Your Global Society Will Transform in Short Time

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Through Sheldan Nidle

Your Global Society Will Transform in a Short Time

From The Planetary Activation Organization (  Publication with permission from PAO.Published here initially on November 15, 2004.

See NESARA Law at: the complementary article: Galactic Federation Fleets .

1 Kan, 12 Tzec, 13 Eb

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Greetings! We come before you again, Dear Hearts, with more to discuss. As your world transforms, and your new reality starts to materialize before you, a lot of different energies are being used by Heaven to permit this to happen. Your reality, like all others, is made of resilient Light, bound into its many forms or solid objects by your agreed-upon core perceptions. These myriad concepts form this inter-dimensional Light into a special grid, which manifests the perceptions or ‘rules’ specified by the Divine Plan and you. Now, as the Divine Plan alters these rules, a new grid is formed. This grid, as noted by us on numerous occasions, is now in place, and the Elohim who have been sent by Heaven to forge this new physical reality are following the divine timetable set forth for them to fully manifest your new world. The events presently unfolding on your world fulfill the various mandates of the Creator. This is a time of transition during which the foundation stones required to complete this First Contact mission are laid in place.

Under the aegis of Heaven’s divine decrees, we have accomplished a great deal. The many agreements reached with our Earth allies are now being jointly carried out with our First Contact ships and personnel. Their diligent work is ready to bear fruit. As we speak, a number of special operations are underway on, below, and above your world. The behind-the-scenes confrontations continue between the forces and operatives of your last dark cabal and us. Our purpose remains to oust them from power and restore your Earth to a state of peace. Your global society has endured eternities of wars, rebellions, and untold savageries. The intent of Heaven is to bring you to a state of balance and provide you with a chance to completely transform your realities. To this end, she has brought forth a great army of peace and has positioned it throughout your world. Each element of this sacred army has been assigned a specific ‘cause’, which will be manifested by those designated by Heaven. She is supplying these elements with as much support as is required.

The progress of these diverse elements of Heaven’s sacred army is proceeding as expected, though much remains to be done. Nevertheless, the merging of these various contingents is now underway. Each is responsible for six vital areas of change: the several abundance programs, the new global financial system, the upcoming overhaul of the current world power structure, the creation of a new global government, your ascension program, and First Contact. Each of these is interrelated; together, they form your new reality. Our personnel is involved throughout all these elements, supervising, monitoring, protecting, and carrying out aspects of these operations. Even First Contact has turned into a joint effort; ending the ‘UFO Cover-Up’ program by changing it into a series of public disclosures can greatly ease the shock of the arrival of massive numbers of Galactic Federation ships and personnel to your shores. To this end, we have now adapted our First Contact procedures to include a series of programs designed to bring these disclosures about as rapidly as possible.

The attempts by your last dark cabal to thwart these operations are endless. Their relentless interference has been amazing to watch. Their dedication to hindering us has, however, been most enlightening. We have learned that the tentacles of this enormous army of the dark reach into every section of your global society. The number of ‘hidden agents’ is quite astounding. Yet, our ability to identify, isolate, and uncover their treachery has been more than a match for their attempts at disruption. Our efforts consequently proceed steadily, and we are confident that success is just around the corner. Throughout this journey, we have gained extensive knowledge about how the dark manages to maintain your acquiescence to its reprehensible activities. In most cases, it even receives your full support for its self-seeking agendas. As these escalated, more of you awakened to the nature of this deceit and began to oppose their many ill-intentioned projects. This awakening has been much appreciated by us all.

This awakening has led to the rise of new coalitions whose purpose is to help us in defeating the many campaigns of the dark to keep you in line. We sincerely wish at this time to thank you for your tireless efforts to aid the Light in ending the age-old power of the dark on your world. The events beginning to manifest are merely the start of a major thrust to radically transform the iniquities of your present reality into the exuberance of a positive new one. To accomplish this, international initiatives separated this dark cabal from its traditional sources of power and influence. A great deal of focus and diligence was required on the part of the sacred army assigned to this difficult task. Nevertheless, creativity and perseverance won the day, and now the final steps are coming on line that will result in the success we so deeply desire.

Another important point is that those who were once so united in their efforts to control you are now deeply divided. This completely unreported or ‘silent’ Illuminoid internecine war has been in effect now for over eight years. In past months, many factions once opposed to each other have made peace with our side. This ‘great coming over’, as we call it, has really helped to isolate this last cabal. Yet, some of these recruits have proved to be double agents intent on playing both sides until the outcome became clear. Galactic Federation personnel assigned to our Earth allies assisted them in ferreting out these double agents and removing them from positions of influence. They have either been restricted in their actions or arrested and detained under house arrest. Their numbers are now extremely small.

As we move toward victory, the various elements of this sacred army are preparing your world for a series of bombshells. This shift toward the Light on such a large scale is unprecedented on your world. Your conventional wisdom about your reality is in effect to evaporate in an instant, to be replaced by a new worldview founded upon peace, cooperation, and an unbounded financial abundance. This new understanding will enable you to undo the damage done to the planet and to yourselves. For far too long, the ‘special interests’ of your secret rulers have consigned the majority of your population to ill health and a state of perpetual conflict with each other. This disastrous state of affairs is now to be replaced with well-presented alternatives from your Ascended Masters and us. You will also receive technologies to enable you to clean up your planet and your global society.

These coming changes will impel your society irresistibly toward the Light. However, these metamorphoses require not only your support, but also your participation. A democratic republic needs the involvement of her citizens on a daily basis in the affairs of government. The shirking of these responsibilities leads to the disarray you see around you. It is essential that you take the time necessary to ensure that the institutions of your democratic republic work to meet the expressed needs of her citizens. Failure to do so leads to great internal crises in the republic. Our task is to give you the opportunity to correct the mistakes of the past and to set up the proceedings that lead you to a galactic society and your own star-nation. As always, the final responsibility is yours alone. We Love you and know that Victory is now at hand!

Today, we discussed what is happening on your world. A world-shaking shift is preparing to appear before you. We ask that you use this time to remain focused upon your victory and committed to doing what is necessary to obtain and retain your inevitable sucess. Remember, Together, We are Victorious! We now take our leave. Blessings, Dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven is indeed Yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)

2 Etznab, 6 Xul, 13 Eb

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Selamat Jarin! We arrive again in your heart space with more to tell you! Around you, a graceful Mother Earth is busily preparing herself for a most eagerly anticipated makeover. She knows in her heart that the time for great changes is at last upon her. Her human children have wandered in an amnesiac daze for far too long. What’s more, the garment she wears has become greatly tattered and stained. The moment has arrived to remove this distressed garb and don a new one. She wishes to tell you that this glorious revival is the harbinger of your own renewal. Arise and declare this in your hearts and in your soul. A new world is manifesting. The crimes, conflicts, and hatreds of the old are about to fade away. Rejoice that the dark’s apparent victory is illusory and is in fact a prelude to your own. The forces of Light awaited this moment, and now a number of blessed remedies are about to cure you of your anguish, despair, and rising melancholy. Fear not! The time to strike is upon us, and we, in the Light, shall savor what lies ahead. We are ready to deliver the coup de grace that is to vanquish this dark night.

