Await the Timing in Grace

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Await the Timing in Grace
Sananda and Candace Frieze

First published in this website on August 13, 2006.  Sananda’s message received telepathically on August 6, 2006, through Candace Frieze. Message #61.  Taken from:


Dearly Beloveds, the time does fly as your saying goes. We are into August now, and many of you are having your doubts as to our existence and our programs. I ask that you go within and remain in faith. I do hear many of you and I do know you have financial problems that need abating. Understand that this is the case of the entire planet and not just you. You have one advantage, or disadvantage as you may see it, in that you have a different knowledge than others.

But many do know it is the time of the Second Coming, including those awaiting a rapture that will not happen, as they have been led to believe. We have chided some recently, the chaos was necessary to be created in your groups, who still tend to follow and not lead. There is still the choosing to follow one telepath or the other, and you must come away from the following and become the doers; the leaders.

You have been encouraged to create missions and many of you are still not considering the messiah idea because of the belief systems on the planet that create a single messiah. The New Age saying going about is «we are the ones we have been waiting for.» And it was never truer than at this time. During the waiting, you must be about creating and not giving time and energy to false prophets. It is time to stop reading from one website and channeling to another, and start thy works. There are only around 80 missions on AbundantHope right now, and I am proud of the 80 of such great courage.

But there are apparently 800 readers who are merely reading. I realize many of you already have missions, and many may not want to bring theirs under AbundantHope, and this is your choice. But I am also aware that about 80% of all that read the various messages circulating, no matter the channel, are not creating any sort of vision in the helping of the Earth. I also know that many of you are awaiting NESARA for the solving of personal problems and the desire for wealth.

The wealth within the United States will be beyond description. You will not be able to spend it all on self, and your family will not need it, since they will have extreme wealth. You must get good at check writing, if nothing else and do an honest search for those you might wish to support.

I am asking all to live a messianic life, a life of purity and service to others. There will be much chaos in the United States, even with the funds released and the education with that. The funds I am talking of, is the «rebate program» of $10 million per adult in the USA, at @$75,000 a month, which after the decimal point is moved, in the restructuring, will be the equivalent of 10X that amount. There is no way to spend it all on a fancy retirement.

As we mentioned in earlier works, you are encouraged to do your messianic work in the places of your employment that many of you will remain in. You must improve the companies from within and many of you will have greater opportunity to do this because the dark side owners of these companies will be vacating the planet in larger numbers over the next 6 months and some sooner than that. This will leave open an opportunity to climb the ladder. There may be chaos in this as those not very lighted yet, may make claims to power, and you must stake also your rightful claim.

I encourage the reading of the recent Monjoronson works through the TM Urantia groups. [Candace note: I will get these into the main area on the forum and onto the main site also, there are three at this time. Someone posted the links to them on DA]. You must discuss these. One in particular paints what seems a negative scene to come.  And it is true and you must study it. Friends, do not be so put back by the idea of depopulation presented in them, because you all know, I hope, at this point that many can’t ascend with the Earth. They must move on, and they move on by depopulation in various ways, and I leave the teaching around that in Candace’s capable hands; she has been prepared for much. You can teach yourselves.

I know you all love the channelings, but it is ONCE AGAIN time to get into the works or at least dreams of such. Without the initial dreaming you can’t manifest. You must start writing the dreams so that the universe can aid you in the manifestation. There is not only the money coming to fund any dreams but also you need the Universe, your guides, angels and beloveds on the other side, to help you run into people and opportunity around your dreams. Surely you are aware that the Universe supplies everything you sincerely request and it is up to you to recognize the help that shows up when it does. This is the universal law of attraction, and I would encourage you to see «The Secret» The secret is the knowledge of attraction, like attracts like. Learn to «Knowing» of that and use it.

In the past, the dark side has kept this in many cases from working for some of you; there has been some interference. This is going away, however, pretty shortly and if something doesn’t manifest to match your goals, then you did not ask correctly or you did not respond to that which was put before your very faces. You failed the opportunity and this in many cases is because you didn’t really want that which you claimed you wanted. Many of you have had un-manifested dreams because you rejected the Universe’s help when it came. Don’t do that again.

The group that created The Secret, will have much more to offer to assist those to learn. This film is excellent to get before the churches you belong to, the family you belong to, your workplace, and social groups also. That which is posited in The Secret, will become the reality of a God conscious planet, a 5D planet, and you need to begin to use this to manifest your desires. On a 5D planet, God never says no. But you must recognize that God is the universe and not just a «person» who rules with an iron club. This is not God.

You, long before the days of monopolarity, will manifest your dreams, using The Secret. Some of you will become more and more skilled in instant manifestation, which means basically replicating that which you need. Wander into an area without some money, and pull it out of your pocket and hand it over. Wander into a place without food, and multiply what is there, as was done in the bible story of feeding thousands.

This was simple replication and many of you will remember it because you know it from whence you came before you started your journey on Earth. There is New Age nonsense going around that everyone will do this the minute Ascension occurs. NO, it is a learned skill. And some of you do not know how yet. This will be taught in mystery schools. Those who loved «Bewitched» know that you might be one capable of this, otherwise «Bewitched» would not have grabbed you so.

Might you start practicing and create your abundance in this manner? You alone know if you have some of these skills in your memory banks of your higher self. Might you ask the Universe to help you remember? The Ascension into 5D, monopolarity, will not in and of itself restore all your memory. And it is many years off yet. Restoring your memory is your chore and the universe will aid you in that. Restoring your memory means fully widening the channel between your body proper and your higher self, so that the information might flow, and this requires your continuing dedication to the concept of service to others, living a lighted, messianic life.

There are 200 million star incarnates and about 5 million reasonably mature earth souls incarnate right now. Can you imagine what might be accomplished if each and every one of you remembered who you are? Not the multiple lifetimes on Earth, but who you really are? Your greatest fear in not leading a messianic life comes from your fear of who you really are.

