Your Concept of Creation Will Change

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Your Concept of Creation Will Change

Diane of the Galactic Federation

Channeled by Mike Quinsey, [email protected]Published initially in this website on January 23, 2005.

"You will need to have a very open mind when the Truth is presented to you, as it will be stranger than fiction." —Atmos

January 22, 2005

When you look up into the night sky you see thousands upon thousands of stars. You often speculate as to how many of these Suns have planetary systems similar to your own, and how many may carry intelligent life as you understand it. Your scientists have calculated that even on the basis of chance, there will be trillions of planets that have the necessary conditions that could birth life similar to yours. Orthodox thinking does not allow for such life forms to reach you, because of the distance they are from your Solar System. So you search the skies for radio signals that have a form indicating an intelligent source. However, even if you tracked such a signal, you would have the problem of determining its significance and meaning. You would be little further forward in proving the existence of intelligent life, by this method. It seems a strange approach to us, as you have abundant evidence of visitations to Earth. Your history is punctuated by references to ETs showing themselves in your skies, and many reports of actual contact. If there was any doubt as to the accuracy of such reports, these could be set aside for a study of present day sightings and contacts. It is this head-in-the-sand approach to the whole subject that has kept many people in the dark, or uncertain as to what to believe. Plus, you have the continual denial of the existence of space craft and ETs by your Government, and deliberate disinformation to keep you confused. Some people have totally blocked out the possibility of the other forms of intelligent life, and sometimes this has its roots in conflicting religious beliefs. Others would rather turn the other way than have to face the subject, fear being their main obstacle.

We of the Galactic Federation and other councils are well aware of the responsibility we have to introduce ourselves in a way that is acceptable. Consequently we shall approach First Contact with care, and our main intention will be to show you the human-like appearance of many ETs, so that you feel comfortable with us. Our second aim is to quickly show you that we are no threat to you, and that we are peaceful and offer you the help you need at this time. Gradually we shall explain the greater plan in which we are all actively involved. You will learn of the truth about yourselves, and this will make it easier for you to accept the existence of us and our One Creator. The fact that we acknowledge the Oneness of Creation, will enable you to see us as your Brothers and Sisters from the stars. Your concept of Creation will have to change, and we shall help you to do this with a clear explanation, that will be on a level that you can accept. The doubts and fears will soon be released, and we will then be able to do so much more for you.

A great sigh of relief will be heard when you take the first steps towards your freedom from tyranny, by replacing your present government. But an even greater one, when peace is declared throughout your world, and you see that it can be enforced. The tools of war will be destroyed, so that you can be assured that there can never be a return to the destruction and deaths it has caused. Many organizations that have existed purely to support the war machine will be disbanded, and the people involved will be offered peaceful alternatives. Although in America you have resisted giving up your right to carry arms for self protection, we believe that you will soon see that it is unnecessary. In time you will of your own accord show your support for a peaceful existence that does not call for people to be armed.

With the changes that are coming very soon, your whole outlook on life will also change. Never before will you have been given the opportunities to freely travel world-wide, safely, quickly and efficient. The quality of your lives will be increased twofold, and your worries will disappear to be replaced by a new feeling of great happiness. You will hardly have dreamt of the remarkable changes that you will experience, and there will be a wonderful coming together of all people. There will be a unity of purpose never seen before, that will carry you forward in great co-operation to restore the Earth.

I am Diane, and I convey you to a little of the changes that will profoundly alter your lives for the better. The Forces of Light come to you in a timely release from the dark that has blighted your lives for millennia of time. They come with great Love and you will know this to be so.

