The "Psychic Internet" Is as Close as Your Thoughts

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The "Psychic Internet" Is as Close as Your Thoughts

Christ Michael
(also known as Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn)
May 10, 2002

Taken from AbundantHope.netPublished in this website on September 6, 2007.

Good afternoon, my scribe. It is I, Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, come in the Radiant One Light of Creator God. Be still and allow the message to come forth.

Over and over again, we of the Lighted Realms who monitor your world’s current evolutionary transition speak of the need to go within and find your own answers. This makes many of you quite uncomfortable for it suggests that YOU are responsible for your own knowing and discernment. And indeed you are!

You can follow another if you choose, and there IS wisdom in learning from one another. However, there is a great need for you each to become self-sufficient with respect to your individual ability to interpret the communications that ARE being directed your way.

You each are “psychic”. The only reason some ones appear to be more psychic than others is because some have taken the time to interpret the subtle nuances of sensations and feelings that impact the mind.

The majority on your world are in a constant and chronic state of perceptual distraction. Each of you who resonate with this sort of message, and diligently seek insights, is specifically the ones I am addressing.

You need not wait for our next message through this conduit to receive a message from any of the Lighted Guides who have come to assist at this time. This is just a gentle reminder to you ones that there is no magic or mystery, and once the communication process is recognized and perceived first-hand for yourself, you will then realize that it has been there ALL your life, helping to Guide you along your journey.

Some ones would have you believe that it take years of meditation and practice in order to achieve clear communication. Perhaps this is so for those who believe they must struggle in order to achieve. However, I say to you that you each are constantly “practicing” every time you sit in contemplation, in search of answers to whatever challenge you may be facing.

Many of you know that sometimes you need to have “peace and quiet in order to think”. Innately you know that, when you still the commotion in your life, a greater clarity of thought can be achieved.

Many ones will often only experience this point just prior to falling asleep or just after waking up from a restful sleep. This is often the reason why many will want to “sleep on it” prior to making a large decision.

You each practice this sort of communication with your Guides each and every day, though many of you fail to recognize the inner connections or the mechanism. The “voice” your Guides use is your own inner voice.

Why is this sort of communication possible? Because all ones are connected and part of a larger Wholeness.

From a much larger perspective, the “roots” of the soul essence from which consciousness and self-awareness are born, for all ones, is a single point of Absolute Stillness and Infinite Potential. It is from this point of common origin that Oneness is recognized and ALL ones share the same “inner voice”. It is from this point that “All is connected to All”.

Your collective experience in your current expression into the physical will give you clues and insights of which I speak. Sitting in quiet contemplation will always result in subtle shifts of perception, and slightly different points of view will be achieved.

Many of you simply expect to hear a distinct voice when God, Angels, or Spirit Guides speak to you. This is rarely the case.

Though there are ones who have acute sensitivity, who can distinguish the subtleties of communication and thus “hear” a distinct voice clearly not their own, these same ones will also admit that when they are following “their” intuition, it is a Guidance that seems to come most often in their own voice, though they recognize it as Guidance —usually after the fact.

I must make a very important point here: The inter-connectedness of all ones does NOT distinguish between “good” and “bad”—meaning ALL ones can utilize this same conduit. Remember that even ones such as Lucifer were created by God, and thus share the same common heritage as you and me in terms of Original Source.

The chosen path of the individual does NOT somehow disconnect them from the rest. It is for this reason that you would be most wise to learn to protect yourself from those who seek their growth through destructive low-frequency pathways.

Each of you can easily create pain, frustration, anger, and grief for yourself as well as others. These are the base emotions of reactionary cause-and-effect that ones will naturally experience as they become consciously self-aware.

However, as you progress in your evolution, you will find it to be more challenging and satisfying to create peace, humor, and joy. These finer, higher-frequency emotions accelerate your learning—while the lower, more base frequencies tend to retard your growth.

Some entities have become addicted to the lower-frequency energies, much like an alcoholic is addicted to alcohol. These ones will do anything to get their next fix. Many have become masterful tricksters who will manipulate you into doing whatever it takes to ensure you trust them as they steer you down a path of hardship and confusion, full of pain and grief, all the while reassuring you that you must struggle in order to grow.

Dear ones, growth need not be a struggle whatsoever. Learn to go within and connect with memories of laughter, peacefulness, and joy. Call upon your Guides to surround you with these high-frequency energies. In doing so, you will naturally be protecting yourself from those who operate in the lower-frequency ranges, for the only way they will be able to get a message to you, in such a high-frequency state, is to MATCH that frequency. This is something that is too difficult for most Dark Energies to do and, if they do so, they will naturally have achieved a state of compassion, and thus will not desire to control or manipulate you.

Many of you, who have been reading these messages and applying the suggestions we offer, set aside some time each day when you consciously make an effort to raise your frequency —and thus likewise clear your space of Dark influence. This is as it should be.

However, we also witness many of you ones subsequently going about your day allowing yourselves to get angry, frustrated, annoyed, and so forth. This too is fine, for it is your challenge to find a way to always stay connected and centered, no matter what the situation that presents itself to you.

There IS goodness and potential for growth and greater understanding in EVERY experience you have. Let’s say someone cuts you off at an intersection. You can get very angry, and allow it to affect you in a negative way. Or, you might take a different approach and say to yourself: “Hmm—all things happen for a reason, and though I may not see the reason for this happening to me, perhaps my Guides are trying to make me more aware of something. Perhaps I need to learn to give others more space. Or maybe that person’s actions were so that I would be more alert to something that is about to happen.”

The point here is to illustrate that with the proper perspective even the most disconcerting kinds of events, if looked at from a larger perspective will be discovered to have tremendous positive value. If you can manage to adopt this sort of philosophy, and incorporate it into your day-to-day thinking, you will find that happiness, peace, and joy will have been achieved, as you will naturally attract more and more of this same positive energy into your life. This will also cause a greater clarity of thought and intuition for you will be nurturing peacefulness rather than anger and confusion.

There is no way to address each of your personal concerns in such a general dissertation. Therefore, we encourage you each to learn to help yourselves.

Or, if you still struggle with the personal belief that you somehow are “different” and “can’t hear”—then seek the assistance of ones you trust, and ask them questions and opinions about what options they see regarding matters of concern to you. Often, even those who believe psychics and such are “of the devil” will instinctively go within and tap this Inner Source for answers when trying to help another.

Again: you are all “psychic”—meaning you have the ability to tap this Inner Source of Knowing, regardless of your beliefs. You each tap this Creative Source on a daily basis to varying degrees of awareness.

I do realize that this is somewhat of a repetitive message for many of you. However, there are ones who will be reading this sort of message for the first time and many others need to be reminded again and again of these basic Truths.

May you each take this message to heart, and learn to always remain centered —regardless of the impact of your ever evolving experience.

I am Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, come in Service to The One Light —Creator Source— the One who created you and me. When YOU grow in awareness, so too do ALL ones, everywhere, grow. Your growth is connected to mine, and it is with great love, compassion, and satisfaction that We of the Lighted Realms of Creation come to assist you ones.

In the Light (that which symbolizes the liberation of.) and the Love of Creator God, blessings to all of you! Salu.

Note of Candace Frieze: With grateful thanks to Ed Young, editor of the former Spectrum News, for collecting these gems and placing them on his website, . You can find many more of these thoughtful pieces there, and also he has published to collections of older teachings from The Phoenix Journals, Contact Magazine and related sources.


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