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Transformational Fireworks of the Sun RA

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Spiritual Sun RA

Transformational Fireworks of the Sun RA

By Patricia Cori

Original title of this article:  "RA’s Ecstatic Release: Transformational Fireworks."

First published by the author in her newsletter of November, 2003.  First published in this website on November 28, 2003.  Published here by permission from the author.

About the Author:  Patricia is the founder of the LightWorks Association, one of the first Spirit centers to appear in Rome, whose studios served as a healing center, school and the city’s only New Age Library. She is a prominent figure in the New Age Movement, well-known on the international lecture circuit, offering courses, seminars and workshops in the U.S. and abroad on a vast range of topics, which reflect her broad knowledge of alternative methodology in healing and her conscious awareness of the Higher Knowledge. In 1996, she established the LightWorks travel club, Mystical Journeys, and later that year led a group of spirit travelers to Nepal and Tibet, and has guided people into the crop circles since her First Contact with the Council there in 1996.

She offers training in DNA activation and certification programs for DNA Facilitators, as directed by the healing teams of the Sirian High Council. If you wish to receive details of her workshops and courses, send your name and contact information to………

News of the Sun’s explosive solar flares, recorded earlier this week, apparently has the scientific community in quite a stir. It seems this unprecedented activity, outside the anticipated solar cycle that peaked in late 2000, raises new concerns for military and scientific applications operating in earth atmosphere, near space and here at home sweet home.

According to the European Space Observatory and NASA, the unusual solar activity began last Tuesday with a gigantic solar flare – apparently the second largest ever recorded by SOHO (the solar observatory) and since then they have recorded continuous explosive activity which they tell us have been "bathing the Earth and its surroundings in high energy radiation". Fancy that? Apparently Tuesday’s flare was so enormous it produced a particle cloud that was thirteen Arial the size of earth: truly a celestial phenomenon of incredible proportions.

According to governmental sources, these solar anomalies are capable of causing inestimable damage to their communication and navigation systems, a real concern at a time when satellite surveillance plays so crucial a role in the War Against Terror [Editor’s Note: For be closer to Truth it should say, "at a time when satellite surveillance plays a crucial role in the War to Create Terror", since most of these satellite systems are under Illuminati control] and other "worthy" causes. Such eruptions from our solar deity, Ra, have the global scientific community re-evaluating its ability to monitor and anticipate solar "behaviors" in order to take appropriate steps to safeguard (as best they can) air and space craft, satellites and the intricate communications grid that currently surrounds our planet.

SOHO Photograph
Observe the Left Eye of Horus in the Sun RA’s auric field

Now, if you have read Atlantis Rising, Chapter 10, you surely are intrigued with how the Sirian High Council have elaborated our solar deity’s conscious activities in these transformational years of transformation, as our brilliant corner of the physical universe prepares for ascension of the entire solar system – the body of Ra. You will have a totally different impression of what these solar outbursts really mean! You, the awakening, will have recognized this news as an exciting and validating manifestation of what the teachings foresee in the second book of the Sirian Revelations, which describe the Sun’s conscious efforts to assist us in our evolutionary process and Gaia’s rebirth. And, hopefully, you will feel elation, rather than fear, at the thought that the Universe is, indeed, right on schedule – unfolding the Divine Plan in all its glory.

Excerpt – Chapter 10 – Atlantis Rising

«The Sun has entered its most intense phase of transformation now, as have Earth, her sister deities, you, the animals, plants and rocks of Gaia. At the time of this transmission, it is accelerating with a rapidity that will soon exceed anything your scientists can monitor or record in logical and technical terminology. Ra is undergoing enormous shifts in his energy fields, throwing off more and more of his material body (the particles and bits of its atomic essence). He is exploding in great solar flares, blasting increased levels of solar radiation out to the far reaches of the solar system and beyond, into outer space.

"This is metamorphosis, the throwing off of quantum sums of stored energy in preparation for the imminent experience of passage and transmutation of form.

