A Transforming Ray


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ATransforming Ray

Published in this website on October 14, 2006.


by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles, www.eraofpeace.org

We have a rare Cosmic event occurring on October 17th and 18th that will give us a jump-start in manifesting the things we would like to co-create in our own lives and on this planet. There is going to be an ultraviolet pulse beam from higher dimensions than we have previously been able to experience crossing the path of Earth.

We will be held in the embrace of this highly-charged ultraviolet beam of Light for approximately 17 hours. The energy emanating from this beam resonates with Humanity’s 5th-Dimensional Solar Heart Chakras.

The Beings of Light are revealing that during this 17-hour period the ultraviolet pulse beam will have the effect of amplifying our thoughts and emotions ONE MILLIONFOLD. This will be the case regardless of what our thoughts and emotions are expressing. Needless to say, it is imperative for all of us to be Peace Commanding Presences during this auspicious time.

The ultraviolet pulse beam will be a wave of Light that traverses the planet, so no matter what time zone you are in the important times will be the same. For 17 hours, from approximately 10:17 a.m. on October 17th until 1:17 a.m. on October 18th our thoughts and emotions will be amplified ONE MILLIONFOLD. The peak time will be 5:10 p.m. on October 17th.

Can you imagine how powerful it will be for Lightworkers around the world to take advantage of this Cosmic Moment by using our thoughts and emotions to expand the archetypes and matrix for Divine Government on this planet as well as empowering the newly reactivated patterns of Heaven on Earth?


This edict is reverberating through the ethers in ways that cannot be ignored. Outer-world events confirm that this facet of the Divine Plan is in full swing. Now it is the responsibility of every conscious person on the planet to focus our attention on what we want to co-create in place of the negativity being pushed to the surface. From our current perspective, probably nothing is more critical than expanding the matrix and archetypes for Divine Government.

The focused attention of Humanity is being drawn to the actions of governments in practically every country in the world. This is creating a collective cup of Humanity’s consciousness through which the Light of God can flow to manifest the changes we want to create on Earth.

Our thoughts and feelings are creative. Light is infinitely more powerful than discord, hatred, war and chaos. If we want to change the horrific things that are happening on the planet, we have the ability to do so. By invoking the Light of God and the I AM Presence of every soul involved with the governments of the world, we can change the course of direction for this planet. By asking their I AM Presence to take dominion of their thoughts, words, actions and feelings, a shift of consciousness can take place that will transform their behavior patterns.

The upcoming elections in the United States of America and the various challenges taking place around the world are providing an opportunity for monumental change.

In alignment with the request of the Company of Heaven, this month I AM dedicating this E-mail article to the manifestation of Divine Government. The invocations, decrees, visualizations and meditations included here have the ability to shift the consciousness of those associated with the governments of the world at national, state and local levels.

All we have to do is affirm these activities of Light effectively and consistently enough to reach a critical mass for a higher level of government. We are closer than outer circumstances indicate. Do not underestimate your ability to add to the Light of the world or to change the course of direction for the governments on this planet. The Light of God is ALWAYS Victorious, and WE are that Light!

In order to grasp the significance of the opportunity at hand, we must understand what Divine Government represents. First of all, Divine Government is NOT One World Government, a New World Order or any of the other concepts that have been used to describe the manipulative, controlling shadow governments ruled by the embodied forces of imbalance. Divine Government is the antithesis of that level of consciousness.

Divine Government reflects the Universal Law, As Above, so Below. [N. of E.:  This is the Law of Correspondence and it is explained here, The Twelve Spiritual Principles and Laws, see Law No. 2.]  It is a self-governing body guided and directed by the I AM Presence of all Humanity: a government OF our I AM Presence, BY our I AM Presence, FOR our I AM Presence. When we truly understand what that means, we will see the tremendous effect Divine Government will have on the World and all Life.

Our I AM Presence is who we really are. This aspect of our Divinity is multidimensional and transcends our fragmented, manipulative human consciousness. Our I AM Presence is one with the Divine Heart and Mind of God. It is our super conscious mind, and it understands the Divine Principles governing this Earth. Our I AM Presence knows the urgent need of the hour.

This aspect of our Divinity understands that all Life is interrelated, interdependent and interconnected. If the family of Humanity is going to survive, we must come together as a unified force of Divine Love, Harmony and Balance.

Our I AM Presence also knows that every evolving soul is going through a unique learning experience and that our various races, religions, creeds, beliefs, cultures, nationalities and lifestyles are part of that experience.

Tragically, our fear-based lower human consciousness is distorting much of what we are expressing through these diversities. However, when our I AM Presence is in charge, we will revel in the beauty and wonder of all of our differences.

