ETs Are Family

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ETs Are Family

Mike Quinsey

Thursday January 1, 2004

Taken from: . Published in this website on May 15, 2004.

What would you most likely call an off world Being? For a long time it has been the term ‘Alien’ that has been used. But in more recent years, during which we have become familiar with the idea of being visited from outer space, the more friendly term ‘Extra-terrestrials’ is frequently used. The use of the word ‘Alien’ is suggestive of a Being so vastly different from us, yet in fact the majority of contacts have shown that our visitors are very much like us.

Understanding where ET’s fit into our lives really requires a belief in our Infinity. In which event re-incarnation becomes the means by which we experience life after life, in a continuous cycle. Each life builds on the experience of the last one, or even lives prior to it. Re-incarnation is the opportunity to continue working at aspects of spiritual progress that we need further time to develop, and master. The goal is to achieve such mastery of the physical that we no longer need to come back to these realms again.. This goal can be achieved at any time, but what is unique about the present period, is that we are at the close of a massive cycle. The whole Galaxy is going through changes that lift everything up, and for us this is the time of great opportunity, for mass Ascension. Freewill is however still our prerogative, and for those who do not feel ready to leave this Earthly cycle, they will continue to experience on another planet very similar to Earth. For those who aspire to move into the higher dimensions, so much help is given to ensure that this is achieved. This is where those that have already ascended come into their own, as ‘service to others’ is how they express their oneness with everything that is. So how do ET’s fit into this picture? By any other name some are Masters in their own right. They might belong to a group consciousness, in an existence that sees them already in the higher dimensions as Light Beings. Serving as Wayshowers to us, often approaching us on an individual basis, and able to appear to us seemingly as physical as we are. This is because they have the ability through sheer mental power, to move in and out of dimensions by lowering or lifting their vibrations.

Often the way that Higher Beings present themselves to us, leaves us with the impression that they have some God-Like quality, and  are from the spirit realms. A great light is sometimes surrounding them, and an almost overpowering Love is felt in their presence. Whatever our perception is of God, it seems as if we have come face to face with a Godly Being. Of course, these experiences are intended to leave a lasting impression, and have frequently resulted in the sudden conversion of the people that have been confronted. These Higher Beings often come from levels, where if we were also of their vibration and could visit them; we would find that they dwelt in surroundings of utter beauty, peace, Light and harmony. But to us it all would appear to be quite solid and real, albeit that everything would seem to emanate great Light. Yet these Beings, are still nevertheless our Brothers and Sisters that have gone before us.

The spirit realms are by definition the levels where souls go immediately after physical death. These levels are where there is a sorting out, that determines our next step on the path of evolution. For that reason, we do not usually stay in them for very long. However these realms also have many higher levels, and when the Beings from these levels visit Earth, it is normal for them to identify themselves as such. There should not therefore, really be any confusion with ET’s, who with few exceptions also identify themselves by giving the name of the planet or star system they come from.

For those people who do not believe in the ‘order and creation’ of life, and consider that all has come about by accident or chance, and that there is no plan or particular objective, ET’s probably have little place, or meaning to them. Therefore, believing that they have no real control of their life, they feel subject to whatever comes their way. Often the result is that a chaotic existence is experienced, but nevertheless, they are still subject to Spiritual Law whether they acknowledge it or not. What is required for their progress will still come their way regardless.

If ET’s are family how do they fit in? Perhaps that can be best understood by first considering that there is no such thing as an original Earth Being. All of us have come from different levels of existence, other planets, even Galaxies. The Earth is a School of Life, to which  we are as much a visitor to this Earth, as those we call ET’s. It therefore follows that we are already known and have a connection to many of our visitors, even if we cannot bring those memories to mind ourselves. We really do have a ‘family’ that we left aeons of time ago to enter the Earth cycle, and what could be more natural than them wanting to have a reunion with us, when this sojourn shortly comes to an end. In the higher levels time does not exist as we measure it, all is in the Now. So whilst we may have been away from our ‘family’ for so long that we have lost our awareness of them, we will be awakened very soon as the veils are removed, that have hidden the Truth from us. To them it may seem that we have only been away for a short time, yet in our reality it could measure thousands upon thousands of years.

Some people will undoubtedly be concerned about the future of their present Earth family, and it is suffice to say that everyone will eventually move on to their correctly ordained place in the scheme of things. If part of it is ‘letting go’; no one will be disappointed at the outcome. They will understand eventually, that they can never lose the love link with those that they have been connected to, or the ability to ‘keep in touch’. Everyone has created their own future reality, and the next step in their experience has already been determined. As we come from the same source of Creation, we are of course all Brothers and Sisters, and eventually that personal Love we have felt for individuals becomes the Universal Love, of All That Is.

First Contact is an essential stage for us to be re-introduced to our ‘family’, and we will feel the great love and admiration that they have for us. The hard work is almost over, and those who have not had our opportunity to do so, will in the future, share what we have achieved in experiencing duality. We are so much greater through our experience, that we become mentors to others. We offer this in service and Love to them, so that in the same way that we have been helped to evolve, we pass that gift of knowledge on to them.

 Mike Quinsey


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