Concerning V. K. Durham Story

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Concerning V. K. Durham Story
Christ Michael Through Candace Frieze
April 1, 2007

Taken from: Michael’s message received telepathically by Candace Frieze.  Published in this website on April 3, 2007.

Christ Michael:

Hello Beloveds. I am come to correct a few things around NESARA and Patrick Bellringer’s announcement on yesterday. Most of that information put forth was damaging to our cause, because it was information intended for the dark side version of the prosperity funds and “NESARA.”

The IMF, the International Monetary Fund people, who are part of the New World Order, have their own version of prosperity for themselves, once they are out of power. This includes the stealing of the real funds in various ways for their private use. They still hope they aren’t leaving power, but indeed they know they are, thus the dismantling of the IRS and Federal Reserve that has occurred. Their “private” use includes keeping the money out of the Lightworkers hands, and in their own; to attempt to build themselves back up.

Regards the IRS material circulating, indeed it is correct that a legal means has finally been successful. There are several cases in progress and the estoppel is the first public case to be successful.

Now regards V. K. Durham.  I am saying this to you, Patrick, because what you put out has but encouraged a few in the Light to support the dark. And you have caused much confusion to all who do not know the full story.  They will and have been running to V. K. Durham’s site, plus following that which goes on at Rumor Mill News and learning that Hatonn has a Nevada Corporation that is working with the dark side Bush andClinton folks. I do not.

It is time to announce that the Bush’s and Clintons and their ilk took over the operation that I moved to the Philippines. They cloned E. J. and Dharma, and I took my beloved ones home some time ago, allowing the clones and this operation of the dark to remain in place because this allowed, let’s say, an easy way to observe them in action.

This is why Valerie Durham trashes the Philippine operation on her . She knows what happened. Now she is important to our cause, she does have access to a great deal of money. I will allow anyone interested to explore her comments on her website. Her funds were “stolen” by the Bush family. That part of her story is true.

However, she is not the one and only game player and she is so uppity that she has little discernment about with whom she works. She is sitting with the right idea of serving but screws us up with her poor decisions.

Yes, she ran to the Rothschild’s, as per Patrick’s post. Yes, they bought CNN. And yes, she just created a temporary mess and Patrick has chosen to put material up he should have well enough let alone. (This transaction was followed by the new software in place.)

Patrick, this is for you. It is not NESARA anymore, my friend.  It is GESARA. It’s not a law anymore. It’s a plan of action for the entirety of the globe. It is part of the Second Coming process. I chose to take it global which is why we have had the delays. Or what is seen as delays. Candace, as my “secretary”, has covered what I saw fit to supply and I have used Jess to back it up.

It matters not that Valerie and the Rothschild’s purchased CNN. But it does create a small delay, as we have to prevent the dark side from announcing the false NESARA on national television. As I have repeatedly told now, we are taking over the cable channels, and having an announcement and educational period of at least two weeks.

Valerie, this is for you. You have wasted your money going ahead outside of my command. You have interfered in the process which I designed. You have not fully understood what is going on in the Philippines. The Bushes do pretend to be me, through the clones of E. J. and formerly Dharma. Clone Dharma passed this plane a year ago now.

I am God, beloved Valerie, get that, please. I do not work with the Philippines operation and haven’t since prior to 2000. I choose not to give the exact date now. I am Hatonn, which is the name of my experiencing body, as I said I would return in body to this planet and so it is. I am also Aton, or Christ Michael. I am the ruler of this Universe in which Earth resides. I am taking this seed planet of my creation into the higher realms of being. GESARA is part of that program to set it up.

You erred greatly in becoming impatient and running to the Rothschild’s. It matters not as I said above that CNN has new ownership. We will take over the broadcasting satellites with ease and go into the announcement process on my time. SO BE IT.

To everyone who is reading this, understand that one of the reasons for our “delays” is that some in their haste to see it all done, make mistakes that set it back. Many of you “participating” do not know the difference between the Light plans and the dark plans. This goes also to “Poof”, Patrick Bellringer,Casper the Ghost (and I know who Casper is, Milson).

