Christ Michael On the Arrest of Bush and NESARA


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Christ Michael On the Arrest of Bush and NESARA

By Christ Michael and Candace Frieze

Messages channeled through Candace Frieze,  Title of the original message "Updates on California and Christ Michael".
Published in this website on June 30, 2005.  New updates are incorporated from time to time.  Revisit it.
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June 23, 2005


Hi Everyone. Soltec has a message concerning the current Earthquake problem inCalifornia. While I was typing his message, I was surprised that he was aware of Sorcha Faal, a Russian writer, currently popular on the Internet right now. You can read her messages atWhatDoesItMean.Com . After Soltec, There is a message from Christ Michael, channeled Tuesday night, then my portion, and then another message from Christ Michael just given to me, after I thought I was done!

As to Sorcha, I like some of her writing and comments, and I find others a bit on the ridiculous side, such as a recent writing concerning the birth of a rare black deer in Colorado, with "human eyes."  Human eyes, by her definition are blue eyes. Apparently the baby has blue eyes. I am not familiar with deer, but many mammals are born with blue eyes, which change as they mature. I imagine there is a legend associated with this rare color of deer, as there is a legend around the white buffalo, and a special color of cow, that I can’t remember right this minute. As with any writer, you yourself decide how you feel about the material. Accept what appeals, reject that which doesn’t.

Soltec:  [Editor’s Note:  See the Soltec’s message in the articleSoltec on Earth Changes, June 23, 2005, in this website.]

Christ Michael:

Hello my friends. It is I, Christ Michael.  It seems we have much email about where is NESARA and when will the Second Coming happen now. Some have written to express that they are tired of the roller coaster ride. So am I my friends, so am I.  Just as Sananda is disappointed, yet am I, yet is everyone involved in this. We did not plan the roller coaster ride, but it has happened, and at this time, so be it.

Everyone is chomping at the bit, to use a popular expression. The race has been on for so long now or thus it seems, from the perspective of time as you perceive it, and as I myself perceive it.  Some have written that maybe we don’t understand time, since it is believed we live outside of time. I am pretty sure in one of these messages I said that I am very much in your time. It is my time also. I have 24 hours in everyday, as do you. We are not sitting up here unaware of the stress that you feel, as each day goes by.  It is our stress too.  But, my friends, the show goes on, and it will not stop.

The date has passed for the White Knights to get the job done, and now it resides totally with us. There is a misunderstanding in this passing of the date, some hoped we would simply fall out of the skies and get the job done. I will still not yet fall out of the sky, however, until after the NESARA announcement in the USA.  We will not risk the long term damage to the psyche of many.

In residing totally with us, we still have to plan and scheme, and work it all out. Have you not noticed some of the White Knight works recently on TV, the complaints about GITMO, and the Downing Street Papers?  Are not your TV stations reporting that the public is loosing its support for Iraq?  Is the public not now beginning to question that the war in Iraq was built on lies?  The public is important, and our work will be easier with this apparent dissatisfaction.  Some of your public is not really aware, but your news people are beginning to build the stories of truth, breaking people in you might say. This is by plan.

There is going to be what will look like a coup. You know that now. The original plan was to have Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney resign. This would have not been really the honest way, as the resignations were created via video techniques, and were in that sense contrived.  Mr. Bush and a number of his friends have no intention of resigning, and there are those on Earth that know that, and will publish that the resignation was a sham, a cover story for Mr. Bush’s removal.  What is being now planned is the actual arrest of Mr. Bush and friends, by your military.  As Sananda Immanuel has said in his recent message, impeachment is not an option, as the office was stolen.

This is going to be an honest job.  If Mr. Bush in the very near future does change his mind and go for the resignation, that is what the public will see.  If he has to be forcefully removed, this is what the public is going to see.  The news services are preparing the public that Mr. Bush is not an honorable man, so that his arrest will not be seen as such a surprise, and accepted.

We will not be seen as invaders, especially with recent films such as the remake of the War of the Worlds. We do hope to have the announcement prior to this film, but should we not have it, I am not that worried. As we have said, there is a star person on the announcement team, and our presence at the proper time will be announced. Besides that, the show that is planned called the Second Coming event, is a far greater show, and the War of the Worlds film will pale in comparison.

We are increasing the sightings in the United States. The rest of the world for the most part is pretty accepting of us, even if they do not know exactly who we are. There are actually a goodly number of people in other countries who realize the greatly improved technology is not a fluke, and suspect off world help. It is only the United States that will be in the most shock.

We have to have some concern for people’s psyches.  People have in their psyches so much trauma over the millennia, and it takes little to put them over the top.  The modern people in the United States have not seen the removal of their President in the manner that is the most likely scenario.  President Nixon resigned.  If Mr. Bush comes along, the resignation will be real and live, not a faked tape.

Somewhere, at some point, there has to be absolute integrity, and my show will be one of integrity.  I never did like the idea of the forced resignation films that were prepared.  I am not coming in dishonesty.  The whole of this planet has had as its most major problem, the lack of integrity.  We will show a better way.  At this point, we are looking at a coup.  This is what the military wants, and it is the honest way to go, and responsible way to go, if we can’t gain a reasonable amount of cooperation, and a resignation.