Update time, I assume you are really reading this for an update. So I shall spend a bit of time here at the end to do so. God willing, great things will happen this month. I know you are tired of the same old song but, friends, get the email going, now in massive numbers, daily to those that do the news and represent you, any where on the planet, but particularly the USA. Have you observed from news on the Internet and the tel-a-vision occasionally, that the wonderful people of Mexico have come out to protest repeatedly the stolen elections?  Where is America still on that issue alone? And about 60% support Israel for shame.

The Second Coming process started officially on July 29th. July 28th was the last day of the dark side allowance for them to make a decision for the Light and many failed to do of this. At 12 midnight on the international dateline, I became Planetary Prince of Urantia.  Basically, I now call many shots in your terminology.  Descending Sons (angelics) holding this position do not openingly walk a planet in a body. They are invisible to most, except those with discerning eyes. As an Ascending Son, I will walk the planet; that is what is truly needed in this changeover. I will be going toJerusalem to handle problems as soon as possible to do so. I am on the ground some days inLebanon, as you have been previously informed.

Your news is not the truth of activity there and Israel is not doing what they planned. Had the plan worked of theirs they would be finished and gone, in about a week’s time. They did not win, in that hospital Ba’albek, or in that region. They were sent packing. They had moved into there, during the supposed 48 hours of resting from air activity. We are behind the idea of Tel Aviv being attacked, and if this becomes the reality of us needing to do what we promised we shall indeed do it. This is a threat that is hoped will cause Israel to regain its senses. Meanwhile, many citizens of Israel are tiring of the war and putting pressure on their government to stop.

If we assist in Tel Aviv, it will be done discreetly and with great care to prevent loss of life to civilians. But Israel will rue the day; they did not listen. It is necessary to the Christian support for this horrid war to do something of this nature. Israel will back down and retreat and pay for the mess, or Tel Aviv will have to be largely rebuilt. Read my lips on this, the dark side.

«President» Bush, the real Bush Jr. did indeed step down last summer. He himself did not get in the way of the Leo Wanta repatriation of funds. Daddy Bush did. The clone is not responsible, but the clone did interfere because it is under control of Daddy. The clone will be disabled when the timing is right. The real Bush Jr. has returned to Light consciousness and never did relish what Daddy created for him. He harmed his brain and thought ability with drugs and alcohol in order to deal with Daddy. This is why Daddy had to created several clones to do the deeds. He has shed huge tears from his compliance with Daddy, which was at times willing, and at other times not. He did revel in being a «war president.» He is basically not really intelligent and did not have the power to just say no until we offered him a way out of the mess.

I wish I could say the same for Cheney. He has been also in custody, taken into custody last summer, with clone in place, and the real Cheney is still uncooperative. So Be It because Friday, July 28, was his final day to choose the Light.

We are not seriously harmed by the Leo Wanta issue of the repatriation of monies, simply delayed a short time. This will be handled when the new President signs on to the throne of America for a time.

The Second Coming event of Christ Michael will be about two weeks after the new President is seated in America and we have some time to teach a bit. There will be a final cleansing of astral realms, and during this time, some very dark ones will make their exit from Earth. The various masters will afterwards be manifesting physically according to their individual planning on the Earth plane.  We have discussed before that these include Mohammed for Islam, and Maitreya for Buddhism. Also the one called Lord Krishna shall walk earth and many others.

The depopulation will begin occurring starting during the Second Coming event and over 6 months following for the very dark. Mostly they will not survive in the Light of truth, and in the higher vibration. Many will pass this plane; others may be indicted and jailed. Monjoronson’s team is now operating his courts on another realm, and there will be courts in this one also.  The Second Coming event should raise the vibration of Gaia from 4.52 now up to about 4.7.

We but still await the proper timing and we will not release at this time through any of our dedicated and lighted channels any dates of actual events. This is in part for security and in part because things are still «fluid.» As with my message through Lauren yesterday, if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. There will be «heat» chaos. You are asked to remain centered. You are asked to continue to teach and confront.

You are asked, even though email is often deleted to use it at this time anyway, for the seed planting. It is my understanding that an individual on DA has completed an email list that should be easy to use. If it doesn’t work in your system as set up, take the time to hand copy the addresses into your address book, and do daily group emailing and state your stand. In the doing of this, you assist our cause, and you put into the planetary consciousness your support of Gaia and change. (Candace’s note, the list on DA froze my computer, so I will be hand copying into my address book. I do have an older system. I will hand copy, for time’s sake, those that seem most important in that long list and post them on the forum; that should keep me quite busy today alone).

Go about daily business and begin a notebook of messianic ideas and send your list to the universe. Candace has decided she is going to close the forum to readers shortly, and only those with messianic mission statements will be allowed its use. I support this. She is not required to entertain those that merely read and her purpose is to create many messiahs. She desires that you who do choose to be part of AbundantHope have a place of privacy to discuss problems and find each other to create together where needed and necessary. So Be It.

I am looking to buy a small university in Denver called LorettaHeights.  It is an old Catholic school run at one time by the Sisters of Loretta. I will create there an International curriculum. I thank greatly one Michael for his assistance in this endeavor and for his management to come in this project. To the dark side reading of this, this property is under Galactic Federation Guard service protection at this time, so hands off.  Any shenanigans will be duly rewarded unto you, in Monjoronson’s courts.  The existing students and personnel are closely protected in addition to the grounds. And Michael is protected also so I suggest leaving him alone.

I remind all that my International Headquarters will be in the Metro area of Denver and shared with AbundantHope. We will have an intentional residential community on the acreage for those involved in the International works. There will also be many Sananda Centers about the planet for healing and education locally. These groups may find like mind and sharing.