When our I AM Presence is in control, once and for all, we will understand that our diversities help us learn and grow. Then we will happily share our gifts, talents, wisdom, knowledge and abundance to enhance the lives of all people. We will know that we are co-creating this reality together and that God’s Abundance and the God supply of all good things are limitless.

As the matrix and archetypes for Divine Government are expanded in the physical plane, the obsolete, fear-based cup of human consciousness will be shattered, and the patterns of perfection from the Causal Body of God that are associated with Divine Government will be available to flow into the hearts and minds of every Human Being.

This event will greatly expand the Divine Intelligence within the Flame of Transfiguring Divine Love in every Heart Flame. Then, even the most resistant souls will awaken and allow their I AM Presence to take command.  Eventually every country will be governed by the I AM Presence of the people abiding in that country. Since our I AM Presence knows the full significance of the Oneness of all Life, it understands that only by working toward the highest good of all concerned in every facet of Life will we succeed in accomplishing the Divine Plan. Only by creating win-win situations in every governmental exchange, every human exchange and every exchange with the environment and theNatureKingdom will there be Eternal Peace and Limitless Abundance on Earth.

When our I AM Presence is governing the planet, we will tap into the patterns of perfection in the Causal Body of God that govern the Universal Laws affecting energy, medicine, health, healing, the economy, food supply, shelter, technology, communication, travel, education, science, sacred geometry, music, art, movement, meditation, spiritual growth, enlightenment, peace and every other pattern of perfection. Then we will tangibly co-create Heaven on Earth in every facet of our lives.

Now, please become the Instrument of God you are destined to be. Individually and collectively with your spiritual groups join with fellow Lightworkers around the world who are participating in these activities of Light with you. This is a critical moment, and your Light and Love are needed NOW!

For this full article, please go to Patti Cota-Robles website atwww.eraofpeace.org
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A Transforming Ray
Received October 11, 2006

by Ashtar oftheAshtar Command Through Susan Leland,www.ashtarontheroad.com/ashtarteleconference.html, http://groups.yahoo.com/group/DiscerningAngels/message/21339

..The importance of that which is taking place… is tied to specific dates, most specifically to the 17th of this month you call October… this is what was asked for as a co-creative process of the One we all are, but most specifically this was put forth by the consciousness of your planet.

Why is this beautiful, beautiful transforming ray coming?, this empowerment Light, this Love, (and actually it is more than one ray), why is it coming at this particular time?  It is to be recognized and utilized to further empower the direction that planet Earth, that is, those of freewill who have come here for this event, and those who have stated in their unconscious and some in their conscious, that this is the direction, i.e., Ascension.

Now, what is this going to accomplish specifically?  If these million or two million people utilize this, these rays incoming… what it is going to accomplish is to set up change.  It is going to open some minds that have been closed, many minds, to being consciously, not only aware of, not only accepting of, but delighted and excited about the changes.

It is going to lift a lot of burdens off of those who have been in valleys of depression, you know, feeling as though they are on a low path. It is going to elevate them so as to catch the beams and to utilize them to further empower themselves and to further empower their Ascension.  And of course, as they do, well, you know the numbers count. Because the more empowerment there is on the part of each individual personality, then the more empowered is the entire project, if you want to call Ascension a project.  Think of the word ‘project’…’pro-ject’… up, up and away!

Specifically, what we are going to be doing in our family call is to do an exercise to elevate and project our entire family further along the Ascension path, with lasting effects.  This is all going to be most wondrous, exciting and exhilarating to all who participate.  You and those who get this message have already heard there is to be a grand awakening and you’ve already been asked to participate on a worldwide basis.

Understand that you will be joined by all below, on and above the planet. We’re going to be coming in quite close, and of course, we shall be with those who may not know that they are Ascension projectors, those not consciously awake, but nevertheless will awaken to their purpose as a result of this grand communication-meditation that shall be conducted.

We in the Ashtar Family are going to gather because we are especially empowered.  We shall be using several colors that evening. You have already been presented with the invitation to utilize the Sword Excalibur, so we shall be putting a special spin upon our activities.  It shall be most joyful.  As we have said it shall be elevating and at the same time, it shall be participating in the exercises, meditations, affirmations and projections, which shall take place across the entire planet.  Most assuredly, this will have an effect which shall be felt and the effect shall be lasting for the planet. You’re already on the Ascension path. This is an acceleration to project it along even faster.

Now what does this mean in terms of everyday life upon the planet and particularly in theUnited States of America, which most of you who will  join in will be based in.  Our Canadian friends are really neighbors in this with you and co-creators with you because whatever happens in one country will spread to the other.  Also your neighbors to the South.  It’s going to impact well upon the entire world.

