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NESARA and The Dark Forces


Matthew Ward

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Channeled by Suzanne (Suzy)Ward on August 7, 2003,, [email protected].

Suzy WardSummary of Matthew’s story from Seventeen year old Matthew Ward died in an auto accident in 1980. His mother, Suzanne Ward, from the State of Washington, initiated contact with her son in the early months and years following his death with the help of mediums, but was later (1994) able to establish direct telepathic communications with her son by typing out their conversations using her computer. Matthew told his mother that he had died at an early age in order to act as a conduit for important information from the spirit realms and that she, Suzanne Ward, had a ‘life mission’ to publish his messages in book form. After a long birthing process the first of the Matthew books, Matthew, Tell Me About Heaven, was published in 2001. Matthew’s second book, Revelations For A New Era, also published in 2001, "relates life from its cosmic beginnings and contains cogent messages from representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations who are helping Earth during this unique era of great changes". And their most recent book, Illuminations For A New Era,was published this year, May 2003.

First published by the Dove of Oneness in the Dove Report of August 8, 2003 6:13 p.m. PDT.  The Dove of Oneness is the official announcer of theNESARA activity.

My greetings in love to all! I have requested my mother to receive this important message and pass on to her usual sources for disseminating. I believe that my credibility as one of God’s messengers has been established with those who are familiar with the Matthew Books and my messages that have been posted on various Internet sites. In any event, I have been appointed by the highest Light beings to speak more comprehensively than I have previously about the vital Earth reformation program commonly known as NESARA. Before that, I say this: NESARA WILL be implemented, and it will be done more quickly if its reality is trusted and all who know of it hold convictions toward that success!

Some consider NESARA to be political and economic in nature while others view it as spiritual because of the high level Light beings affiliated with it. NESARA is both. When people are severely oppressed by political and economic conditions that foster impoverished living circumstances, lack of health care and education, monopoly of natural resources, slave labor, unjust laws and courts, starvation, and tyrannical regimes, offering "soul food" isn’t enough. When people are preoccupied with mere survival requirements, giving them only spiritual messages is not going to bring about the global reforms they need to rise out of their misery.  That is why the provisions of NESARA are monumental in scope, embodying sweeping reforms for Earth that will begin as soon as the legislation is officially announced. When people become aware of the reforms, they will be motivated to participate according to their capabilities.

As in all other aspects of polarity still existing on Earth, NESARA is at one extreme and the Dark Forces that Dove and the members themselves call the Illuminati are at the other. Mother, I need to interject something here. The work Dove is doing to inform about the progress of NESARA is imperative, and it is essential that her credibility and value be understood on Earth just as it is in the higher planes, where it is given great honor. Now I return to explaining the darkness of the Illuminati.  This powerful cabal has long recognized that to retain their control of Earth’s people, they must keep them in ignorance and fear, and for millennia that has worked well for those currently in power and their dark predecessors. Now they are realizing that it cannot work for them much longer, and they are sparing no tactic to hold onto their fast-ebbing control. They rightly see NESARA as their total uprooting, because once the program’s reforms are implemented, the control of the darkness will crumble totally.

It is necessary that you understand the reality that is beyond the religious and scientific dogma that have structured, dominated and limited your awareness. NESARA is far more than a piece of legislation in the United States. The extraterrestrial beings at high stations of soul evolvement who initiated the ideas within NESARA’s programs to assist Earth humans’ rise in spiritual clarity are doing so at the invitation, indeed, the plea of Earth. Your planet could have not survived any more assaults of the negativity being continuously generated by human brutality to each other, to the animal and plant kingdoms or to the physical body of Earth.  All wars and other violence, famine, disease, ruthless leaders, environmental destruction and economic strangulation have been instituted by the influence of the Dark Forces.

Help to Mother Earth underway

Relief from all the suffering caused by these conditions was essential or your planet would die. Over half a century back in your counting, Earth had reached that point of damage to her body and soul. She had the choice of her soul ascending and allowing her planetary body to die, or surviving intact. Her soul chose to survive in its physical planetary form, but in her greatly weakened condition due to the extent of trauma she had long suffered, she could not do it without massive assistance. Light beings of extraterrestrial civilizations responded to her cry for help, and among these countless souls who have come to her rescue are those who have been working with diligence and dedication to the reforms embodied in NESARA.  So you see, it is by Earth’s quest for help that these beings, in conjunction with Earth humans, are performing their various missions on and off-planet to get this vast, vital program underway to rejuvenate physical Earth and enlighten and uplift her people.

It is understandable that you who are familiar with Dove’s reports could become discouraged by the delays in NESARA’s announcement because you have no "behind the scenes" knowledge of what is causing these [delays]. There are two major reasons:

First, the NESARA legislation is being processed within the laws of the God-inspired original US constitution. It is important that you understand this is not a take-over by ETs to initiate the light in these programs, however desperately needed by Earth. In collaboration with wise, just and highly spiritual Earth humans, ETs are helping in myriad ways to restore health to your planet. Knowing of Earth’s travail and out of their love for her, souls chose to reincarnate as Earth humans and assist their universal brotherhood in recreating Heaven on Earth, and some are doing this through NESARA’s provisions.

