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About Forgiveness

All translations to English by Luis Prada.

 To Forgive

Unknown Author
Original text in Spanish, translation

The subject of today was "resentment" and the master had asked us to carry potatoes and a plastic bag.  In class, we took a potato for each person with whom we kept a resentment. We wrote his/her name on it and put it inside the bag.  Some bags were really heavy.The exercise consisted that during a week we would carry with us everywhere that bag of potatoes.  Naturally the potato condition was deteriorating over time. The nuisance of carrying that bag at all time showed me clearly the spiritual weight that I carried daily and how, while I put attention on it to not leave it in any place, neglected things that were more important for me. We all have potatoes getting rotten in our sentimental "knapsack".  This exercise was a great metaphor of the price that I daily paid for maintaining the resentment for something that had already happened and could not be changed.  I realized that when I made feel  important incomplete topics or broken promises I filled myself of resentment, increased my stress, did not sleep well and my attention dispersed.  Forgive and let them go filled me with peace and calm, feeding my spirit.

The lack of forgiveness is like a venom that we take daily drop by drop and finally ends up poisoning us.  Many times we think that it -forgiveness- is a gift for the other person without realizing that the only ones benefited are ourselves.  Forgiveness is an expression of love.  Forgiveness frees us of attachments that bitter the soul and sicken the body.  It does not mean that you are in agreement with what happened, nor that you approve it. To forgive does not mean that you don’t give any importance to what happened nor give the reason to somebody that hurt you.It simply means let aside those negative thoughts that caused us pain or anger.  Forgiveness is based on the acceptation of what happened.  The lack of forgiveness attaches you to the persons from the resentment.  It keeps you chained.  The lack of forgiveness is the most destructive venom for the spirit since it neutralizes the emotional resources you have.

Forgiveness is a declaration that you should make and renew daily.  "Many times the most important person to whom you have to forgive is yourself for all things that were not the way you thought them."  "The declaration of forgiveness is the key to free yourself". What people are you resentful of?Who you cannot forgive?Are you infallible and that’s why you cannot forgive the errors of others?"Forgive so you can be forgiven""Remember that with the stick you measure others you will be measured…".

The Forgiveness Diet:

This exercise can be done by people during seven days of the week, only should be memorized in your mind and repeat it during the seven days, if a day you do not do it or practice it, you should start doing it again for seven days.  It is called the Forgiveness Diet, should not be communicated to anybody so its power and will won’t be dissipated.  The only thing you have to do is mentally repeat: I _________(complete first, middle and last names) WANT TO FORGIVE. Also the person should write down on a personal notebook the day, hour, place where the forgiveness diet starts and write down also the day, hour and date where it will be finished.


Unknown Author
Original text in Spanish, translation

How Easy it is to speak of forgiveness but how Difficult it is to to give it out. Some have said that it is a gift to know that we are wrong and that we can be forgiven, but what happens with the ones that are wrong and hurt us?

Sometimes we wish to punish such person but who comesout more punished are ourselves and to free us it is necessary to renounce those painful feelings that are not ours but are of that who hurt us and we must let them go.

When this happens I ask myself, what would have I done in place of the other person that hurt me were I’d have been in the same situation and circumstance?

Almost always I conclude that at that moment what that person did was the best option for him, even though not for me, and what the other person did was to protect himself, it was not his intention to hurt me.  ¿Perhaps didn’t I make feel the same way to other person? or, am I thinking that my feelings are worthier than those of the other person?

And from there comes the following reflection: I feel hurt but that does not mean that the other person be bad or truly wants to hurt me.  Simply that the other person does not know all my life nor my past, same as I do not know his, and he does not know what I bring hidden in my personal history.

Forgiveness is not asked for, it is given… And the most important reason to give it out is that I free myself of a great burden.  What do you prefer, to be happy or to be right?


From Another Unknown Author

Forgiveness only springs up from the offended and onlyproduces reconciliation when honestlygiven and sincerely asked.
Forgiveness is the superior form of memory, because it is forgiving despite remembering.
The collection of sayings states: "He who forgives the affront, crowns himself".  And adds: "He who forgives having the opportunity to revenge, little is lacking to be saved."
William Blake, daringly, said to his wife : "For all eternity, I forgive you and you forgive me".  The mystic poet yearned to totally purify the memory, to not accumulate any negative karma with his lover; he wanted to settle his debts of greatness promptly, now as the masters of wisdom teach: "Our years pass as the grass! You are God forever".
For an attentive observer, forgiveness is a true gift that is given first to himself by he who forgives, and that reaches the other person as a gift, a grace, an elevation that heals and at the same time empowers the damaged interpersonal bond.