You in your impatience keep putting out that which helps the dark side. It is not necessary to have any packets of funds delivered in order to have announcement. In fact those “packets” are intended as stealing by the dark. That is why the dark receivers have to go “off shore” to get them. That is what is behind the “debit cards”.

The receivers of Germain’s International Trusts will not be having to go offshore to access stolen funds. These ones, many of whom did participate in Omega and other “prosperity” programs, in honesty of assisting the planet will get a handsome return on your investments. It is because you are trusted. You will be getting instructions when you are presented with your papers by private courier about how these funds must be disbursed and used by yourself.

There will be many receiving of funding that never invested a dime in the prosperity funds. These are our chosen ones who need private funding for projects. In fact, these ones, many will not have to distribute according to the rules others will need to follow.

GESARA is worldwide. There will be receivers in all countries who have been determined to be responsible. Public debts will be forgiven worldwide, but not all on the same time schedule, and this is because the world is not on the same time schedule. I have in excess of 25,000 star people, as I have said repeatedly for 2 years now, on the ground, who have gone about the world and taken care of the work of the Father. I am that Father.

We are almost there. The darks funds are and have been and will be returned, for the prosperity funding via the international trusts about the world were set in place, legally by Germain for that purpose. There are still some dictators in place and these must be removed before some funds can be put into place.

To reiterate, last December, of 2006, 106 central banks signed an accord. On January 1st, software went into place that fully traces every dime on the planet that the dark side moves around. We have the evidence, fully from this.

Valerie, you have done us harm in what you have said about Leo Wanta. He was a Lighted one all along. Yes, he did have contact with those in high places in the dark. That did not make him dark. He has come forth in these days with the fruits of his labors, and I honor this great man for a mission successfully accomplished.

Patrick, you are hereby estoppeled by myself, though I doubt you will listen, from putting out any more of these updates.  And “Poof”, regards your talk of the IMF funds; that is all dark side. I leave you to read the rest of the above message. I don’t know who gave Patrick the information he posted yesterday, but those who did need to also estoppel themselves.

Please those on this team, get out of the way. Valerie, I now have to handle a bunch of troublemakers coming from Europe. I have handled them, would be a better way to state that. Bush and Cheney are clones. Get that everyone. They serve only in that manner. We have the originals, now for approximately 1 ½ years. The clones will simply be moved out of the way.

You all will see the resignation of the real Bush, given by the real Bush. Cheney has still not come to any cooperation, and you will see his removal. In actuality, since the President chooses the Vice President, unconstitutionally, my friends, the President may fire the Vice President. In this case, neither was elected lawfully, so it doesn’t matter a hell of beans, as you all say.

The dark side plan was to assassinate the clones in office, and insert Nancy Pelosi into the “Presidency.”  Now some of you think, with the resignation of Bush and the removal of Cheney by whatever means, would place Nancy into office. Since they were not legally elected either time, Nancy does not follow in their footsteps.

Any of you who have put out that story that Nancy will be placed into the Presidency, have gotten your ideas from the wrong side of this game being played. Those of you out there, who do not know which side is which, now you do know. The Light side, is MY side.

There are those who will say this is an invasion of the star visitors. No, it is not, for the work to remove this regime and get the banking accords accomplished are all citizens of your place. Those 25,000 on the ground gave of knowledge and support, that is all.

This is the Second Coming of Myself, and your Planetary Prince, Sananda Immanuel Esu Kumara. We have come to prevent the planet from being destroyed by the idiots who have ruled of it and never managed to grow up. It is my seed planet. And no, Patrick, I did not build all of Nebadon from Shan. The solar system of which you reside came into being long after I rode into Salvington. I have two seed planets of great importance, and some of lesser importance in my Universe. A seed planet is for the purpose of developing new souls. No more and no less. These new souls develop from the long evolutionary period. Shan is special, for new and different life forms developed on her. I allowed experimentation outside the “norm.” The dinosaurs happened from that and did not serve in time the goals, and so they left. Life forms developed on the seed planet are removed to populate other planets.

My precious seed planet was desired always by the dark. It was “captured” and I allowed those who captured, and those of the fallen angels to experience on this planet, making it into a penal colony. Many dark souls have been removed to this planet to grow up. Many did, by the way.