"This stage of that process is manifesting as extraordinary solar phenomena. They are being observed by distant civilizations and studied by the government teams, the ‘free’ scientists and amateur astronomers amongst you, who (like us) are focused upon the shifting fabric of your galaxy.

"More of you are tuning in to the experience of Ra’s emergence on psychic levels, for you are being beamed the cosmic waves that facilitate that aspect of your evolutionary progression. There are many degrees of psychic attunement and different Arial in which you ‘blossom’, which is why some of you are leaping boldly forward, while others are still stepping ever-so-lightly off the tried and true paths of analytical thought and into the space of inner knowing.

"For those who have yet to develop the intuitive faculty, there are more than enough graphic images and data available outside of the secret laboratories to provide them with convincing evidence of what is actually taking place on celestial scales. Thanks to your space agency’s 1995 launch of SOHO (Solar and HeliosphericObservatory Spacecraft) and the proliferation of sophisticated mass telescope facilities in various key locations around the world, images of solar flares, magnetic storms, sunspots, whirling energy vortexes and ejecting plasma are now being made available to the public. They are bringing the picture of the Sun’s temperament and its manifestations into the eye of human scrutiny, whilethe technicians of the Power arerecording your Solar Deity’s vibrational codes.

"Enough of the free scientists now have access to instruments which monitor cosmic events (however limited the capacity of such technology) that the government teams are being forced to reveal some of their classified data regarding the Sun’s ‘erratic’ behavior to the rest of the world. Elaborate studies are being conducted of these heightened solar flares, increasingly intense solar radiation and many other top priority concerns having to do with the shifting energies of Ra and their effect on Earth and the rest of the solar system. Let us say that members of the scientific community —those working to expand your horizons as well as those seeking to limit them— are watching with awe and concern the eruptive chain of solar events that they expect will crest in 2001.

"You may be aware that solar activity has been identified as reaching a peak in its cycle every eleven earth years. This fits like a precision watch with the Mayan calendar, for it is eleven years later (at the completion of the year 2012) that the Fifth Sun, the closing of time, occurs in the Mayan record. It was witnessed through the crystal skulls … observed in the no-time.

"Let us assure you that what is being observed as ‘intense solar activity’ now is but a fizzle compared to what is going to occur at the closing of your calendar year 2012. That, curious ones, marks the beginning of a solar extravaganza the likes of which not even the Nibiruans (distant viewers of Sirian ascension) can claim ancestral memory.

"This is, nonetheless, an unprecedented time of solar ‘disturbance’. You now are witness to these outbursts as they are occurring in a sort of ‘real time’ perspective, thanks to enhanced computer imaging capabilities. Accurate images of the continuous explosions and pyrotechnics of this hyperactive phase of solar activity are readily available to you now. This is one very positive aspect of your technology.

"Like some magnificent fireworks exhibition, huge tongues of plasma shoot out from the Sun and then, following the magnetic field lines of its massive form, turn back into its nuclear body to form great loops of gaseous, plasmatic fire. Solar flares throw off enormous levels of radiation; sunspots appear with much more frequency; the solar wind that moves through the solar system blows with far greater intensity than ever before.

"Something really unusual must be going on out there, wouldn’t you agree?

"Let us assure you that what is being observed as ‘intense solar activity’ now is but a fizzle compared to what is going to occur at the closing of your calendar year 2012. That, curious ones, marks the beginning of a solar extravaganza the likes of which not even the Nibiruans (distant viewers of Sirian ascension) can claim ancestral memory."

"The power elite observe and study these celestial fires with due consternation. As Ra erupts in violent solar storms, unparalleled in their intensity and frequency, the secret government cautiously monitors their effects in ‘earthly’ terms. They are nervously watching and waiting to see what all this solar exuberance is going to mean to their covert space programs; to the proliferation of satellites in Earth’s orbit and beyond; to their surveillance and communications systems and, lest we forget, to the HAARP Project.