What will this do particularly in the US of A?  Well, you’ve been waiting for something, have you not? What colors do you think NESARA comes in? Think about that.  Think about St Germain and the Violet Ray of Transformation, is that not the primary color that has been presented to you, that this will be coming through to your planet?  Think about that.  We shall use some others, other light rays or colors, in what we do. It’s all coming together you see, and as we spin it with the sword of truth, as we add that element to it, of course it shall be even more empowered and more powerful. Because the truth, the main truth we shall be projecting is that of Love.

There will be consequences coming forth soon to those who have attempted, and we say attempted because they have not succeeded, in holding back this application of the Violet Ray to your country, and as your country goes, so go your neighbors and so goes the world.  There are some consequences coming, but they must be given with Love.  And with the use of the transformational, transmutational tools that these Lights are, that Love will be much easier to achieve and to focus.

Because we have told you before that there is an opportunity here for a great deal of anger to be unleashed.  That will be transmuted and the process will begin with these rays coming.  And people who are not consciously aware will be waking up and will allow into their consciousness, into their thinking and their emotional processing, the concepts of Freedom and Liberty, the concepts of Love, Compassion, Forgiveness and Gratitude for having lived in these fabulous times of transformation.

And as Freedom is restored, it shall be worldwide, planet-wide, below, on and above, and so you shall lead the way and the Violet Light and Excalibur shall go before you in all that comes.  So this is another beginning if you wish, but it is BIG.  It is POWERFUL, and it is a projection of the Love and the Peace and the Joy to the world that will be the natural outcome… of the transformational process.

…Share this information with the entire Ashtar Family so that they can be alerted to the opportunity that this presents and this is a personal invitation, if you will, one-on-one from Ashtar and the entire Ashtar Command to all those who are of the mind to do so, to join in with this most important mission on this coming evening.  And the time is perfect for us to gather to do our work.  Everything is set and ready and it is only for those who would attend to fill the chairs, as it were…There will be one or two other surprise guests who will be making an appearance that evening, in addition to I, Ashtar. Salut!"

Given through Susan October 11, 2006, © Susan Leland 2005.  All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered.

Final Shape of Things to Come and that Already Are
Received Friday October 13, 2006

By Ashtar of the Ashtar Command Through Mark Stearn,http://groups.yahoo.com/group/DiscerningAngels/message/21422

‘Greetings, benevolent friends. It delights me to be in your presence as always. I am beyond words as to describe your collective movement at this time. Sananda and I as well as all the collective brotherhood are dancing in new circles of Light constantly now as we witness humanity opening up like a flower. You will be glad to know that you are‘at last’ where you have always wished to be. The step over to the New Earth has been made. I officially announce this. You may question and say; ‘I was not aware of this.’ Trust me when I say this that all aspects of planet Earth are now very carefully woven into the fruition of the divine scheme for what you love to term as your ‘Multi-verse.’ It has been what you might perceive as an ‘over-night’ step, however a very definite transition has been made by humanity in the last 48 hours. All of Heaven has concurred and come together to finally move you all to a glorious new paradise. You may still perceive duality, however all one needs to do now is to look beyond the fog and witness that Heaven has consciously taken shape in the midst of your affairs.


Congratulations! We whole-heartedly acknowledge all the efforts of all Light-servers throughout the creation. Throughout this message I will be sharing much of your affairs and what hearts all over planet Earth have been making possible through your collective growth in consciousness. The more you realize that you are actually now on the New Earth the more this reality will actualize in your heart centers. All of humanity is now experiencing life through their heart centers. Hearts are opening right up and all are contributing to the healing of the core duality stresses that were instituted first day on our descent into the physical realms. Your entire Ascension process has been made possible by great leaps forward in consciousness that were made in the latter decades of the 20th century. Dear hearts, you have been carefully weaving your way to success all the way throughout the game. Now I promise you, you will begin to experience the fruits of your labors. Our presence is heavily magnifying throughout the physical component of New Earth and we are currently designing a bridge that is due to heal the final root stresses of old Earth life and bridge us all consciously with the affairs of the New Earth.

I wish to share more with you about the bridge of consciousness that is being built with the many realities of the New Earth. The bridge is designed to burn away limitations and stresses that have created the confines of the old physical world and what remains is the pure truth of your collective might. It has always been so. We have always been steadily aware of your awesome strength. Light always shines through the fog and you are now shining brighter than you ever have because you have all developed your self belief. Once the Earth moved firmly into the loving embrace of the New Earth, a conclave was held from many realities of the new experience and the most effective way to unleash full awareness as thought is the building of a bridge that all contribute to. It has been in flow since the Earth finalized her energetic processes of anchoring firmly into the truth of the New Paradise. A call went out to all inhabitants of the collective New Earth realities and consciousness expanded and then literally took the shape of the physical component of the shell of your Earth experience. Steadily a stream has been pouring into the dualistic component of the old Earth experience that at this stage is like pulling the bottom card from a card castle and witnessing the entire collective structure toppling in on itself.