Our mission has always been to move you into the joy of the Light, but this task needed to be carried out within the wondrous timeframe of the Creator’s Divine Plan. These sacred dictates determine the type and extent of our actions. Hence, we watched as the dark cavorted unhindered around your reality as it pleased. And yet we knew that the time to transform these unsavory practices was on its way. At present, you are in the grip of the chaos of the dark, but bear in mind that Lord Surea has solemnly decreed your imminent liberation. To this end, we secretly prepared the means to secure these lofty objectives, and a motley coalition we call our Earth allies was established. Moreover, your Ascended Masters accorded us the appropriate strategies. These great men and women have done humanity a supreme service. In their name, a mighty cast is now ready to let the first of many dominoes fall, and the manifestation of your new world will have finally begun! We are also equally proud of each of you. Despite your inner grief, you still pledged yourselves to this most sacred cause.

We ask you now to listen to your hearts, and to understand and accept the implications of these changes. Your new reality rests upon your rediscovering who you really are. It also involves your reclaiming and exercising your true power, birthing a galactic society, and producing a star nation that is your own unique creation. From this base, you will lend your wise and wondrous offices to cement peace in this galaxy and link up thousands of near-by galaxies with your own. Thereafter, you will astound many by the wisdom you will demonstrate as you recast the rest of physicality. This collective ability brought you to Earth in the first place! We are fully aware of your grand potential and of the fact that Heaven was carefully instructed to do what was necessary to prepare you for these coming adventures. It also brought us to your shores and required us to largely observe and only occasionally intervene on your behalf. Now, the moment to do something more is at last within our extensive grasp. Nevertheless, the upcoming events require expert timing and scrupulous discretion.

The governments of your world are at present squeezing your last dark cabal into an especially chosen corner. These would-be imperialists can then use their tenacity, greed and arrogance to forge their own destruction. Concurrent with this, a vast abundance can be distributed and the dark’s downfall thus ensured. Then we can exuberantly reunite and celebrate our infinite oneness together. This is now just around the corner. And yet we need to remind you to remain centered in your vision. Many recent events caught you unawares and, for a time, pushed you off balance. We want to alert you to the possibility that this can happen again before this endgame is up. We ask you to remain calm, even as you await your victory. Your focus and your balance are needed now by us all during this last push toward securing these sacred goals. Remember at all times that it is these splendid qualities that secure and sustain such grand objectives!

As we speak, victory is all around you. Many forces, both above and on the Earth, are busy working toward our mutual goals. This message is directed primarily to all of you who have experienced the difficulties of living on this dark planet. You are star-seeds who see this world as unintelligible. This has caused you much grief and sorrow, but was nonetheless necessary to inform the many Earth-based souls that their long-sought liberation was indeed at hand. Together, dear Sisters and Brothers, you have endured much! And now, those who helped to wield the great wealth and power of this realm have altered their inner perspective and are prepared to grant your rightful abundance. But this bounty is not intended as merely a rescue mission; it is an instrument for you to dispel the distress of the world. The success of this most noble of tasks relies on the nature of your innate humanity.

The Creator has shown you the path to your liberation and provided the means to protect you. Heaven has proclaimed your new reality and transformed your limited state of consciousness. As you become more aware, you awaken from your Anunnaki-induced slumber and begin to comprehend how you have been controlled. But many remain entrapped in this desolate slumber. Our mutual mission is to raise them out of their bleak illusions and reintroduce them to their vast inner potential, which they so mindlessly squandered. This victory also entails an end to feeling limited and disconnected from your source: your Creator and your True Self. Your reconnection will remind you of who you are and of your power as a collective. For eons, the Anunnaki and their Earth minions have assiduously circumscribed you. This can now end, and a new era finally dawn.

First Contact is one of the final steps in this procedure. This past decade has shown us how Heaven planned the timing of our physical reunion with you. We have also acquired wisdom and have begun to comprehend how this enormous jigsaw puzzle of First Contact fits together. Once this is over, your global society needs to transform in a very short time. This involves relinquishing many fond preconceptions and changing social structures from the ground up. As you can see, First Contact entails more than the coming together of our societies. You will also re-acquaint yourselves with Mother Earth’s Ascended Masters. This deep spiritual renewal will reform your current long-held philosophical beliefs and cause a fleeting moment of resistance in many of you. This will be remedied by the healing ways of your Ascended Masters.

Life on your world is on the verge of a magnificent revolution, which will return you to full consciousness. This is the ardent desire of Mother Earth, and she fully intends to prod you toward this change. She wishes you to end your delays and move swiftly forward. We are much encouraged by this. It confers great responsibility upon our Earth allies to ‘simply get the job done’. It also implies the need for us to be more recognized by them, so that we can furnish them with the strategies and tools they need for success. This mutual cooperation is inevitable and is to form the core of all that needs to be done to create your own galactic society. This is most important to us. We wish to finish what is presently underway and, at long last, to meet. Remember, Together, We are Victorious!

Today, we discussed the momentous events beginning to manifest on your globe. We need you to stay calm, centered and committed to your victory. Do not allow the events of the day to push you off-balance. As ever, Heaven and we are by your side with our unwavering support and commitment to your success. We now take our leave. Blessings, Dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven is indeed Yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)

Tuesday January 11,2005
13 Imix, 9 Chen, 13 Eb

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Selamat Jarin! We come again, Dear Hearts, with further items to discuss with you! At present, the great changes in your reality are moving swiftly toward their inevitable conclusion. The final link in this chain is by far the most complex. It is not easy to push the regime representing the strongest government on your world from power. This operation requires a global and a united effort on the part of several international legal, financial, and banking agencies. A powerful contribution is also needed from a number of like-minded sectors within this government. This is presently occurring. The intention of these courageous, diligent, and dedicated groups and individuals is to bring down this last cabal and to end the continuing illegalities that surround its foreign and domestic policies. This cabal has used its remaining financial and political power to maintain itself in office. Surrounding its core is a vast array of greedy multinational corporations and morally challenged, wealthy and powerful individuals. This evil combo can and will be driven from power by Heaven!

While this task is going forward, another group of international agencies and influential world power brokers is creating the foundations for a new reality. As noted in previous messages, this work is largely done. A whole host of new rules and regulations for international finance are in place. The replacement for the Federal Reserve banking system was formed a few years ago, and major banking organizations in North America have covertly joined this new fiscal engine. Further, a number of plans have been instituted to convert the Federal Reserve’s fiat currency (its Federal Reserve bank notes) into a precious-metal-based monetary system. Finally, a newly proposed UN Charter has been secretly passed among a number of allies in friendly governments. This crucial document is being created under the highest conditions of security and is now in the process of final revisions. This document is scheduled for public delivery only after many necessary global regime changes have been made. This is only a small sampling of what is being planned.