It is fortunate that this university in Denver is available, it makes the creation of my goals for the planet easier and we will get started sooner with the education part of my mission. We will bring gifted minds from the planet to this place for a variety of teachings. The school currently offers an International Business program and this will be modified greatly to teach ones the business of doing business without money.  Remember that the vast releases of money coming to the planet over the next year or so are merely to show you do not need money. When everyone is wealthy, none can hold power over another through the use of money.

Star people will be enforcing peace. There will be exactly zero tolerance for revolutions backed by arms. There will be no further invasions of another’s lands. This is what is behind the story of a 1000-year peace upon the planet. Those that entertain this idea will find their instant karma in Monjoronson’s courts and be removed from the planet.

In time, there will be no more borders. There will be no separate countries but only states of peoples. In time, you will elect a world leader, who will be a true representative of the people. Don’t confuse this world leader to come with myself. I am a Universe of Nebadon Lord, as Planetary Prince, and my allegiance is to Nebadon in this sense. You will yourselves place into power those of your choosing, by a fair process, and also remove those that violate their oath of office as seen in their works. Those that violate the oath and their stated goals should be imprisoned for treason. This applies not only to presidents but also to the lowliest in local affairs. And you will learn swift judgment of these and not allow them to drag out cases for many years.

You will learn also swift judgment of those that deal drugs without a license. The solution to the drug problem for a time would be to make illegal drugs legal because one does have their free will use of them. Making them legal takes away the crime that occurs in the illegal drug trade market. The CIA will shortly be out of the drug business in America. They will be affordable. In time you will not sale of these drugs because most will choose the higher cause and reject buying them putting the retailers out of business.

It is still most important to teach the dangers behind the use of all of this. There are certain substances that are useful to access higher states under careful observation of others who can assist the one using if trouble occurs. There are also substances that allow the astral body to travel and these must be used only by those that can assist an astral journey with another. These should not be available «over the counter.»  All in good time.

But I continue to stress, right now, it is your works that count for you. It is the works that are needed to heal a sick planet. There will be depopulation in steps; the planet can’t continue the way it is. You all know that, so come off your shock at the idea. Under your current technology, you can’t continue with this population explosion live in any sort of true abundance for all with your current technologies. It is time to finally rest my peace in this message and get on with the day. Namaste, I AM Sananda Immanuel Esu Kumara, Planetary Prince of Urantia and a Lord of Nebadon as such. Be in peace, beloveds, and await the timing in grace.



I will place the three Monjoronson messages on the forum and on the main site. I had them on the forum for a time and because of the «shock value» of one of them, I pulled it, and then placed them in a private area. I will also work with the list from the post on DA of email addresses and place the ones I choose on the forum.

I will be closing the forum to readers about September 1st[2006]. I will place more detail later on the forum about the process. Those registered can keep their registrations for a time, in case you do wish to post a mission statement. For your daily news type updates, there are abundant forums and websites for this purpose and my team does not need to spend time and resources duplicating material. I will move some of the forum channelings to the main site. There will be a method for people not currently readers to gain access to the forum and post missions.

We will remodel the main site as we are able and have funds. The current page is not the final version. We will have two other sites, one for the Messianic Projects, called, and a site for the global project called I will have more detail on these on the main site as I find time, until we open the new sites.

AbundantHope will have a logo for its various websites. A major reason to associate your mission with us is that by that association, people will have more trust of your missions. The power of Two of More In My Name, will be multiplied.  You will be allowed the use of appropriate logos. The AhProjects site will assist in coordination and organization of the many missions. On it we will cover places in need of funding, and where any of us see a need that needs a mission. My plan is to invite the many religious organizations into making committed missions also and this will assist in serving them. Mark, our current Webmaster, will take on a much larger role in handling our information needs. We will move the forum to once it is open.

On the main site, is a place to make donations if you wish to assist us at this time or in the future. If you don’t want to use Paypal, I will post my business address also under Announcements. You can mail money orders, cash and checks.

Until our funding arrives, we continue to have need of help. And after the funding does arrive, I will have a person on my team who will fund raise for the purpose of granting needy missions with funds. When America does have the money coming, that we have covered several times, many people will be writing checks. We will ask for some of those checks that we might share money around the world to those who will be less fortunate that the United States monetarily.

I will do some teaching on the forum around the Monjoronson works mentioned. I don’t know what I will place of this on the main site. But I want all of you to read them seriously and consider the chaos that is coming and perhaps plan some missions around it.

One of the reasons we will not be going into 5D immediately is because much of our energy methods will not function in monopolarity. However, the new zero point technologies will work in dual polarity as well as monopolarity. Consider our world if suddenly our lights did not work, our furnaces did not run, our public transportation did not work, our auto’s did not work. I don’t need to draw up a list of the resulting problems.  Follow your own imagination on the problems we would have.

Of major importance mission wise, is the change over to energy systems that do work on a monopolar planet, and these need to be available and working worldwide. A massive task of undertaking! As your mission, you can choose to work with others in this important field. You can stay on and work with your companies to assist this process or gather with others.

On the main site, I have a messianic area and I need to begin placing ideas and suggestions there for those yet to come. I would appreciate short suggestions to my email address, well written, that I could post on the main site, of problems needing fixing. My old email address still works, Do be very clear in the subject field what the purpose of your letter is, because 95% of my email is junk mail now. I may not answer to your suggestions, so please give me permission to use them. Please do not submit mission states to that address because I can’t place them on the forum. You have to do that in order to access the forum and be part of our community there.

I am still only one person. I don’t have a secretary yet to help with the email and other tasks that I do from my home office. And please do not put that address on your group email lists; I don’t need forwarded material to sort through. Please respect this wish.

I posted a piece on the forum about NORAD curtailing and moving its operations out ofCheyenneMountain in Colorado Springs. This is being openly discussed as being OK because the nuclear threat has greatly declined (despite the current trash on Iran and North Korea still in the news). This is a direct result of the works of our star folks, which started over a year ago, with the underground areas. You can Goggle this topic and see for yourself. It is «proof» that the nuclear warheads are deactivated around the world. Take care, Candace.

