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Texan Barbeque

Two Hot Excerpts from
Jennifer Lee’s Report

See NESARA Law at:https://www.luisprada.com/Protected/NESARA_law.htmPublished for the first time in this website on February 17, 2004.
Key words: BBQ, Bar-B-Q.

Beloved Lord Ashtar Sheran

Sunday, February 15, 2004.

Hello, Dear Ones.  This is THE JENNIFER LEE REPORT.

This is Ms. A. speaking today.  I will be filling in for Jennifer and reading the reports for a few days.

Here is today’s report from A&A…

Greetings all you incredible COMMANDERS, EAGLES and ANGELS!

Today I got to go see and speak in person with my Father,Lord Ashtar, The Captain of the NEW JERUSALEM MOTHER SHIP. This morning I awakened very early and as I looked to the mountains I could see a huge ‘CLOUD SHIP’—a ‘lenticular formation’ sitting on the top of the mountain.  This is of course a formation of vapor [a cloaking device] around the energy field of a Star Ship!  I knew something MUST BE UP —so I got dressed and drove up to a special place I go to call in a ride from a shuttle-craft.

I got out my special crystals and began to move them in a spiral motion sending out my signal.  Shortly a beam of light appeared and I jumped in and was lifted up into the craft and away we went at the speed of light to dock with the MotherShip. Our craft docked in the shuttle bay and soon I was on the turbo-lift which took me to the Bridge where my Father–Lord Ashtar was in the middle of a discussion with several bridge officers. 

I waited until he was finished and then he said; "Commander Ariamas, come–I will see you in my Ready-room."  I followed him.  He sat down at his desk and I sat across from him.  He greeted me with a big smile and I told him I was wondering ‘WHAT WAS UP’ since I had not been able to reach anyone again today!  [His smile got bigger].  He told me I have not been able to reach anyone because ‘THEY ARE ALL VERY BUSY—and WE ARE VERY, VERY CLOSE!’ [Then his smile got REALLY BIG and he looked liked the ‘Cheshire Cat’!] [A personage of "Alice in Wonderland".]

I asked him about ‘TIMING’ and he told me it was all up to Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germaine ‘who will do it with the stroke of A PEN [metaphorically speaking]—AND IT WILL BE DONE!’  He said: ‘You know THE PEN IS MIGHTIER THAN THE SWORD!’

Beloved Mother Sekhmet

About that time we got a surprise visit from Beloved Mother Sekhmet who ‘popped in’ by walking right through the wall of the Ready-room! She stood there for a moment with her paws on her hips and her toe tapping—and she told me in no-uncertain-terms ‘We are about to see that HEAD ON A PLATTER—because it’s time for TEXAS BBQ!’  [She refers to President Bush Junior.]

Then they both told me again that I must be vigilant and keep my cell phone ‘on’ and be ready at any moment—as I could be receiving my orders very shortly!  They also said I would indeed BE SEEING THEM [showing up in our skies] VERY SOON!  And, I would be getting a visit from a certain shuttle-craft to receive a great blessing very soon as well! 

Oh my!

Then my father, Lord Ashtar told me Ms. A’s experience yesterday with the singing doggies doing the ‘AH’ meditation was a message to tell us that ALL OF NATURE—ALL CREATURES have now joined with us to bring NESARA IN ANDGET IT ANNOUNCED!  He said ‘EVERYONE HAS BEEN CALLED TO ACTIVE DUTY NOW’ and yes indeed, a HUGE DOOR HAS BEEN OPENED just as the ‘Bone Throw’ told us this morning!

On Transitions Radio Magazine Show with Alan Hutner and Elizabeth Rose [www.transradio.com] they had another ‘Bone Throw’ reading this morning  done by Kay Cordell Whitiker [www.worldbalance.com] It was about how OUR MEDIA has been used as a tool to ‘con-the-people’, to take our power away and keep us functioning as ‘Sheep-Le’!  The TIME HAS COME NOW—IT IS ALL BEING REVERSED! 

The reading showed how A HUGE DOORWAY HAS BEEN THROWN OPEN which has been in preparation for many aeons by the collective experience of many beings.  This doorway is calling forth DIVINE TRUTH and now the media MUST STOP THEIR SLEEP-MAKING PROPAGANDA! 

They have used 2 tools to do this. 1) is FEAR to control the people, and 2) is JUDGMENT leading to condemnation of a neighbor [or neighboring country] to make SOMEONE THE BAD GUY!  She said the ‘alternative news media’ [the Internet, public TV, radio, magazines, newspapers and radio] have opened the doorway and now THE TRUTH CANNOT BE STIFLED!  The people now know they ‘have been conned! They know they have ‘given their power away to their so-called leaders’ and now it is time to return to OUR OWN HEART SONG OF TRUTH!