 The Practice of Forgiveness

Victoria Lucía Aristizábal
Bogotá, Colombia, March 18, 2002
Original text in Spanish, translation

Forgiveness Is The Only Sane Answer

For ego, love is a crime.  Ego intents to convince us that forgiveness is something dangerous that carries with it an unjust sacrifice.  It insists that pardoning will convert us into other people’s escape goat.  For ego love is a weakness, for spirit, love is a force, for ego accepting people unconditionally is a scandal  because unconditional love is its death.  How will people grow if all walk the world accepting each other as they are?  Accepting others as they are has the miraculous effect of helping them to improve.  Accepting does not inhibit growth, but rather favors it.  People who always tell us what we have wrong do not help us, but rather, paralyze us, filling us with shame and guilt.  People that accept us help us feel good with ourselves, relax us to find our path.

Accepting others does not mean that we make no constructive suggestions.  But as it happens with everything else, the problem does not reside so much in our behavior as in the energy that moves it.  If I criticize a person to change him/her, who is talking is my ego, but if we change our tendency to judge and still I feel moved to communicate something, I will do it with love and not with fear. I will not be moved by the attacking energy but by the supporting one.  The change in conduct is not enough.  To cover an attack with a bath of sugar, to disguise it with a sweet tone of voice or to express it with the therapeutic jargon is not a miracle.  A miracle is an authentic change of fear into love.  If we speak from our ego, we mobilize others’ ego.  If we speak from our spirit, we mobilize their love.

A Brother That Is Wrong Requires Teachings, Not Attacks

Let’s communicate with love instead of attacking.  Communication is a two-way street, it only happens if a person speaks and other listens.  To communicate in truth is necessary to assume the responsibility of the heart space between us and the other.  Silence can be a powerful communication of love.  There have been times when I was wrong and knew it and knew that they knew that I was wrong and I love them for having the kindness of saying nothing.  That always gave me the occasion to recuperate myself with dignity.  The option of uniting is the key to communication, because it is the key to communion.  What matters in a communication is not to achieve our objective, but to find the pure terrain of Beingness from where to construct the message.

"What God joint, may ego not take asunder". It is our duty a commitment with all our relationships and that the implicated people will never compete among themselves.  The commitment in a relationship means that reciprocal comprehension process and forgiveness be given no matter how many conversations they may demand and how uncomfortable these ones may be.  When we physically separate from somebody it does not mean that our relationship with that person has finished.  Relationships are eternal.  To let someone go is to tell him/her: I love you so much that I can let you free to be where you want to be, to go where you want to go".  That moment is not the end of a relationship; it is the purpose of the ultimate relationship of any relationship: that we find the meaning of pure love.

It is important to honor the eternal nature of relationships.  When relationships change in form, their content does not have to diminish.  Love does not originate other thing but more love and to know to forgive is to know to love more.

 Forgiveness, the Best Gift You Can Give to Yourself

Unknown Author
Original text in Spanish, translation

Do you believe that forgiveness is difficult?  Many people believe so because they think about forgiveness as a gift that they are going to give to someone else.  Forgiveness is a gift for you, not for the other one.

 We flee away from forgiveness when we say: "I will never forgive him" or "May God forgive him".  God cannot forgive us simply because He never judges us, we are the ones who emit judgment daily.  Judgment is born of fear, forgiveness on the contrary goes hand in hand with Love.

 Judgment goes accompanied with anger resentment and vengeance.  Are you feeling innocent?  It is difficult to be, we are feeling guilty all the time, that is why we also need to forgive ourselves.  This is sometimes more difficult than forgiving others.  From our birth we feel wrapped in guiltiness, since we have above us the “capital sin”, since we have been labeled as guilty, making us feel undeserving and rejecting abundance, self punishing to minimize our guilt.

 There is no healing first if there is not a forgiveness process first.  Forgiving will unburden you and will help you to feel lighter.  When you have resentment against someone else you look sad, rigid, your face tightens up.