Second, the Dark Forces are fighting tooth and nail to prevent even the awareness of NESARA, much less its implementation, and at this point, delaying the announcement that must by law precede enactment of the widespread provisions is the only weapon left to them. They have been successful thus far in achieving delays by many means: assassinations of influential people who favor initiating the provisions without delay as well as others actively working toward this end; death threats to the families of Lightworkers and to the workers themselves; double-agents within the ranks of the Lightworkers; and terrorist assaults. TheUS internal terrorist act of September 11, 2001, was the most dramatic of these tactics. The laboratory-produced SARS disease was meant to be another global fear instigator but its effects were greatly reduced by efforts of Lightworkers.

Another delaying tactic is disinformation and non-information through control of major media. The disinformation program includes claims that NESARA as reported by Dove and she herself are frauds. Dove has reported information accurately as it has been given to her, and it has been discouraging to her, not only to you readers of her reports, that time after time the announcement has been delayed. In the beginning of spreading the word about NESARA, it was necessary to get your attention, to encourage you to generate positive energy attachments to the program and give it impetus, and that is achieved by the power of your thoughts and feelings. I cannot emphasize too strongly that your active participation in adding to the Light energy momentum is essential.  NESARA is to your benefit!  However, since nothing in the universe is isolated in its effects on everything else, it is within universal interests that Earth be lifted out of the third density limitations that for eons have kept you from knowing your eternal and inseparable connection with All That Is. NESARA is an integral part of this planetary ascension into higher vibratory dimensions.

Additionally, it is not correct to believe that even at this high station we can make accurate predictions in the linear time that exists on Earth and nowhere else in the universe. We can look into the energy field of potential and see the increased momentum of the Light progress, which at that moment is optimistic and is reported as such. Then the Dark Forces strike again, and that optimism is tempered by the energy momentum they have gained.

When my mother first was asked for my viewpoint on NESARA, over a year and a half past in Earth counting, I confirmed its validity and the great benefits of its provisions, and I said that their implementation was not imminent. There was limited action in the field of potential then, and nothing registered there indicated that sufficient energy was being generated by the combined on and off-planet light forces so that NESARA would be announced any time "soon."

Two factors were (are) affecting NESARA as in everything else: A great deal of planetary and individual karmic balancing still had to be played out, and by Creator’s law, souls’ free will must be respected except in the case of nuclear detonations in space. That includes the free will choices made by members of the Dark Forces to hold up and weaken (preferably doom) NESARA. Both Earth humans and extraterrestrials among you who look just like you have been using one tactic after another to delay NESARA’s announcement.  Please don’t be disturbed by the fact that darkly-inclined extraterrestrials are operating on Earth, even more powerful extraterrestrial Light beings also are among you.  The dark ETs, through inculcating in you greed, hated, violence, ignorance and fear, want to continue to control you and your planet. The Light ETs are there to help you take back control of your planet and your lives!

Whereas a year and a half ago there was limited energy being registered in the field of potential, now it is in total frenzy. This reflects the unprecedented extent of energy being generated by the Light beings to dislodge the darkness and those forces’ last ditch efforts to hang onto their pockets of power that will be lost with the global changes NESARA will usher in. So, while you now can see why it simply cannot be estimated with accuracy the date of NESARA’s announcement, you can see that time is coming closer with each passing day!

Light is the tangible, directional facet of Love, and Love is the most powerful energy in the universe, the original creating material. NESARA is created in Light-Love. Do not doubt its power to transform Earth into the paradise it once was. Your part in this transformation is to let this truth of NESARA be known and to trust in its glorious intent and outcome!

With Divine Grace and the Love of the Universe, this is Matthew.

Update of November 10, 2003

Suzy: Matthew, please address the issue of NESARA, especially regarding the celestial help that has been offered and why this assistance isn’thappening.


Excerpt taken from above link:


Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution states that Congress shall have the power to coin (create) money and regulate the value thereof. Today however, the FED, which is a privately owned company, controls and profits by printing money through the Treasury, and regulating its value.

The FED began with approximately 300 people or banks that became owners (stockholders purchasing stock at $100 per share – the stock is not publicly traded) in the Federal Reserve Banking System. They make up an international banking cartel of wealth beyond comparison (Reference 1, 14). The FED banking system collects billions of dollars (Reference 8, 17) in interest annually and distributes the profits to its shareholders. The Congress illegally gave the FED the right to print money (through the Treasury) at no interest to the FED. The FED creates money from nothing, and loans it back to us through banks, and charges interest on our currency. The FED also buys Government debt with money printed on a printing press and charges U.S. taxpayers interest. Many Congressmen and Presidents say this is fraud (Reference 1,2,3,5,17).