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Esu Speaks on the Coming New World
Esu Through Jess Anthony
Dec 26, 2009, 18:10

Article taken from:

Jess: Esu, let’s try this. I ask to be open to hear what you have to say this holiday time of year. I see the insincerity and the disregarding of the intent of the season, but I also feel the warmth and the generosity of people who I are complete strangers. This is a time for awareness and change. I hope that it is time to move to a new phase as seen from your perspective.

Esu: Jess, let’s begin. There are many things I can say through you this evening. This is a time for truth, as you say, and a time for moving into a new recognition of the purpose of your existence on Earth. You are incarnated here to learn to be co-creators with God, as you perceive him. His purpose in creating this planet and guiding it through all its history of turmoil, and role as the seventh and final bestowal planet, was to provide a laboratory for his unique creations to grow and learn. This planet has a distinctive purpose, and you all are here as his physical representatives to experience this dimensional paradigm. This experience is exacting, but you would not have volunteered to come here and experience it if you had had any qualms as to its power to overwhelm you ultimately. You knew it would be difficult, but you also knew that the lessons you would learn would be unlike anything you could experience anywhere else.

I say this to you to remind everyone that your reaction to any situation is the paramount issue you must deal with. In order to rise above your circumstances, you must assume that you will. If you fear being overcome, you will be. If you feel overwhelmed by circumstances, you are letting that become upper most in your assessment. Circumstances and situations are only what you perceive them to be. You are above all such limitations. If you are totally confident in your beliefs and activities, then you will not allow what you have previously perceived as a threat to throw you off your convictions. Your confidence and assurance will be obvious.

Let’s speak of your role in this, first, Jess. You have agreed to be my voice. This will entail much speaking and writing. This will not be a problem for you, and will allow you to connect with your own inner resources to be a conduit for what we both believe. I have certain topics I must address, and you will be the vehicle for me to do this. There will be political discussions, as well as religious instruction. I intend to address how the topics are connected as one spiritual truth. Political decisions should come from group consensus on what is the most inclusive and beneficial method of achieving common goals. Elected voices for the people should act as they have determined, not as other interests persuade them to act. Legislative votes are not made independently of the local community’s agreements. A representative is an extension of the people who have elected him or her.

Religion is now polarized into non-spiritual political camps that must be broken up and removed. Spiritual unity cannot be achieved unless people have a common understanding of the universal truths exemplified through the creation of the Christ Michael Aton. Denominational differences and clashes between geographical beliefs must be eliminated. The spiritual core of the different verbalized religious interpretations is still basically the same, but the paraphernalia of each warring ideology is increasingly militaristic and separate.

I will now speak more specifically about certain issues and topics. The banking situation as it now appears is tenuous and built on an unreal foundation. There is no currency backing up the mountains of printed fiat bills that are substituted for real monetary exchanges. This happened at the instigation of the Federal Reserve System through the Federal Reserve Bank in America. The metal-based assets that were constitutionally determined to be the fiscal foundation of your republic have long since been spent or traded away for hidden agendas. The creation of the paper reserve note was planned to be a believable substitute for what was no longer available. The fiscal exchange system with its loans and credit packages was all a subterfuge to trick the general public into paying more than it owed.

The only legitimate system of physical assets and metal-based deposits is the vast collection amassed by the Office of International Treasury Control. This sovereign entity is structured so that it can manage what truly is the bulk of global resources without governmental interference. This organization has only recently realized the need to have more efficient supervision of the management of its assets; an earlier, looser organizational structure allowed certain countries to manipulate OITC assets illegally. The money accrued through these fraudulent transactions has been confiscated and returned to the legitimate owners of the assets, the OITC. The governments, as a result, have been desperately trying to find substitute funds to continue programs they started with illegal investments. The amount of these illegal investments is extremely large and the amount of money now owed in exchange is beyond what is available for payment.

The global economy and financial system based on American dollars is ready to collapse at any moment. This is known in many international circles, and all aware of this crisis are taking steps to preserve what they can of their own resources. Without the underpinnings of an assumed financial foundation, many who have depended on their paper assets will be forced to rethink what their purpose in the face of new circumstances.

Warnings of this potential collapse have been consistently ignored. The only way to extricate many from the system will be for it to break up. Many are working with misgivings, and feel trapped in a system they did not design. These are ones that can have an invaluable role to play in a reorganized economic system based on fair exchange. Their contribution will take place as soon as the ground rules for a new system of payment have been established.

The idea of stasis is still in operation. The concept of pausing your linear time sequence to allow changes to be made beyond the scope of your current capabilities is the only alternative that will allow Earth to continue her Ascension processes without complete geophysical restructuring. We are not intervening to solve your cultural problems, but are assisting Earth to Ascend with you intact. You are part of the parameters that we are considering in determining when and how this assistance will be most helpful. Your benefit will be a higher frequency of energy to connect with as your physical environment. You will automatically function more efficiently and your clarity of assessment of your situation will be greatly intensified. You will be aware of the unity of mankind. You will see the necessity of developing sustainable communities that work in symbiosis with the environment and with cultural organizations. You will understand how your personal identity fits into the larger picture and will seek to find ways to align yourself with this vision.

You physical environment is so critically endangered at present that the assistance of the galactic forces during the stasis period will only address the most serious problems. Others issues will be left for mankind to tackle, although with the continued advice and guidance of spiritual counselors. This interaction will be part of the redirection of man’s approach to recreating his existence on a transformed Earth. Old patterns will not work as effectively, and the need for spiritual collaboration will suggest new approaches that involve group decision making. Cultural structures will form the core of large associations. Representatives of the core structures will speak for the community in large associated groups.

Religious traditions will no longer be valid assumptions in the face of the reality of Christ Michael Aton and the history of his creation Nebadon. The presentation of the true picture of galactic development will make existing dogma and religious tenets pointless. The approach to spirituality will change to one of personal connection without the need for a liturgical intercessor. Personal responsibility will determine behavior, and the desire to find alignment with universal truth will eliminate the need for religious hierarchy or political control.