The impact of the arrested President will be just as great on the populace as 911, at least for a short time period.  A few days of the media building up the problems of this Presidency will be an assist in the process.  In addition to the arrest of the President, there will be the arrest of many others, should they not resign.  I leave it to your imagination of whom else will be arrested.  Not everyone will be arrested at the same time.  The most important arrest is that of the Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney.  Of course the election was stolen, so I really shouldn’t use the word President, and I think when the arrests are made public, the term will be Mr. Bush, and not President Bush.  This is the way of integrity on this issue.

I am insisting, as are all the others involved in the Second Coming events, of absolute integrity and honesty. We can’t play the games the dark side play, if we want acceptance.  So the public will continue to be prepared, and we will continue our behind the scenes activity.

I have been informed that 4Winds ( has posted a recent message, from one Jess, who complained pretty loudly recently, to whoever would listen, and so I answered his call. This was not an "official" message from me, it was a private answer, but I highly admire Jess for placing the message on the Discerning Angels discussion group, and it is now making its way around. My personal thanks to you, Jess, for your courage and for standing in your integrity, with your comments that you made in the sending of that message to Discerning Angels.

As I have so often said before, I am not going away and this is going to happen. There have been some surprising negotiations behind the scenes, that can’t be mentioned here, for the safety of others, and again great progress has been made.  As we keep saying, the problems we solve now, are problems that we will not face later, and the Second Coming event will be even better received.  I am glad that Candace undertook the work as a member of our team to get the word out to you.  You are pretty much the only ones that truly know what is coming, with the exception of those in the media that are aware, and the White Knights.

You are preparing missions, you are lighting the way.  The Earth glows a bit more everyday for your efforts.  Yea are the candles on the hill, and yea are not hiding under baskets, and it shows, my friends, it does so show!  Continue your works that are started, continue your dreams and your studies, for a few more days, or a couple weeks. This is such a short period of time in the scheme of things.  It will be worth the wait.  As Sananda said in his last message, we can expect to have our really big show, about 2-3 weeks after the US NESARA announcement.

Now I am going to get some rest, we have some interesting "stuff" planned for tomorrow.  Yes, this body I use does need rest.  So does my head.  I need a time of separation to sort out the events of the day, as do you.  Namaste. Christ Michael, aka Hatonn, Master Creator Son of Nebadon, Commander of Chief, Earth Project Transition.


As you might imagine the mail has been a bit difficult to work with recently.  I have received a number of outright demands again, that the Federation just do it.  I have received letters about problems in various parts of the world. I received letters from people who have told others about the coming events, and when it does not happen, they are ridiculed.  They feel their integrity is compromised in this case.  That is most certainly a boat that I am currently in.

I now have an ulcer, and chronic gastritis from the over secretion of acid. This is a spiritual problem, occurring frequently in this lifetime, always the result of something unhandled that is "eating at me."  Rafael can help with the ulcer, but if I do not take care of the root cause of my problem, I will get another.  Often this occurs because I have chosen the easy way out of a problem and thus an unsatisfactory solution.

One of these problems revolves around having to obey the ever changing rules and whims of the mobile home park I live in. Because of financial issues, I usually give in, as I can’t afford to move.  The problem has escalated, and taking the easy way out is not working, as they have way overstepped their bounds this time, and this is eating at me. So I have to step up to the plate, and I am going to do so. The reason this owner gets away with his behavior, is that people will not honor their integrity and stand up to him. Those that attempt to do so, play a price. This is a chronic problem in this country, we have been well taught to bow down or pay the consequences.

Another problem is those around me, and the irritating email with this project.  Regards the irritating mail, with demands, and endless whining, I have this to say: I did not have to do this project, and the Second Coming committee did not have to make an announcement of the Second Coming.  This is a gift to you.  To those of you who can’t move past your impatience, please understand that the solving of the problems before the NESARA announcement, and the contact activity, WE BETTER PREPARE YOUR WAY.

We chose to do this to aid the Light, to create hope, and to inspire you.  If you have to continue whining about the delays, then you need to ask yourself what NESARA and the Second Coming mean to you personally. Some of the letters I get with the whining and demands are about mostly the money. The money part of the program, is for fixing the world, a way of getting around the control of the BBB&G’s by the use of money to keep us in the matrix.

As I have said before, I am living in the poorhouse myself, so I know the feeling, been there and done that.  But all the whining, complaining, and demands in the name of your I AM will not hasten the process.  It will happen when it happens, period.  So I am suggesting that if this is you, to get a life, appreciate your knowledge of the gift, this prior notice of the event.  I’m sorry some consider themselves jerked around.  There are real times where one has to be patience.  I quote here the Serenity prayer:

God grant me:

Serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
Courage to change things I can, and,
the Wisdom to know the difference.

You can’t change the timing of the events, especially with the whining and complaining and insults.  In this you need Serenity, and if you can’t find it, and are getting an ulcer, drinking, over eating, or whatever, this is your spiritual problem.  And there is nothing that I or anyone else can do for your spiritual problem, as it belongs to you, and not myself or others.

So, in the waiting, rather than whining, do something constructive.  One of my spiritual problems that is eating at me, is that I would like to have those around me aware of what I do, and of course, be accepting, and aiding in the process.  Many do not know what I do, as in the past, they have found me to be a bit on the weird side because I step, at times at least, outside the acceptable parameters of society.