Who actually owns the Federal Reserve Central Banks? The ownership of the 12 Central banks, a very well kept secret, has been revealed:

Rothschild Bank of London
Warburg Bank of Hamburg
Rothschild Bank of Berlin
Lehman Brothers of New York
Lazard Brothers of Paris
Kuhn Loeb Bank of New York
Israel Moses Seif Banks of Italy
Goldman, Sachs of New York
Warburg Bank of Amsterdam
Chase Manhattan Bank of New York

These bankers are connected to London Banking Houses which ultimately control the FED. When England lost the Revolutionary War with America (our forefathers were fighting their own government), they planned to control us by controlling our banking system, the printing of our money, and our debt (Reference 4, 22).

The individuals listed below owned banks which in turn owned shares in the FED. The banks listed below have significant control over the New York FED District, which controls the other 11 FED Districts. These banks also are partly foreign owned and control the New York FED District Bank. (Reference 22)

First National Bank of New York
James Stillman National City Bank, New York
Mary W. Harnman
National Bank of Commerce, New York
A.D. Jiullard
Hanover National Bank, New York
Jacob Schiff
Chase National Bank, New York
Thomas F. Ryan
Paul Warburg
William Rockefeller
Levi P. Morton
M.T. Pyne
George F. Baker
Percy Pyne
Mrs. G.F. St. George
J.W. Sterling
Katherine St. George
H.P. Davidson
J.P. Morgan (Equitable Life/Mutual Life)
Edith Brevour T. Baker

MATTHEW: Mother, indeed! Actually, I have been requested once again by"celestial" sources to be the spokesperson for these Lighted realms, so the timing of the request you received is excellent. Let us say, "synchronous"!

NESARA is legislation of the United States government that was designed by high Light Beings in conjunction with spiritual beings on the planet as the LEGAL means to usher in the era of peace, love and harmony on Earth. Because the United States determines to such a large extent what happens in your world, NESARA was devised in accordance with US laws rather than any other country’s. This legislation’s far-reaching provisions weremeticulously crafted to encompass all of the complex steps required tousher in that era with the most orderly changes, and this includes theexact legal steps that must be followed. Abiding by laws on Earth ismandatory because it is YOUR world that is affected!

The International Court of Justice is responsible to serve all nations on Earth, which means that the judges must consider all nations’ submittedopinions regarding issues that affect them. Regarding NESARA, they have been doing this by considering the validity of all petitions submitted within proscribed timeframes as well as following all other pertinent legal requirements of the legislation.

Obviously, no Earth government’s legislation includes a provision to ask extraterrestrial light beings for assistance if needed! The Judges do know of this standing offer by spiritually and technologically advanced civilizations because light representatives have been in contact with them as well as with many people who are spearheading the NESARA program. What is at stake here is, this assistance that has been available all along must be requested —it cannot be automatically given. If it were to simplyarrive, that would be in effect extraterrestrials taking over YOUR prerogative to manifest the provisions of NESARA, and however monumentally benevolent those are, it’s against the law of the universe for anycivilization to provide assistance without being invited.

Although what happens on Earth affects the universe, the free will law of Creator is what governs above all, and it is YOUR free will that is at issue here. It is YOUR desires for your world that must be expressed, and the increase in the desires for NESARA’s announcement has been bringingthat event closer. A remaining block still must be removed, and this requires that your requests for divine assistance be made loud and clear.

This is why:
People of Earth have been deluged with DISinformation about NESARA by the Illuminati, the powerful group whose tentacles reach highest levels of governments; banking establishments; all media outlets; churches; multinational corporations; royal families; educational, medical and drug, law and justice systems —NOTHING of influential nature on your planet is
free of Illuminati control. All of their control will crumble with the implementation of NESARA, thus they are fighting with all the power they can muster to prevent your awareness of the truth of NESARA as well as to prevent its announcement, which must precede its implementation. Lamentably, the Illuminati efforts have been successful to date, including sabotage by double agents in the ranks of the crucial intelligence-gathering and the action workers who must prepare in many vital ways prior to and after the announcement. Yet there is reluctance to accept the offers of divine assistance that would instantly reverse this course of ongoing successful Illuminati interference.

With every moment of delay in accepting these offers, the intense suffering of Earth’s people continues. For us to see the desperation of billions of our beloved souls and to know that the divine help that can relieve that suffering is NOT being requested is heartbreaking. The masses whose way of life is endemic disease, starvation, slave labor and brutal rulers is NOT all perfect, it is NOT all in divine order!

For most in these masses, karmic completion has been surpassed, and the "divine order" —which is their RELEASE from those conditions! — has beendelayed by the free will of the Illuminati who retain control over these lives. The soul agreements of the most powerful Illuminati call for relinquishing their control and joining the ranks of the Light Beings to share the world’s resources, to end wars and violence, corruption anddeceit and tyranny. But they have knowledgeably and willfully refused to honor their agreements and have refused the abundance of Light constantly beamed to them.

