Message to the Skeptics on NESARA


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Message to the Skeptics on NESARA

Letter to Jean Hudon about NESARA

byDr. Taansen Fairmont Sumeru, Ph.D.

First published in this website on November 20, 2003.

To: Jean Hudon
Sunday, November 16, 2003 9:45 PM
Subject: Thankfulness for your intelligence in supporting NESARA

At 04:19 AM, 11/11/2003, you wrote:

"NOTE FROM JEAN: I know many people consider NESARA to be so controversial and touchy a topic that they would prefer not hearing about it anymore. I was one of them before. But considering Matthew and Suzy’s track record and high-level quality with regard to all material previously networked in these compilations and in her books, I’d say it would be perhaps a good idea to put any reluctance about this topic on hold for a moment and carefully review and consider at its face value what is proposed below."

[Note of Editor: The alluded information is not shown here, but see it in this website at: "Matthew on NESARA and The Dark Forces."  See also the Dove Reports at and excerpts of them in this website in the Section "NESARA Law".]


Cherished Jean:

For a few months now I have been meaning to write to you and thank you for your openness, wisdom, and intelligence in rising to the more enlightened view of the reality of NESARA. I do recall a couple of years ago when you almost removed me from your list because of my support of NESARA. You were indeed against it. But you have used your God-given intelligence to reconsider it, and all of us have been deeply grateful, respectful, sympathetic, and impressed that you made it successfully through to the truth.

Several of my correspondents have expressed negativity about it too, and here are a few of the facts and beams of light I have shared with them: How many people believed the light bulb or the telephone or the airplane before they happened? Did you know that the Wright Brothers were flying their planes a full ten years before most people believed it? One time they flew their plane right past a newspaper office window, deliberately, to show them —and the newspaper STILL wrote that it was a hoax!

Contrary to what cubicle-thinking people assume, whether there is such a thing as a NESARA law sitting at the US Supreme Court is secondary.  Whether it was secretly passed by Congress, as Dove claims, is secondary.  Those are not the criteria by which we judge whether it is authentic.  Anyone who says it is a fraud or a hoax based on those arguments is working for the dark agenda, either intentionally or unintentionally —but either way it is incredibly stupid.

The real criterion for judging the merits of Dove’s version of NESARA is the matured intelligence of higher consciousness, with which one can plainly see the beauty and innocence of its goals. These goals are summarized in a nutshell as follows:

1. Each country MUST ABOLISH their INCOME TAXES;
2. Each country must agree to institute common law;
3. Each country must have government leaders elected by the people;
4. Each country must agree to live in PEACE;
5. Each country must bestow UNIVERSAL PROSPERITY to ALL their citizens by using the money-making formulas and processes which have a proven 200-year track record of success in providing massive prosperity.

Now WHO of intelligence could disagree with these ideals?  Of course, the TRUE NESARA law has MANY more benefits than these, such as debt forgiveness, gold-backed currency, massive prosperity for all, open public communications with extraterrestrials and physical interaction with them, the release of vastly superior healing and free energy technologies for the upliftment of mankind, etc., etc. But the above five are the basics, and they’re enough to win the heart of anyone who has a healthy spirit, a clear mind, and a pure heart.

As humanity graduates out of its kindergarten, it matures into peace, love, intelligence, wisdom, and compassion. These are the qualities that NESARA is bringing —the shift of global power from war to peace, the coming of freedom from oppression, the removal of corruption, the liberation of untold wealth, the unleashing of vast prosperity, the return of the power systems to truth and honesty, the ending of income tax, the wiping out of most debts, and waves of other benefits.

Most importantly, it will elevate the enlightened people of the world, those who truly have the best intentions at heart for the happiness of mankind, as well as the spiritual consciousness, the genius, and the personal power to bring it about,  it will elevate them to positions of public position so that for the first time in history, the halls of government, education, media, finance, and all kinds of power will have the Givers of Life in them instead of the killers, liars, thieves, and criminals.

How could anyone of any intelligence disagree with this ideal?

Some may say they agree with the ideals but argue that there is no NESARA law guaranteeing these things, and there is no likelihood of the globalist cabal allowing such ideals or being overcome by those promoting them.

The response to this is, anyone who calls it a fraud or a hoax just because of lack of proof that someone drafted it at the Supreme Court and passed it in Congress, has his priorities mixed up. The priority is NOT whether it has been drafted, approved, or passed. The priority is, is it in tune with the Divine Plan and with Natural Law? The answer is an obvious and emphatic YES!

As to the likelihood of the globalist cabal allowing such ideals, now this one does require more wisdom to understand, because it is indeed very true that those who have been in dominance have not allowed NESARA or the ideals it will bring. It is, in fact, because of this very dark force, the "federal Mafia", the Illuminati, that NESARA has been obstructed and the ideals it will bring have been suppressed. This is indeed true.