The bridge that we are currently putting together is like a coat of many colors. It is a planetary coat of assistance designed to refine your experience into the multidimensional experience taking shape all around you. It’s an experience of graduation from one conscious experience to another. Within the coat there are at what you perceive many worlds and universes. The bridge is a growth construct for the evolving consciousness of our beloved collective heart. There are many ‘levels’ and pathways within the construct that align each heart with the greater aspect of itself. The coat awakens the concept and experience of wholeness within the collective. It is the heart coming home to itself. We are creating this etheric retreat from the stresses of ‘the modern world’ within our mind heart. It is all coming together beautifully because, as Mark finds himself writing these words, he is realizing that there are hundreds of aspects of him in other earth realities realizing this creation and contributing to the coat in their own unique fashion. There are as many realities in existence as there are thoughts in creation. All of creation as you well know is completely limitless in the truth of all.

The timelines are beginning to bridge with the higher multi-verse and the oneness construct that bridges our experience with the rest of creation is currently growing stronger in the collective human heart. All is opening up! It is proving to be quite a Light show. Our fleets that really are an aspect of your growing awareness are beginning to take on new colors and new assignments now as many of our task are complete. We are awakening to new missions in new universes of growth and development. We are in fact stationed in spirit all throughout the creation. Wherever our assistance is required we are stationed to assist the mass heart in further awakening to itself. It is the end of what you view as an arduous affair. For us it has been quietly witnessing an enormous that youhave been steadily giving to yourselves to awakening to your greatness and magnitude that is creating new universes already. Many of you are now taking off into the stars and the ethers to bridge your consciousness with other evolving experience. You are ‘mad’ to begin sharing your experiences and awarenesses with other aspects of ‘you’ that are awakening in other experiences. Service is the order of the day when the heart has returned home. There is a natural innate inbuilt desire to assist the collective in furthering itself. We always knew you would answer this call beloved hearts.

I am now going to share a bit with you about what is happening on the New Earth as you read these words. There are many celebrations of consciousness underway. All over the New Earth there are vast theatres that house giant screens that depict consciousness scenes and undertakings of the multi-versal spirit. We like to compare these to your cinemas. You see you are already existing in your higher dimensional Light body from the construct of the New Earth while at the same time awakening in this conscious physical experience. You are merely coming home to yourself at a very expanded rate. The fact that I mentioned that we are already beginning to embrace other contracts in other ‘far-off’ destinations is a testimony of our faith in your ‘enlightenment’ and development. Many of you are now running the entire show under your own steam. Your awareness of our presence will really begin to magnify in the coming weeks as the bridge of consciousness I mentioned above becomes stronger and more interwoven into the pattern of all Earth experiences. Also taking place at this time are celebrations of the human spirit. High points of the Earth’s many civilizations down through the history of the planet are being revisited and a giant study is now underway by you the conscious participants of the New Earth experience.

A collective contract was arranged at the kick off of your Ascension process. The awakening Light-servers that have worked down through the decades did sterling work in preparing the world for acknowledgement of our presence. All has been very carefully in the making all the way through. A group of enlightened hearts met in the Ethers while being conscious in the physical and decided how the web of Light would contribute to the development of the growth of the planet. Your awakening has been no mistake. Once the plan began, all aspects in the higher dimensions of experience wanted ‘ a slice of the action’ of the Light work. Hearts thus began awakening all over the world through having consciousness raising experiences, seeing stirring films. The style of the Light community has been there from the word go. Your capacity for effectiveness has never been doubted by us your extended family. You have proven our hopes correct countless times that this is why the Earth asked you to in a sense carry us all out of a period of limitation that had the planet Earth gripped for so long. We were assured of your dedication and commitment to your own recovery from the dream of illusion. You have always seen through the dream. You have all always reduced us to tears from our experience. So many times we have wanted it to be us there from your side of the veil experiencing the trials.

We have been with you since the 1950’s in terms of Earth time. We appeared as soon as we sensed the growing presence of the Light community. We have been steadily working with you in meditation and dreamtime ever since. The love we have for you could never be fully expressed as we would have to begin creation all over again simply to give you an idea of the esteem that we hold you in. You have in a sense proved us right time and time again. Our faith in your spirit and efforts has always been flawlessly founded. Anyway to share with you a bit more about the development of the bridge. As soon as the bridge has been completed and anchored in your conscious physical experience, everything you experience as a structure will appear to begin to come apart at the seams. This is simply the arrival of the permanence and the quality of the divine experience finding its way into your collective matrix. This is the arrival of the multi-versal style of functioning where there is perfection inherent in all aspects of consciousness experienced. Your governments are at this time experiencing much pressure from our side of your created veil. They have been informed of the state of the human spirit and have at this stage given in to the finality of the Divine Plan.