Included in the vast fiscal abundance programs is a veritable ocean of monetary grants accompanied by debt forgiveness. A special watchdog panel set up by our Earth allies will monitor this program and compel illegal dictatorships and other power-mongering regimes to change their ways or be forced from power. Extensive powers have been conferred upon this panel, but at present its existence is largely unknown. We are making it public at this time only to assure you that the move toward democratizing this globe and enabling true "people power" is paramount in the intentions of our Earth allies. Furthermore, our Earth allies fully intend that an open education (an exposure to the great literary works and all fields of knowledge and wisdom of this world) be made easily available to all citizens of this globe. The Truth needs to be made known. The abundance funding is also to make possible the gift of literacy in all local languages. This involves children and adults, males and females! The age of the manipulation of the masses is now at an end!

These initiatives demonstrate that the great shift in your reality is well underway. This shift allows a degree of cooperation that the present world system prevents. This system has undermined the efforts of every major international agency or organization during the last sixty years. Only in the past decade has there been a concerted effort by our Earth allies to reverse this dark control. Happily, many agencies converted to their benevolent agenda. Those remaining in an adversarial position were hard put to accomplish their projects, which were achieved only by the use of very astute public relations, very high secrecy and security, and forced through with the use of the clumsy battering-ram of the last cabal. This latter’s arrogance alienated many and gave our Earth allies their opportunities for success. In this atmosphere much was accomplished, including the present new financial systems, which in turn influenced many important legal entities to come on board.

As this diverse group of powerful individuals and agencies grows, the actions of the dark cabal become ever more obstinate. Its increasing arrogance and misuse of power demonstrate its deep anxiety over what is occurring. The noose has tightened. The power it possessed after the World Trade Center terrorist attack has enormously dissipated. It ignored the decreasing global good will and chose instead to focus on the false victories spawned by fixed elections and supposed new allies. In reality, the number of genuine allies has shrunk to an all-time low. The fiscal bleeding of its resources has been accelerated by the covert seizure of the foreign accounts belonging to this illegal regime. These constant raids on the cabal’s resources greatly worry these wrongdoers. Above all, there is a silent mutiny taking place within its ranks of those who recognize the lunacy of its foreign policy and want to end it.

This silent mutiny is composed of many different elements within this dark regime; diplomatic, military, legal, financial, all involved in a sweeping movement to bring this government to a swift end. The chosen replacements for this regime are in place, awaiting the moment to take up their temporary positions of command. The present plan of campaign is two-fold. First, the members of this government are to be arrested and charged according to the evidence accrued by the duly appointed legal agencies. Second, a temporary regime will restore common law and constitutional governance. This regime will oversee the re-ordering of local, state, and federal institutions. After 90 days or so, fair and free elections will be held to fill the offices vacated by this abrupt regime change.

Because of the dominance in this government of "special interests", the entirety of the government needs to be dismissed. The self-interest of the rich and powerful has spread like a cancer to all levels of governance, suppressing any vestiges of initiatives in the public interest. This led to legal rulings and decrees that ensure the supremacy of the power elite and the powerlessness of the citizenry to oppose it. This skullduggery was cloaked by the biased coverage of a lapdog media. When the Ascended Masters helped to found this North American government, it was with the intention of creating a special place, a training ground for this world in the joys of democracy. Although, today, this great sacred experiment has been subverted by the dark, a "quiet revolution" is now ready to pounce and restore what has been so soullessly rent asunder.

This quiet revolution is considered both a sacred and a civic task by our Earth allies. We all realized that the great shift in consciousness was leading inevitably to the redirecting of the resources of this global society. Furthermore, Heaven and the Divine Plan forthrightly decreed that the time to formally end your separation from your space and spiritual families had arrived. This meant that the lies and manipulation encouraged by the Anunnaki and carried out by their Earth minions were also at an end. Therefore, First Contact had either to be imposed from without, or encouraged and invited from within by Earth’s major governments. The latter alternative was adopted by the Ascended Masters and is now being played out. We expect this second scenario to lead shortly to the completion of our First Contact mission. Remember, Together, We are Victorious!

Today, we have added to some of the topics discussed with you previously. We hope to have enlightened you about what is happening on your planet. These amazing events are shortly to burst forth upon your world. Be prepared and firmly focused on your role in what lies ahead. We now take our leave. Blessings, Dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven is indeed Yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)

7 Lamat, 16 Chen, 13 Eb

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Salamat Jarin! We come, Dear Hearts, yet again with more to tell you! Mother Earth’s rumblings that we told you about in previous messages continue. Last month’s seabed earthquake and its resulting tsunami off Sumatra in Indonesia are only a few of those that have happened from the Arctic to the Antarctic. Mother Earth’s tectonic plates are slowly achieving positions where the required locking process can begin. Once started, this procedure will unleash a degree of earthquakes and volcanic activity unprecedented in your long recorded history. In addition, your atmosphere is busily reacting from the vast new energies sent to her by the Sun and the tremendous amount of man-made pollution now present in her lower atmosphere. Consequently, Mother Earth is reeling from all the great pressures being put upon her by her need to transform and by the dangerous toxins found not only in her atmosphere, but also in her water and ground. Thus, you have just entered a dangerous age. However, these rising dangers are sure portends that the time for the realizing of your new world is indeed at hand.

Many more tragic disasters lie ahead if the great changes preordained by the Divine Plan are not swiftly completed. Heaven has informed those now in power that their time of control is at an end. This is the moment for Earth and her people to rise up in protest and help our Earth allies to know how seriously they desire the mandated changes. In turn, a vast abundance of financial resources is ready to descend and manifest before you. These monies are the first part of a grand design decreed by Heaven and ordered by your Ascended Masters. We, in the Galactic Federation of Light, agree with these policies and demand that the sacred timetable put forth by Heaven be righteously obeyed. We are proud of the ongoing great and diligent effort put forth by our Earth allies. A most serious and highly calculated plan is putting put into operation even as we speak. However, it is important that around this time that a great protest against those who support your last dark cabal be duly organized. The purpose is to show these arrogant mountebanks you support our Earth allies and wish them quickly deposed.

We are proud of all of you who continue actively to protest the outright illicitness of the present regime currently in power in North America. Your actions are empowering those planning their demise and deeply desire to do so courageously and swiftly. Various legal documents have been issued that foretell of this illegal regime’s fall. The only remaining actions are the issuing of long promised funds and the necessary next step. This step terminates a quite phony "war against terrorism" and then sends the world toward establishing a condition of global peace. It also permits humanity to discover what they are truly capable of. This immense energy will open up the way for you to aid your planet and at last, for the final acts of First Contact to be carried out. This last part is, of course, one quite dear to us. For literally millennia, we watched the strange dark drama played out by the Anunnaki and their Earth minions. Now, Dear Hearts, it is time to conceive of a new play. It is a joyous comedy written by each one of you and directed lovingly by Heaven. Our part is to graciously play the important supporting roles.