 Promises of Forgiveness

 1.Reconciliation. Forgiveness will lead you to a process of reconciliation.  This implies that you have to personally talk to that person with whom you felt hurt, simply bring her to your heart and clear your resentments with her. All the processes of pardoning bring you a gift of health and happiness.  Many illnesses are born of resentments or suppressed anger, which end up producing in the organism harmful substances that affect our health and wellbeing.
2. Harmony in relationships.  With pardoning you leave behind wounds and painful feelings, cutting in this way the chains that hurt you by bonding you to others.
3. Inner Peace.
4. Leave the Past Behind.
5. Freedom.
6. Recovery of Personal Power.

 Distortions of Forgiveness

 Many confound forgiveness with some of these distortions.

1. Hide FeelingsPut on masks of tranquility when you have opposing sentiments that turn you into a volcano.  Many people believe that being spiritual does not allow them to feel this type of emotions, which is why they hide them.
2. Allowing or Justifying.  We refuse to forgive to protect ourselves from being mistreated again, but forgiveness is not allowing neither turning into a victim so other step over you, nor defending the other who assaults you.  The fact that you forgive does not oblige you to continuing allowing the same hurt.
3. To Adopt an Attitude of Superiority.  If you feel you are spiritually superior and because of that are obliged to forgive, and then you brag about your forgiveness, you are not forgiving sincerely.  Pardoning is humble when made from the heart.
4.SufferingIf your ego is still feeling hurt, if you say you forgive and still makes you feel pain to remember what happened, you have not forgiven.  Many subject themselves to situations that hurt them by simple resignation, but there are accumulated burdens and burdens interiorly that impede their freedom.
5. Give Away Your Personal Power.  Forgive does not imply that the other can make with you his or her will.  Only you have the power over your life.

 How can you know if you already have forgiven?  Just observe the situation one more time, remember that person that hurt you, if by doing so the same emotions move within you, you feel anger, sadness, hurt, it is perhaps because you have convinced yourself of a false forgiveness.

 Steps to Forgiveness

 Before anything separate the conduct from the being, you can forgive the person even though his conduct has been unacceptable to you.  Forgiveness is born from the heart, however we could speak of some steps to follow to reach it:

1. Recognize and accept that there is a wound within you.
2. Get rid of hurt.  It is not easy, but remember that you are innocent and do not have of what to blame you or why to blame anybody.
3. Free yourself by changing the vision.  Try to see always beyond, with the eyes of the soul.
4. Decide about the way you want to continue keeping the relationship with the person that hurt you.
5. Be Humble.
6. Do not suffer for having forgiven.

 To forgive is not but learning seeing things in a different way, no labeling or judging anybody.  Resenting is not to permit that the wound heal to be able to live in the present.  The past we cannot change but we can observe it in a different way.

 To Forgive

Leo Buscaglia
Original text in Spanish, translation

 Forgiveness is the letting go of what was, what is gone, so what will be… become, so what is now, be.

 "Since nothing we set to do is impeccable, and nothing of what we try lacks errors, and nothing of what we achieve lacks of certain degree of limitation and fallibility that we call humanity, we are saved through forgiveness."

 ToForgiveThere is a marvelous aura that surrounds the verb to forgive, an admirable cordiality and strength.  It is a word that suggests: to let be taken, to liberate… an action, that has the power of calming, of healing, of reuniting and of create again.

 To forgive others, no matter how difficult it may be, is only a part of the problem, so often it is equally difficult to forgive us.

 Asking forgiveness and to forgive others is a complicated process that involves our deepest empathy, humanity and wisdom.  Historically we have seen that without pardoning there cannot be a perdurable love, neither a change nor a growth, nor a true freedom.  So all those who worry of maintaining lasting relationships try to understand better the dynamic of forgiveness.  There is no doubt that if we are going to live together as the fragile and vulnerable individuals we are, we have a great need of that.  Forgiveness is an election.

 When we make a love gift from ourselves, we become more vulnerable, we are never safe; we are uncovered before deception and pain.  In a relationship, individuals unite carrying with them particular stories and experiences with hope to create new worlds, and since all interact under the shadow of past fears, hopes and habits and since all are different and all imperfect, rarely it is possible to achieve it without stumbling with some conflict.

