have a year or so to dream and prepare.  Business men, that tend to use people for excessive profit, will know and understand that, because of this money coming, everything they have built up is going to fall flat on its face, and I promise you that they, that are service-to-self in this regard, will take care of themselves and thus change their ways.

These types, many of whom are workaholics, by desire, in service-to-self, will work very hard to keep some status. They have too, to remain who they are.  They are not the types to wander off in endless vacation.

Granted, all of this is an experiment, as what is happening on this planet has occurred nowhere else. But people do need basic necessities, and someone will find a way to handle these, lots of some ones! You will rise to the challenge.

Your creativity has been suppressed for so very long, and most people will burst at the seams in joy, as they come to understand the gift being brought by the Second Coming process, and jump in and do what the children of God have always desired: to be able to desire and create. That is Godhood, and the will of God is to become like God, living in joy and creativity.

The mind does not grow unless there are problems, and things of value to learn.  In the having of less work hours, you will fill your mind with the wonders of All That Is.  I have no doubt about this. Go in joy at the prosperity coming and not be in fear of it, in the letters of worrying what will happen!

I AM Violinio Germain and I myself sit in great excitement of the potential I am feeling. All of us that you label Masters are still in the learning.  All learn and teach to those in the ladder of life what they learn.  And do you shall do.  Salu, for I must get back now to the workings with the banks in all of this.


We have received quite a few questions about the Zetas and Planet X, which is said to be close, and causing Earth to be in a standstill in its orbit at the time being. I hadn’t even spent much time at the Zeta site, , but decided it was time to do so. I found much truth, and I found also much denial and cover-up of many issues. I haven’t read everything there, but have spent at least 6 hours looking it over now.

Especially, I found myself a bit appalled with the Hybrid program, claimed to be of STO (service-to-others) orientation.  I found it very much, from my point of view, STS (service to self).  If were service to others, I would assume, us, the hybrid program would be helpful to us.  It seems that the hybrids, and their early experiences with using our DNA, are living on Mars or elsewhere.  I have received much mail from people who feel used by the Zetas, and their breeding program.  I have also received letters, from quite good earth humans, who had the Zetas come in greater honesty, would have cooperated with them in a good way.  I feel like the Zetas came to Earth to harvest genetic they wished to have, and to occupy earth after the changes in this manner.  I found much of their material inaccurate about earth and the universe in general, and either this is that they are uninformed, or they are intentionally creating stories for their benefit, or both I suppose.


My dear readers, we have received several letters concerning Planet X from those reading the Zeta site.  The Zetas are the little greys. They have been teaching at their site for quite a few years of the coming pole shift that they believe will happen as a result of Planet X coming into the solar system and making a mess of things. This is not true. Apparently in a recent message they have said that the earth is not orbiting the sun, it is at a standstill, since Planet X is close to the sun and interfering with magnetics or whatever. Some are also asking about whether Planet X is a comet, whether it is inhabited, and whether it is Nibiru.

There is not a comet named Planet X. There is the planet Nibiru, which does orbit Earth and the Sirius system every 3600 years.  It was last near Earth at the time of my First Coming.  At the time, Nibiru’s minions on Earth intended to own the planet, and restart time.  That particular time was chosen because Nibiru was in this portion of its orbit.  The changing of the time from BC to AC was about that project, not about my Coming.  Christ Michael and myself came at that time to interrupt the plans, and cause failure.  This did occur.  Then they had to make a new plan, and thus the new ownership was intended to occur at this time.  So we are back!

The Zetas came in earnest and started their plan of hybrids around 1900, also planning to take advantage of the changing times, hoping to own the earth also, since they had long ago destroyed in war like activities their own planet. They are androids as I have said. They were created long ago, and rebelled from their makers. They then became quite war like, in fact were created to be war like, and after destruction of the surface of their planet took to remodeling their DNA removing many influences they did not desire. With coming to Earth, they chose to add earth genetic material to their systems, in the hope of owning Earth after the destructive forces of the times wiped out most humans. They are quite skilled at survival in adverse conditions.  However, they are mistaken about Planet X, in fact they seemed to have created the story of its supposed current return.

Since Nibiru was last here 2000 years ago, it does not return to that part of its orbit until 3600 AD. It is more than half way on its journey, and can be viewed with appropriate telescopes at this time, but it remains still quite distant from entering this solar system. It does not cause pole changes in its passage, never has. A very long time ago, when it was thrown from its orbit around a Sirian star that was destroyed, it moved at a reckless manner, and did cause a number of changes in this solar system. However, its orbit was stabilized by those that can do so at some point, and its current orbit established. As reported by Sitchin and many others, you now know that Nibiru has had extensive involved with Earth, and has also been involved with the Reptilians, and with the Lucifer Rebellion.