I started a series of articles at Lewis News last summer, called "America, Land of the Free."  After the 3rd one, talking about how shunning is a powerful tool used to maintain the Matrix, I stopped the project.  I intended some more writing on shunning and other controls, but backed off.  In the writing about them, I brought up a huge number of old issues, many not yet dealt with.  I have lived, in the land of the free, a life that has rarely been free.  I have a chronic spiritual issue of hurting, painful guts, because I feel trapped nearly constantly.

So why am I not telling those around me what I do?  I don’t like to be shunned!  So I chose to just wait around, knowing that at some point, I would be telling them, "I told you so."  So a number of you are angry, hurt, upset, dismayed, that the waiting continues on.  You are feeling discomfort about your integrity, and people trying to make you a fool.

Wait, how can they make a fool of you?  Only if you choose to feel like a fool.  There’s my problem, not wanting to be the brunt of others jokes and cruelty.  A couple of days ago, while up at the pool, I decided, during the banter of talk going on, to jump right in, tell people what is coming shortly, and who I am.  Yep, you guessed, lots of laughing, and some pretty cruel remarks.  But this time, I did some laughing too, of a different nature, in that I did not put them down, as they did me, but laughing still.  I even got asked to conjure up a UFO, as proof!

I left not resenting them this time.  I took control of my feelings, and walked away not being upset.  I know who I am, and I need to stand for my values.  Sometimes one can’t solve the problem other than by walking away.  This goes to the Serenity prayer.  So that day, I stayed serene, knowing at the moment a change was not possible, but hopeful that I made some connection.

But maybe something did come of it.  There was one person, even though he wanted to get his bible, did begin to ask, and carry on some intelligent conversation.  He challenged me quite a bit, but in the fairness of a good debate.  In addition to the Second Coming conversation, we talked about the fraud of 911, and the war in Iraq. When I left, I knew that though I had obviously not won over this person, he was going to do a little checking.  And the others, will, when all begins to come down, at least it won’t be a total surprise.

That was a little practice session for the bigger task of being who I am, and not compromising this, with family and friends.  I intend to write letters to them, rather than using conversation, so they have to read what I have to say, without interrupting me.  We have gotten where we are in this world by not standing up for who we are. We have gotten where we are by giving into the stupidity, and not raising waves.  However, remember the concept of Two or More in my Name, if you are going to raise some serious waves.  Find someone of similar mind.  Many people are defeated by their loneliness in the fight.  There is power in numbers.

When I confront the family and friends, some are going to give exactly the reaction I expect, but this time I will not back down, and feel badly about it.  I will study my feelings, and if I find myself feeling bad, about myself, I will patch myself back up.  There are others, who I have not communicated with on a regular basis, who do not really know me, and who knows, maybe some of them will be pleased, and I will find some like mind.

"Like mind" is awfully nice, and this has been helpful to me.  I do have lots of support in the mail, most of it is supportive, and I am building some email friendships.  But it is nice to go out and do stuff with people, with whom I can be myself.  I have buried myself for so long, since I am an odd apple, and like so many, learned to make do within the system, at a great cost to my spiritual health.

Some wrote that were disappointed that Raphael did not offer the instant healing they have come to believe in.  Raphael did point out, that spiritual healing is necessary for medical healing to truly have effect.  One spiritual healing technique, available, but not fully utilized yet, is regressive hypnosis, looking at not only this life, but past lives.

I will continue to have ulcers, and an acid stomach and heart burn, until I live in my integrity, 24/7.  I can take antacids, and drugs that knock back acid to help heal it. Raphael did some work on the ulcer, but until I live who I am, another will take its place. The problem with me is that I am a person of integrity, but when I do not let what I know to be true show, and who I am show, then I have fallen prey to the BBB&G’s games.  I am so tired of being another person in order to please those around me and not make waves.  But in the not making waves, a different set of problems comes to the front like an ulcer.

Spiritual healing is a journey, a process, a learning to know the source of the problem and dealing with it.  It is learning to live fully in the now, knowing who one is, and standing tall, rather putting tail between legs, and running.  I am not going to run any longer from the issues of where I live.  I have often noticed that when I solved a problem, in a way that felt right, the anxiety and discomfort went away.  I confronted the owner of this place near the end of May.  I am feeling some heat from it but what I am doing feels right, and my pain is less.  There is now a dialogue, and he isn’t going to get to run away from me.

NESARA and the Second Coming are not going to solve the problems of Earth.  We still have to do that.  But we will have some money and a support system as a result.  And we will need to use the concept of Two or More in My Name, for the power in that.  The star people aren’t here to do the work, they are here to share technology, and be advisors, showing another way.  We are here ourselves to show another way. We have to stand up to the naysayers, even our families.

There are plenty of people out there who will love NESARA and its financial benefits, but they really don’t want the peace, and the other benefits.  There will be rejection of the Second Coming by many clerics, who will want to remain in control of their congregations, and the money making machine.  They have been teaching that the Second Coming will involve that rapture, and they are not going to admit to their congregations that they have flagrantly by choice participated in a lie.  The BBB&G’s are done a magnificent job in the area of religion.

Some are still upset about what all the money will do to America, and who will do the nitty gritty work. Please understand that should all the supermarket workers quit, etc, etc, etc, there will be no food and goods, and they are going to go back to work.  They aren’t going to be able to eat the money.  And again, there will be great teaching before hand.  This one thing will do much to separate the wheat from the chaff.