 When we feel aggravated, immediately we direct our sight to the other side, to blame it.  Something was done to us.  As such, we have all the right to demand justice.  We believe justice is only fulfilled when we can hurt those who have hurt us, deceit those who have disillusioned us, make suffer those who have wounded us.  We are sure evil will only be corrected this way.  We look for revenge because we know that that experience will be sweet, but do we find it is in reality?  When they aggravate us, those beings we love, it would seem we devaluate years of relationship… of a relationship that perhaps gave us countless joys and that required a great deal of intellectual and emotional energy to have lasted that long.  And after all, with a single cruel phrase, with an unexpected act, with an insensitive criticism, we are capable of destroying even the most intimate of our relationships.  We forget too soon all the good and we dedicate to create scenarios of hate, and we do it instead of accepting the challenge of honest evaluation and confrontation.  We overlook the possibility that in the act of forgiving and demonstrating compassion, it is quite probable that we may discover new depths in ourselves and new possibilities in the way we relate to others in the future.  We are too proud.  Instead of that, we occupy ourselves in counter producing activities that prevent us from forgiving, we harbor the belief that if we stay away and flee away from the situation, we hurt the other person and the absence will heal us, we refuge in the fantasy that in avoidance there can be conclusion, in the naïve hope that hurting, shaming, blaming and condemning will make us feel better.  We cannot comprehend that when we refuse to participate in conducts of forgiving, we are those who assume the useless weight of hate, of grievance and vengeance, a weight that is unending and that falls over us instead of falling on the person that aggravated us.

 We only start forgiving when we can see the sinners, as ourselves, neither better, nor worst.  We need to remember that we coexist in a world as mortals, together the offended and the offender and that, in our common humanity, it would be very easy that the situation be inversed.  Compassionate understanding, and a heart and mind that identify with others, are the first necessary steps to break through the walls of implacable attitudes.  This knowledge repeats itself in a sound and natural manner in all sound and loving relationships.  The parents excuse the impetuosity of their children, the children do not pay attention to the possessive attitudes of their parents, lovers let pass defects and weaknesses of the other.  We do all of this because we love those individuals and know they are not so perfect either.  We continue loving those that hurt us once in a while, because we know they are worthy human beings, capable of all good, as well as of all evil.  We see them as human beings opened to the possibilities of change.  Love is the only great source of forgiveness.  With love we can go back and see the sinner as a dignified person, with love we place evil under certain perspective, forgiveness becomes the only way out of pain… "I forgive you because I should do it if I wish to continue living to a full extent."

 Forgiveness is not always as wise and as reasonable, so often it is offered as a gift, that implies the superiority of him who offers it; when given this way, it is not forgiveness.  It is a form of blackmail in which a part becomes the “generous benefactor” of the “inferior” sinner.  True forgiveness will be easier when we recognize that we are also humans capable of a bad action, when we take into consideration circumstances that perhaps we do not understand, when we have faith in the basic goodness of the person as a human being, when we are willing to start again, with compassion and without resentments. And succeed in forgetting…

 What we need is to learn of evil and then, to become wiser, forget about it, and move forward to tomorrow.  We have to keep in mind that there is nothing wrong if forgiving is difficult for us.  We are human beings and it is difficult to face evil others do to us, especially when we are innocent and cannot find any explanation for the conduct of the other one.  Why should we forgive?  To stay away of what prevents hope and love.

 Violet, Color and Energy of Forgiveness

Mónica Barbagallo
From the book: The Path to your Solar Angel (“El Camino Hacia Tu Ángel Solar”), Volume III.
Original text in Spanish, translation

"Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone at her." And who may say that is free of guilt?  If even after acquiring knowledge there is no way for sure to know if our deed is the correct one.

The only parameter we possess is the universal rule that is in all religions, the Golden Rule: "Do not do unto others what you would not like others do unto you" and for respect to yourself, "Do not permit other do unto you what you would not do unto others."  Have you been wrong?  Forgive yourselfAnd if they have been wrong with you… forgive them!

We all need forgiveness from the Father, and we only receive what we have given, hence if you do not forgive, you will not be forgiven, simply because the energy of forgiveness has not emanated form you, for it is not in you.  They are universal laws and they function by themselves, do not depend of anybody, they are as the little ball you throw against the wall and comes back to you with the same force you throw it.  Not forgiving something makes you mind spinning over the problem, thinking the negative, not allowing the intuition that emits your Solar Angel coming to it, he who is your true thinker in you, (your higher mind).  It maintains busy the line with your Master, spinning around over what already happened, answering as if you speak with that other one, in a wearing and just personal dialogue.

