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Letter to Churches

Candace Frieze

Published in this website on October 21, 2005.  Updated by Candace on January 21, 2007.This ecclesiastical message is also known as Letter to Congregations or Clerical Letter.

If you send this letter use as return address:
1006 W. 104th Ave. #185
Northglenn, CO 80234

Or, you may just put "Second Coming Information" in the return spot.

Dear Pastor, Rabbi, Imam, or other spiritual person receiving this letter,

My name is Candace Frieze. I am a member of the planning committee for the Second Coming, a wonderful event to happen shortly upon this world we all share. The Second Coming is for all of the Earth, every faith, every people, every culture, and even for the planet herself. This event has been in planning for a long time, and many teaching activities have been in progress for many years as you have noticed with the huge increase of spiritual material being published.

The Second Coming is actually in three portions. The first portion is the announcement activities on television in theUSA and elsewhere. A program called NESARA will be discussed during this presentation, a concept that will spread around the world. The return of Christ and many Masters participating will be announced. (You may have received this after this event!)

The second portion is increased appearances by star ships from many planets in our Universe, who have been around the Earth for many years now.  You can see them every night when it is clear. Many have strobe lights and flash a variety of colors and patterns.  There will be scheduled flyovers of shuttlecraft from these ships and various aerial displays.

Our visitors belong to the Galactic Federation of Light. They are more advanced in both their technology and their spirituality. Our planet is very ill, the pollution in the air and water terrible. Our peoples hunger in every way, from lack of food and housing to lack of education and time for spiritual pursuits. They have come to assist us in our time of need. The purpose of this stage is to prepare you for the third portion, the big Second Coming Event, a spectacular event, including a huge show of our many visitors. Many will land amongst us. Do not fear this, for all come in service to God, and they must be about our Father’s business. Many are angels.

Our planet received a visit around 2000 years ago, from an extraordinary individual. His name is Christ Michael, and He is the Creator Son of God at the helm of our Universe. He is "The Christ." And He has returned, as He promised and will walk the planet in person when it is appropriate to do so, after the Second Coming Event.

He came together with another at that time named Immanuel, a very advanced teacher, who was also King David long ago. Both were called Jesus, as they came together in the same body. I know this sounds strange, but it was a wonderful method for the Christ of our Universe to make a personal visit to our planet. He came to understand our planet and its problems by living on it as a man.

This is why their joint teaching mission to our planet stood out above many others from those ancient days. Immanuel earned a great honor for his work with Christ Michael, and acquired a new title of accomplishment, "Sananda." He is now called Sananda Immanuel, and He too returns for these coming times. He returns separate from Christ Michael this time, but working with Him, still a joint mission. He is representative of our Universe to this Earth, a position called "Planetary Prince."

Also returning are many other master teachers who have come to Earth before. Nearly every religion tells of a returning teacher. Mohammed returns for Islam. Buddha does not return, but Buddhists expect Maitreya, the Coming Buddha. The Jewish peoples expect Sananda Immanuel, as He was David. There are many others returning in the near future. Buddha is in charge of the many schools on Our Other Side, our personal Heaven, and He continues to teach in that realm. You may often visit these schools during sleep at night.

Now, a little more education is necessary at this time. There are many universes, not just one. Each universe has a Creator Son of God at its helm. Our Universe is called "Nebadon." Christ Michael, mentioned above, is our Creator Son of God. Creation marches on, never ending, and more suns and planets come into being. These are organized into governmental groups called Universes. There are planets almost beyond counting that harbor life. Currently Nebadon alone has over 3.8 million life-bearing planets. Creation is truly huge.

The Trinity is misunderstood. The Father is the Father of all Creation. The Son is actually the source of the spirit of life, and the Spirit is actually the source of mind. The Father has no special peoples. Our planet was once owned by some Galactic folks, who misused their powers, and negatively influenced many of the religions on Earth. The goal was to keep everyone separate and fighting for supremacy. Spiritual growth belongs to the individual, who creates his own desires and learning, or that is the way it is supposed to be. We live in a virtual prison on this Earth created in part by our giving our individual God power over to others. This teaching, once understood, will promote huge spiritual growth on this planet.

There has been a tragic misunderstanding of the Second Coming in regard to the Rapture. Rather than people going to Heaven somewhere, Heaven is coming to our Earth. Heaven is more a frame of mind and a way of life, than a place. The many mansions mentioned in the Bible and thought to be Heaven are special spheres for the administrative offices of our Universe and for schools and residential use.

I have formed a Second Coming organization named AbundantHope, and I am associated with Sananda Immanuel and Christ Michael. They are advisors and personal friends. I have written a series of messages with Sananda, Christ Michael, Mohammed, Buddha and other master teachers. There are a total of 65 to date. You can find them on my websitewww.abundanthope.net  They are on many other websites and in assorted languages. Search Candace Frieze on Google to locate these. The Internet is a gift of our star visitors!

My organization has a huge mission. Our planet has many hurting peoples, and frankly, we need many messiahs to work with healing the planet. We will encourage religious organizations and all other groups and individuals to create messianic projects. These projects will work together in the idea of "Two Or More In My Name" in association with AbundantHope.  As part of the Second Coming process, vast funds are to be released into the world to fund mission work. We need every sort of messianic project, in the arts, technology, education, business, medicine, science, politics, and spirituality to serve the planet. We invite projects large and small.

To learn more about the idea of NESARA that started in the USA and will make its way around the world, I suggesthttp://www.white-knights911.comandwww.nesara.us .

It is not possible to contact every organization. I would appreciate your passing this letter onto your colleagues, friends and placing it on the Internet. Spread the word so all may prepare for the coming season of joy, love, hope, and new learning coming to our planet. For contact information please visit my website,www.abundanthope.net , and click on "Contact Us."  I currently have selected several regional directors, and you should contact the directors of your regions, where available. You can also write me at my business address posted on the website.

I gratefully thank my 400 friends who are assisting in this mailing, and I thank all of you receiving this letter for your efforts to continue spreading the good news!

Blessings to all, Candace Frieze

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