We continue to beam Love-Light to all and pray that invitations will be extended to your universal brothers and sisters to help you bring in the vast benefits of NESARA. But in this, the laws in your world must be observed as well. Evidence of your desire for divine assistance to the International Court of Justice will give the judges legal authority to act on your behalf, and that is why, in a unique departure from urging any measure as specific as writing a postcard of your intent, collectively we are doing this now. When the judges have such cogent requests in sufficient numbers, they can legally accept the assistance that will remove the Illuminati block to peace, love and harmony coming into your world.

Dove of Oneness’ request:

"Write a postcard to the International Court of Justice in the Hague telling the World Court Judges to use the benevolent Forces to stop the Illuminati’s sabotage and attacks which are delaying NESARA!  Let’s keep sending our postcards to the World Court daily!"

International Court of Justice
Peace Palace
2517 KJ The Hague

Update of November 11, 2003

Dear soul, your questions are understandable, and I am happy to clarify my message. In previous messages about the vital importance of NESARA’s far-reaching provisions, I have addressed the issue that positive thoughts and feelingswhich are prayers have brought this legislation to the near-announcement point it is today.  My emphasis in this most recent message is the legal bounds within which the International Court of Justice must act. The dark opposition to NESARA has been using legal as well as deceptive and violent means to block its implementation indeed, to suppress the true knowledge of this benevolent program that will aid all of Earth.

The International Court of Justice judges represent all nations and must have evidence that your world’s people want divine assistance to get NESARA past the dark block.  Postcards are tangible evidence. While prayers have manifested the rise in knowledge and support for NESARA, those cannot be calculated or presented to prove legally that by inviting extraterrestrial help, the judges are acting upon the greater interest of the world.  Yes, ALL of you can invite these high Light Beings to assist you in this NESARA issue, so it is not that the judges alone may do this! It is that NESARA was formed within constitutional laws of the United States and must come to fruition within legality, and the judges must observe this in their actions.  Mother, please send my first message that explains the origin of NESARA.  Thank you.  [Matthew refers to the first message of August 7, 2003, above.]

Update of May 7, 2004

Taken from:  .

S: You want to give me a message to send out, Matthew?

MATTHEW: Yes, Mother, I do. Once again I have been requested to speak on behalf of others, light beings in high stations whose love energy constantly is beaming to Earth. During this time of unprecedented changes on the planet ­indeed, in the universe ­many messengers such as I are giving forth the wisdom and knowledge inherent in the higher vibrations.

That the much-publicized "window" of NESARA’s announcement period has expired means that formal steps toward ameliorating political and economic situations will be postponed a bit longer. But it is NOT a time for discouragement and definitely not for hopelessness! It is ordained: Earth will! be restored to her Eden self, and to hearten you that this indeed is happening is the crux of our message.

I shall return to that, but first we ask that you please consider the importance of these points of clarification. We know that many of you who believe other words of high light sources sent through our respected channels cannot believe something as "miraculous" as the worldwide benefits embodied in the form of NESARA. If that is because this is formed within the United States’ legislative system, yet is consistently denied by that government, we give you the reason: Those who are behind it are the ones whose current control over you will be eliminated immediately upon NESARA’s announcement.

If the difficulty in believing in NESARA’s existence is that we have told you it is co-sponsored by high light beings and you cannot understand why they have not taken the reins to vanquish the dark opposition, we give you this reason: Souls at this vibrational level cannot impose assistance, much less our will, upon any of you. Because Earth is YOUR world, changes there must be by your choice, and beings in any light station are bound to respect your collective desires, interests and intentions.

Among you who do believe in the validity of NESARA, there is some confusion as to what is needed to manifest the reforms it encompasses. Recently it was proposed that the reason the announcement has been delayed again and again is the reference to it as an acronym instead of the full name, National Economic Security and Reformation Act, and that in written form, that name must be followed by its initial letters with periods after each. No, not by any means is that the case!

In prior messages we have stated that the reforms inherent in this legislation can be manifested by nonbelievers and by people who never have heard of it, as long as their intent is for a "better world." NESARA was devised to assist in this co-creation! Through your own systems, but it is the energy of your focused thoughts and efforts to make that kind of world that is ushering it in.

It is a God-given mandate that Earth shall be free of the control by dark powers. You may ask: How can God do that when He is bound to honor Creator’s law that ALL souls’ free will choices must be respected, and clearly some people do not want any changes in the status quo? Because God’s mandate IS within that law. More than half a century past, Earth’s soul cried out for help so her planetary body would not perish, and it is her free will to survive that God is honoring through the cooperation of light beingswithin, on and beyond the planet. NESARA is a part of this vast collaborative effort to restore Earth’s well being, a point of focusing intent, if you will, that impresses specific reforms to enter your thought patterns and thus take form.

Like all else in existence in this universe, NESARA is energy. The intensity of the thought forms and actions directed toward either manifesting or preventing its announcement and then full bore into its benefits for Earth is what is at work here. While it is true that the extremes of duality there have been reached and the pendulum is swinging back to the balance wherein all is reconciled, a large measure of duality still is rampant ­to wit, the forces waging wars vs. the forces urging peace. The more the combined on- and off-planet light forces effort to manifest the changes Earth needs, the more the dark forces effort to prevent this.