What the skeptics have to realize, though, is that this so-called dark force is within all unenlightened human beings, which is most of mankind, including the skeptics. Those playing the outer role of the Illuminati have no intrinsic power of their own. They only have the power that we collectively give them. So if you say the Illuminati "will never allow NESARA", that is the same as saying you yourself will never allow it!

By contrast, millions and millions of people worldwide are experiencing higher states of consciousness. This awakening is spreading exponentially. As Ken Carey once said, fear spreads numerically; but Love spreads exponentially. So a far smaller number of people in Divine Radiance can change the world.

What the skeptics also have to realize is that thousands of human beings walk this Earth among us, here today in the body, who are far more intelligent, far more advanced, far more spiritually evolved, and far more enlightened . . . than most people. These compassionate Masters can remove the Illuminati from power as easily as brushing a dust particle off their coats.

Anyone who doesn’t know or believe this is simply ignorant.  Ignorance is perfectly okay as long as it is humble, sincere, and open to learning. It is when some ignorant people become stubborn, that their mindset degrades to one of "my mind is made up; don’t confuse me with facts."

Enlightened and Ascended Masters are physically here today among us, on all continents, in all walks of life. They live 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in a perpetual state of superconsciousness. They have what ordinary people would call "supernormal powers".

Their having not used these powers already to remove the Illuminati is not due to any inability, but rather to the necessity of Divine Sequence. This means evolving mankind must progress through its elementary school of action-reaction, cause and effect, and reaping what it sows. Humanity must be given as much free will as possible and as much time as possible to experiment with the laws of the universe —suffering consequences when it violates them, and enjoying happiness when it harmonizes with them.

If the Masters were to simply remove the "bad guys" prematurely, wave their hands, and bring Heaven on Earth overnight, then how would mankind learn its lessons? How would those of lesser development complete their training?

At a certain point, when a sufficient critical mass of humanity has risen to the necessary level, then the Masters will remove the Illuminati, NESARA will be ushered in, and a whole new phase of cosmic education will begin. It will be like returning from a survival camp in the wilderness where we had to deal with wild deadly beasts, to a much more comfortable university campus where our education can continue on much higher and more pleasant levels.

Those who are intuitive know that NESARA HAS been drafted, approved, and passed, and it IS being advanced towards national and worldwide implementation. It WILL win a decisive victory over everyone who has been trying to monopolize, enslave, and dominate. But that is not the most important point of focus. What is important is, are its ideals basically good? Are its ideals in tune with universal law? Are its ideals in the best interests of the evolution and enlightenment of the entire human race?

The answer is completely "yes", and therefore, it deserves our support, our respect, and our reverence, regardless of whether we can see the "proof" that we are able to perceive, of having been drafted, approved, and passed. The credibility of its messengers stands pure as the highest snow in the eyes of pure Being, because they have done nothing but support the ideals which can liberate you and all humankind. We stand for freedom, Love, and enlightenment for all humanity, and anyone who thinks that this ruins one’s credibility is too retarded to even know what credibility means.

That is why we can be so absolutely confident and definite that the true NESARA law, as expressed by Dove and the site, deserve your support, and everyone’s.

For those who have not read the Saint Germain books, the ones that provide the background knowledge which serves and the Source, Basis, and Inspiration for all that the true NESARA law represents, we highly, highly encourage you to do so. Once again, that information is: If you would like to own a copy of the book "Unveiled Mysteries", or any of the other Saint Germain books, from which Dove provides quotes, you may obtain them from:

Saint Germain Foundation & Press
1120 Stonehedge Drive
Schaumburg, Illinois 60194 USA

The two most recommended books to obtain are "Unveiled Mysteries" and "The Magic Presence". These are the two masterpieces that tell the story of real live people who have interacted in the United States with Saint Germain, physically, and who have witnessed first hand the powerful, magnificent, and dazzling powers of a modern-day Ascended Master.

NESARA is an absolute fact, and that it WILL be announced publicly and implemented. The only catch is, nobody knows exactly when; or if anyone does, they’re not telling.  Those of more fully matured awareness see it clearly from the mountain peak perspective. Those who don’t see it, at the very least, should remain open minded.

Certainly it is hard to "believe" in the likelihood of it if one is not high enough in consciousness and not well enough informed. Only spiritual practices can develop the consciousness.  The counterpart, the information, is available through the Dove reports.

The two combined, the daily education available of the details of it unfolding, which are CONFIRMED by actual events and by publicly available data and news —along with the sufficient level of consciousness to intuit its accuracy— are the only requirements necessary to See it as those who Know it do.

There are two maxims you may enjoy in relation to this:

"Entertain all new ideas royally; for one of them may be the King", and,
"The mind is like a parachute. In order to function, it first has to open."

In Love, Ohana, Brotherhood, Fellowship, and Friendship, For the Victory and Reign of Universal Love on Earth,

Dr. Taansen Fairmont Sumeru, Ph.D., Your Fellow Bringer of the Dawn.

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