These issues I will address when I return. This will be the new world you face as you begin the next phase of your progression towards infinite Light. I will be first a spiritual embodiment to most, but I will assume more physical form as you raise your own energetic frequency within the new Earth’s environment. You can see me when you are able to see me. I will appear as you expect me to appear.

These are my words to you this Christmas season. Let us all work to a better understanding of the connection we all have through Christ Michael.Esu Immanuel Kumara.

Esu Speaks on New  Beginnings
Esu Through Jess Anthony
Tuesday April 6, 2010, 11:14:01AM

Article taken from: .


Jess: Esu, you said you have things to comment on in this time of confusion and closure. Speak through me to address issues you want to discuss. Speak if you will of what is coming soon and what can come in the future.

Esu: Jess, let’s speak. I have several topics I want to address today. I won’t have time or space to deal with them all in depth, but I will touch upon some ideas I want everyone to think about. These are preparations, as well as practices that should be instituted in your ongoing existence.

The first of these is to imagine that all the inhabitants of Earth are your relatives. Each person you see-however antagonistic or disgusting, or attractive or familiar, is connected to you. You must realize that each choice you make in determining your behavior should be based on an awareness that you are interacting with an extension of Christ Michael. The other person may not know this, or may not choose to behave in a way that acknowledges this.  But you know that all creation is from Christ Michael. You are no different in value than they. You may be more aware of your connection, but that means you are even more responsible for the choices you make because of the awareness.

When you criticize, you are only pointing out beliefs in yourself that cannot accommodate the other behavior.  What is this judgment saying about you? The other person’s behavior has triggered a reaction, perhaps by your own provocation. Why is this behavior a conflict? Why is the other person’s action a problem for you? Why do you feel the need to condemn the other person as inferior to you?

You can’t determine anyone’s attitudes and behavior but your own.  The choices you make must be based on Christ Michael’s truths; only then is your behavior in alignment. This is your goal. Once you are in alignment with Christ Michael, your fears or ego doesn’t act as a block or weapon. Your attitudes and choices then provide balance for you.  You don’t want to antagonize. You don’t fear another’s choices.  You interact with other people in a way that allows you continually to find alignment with Christ Michael.

I say this now because you will be experiencing upheaval and turmoil in your existence. You will be experiencing disaster.  You will be dealing with anger and intimidation. You must be balanced and accommodating. You must be compassionate and strong for others who will rely on you to solve their problems. You must not be fearful or uncertain. You must not be overwhelmed by emotional reactions that are programmed in from past experiences.  You must look at the situations objectively as necessary to continue Earth’s Ascension. Man will be in conflict with natural processes because he has ignored the requirement to be in alignment with his surroundings. Even so, they too are part of Christ Michael and are equally important.

Stasis will be a period of cleaning house, as it were. Earth must be allowed to find a balance, and much that is an impediment will be removed. The balance of the land and the sea must be levelized again to allow the planet to position itself with the most appropriate axis to absorb incoming energies. This means that land masses must shift to achieve the necessary ratio of surface to water to support the frequency of energy coming from the Photon Belt and Jupiter, the new second sun.

The question remains whether it is best to have man begin to experience this before stasis begins, or to have these changes be a surprise to those that will be staying on Earth to rebuild a sustainable global society.  Will man be strong enough to cope with catastrophes worse than anything he has seen before? Will man be able to sublimate the experiences into an objectivity that allows him to comfort as well as take charge?

A second issue involves restructuring man’s system of beliefs into an accurate portrayal of his relationship with his Creator and the universe he inhabits. Man’s religious systems are all flawed, taking given truths and twisting them into control and political advantage over other men. Religion in the world today is built on guilt and penalties for conducts that are unfavorable to those determining dogma and creeds. Man is made to behave in a certain way because of an instilled fear of condemnation and suffering. Religious rules are no longer based on the universal truths designed by Christ Michael as the structure of Nebadon. In contrast to what is taught in churches today, behaviors and attitudes should be embodiments of creation.

As part of man’s re-thinking of his behavior to his fellow men, he will also need to reassess his relationship to the creation he is a part of. In order to be aligned with Christ Michael, each inhabitant has to understand how the universe is an embodiment of the Creator’s ideas and will.  He must recognize that his own individual choices and behaviors must be coordinated with the ongoing activities of his surroundings.  Each individual is distinct, but each separate person must also be aware of a larger whole that forms the creation he is part of.

Religious beliefs and the creeds that codify them must change. Religious practices must be in alignment with Christ Michael. To continue with the Ascension of Earth, man will have to become balanced and integrated with everything in existence here. He cannot cling to ideas or behaviors that stem from a conflict with Christ Michael’s vision. The house cleaning that is stasis will ensure the structure for these behaviors is put in place.

Man will have the task of taking a cleaned up world and working with it to develop behaviors and practices that are interactive and in alignment with Christ Michael’s intentions. His vision created this world, and his intention now is to bring this vision to its next level of achievement. This will not be done overnight, and it will not be particularly easy by man’s current ways of thinking. However, ease is a relative term, and man’s nature has always been to adapt to the circumstances he is in with objectivity and acceptance.

Many of the conveniences you have now will not be operational in the same way. There will be sufficient resources, however, to accomplish everything you wish to accomplish. New technologies will assist, and necessary supplies will be available.  A reliable energy system will be accessible, and communications will continue to be a paramount goal. The Internet as you know it will be operational, and forums for discussion will be maintained. Information resources will be archived and preserved, and man will continue to stay in touch globally.

In addition to preserving much of your current existence, the galactic forces will bring direct assistance to your efforts. Their guidance will suggest ways to restructure your communities and belief systems. Their example alone will cause a reassessment of your understanding of the cosmos and make it impossible for old perceptions to determine choices and reactions. Man’s consciousness will be broadened, and he will have to adapt to what is obvious.