Do not feel discouraged by this! Victory of the light is assured! It is axiomatic that the more light prevailing, the more darkness it exposes, and once exposed to light, dark activities no longer can be hidden. Karmic balancing of Earth herself and each soul living there is happening at unprecedented speed. Consider the millennia of your world’s history when darkness reigned almost without opposition as compared to how rapidly the light has been exposing this control during just your past half century. It is the speed of this progress that underlies both your impatience and your incentive to get rid of all darkness right now, and that same speed is motivating that desperate force to make what it knows is its do-or-die stand.

That stand is the LAST and it is steadily crumbling, and now I return to speaking of the light’s progress being made without the announcement of NESARA. Evident on one front are the fervent activities of those publicizing its intent; the expanding awareness of its detailed reforms; and confirmations that banking establishments are ready for imminent new policies. In this way NESARA can be considered a catalyst, as this heightened interest in it is generating light to manifest its benefits for your world.

Conditions long, long ago perpetrated and ever since perpetuated by dark influences are coming to light. The dark hold on the media is cracking as news reports and commentaries are giving forth some of the truth that heretofore has been suppressed or denied. Governments are being pressured to accept accountability for actions, just as pressure is being brought to bear on voter eligibility rights and verifiable vote count in national elections.  Indictments of corrupt corporate personnel are happening, and there is movement to end injustices within legal systems.

The numbers of people working individually and within the multitude of large groups with protective and restorative aims are growing daily. Organizations of both local and global nature are working toward human rights and humane treatment in many areas: for women in cultures that consider them property; prisoners taken in wars, those who are falsely imprisoned, those with death sentences; and toward ending slavery in its many forms. Others are working toward respecting animal life, protecting the environment from further destruction, fair allocation of resources, improved means of health care.  Technologies that will enhance, not endanger life, already are available and more are being developed. All of this is generating light to bring to full fruition the changes you want.

Worldwide the momentum for peace is circulating with greater intensity than ever before in any civilization on Earth, some of them so long before your recorded history that your current consciousness cannot imagine it. The spirit of wanting to live in harmony with mutual respect and to assist all who are in need, to seek new avenues of cooperation, this is the spirit that is emerging with heartfelt intent. It is coming forth within families, communities, states and provinces, countries, and the unified sentiments are based in LOVE. Love and light are the same, the essence of Creator and of God, by whatever name given, and it is the most powerful force in the universe.

All of those critical developments are abundantly evident, but there are others just as critical that are not. As the light has been intensifying, receptive people have been transformed at cellular and spiritual level, and they are the only ones who will survive physically in the higher vibrations of Earth’s pathway, ­people choosing to retain their dark proclivity will not. Your original DNA strains, which in antiquity were reduced and corrupted, are being restored. Souls highly evolved spiritually and intellectually have been embodying on the planet, and they will be wise and just leaders.  Extraterrestrial civilizations that responded to Earth’s plea for helping her return to a state of well being will make their presence known as your "space family," and you will recognize your Oneness with All.

We tell you this to confirm your intuitive knowledge within the universal consciousness. We tell you this as a reminder that you chose to participate in this magnificent process and we encourage you to feel your success. It is your steadfastness in the light that has enabled the benevolent changes to this point. The energy of FEELING this success pours forth to create even more abundant light and move this Grand Reformation fully into the promised Golden Age.


Mother, would you like to comment on this message?

S: Probably ­I need to read it. .. OK, thank you. It’s pretty straightforward and explains things clearly, for me anyway, but I do have a question. The reports of US troops’ treatment of prisoners in Afghanistan, Iraq and Cuba is all of this karmic? Did all of these people choose their experiences as perpetrator or victim, and did all of the civilians’ pre-birth agreements include what they’ve been enduring?

MATTHEW: Not every one of the troops and the prisoners, no, but the majority are following their chosen karmic lesson plans. But the point needs to be made that it is the lesson that is important and not the exact means whereby it is presented. Souls who have experienced the emotions of a brutal tormentor and killer must balance that with feeling the trauma of being tortured and dying painfully. Yet, these experiences that are serving karmic completion for most of the combatants did not require the circumstances that only lately are becoming publicized.

Regarding the massive civilian deaths and the survivors with terrible injuries, far fewer of those are of karmic choosing. Understandably, tremendous negativity is generated by the violence and suffering and grief, and this is part of the dark purpose, to incur more karmic lessons rather than complete the ones chosen to achieve balance and progress in soul growth. The karmic ping-pong of man’s inhumanity to his fellow man was set in motion by the darkness eons past, and those forces want this to continue.  The negativity this creates is, in essence, their emotional lifeline, their "soul food," as it feeds their insatiable need for controlling all souls by keeping them "in the dark." On Earth, this is ending your enLIGHTenment is ending it!

S: Yes! This is something I’ve been requested to ask you: Are there ancient records and a "starseed" portal in Iraq, and if so, is the Illuminati gaining control of these the real reason for the invasion and occupation of that country?