All complicates, hence, complicating life.  And your lower mind goes giving you answers that are given to the same complication it is making, so it enters in an interminable vicious circle.  And it is there where the solution is not.

Then enfold yourself in the Violet Flame (7th Ray).  Say constantly:  "I forgive all who need my forgiveness and I forgive myself", may these be the last words before sleep.

And when your mind brings the subject, repeat in loud voice the same phrase.

Your advantages are many when doing so:

You do not complicate your beautiful existence.
You develop your creativity.
You use your energy, which constantly comes to you neutral and pure, in positive things.
You do not misqualify this energy, since in that case, it will come back to you for requalification.
You do not disharmonize yourself.
You do not affect your health, since disharmony causes illnesses.
You unlink yourself from the evil you were forming as a trapping net into the problem.
You forgive, acting as a team with your Master Within, therefore it is a great sep to unify with Him.
You demonstrate your intelligence, since it is full Wisdom.
It is also justice, observe that the Ray of Justice is the 7th Ray of Forgiveness and Compassion.  That one of the New Age of Aquarius and the Goddess of Justice is Lady Portia, who with Master Saint Germain are Kings of the Age of Aquarius (as Master Jesus and Master Mary, were for the Age of Pisces).
A harmony in your mind is reestablished.
You physical body does not get sick, since that one that really produces illnesses is the emotional body.
You would love yourself, not allowing hurting yourself.
Forgiveness draws a smile in your soul and puts wings to your heart.

Knowing all of this analyze from your point of view if it is not more intelligent to forgive…

 Pardon and Reconciliation

Mónica Barbagallo
Original text in Spanish, translation

A moment always surges in the great course of Life and of reincarnations when we ask those four basic questions… Who Am I?  What Am I doing here?  Where Am I coming from?  Where Am I going?

We look around us and feel unsatisfied with the answers we find in the various areas of knowledge and of the so-called Faith.  We perceive that the moment of unveiling mysteries and removing veils covering life has arrived.  And it is there when a miracle occurs and comes up as the start of an answer, which sometimes comes as a "chance", in a conversation, in a book, in a move.  And it is there when questions after questions spring up, when “magically” life is putting before us the steps to follow in the path ones after the others.  Some seek for the answers in Yoga, others feel identified with different philosophies, others ask in the conventional religions and in the unofficial ones.  And each one goes establishing a different route that one with which they feel more in tuned with the answers.

And following the path of evolution a moment comes in which you observe that the base of all religions has something primordial in common and differences established by the different places and customs of the people that inhabit those places in which that belief was more asserted.  We arrive to the conclusion that all of them are different roads on a mountain which summit we denominate God and in which we all go ascending by different lateral sides of the same one.

And as we learn more we see that there is a lot to learn and that there are always those who go ahead and those who follow us.  And we take the hands of those we call Masters and mark the path for those coming behind, by stretching out the other hand.

And we find twin flames whom are those with which in different lives we find ourselves sharing the same evolutionary step and also some people whose way of acting is going to make us learn and correct those vices or errors we have to change in this life.

Sometimes we learn with pain, but if we have into account this we see that those representing that role for us are not others but teachers (with small letters) in our learning classrooms and that if they were not who fulfill this role, there would be others, but with the same goal.

If we are prepared to understand this teaching we are perfectly ready to make a great leap in our evolution since from this spring up forgiveness and reconciliation with absolutely all persons that have passed by our lives.  But not a superficial forgiveness that leaves behind inner anguish, nor by obligation, nor believer‘s blind Faith, but true forgiveness that surges with knowledge.

It is no longer such and such person that did such thing to me, but I needed to go through this, and such person was the actor that represented that role.  Before that true acknowledgement cannot be resentment, and, even though it sound strange, we can thank the teacher that made happen we overcome such and such critical moment, such and such exam we have to pass.

Pardon and Reconciliation are the fundamental keys to start a new truly different cycle, without burdens on our backs, free of all that weighs so much and restrains our steps in that lateral path of the mountain we chose to climb.