"We observe your satellite clutter, penetrating ever deeper into sacred space as it attempts to provide the ‘privileged’ not only the images but also the vibrational data to analyze and explore what lies beyond and ahead of you. Of the full-scale probing of solar combustion and its interaction with the ionosphere, there is far more activity than you can imagine, for they are totally focused upon the Sun’s dynamics and the interference this disturbance is causing to their Survival Plan.

"To this end, the Power prefers to limit your awareness of the Sun’s fluctuations and their effect upon human nature and the global environment. They would prefer to deny you (the financiers of their experiments) any access whatsoever to their spatial impressions and chemical analyses of the atmosphere, for they are busy there … operating in near secrecy. Consider the effect uncontrollable solar disruption can have upon the weakening grid, globalcommunications systems, their covert technologies and, most importantly, human behaviorand you may understand why the secret government has become so much more Atlantean in its preoccupation with the behavior of your Solar Deity and ever so much more evasive about its findings.

"Know that Ra has the teams scrambling for solutions. These fierce solar flares, unlike anything ever recorded in your written record, are intensifying at a time when the Power’s technicians are destroying Earth’s natural shields – the result of HAARP experiments upon the ionosphere. Intensified solar activity also places their satellites and space probes at greater risk, as it does their secret outposts upon the Moon and Mars. Let us say that the Sun’s aberrant behavior at this crucial time in their celestial maneuvers is an absolute deterrent to the successful implementation of this, the final phase of the Power’s schematic designs for Nibiru and Earth.

"They [the Power Elite] would prefer to deny you (the financiers of their experiments) any access whatsoever to their spatial impressions and chemical analyses of the atmosphere, for they are busy there … operating in near secrecy. Consider the effect uncontrollable solar disruption can have upon the weakening grid, globalcommunications systems, their covert technologies and, most importantly, human behaviorand you may understand why the secret government has become so much more Atlantean in its preoccupation with the behavior of your Solar Deity and ever so much more evasive about its findings."

"From our viewpoint, Ra’s ecstatic fire is a spectacle of indescribable beauty. It is a celestial light show of untold brilliance; it is Spirit unfolding – Divinity in motion. Here is the material expression of light over darkness. Let it serve as a confirmation (for those who still need reassurance) of the eternal wisdom of Prime Creator … the manifestation of the God force that moves the Universe. You are privileged, observers of the universal principals of cause and effect, the ascending nature of Spirit and celestial evolution as they are being played out in the fields of three-dimensional reality.

"For the beings of Sirius who are committed to serving you during this time of transition, it is a rare opportunity to experience the intensity of extreme emotion, for we are not as you. We are not capable of your range of emotions … and yet we can feel this.

"We can feel the fire.

"Let us analyze the transformational events occurring within the body of Ra. Know that periods of increased solar activity can be identified in physical terms and you now have the technology to measure the alternating energies of the Sun.

"As we have suggested, solar flares are the physical expressions of the Deity’s release of built-up energy in the auric field. These are experienced throughout the body of the solar system as release and renewal … a letting go of Ages.

"To the pragmatic scientist, they are categorized as celestial nuclear explosions, which result in intensified bombardment of your planet from cosmic rays, gamma rays, x-rays, infra-red rays, ultraviolet rays, microwave and down to the low end of the electromagnetic spectrum, where radio waves are registered.

"With the release of this pent-up energy, other planetary bodies of your solar system are being blasted with increases of solar energy … as is Earth. Knowing what you do about the interaction of celestial bodies in the heavens, you may wish to consider how these dynamics affect your sister planets and how those alterations affect the moods, energies and vibrations of human beings and animals upon the Earth. The rocks and mineral kingdom are no different; they hold within their essence the most ancient of all earth memories and they keep the records of Ra’s shifting energies from the beginning of earth time.