MATTHEW: There are indeed ancient records still uncovered in the large area called the Middle East, although not exclusively there, and energy vortices, or entry portals, are in several locations around the globe, including there.  The Illuminati, to give a formal name to the darkest souls on the planet, are aware of this just as are the light beings, and this has led to the ages-old conflict among zealots of the different religions that were initiated by off-planet dark influences exactly for that purpose. Religious fanaticism is the other end of the spectrum from spiritual growth, and as long as the darkness can keep inflaming some of the adherents of religions, they are perpetuating their heavy influence over the situations that affect the entire population of the region.

But NO number of occupation forces under dark orders can begin to either keep out of Iraq any lighted ETs or facilitate entry of any dark ETs! The lighted brother-and sisterhood are within, on, andsurrounding Earth in such numbers as to be mind-boggling to you, and they are there by God’s mandate via Earth’s plea for assistance. Or, they’re there because Earth has long been their homeland, never mind where the souls originated.

By definition, the brighter the light becomes, the dimmer the power of the darkness and the light forces surrounding you are a virtual fortress of protection. However, the main point for you to know is, it isn’t at all necessary for the bodies of any extraterrestrial civilization’s dark members to "invade." The power of the darkness on the planet is in the thought form production by Earth’s population. The more widespread are fear, violence, hatred, grief, greed, prejudice and other such heavy emotions, the more negativity they create, and it is negativity that precludes light from entering souls to enlighten the mind and uplift the heart.

For millennia that was the state of Earth’s people, and it kept them vulnerable to the dark influences that led to wanton destruction of each other and animal life, destruction of the land, the forests, and pollution of rivers and seas and air. The dramatic turnabout from that former attitude to your desire and intent for cooperation among peoples and restoration and preservation of your planet and all her life forms is testimony to the fast-waning influence of the darkness.

Mother, I digressed from records and portals, but the magnificent progress of the light workers on Earth cannot be overemphasized ­this is your own soul evolvement in evidence!


S: Yes, I can see that, dear, I think all of us can. Matthew, is whatever is happening astronomically apparently Venus is in some new transit phase and I think Jupiter is in a position to have a lot of influence, is it going to favor the light forces? You know I don’t know anything about astrology, but I’ve scanned some Internet things that have been sent to me.

MATTHEW: Yes, Mother, I know. In this time universally, celestial influences automatically are offering light beings advantages because of the increased opportunities to absorb additional light and further anchor the sustained light. At the vibratory level of many individuals on Earth, who have no idea of this and may choose to react negatively to the planetary influences, there is the open door to regression. Free will reigns!

S: If a lot of souls do regress, how will that affect Earth?

MATTHEW: Ultimately only those souls will be adversely affected that is, their energy will be transmuted to a dimension where they can continue living in the illusion of violence and enemies and separation. Although for a short while longer they still will be a force to be reckoned with on the planet, Earth continues transcending her population’s energetic interactions in her journey with her light-receptive souls into the higher frequencies of fourth density.


S: Would the benevolent ETs respond to a world prayer for them to come now with their advanced technology and stop wars, clean up the pollution, and help Earth ascend more quickly?

MATTHEW: Mother, I would not presume to speak for any others without their request that I do so, but I can tell you that they certainly have the capability of doing that and with your invitation, could do that. The issue is: Do Earth’s people collectively desire that? You have been receiving ET assistance all along, as I have often mentioned, and while we do not see a pervasive fear of "aliens," neither do we see a unified desire for strangers to appear ! and take over leadership roles.

Our rejoicing is in what we DO see ­the ever-increasing light that signifies the growing awareness that each soul is part of God, by whatever name you use, and the strong desire to create a "better world," a world where peace, love and respect flow between and among all life forms. With greater enlightenment among the population as to the interconnectedness of all life in the universe will come the desire to know your "space family".

S: I wish this could be today! So can I assume that what you said about 2012 being the probable completion time for Earth’s ascension still holds? We’ve got eight more years to struggle before we’ve completely rid this world of darkness?

MATTHEW: First, Mother, please think "effort" instead of "struggle." You know that I didn’t set that year, and while it would be greeted with universe-wide hallelujahs if Earth burst into the heights of fourth density right now, the "effort" coming forth is not in keeping with that kind of sudden emergence. I’m not saying that something of that nature cannot happen, only that in the field of potential there is not sufficient energy intent to birth this.

However, even if eight turns out to be the number of years from this moment until Earth reaches the zenith of fourth density, where no darkness can exist, immense progress is happening enumerated some of those ways earlier in my message. It is difficult for you to focus on this when so much suffering still is happening, but it will not be long before dramatic changes clearly will signal that the momentum of your intent for a "better world" cannot be stopped!


S: OK! Can we reach that point without a lot of severe earthquakes and volcanic eruptions?