If this message illumines your mind enfold in Violet-Golden Flame all and each one of the persons that passed through your life leaving behind a bitter stele in their moment, and that today you have the capacity to understand.  And visualizing one by one you wrap them and you repeat: "I forgive all who needs my forgiveness and I forgive myself", as many times as necessary until mentally you can embrace and reconcile him or her.

Dedicate the necessary time for this meditation and your life will take a totally new path, and make it to be the end of your sufferings.

May Light, Love and the Power of Forgiveness and Reconciliation descend over you.

 Forgiveness and Karma

Channeled by Mike Quinsey on February 2, 2005

How often has someone around you said, What is the point of life?”  Problems arise and no matter how hard they have tried, they find that it does not work out and they cannot overcome them. Even having wealth cannot guarantee success, although it is seen as such by those who struggle to make ends meet. Work and relationships head the list of challenges that often end in tears. So why is it that what you choose and desire is so often a failure as you would see it. You are told you have freewill, and you wonder why you cannot always have what you want.

Dear Ones, your problems largely arise from a clash between what you agreed to experience before you came to Earth, and what you have chosen to do. The whole object of life is to advance your spiritual growth, and you can only do that if you have set yourself certain goals. Often your experiences involve karmic lessons, and because the vast majority of you are unaware of the need for them, you fight against them. There is of course nothing wrong in doing so, as your reaction determines how much value such lessons prove to be. The breaking up of relationships can bring much heartbreak and pain, but even this is part of your learning. There are winners and losers, so it would appear to you, but in all challenges everyone is a winner from a spiritual perspective. It does not matter who is considered right or wrong or whose actions started a problem, and who you apportion the blame onto for what has happened. Each and everyone touched by the trauma will have learnt lessons that will carry them forward, and hopefully they will not have to be presented with the same ones again. A broken marriage and broken hearts carry their hurt for a long time, yet often as life carries on a new page is turned, a new relationship formed and happiness found once more. Indeed, once you have been able to stand aside and look at your life in a calm and unemotional manner, you have often to admit it has turned out for the best. What is it that you need to carry you forward, it is forgiveness. There is no point in harboring hatred, or having thoughts of revenge against those who you consider have wronged you. Yes, it is hard to do because humans are very emotional and full of pride and principles. Their egos get in the way, and they consider it an affront that anyone should harm or insult them. Often blame is proportional on all sides of a dispute, but each will believe that they are the aggrieved and not at fault.

If only you could see the wider picture, and accept that life will keep knocking you down. Also, that these are opportunities to show your strength but not in retaliation, but in a way that shows you can accept the lessons of life and move on. Some people will not let go of their wish for retribution against those who have hurt them. They spend their whole life keeping their experience alive and will not let it die. Yet they do not realize that it is holding them back because they cannot release it.

Worse still, it is slowing gnawing away at their mental ability to overcome the problem. They are carrying around the baggage of a strong negative thought form, that will if not dispersed also affect their health.

You have heard the saying “Let Go and Be” and this is good advice. Perhaps you need to know that one day when this life has finished, you will see everything clearly. Many souls are deflated when they learn the truth; things are not necessarily the way you thought they were. And you must not forget that you are never drawn into those traumatic situations unless there are lessons in it for you. It would not help for you to know the reasons at the time, as the knowledge of your own past could pull you down rather than assist. But if you can accept that no one is whiter than white, you would be able to progress without proportioning blame. Whatever crosses your path is meant for you, you cannot escape it and indeed you would not want to, because it is what you have agreed to experience. If you could some how put off your karma, it would only come back at a later time, it has to be cleared before you can move on.  Your Guides and Angelic helpers see you through your life, and they ensure as far as possible that you complete it in accordance with your plan. They also help you with positive events that are due to you, that bit of so called luck, that coincidence that saved your life. Oh yes, they look after you and many people can recount experiences that are down to them. Sometimes, your Angel will appear to you, particularly in times of need. Be aware that you have this help so close to you, and call on them if necessary. You will not always get what you pray for, but within certain parameters they will do what will keep you in line with your life plan.

I am St. Germain, and tell you that you have so many Dear Ones around you, all of the time. You are never alone in the sense that you have at any time been deserted, or disowned by God. God is all Love, and you are perpetually surrounded in that Love and Light. Use it and draw it to you, it is your protection, it is your shield. And I too continually send my Love and I am there if you call my name. You really are loved beyond measure, God Bless You.

Thank you, St. Germain
Mike Quinsey


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