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Supplication to the Lord

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Supplication to the Lord

A Letter of Master Serapis Bey


From the book "Letters from Luxor" ("Cartas de Luxor") by Master Serapis Bey, Centro Lusitano de Unificación Cultural,  The title of this letter has been assigned for identification purposes only, it is not part of the original text.

Original in Spanish, translation by Luis Prada.

This is a powerful and sacred prayer, read it from the heart and as if coming from within you. Observe the minutes of silence.  It consists of three parts:  1. Human weakness and frailty in supplication for the Path, 2. The Sacred Badges, the purification of the Temple of the Holy Spirit, and, 3. The Aquarian Dawn, the transfiguration of Man.

Jesus, Thou art there when I am down.  Hear, please, this supplication!Lord, Master of Love and Light, at Thy feet we are.  We live in this world of contingency and pain.  Ignorance depresses us all.  We are small and fragile, but today, here we are many!  We live united by the hope of a better world in a vivid Will to Good.  We yearn for the spiritual growth to better serve the sublime Cause and to be able to lighten the suffering we feel in our return.

Lord, Master of Knowledge of all times and places:  Do not look at our personal weakness, our individual smallness, but observe the emerging force of our collective wanting.  Today we are here, and our banner is the fraternity of all beings.  In this vestibule of Thy Sanctuary of Light we dare to knock the Sacred Portal.  Those are our hearts, motivated by Love, which lead us here, they attune themselves in unison in the hope of the awakening.

Lord, living Master in the recondite and intimate of our Being, accept our signatures in the Book of Order and Consecration, in the Registrar of those who assume themselves servants of Thy Law.  "Order comes fromChaos"  and then, the Right Path leads us from darkness into Light.

Here, in the External Precinct, we quiet our hearts and lay down the weapons of our personality.  But, Lord, Thou who art the Light of the World, Thou who art the Verb that sustains us, Thou, Lord, help us to know the Higher Silence.  How would we make the bridge to the Worlds of Spirit?  Which substance would we be constructing it with?

 …….(some minutes of silence)……..

Gently…slowly… we feel guided to the immense Silence, incommensurably powerful and creative —the inner Silence, that is All, that shelters All.  Before it —in the sanctuary of Truth— we bow and ask, from Thy hands, the igneous seed.  She will grow in our hearts from day to day, from today and the following days.  Which fruits does it reserve for us?

In the immortal earth it was turned golden and, when blooming, it will go gifted with the Light of Immortality, which will be resplendent!…

Yeah, at the distance we glimpse the Light the light of the perennial Soul.  I, Thou, and We… hear the bell toll, the melodious sound of flutes, of organs, of zithers —the unheard-of Sound that awakes the hungry souls.  In this path without borders, we observe the fire letters, the Sacred Badges, wrapping up Thy Mysteries:

                                                                           Wisdom – Beauty – Creativity
                                                                           Purpose – Fortitude – Courage
                                                                           Firmness – Modesty – Perseverance
                                                                           Justice – Equilibrium – Power
                                                                           Service – Love Fraternity

Truly, they are our own footsteps which write them, reveal them, bringing each mark suffered in the long and arduous journey.  Yeah, each step is the echo, and recalls within us the vision of the Great Law.

Lord, for so long we have strolled in the world, it was so slow the awakening!  Today we look at the past and only now we understand.  We are the proper Path, we are the proper Ladder.  On it we cannot get lost because it will take us to Thee, as it is written in the Laws that govern the Cosmos.  Really, content are we; for that one we give Thee thanks and we want to be worthy of Thy Glory!

Lord, teach us to honor in us Thy Divine Dwelling.  We want to know how to purify the Temple you entrusted us.  May it be sustained by the Force emanating from Thee and illumined by the beauty shined from Thee, so that each one of us turn into a channel of peace and fraternity, into a pillar of harmony and virtue, into an example and a source of inspiration at Thy Service, for the good of all our Brethren.

Lord, if Thou ask us what is what we really aspire to:

 — "Love and Wisdom", we say, "not for us, but for the world for which we will become servants."

— "Virtue and Justice", we say, “to sow them in all hearts, at whose doors we tirelessly knock, not as intruders, but by using the respectful and amicable word Thou gave us.”

Lord, ask us if we are ready:

 —"Here we are", we say.  “Only we pray to strengthen our Will so the veils that cover our vision be drawn aside.”

We know that there will be renunciations, but we will choose the paths of purification and we surrender ourselves for the trial of Fire and Water, of Earth and Air.

We will penetrate into the Silence of Thy Mysteries.

 ………(some minutes of silence) ……..

Within these walls Love enraptures, feeds and reigns among men.  Would we leave being mortals behind?

Now in brief it is announced the Dawn and the golden rays of Sun will awake the dormant Flame in each man.  Then, Light will inflame, irrupting from our most inner nature.  Little by little it will notice us, guiding our steps through the Path of Justice.

Similarly to the Temple of Luxor, the Signal of God, the starry Diadem shines in our minds —in the sacred portal— signing the Alliance between the Divine and the consecrated men.  In the Light of the eternal Wisdom we will found the Kingdom of Peace.

Temple of Luxor

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