We will show a better way.  In the refunding of these huge amounts of stolen monies over time, the power of money will be taken away and people will do work because it is important and meaningful to do so.  If everyone has tons of money and no want for money we will create another way to be, and destroy the slavery that money has produced on this planet. Take care, Candace

Christ Michael:

Hello again, my friends. I learned shortly ago that Nancy has put out another message, claiming to be from Hatonn. I have repeatedly said that official messages around these events come only through Candace.  Also, now that I have come out of my disguise, I am on all future messages going by Christ Michael and I shall end them with Creator Son of Nebadon, and I really doubt that anyone putting up fake messages will use this criteria.

Nancy, I am asking you to wake up, my little one, once again, to the fact you are being used, to create fear and give out misinformation, which is often coded.  This latest message, stating there was an attempt to bomb the Middle East, and then the United States is most untrue.  You should have recognized that from the start, since we have not found another nuclear weapon, of which we were unaware off.  We have been most meticulous in our searches.  I think, my dear, that there are some BBB&G’s that having a great deal of fun right now.

And then there is the nonsense that is not of me about the Pink Light issue.  Nancy, I do not write this way.  At this time, we need work, and the making of messianic plans, and not this totally New Age nonsense of solving problems by beaming Light around.  Problems are solved by work, my dear, and I can will attest to this.  My beaming around of Light would not end the reign of the BBB&G’s.  Such utter nonsense.  These acts are a sad substitute for real and honest prayer.

To the readers of Nancy’s material, please notice that for the most part, in fact totally, there is exactly one person doing all of these characters.  This person did try to attempt to copy some of my language and that of Germain’s in order to make the material more in our respective styles.  Her message recently from Germain is not from him either, but we are letting it stand, as there is some truth in it, regarding the high potential of an actual coup.  I did discuss this in my message from last night.  Namaste, my friends, Christ Michael, Master Creator Son of Nebadon, Commander in Chief, Earth Project Transition.

January 5, 2006

Christ Michael Update After Trip to Mars  From:


Hi everyone, we have had a small change in the Protocol for the Second Coming event. Christ Michael recently spent 5 days on Mars, trying to work through some issues and coming to a resolution. The military have been stalling a good deal, there are more bad guys than good guys basically. Also there were meetings in Africa in December to discuss changes.

There is also work going in Africa in working with AIDS and other issues. The earthquake region in Pakistan has been getting help, as well as Indonesia and India where the Tsunami of last year occurred.  The star people are active also in Russia and China. precious metals are being sold to turn into cash for the humanitarian programs. The changes are well underway in other parts of the world.

It is still necessary to keep the Americans doing the work but reinforcements were necessary. So help has arrived from the American military installation on Mars to provide extra Americans to get the job done.  This can not be seen as an invasion, the Second Coming is not an invasion, and it is a sacred event.

You have been told previously that there would be NESARA, then small contact activities, and then the Second Coming event. The order is somewhat changed now.

The regime is going to be changed, which still starts the NESARA process. Then in about a week there will be a partial Second Coming event in the USA and Canada.  During this phase there will be a rolling blackout to darken the skies (especially over cities) and there will be quite a show.  This is basically a massive contact event but without landings. Show and tell. Beginning in early December, extension cleansing of dark energies from the planet began. Much of this activity had been planned to occur during the Second Coming Event. This will familiarize people with the concept of our visitors, so the much needed work can be started, Mother Earth is becoming less patient.

And then, we will have the smaller contact activities. There will be the planned activity in Salt Lake City and then onto Denver later. The other countries in the world are fairly familiar with the idea of the star ships and experience flyovers pretty regularly. There will be small landings where necessary in other areas. So now I will put in Christ Michael’s given today and also posted at the forum concerning all this:

Christ Michael:

Good morning this very bodacious day my friends! Yesterday I returned from 5 days upon Mars. The issue with getting this done, has continued to be lack of cooperation within the military, the endless squabbles between the two factions, those who would do it, and those with a bit more power who would not.

On Mars there is a huge American base underground, staffed with Military who can get this done. So they have been returned. They are agreeable, and have very firm orders to carry this out. The numbers of those that will cooperate know greatly outnumber those that will not.

There are also some star folks, military, based on Mars, that are here to lend assistance and backup. There has been a very good plan developed. We put out a brief message, to prepare you should the Bush administration do their pretend nuclear thing over Iraq, which was really Iran, to cause a great deal of fear in the American people.

There are exactly 0 nuclear weapons on the Earth plane, but the tell a vision would tell another story. Perhaps this week you noticed the increase in garbage being again presented with Iran. Russia is quite in control of that situation, despite the lack of news on this issue.

Now, the issue of getting Rumsfeld and all the other cronies removed should come to a rapid head. I will not detail all of the plan. I will put out an interesting detail for those BBB&G’s that come to read these works. You who do so know that Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney are clones. Now we have had the real Cheney and the real Mr. Bush segregated for some time now. The real Mr. Bush could not handle the job any more, and desired to not be a tool of his father also. So he was removed to safety.

Mr. Cheney did not make that choice, but he had to be removed because we did not want him to continue his rather personal control of the White House. The current Mr. Cheney carries little threat, totally a programmed idiot. The real Mr. Bush has turned states evidence, and this will be most useful.  You have read that Mr. Abramhoff has also pleaded and will be state’s evidence, and this is indeed so. I believe things will now be "cooking" right along. Patrick Fitzgerald has done his job well, and continues to interview many who are jumping ship.