Thank you, Diane
Mike Quinsey

February 16, 2005

All Humans are a complexity of energies that determine their make up. Right from birth you are specifically linked with those emanating from the planets of your solar system. This is partly determined by the time of your birth, and the configuration of them. But you are also programmed through your DNA to respond to certain energies that will ensure the outworking of your life-plan. Everything is bound by energy, and through the attraction of it you can distinctly affect your Chakric centers. In most Humans it is only the lower Chakras that are fully activated, but with the expanding consciousness of many who are purposefully increasing their Light quotient, their upper Chakras are being activated. There are the major seven lower Chakras, and as you draw more Light to yourselves the higher Chakras are also opening. They are a series of whirling energy centers of Light, placed mainly over the principle organs of the body. There is a relationship between the two, and providing the Chakra is fully open so will the physical counterpart function correctly. Given the reverse and it is malfunctioning, then physical illness may result. The Crown Chakra as you would expect, is slightly above the head, as are the rest of the higher charkas. As this final period proceeds to the time of Ascension, you will find that the higher Chakras will become fully activated, thus ensuring that you will be ready to step into a new body as a physical Angel.

You do not necessarily need to have a conscious awareness of what is taking place. The intention of drawing more Light to yourself, by your thoughts and deeds will naturally develop the Chakras as your vibration increases. With it you will find abilities surfacing such as telepathy and pre-cognition, and these are quite natural to someone who is successfully uplifting themselves. When we meet you, we will be the responsible for ensuring there can be telepathic communication between us.

This is our normal way, and has been almost exclusively used in previous contacts with you. We can easily place our thoughts into your mind, and equally have the ability to read yours. As soon as you have a thought we pick it up immediately, even before you have had time to express it in your own vocal language. Contacts will often recount how answers to their questions have been given before they have asked them, now you know how that was possible.

When we come openly to Earth, telepathy will be our chosen way of communication. But we shall also have broadcasts and films, so that the general populace is aware of our visit and the reasons why we are here. You have to remember that a large number of your people will be totally shocked by our appearance. We know we need to handle our introductions with loving care, so as to put people at ease. But when it is initially seen that we are here in your interests and our help explained, we have no doubt that we can win over those who carry doubt and suspicion. Uncertainty about us is something we have expected, as our existence has been denied by your governments, and they have tried to convey the impression that ETs view the Earth with ulterior motives.

The fact is that we are no strangers to your Earth, and if you carefully read through your ancient history of contact with the Gods, you will understand that these largely refer to off-world visitors. In some accounts it is absolutely clear that the people of old not only accepted such visits, but that they were expected and looked forward to as a peaceful contact. At different periods in your evolution we have come to Earth with the express purpose of giving you knowledge that would enable you to move on. Ideas have been given for inventions that would overcome certain difficulties that you have encountered. We have sometimes come to people during their sleep period and planted the seeds of the idea, and allowed them to develop it.

These are some of the more personal activities that we have been involved in, but on a wider scale we have monitored your Earth and where needed have kept it stable and on its course. Sometimes we have had to prevent uninvited visitors from taking up residence on Earth, although simple visitations are allowed. As a race of Beings you are looked upon as very special, and part of our service to you has been to ensure that you have reached this important time according to the Divine Plan. In that we have succeeded and we now wait for the final stage when we can at last arrive openly on your planet. That time is upon us now, and we are so near to being given the authority to go ahead. But we patiently wait as indeed you also have, knowing that we can come as quick as a flash, but must do it after the initial steps have been taken to clear the way.

We know much about you and are no strangers to the Human Race, we have been your friends for eons of time. We now look forward to renewing our friendship and this really is an exciting time for us. That we will come soon is an absolute certainty, have no fear, as you could say it is written in the stars. I am Diane of the Galactic Federation and wish you all well.

Thank you, Diane
Mike Quinsey

February 28, 2005

At this time of the year many of your western countries are experiencing their winter, and weather that in some cases is very extreme. Yet regardless of where you are in the world, there are few places that you would fear to go. But look at the great variations that you can experience, from the tropics to the arctic. Planet Earth is truly full of wonders and Nature provides a backdrop of such a range of color and beauty. Within it all is the provision for everything that you could need for a normal development. Who would dare say that the Creator has not provided a wonderful panorama of beauty for you to experience? You only have to look at the simple flower to see  its geometric pattern, and the blending of color to appreciate such a work of art. Evolution takes place in an orderly way, and nothing has come into being by pure chance.