But it is not anywhere near enough to cause any of the suggested harm, and even if it were, the harm would come from its peoples being able to travel to Earth and cause havoc if they so desired.  Nibiru is occupied not on its surface, but the interior of the planet. That is how they survived the cataclysm to begin with when its sun was imploded. It does not have the ability to control its own orbit, or change its direction, so please, not to worry about this. The Zetas concocted the Planet X story to convince you to accept their hybrid program.  They claim to be STO, by in the stealing of your genetics, they are anything but.  However, I remind you, that not all the Zetas are involved in the hybrid program, and as we discussed earlier, will get to stay and grow with Earth, and become bonified Sons of God, by incarnating in a Son of God body. This is their reward for great service to you, in teaching and technology given.

There is no great cataclysm coming to earth, any has been prevented and interfered with on order of Christ Michael. The planet is to be rehabilitated by yourselves, with our assistance. There will be changes, yes, as we have discussed before, by they will be gradual and controlled. I will request Soltec to give you a bit more information about earth changes, and how you will be helped through them.  Namaste, my friends, I AM Sananda Immanuel.


Hello everyone, I am Antoniose Soltec at your service.  Seems our Zeta friends have been causing a little unnecessary fear, with this idea there is a Planet X on the other side of the sun, causing interference. I am greatly in charge of the Earth geophysical changes, my specialty.  I am quite schooled in the physics of the Universe, and it is not possible for any Planet X, that might be on the other side of the sun, to stop the rotation of the Earth around the sun.

Nibiru, Hercolubus, Planet X, 12th  Planet, Wormwood
Graphic by Andy Loyd

We have not been playing with making it appear that the Earth is moving around the Sun, when they say it is not.  I think maybe the Zetas are a bit angry that they don’t get to keep their hybrid program.  Your government, when they agreed to let the Zetas have their hybrid program, knew that the Planet X story was false.

Let me say a bit again on what will happen.  There will continue to be Earth geophysical changes, but we will continue to control them as we are able, which is substantial.  After the Second Coming events you will be informed of some greater truth surrounding the major Tsunami in the Indonesia area last December.  This event was influenced to some degree, making it worse than what would have occurred normally.  Please do not ask Candace for the details.  This is just a little hint for you.

But, regardless, had your governments been in cooperation with us, and everyone aware of our presence, we could have evacuated those at risk beforehand.  We have plenty of ships and crew able to do so.  I tell you this, because, after the Second Coming event, we will evacuate where necessary, and people will be informed in advance.  In many cases, we can suggest simply moving, if there is time. If not, we can beam and remove.

We will control the major areas where there are volcanoes that could spout enough to adversely affect the atmosphere on Earth.  We are at constant work in this area, relieving pressures before they build too far.  Earth is going to be healed, and part of this healing will require that some lands be submerged and others raised[risen] from the sea.  This is a natural recycling of sorts, allowing the rest and rejuvenation of land by the sea. This would occur naturally had Earth been allowed her changes as she would have rolled over, quite literally, not simply changed the magnetics of the poles.  She would have swept herself quite clean and made much rearranging of her lands.

In order for you to continue your growth on the planet, we will be of great assistance in bringing the changes much more slowly and determining, where possible, they should occur. The planet is egg shaped, and needs to be more rounded. It would not be a bad idea to allow move the poles some, as is indeed happening now, to change the patterns of ice.

You will be able, for the most part, to remain on the surface.  But you are going to have to move from some areas unless you think you can become fish.  We will let you know when, well in advance.  Your Earth scientists will begin to participate in all of this, for the learning of it.

There is going to be no monstrous cataclysm.  Nothing even as bad as the Tsunami last December.  The changes will be controlled over many, many years.  I will not give you a time frame at this moment.  The planet has been ordered to be restored, mainly by request of many on Earth, and so it shall be. Some of you might need to move into the interior (Inner Earth) for a period of time, somewhat later, or even maybe all of you, to allow hastening of the changes.

Not all is set in stone at this moment.  But it is time to come out of the fear and games of the process.  The nuclear devastation, possible at one time, would have been beyond comparison to the gradual and minor changes you will experience.

You can move about, no big deal, really, as necessary for the changes. We come in honesty, not in fear. Be in trust, please, of what we do for we are all highly experienced. You will be considerably less creative, if you fear! Please ignore the fear stories that abound, they are just that, stories. Salu, Soltec.


Hello, my friends, It is I, Christ.  First, I would like to suggest that you consider the idea of calling me Christ rather than Hatonn, now that I have come out of the hiding of my identity. I know that some might have difficulty with this, but it is only a name, and it is my name. Those of you, having read some of the Journals, realize I am not terribly stuck on title or name. I am quite informal in that regard.  A name is but a label.