Around your world, there is a vast fleet that has long kept itself largely hidden. Only occasionally have we been observed in your skies. Mostly, we have imitated the "normal" phenomena of your heavens. That is, bright stars, streaking balls of light that resemble comets or falling meteorites and ships that look like your moon in one of its many phases. We do this to remain largely unnoticed. However, the seriousness of the present conditions on your planet forced us to bend this policy in a different direction. Mother Earth is not fragile. She is alive and kicking. Her power is endlessly being demonstrated to you. This great power is equaled by the potential stored in each of you. The time has come to increase your prayers of grace to Mother Earth. Let her know that you care about her and desire that a new, gentler working plan between Mother Earth and yourselves now needs to be formulated. Collectively creating this grand plan is vital for what is about to happen. Remember, you are her precious invited guests!

As we are your and Heaven’s invited guests, we have come to your shores. This is time is one for more direct involvement. Accordingly, we spent the past five years limiting the awful plans of your secret government. There was, for example, the contrails program done under the cover of experimental "weather control", but really meant to sicken the public, mess with your newly installed genetics and prepare you for a more advanced "mind control" programs. We have largely terminated this program and replaced it with a new system of contrails designed first to put a "safety net" around Mother Earth and then to ready her atmosphere for a unique technology capable of ridding her of a vast cornucopia of pollutants. We started this well over a half-decade ago. This program is achieving its lofty goals. Recently, we expanded upon it. During the day, many of you are witnessing our ships in action high in your atmosphere. This is only a beginning.

Our plans were to catalogue and then destroy most near-Earth man-made space junk. This program is long known to your many governmental outer space agencies. However, they either ignore our efforts or else deny their existence. To date, we have cleared out about one-third of the dangerous debris found in near-Earth orbit. The rest will be vaporized shortly after First Contact. These objects have seriously harmed Mother Earth. Her upper subtle energy fields have been greatly damaged by their continued presence. However, our science teams have repaired this damage and put protective fields around all objects launched by these same "space agencies". Their primitive concepts lack a proper understanding of how a living planet operates. We intend to correct this once First Contact is completed.

Another program is limiting the dangers formed by a worldwide psychic network instituted decades ago by the Earth minions of the Anunnaki. This network exacerbates the violence, hatred and general discord inherent in the societies founded by and overseen by these same Earth minions. The energy generated by these negative events feeds this psychic network and maintains a dark grid around your reality. Our task is to play havoc with this network. Our designated ships constantly sent out psychic disruptor fields. These fields somewhat limit this negative field’s effectiveness. Thus, crime and other types of discord are down significantly in many parts of your world. By doing this, we are stalling the plan of your last dark cabal to instate various parts of a truly nasty mind control system given them by their former dark off world "friends".

These are just some of the things that we are doing. We are also making it more difficult for this last dark cabal to find the resources to stall the plans of our Earth allies. We are monitoring them and doing what is advised by your Ascended Masters to help defeat this last dark cabal. Shortly, the efforts of our Earth allies and yourselves will overthrow this last batch of arrogant scalawags. Hence, we ask you to increase your efforts. The time for your long awaited success is fast approaching! Heaven assures us that the strange power hungry machinations of this last dark cabal are nearing a most glorious End time! This coming time needs you to focus truly upon it and prepare for a wondrous series of events! This coming time will include our grand meeting with you. Remember, Together, We are Victorious!

Today, we have discussed some of the events of the day. In this, we have told you more about what we are doing to aid the cause of you and our Earth allies. We ask again that you remain committed to this cause and to focus now on the final means to see this victory toward its fated conclusion. We now take our leave. Blessings, Dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven is indeed Yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)

1 Men, 3 Yax, 13 Eb

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Selamat Jarin! We arrive, Dear Ones, with more to discuss with you. Around your world, a "quiet revolution" is brewing. This revolt is not about maintaining the present world, but radically restructuring it. As with most such disagreements, this rebellion is about a new world outlook or "Weltanschauung". The time has come to alter greatly how yours now operates and even how your global society perceives itself. The old ways are no longer applicable. The sudden termination of your "cold war" in the late 1980s was a heavenly harbinger that this old world of the powerful few and the powerless, starving masses were nearing its prophesized end. In its stead, a new world based on peace, cooperation and shared wealth was briefly presented to the world by the peoples of Eastern Europe and the courageous masses of China. This concept was even more briefly looked upon by the Anunnaki and their Earth minions and found to be too scary to even imagine. They went on with their thoughts about world enslavement and even brought forth a heinous proposal championed most heartily by the North American cabal.

This outrageous plan was intended to be fully operational by the latter part of the 1990s. However, Heaven created a situation, decreed by the Divine Plan that ultimately derailed this dark proposal. As you by now know, the Anunnaki seeing the end to a seemingly eternal wave of galactic wars, switched sides and abandoned support of the final events required to finish this vile skullduggery. Accordingly this scheme collapsed and in its quake was left a global war of ideas and proposals on how this dark plan could be carried to its intended conclusion. By 1998, the former dark minions of the Anunnaki had split into three major groups and four or five minor ones. These groups were ripe for a new way and sought a new wise source to direct them. At this time, the Ascended Masters appeared to many in these various groups and offered their hand as the new leaders. Their main purpose was to turn these groups to the Light and went about forging the conditions needed to achieve this. Enter the Galactic Federation!

The Galactic Federation of Light had sent its emissaries in the form of a specially formed Science and Exploration (S&E) fleet. This fleet’s mission was to put together a massive First Contact with the surface people of Mother Earth. They were to be aided by the Ruling Council of inner Earth (Agharta) and your Ascended Masters. This mission began in earnest in the early 1990s with an expectation for it to be completed before the end of this decade. However, the events concerning the arrival of the "photon belt" as well as the sudden "Peace of Anchara" in the mid-1990s altered this timetable immensely. The Ascended Masters presented a greatly changed time chart to the Galactic Federation of Light in the spring of 1998. This program later became known as the "Agreement of 1998" and was signed off on by a number of the major and minor groups that were once part of the Anunnaki’s Earth minions. In effect, the Galactic Federation of Light had been drawn into the fratricidal argument then raging between these former Anunnaki-led groups. Acting as a potential mediator were the main councils of Ascended Masters.

By the turn of the millennium, the fratricidal war was down to two global groups. One group sided with the Ascended Masters and had taken over those institutions needed to enforce the beginnings of a new "Weltanschauung" for planet Earth. The other, darker group saw that its only remaining hope was to capture control of the world’s last "superpower". This was done through all necessary means in November and December of 2000. The final battle lines had been drawn. This last dark group wished to create a devastating event that would catch their prime opposition off-guard and lead them to institute a struggle against them under the guise of a "war against terror". To do this, one of theirsecret government Middle Eastern operatives was chosen to be the proposed scapegoat blamed them for the dark cabal’s first counterstrike. This strike was to stop the growing momentum of the Light’s group and allow the dark cabal an excuse to capture the resources required to carry out the rest of their broad goals.