We have simply informed and assured your governments that all is flowing directly according to the universal divine scheme and that in the long run it is simply so much easier to go with the developing flow rather than fight and be enveloped by the consequences of their actions. So there is growing sway in many key players throughout all the world’s governments that recognize inherently the growing plan of the Light and there are changes appearing slowly that will make themselves well known before long. All is well underway, beloved heart. There is no government from the New Earth, you will be glad to know. We are all self-governing according to our own divine sovereignty. We are the only ones we ever answer to anymore. We know we are the divine sea and all flows perfectly and accordingly. There is in a sense from the New Earth a body of appointed caretakers that act in accordance with the collective will of the New Experience. There is no authority. All is founded on the equality inherent in the flow of all beings. Simply put we know that we are each other. Harmony has no problem finding it’s feet in this experience. I am glad to be able to say, dearest hearts, that the reality that I am sharing with you now is the collective fruits of all of your labors.

As I have said you have all graduated and brought the Earth to where it is now. All of your hopes, dreams and desires have always been acknowledged and created from our side of the experience. The universe as we well know wants us to experience our dearest heartfelt desires and wants to give us what we most wish to experience. Think of your dream job and dream life scenario and that is what you have created from the New Experience and so much more forever more. It is all about experiencing what you love the most. You may be interested to know that many of you, as soon as we arrived on New Earth, rather than down tools were straight to work on the creation of the evolving bridge of consciousness. R and R wasn’t really put on hold but simply that you are choosing to expand constantly into the human experience to assist in the mass awakening. It is now all happening dear hearts. You are home and in your hearts of hearts you know that I don’t need to tell you this because you know this already. It has been my greatest honor to share with you this day and know that there will be many more like this. Just as creation is forever expanding so is your evolving consciousness evermore becoming aware of it’s finer and infinite nature.

I AM yours in the Light of infinite service,


Received Friday October 20, 2006

By Ashtar of the Ashtar Command Through Mark Stearn,http://groups.yahoo.com/group/DiscerningAngels/message/21607

Mark: My perception: Earth is swamped right now with the discordant energies. They are feeling really out of whack with all the higher vibrations now grounding into the planet. Lightservers are called to focus on constantly on grounding their energies. The bridge that connects all dimensions as one is growing stronger and is bridging many souls to a new conscious experience.

Ashtar: Many are choosing to align with the higher realities through death experiences, this will be physical death for some but so many are now choosing and following the bridge that aligns with the New Earth. The New Earth is really a composite that is a focal point for the higher alignment of humanity. It is a stepping stone to new adventures and experiences. So much of humanity are feeling crippled with their stresses and are now desiring release. We in the Command and of course Athena and her legions are paving the way for the growth of consciousness. The Light is growing stronger and all souls are now feeling more aligned with the growing inner experience. The Light is now merging with the higher vibrations. Home is being clearly felt by the masses. The Light is swamping the discordant, it is growing awareness of the bridge that really connects all as one. There is victory in sight from self-created energies.

Many of you are feeling the call to align with and ground new experiences. My advice is simply be allowing and open your hearts for you are paving the road for the way ahead. We are all experiencing the pressure of the merging Light now and we acknowledge your challenges. You knew what you were getting into and we are so honored that you are indeed honoring your chosen contracts. Let go and move on and embrace the new experiences now freely coming your way. There is great freedom in embracing each new moment. We, your friends, are with you constantly holding a vigil in your hearts.

You have no doubt heard the phrase `abide with me.’ This is sort of our pet invitation for the truth of our presence in your hearts and in your affairs. You are accepting your higher Light, your DNA is being encoded with the truth of the Heavens. You are fully awakening now to the might that is always there within you. We are so proud to share this journey. You are paving the way for so many and lightening their burdens. If you could see yourself as we see you, you would cry in all truth. You are proving to be capable of unfolding miracles in each now moment that you embrace the ever growing truth that you are masters of the universe. As the group so fondly say; `Play well.’ Know that we are forever among you and we are feeling closer to you as the veil continues to dissolve.

Mark: Now, for more specifics on how the infusions of the 17th are affecting Gaia and us. We are scouring and polishing, with the new transmutation ray, all centers and levels and bringing our Soul Stars into unity! On Sunday’s New Moon: Oct 22nd; a new in-filling of our vessels will be received. Then, next week, Mercury goes retrograde and two major oppositions will give us a chance to see how much new elasticity has been added. Mark Stearn continues the high quality, clarity, feeling sensitivity and integrity that marks this channel as an advanced soul.

Ashtar: Mark has asked me to address the changes that are being undergone at present. I honor this. Never before has this level of Light influx being encountered by those present in a physical body. We freely acknowledge what you are all experiencing. The planet Earth is groaning under the release of her created stresses. The bridge being created by Light Servers is taking much of the pressure off the realigning with the home vibration that is in fact the truth inside at your core. You are all feeling your inner core coming to the surface. This is causing the direct surfacing of all your inner created pressures. It’s a very positive movement, yet we are aware of the residual energies been thrown off in the process.