To help man accommodate, galactic workers such as me and you will steer their thinking into new directions that take their new existence into account. Beliefs will change and knowledge of science will be restructured. New schools will develop to explore these new concepts. New inventions and new approaches will be influenced by the new surroundings. This will be inevitable. It will not be immediate, but it will be progressive. There is no time frame put on this, however, because it will be viewed as continually working to a higher goal within a culture that has Ascended to another level of awareness.

These schools will provide the backbone of new cultural systems. New behaviors will be interactive and compassionate in agreement with Christ Michael’s intentions. Man will grow and develop. His range and potential will expand exponentially. His awareness of his role in Christ Michael’s universe will become clearer and more familiar each day. On this day of Easter new beginnings, I leave you with these words. Esu Immanuel.

Esu Takes the Gloves Off as Planetary Prince
Esu Through Jess Anthony
May 3, 2010, 7:10:02PM

Message taken from: .

Jess: Esu, I am available for your comments on whatever you wish to address. I see much happening politically and environmentally. I see messages about choices having been made. Speak to the state of things through me this evening.

Esu: Jess, let’s speak this evening. I have much to say on a variety of topics. It is time to begin a summation of the events leading to the breakdown in civilization as you have come to recognize it. The times you live in are chaotic and desperate.  Much harm is done to try to protect the few lines connecting those acting against Christ Michael Aton’s decision to the hapless victims that are caught in their attempts.  This is about to come to a head and it will be impossible for those claiming power to continue to wield it.

I will tell you some specific actions to watch and some unexpected events that will occur. First, your President will be found to have been ineligible to run for, let alone be elected to, the office he occupies. This is common knowledge among those in Washington D.C., but it is kept from the general public’s awareness. It is crucial that Obama be believed by a large portion of the general public, particularly since his actions away from public scrutiny are the opposite of what appears to be happening. This is all done to create rigid control throughout the whole system of government despite a Constitutional plan to provide checks and balances on each of the three branches.

As a result of this ineligibility, all financial legislation signed and acted upon since he took office has been illegal. The illegality of the actions compounds the disastrous effects the actions have had on the economy and on the balance of political power.  This state of affairs is not unique, however. The government actions in Britain and in the United Kingdom have been equally compromised. The description of this situation in Christopher Story’s articles has been accurate. The legislation disbanding the House of Lords was illegal and all Parliamentary legislation since that time has also been invalid.

I described the particular situation with Obama’s administration, but the illegality of the American Congress goes back much further in history. This incident has been pointed out before, but at the time the Southern Senators walked out of the Congressional session just before the Civil War began, Congress was never officially adjourned. Based on Parliamentary rules, the called Congress was formally disbanded after a period of time lapsed without an official adjournment.  A new Congressional membership as described by the Constitution has never been elected.  All legislation adopted since that time has been unconstitutional and invalid.

The Congress established in 1863 by Abraham Lincoln was the result of the Lieber Code, a war powers’ act imposed to seize control of the Union, not just the Southern states. This imposition of martial law has never been lifted. Since that time, the Congressional branch has been functioning as an arm of the military. The Reconstruction Acts adopted after the Civil War never completely reinstated the Southern Senators, and the political transfer was completed in 1871 when the sovereign rights of each individual state were given over to an illegally formed United States Corporation based in Washington D.C. This was done through capitalization and a shift of wording so that the legislation described a UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.  It was prohibited by the Constitution for Congress to incorporate an organization, but the step was taken anyway, and the public was deluded by the similar appearing name.  It is a matter of public record that all National and State offices and jurisdictions are listed as legal corporations with Dun & Bradstreet registry numbers. The question you should ask is who controls the corporation?

A second collapse will be forthcoming in religious control. The religious hierarchy has been using dictated dogma and restrictive regulations for centuries to force followers to submit to their wishes. It is difficult for the followers to ignore or even resist these strictures because they are phrased in terms that promise spiritual punishment if they are disobeyed. The masses live as they are told and provide a substantial portion of their income for the privilege of being controlled. It does not occur to them to question their situation because they are indoctrinated from birth in the infallibility of these rules.

Religion, or rather belief in the spiritual truth of Christ Michael Aton, is simple and immediately available to each individual. It is not filtered through a system of elect, nor is it obtainable with stipulations determined by man. Christ Michael Aton is in all of his creation. He is his creation. A spark of him is in each individual, only awaiting the recognition of the person to begin its spiritual interaction. The process of recognition may be described by religion, but the personal commitment necessary remains an individual choice.

All denominations and religious are at fault at present, and all will be changed to be in alignment with Christ Michael Aton’s truth. Man will rethink the function of religion based on the personal awareness he will see as a result of new teaching and new spiritual examples. A teaching mission will begin once man is aware of the power of his individual connection with Christ Michael Aton. Present-day religious leaders will be removed, and their political and financial manipulation will end.

Much of the change in religion will take place after the cleaning of Earth and a raising of spiritual energy levels during a period of stasis. However, enough of the hypocrisies hidden behind the public image of religious leaders in all faiths will be revealed to trigger waves of disgust and disapproval before that time. The beginnings of these revelations will factor into the call for change and will be remembered when man is more fully cognizant of his personal connection with Christ Michael Aton.

These political and religious upheavals will be exacerbated by the upheavals that are increasing at pressure points all over Earth’s surface.  Additional energy from the sun is causing a surge of new earthquakes and volcanic eruptions in places that are ripe for shifting. These disasters will almost certainly take place in California and other troublesome areas located on the so-called Ring of Fire around the Pacific Ocean. The land there has to move to allow the rise of what was once Lemuria. Its remnants are seen now in isolated groups of islands, most notably the Hawaiian Islands.