This horrendous strike on the World Trade Center achieved all goals. The Light’s on planet groups were now in disarray and badly needed to regroup. This sudden, complete victory brought out the dark cabal’s arrogance and led them to make many fundamental mistakes. In effect, they created new, powerful enemies and set up the conditions that would eventually cause their defeat. It was as if the Ascended Masters permitted this awful event to happen only because it was to sow the seeds for the dark cabal’s colossal fall into the "dustbin" of history. In the three years following this tragic event, the Light’s groups reformed and exhibited a great diligence to bounce these dark rapscallions from office. However, the next election was to be "electronically fixed". The rogues were determined to stay in their positions of power. Other means needed to be devised to achieve the Light’s goals.

We have reiterated this history in the previous parts of this message for a purpose. Now, this dark cabal seems impervious to removal. This is not the case. Forces are at work in this present North American administration who dearly intend to oust them from office. Before doing this, a large, complex process was needed to prepare the case against them and make it completely foolproof. This needed much time and a great deal of special investigation. Evidence has accumulated in droves to assure that prosecution of these demons is quickly and successfully concluded. Their sentencing is left to you. We recommend that a degree of true leniency be observed. Remember, the time of their inevitable demise is one for setting new precedents. Use it to show how you understand their crimes and mostly, their incredible desperation and then act accordingly.

This brings us to the present time and most importantly, the coming final acts of this "quiet revolution". The growing debacle in the Middle East and a rising adventure-ism in this dark cabal are the seeds for the last stage of this group’s time in power. In effect, it has become seen by the most astute "insiders" that its policies are nearly suicidal. This group needs to be immediately "cut off at the trunk" and its dire reign ended. The costs to continue on as normal are getting much too high. Something needs to be done and that done immediately. Our Galactic Federation liaisons have heard these laments for the past few months. These possible "plotters" have joined others deep within this regime that wish it to have a new ruler at the top along with new policies. These individuals and groups are daily joining those already designing a much-needed demise.

Added to these adherents of change are those who are ready to dole out the "abundance programs". These diverse groups have created a system meant to achieve these goals. Currently, these many groups are readying the final series of acts in this multifaceted drama. The executioner is even as we speak setting out to assure the proper, legal death of this immoral and illegal regime. Be patient! We have learned together not to be too quick to assume that the final action is now to be sprung. Nevertheless, it will most certainly be sprung. This time is not very far off! The final event is based on timing. Yet, it needs to happen before the adventure-ism growing in this present regime decides upon an outlet. Hence, the need to act grows with every day. To this end, know that, if necessary, we will act and end this regime’s time in power!

Today, we discussed what has happened and what is very close to occurring. We request that you be patient and remain committed to what is unerringly readying itself to happen. The timing is as little as the immediate now or can be in the near future. Regardless, do not lose any of your belief in victory. This is inevitably yours! We now take our leave. Blessings, Dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven is indeed Yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)

Tuesday February 15, 2005
9 Cib, 4 Zac, 13 Eb

Article taken from:

Greetings, Dear Hearts!  We come before you once again! We can report to you that important progress continues to be made by our Earth allies. In addition, Mother Earth has temporarily stabilized her surface areas. However, the Pacific-North American plate is still having some difficulty in its most troublesome areas. These points need to be corrected immediately. Hence, we are sending a special team of geophysicists to remedy this situation. We say this openly to warn you that some increased earthquake activity may occur just off the coast of North America from Alaska to southern Mexico. Some on-shore fault lines may be affected as well. Be prepared for possible tremors and major wave action above 5.0 on your Richter scale in the coming weeks. We are also watching a number of major volcanoes in the Pacific Northwest of the North American continent and in Mexico. Our teams of volcanologists are on high alert during this time. Similar heightened activity exists in the mid-Atlantic and off the western coast of Africa.

This is happening during a period of relative calm. Hence, it is essential for our Earth allies to complete their tasks on time. We have briefed them on these conditions and on the likelihood of other potential events in your solar system. At present, your Sun has received a vast influx of new energies from this galaxy’s central core. These enormous energies can greatly increase the output of coronal and other ionic discharges from the Sun. These are further ramping up the stresses in the solar electro-gravitational field. As a result, anomalies are occurring on a number of the inner planets. Mercury is exhibiting some gravitational oddities and is seemingly bobbing about like a cork in these vastly intensified solar fields. Mars continues to show signs of reviving from her long slumber. Water discharges, which resemble runoff from melting glaciers on your world, are breaking the surface at some distance from the poles. Thin water vapor is forming above areas where large dust storms normally occur. Venus is likewise showing signs of life, especially in the foothills of her many mountain ranges.

The outer planets, too, are reacting to these ever-increasing discharges of energy. The gravitational fields of Jupiter and Saturn are adapting to their planets’ rising resonant frequencies, which is causing slight alterations in the orbits of their larger moons and is raising havoc with the smaller ones. In short, your solar system is mirroring the changes taking place on your world. For this reason, we are monitoring very closely what is happening. These conditions are merely the harbingers of the enormous changes scheduled for your world. Mother Earth is aware of what your global society is doing. She fully understands your many predicaments, but she cannot delay her required adjustments for much longer. With this in mind, we have issued a series of dates to our Earth allies for the completion of the remaining stages of their many financial and political programs. These dates, moreover, have been reinforced by decrees from a number of international legal institutions. The time is rapidly approaching for a series of long-anticipated announcements and for the manifestation of our First Contact mission.

To this end, we have instructed our envoys to declare that we stand ready to help in any way possible. It is vital that our Earth allies complete the few remaining procedures swiftly and correctly. The divine timeline demands nothing less of us. The Ascended Masters are using their good offices to assist these efforts along. In short, we want you to know that the seemingly endless waiting period that all of you have endured is indeed coming to an end. Have patience, and stay focused on your inevitable victory. The elements needed to conclude this drama are all present. All that remains is to appoint those dedicated to manifesting this new reality and to initiate the divine timeframe. These requisites are present, and the final countdown has begun. An especially appointed contingent of our command team is assuring that this takes place! A number of our Anchara-treaty team members have set up some alternative end scenarios to ensure that this victory, promised to you by Heaven, manifests on time.

As we observe your global society, we notice the effects of the policies of a very belligerent North American government. These policies have strained the friendships between many nations and caused delays in the introduction of proposed monetary and financial reforms. New political alliances are forming that can, in the near future, vastly increase the potential for a large-scale thermonuclear exchange. These potential flashpoints have drawn our close attention. We are very vigilant in our monitoring of these areas and have established covert communications with many key individuals in these regions. Our policy is to avert disaster, and so we will only intervene in order to prevent a nuclear exchange. As long as this dark cabal is in power, the potential for such a catastrophe remains high. Hence, it is essential that the planned political reformation of North America happen as quickly as possible.

