A View of First Contact


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A View of First Contact

Mike Quinsey
December, 2003

Taken from:http://www.treeofthegoldenlight.com/framepagemain4.htm . Published in this website on July 8, 2004.

ETs by definition are from outside the Earth, but in reality those that are contacting or visiting us are not just off world, but also from the higher dimensions. Clearly those that are from higher dimensions are by virtue of this, more evolved than what we are. This does not necessarily mean in spiritual evolution, but in general terms it is in fact so. There are also others that are no more spiritually advanced than we are, but thousands of years ahead of us in their technology. Historically, the visitors to Earth have been coming here for aeons of time, indeed even longer than we have had recorded history. At different periods we have had our genetic development controlled and manipulated by them, and the motives for doing so do not always appear to have been in our interests.

There is however evidence that there have also been positive contacts, where help has been given to move us on in our evolution.  For example, there is also evidence that during those fabled times of Atlantis and Lemuria, that there was open contact with ETs, that provided them with technologies that even now would be considered quite futuristic. Some of these were passed on to our present civilisation in its early days, feats such as the cutting and movement of massive building blocks of stone weighing many, many tons. Evidence of this can be seen in areas such as India, North and South America, and particularly in Egypt, taking the marvellous example of the building of the Great Pyramid.

Some ancient scripts and monuments seem to clearly indicate visitations of flying craft, and it is worth noting that the Hall of Records, a temple below the Sphinx, is said to contain a crystal powered craft used by the Atlanteans, deposited there some 12,000 years ago. Some of the people migrating in these chaotic times soon after the Flood, seem to have eventually found themselves refuge in caves in France. Such as the ones at Lascaux and Altamira, where considerable evidence of their knowledge of UFOs is depicted. There are artworks, upon the walls and ceilings showing flying craft as we recognise them today.

Moving to more recent times, Zecharia Sitchin’s translations of the Sumerian Tablets tells of contact with Beings from the planet Nibiru, the Anunnaki, who seemed to have established Sumeria around 4000 BC. The Sumerians knew that Nibiru visited the Earth every 3,600 years, and in readiness had a temple built, as a contact area. The visits are commemorated on coins of that period. It would appear that the Anunnaki had held an influence over us for many thousands of years. They allowed themselves to be not only accepted as God’s, but also worshipped, thus shaping religious beliefs and customs, the greatest evidence being in the Egyptian Pantheon. Some of these beliefs and customs are still being followed today.

Our present association with ETs, could be said to have started with what were called the ’Foo Fighters’ small round objects that flew alongside military aircraft in World War Two, and were thought be enemy craft by each side experiencing them. ETs tell us these objects were used to register the “consciousness” of the pilots.

A sudden explosion of UFO sightings took place shortly after the end of the War, and these were given extensive coverage in the media. With it came reported contacts, and possibly the earliest and most well known one, was that of George Adamski’s meeting in the Californian Desert, with Venusians, who were very humanlike in appearance. Not long before that, it transpires that the Greys made a secret contact with the President of the United States. This resulted in a covert agreement to exchange information and technology that allowed them to have bases both on and within the Earth.

In very recent times one has been identified underground in Sedona, that has proved to be a very active area for UFO activity.  Even people that do not necessarily take an interest in UFOs and ETs have heard of the Greys. They may have also seen the toys, posters; logos and even films that have featured these ’large black almond shaped eyed’ Beings. Unfortunately their activities have gradually caused mass fear of ET’s, because of abductions, cattle and human mutilations. There is evidence to suggest that both the US Government and the Greys have sometimes worked in collusion with each other.

It has certainly been reported that the Greys were actually based at Area 51, helping in the development and back engineering of advanced Flying Craft. Progress has already reached a point where the U.S. has for some time now, been flying anti-gravity triangular craft. The result is that it is now difficult to be sure which sightings are theirs or the ETs. Abductions are claimed by the Greys to involve people who have a connection with them, and that there is a prior agreement with them for such action, that none are taken against their will. The root of it appears to be an interest in our genetic development, that can be used by them for their own development.