This is now a planet in 2 dimensions, 3d and 4d. Actually vibrationally it is 4d, but many are still less than 4d that inhabit the planet. It is my “star crew” and those that have grown up that have raised the vibrations into 4d.

Patrick, please get thee to be reading also the Urantia Book, and come into support of the Magisterial Mission. Monjoronson would love to make your acquaintance. He is the chief judge upon this place. You must stop your stuff and grow up too. Candace is my chosen assistant, and in that, it is because she offered up a mighty service. Milson, Candace did not steal your plan, get over that one. She never heard of you until such time as you contacted her. I have been in contact with her for years before she became public.

Jess, Lauren, and beloved Helen of Sananda, serve us well. Milson, you have desired to serve the Light, but your actions don’t suggest this. You are always interfering with the ideas of Helen. This you know. By putting private information out to others of the dark side prosperity funds, you enable the IMF ideas.

All of you in the way, I am going to put this simply, GET OUT OF THE WAY. No more and no less. Come into understanding of the difference between the dark side plans, and that of the Light, and come into service.

I will order the announcement activities when I am prepared to do so, and not one moment earlier. The plan will be as perfect as it is possible to have. Sadly the dark have as per usual been working to make this seem an invasion and to cause the rejection by most of the churches upon this plane. I am saddened, but we will do our best during announcement to provide a proper and truthful education about both, the matters of this plane and the matters of God, and who has come to visit from other places and other realms.

God always shows up when a planet is about ready to self-destruct. God brings education to enable the peoples to prevent the self-destruction. Usually self-destruction is allowed, so that all “learn” belatedly. Some never do. The evidence of that is the asteroid belt, and an almost barren Mars. And we raptured these ones onto Earth to continue, and still most did not learn. Many will face uncreation for this, because there have been more than enough chances to learn the ways of God. SO BE IT. Others will face that empty of God prison planet called the void planet.

No, it is not a planet full of giant dinosaurs. God is not upon the place at all. It is void of God. And those that get sent there usually stay a very long time. There is no time on the void planet. It is much like the astral realm of the parallel earth, in which some have been there for 25,000 years or more. They don’t eat, they don’t die, unless the body is killed. And even the dead body does not return to the dust. These ones don’t reproduce. They are kept there for eons. If they begin to grow up, and the loneliness is so great that they usually do, they are given a second chance and lifted off. But at times they are there many thousands of years before they begin to grow.

Truly “hell”, isn’t it? No guides, no guardian angels. Only a few listeners who await an awakening of those that will awaken. No plants or animals, there is not reproduction on this place. TAKE THAT AS A BIG HINT OF THINGS TO COME FOR SOME OF YOU WHO MAY READ THIS AS IT CIRCULATES. GOD HAS STARHIPS, AND GOD CAN TAKE YOU WHEREVER HE WISHES.  THIS LITTLE DETAIL WILL BE DISCUSSED DURING THE ANNOUNCEMENT PERIOD SO THAT CERTAIN ONES OF YOU MIGHT DECIDE TO GET THAT LITTLE DETAIL.

The “new planet” often discussed is for those with still some goodness in them, and for the younger souls who are not yet educated enough to live on a 5d world. I think I have “ranted” enough for a while now, its time to get back to the work of fixing the errors of those who took the wrong action of impatience. Namaste, I AM Hatonn, Aton, Christ Michael, God (Creator Son) of Nebadon, By whatever other names I am known in the various languages of the Earth plane. That would include Allah.
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Christ Michael Gives Clarification
Update of Christ Michael Through Jess Anthony
Wednesday April 4, 2007
Taken from:

Jess: I wanted to get some clarification on the recent posts. This is what I heard last evening. I hope everyone is well.
Jess: Christ Michael Aton, I want to ask some questions on issues that are currently causing confusion, and hopefully you can give me clear answers to straighten out the confusion. Once again
Casper is touting the credit cards and the off shore accounts. And cautioning everyone to ignore the confusion referred in your update through Candace. Will you say more on this? I also ask about the confusion on the threat or no threat of nuclear weapons to be used. Is this possible? Are there any on Earth that can be used as suggested, or is it determinant on energy geometry and cosmic schedules? I also ask for clarification on the imminent announcement versus the six months theory of removing the existing government. I ask for comments on these questions.

