Christ in the Aquarian Age

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Christ in the Aquarian Age

Ascended Master Djwhal Khul

Unknown Channel. Original in Spanish, translation by Luis Prada.

The world is now passing from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius, and in the next 2500 years humanity will be subjected to liberated energies under the benevolent influences of this regime.  The great gift of this Age for humanity will be the Principle of Sharing that will gradually impregnate all aspects of human life.  First, all earth resources will be physically shared, combined with the products of human activities; this will put an end to the present derangement in the product distribution that so abundantly nature supplies, combined with those ingeniously produced by human artifacts.  Therefore all forms of malnutrition and hunger will disappear, and all people will have housing and protection against the elements of nature.  But even of greater importance will be the sharing at the emotional, mental and spiritual levels, which will lead at last to an integrated human community, united by mutual understanding and good will.

As a leader of the Hierarchy and humanity’s instructor, the labor of Christ will be to put into practice this New World and all of its new relationships.  What a formidable task, but also consider the joy that will come forth with its achievement!  In this gigantic labor the Christ of course will have the cooperation of the Hierarchy of Masters, and besides he will be inspired by the Lord of the World, working through ‘Three Collaborators’, a triumvirate producing a ‘Force Triangle’ to supply the Christ with the necessary energies to carry out his demanding mission.

The work of the Christ will emphasize the Divine Intelligence, Love-Wisdom and Will.  These will be consciously developed by humanity, thus forging a close relationship between Shamballa’s activities, the hierarchy and Humanity.

With the growing intelligence and a greater realization of the mental focus, the mystical concept of religion as a whole and of the Kingdom of God in particular will be supplanted by a more reasoned, intelligent and even more scientific one.  All of this will take place under the orientation of the Christ, but the keynote of his mission will be to evoke an answer from humanity to the spiritual influences, that will lead to the unfolding of an intuitive perception and sensitivity.  Besides, theology will be replaced by spirituality, and the experience of life will replace the theological dissertation.  As the spiritual qualities emerge with growing clarity, the aspect form will be falling back and will have a secondary importance.  The control of the churches will diminish gradually, and the living Christ will assume his legitimate place in human consciousness.


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