MATTHEW: Mother dear, the books are filled with messages from many of your sources about Earth’s need to be free of the negativity that was killing her, and relieving that through geophysical activity, or "planetary cleansing," is a natural self-healing mechanism. Also there’s the assurance that the massive measure of cleansing once considered necessary no longer applies, and there are messages about ET civilizations whose highly developed technology is minimizing the effects of quakes, storms, fires and eruptions. That said, I wish I could tell you that no more serious cleansing will be necessary, but I can’t because it is, but none will be nearly as severe as your catastrophic movie depictions or some of those disaster predictions running around!

S: Matthew, you know I don’t believe those predictions! Are any of the many millions of little children who have died in the past year going to reincarnate soon or wait until 2012?

MATTHEW: I don’t know ­that would be up to each soul. Some of those children did complete their chosen experiencing, but if death came before they could make inroads on karmic fulfillment, souls may wish to return quickly to the same or similar genetic and environmental circumstances for another opportunity. What I can tell you is, many adults who left Earth in the past year are performing light service off-planet during Earth’s transitional stages ­this can be in Nirvana or in higher stations, depending upon the soul ‘s evolvement status and others need a long restorative period to heal from their past lifetime.

S: Thank you for your answers, dear. That’s all for now unless you want to add something.

MATTHEW: Mother, I wish I had something so profound that it would be the key to uplifting every sad heart and soothing every worried mind on Earth. All of us at this station of soul growth wish that, but we know that words that tenderly touch one elude others, so we must depend upon our messages of love, peace and Oneness with All to comfort and inspire. And with that, I say "Goodbye for now, dear soul."

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Update of December 13, 2004.  Excerpt.

These Matthew’s comments are in response to the following email posted on December 5th, 2004:

“Financial collapse expected in USA six-seven weeks from today. Make sure your money is in the right place. Only those with large funds in the wrong places will be negatively affected.  Please do not write for further information. This is all.”


Before I speak of this matter insofar as its effects, I say that the global economy is a third density issue whose energy momentum must run its course.  We ask that you see this situation from this higher view of a universal law in action as well as the laws of manifestation and attraction, or like attracts like.  How you will be affected by what is ahead in this regard is the same as the energy you put forth in any other situation —the results are contingent upon your reactions to new circumstances as they are presented and your subsequent thoughts, feelings and actions.  Being informed is important for a smoothly flowing experience to emerge, and NOT being fearful is essential!

Now then, Mother, from the beginning of our communication almost eleven years ago, I have said that the higher frequencies coming in would disclose the entrenched darkness; that the darkness includes the vast fortunes being held and manipulated by a handful of dark souls; and that this inequity in the allocation of the world’s resources would crumble during Earth’s ascension process.  For the past several years not only my messages, but also those of other high light beings, have given assurance that your planet is ascending out of the third density limitations that have permitted deception, corruption and greed to flourish.  Since your worlds massively unbalanced financial holdings are mired in that negativity that cannot exist in the higher frequencies where Earth is heading, a dramatic change is inevitable.  And, my messages during the past several months have included that the United States economy —indeed, the global economy— is unstable, really only a delusion.  It is the product of banking procedures and stock market manipulations that are based on nothing more solid than millions of computerized transactions, and this delusion cannot continue much longer —I believe I have described it as “bankrupt.”  Simply, what is transpiring now is the natural result of what has been preceding it.

NESARA is the United States legislation that could have disclosed and turned around the economic control as long ago as three years if the fortune-holders had not been so successful in preventing its announcement that had to precede implementation of its provisions.  This prevention has slowed the consciousness-raising and spiritual awareness within the population, all of whom our beloved Earth wanted to become light-receptive so all would accompany her physically into the higher densities.  However, a few months ago in your linear timing, Earth realized that to preserve more of her life forms, she no longer could wait for the “hardcore” recalcitrant souls to change their dark ways, and she chose to quicken her journey’s pace.

An integral part of her ascension progress is the equitable allocation of her resources, and those include money as the basis of business conduct.  Therefore, means other than NESARA’s provisions to correct the unbalanced control of money and natural resources have been instituted by intense light being directed at that dark sector to literally "bring it to light." This additional light has opened the hearts and minds of some powerful souls who formerly were resistant, and it also has served to start bringing into public view the deception and corruption that so long have prevailed.  I don’t mean that NESARA, which has that same intent along with other necessary changes to be made within legislative means, no longer is needed or that it will not come to pass.  I mean only that no longer is that legislation’s implementation required before some of its globally beneficial provisions can be initiated.


Many variables enter situations of this magnitude and the “push and shove” between the light and the dark keeps tilting the seesaw until the light becomes so clearly dominant that a predictable conclusion time is possible to see.  ALWAYS the light wins —it is only the time of the light’s victory that depends upon the determination of the darkness to continue the battle.