Ever since the 1940’s, many brief contacts have taken place, and where the visitors identified themselves, they were with few exceptions from within our own solar system. Realising that we see very little evidence for planets in our solar system as being able to support life as we know it, they have made it clear that some of them come from higher levels that exist around their planet. Some contacts were ongoing and became a useful source of information, giving details of our past evolutionary progress, our destiny, and often spiritual teachings. Occasionally contacts were not only taken aboard Spacecraft, but also treated to trips within our solar system, and sometimes beyond.

In those early days, many ET visitations and contacts were made by the small Beings of around 3 feet tall, with tiny child like bodies and enormous heads, that seemed to be too big to carry on such a small frame. Almost all of these small Beings claimed that they were from Mars, and told us that most of them lived in underground cities, having been forced to move from the surface when some calamity befell them. The more recent photographs from Mars seem to support such claims, as there is only slight evidence left of life upon the surface.

UFO sightings have continued unabated ever since, with Motherships and dozens of different type of crafts including scout ships having been seen, and sometimes even their occupants. Virtually all have been of a Humanoid appearance, but a few have been noted as having reptilian or insectoid features. During this same period many psychics found that they were getting ETs coming through them, wishing to send messages. They often contained warnings about the damage we were doing to Mother Earth, mainly through our experiments with nuclear devices, and about the collapsing state of our ecology.  Theses have been positive approaches to us, and usually included some spiritual teachings to point us in the right direction. We began to learn about life in other levels of existence, and understand that ETs have for millennia been coming to Earth.

The sudden upsurge in sightings and contacts in the late 1940’s  were explained as mainly resulting from our discovery of how to split the atom, they came to warn us that with the enormous power we were playing with and did not fully understand, we could not only destroy the Earth, but regions beyond it in outer space. So much information was coming through “channels” many books about UFOs and ETs began to appear. On more than one occasion, we were told that we were so near to total nuclear destruction, or liable to cause an axis tilt, that ET’s had plans to mass evacuate us from Earth. With the Millennium approaching, there was suddenly a lot of information coming through about the end-times, and how this was simply a change, and not the chaotic end of humanity as many had predicted. We were being told that our cycle of evolution in duality was coming to a close, and that it was our realities that were changing through our growing consciousness, and that Ascension would take place.

Against this background, it can be seen that for aeons of time, contact with ETs and UFOs has been part of our heritage. That ETs are our “family” from space, they are our Brothers and Sisters, and we are at the very least genetically related to some of them. They have watched us often from afar, and without infringing our freewill, have tried to guide us in our evolution. Evidence of ETs’ activities are to be found on the Moon, and bases have been seen on the dark side. There are workings in craters, that have been seen taking place on our side of the Moon, even at this present time. There is also the appearance of crystal like structures that are crumbling; suggesting ETs have been visiting the Moon for a considerable time.

 But now there is a sense of urgency in ETs messages, it seems we need to address and reverse the damage we have done to Mother Earth. To help overcome this problem, we are being offered help with the use of advanced technologies. These include free energy devices for lighting, heating and transportation, plus new advanced forms of communication, and new technologies in building design and materials. We should have already had much of this technology, but for the fact that it has been suppressed by corporations with vested interests, who would otherwise have stood to lose their market position and profits. Also governments have seized such advancements for their own use in covert activities. The time for Truth has arrived, and we are promised that we will learn of our true history as individuals, and as nations, and more importantly as Humanity.

With our familiarity now with the idea of the existence of ETs, the question now arises as to whether we are as one great Human Consciousness, ready to greet our Brothers and Sisters. Not those just from our own solar system but from other levels of existence. There may be yet a more important question, and that is ‘why would we want to’. Possibly, fear of the unknown, and the changes that such a contact would bring, could unsettle many, even if in the long term they could see the benefits. Yet it is only necessary to consider one aspect alone, that of the deteriorating condition of our Earth, to realise that we urgently need help if we are not to reap the repercussions of the damage we have done over the last century.