Man plays around with Nature and can produce abortions, but these have no place in a balanced scheme. As has often been found, your interference far from helping Nature has caused imbalances that have affected other species with disastrous results. You were always encouraged to help in a way that was of benefit, and your agricultural knowledge is one such area. Now it has gone to extremes where Man is playing around with the very keys to changing evolution.

When you move into the higher dimensions you will observe harmony and balance all around you. You will be given an understanding of the interplay of energies that extend right to the Central Sun. You will be able to freely visit other planets and find a multitude of different arrangements within Nature. Some will look familiar and you will recognize the basic patterns that have been used. You will see animals that are similar to those on Earth, all created to exist in a different environment to your own. One of your surprises will be to find that they are tame and able to converse with you on a higher level, and you will both understand each other.

In fact with training you could make an intelligent contact with any form that has a consciousness. This is how we have come to develop space craft that are made of matter that has a consciousness that we can interact with. Your own scientists have found out this truth from their examination of some of those that have crashed upon Earth. This is also why there is little instrumentation within the control room. Your concepts of what is possible will have to become a lot greater than at present. The idea that you could not travel faster than light, is one that is being questioned. Inter-dimensional travel is now accepted, but it was not too long ago that you would have rejected the idea.

You have so much to learn, and over the years even our presence in your skies has made you re-consider some of your long held beliefs. The fact that you believed that other intelligent forms of life and their craft could not reach you, caused many people to ignore or refuse to acknowledge what they saw with their own eyes. When you consider that you have numerous human like Beings within your own solar system, and that they have regularly visited Earth it is surprising that some people are still in denial. Part of the problem has been the attitude of your government and official bodies who have repeatedly denied our existence.

But all of the information that has been kept secret will be revealed before long. You will be astounded at what you learn, and for many it will be a great shock to learn the truth. With First Contact, people will be concerned at how their lives will be altered by it, as no one likes to feel threatened by changes. This is why when we do arrive, which will be very soon, we will give out carefully prepared information to put you at ease. We come to help you throw off the shackles of the past, and bring you into your first experiences of full contact with us. This will also extend to meeting the Beings of the Inner Earth, who are the remnants of what was known as the Lemurian civilization. They are highly advanced and also have much to offer you to bring you into a New Era. As many of you know, it is all part of getting you well onto the path to Ascension.

I am Diane of the Galactic Federation and I will bring the feminine energy to Earth. You will find much Love coming with us all, we are one great family with you. We look forward to meeting you and offering our help, and we will place all of our knowledge before you.

Thank you, Diane
Mike Quinsey

June 6, 2005

In the greatness of your Universe you will find that are many surprises, yet you will also find there are many similarities. It is a vast area beyond your comprehension that is teeming with different life-forms, but very similar to your own. You have had numerous contacts with ET’s visiting your planet and you already find this to be true. You also see craft that are very much the same in shape and design that are familiar to your eyes. Through these contacts your understanding of these visitors and their craft has increased enormously. You have progressed from rocket ships to mainly circular or triangular discs that do not use propulsion such as you have previously used.

These visits from your future have hastened your development, and now you have made your first elementary craft. However in view of your continuing warlike manner you will only be allowed to travel within this solar system. The time for interstellar craft is for those who are known to be peaceful and adhere to the Universal Laws, that the Galactic Federation can impose if necessary. Your leaders have been frequently told that they will not be allowed to take weapons of mass destruction into space. We can easily track their craft and have ways of knowing what they plan and we will not be deceived.