It is time to watch closely what happens with Gaia, or Mother Earth.  This is a careful balancing act that weighs necessary release with an effort, still, to prevent any worse calamities for man than are possible. Man has brought Gaia to brink of her tolerance, but Gaia wishes to protect him, even so. The oil spill in the Gulf is basically unstoppable. Man’s greed and lack of precaution have produced a situation that is unthinkable in its ramifications and the extent of its potential damage.  Other sites will have similar problems, and this hazard will spread far beyond the area that contains it now. The economic impact of this carelessness will be devastating.

The only alternative man has is to begin looking at this spill as Gaia breaking away from man’s control. Man will need to start viewing this as physical evidence of change happening on Earth. Man’s inadequacies are being overpowered by natural law. The overwhelming strength of change is clearly obvious, even though man generally views the results as loss. This will change.

Other situations have similar potential for chaos and disaster by man’s current thinking. Major land shifting is inevitable at some point on the California coastline. This may be at any time, or it could be postponed until Earth changes its axis when Jupiter is finally revealed. Jupiter has become a smaller sun, but its force of additional energy is being shielded behind its system’s central sun. Christ Michael Aton is attempting to ease into Gaia’s Ascension without destroying those who will be continuing with her in her higher energy frequency. This means increments of higher vibrations to allow all to adapt who have chosen to do so.

These increments are coming in bursts from the sun’s corona, and are particularly affecting the Earth’s core. This is causing the rapidly increasing events happening on the surface. Earthquakes are being felt in unlikely places, as well as major stress areas giving way. Volcanoes are erupting unexpectedly. Weather is unpredictable and much more violent. These are all symptoms of Gaia reacting to the new energy she feels. Unaccustomed strength produces reactions beyond what has typically been anticipated.

This is the beginning of Earth’s Ascension, and man should welcome it. The process will be violent and unimaginable to allow her to remove the eons of restraints and damage that man has inflicted upon her. Only then can she being to heal and rebuild her body in a higher spiritual vibration. Man caused much of her problems, but ironically man is also the reason she is willing to Ascend in a calculated manner to protect his existence.  View these changes and collapses you are experiencing as the painful new steps of learning to walk again in a new way. Man and his attempts to ignore Christ Michael Aton’s truth must break down and be removed before he can follow his Mother Earth in a new direction. Esu, Planetary Prince of Urantia.

More Updating and an Issue about Monjoronson
Esu Through Candace
Tuesday June 1, 2010, 03:43:55PM

Message taken from:

Hello, beloveds, this is Esu. The energy is continuously building in several regions on your place, and not just the Pacific Rim. There are many inland areas affected as well which include various oilfields which are becoming more unstable as the Mother’s blood is purged.

The plan we discussed is in place, as has been said through Hazel. It is operative at this point. Please carefully watch and listen to your news and you will discern this. And I am not directing this solely to the United States, for all major countries will be shortly releasing truths, possibly some more resignations and some of these, dear ones, are because these lower ones on your ladders are not comfortable with changes in their overseers.

Please be about noticing and documenting these, and you might help Candace out for a short time by sending her some pieces you may see, by email, as she will be away on special assignment for another day or two and will not be seeing the news or spending much time on the Internet. She has been heavily involved in a project today and has not probably yet seen the news. (True, only on the computer really early and NO TV, and little TV and computer yesterday too.)

We ask that YOU take your own responsibility for watching the show and not be running off to get your information totally by channeling. Do your own homework. Watch carefully as this may appear something of a cat and mouse game.

Although this has not anything to do with certain changes coming ahead, Candace just interrupted to watch a story by an unknown media person about the carnage aboard the relief vessel that was carrying supplies to Gaza. She was a little shocked to actually watch a spokesman for Israel, claim they were attacked by the people aboard the boat. Friends, I hope some will raise a little holy hell on this one.

Since WHEN were people attacking Israel soldiers, when it was Israel forcefully boarding the ship in international waters? Looks like self defense to me, brothers. So they picked up whatever was available to defend themselves and Israel soldiers who boarded a ship not their own, with weapons, are seen as the "victims" in this. On my, and there will be plenty who will sadly believe this one, that Israel was the victim in this scenario. We’re man’s minds? No right with God.

OK, returning to our subject. Christ Michael has been called away during Candace’s rest period she required after her morning experience, so I am doing it for him.

Are you prepared, beloveds? If you live along coastlines and in quake areas, do you have adequate water, food, and other supplies? Some of you test the devil so to speak and are not prepared whatsoever. We give you all this time so you can be prepared.

If you are not prepared as to your own physical needs, this will limit your ability to cope with those around you. As we have said, we may lift some of you very temporarily and then plop you back to where you live after the initial danger has passed. Is your house, literally your house, ready? If this manifests under huge conditions, and the large Pacific quake will cause a great deal of catastrophe, your stores worldwide could be closed down very rapidly for various reasons. It is not for you to hope you can rush out the door when the news hits, and if some communications are seriously affected, it may NOT hit immediately in some regions.

Please look at where you live and prepare yourselves. Stores have only a few days supplies of food and other materials, and you will be standing in long lines perhaps with others to get what you need, and there may be empty shelves before your turn arrives. While we suggest to you that you have smaller change and bills on hand, what if there is nothing to purchase????? It will do you no good.

The Mother is in fuller labor now. The ‘head," as our allegory is not yet out, but any of you who have watched normal birth know that after the head is out, which takes great work on the part of the mother, then the shoulders must rotate through the birth canal. And then, usually WHOOSH, the babe is born. In our allegory, that big whoosh is the big quakes.

This is not the Ascension WHOOSH, dear ones, but it surely then prepares the way for the new babe to begin its transformation into an adult, a process that takes many years. Thus the Ascension process takes many years. After the birth of the babe, the greatest work then begins, does in not, in the providing for the babe? You are going to provide for this new babe over those long years. Nourishing it into adulthood. Nourishing the Ascending souls into spiritual maturity.