"Jupiter, the Great Liberator, plays a particularly significant role for humankind in this phase. Many of you, sympathetic with the Jupiterian vibration, were deeply affected by that planet’s metamorphosis in 1994, when deep space bombardment of Jupiter caused a cosmic wave to wash over Gaia, and those of you who can feel these shifts sensed the transition.

"We look upon these cosmic waves as triggers of your transmutational experience and we suggest that what is coming in from the Sun and the planets of its greater being is a natural part of your process.

"The propaganda has you believing that the Sun’s rays will harm you. We assert that the most imminent danger comes not from the Sun, but from those ionospheric heaters — the HAARP Project and its sister facilities — whose disturbance of the ionospheric layer actually causes mutation of the energy transfer coming into earth orbit.

"Enter NASA and its partner organizations, those intent upon the conquest and domination of space. We have intimated that the dramatic increase in radiation and these colossal solar explosions are hardly viewed as ‘wondrous’ events by the inventors of the satellite communication systems which surround your planet. Violent solar flares disrupt the mechanisms of surveillance. They interfere with radio communications networks; wreak havoc upon the secret technologies of the hidden space program and its anti-gravity technologies; interfere with covert activities taking place on the Moon and Mars and destroy the grid.

"Moreover, surges in radio wave frequencies can easily disrupt and override the instruments of mass mood manipulation being used to entrain the world population. They can interfere with subliminal sound tracks in the Internet, disabling the mechanisms that are creating drug-like addiction to the Net and apathetic, hypnotic behaviors in the children.

"Given what we have told you about electromagnetic frequencies and their applications in mood control, it should be reasonable to deduce that the Sun’s heightened energy release is directly involved in breaking down the artificial controls that have been placed upon you. This is an important consideration, for it empowers you with the understanding that your Solar Deity is breaking the electromagnetic chains around you. How that occurs should, by now, make sense to you.

"Validating this theory, NASA research teams report that with the advent of SOHO they are able to register and record sound wave emissions from the Sun’s core. This little bit of information is highly significant, given our prior discussions of sound and frequency — of resonance — for it suggests that the teams are studying and attempting to record (and inevitably control) the soul music of Ra.

"They claim that by measuring the sound waves emanating from the Sun’s center to its outer body, SOHO can locate the regions of the solar body that are the most explosive, just as it can be used to identify where the most notable frequency variations are occurring. By measuring the sound waves emanating out from the Sun’s center, SOHO recently detected subtle alterations in the Sun’s physical form – an unfathomable measure!

"Allowing this information to seep into your consciousness, you may realize that our galactic overview of current events in the material universe is not as ‘far out’ as it may seem. To record the sound waves emanating from the center of the Sun and use the data to measure how that sound alters its mass is an awesome undertaking. Do you ask yourselves why the government teams are involved in this aspect of solar research? One need not strain the imagination to imagine what might be the desired outcome of such studies.

"We believe that the SOHO project and the intent behind it can serve to validate our teachings regarding sound and celestial harmonics, planetary resonance and the potential application of sound frequencies as a means to alter matter and human emotional fields. If nothing else, it provides you with a grounded base from which to investigate further the secret government’s obsession with celestial sounds.

"There is, of course, the spiritual aspect, which their science inevitably overlooks. It denies the consciousness of matter and energy; it does not consider the Sun or any other planetary being as a conscious, self-aware entity which thinks, feels, acts and reacts. In the process of measuring, analyzing and recording the Sun’s changing fields, the government teams do not, for a moment, consider that this is Deity. Your brilliant Sun, great glowing fire, is exploding in spiritual ecstasy, in anticipation of what lies ahead and that they cannot measure —for neither do they understand nor believe in Divinity.

"Therefore, trust the Sun. It is a supreme manifestation of All-That-Is, a fully conscious light being. It is aware of the universal forces of change and resistance; it is assisting in your evolution and Gaia’s rebirth.»

©copyright 2001 Patricia Cori – No part of this text can be reproduced without express consent of the author.


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