Many are experiencing pressure in their crown chakras as their Soul Star expands and aligns with the Heavens. The bowels in the physical system are taking on the workload of processing the toxins being ingested through self-created habits. The heart is experiencing an unlimited transmutation process. It is aligning with its truth and its core. Your capacity for experiencing your truth is stronger now than ever before. You are coming home now in every new moment. The Earth is realigning with her higher physical bodies and all beings in a physical vessel are, whether they know it or not, functioning as a grounding force for this great upward shift in consciousness and awareness.

Just as you are all now throwing off your stresses, so is Earth as well, shaking loose of the miscreated thought-forms that she has housed for millennia. This manifests in her being as a sick feeling in her core as she releases the many thought-forms back through the cord of cleansing and transmutation that aligns Earth’s physical form with the highest vibrations of creation. Make the most of your healing modalities for they will greatly serve to ease the process. Our presence among you is magnifying. All Soul Stars are becoming one. The matrix of the Earth is currently being changed from the inside out. It can be likened to the film the Matrix where Neo has the ability to make the changes. There are system busters in all major cities and places around the Earth that are realigning the matrix to fit in with their appropriate vision. As I said the New Earth is a composite of all your highest contracts. Soul learning is still the order of the day, however you are now having the experience you have always most desired to experience. It can take a while for the old order to crumble when it was built and conceived from a plan of perfection for duality. Hold tight, dear hearts, progress is being made.

Email: markstearn@… My online journal; http://markstearn.livejournal.com

Received October 13, 2006

Sananda Through Jess Anthony,http://www.freedomnetwork888.com/Spec_Update_03/Msg_215.htm 

Journal 10-13-06
Sananda, I ask for several comments today. I am concerned about the 10-17 wave scenario. Especially since it has reports of being a hoax. What is the truth of this situation? Is it a major step up in vibrational intensity? I also ask for as much update as you can give. Parts of this I project as material to post. Thank you for the comments through Candace. Thanks for speaking today and replying to this list of questions.
Jess, yes, hello this evening. I come to speak to you with misgivings. The games we have been playing with the chess players representing the Bush faction have abrogated the rule of fair play once again, and they are attempting to wrest control over the lives of the majority of people who resent their control and form of government. We have attempted to deal with them as fairly as we can and they have continually rejected our overtures and our willingness to deal with their attempts to control the actions going on around them.

This has got to end. We have been patient beyond expectation from your perspective. We have attempted to continue to hold out our hand to whoever may have a change of heart. This has happened on more than one occasion, and we always rejoice when more return to the Light of the Father. This has prolonged the debacle and agony they have subjected you to, and they have done their best to completely rob you of any resources you may have on Earth. The physical environment is in tatters, and the fiscal solvency of your chain of nations around the world has been dissolved as if it were a soap bubble.

In many ways this can be a good thing, however. This removal on their part has precluded our having to remove an existing system before we could help institute a new awareness and a new version of management. This has, in a sense, worked to our advantage. But it is difficult for people on Earth to see this clearly at a time when they are so oppressed and fearful for their security and continuance as a society or culture. This blindness that has been cultivated by the powerful elite has caused many problems in having more turn openly to our point of view. The opinions of the masses have been hard to maneuver with.

The present day sexual scandals that are erupting publicly are one tool we are happy to employ in causing more people to wise up and see the truth of the situation as it operates. The truth of the Iraqi War is also becoming more publicly known, and this too is chiseling away at the confidence of a large group of people who have remained faithful to Bush and his failed principles. These factors and the false flags that are being recognized by the newscasters are creating a climate of distrust and an unvoiced feeling that change is inevitable.

Wait and see what materializes. The upcoming day of ultraviolet light is such a pivotal point. Yes, this is a true event. Yes, the ray is coming in that wavelength to activate the energies particularly tied to the NESARA emphasis and the shift that must happen to dislodge the last entrenched strongholds. This intensity of frequency is being amplified by the resonance of millions of Light beings who are attendant upon the Earth inhabitants. Their physical and spiritual resonance allows the ultraviolet light to reach Earth with a greater force than any such wave has had before this time.

The reason for this happening now is clearly spelled out in the article you read published on the DA this morning or yesterday. This is happening at a time in Galactic transformation that allows an alignment with Arcturus to connect with Earth. This comes at the end of a great and vast circular movement around the Great Central Sun of this grand universe. Read the descriptions again. [Message #21318] The numbers are true and the dates are approximately now. The emphasis on the date of 2012 is a misguided attempt to channel all the changes into one time period. The changes are happening now and are ongoing. The date you ascribe to 2012 is not a realistic date in terms of Galactic movement and shifts in alignment. This is happening on a much broader scale than you can imagine. I speak to "you" of the present-day Earth. The world is not going to end on 2012 and the poles are not going to realign themselves. The electromagnetic fluctuations will be going on continually until Earth is able to assimilate the higher frequencies we are feeding her through your sun and her orbital aura.