Now, I am going to ask Candace to take a few minutes to read the latest work with Monjoronson and Daniel Raphael, because there is obviously misunderstanding on the parts of some that have read it.

She has been reading of some worries and complaints and she finds nothing wrong at this point with what she has heard, but before I continue with her, I need her to be aware of the full content of that piece. (Candace: OK I will be right back. OK I read it and then I posted to AHS where there is a bit of a flurry going on and in this piece there is not ONE wrong concept in it. I will have it posted ahead of this work with Esu.)

Esu: Now, beloveds, your homework assignment is to READ that piece in its entirety and take your own pulse. What were some of you expecting? That you would return to a perfect world? You are returning to raise the babe. And learn something more of the processes you need for your future careers. And I don’t mean just your earth careers. I mean your own heavenly careers over a very long time span.

You did NOT volunteer here to be lazy. You volunteered to share in Christ Michael’s experience he once had, and so much more. You are the ones who will truly say at some point in your distant futures that you ran the great race, that you have the finest of "insider" experience behind you, in preparing for the great worlds and universes to come.

The Father wishes his Ascending Sons to assume these tasks. For it will be YOU who have run the race and therefore KNOW the race, in the manner of Being There and Done That. No part of creation, even those higher architectural spheres is built on lollipops, beloveds. Learn that now.

Those out there putting out silly channelings that promise you will be carried off to the wide blue yonder or will experience a magic Ascension are WRONG, and they are keeping many of YOU from seeing the reality.

Now, I ask you read the piece. And then when Candace is relieved of her other duties in a day or two, perhaps we can go over this. And perhaps we can’t, because even we do not know down to the minute when this will manifest. And we will, meaning mostly your guardians who work with you, KNOW HOW you have reacted to what is coming once it arrives.

We advise you to drop the lollipops and perhaps take up a good hammer of some sort. You are to be ROCKS, and not new born babes needing coddling. We have expected this reaction to Monjoronson’s work with Daniel Raphael. Daniel is always willing to carry this tough work, these words needing to be said for Monjoronson.

I will now get back to my routine of this day, which is anything but routine. Do your homework assignment and then we meet another day after you have processed the tough meat of truth within it. Namaste, Esu.


Esu on Deep Water‘s Oil Leak in the Gulf of Mexico
Esu Through Carolyn Evers

Tuesday Junio 29th, 2010, and published on Wednesday June 30th, 2010

Message taken from:

Today is Tuesday, June 29th, 2010. This is Carolyn Evers and there has been some e-mail that has crossed my desk that I found fascinating and it came from a newsletter that David Icke puts out, and of course he wrote the article and it is his newsletter June 27th, 2010. The title of this article is «And the Sea Shall Turn to Blood» – – and he brings forth a lot of facts about what is happening with the oil spill and those people who are involved with the oil spill. Since this is a topic that I’ve been following very closely myself, I was very interested in what he had to say and I have become somewhat familiar with the dangers of the oil spill and what is happening to the ecology, and so I read this with great interest. And what I did is what I do so many times, I will turn towards tho se in the spiritual hierarchy for their input because I see their viewpoint as perhaps being wider and deeper than my own, and they do have a sense of being able to see into the future, where the possibilities and probabilities lie and therefore I turned towards Jeshua, one that we listen to many times, and this is the message that he has brought forth today that we are passing along to you, my friends. And he is saying:

I have come forth today to comment upon this article by David Icke. David is one who has conducted very wide research into the activities of the dark and he is one that has brought forth great and powerful information in regard to their activities. I would say that David doesn’t always get the picture right. He has not understood the role of the Light, for example, in secret societies over history, however I do not wish to dilute the contribution that this man has made. The article in this newsletter is a very powerful article. It talks about the fact that this oil spill was planned, that it is an agenda of the dark, driven primarily by that arm of the dark, you could say that is represented by the Rothschild family and hence the European base, that indeed this entire spill was planned and it is not intended for this to be readily stopped . He talks about the fact that one of the major American banks sold a major part of its shareholding in BP weeks before this spill. It talks about how the CEO of BP sold something like £1.4 million in stock of BP, ostensibly his entire holding weeks before the spill happened and he talks about the chemicals that are being used are not optimal for dealing with this spill – indeed they are highly toxic. It talks about the agenda of the dark to, you could say disempower America and to force the country to its knees through this interruption.

Potentially this spill could damage the planet’s entire ocean system within 18 months and I say to you that virtually all that David has spoken of in his newsletter is accurate. This indeed is a plan of the dark, a plan of the very highest order put together by those who are not satisfied by the level of power and control that they already exercise. They want everything. They want it all and this is their attempt to grab it all, and it is why the efforts that so many of you have put forth to endeavour to stop this spill have been ineffectual, because the dark have acted very strongly to prevent this from coming forth. They intend to retain control of what is happening upon your planet and indeed are willing to risk the entire planet for greater control, and it’s time humanity woke up to the level to which these people will go. There is nothing that they will draw the line at, and in a sense it is useful to have this display of their callousness, of their abuse so freely displayed. They have been behind all of the wars that have unfolded upon your planet over the last few hundred years and very few of humanity are aware of this, and it’s time for this understanding to come forth.

So this spill is a very useful illustration in that regard and I put it in those terms because this will get taken care of. But I wanted to draw your attention to this newsletter of David’s because it truly does paint the picture very accurately as to what is unfolding here and why those ostensibly looking to take care of the spill have no intention of doing so. Even a company as large as BP can be sacrificed for the broader purpose of the dark. They control this company as they control all of the oil companies, though not all of them are controlled by the same factions. But this one is very much controlled by the European faction and so they have acted, and if BP fails as a result of this spill, then so be it. It is a small price for them to pay as they see it for the results that they wish to achieve. So make no mistake about this . This is the kind of activity that they are willing to undertake to achieve their ends, which is complete control of the entire population of the planet for their own ends. So I wanted come forth and let you know the truth that David has brought forth. And so it is.


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