When the events happen, we will as planned previously handle the news from the Capricorn, and the people of Earth, particularly the United States, will learn of the star people’s presence and then we move onto a shorter and quicker version of the Second Coming Event.  Much of the inner workings of the Second Coming event have already been completed, much of the cleansing was done in early December and more continues continually.

You may expect some earthquake activity this month, Mother Earth, my beloved Urantia must make a move upwards. The negative energy in the Middle East, and in the lack of understanding of Iraq in America must be released. There is the probability of another major quake in the Middle East area from the depleted oil causing settling of the ground.

This can’t be prevented, but since the star people’s presence will be open, they will be able to help in assistance to these people publicly. This will be beneficial to the understanding. We have been providing assistance in Pakistan. Hopefully the world will be of greater help is assisting the peoples of natural disasters.

So, within about a week after the removal of this regime, in the United States, we shall have a roving outage of electricity, so that the skies can be clearly seen. This will occur in the USA and parts of Canada. There will be some show and tell activities, but without official landings. The sky will be very pretty, much nicer than a fireworks show.

The roving outages are because of the different time zones, and the number of participants in the event. The rest of the world has been experiencing many flyovers, that are not covered in your news, and the peoples have become accustomed to them. Various Masters have their own arranged Second Comings, which will all begin to happen after the US landings to come.

We shall resume with the planned landing activities around the world after that event, such as in America, in Salt Lake City, and in Denver, Colorado. Sananda will be present for these two events. We plan a brief landing in Salt Lake City, but without disembarking. The Colorado landing will be about a week later, and if the Salt Lake City situation goes well enough, the Denver landing will include trips to and from the Capricorn, as Candace has discussed before.

The Capricorn landing activities in Denver, if people are ready for rides, those taking the ride will meet Sananda and possibly myself aboard the Capricorn, personally, rather than in "spirit." More will be planned depending on the acceptance of these two activities.

Now I must get about a most busy day. Namaste, I AM Christ Michael, Creator Son of Nebadon.

The ARMADA: 2006 Version
Joint Telepathic Communication from 4-5th January, 2006: TINA*

We have an urgent message. This message pertains to the benevolent arrival of many fleets of spacecraft from far and wide, from many galaxies and planets – including Pleiades, Sirius, Venus and Mars – appearing as bright lights in your skies, which will not be stars, and moving with great speed. They will cover much of Canada and U.S. and will have an impact on your world almost immediately. The signal for their arrival will be the extinguishing of lights across half of America at a time. This will be a sign that the spacecraft will be arriving WITHIN THE HOUR.
The timing of the event has yet to be determined but in all likelihood will be within the next two weeks (from 5th January). It is important that all know WE COME IN PEACE. This was one of several variations planned some years ago, the selection depending on conditions at the moment.
The timing is indicative of the many changes in your government soon to take place. This is the time we have all waited for and it is now the time to celebrate.
This is one of an increasingly obvious series of nudges to the cabal (New World Order) and to people waking up and doing what they can. We cannot wait much longer, or our work and humanity’s will be much greater. Thus the display, to move awareness along.
The reactions among various groups of people were carefully considered, as well as those of the people of Earth as a whole. We think the people are ready, but there could well be consternation among the uninformed. Also, as already mentioned, the need is great.
We therefore advise that you all prepare mentally for this event by being at peace for the days upcoming and to remain in a tranquil environment. Stay centered and allow the reality of this magnificent event to penetrate each cell of your body individually. Visualize the actual event over and over in your mind’s eye so when it occurs it will be a familiar sight. This will prepare your energy body for the shock and the enormity of it all. We wish for all to feel at peace for this wonderful event, this is of utmost importance to us.
It is imperative for all to understand that soon your reality will change forever, and for the better. This cannot be underestimated. Note that these shuttles not only come in peace but also bring new energy to the planet. This event will precipitate a ‘new world order’ – but not in the dictatorial, servile fashion that the international banksters had intended. Sovereignty will be the theme.
This will be an unavoidable statement that we are here and that we truly do mean business: a final opportunity for those of the Dark to see the Light. If those in power do not heed our call then we will be forced to move forward with our plans. It will be a confirmation that stories and inferences many have been telling and making are all true and verifiable. There will be a massive blackout or dimming of the lights** over much of Canada and the US that will signal our arrival – or at least make it finally visible. This will be a preliminary to the First Contact planned in Salt Lake City. We want the public to be "favorably disposed" to our actual landing.
This event is part of the detailed scenario we drew up on 1st December in Africa. This was a meeting of minds, so to speak, and we determined how best we could proceed to end this over-extended standing down. First the ships will come; then shuttles will land in Salt Lake City (Utah) and Vancouver (Canada); and then in a few other places later on.
The massive help and collaboration that will tackle the problems that are present on Earth will then begin. The time is short for this and we must work quickly and efficiently to prevent Mother Earth – Gaia – from taking things completely into her hands. The Cosmos is moving on and a new dispensation is awaiting us all.
There will be flyovers throughout the world at some point in the near future, however, this particular event will take place in America and Canada only. This is necessary to move the American government along for the changes that will institute worldwide revolution.