This should also answer some questions.  Thank you for being able to listen to us. This is a wonderful talent you have allowed to manifest for Earth.  Good evening, Jess.
Sananda Immanuel.

Sananda Speaks On October 17 and the Institution of Man
Received October 17, 2006

Sananda Through Lauren Gorgo,http://groups.yahoo.com/group/DiscerningAngels/message/21450

10/17  10:17am
Beloved, I have come.  Greetings on behalf of the hierarchy.
L: Good morning.
S: I have come to discuss the institution of man.  I have come to bring tidings from on high and wish to parlay to you the cosmic relevance of this special day.  Do you wish to receive?
L: By all means, please proceed.
S: Thank you, beloved.  The time of great shifting has begun.  The arrival of many aspects of Creator now surrounds the earth in awakened form.  The Light of All shines down upon your planet and permits the sanction of the unprecedented fortune of the higher ways of man.  Before you lies the greatest accomplishment of the ages.  The play, by which you all acted out your part, has drawn to a close and the actors and actresses have given way for the true meaning of existence.  It was a necessary segue, indeed, to act out the roles of disparaging times when blatant concepts of greed, corruption and power overcame the institution of man.  Now the tables have turned and the feast upon which you all shall indulge is the feast of oneness, the light of all knowing and the affinity of higher law.  I and many others are with you this special day to promulgate the dawn of a New Age.  In beckoning my soldiers who fought the battles of the heart, I now proclaim victory.  The victory that has been won for the human race is one that has many ramifications.  It is the victory of hard-earned grace and love that will replace the old ways of greed and power. Ascension is well underway and those who have diligently worked for the Light have arrived at a new space of existence, the space that will lead all others to their destiny.

A word about way-showers.  I wish to explain what exactly being a way-shower entails in this dawning of a new day.  The rewiring of your systems will bring about many changes in your physicality and in your mental processing that will bring you closer in alignment with your true heritage.  This alignment was predetermined before you took on physical form and it has been followed through by many who support you on your way to your full potential.  The aspect of Creator that each of you holds represents the aspect of the communities that you will share in.  This means that as each of you hone in on your special gifts and abilities, you will find your group of incarnated souls to support your mission.  In this way, all who serve will be connected to a network which will supply all missing elements needed to complete your service with ease.  As you embark upon your roles, you will notice the coming together of these communities with little effort.  What you may call synchronicity will baffle you as it happens now with much rapidity.

Also know that in these special days of closing you will be prompted by your soul to overcome any obstacles projected by your inner reality so that you may move forward swiftly. I and many others have the role of teaching the way showers how to lead the way for others.  This will be developed by each of you with your own talent.  It will be up to you to realize this divinity but once you connect to it, you will know that it is the way based on the Force of Light that carries you through.

I wish to now touch upon the many aspects of your missions in the coming days.  Your individual missions are very unique to you all in a way that expresses your own divine blueprint.  This individuality is what  makes your essence.  The essence that you emit when you are fully connected to Source is one that holds the power to change humanity. What you can benefit from is knowing this special essence in a very intimate way.  Developing this essence from every vantage point is what will make you your master.  There are many masters because there are many aspects of creation.  Each is given the divine opportunity to realize the full potential of that aspect.  In this way you are urged to take the many avenues possible to exploring your special part of God.  As you delve deeper and deeper in to the essence of you, you will come to realize that no two souls will have the same imprint. This imprint is the encoded in your DNA and is unraveling before you now.

In the coming days, each of you will hold a special space on earth. The spaces that you represent will draw upon the necessary demographic in order to actualize a specific intent of the Divine Plan.  What this means for you is that your role will intermingle with the role of divinity in a co creative collaboration of man and spirit.  This is the meaning of Heaven on Earth, utilizing all aspects of Mother/Father God in building your new structures on earth.  As the current structures fall before you, take notice of the ways in which society responds to a new and higher way.  You will notice that the support that was once missing from your fellow man will suddenly avail itself.  This support is the direct result of the intense transformative Light surrounding you now.