Like you we have families, but these are totally planned and there are not unintentional or accidental additions. Souls that are ready to experience on a chosen planet, discuss with prospective parents what it is they wish to achieve. When a satisfactory arrangement can be made the soul will join its chosen parents, and “born” to them in whatever method is natural to their civilization. Birth is not such as you experience, it is of a very short duration and there is no pain involved. Generally speaking it is a pleasant and loving event that brings the new soul into being already with their full senses developed, and usually into immediate adulthood.

The life plan is known and there is no time lost in providing the opportunities that are needed, and a period of schooling takes place. This will usually be handled by Guides who will accompany that soul through their life. When you reach these levels you will find that you have an enormous memory capacity and you will have total powers of recall. Progress is measured by your degree of mind control and ability to create through the power of thought. An understanding of the use of Light and the Laws that accompany it is also an essential requirement. Everything has a level of consciousness and in the higher dimensions you will actually program the consciousness of materials to work for you.

Behind everything that takes place is a necessary understanding of Universal Laws, and the involvement of the Hierarchy of even higher dimensions. The coming together of such Beings is in the interests of everyone concerned and ensures that harmony and balance is maintained. There are hundreds of dimensions that contain Beings in various forms of development, and the higher you go the finer vibration appears as pure Light. From the Central Sun down through the dimensions there is an orderly arrangement that could be expressed in terms of a pyramid like structure, and all are connected and therefore part of The One.

In the higher dimensions, masculine and feminine do not have a place such as you are used to living in your physical appreciation of each other. Higher souls do share the different vibrations and will sometimes take on a specific one that would be called masculine or feminine. They will “clothe” themselves in such a way that they are identifiable accordingly. You will only have to consider how your Masters such as Jesus often return to Earth, and how they present themselves in a way that fulfils your expectation. After reaching certain levels, you can in fact present your bodily form in whatever way you wish. If you think of your own so called Summerland in the dimensions that you move to after your earthly transition, you will be aware that even there you have the power to change your appearance, or manifest objects at will. It is a perfectly natural development.

You have been taught about your power of thought and that when you use it on Earth it will manifest in course of time. This is more down to the collective consciousness of Humanity, and is why it is so important that you guard against the wrong type of thoughts that are negative. In your current phase upon Earth a great battle is taking place to determine who will have control. All the time you project your vision of how you see the future, you will be building it on the higher levels and eventually it will come into manifestation upon Earth.

It is necessary that you know what the dark are doing to achieve their plan, but do not give your energy to it by becoming emotionally involved as anger or hatred produce the very energies that they thrive upon. You have many stories of the Light and dark being pitched together in battle and it is no co-incidence that you usually find that the dark are forced to retreat by being confronted by the Light. The Light is all powerful and you should shine it everywhere that you perceive darkness. You are presently at a great crossroad in this present cycle and about to take a new path that is paved with the Light. We can then come to you and you will find that we are so much like you, and we have already gone ahead and can now help you along the same path.

I am Diane, and I am pleased to come again on behalf of the Galactic Federation. Each day, we get a little nearer to you and we see how much excitement there already is at the prospect of our coming. We too are excited, and look forward to landing our craft and stepping upon Earth. Many of us have been with you before and have fond memories of our meetings. You shall be invited to join us as our Brothers and Sisters in the name of All That Is. We have much knowledge and Love to offer you all.

Thank you, Diane
Mike Quinsey

June 14, 2005

We come to your planet and see one of radiant beauty, truly a jewel in the firmament and one that has been created to reveal the beauty of the Creator’s hand. Lovingly and carefully seeded to allow you to see the wonders of creation, brought to you from all parts of your Universe. Although severely depleted and changed, it still carries much of the original imprint. The Earth has suffered the growing pains of your leap into the Industrial Age, but at a cost that has seen many areas of the world changed beyond recognition. At different times Man has had a greater vision and tried to work with nature and some of his creations have enhanced the Earth.