* TINA: Telepathic Institute of North America.
** Only street lights will go out. Car headlights will still operate, electricity will still be on in homes, hospitals, etc. Porch lights will stay on unless they are large, but may dim and flicker at first. The aim is to call attention to the sky, not cause upset and confusion.

Update of this message by Sananda, Monday 9 of January, 2006
We have an urgent message for you from the starship. There has been an advance in the timing of events scheduled to take place in your country. Take heed, this is the moment you have been waiting for. Send a message to Milson [Macleod] and the others immediately, this news is coming from a reliable source. We need to make those aware that there is the coming of the announcement that will change all. Know in your hearts that the moment has arrived. Breathe deeply my children of faith, for it is your time to shine. There is going to be the announcement of some wonderful events on the evening news this week. These announcements will be the predecessors to the momentous changes to take place in your government leadership. You have all been triumphant in your journeys for a better world and the time is now to celebrate your very hard work. The faithful ones will indeed be glorious.
I wish to make it clear to all who read this that the moment of truth has arrived. There are great many people in support of these times at hand and it will ensure the ease of this magnificent event. We wish to prepare you for everything you wished for, the time of rewards is upon us. Take heed for these will be turbulent times. The people of your government are scrambling for answers that cannot be found except for in truth. This will be the result of much hard work from the great bringers of light. Tell those who hear my call that I am waiting for all of you in the light. There we will celebrate our victory for victory has been won!
You will need to digest the enormity of it all very soon. Be advised that this is what you have been waiting for.
Question: Is there something all of us can do to come to a realistic level of readiness?
Breathe deeply, the energy being emitted onto your planet will encompass many layers of healing. Use this energy through breath to keep the body calm and alert in moments of great excitement. You can benefit from using your ability to help others as a way to avert the energy of shock. Helping others will give your body the opportunity to release much. There will be healing of great magnitude from this event. Those who have held the light for so long will be free to release and this will become a monumental healing for Mother Earth and her inhabitants. Those who have been keeping their truth hidden will have the release of pressure so great that it will catapult vibrations into the ethers that will literally shake the foundation of your Earth’s core. Know that at this time there are many aboard who wish to be in contact with you.

Update, January 10, 2006
Tell those of like mind that today will be the monumental event that we have all been waiting for. The president will be subjugated in his attempts to control this nation for even a day longer. Take heed, the time is now.
These are exciting and exhilarating times. Know that this event will herald the changes that will bring in your new reality. This is a blessing for all who have worked so diligently for the Light. We are here to assist you now and to take control of your workings of the Light. Be in peace.

Update, January 11, 2006
"There has been the arrest of some leaders in Washington but the majority of news is yet to be made public. We expect from our sources that this will take place in the morning. The officials of your country have put up resistance and are being called to resign. There is much consternation among those in power, we wish for those of the Light to know that this is not an easy task by all means. Please be advised that we are doing everything in our power to ensure the safety of all."

Peace and Prosperity for All!


January 8, 2006

Now It Begins
Taken from the message forum of  From:


Hello all my Beloveds, the time you have been waiting for is now, for real, this time, close at hand. It is time to stand and be the Gods that you are, in goodness and support to all those who are to shortly become wildly confused, and possibly fearful.

I applaud all of you who have waited so diligently over these past 11 months, since AbundantHope was introduced the world. I am in deep gratitude for your involvement in this dream. I am in deep gratitude for your faith, in that it would indeed happen, and in gratitude for the dreams that you have been creating during this long wait. It seems long, does it not? But in the consideration that I have been back here officially since 1954, it is but the icing on the cake.

We plan at this time, plan number one with the flyovers, meaning that we should be able to announce this over television, and better prepare the people for the flyovers. Your work starts with the News this week, in preparing those around you. We chose to make this introduction of the Second Coming Process to the world over the Internet, as we said, to gain the needed support from your awareness. Overall the project has been successful, we estimate at least 50,000 reached, and many more, who though chose to go the route of denial, and putting down, will see that it was truth.

Please do see that these latest messages do get spread as far as possible, prior to the announcement. If you maintain a list, please do inform those on it, so that all are prepared for the work ahead in the next few weeks, as we accustom the Earth peoples to our presence, so that the work can begin in greater seriousness.

I am in a state of bliss myself tonight. Candace feels this, and so of course is she, she just keeps saying, oh my God, oh my God, et all. Oh all you Gods, the time is at hand to finally begin all that which we have come together to create over these past 2000 years. Many of you came at that time, and rest have come since then, and are still coming. But my deepest and sincere thank you, to those of you have endured endless, often nasty incarnations, to carry The Word, and Show The Way. My Thanks to all of You, have are Earth souls, and who have grown up now, and become the Showers of the Way also.

NOW IT BEGINS. Be in Great Peace and Joy. Namaste, I AM Sananda Immanuel.

January 10, 2006

Taken from the message forum of  From:


Hi all, you get to see a bit of the "real" Sananda here, on the humor side of him. I think it has been a long day!


Hello all, It is I Sananda, with a bit of an update, nothing too much more than what was said earlier today. Washington is in great confusion, they know it is all coming down now. As Candace and Lauren both put out earlier, there were some arrests, many of them upper military folks, who have been the problem for some time now.