Meanwhile, we observe how your world cries out for such change. The huge unwieldy debt of many of your nations has kept ignorance and division rampant. The dark cabal has used this dissonance to maintain its reign of terror by reinforcing drug addiction and encouraging the spread of regional civil wars. Much of your world is dominated by high levels of instability and a rising sense of despair. These states feed the dark’s arrogance and allow its devotees to feel a sense of false security. They nurture the belief that, if they can "hang in there", they can somehow attain a final victory for their dying cause. Many events planned by our Earth allies are delayed by this entrenched perception of the dark. It is for this reason that most of what is actually happening is not reported by your media. Nevertheless, changes are occurring, and your victory in indeed assured!

First Contact with this planet, as we mentioned before, is becoming a benchmark in our operational handbooks. Never before have we, in the Galactic Federation of Light, dedicated such extensive resources and personnel to the task of rapidly transforming a society such as yours through First Contact. This unique situation is setting precedents each day. We are amazed at the tenacity of your Ascended Masters and the deep resolve of their Earth counterparts. We, too, have played an important part in these affairs. Yet, the crucial roles belong to the Earth allies and your Ascended Masters. This moment in your history is where the long dark night is transmuted by the dawn of a New Day. As this dawn prepares to break, we ask you to stay committed to the vision and focused on your part in this ongoing drama.

Remember that the open manifestation of this epic cosmic adventure will come upon you quite suddenly, which is why it is vital to be prepared for the shock of what is to happen. The huge sums of money and the responsibility for their swift distribution can put the recipients into a tizzy. The sweeping regime changes and accompanying new political concepts can also cause a high degree of turmoil. The world of yesterday will be turned upside down. Nothing will be as before. Miracles that transform previously "impossible" situations will become the norm. A startlingly new vision of the world will be manifested. This is why we constantly reiterate the need for you to be centered and prepared for what lies ahead. The journey you are on is approaching its most exciting moment: the magnificent and challenging conclusion! We look forward to meeting you!

Today, we discussed what is happening upon your world and in your solar system. Much is ready to manifest before you. Thus, it is vital that you stay focused on your success and fully prepared for the coming events. In this, we are one! Remember, Together, We are indeed Victorious! We now take our leave. Blessings, Dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven is indeed Yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)

Tuesday March 1, 2005
10 Oc, 18 Zac, 13 Eb

Article taken from:

Selamat Jarin! We return, Dear Hearts, with more to discuss with you! Much as your world is changing, so the rest of your solar system is similarly transforming! The Sun’s planetary system is a complex environment that consists of three parts. The first is the inner worlds that now range from Mercury to the Asteroid Belt. The second is the known larger worlds that comprise Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and miniscule Pluto. The last part is a vast expanse, the outer realm of your solar system, which contains some unknown worlds, many comets, assorted space debris, and the primordial Oort cloud. Surrounding all this, is an energy pattern or "tail", like that of a comet, which faces away from the Sun and marks the most distant tip of your planetary system. This is then encased in Mother Sun’s enormous electromagnetic web. This web helps her to navigate the galaxy, acting like the hull of a boat floating on a vast sea of inter-dimensional energy. It is this energy, this special, infinite living consciousness that connects you with the Creator.

The continuously increasing amounts of heavenly information-energy initiated a period of rapid changes within you. These are caused less by the higher galactic energies encountered during the Sun’s journey, as by the actual content of the complex messages being transmitted to you by the divine. It is for this reason that we repeatedly tell you that your transformation is inevitable and that this series of magnificent mutations is happening even as we speak. Every carefully checked observation by your scientists is reinforcing the immensity of what is occurring "out there". Each of your planets is coming to life and even many of your solar system’s larger moons are exhibiting strange behavior. Theelectromagnetic web that surrounds you is likewise undergoing changes to her shape, intensity, and vibrational frequency. Even the type of energies she contains is changing. This data astounds your astrophysicists. And yet the powers that control them decide to keep you in ignorance. A few disjointed statements are released, mixed with rehashed theories by well-known pundits.

The fact is that you are undeniably in the midst of many, vast alterations to your present reality. This growing potential brought us to your shores inhuge numbers. We are here to achieve a divinely ordained First Contact and to ensure that those who are determined to promote the ways of the dark fail utterly. As we stated in many past messages, our Earth allies are preparing to gain their many objectives. Some of these are already in position; the rest are falling rapidly into place. The crucial element for all is to remain centered and focused upon victory. Be ready to do whatever is necessary. Around you, a dark reality is collapsing in upon itself. Yet this arrogant realm, even in the throes of death, acts as though nothing is changing. This, Dear Hearts, is further from the truth than you can begin to imagine! What makes this difficult for you to grasp is the incessant drone of the dark-run media. Its messages sound plausible and real, especially as it promotes the illusion that nothing has changed. Moreover, the seemingly making no sense timetable of our Earth allies adds greatly to your ever-growing frustration.


This divine operation is taking longer than you would like. But think about what is being accomplished! Change of an unequaled degree and speed is being effected in your reality. Like a pebble in a pond, this change is to ripple outward through your galaxy, causing enormous and beneficial shifts. This divine transformation has caused the end of vast, dark galactic empires and resulted in the proclamation of a long-sought galactic peace. This is no small deed! This irresistible force is now bearing down on your realm. Remember, Beloved Ones, that change can be effected only when true desire becomes a great cry. This is now happening. Your cry has been heard, and the requisite measures are being implemented by the sacred. These are being carried out in three well-planned stages. You are presently in the last of these stages. Heaven is working diligently to implement the special decrees of the Divine Plan, as well as the heart-felt desires of each of you. Know in your hearts that the Will of Heaven is being done!

True sovereignty and freedom are your strongest and innermost desires. These intentions align also with the Will of the Creator. You are being set free, and the last attempts by the dark to prevent this will fail. This will happen, with Heaven’s blessing, as a result of a series of courageous and dedicated actions on the part of our Earth allies, ably assisted by us. This is now close to manifesting. Be prepared to support these deeds and ready to do your part in the successful concluding of these grand proceedings. Much can occur that may initially surprise you. Toppling a regime, like the one in North America, is no easy task. Yet those loyal to this path are nearly ready to do so. Such an operation requires great stealth and the ability to act quickly. This they can do. So expect the unexpected and know even the most powerful and highly obstinate can fall!

With the fall of this dark regime, your world will finally be able to work toward peace. The vast abundance then released upon the world will become a vital force for good. Concurrent with this abundance is an unprecedented plan for individual and national debt forgiveness. A program on so grand a scale can only be accomplished under the aegis of a divine purpose. This purpose is to truly set you free and establish the foundation for your innate, God-given sovereignty, which is to be the very basis of your future galactic society. All such societies have evolved beyond the prejudices falsely created by race, customs, philosophical and religious beliefs, or even gender. These are replaced by the need to involve all equally in a society, according to their talents, abilities, and divine purpose. Each lifetime is to be honored, joyfully fulfilling, and a resounding success.