Way-showers and followers alike will be receiving the same amount of light, regardless of their present level of consciousness.  This is what we refer to as the coming chaos, since those who are unaware of the changes will be indeed thrust into the Light of transmutation unaware.  Each of you knows what that feels like.  Each of you then has a role to reach out, via your individual medium, to soothe those in distress.  As the Light of love illuminates the dark corners of the outworn paradigm, there will be much visibility to the human eye.  This visibility may not be easy to look upon by those who will first be faced with truth.  Never before has each of you had such a divine opportunity to be heard on a mass level.  You will suddenly have the recognition you long deserve as there will be no logical answers to what is transpiring.  Use this time to fill your hearts with so much love that you can literally change the consciousness of man with a comforting smile. Unify and establish harmony in the grid of new life on earth.

Many are waiting to enter this plane and become part of the new world. Those waiting to enter have achieved high levels of spiritual attainment and their vibration can not be matched with the current state on earth.  For this reason, the way-showers must begin to build the new institution of man to enable the rising frequency of earth capable then to, for these new and special beings, to inhabit.  They are the lighted ones who will see the earth to their destiny.  They are the ones who will freely cohabitate on your lands when you have designed and implemented the new paradigm of peace.  For this, you are greatly cherished and needed in the advent of the rising Christ consciousness.

The next order of affairs is related to the physical changes that you are currently undergoing.  Many of you are experiencing strange symptoms and completing a level of rewiring. It is intended that those who have completed initiations move forward into the Light more fully.  This process is a natural one in which you are graduating from one level of consciousness to another.  In the next level there exists only love.  It is in this space that each of you becomes the teacher.  It is in the graduation from student to way-shower that affords you the programming to serve.  The 7-year cycle of initiation was your formal education into the realm of service.  As a ceremonial inauguration you each will receive thy bounty which can then be shared with all others.  It is in this receiving that you give in the new world, not in the giving to receive.  Naturally, this rhetorical cycle is what will feed the growing flame of transformative fire.

By the standards of your current society, often one gives in order to have.  This intention is amiss, as it will only repeat the cycle of lack.  What then needs to replace that cycle is the intention of BEING what you wish to receive.  In this way, there is no intention of receiving for inherently you already know that you are fully supported, thereby giving to get would be irrelevant.  This concept is one that must be taught to all.  Humanity at large must accept responsibility for who they are, why they are here and what they must BE in order to attain a state of joy. This must be represented in your mass consciousness in order to affect the institutions of man.  Governments, banks, and industry are a direct result of the current vibration of mankind.  What then needs to change to collectively resurrect society?  Who will do the work?  Each and every human is responsible for their sovereignty alone.  This is not to say that there is not ample support and assistance, but that the decisions must be made on an individual basis.  What then is the role of the way-shower?  To show-the-way to self empowerment.  To teach others to rule and govern their personal power is the true role of the new teacher.  This is the era of empowerment and the way-showers of light have all the tools and experience now to attain the levels of mastery required to help change the path of human BEings.

The transformative Light that is cosmically aligned with earth at this time is setting fires within the heart centers of every soul. This ray of Light is lifting the veil that has shielded you from truth.  As the Light permeates the earth it will activate every cell of every creation with the encrypted codes of transformation.  This Light will amplify all aspects of existence, not just the perceptions of Lightworkers, but of all.  The magnification of this Light has the power to realign what is in discord in each of your lives and on the whole of creation.  Your part as always is to hold the feeling of joy in your heart even as you see society around you crumble for you know that this change is for the highest good of all.

On this special ray of Light many will be transforming into their highest potential and many will be expressing their darkness.  As these mirrors of the collective emerge, allow yourself the detachment to resolve any harboring.  If joy is not present in your heart, then allow what is, but be objective and witness what is being released.  The violet light is a powerful force and it will remind you very clearly of any unresolved emotion.  Do not be dismayed at this, simply allow and let go.  That is the purpose.

As the time draws closer for the changing of the guards, know that each of you will be divinely guided at the appropriate time to crossover in consciousness.  This is a marked event in the journey of an initiate, but one that happens with great cosmic intervention based on the alignment of celestial counterparts to the path of soul.  This means that each of you based on the timing of your incarnation, the divine role or contract that you hold, the amount of Light that you inhabit and the conscious preparedness, all are factors that play in on the release of the divine power in each of you.  This is not a race, merely the pace that you chose.  It is all your choosing in collaboration with many cosmic and divine factors.  That being said, many are prepared to walk into the Light now.  Many are halfway there and many will be arriving on the heels of those first to arrive.  Some of you chose to go first to then reach out for your brothers and sisters who may need your nudging.

This event is one that will release you from bondage and set you free to carve out your special niche in the world.  It has been a long road and a bumpy one, but we assure you it was well worth the ride.  I and others stand before you now and always in great admiration.  Your contribution to this plan can not be underestimated, in fact, it would be impossible without you.  Blessings for your journey and arrival into the next reality, the conscious one.  Here lies your greatest accomplishments’ waiting for you to remember.  I Am Sananda Immanuel of the Spiritual Hierarchy and together we bid you farewell.
L: thank you, Sananda.

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