Also delivered were the indictments done by the Bush Commission group, which may not stand up in court because they are the result of a citizen tribunal, but important nevertheless. They were delivered at the front gate as promised, without major media coverage. To be expected. Until the arrests started, they were laughed at. Then they were not. But these folks didn’t want to stand down a bit, some force was required to so. There were valid arrest warrants for these military brass.

We are quite desirous that there will be some very interesting morning news. We are also gearing up here on the Capricorn, for the Capricorn’s use of the cable lines, when appropriate. I won’t give any great details on this, for the reasons of our required secrecy. Gotta keep the dark in the dark! I would have liked more today, meaning less of a struggle, but we made some very good progress at least. Picture a military person, decked out in all his fine insignia, knocked the floor and handcuffed. Happened several times. Enjoy that picture in your heads!

When I beamed in upon them last year, we covered that I believe, along with some Reptilian folks of good report, their uniforms were not so pretty shortly thereafter. These who make war from the office are not really so very brave after all. They depend a good deal on the younger guys for the bravery. And they were not to be found today. These "brave" men stood alone and not a bit happy in their circumstances. Well, enough of cutting up about it. Sad state of affairs really. Sleep tight tonight. Salu, Sananda Immanuel.

January 11, 2006

Taken from the message forum of  From: .

Christ Michael:

Hello, my dear ones, we made some additional progress today. There were a few more arrests made.  I had dearly hoped to have this on TV today, but obviously that did not happen.  We are still working out the details of how the TV story will happen, this has to go on TV in a manner not to overly alarm Americans.

We have a group of professional journalists who have been prepared for this for a long time and will be doing the work on the television.  They have convened now for this purpose and sit awaiting the call. Nothing new on that one, simply re-assembled.

There is a bit of chaos in getting this done, not unusual either. The BBB&G’s know it is done but, in the going down, they still desire their alien invasion and we are not going to accommodate this.  But nevertheless, we did get some major venues taken care of today and a game plan up for tomorrow. If this is successful, we will be in announcement tomorrow.  I can’t guarantee the time frame however.  I really hoped that would occur this evening.

Bush (or those that control the clone) plans these little get-always-lately and that occurred today.  There is no getaway for tomorrow, the big bird they fly is grounded now.  They are also rather short on saucer craft from the activities last summer.

Bush and club are still refusing resignation, so now the game changes to arrest.  I have ordered this as of late today and the plans are being laid as we speak.  It is a long evening ahead. We have a number of commanders, some of whom you have met through Mike Quinsey and now Lauren, aboard the Capricorn since my return from Mars making the planning easier. We also have the important military from Mars that I brought back with me (not on the Phoenix but the Capricorn, which also went to Mars).  These are easily shuttled as necessary to the ground and on the ground they will be tomorrow again.  There have been no battles in this, other than simple force for arrest, and a number of meetings discussing the options.

I am still preferring obviously that we will do our night time flyovers, after these are arrested.  So we now go into arrest mode tomorrow of Bush, Cheney, Condi, Rumsfeld and other major players.  Under darkness tonight some of this activity will begin.  We moved some warriors into the basement structures during the past couple of nights so as to prevent their use. Tunnels are also closed and guarded. The job will be completed now that all bases are covered. As above, the chosen media is in place for the news of the arrests and/or resignations, either is now appropriate.

There were many calls to lawyers today to no real avail but to merely put them on notice that services will be needed.  We allowed this, it is in your Constitution and in line with moral judgment anyway.  Once the real, original Constitution is in place, the laws of the fake constitution will not be applicable to them, they will not be able to slither out of this using their laws, which are not the laws of the land. They chose a good name for themselves, snakes/serpent people.  So now I go, many miles to go before I rest for the night! Namaste, I AM Christ Michael.


There was an attempt by the Illuminati to free the prisoners yesterday, which failed, but left the White House "needing redecoration."