She said: "There can be no war when people are connected to the truth through their hearts! This is only learned through real experience—or true inter-action, not through the intellect. We as a whole species are heading hugely in this direction—the PATH OF KNOWLEDGE OF THE HEART." 

This is why all12 strands of DNA are being activated right now as we speak!  This is why we all feel as if we are walking in molasses! Our heads feel huge and fluffy, and we keep hear a ringing in our ears!  These are THE LIGHT PACKETS arriving and triggering an evolution in our species!  It is because THE PHOTON BELT has lifted the frequencies so high and the cells within our bodies have been activated by this great LOVE.  We are all going through a transformation as we grow back those 12 STRANDS OF LIVING LIGHT. We are reclaiming OUR CHRISTED BODIES OF LIGHT! No wonder we feel a little ‘froggie’ and tired often!  We are being S-T-R-E-T-C-H-E-D TO THE MAX!


As I left my father’s presence this morning he touched his heart and told me to tell you:


Today’s ‘last word’ comes from a speech by Dennis Kucinich titled ‘The Soul Of The Worker and The American Restoration’.

‘As we face the challenges ahead, let us recall the plea of the Prophet Isaiah: "…To unlock the shackles of injustice?  To break every cruel chain?…Then shall your light shine in the darkness. Your people…shall lay the foundations for ages to come.  You shall be called Repairer Of The Breach.  Restorer of the streets to dwell in." 

You, the men and women of labor. It is your light which will shine in the darkness.  It is you who will lay the foundation for ages to come.  It is you who will repair the breach.  It is you who will lead the American Restoration.’

We love you.

See you on the Bridge.


O Beloved Mother Sekhmet, The "Mighty One", the "Eye of Ra", Consort of Alcyone,Beloved Goddess of Divine Retribution and Vengeance, Breaker of Resistance, please help us bring NESARA, we ask You this in the Holy Name of Aton!

Monday, February 16th, 2004

Greetings all of you COMMANDERS, EAGLES and ANGELS!

This is Mother Sekhmet speaking!

Today we got to speak with a very GREAT WHITE KNIGHT who has now come full circle back to a place of LOVE.  He is now on the right page and wishes to be known as one who sits with the King of King’s—Lord Sananda Kumara!

We cannot give you his name.  He wishes to remain ‘anonymous’ at this time but he is on the 38th level of Intelligence just as the King of Swords is. In fact the King Of Swords made the arrangement for this conversation to take place. This being was shown his Akashic Records from The Book Of Life.  When one views these records they appear as a full 3D re-play of entire lifetimes!  It was a very moving experience for this being to see.  He originates from the Arcturus Constellation and he is one of the ‘Good Reptilians’ who came here long ago.

After this experience today this being has now FULLY JOINED with the True White Knights and is working very diligently with everyone in the ‘immediate process’ of bringing us NESARA’S ANNOUNCEMENT NOW!

What I can tell you today is this.  There are some VERY HOT SCENARIOS going on!  My ‘Statue’ which stands 12 ft. tall in the Temple Of Karnack keeps disappearing during the night and then returning at dawn for the day!  H-m-m-m-m-m?  People cannot figure out what is going on—-O my fur and whiskers!   

Right now the King Of Swords is in Karnak and THE WHOLE TRUTH IS ABOUT TO BE TOLD about ALL the Galactic Beings who have been here on your planet helping all of you to keep your planet SAFE! There is so much more to this story!  Galactic Intervention has been going on here on Earth for many aeons of time and it is ALL about to be revealed!


Yet and still,—We know the carnage goes on with tens-of-thousands of beings are dying every day upon your planet!  This is why WE HAVE COME!  Your skies are full ofcloaked ships! Your heavens are encircled layer upon layer with over 500 million Motherships representing 200,000 Galactic Civilizations! Not one breath is taken that is not being watched over by THE FORCES OF LIGHT and THE LIGHT OF GOD THAT NEVER FAILS!

We are telling you IT ALL WILL BE CLEANED UP IN AN INSTANT! ALL the Renegade Reptilians ARE BEING REMOVED NOW!

TEXAS BBQ[Bush] IS ABOUT TO BE SERVED!!!  We know we have told you this before but we are ‘AT THAT MOMENT IN TIME’ where IT WILL BE DONE ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN!

IT IS TIME FOR EVERYTHING TO BE REVEALED!  This will be THE GREATEST CELEBRATION ever to take place upon your planet!

So—there is A LOT HAPPENING OUT THERE which we cannot tell you about.  This is for your own protection and to KEEP YOU and THE TRUE WHITE KNIGHT’S SAFE!

However, we can say this!  WEARE TRULY MOMENTS AWAY!

It is time to be very alert and aware. It is time to keep watching as it all unfolds!

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