How Do the People in Telos Look Like?

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How Do People in Telos Look Like?

Master Adama
High Priest from Telos

Channeled by Dianne Robbins, from her Book: "Telos, The Call Goes Out From The Hollow Earth and Underground Cities", Chapter 10: "Our Physical Beings."


Q: What do the people in Telos look like?

We look just like you, although we are perhaps somewhat tallerin stature and broader than you are. We are hefty and strong,for we’ve been on a vegetarian diet for thelast 12,000 years. This diet has slowed our aging process to the point where we’ve stopped getting older. We use our diet and our mind to remain in a youthful state always, which we term "immortality". We are able to prolong our life for as long as we desire, based on our diet and our beliefsystem of Immortality.

You, too, will be able to do this in the near future; for when we surface, we will bring you the information we have been guard­ing over eons of time. This information has remained intact and safe in Telos, where we have special containers and rooms for its safekeeping. These special hiding places will all be revealed to you upon our emergence from below.

Know that we all agreed to this plan before we incarnated on Earth, and now is the time to begin implementing it. It is the time we have been waiting for from BELOW and from ABOVE. For we work in unison, and we meet nightly with you on the Inner Planes. That’s why when you read this it seems as no sur­prise to you, and you just nod your head in acceptance and an­ticipation of all that’s to come.

Mighty waves of energy will be coming, that all life ON and IN Earth will soon be experiencing. Hold tight and know that these energies will bring the wonders of the Universe to you, along with our appearance on your surface.

The Fountain of Youth Is Located in Your Own Mind

I lived on the surface many thousands of years. I am centu­ries old by now, and I keep physically fit regardless of my age. In fact, the older I get, the more physically fit I become. I have an athletic build, and I exercise every day.

Here in Telos, we all take great pride in our physical fitness. We are all healthy and strong, and we all "work out" just as you on the surface do. We have long tunnels connecting our cities, and we use these tunnels to run through when we’re exer­cising, just as you use long paths on the surface.

You will find that accumulating years (aging) only makes you wiser and strongernot the opposite. So grow "older" in age with grace and dignity, and maintain your physical prowess,agility, and strength. You will find that the more you do, the more you can always do. Don’t let age limit you or what people say limit you. For you are unlimited.

We, here in Telos, are still discovering how unlimited we are. We are still finding ourselves delving into the unknown when it comes to our bodies. We keep experimenting with our bodies, and find that we can use our bodies to do so many differ­ent things. We are still discovering our inner strength and stamina, and we are still pushing ourselves to the outer limits of what we "thought" we could do.

So, too, with you. You can also explore the outer limits of your physical form by not accepting any limitations when it comes to strength. For our bodies were meant to perform Herculean feats, and maintain health and stability, permanently. So look to your bodies as a "magical form" that can do all you want them to do without pain or limitation. We all know this, and now it is up to you to learn how to utilize the full physical potential that you are endowed with.

We in Telos send you our strength and our love, and we will show you how to "youth" when we join with you on the surface. For the fountain of youth is real, and it is located in your very own mind. I look like a youth, although I am ancient by your standards. You will be surprised and joyous when you dis­cover how easy it is to maintain your youthful appearance. I am Adama, youth and sage combined.

Q: Why do you want to stay in the same physical body for so long?

You are a Lightworker on the surface of Earth, and we are Lightworkers beneath the Earth. Know that in Telos, we see your "Light". We see all Light on the planet through our computer moni­tors, and are able to track all the Lightworkers on the Surface.

It is indeed very beautiful here in Telos, and a very inspir­ing place to live. Many of us have been here a long time, thou­sands of years in fact. Because our lives have been rich and full,we’ve continued in the same physical body for thousands upon thousands of years. Our souls are Immortal, and we can live inthe same body for as long as we choose.

You, too, on the surface, will someday be able to do this. That time is rapidly approaching when you will be able to deter­mine the length of your life spans. This is what the Ascension isall about. It’s about determining how long to remain in a body before moving on. So know that there are glorious times ahead for all of humanity, as you adjust to your Immortality, knowing that you can live forever.

We in Telos have known this, and therefore, we’ve adapted to a glorious life as Immortal Beings experimenting in a human body. This is what you on the surface have been doing, although most of you are not aware of this. Life in Telos is rich and di­verse, and a joy to live. Soon, we will be expecting our surface brothers and sisters to be visiting us in our homes beneath the Earth. Until that time arrives, call on me in your meditations, and I will be there with you.

Q: Are our bodies Electrical? Is this what you mean when you say, "We are all light"?

You are all light as we are all light. What this means is that our bodies are electrical in nature, and react as a battery would in a flashlight. When our vibratory rate reaches a certain fre­quency, it triggers the Light particles or photons in our body to ignite, so to speak, and it turns on the Light in our bodies.

This is a simple chemical principle, and it works in all things. Once you reach a certain velocity or wave length, you blaze forth as the

Light of the sun. It is this Light that we connect with, or rather, that connects with us. Our shields are always open and on the alert to receive your Light frequency, and when the con­nection is made, you become aware of our consciousness as we meld with yours. So, reach to us in your thoughts as we reach to you, as we turn each other on in a great blaze of Light.

In Telos, We Restore Lost Limbs

Know that in Telos, we have the capability of healing all imaginable illnesses, and replacing severed limbs and organs.

We work primarily with the etheric body to restore lost limbs and body parts.

It’s easy to do, once you understand the Universal Laws of Creation.  If your organs have been removed, or you’ve had a limb severed in an accident, they can be restored in your physical body again.  they always remain in your etheric blueprint.  So you never really lose anything in life.  All is safe keeping until you rise in consciousness and understand the Divine Laws of Creation.

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