This message was received by Jess from Christ Michael yesterday.  Journal 1-12-06.
Christ Michael, I apologize for being disappointed and being sarcastic and critical. It is not my place to do that. I have only a glimmer of understanding of the complexity of the situation you/we are in. I am overjoyed that we are here. I am thrilled to be able to begin the work on a more level field. I ask for explanation and more assurance to help me remove doubts. I give you my word I will do what is necessary for me to do. I may not know what that is, but I will do what I can.
Christ Michael:
Yes, Jess, we can talk again this evening. This has been an amazingly eventful day in Washington. I know you don’t see evidence of that. I know you doubt the validity of my saying this. This is an inevitable reaction you humans on Earth have upon not hearing the expected outcomes you have been told. The predictables were not materialized as they had been perceived. This is the truth. We can do no more than expect certain actions to take place if they are predicated upon help and assistance from men and women with flawed senses of free choice for the higher good. The choices they make will not all be those that I would desire. Once the choice is made, then I must reconnoiter, to use a military term. I am constantly circling the wagons positioned by flawed choices and uninformed decisions. This I anticipated going into this, and the stakes are presently too high to do else.
The appearances of normal work had to be continued because the final steps have not been determined completely. It would have done no good to stop all expected activity while we decided what to do next. The disrupted routine would have caused as much media notice as our final move will make. We are playing out various options in our heads and determining which will be the most positive and least chaotic.
The team of newscasters are waiting patiently and trying to determine the most appropriate way to deal with the media that employs them. They understand the flow of information and how it affects people, as well as how it must be assuaged to soften the inevitable blow it will cause. This is happening while we make other decisions about the legal procedures and the most practical way of moving ahead with the least disruption possible.
It is, of course, possible for me/us to move ahead as we wish. We have the authority from Heaven to intervene and force an end to the extended maneuvering. This we are doing, but with my determination to allow as many to come to the light of change as possible. This is all that I can do. I cannot allow any to miss an opportunity to choose to support us, even as I must move ahead. This is my creation after all and I want it to have the most splendid and glorious shift possible. That brings it ever closer to my wishes and unites you all even more with each other and with me.
I have not spoken to you much about the specifics of what has happened and what and when more will be revealed. This is for a reason. We are waiting until the very last second for this to be ended. It was planned originally for today. We moved up the scenario to coincide with the presenting of the impeachment recommendations. This provided a springboard we could use to hand over some arrest warrants for certain military individuals who were named in the recommendations. Yes, the ones listed were the ones arrested, although not without some struggle. The recommendations were ignored, as we expected, and we moved into the military arrest mode we assumed we would ultimately need. We had prepared for this and we carried out part of that step. The officials have all been arrested at this point, and they all await a decision as to how best to proceed with their life.
We expect this to be on the news tomorrow unless more unforeseen events disrupt the schedule. You must wait with patience. This is being taken of. The future you seek is assured, although it will not be one immediately of easing off work for the restoration and betterment of Mother Earth Gaia. This must happen fast and now. You all will be assigned some aspect of the unprecedented revitalization and rebirth, in a sense. Just as you will be having a rebirth of your own as Mother Earth renews herself to carry you with her.
This is enough from me this evening. You can post this, if you will. Tell everyone to rest well and be expectant and in anticipation. The end is in sight.  Namaste. Christ Michael of Nebadon.

14th January/06:
We have news from
Washington as expected from Atmos. There is a delay in the announcing of government changes but only for a short period. It will be obvious to many that the time is now for the monumental events to take place to institute your new governance, the governance of the people for the people.
The NESARA announcement is planned to occur at the moment the government officials have sorted out the details of their incarceration. This will be the signal to forge ahead with plans.
There is some detail work that has not been resolved. Your president is one of great adversity to the changes and he is being given many opportunities to turn to the Light. He, like everyone, has every option available to turn to the ways of truth. He is not one to relinquish pride or power.
There have been reported cases of clone use in government for quite some time, though never used with so much intention to destroy. This regime in power has used much of the available technology to employ tactics of domination and discrimination.
The Grays, better known as the Anunnaki, were responsible for the implementation of your government’s mind control. They instituted many forms of slavery upon your planet and used their advanced technology to hinder the awareness of the public. The Anunnaki are now extinct from the planet but their institutions remain in power. This is why the American people must be cautious and conscious of those whom they put in power. For the people, by the people. A true democracy is one that must be held accountable for decision making. The new leaders of your country should have a good sense of spiritual awareness and a high level of morals. These attributes are the integrity that is needed to lift this country to a level necessary for ascension.
(Atmos): We have some news pertaining to your government. The news will be televising some events later this evening in regard to upcoming events. Be sure to stay tuned for details. There will be important information that will be the prelude to much of the changes about to occur. When this is televised you will know that the time is on the cusp of change. Be diligent in your pursuits to tell others when this arrives. You will want others to be aware that there is nothing to fear. Those in the know will have an advantage and an obligation to help others to remain calm and at peace with the change. For some it will seem very sudden, for others it is LONG overdue. Either way, the time is upon us and we rely upon those of the light to pave the way for others.  Keep an eye on the evening news.
(Christ Michael): I can speak now at the end of a major skirmish for wresting control from the last resistance. This has involved troops from here on Earth and from star troops off world that have come back to help with the containment. The attacks have taken place off site from the public viewing cameras and not much will be visible at this point until later.

15th January/06
(Angel Leia): There is no one left in the White House. It has been evacuated. All humans have left it, because we have been notified of certain warnings.
The entire area above the White House is filled with angelic forces. Layer upon layer, the protection rises upward. The environment above and below the house is surrounded by legions of angels led by Archangel Michael.
The three "prisoners" have been moved to an unmarked spot by the newly appointed militia, under the direction of the now acting president. We will learn his name when the news appears on TV.
(Atmos): There is some important information that just erupted in the White House. There is word being spread about the constitutional amendment that institutes change in government leaders. This amendment is key for those who desire a leadership changeover. Please, be sure to tell those of the Light to keep sending their Light to Washington at this time. It is a necessary push of force that will hail the coming times. The Light that has been sent so far has already effected change, please tell all to be diligent and keep sending.
Sending Light is an act of will. It matters not how it is sent: only the desire to send it. Wishing for Light is the same as sending it.

17th January/06
How to Send Light to Washington DC.
Discussion between Lauren and Atmos:
A: I am Atmos. We have observed your sending a beam of Light and it is remarkably helpful. Please explain the others the method by which you send Light.
L: You mean how I take the Light in my heart center and send it up through to my third eye and then beam the Light to the capital in Washington while visualizing the capitals dome? Then when my Light hits the capital it envelops the entire White House and grows exponentially until it encompasses the entire capital, state and eventually the planet. Then the planet implodes with this extreme burst of Light. Is this what you saw?
A: This is a fine example of sending Light. It is very concentrated Light and directed energy to the source. Well done. Advise the others of this technique if you will.

Peace and Prosperity for All!

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