The present time is one of transition. The appalling actions of the dark are still very evident, and the approaching radiance of the Light is not yet apparent to most. Much is in upheaval. Yet this unrest is merely the swan song of the old reality. This seemingly endless interval is only a blink of the Creator’s eye. This is a time when your ability to stay centered and not be caught off guard by events can be immensely useful. We repeat this again only to prepare you for what only you can do. Your levelheaded involvement in these events will contribute much to your growth and also help others to remain calm and able to participate usefully. Bear in mind that in a very short time events will happen that may astound your fellow man. Having many individuals in the community ready to support these actions is most important.

We cannot overstate the immensity of the events now poised to take place. We haven’t concocted some enormous and sick conspiracy to hoodwink you. The inevitability of these events is very real, and soon all will experience the effects of these tumultuous deeds. As soon as they are completed, First Contact can then take place. You can then demonstrate your esteem for Mother Earth by your decision to cleanse and nurture her. You will be abruptly thrust into a world that you at present can only dream of. We like you, look forward to these times and to the grand events that can then take place. At last, you will be reunited with your spiritual and space families. You will forge a grand star nation and enthusiastically fulfill your destiny. Above all, we can watch as you transform physicality. Thus, we can truthfully say that the best is about to begin!

Today, we have discussed the events happening in your reality. Try to look upon them from a wider perspective. Understand that what is taking place on your world greatly affects the whole galaxy, and that what is needed to "finish the job" is now manifesting. We now take our leave. Blessings, Dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven is indeed Yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)

Tuesday March 15, 2005
Kan, 12 Ceh, 13 Eb

Article taken from:

Selamat Jarin! We come, dear Hearts, with more things to discuss with you! Many events are happening both on your world and throughout this galaxy that are causing your reality to shift toward the Light. In the last few weeks, we described the numerous alterations of your planet’s crust, atmosphere, and oceans. These changes are being mirrored by similar mutations occurring to your other planets and especially to your Sun. These transformations are part of even greater changes happening to each of you. This grand shift is moving you swiftly toward the manifesting of your new reality. Concurrently, the myriad realities that surround you are likewise shifting. In effect, your dimension and the plethora of parts that constitutes her whole are moving toward a new configuration. This new assemblage of physicality typifies how the Divine Plan works. Remember that you are residing in a conscious universe. This sacred conceptualization of the Creator has a purpose. This purpose is to "work out" the infinite possibilities of every given set of components assigned to this aspect of Creation.

Physical Creation is both complex and simple in its operation. Underlying each segment of physicality is divine consciousness. This divine consciousness originates in the decrees of the Divine Plan. The Divine Plan represents the sacred ideas of the Creator. Within it are found the enormously extensive possibilities for physical Creation. These possibilities are made known by the Inter-dimensional Light that permeates physicality. This Divine Light uses her infinite potential to manifest an abundance of possibilities. Each possibility forges dimensions, and within each dimension, energies are generated that produce myriad realities. These realities form clusters according to their affinities and similarities. Each reality possesses energy potentials that can be either raised or lowered according to the core perceptions adopted by its spiritual and physical inhabitants. These core perceptions are closely monitored by Heaven and checked against the decrees of the Divine Plan.

For the most part, your reality has closely followed these divine decrees and is now on the brink of fantastic changes. A crucial element of these changes is a sweeping alteration in the nature and operation of your power structures. The Divine Plan has clearly stated that your present set of inner "truths" needs drastic alteration. This alteration is currently underway. Within your governments and the global financial and corporate systems that "run" your world are formal documents and new institutions created solely for the purpose of implementing your new reality. Many of those who oppose these changes understand how powerful the ideas and concepts incorporated in these documents are. Behind them is the very power of Heaven. And now, the time has come for these changes to manifest upon your world. Each aspect of these changes is tied into the others. The bringing forth of one leads inexorably to the legalization of the others. Our Earth allies know this and have used the vast array of individuals and groups aligned with their cause to push these new concepts and their corresponding instruments into being.

These facts about how our Earth allies work their "magic" is something we have discussed many times before. We do this to emphasize a number of important points. First, your world is secretly moving toward some wonderful and highly beneficial changes that are very close to happening. Second, since First Contact has become part of these proceedings, we are adding our pressure and skills to the mix. It is important to comprehend that this momentum for change is fueled by three sources: Heaven, the Galactic Federation, and, most of all, yourselves. Our Earth allies understand the massive scope of the changes involved in the manifesting of this aspect of the Divine Plan. Thus, each of their projects commands their utmost diligence and scrupulous attention to detail. We have added our compassion and abilities to their own. We also thank each of you for supporting this grand venture and for being willing to develop the considerable patience that it has required.

The closeness of First Contact indicates that many land and ocean changes to Mother Earth’s surface are near. The time has come for your planet to accelerate her preparation for a return to a fully conscious state. Her appearance and how she lives and operates are now due for a dramatic makeover. This is underway even as we speak. But this does not imply that a series of cataclysms is shortly to overtake you; Mother Earth is simply stepping up her "rhythm". She very much wants to be prepared for the full unleashing of the energies that will complete the necessary changes. Much still remains for her to do, and yet she is also fully aware of your needs. Nevertheless, she wants you to know that she expects you "to get on with it" and to swiftly complete what you need to do to shift this present reality. It is essential that this be done as soon as possible.

We, in the Galactic Federation of Light, have pushed our Earth allies to commit to firm completion dates to allow these complex proceedings to come to a timely and successful conclusion. In addition, our fleets and those personnel most closely involved with the initial aspects of First Contact have worked hard to speed up these last few needed procedures. The intention is to finalize the still outstanding formal and informal deeds on time. The continual tardiness of our Earth allies is usually the result of having to "trust" persons and institutions not yet fully aligned with their noble objectives. They therefore allow for delays and possible attempts at sabotage in their projected timetables. But these instances of delay must be short-circuited. So we are grateful for the recent, more efficient working protocols.

The world that you see around you is in transition; but it still seems that the workings of the dark are omnipresent. This can cause much consternation and can strengthen your feeling that your reality can only change for the worse. One of our duties is to constantly remind you that such is simply not the case. Your reality is destined by the decrees of the Divine Plan to change, ultimately, only for the better. These transformations are witnessed by your society’s seers and by those highly respected for their knowledge of how change occurs. These individuals and their organizations concur with what we are telling you. Your world is rising in consciousness and moving toward a reality known for its greater Love, peace, and cooperation.