In this case, the ones with the hoarded fortunes are fighting tooth and nail to keep the status quo, and the energy field of potential is rife with activity as the fortune-holders are scurrying around to find new ways to protect their holdings.  It is in that field of potential where all activity of both sides is registered energetically, and it is our observing that interaction that lets us know and report what is happening.  As their fear of losing control increases, the efforts of the dark ones to hold onto it increase correspondingly.  Now then, when a given timeframe comes and goes without any change that’s apparent to you, the people who believed a rosy-sounding timeframe lose hope, which reduces the light and permits fear to enter, thus creating more negativity, or darkness, for the light to deal with.  While it is likely that most people will not consider the collapse of your current economic system as "rosy," those of you who know this is sterling evidence of Earth’s progression into the higher vibrations can welcome this eventuality.  Because of its vital significance, as much as I would wish for this to be obvious to you in a mere few weeks —and knowing that with enough energy of intent, ANYTHING is possible!— as I view the field of potential in this moment, I cannot say it is that imminent.

To address your mental questioning, dear soul, the first indication that all is not well will be stock markets plummeting.  Yes, gains and losses have been manipulated from Day One as one of the methods whereby the few have made their vast fortunes, but in this next instance, those fortune-holders will not be able to contrive the upswings they formerly have.  That will affect the people whose living expenses are met by this income and they will need to tap into their savings accounts that largely are in the few immense Illuminati-owned banking institutions.  Withdrawals from individuals’ accounts will have to compete with the owners’ tussle to keep their fortunes intact.

At this juncture, it would be only a very short-term advantage to transfer accounts from those major systems to small, independent ones.  All financial institutions will be overtaxed to cover withdrawals because procedures permit them to lend far more money than they have and to do so at usurious interest rates.  It’s a game of sorts devised for millions of players but with predetermined winners —the comparative few who amass and control the world’s wealth.  I’m not referring to people you may consider “rich”, or to the millionaires and billionaires whose earnings are publicized, but to the few individuals or families, and even the Vatican, with wealth in almost incomprehensible amounts.  This inequity has to change, and even when the results of change benefit all except those few fortune-holders, change itself can be viewed as difficult by the beneficiaries.  What will appear initially as unthinkable, global financial collapse, will be evened out rather quickly in quite orderly fashion so that hardships will not be long-lasting.


While it is prudent to be properly informed so you can prepare to ease the impact of change, again we tell you: DO NOT GO INTO FEAR!  Not only economic, but also political changes are on the near horizon, and both are major essential progressive steps for Earth.  The darkness that has long been controlling both of these provinces, economic and governing, is being fractured beyond reconstitution by the intensifying light that is paving Earth’s pathway into the vibrations of love and peace, harmony and fairness.  Desiring and envisioning life in that kind of world is what is creating it.

My last message was a plea from many light beings to call upon our space family for help, and it is with joy that I tell you the encouraging news that the request for their assistance was long and loud!  While it would not be realistic to hope that masses of extraterrestrials will introduce themselves during the upcoming holy days, they want you to know that they are rejoicing at your mandate and are acting upon it.  Those living among you won’t be identifying themselves until there is assured safety to do so, but the ones in strong positions have moved boldly forward within their spheres of influence.  Some are assigned to get the economic changes underway and facilitate the transition process, and others are doing much the same in various governments.  As you celebrate the blessings of this season, please count these courageous souls among them and express your gratitude for their loving assistance.

In your celebrations, please also express your thankfulness for the vast numbers who are surrounding the planet to fulfill their God-given missions that include surveillance to prevent nuclear detonations in space, ameliorating the most toxic aspects of pollution, alleviating the effects of geophysical events, and directing light from distant sources to areas where darkness still must be dislodged.  Whether on or off-planet, all of these souls willingly left their homelands and their families to respond to Earth’s request for help so that you and her other life forms can have the physical experiencing you have chosen.

We hear from dependable sources that within some months large spacecraft will be in plain view of large population centers and isolated landings of a few small craft will take place.  Your media no longer will be able to ignore the many witnesses who report these, but it is logical to anticipate that government spin will be negative —that is, portraying these events as efforts of alien invaders and justification to expand the areas and arsenals of war.  You who know the truth of these benevolent brothers and sisters must enlighten and quell the fears of those who still are under the spell of official explanations.

While we would love to tell you that the upcoming year [2005] will lift Earth into fourth density and even beyond, it is too soon to give that kind of message.  By means of geophysical occurrences, Earth still must relieve herself of pockets of negativity, so volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, severe storms and high tides and strong winds will continue.  In these times, please remember that death and destruction would be far greater without the ET technologies that are leavening the kinetic energy releases.

For a while longer, governments will continue to resist ceding their absolute control, and their methods of doing so —invasions and occupations of other countries and suppression of civil and human rights— will be evident until the growing intensity of light overwhelms this darkness.  As the polarity of light and dark is ebbing more swiftly, the fear in souls still captivated by darkness is near desperation point.  You don’t know who these souls are and which only seem to be, and once again we urge you not to judge any and to join us in sending love-light to all souls who need it.

With Earth’s quickened pace into higher vibrations and your space family’s resounding YES! to your request for their help, considerable drama will be unfolding.  Light beings throughout the universe —some physically, most in spirit— are with you on this exhilarating, unprecedented journey.  Go in joy knowing that you consciously are co-creating the world of love and peace just as your souls chose to do in this lifetime.

Yes to NESARA!

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