I laugh a bit at Candace, as she is having a bit of difficulty making the transfer herself.  Hatonn is fine, but the Christ of Nebadon, well that is another matter!  When she sent her prayer skyward a few years ago, she thought at the time I was pretty far away. She still seems a bit awestruck that I am in your skies.  She comes out every clear night to look at the Phoenix.  I heard her petition just about instantly, and began working with her shortly thereafter, but she did not know my identity at the time. So, please, I do wish to be called by my name, and Christ or Christ Michael, whatever you wish will do just fine.

Now, a few short comments about once again, the Earth changes. There are new messages from other fake channels suggesting yet again that we do not get involved in the political structure of Earth, but we most surely do in this case.  In fact, the politics of this planet is my main interest at this time.  This planet went into rebellion, and it has come back from it, and I most surely will take a part in it, just as I did 2000 years ago. I said I would be back, and so I am. There is no point in the just sitting and watching. There is every point in doing and being involved.

That Earth undergo this Second Coming process, and be healed, both the planet herself, and her life forms upon it, is by my order, and fully approved by the Superuniverse government of Orvonton and the Central Government of Havona. This is a big plan, and please don’t continue to allow yourself to believe in all the fear stories still going around. There is still fear of Planet X according to the mail, fear of not having, some continue to supply what is needed in everyday goods, fear of the Zetas in some cases, and fear in what to believe, and who to believe.

And now there is even someone called the Prophet of Yahweh and we have letters asking, is Yahweh myself?  No! I am suspecting that this is a ruse of the BBB&G’s.  I never was Yahweh, the name was a creation of the BBB&G’s of long ago.

I tell you, I am believable, and what I have decided upon is going to happen, and we all, you and I, and the many star people here for the event, are going to share in absolutely everything in the process, including politics, teaching, fixing, all sort of the doing.  It is in the doing, that all gets done. As I said back in April, I am going to be here as long as necessary and I am going to walk amongst you, and together we will fix this place!  End of Story!

Now, as to NESARA, we have a date, in which if the White Knights on the ground, even with the backup of the star people, do not get the job done in the arresting of Bush and others, we will directly interfere and do it ourselves.  This however, depending on the press, may look a bit invasive.  Some not arrested will talk stories, but we should be able to handle this with the truth.  We seem to have some not very brave military, when it comes to the internal situation.

We have had some very interesting events the last couple of days, in that some very significant arrests have been made.  If you must have a tidbit of information, the area in Colorado that had a housecleaning recently, is being used for the detention by us of those being arrested, and since these areas are so will equipped, they are also being used as a control center.  We quite have total control of these massive underground expanses in Colorado.

Another detail that might be of interest to you.  Not long ago I made negotiations in those behind-the-scenes in Iraq, who will be taking over thereafter the NESARA announcement in the USA, to have the American troops fully removed from the area by the end of this year. This actually got reported in some local newspapers in the area, including I believe the India Daily. Except my name, and NESARA are not of course mentioned. There is a combination of star people and local to Iraq who will hold the temporary government there.  It is all set up.

Namaste, I AM THAT I AM, Christ Michael, Master Creator Son of Nebadon, and Commander-in-Chief of Earth Project Transition.


For those not familiar with the name Orvonton, this is the official name of our Superuniverse, to which our universe of Nebadon belongs.  The entire Milky Way Galaxy is in Orvonton.  Havona is the Central Universe, around which all creation moves.  The Paradise Isle, at the center of Havona, is totally stationary, and is home to the Father of All. One day, as I mentioned in an earlier message, we, after having completed all the many schools along the way, will one day get to stand in the presence of the Father. This is the ultimate goal of our Ascension process.

Now, as some of you have heard, I am no longer going to maintain my personal list. I have had not only ISP troubles with it, but my address has been repeatedly hijacked, and some bad stuff sent in my name. I will continue to send the messages to those with websites, and those who maintain large lists of their own. If you have a website or a large list, please send me an email, so I can put you on this list. This project is not going to last much longer anyway, as I have said, I will do this until the Second Coming event.

I am putting increasing work now into the development of my project, "AbundantHope." I will write in a future message, more of what I intend to do.  In terms of coming messages, the next should be the 3rd Rafael message, and I also plan one featuring Mohammed and Maitreya.  I have several channelings on my computer from Sananda, detailing more of the Universe structure, so perhaps I will get to some of this material.

I will have a major website, with my own server, as part of AbundantHope, and I think I will wait and put material there about the physical changes associated with Ascension, that all can refer too.  I had suggested I would do this, for a message, but my time has not allowed this yet.

When my website is up and running, hopefully by the end of summer, then I will contact all of you that are on my list, and let you know about it, and how you might use it.  I will have a section devoted to messianic ideas, with probably space for a discussion group, to exchange ideas, solutions and problems.  You will be able to post what you are doing, so that others can see what is being done, and maybe choose something not yet covered, or in need of greater coverage.  A significant focus of AbundantHope is the creation of many messiahs!  Take care, Candace.

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