Yes, Jess, I will speak with you to set the record straight, as it were. The confusion is endemic in any world or civilization that undergoing cultural upheaval. Many ideas are bandied about and many interpretations try to clarify these different ideas. That is the case now. It is good, in a sense, that people are thinking enough to reconcile the statement with the facts as they see them or understand them. Reality is fluid and one person’s interpretation of his or her reality is not the same as anyone else’s. Each person has his or her own agenda to follow, and each person creates the reality they need to explore the parameters they have chosen to learn from in a particular life.

Having said that, there are some absolutes that have been stated that have been ignored or misunderstood. The absolute statement about the nuclear weapons has been chiseled away into a new possibility for attack. There is a ban on nuclear weapons. It has cosmic repercussions in that an explosion destroys energy structures on more than Earth’s dimension. This is a rip in the concept of the Universe grid system, and it cannot be countenanced again. Are there nuclear weapons, you ask? Yes, there are, and there are nuclear reactors still functioning as reactors. However, they will not function as a device for explosion in the atmosphere. We will prevent that from happening. We know where the weapons are, and we will stop them from exploding. We know where the reactors are and we can prevent them from having a chain reaction that will cause them to spew radiation for the indeterminate future.  [N. of E.: As happened in Chernobyl.]

The attack on Iran is a fool’s mission that we are trying to head off. There is no point to it taking place. There is no reason for an attack. The country has adequate defenses to protect itself if such an attack does take place and the planned bombardment very conceivably will have technical problems that are related to the mechanisms being used. That enough to say about that.

Let’s speak of Casper and Poof and Milson. They are not the same person, but they are in cahoots, to use that antiquated expression. They exchange information and they interpret the news from their own perspectives. Poof and Casper have a different agenda that is couched in the erroneous notion that the banks will provide prosperity funds with the presentation of a dubious credit card. This is misleading the public into asking for funds through a mechanism that will funnel their gifts back into the coffers of the same holding companies we have been trying to eliminate.

The funding will not take place until the existing financial structure have been eliminated and restructured. This will take place after the announcement, which, indeed, is imminent. We have just a few legal obstacles to iron out, unfortunately. These have been caused by misunderstandings and premature actions as the result of the V. K. Durham announcement over the weekend. It is probably good advice, actually, to ignore all that at this point. We are working to clear the confusion this has caused and are moving back on our initial schedule.

The time frame has changed because of the latest delays. We are still working toward a geophysical problem that cannot be postponed any further. The closer we get to that string of events, the less time we have to get acclimated to the sequence of changes that have to happen. We have the announcement of a change in government along with a description of the restructuring that will take place in the financial community. This includes revaluing the currency and it also includes removal of debt. This latter description will take on global ramifications. The shift to the new money system has to be more abrupt at this point because we need a functioning banking system to deal with the catastrophes and Earth changes that must take place.

The timetable has moved up. It is conceivable that we will have six months and it is possible that we can effect these changes governmentally and fiscally in less time. It all depends on the willingness of everyone to cooperate and work together to deal with the changes.

The shift in the government in America will go in stages. It will be necessary to appoint acting officials who can function in the offices that will be initially vacated. Other elected officials will be dealt with over a period of time. The government has to continue functioning and global issues have to be negotiated still. Other countries will face similar issues. Each nation has its own set of changes that must happen. The shorter timeframe now, however, means much of this has to be happening at the same time, rather than in a domino effect as was anticipated originally.

I say use this Easter holiday to remember the role Christ played in developing your consciousness on Earth. Think of the interior Light he brought to your awareness again. Connect to it and see how you are linked to everyone else with the same interior Light. That Light is Me and I am inside you, not distant from your consciousness and thinking in some spaceship beyond Mars. The visions you have created are the ones you have needed to get to the place you are now. It is time to begin seeing beyond the realities you have created as tools for your existence and look to the true reality of my Universe of Nebadon and my system of Light and Love.

This is Christ Michael Aton of Nebadon

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