Industrial and chemical pollution, both on land and in our waters is a mammoth problem. Even in our atmosphere great damage has been caused, yet the major polluters of it do not really show any great enthusiasm for curtailing the sources of it. We are fishing our seas dry, our forests are being cut down at alarming speed, and overall the resources of the Earth are being devoured at such a rate that many will run out in the foreseeable future. No one can survive without water, yet even that vitally important resource is coming under threat. Our weather patterns have been changing for some time now, and the long term effect from global warming is leading to warnings about rising sea levels, and the disastrous effect upon low lying lands due to flooding. Yes, it is vital that we accept the help of benevolent ETs, alone we cannot hope to cope with the size of the problem we have inherited.

On a higher level we will realise that mankind was meant to have freedom and justice, and share in the wealth of the world, yet we seem to be so shackled by ever gathering laws that continue to take away our rights. We are being globalized against our will, and in many countries people are denied their basic rights. The people no longer seem to have the power to bring about the changes that would lead to a fairer society, and those we nominate to represent us, seem to disregard our wishes. ETs that have evolved spiritually, have gone far beyond our petty squabbles, ceased warring, and work in peace and harmony. This extends to co-operation between civilisations from planets all over the Universe, who have joined forces in Federations that work for the good of all. We are far from achieving this aim, yet there are many aspiring people who individually show that they are ready for such a coming together. We could learn a lot from ETs that could direct us along the path to such unity.

Some people may be wary about welcoming ETs, fearing that they have an ulterior motive, that of taking over the Earth and imprisoning or making slaves of the population. That fear can surely easily be dispelled, by pointing out that we have been more vulnerable to such an occurrence in the past, yet even with our present advanced weapons, we could not prevent a successful take-over from advanced Space Beings. To them, our technology is like child’s toys. The fact is that we are protected from such an invasion by Galactic Forces, who will not allow outside interference to our freewill. The Greys were allowed in because they did not at the time, pose a world threat, and were after all invited to stay here by covert forces.

There has never been a hostile action against the Earth, but ETs do reserve the right to defend themselves if they come under attack, or there is a threat of nuclear devices being taken into space. They have had to exercise this option on several occasions, but even so there is every endeavour taken to ensure that there is no loss of life. This has been achieved by ‘beaming’ people out of their craft before it disintegrates. There have been cases of people having been saved by ETs and this includes astronauts that would otherwise have been lost in space. We are also told that but for the help already given to us by ETs, we would have been in a far worse state. They have been monitoring radiation levels and fall-outs from nuclear explosions in our atmosphere, ever since we carried out our first tests, and have kept them within acceptable levels. This has also happened on land and in the sea, where they have cleared up the more serious affects of pollution for us. These actions are hardly those of Beings that we need to fear, far from it.

Perhaps the people most likely to be fearful of ETs are those of a strong religious background, who somehow see them as demonic. I believe that until they can break away from rigid belief systems, they will continue to fight against acceptance of ETs. But hopefully that will soften, through the Truth that will given to them to help understand the Creator and his works. When Beings that work in Love and Light, are perceived to help mankind, their actions will also be seen as positive. They too will be have been recognised, as having the same God spark as we have.

First Contact is a realistic proposition at this time, given the point at which we find ourselves. We must want to get out of this cycle of wars, and everything negative that comes with them. If we wish, we can aspire to a greater goal in life, recognising that this ‘little spaceship’ we call Earth, is our Home, that if we carry go on in our present ways, we could destroy it, together with every form of life upon it. We can alternatively, take full responsibility for our Home, decide it is time to restore it to how it should have been, make it our Garden of Eden, sharing it fully with all forms of life, become its rightful Guardian. With the right Will and determination, we can undo the wrongs we have caused, help is offered to us, so let us accept it with both hands. It is time to come together in Unity, to put aside differences regardless of colour, creed, politics or religion. We can do it, we must do it, otherwise a golden opportunity to take a quantum leap forward in our evolution, will have been lost. We have to move on, we have to open our consciousness to admit our Brothers and Sisters, they ARE part of our family.

Mike Quinsey


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