As your world shifts to the Light, the dark works that much harder to maintain its old illusions. These conventional ways of looking at your reality are about to be shattered by some amazing events, the last of which is to be our formal arrival upon your shores. Bear these upcoming changes constantly in mind as you prepare yourselves for the potentials and prospects that these events bring with them. In one blink of history’s eye, your present conceptions of what is real, or possible, can change completely. This intense, upcoming challenge requires you to remain focused upon your prime objectives and be ready to respond appropriately. We cannot overstate the importance of these requirements. Your vital contribution to these events is to be ready to act both as individuals and as support groups for your community. Never forget that it is indeed Together that We are Victorious!

Today, we discussed some of the reasons behind what is happening on your world. In this, it is our intention to be of assistance to you in preparing for the coming changes. Our Earth allies are working assiduously to see their efforts through to a successful conclusion. We ask that you lend your inner and outer support to their noble efforts! Soon, we can celebrate together your wondrous victory! We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven is indeed Yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)

Tuesday March 22, 2005
5 Batz, 19 Ceh, 13 Eb

Article taken from: .

Selamat Jarin! We come, Dear Hearts, with more to tell you about your Ascension and the ongoing happenings on your world. Each day, some aspect of your reality changes. These changes are caused by the inexorable infusions of high-level spiritual energies into your realm. This results in developments and occurrences across the globe that move your Ascension process ever forward. This Ascension process is not merely about returning you to your former glory; it is in fact a wide-ranging fusion of alterations, preparations, and activities throughout all levels of your global society that are to result in a wholly new reality, a reality that most of you can’t even begin to envision! Just think: a world without war, division, injustice, envy, or all-pervading fear. This splendid concept is your divine destiny. In these messages we have spent a lot of time and many words to prepare you for its appearance. Now, this grand moment draws near at last! Yet, how can you truly tell that this is so? To comprehend this, you need to make out the many subtle clues provided both by Heaven and your fellows, clues that daily pass unseen by most.

In your skies, the planets and stars exhibit strange behavior. Their changes in luminosity, their slightly altered locations, and the sudden appearance of flashing or glowing "objects" are very real portents that something is afoot in your reality. The Heavens are silently but emphatically announcing the dawning of a new reality. In your global society, your fellows are experiencing unexpected preparations for a new monetary and financial system. This is being reported widely on your Internet and is not merely unfounded rumor or gossip; this, too, signals imminent change. On a more personal level, your physical bodies are undergoing frequent, inexplicable aches and pains that come and go. These are signs of your approaching Ascension. Above you is a huge increase in the daily sightings of our craft. This widely-gleaned collection of anomalous data is evidence of the Divine Plan in operation. When taken together, it becomes a comprehensive network of signs that indicates that your inevitable divine destiny is almost upon you.

This transformation is a most beneficent one. It is being carried out in such a way that each event, even those of a "catastrophic" nature, becomes a lesson that teaches you about the fragility and preciousness of life, and that intimates that a magnificent new design is being imprinted on your reality by the divine. This profound change requires a period to mark the transition from the old to the new. This has caused some degree of upheaval in recent years, but this is negligible compared to what would have happened if nature had been allowed "to take her course". The rather smooth transition to date is due to Mother Earth’s love for you and to the formal decrees of the Divine Plan. Now the time for your globe to alter has come, and thus the likelihood of geophysical "disasters" rises daily. These times can be most risky for you. But, fear not! Heaven has decreed a physical Ascension for you. This implies that those in power who go on with their old dark ways are doomed, and their ongoing futile pursuits will soon be used to unseat them.

These mutations of your reality imply that a direct intervention on your behalf is now underway. This direct intervention has both spiritual and physical dimensions. The physical component includes the large First Contact fleet assembled by the Galactic Federation. This fleet has been at the ready to engage your global society for some time now. Many of you ask why this First Contact has not yet happened. The reasons are twofold: The first concerns your Ascended Masters who are fully in charge and who formally direct our Earth operations. We can only intervene en mass when these most blessed Beings give their assent. The second reason rests with the Divine Plan. Only when the sacred prerequisites are met can we even consider mass arrivals on your beautiful shores. At present, we confine our activities to assisting our Earth allies in their many projects. In fact, it is the public manifestation of their plans that can signal our appearance. Until then, our policy is to remain cloaked and at the ready.

Despite these limitations, we have aided your planet by alleviating some of the physical pressures that are present on your world. Currently, you reside on huge moving tectonic plates. In past messages, we told you that these plates are "sticking together", which creates a great potential for large-scale disasters. The events just after last Christmas are a small example of this potential. The increase in frequency of seismic activity off the western and eastern coasts of North America is another sign of what is "in the air". Our scientists are monitoring these developments with care. When something is ready to manifest, we intervene at the levels prescribed by the Ascended Masters. Our aim is to minimize these events as much as possible. Nevertheless, some catastrophes can occur. Our objective is to ensure that none of them creates the damage that their unrestrained potential might otherwise inflict.

Mother Earth wishes you to know that even the worst disaster of the past decade was not as serious as it had the potential for being. The Earth is a living entity and, like all living things, she breathes. This in- and exhaling manifests as a continuous vibration of her surface. This movement is the way that your planet mixes air, water, and land. This "breathing" ensures that the currents in her bodies of air and water are adjusted to her needs. We check these functions in relation to corresponding cycles of her gravity and electromagnetic fields. In this way, we obtain read-outs of her pulses that are very like your own. This keeps us informed about the health of your planet and indicates what is required to sustain her. Shortly, we shall be able to teach you this procedure and set up programs for enhancing the well-being of your precious home, Mother Earth.

Just as our science looks after your world, so it does the same for your Sun and your solar system. The in- and exhaling of your Sun controls the frequencies of your solar system. All living Beings breathe. This function involves a sudden expansion of the body, which lets in "air" that invigorates the body. Similarly, heavenly bodies "breathe", and this lets in life forces that revitalize their whole Being. As the Sun "breathes" out, she sends the various energies to the ends of the solar system; as she breathes in, these energies are pulled back in. This cycle resets her many energies and powers and ensures an exchange that keeps the solar system alive and functioning at its highest potential. This, too, we monitor and adjust as necessary.

As you can see, an array of indications at many levels signifies that a great change is in the offing for your reality. This transformation will eventually return you to your former status as fully conscious Beings. But prior to that, these changes will motivate you to take responsibility for caring for your home world and indeed your entire solar system. Your present quarantine will end, and you will be reunited with your spiritual and space families. These changes will allow you to finally put an end to the tyranny that has shackled you and encouraged you to perceive change as threatening. This has delayed the natural development of your societies and has wrought widespread and misbegotten fears and misperceptions about the true nature of physicality. All this is about to be unraveled and replaced by a loving and abundant new world!

Today, we have reviewed what is happening around you. We have repeated these things to show you that what is taking place is indeed very real and is now ready to manifest before you. So put away your fears and worries. Stand ready to accept your new reality. Remember, Together, We are Victorious! We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven is indeed Yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)


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