You have been but children in the nursery and playground of Earth, and you do not always behave or understand what you are doing. However, with permission of Mother Gaia you have lived on her, and with her for eons of time. She has provided all of your needs at some cost to herself, but now she looks at evolving Man and sees that the time has arrived for a great step up. The days of childish and uncontrolled behavior are fast coming to a close, and a new Human is emerging. Already many of you recognize the nature of the changes that are occurring now, and your consciousness is being lifted.

Suddenly, you can comprehend your place in the Universe and you intuitively know that there are greater goals than before. You feel the growth within yourself and look at what is around you with a different understanding. You see the beauty and design in creation, sense the Oneness of All That Is and realize that your place is no longer upon the present Earth. You can visualize the new expression that is beginning to form around you. You also understand that you too are part of the changes in the ever evolving Universe of God. Your consciousness is expanding exponentially as the new energies are grounded upon Earth. The new you, the fully fledged being of full consciousness, is emerging from its cocoon. As the butterfly emerges to spread its wings, so do you in readiness for a great journey and experience in the higher realms.

As one who has already moved into the higher dimensions, I know that you will not only be renewed, but you will feel a freedom that is at present indescribable. Because you are physical, you little realize how heavy the vibrations can be and once released from them you will not wish to return to them. By comparison to your Light Body, your physical body is a hindrance and very much restricts your ability to freely move around. Your only parallel comes from out of the body experiences, and with very few exceptions people are reluctant to return to their earthly body out of choice. There is also an important realization that you are more than just your physical body. The idea that one day you should depart from it no longer causes the fear that usually accompanies such a consideration.

Even now your body cells are changing; the new energies are preparing you for the greater changes that are needed. You cannot move into the Ascension period unless you have been fully prepared. When we of the higher dimensions finally arrive openly on your Earth, we shall guide you towards your goal and assist you so that you are ready for the wonderful experience of your awakening. Many different planetary civilizations will be represented by the Galactic Federation, and those that initially return will be the same that have had a long association with you. You are a part of us as we are a part of you, and we will be inexorably linked well into the future.

Remember that Ascension does not mean any loss of consciousness, but an expansion of the lower consciousness you now have to one that is fully developed. This will be a return to your true self, and you will know who you really are and the reason you took the plunge into the cycle of duality. Clearly it was for experience, but behind it is an even greater purpose that will be revealed once you have Ascended. There is no real mystery except that you will all have in mind different ways of using your new found freedom. With full consciousness you will take your place amongst the Masters and the Angelic Legions that serve Earth at present. It may sound a big leap from where you are at present, but you will have no difficulty in adjusting to such magical and majestic changes.

I am Diane and I bring you the greetings of the Galactic Federation who wait to welcome you into the great family of planets. You will be as one in purpose to serve all others, and that is both within and without of the Federation. We have all traveled far, yet in reality our journey has only just begun. It is an exciting time to be present and participate in your coming release from the lower dimensions. We see many of you that are able to put the old behind you, and have realized that it no longer serves you. A new force is emerging upon Earth and it carries Light and Love into contact with all it meets. You are truly wonderful in the way that you arisen from the dark and found the path that leads to your true home in the stars. We will feel proud to stand with you shoulder to shoulder; you are the embodiment of Love upon Earth.

Thank you, Diane
Mike Quinsey

September 10, 2005

The response of the people to recent events is proving to be the undoing of those who have perpetrated such action against them. So many of you are banding together, and your strength is growing as you become a force to be reckoned with. It is not just the destiny of your country that is at stake, but the whole world. The repercussions of Katrina are being felt everywhere and the cost of fuel is rapidly rising, much to the concern of ordinary people. This will pit the people against their own authorities, and the whole system of pricing and distribution will come into focus.

Is it not unacceptable that alternative free energy sources have been known for many years, yet suppressed in the interests of profit? The technology is already known, and it could have been gradually introduced to allow for a smooth and workable change-over. Other events will dictate the manner in which the changes are made, and fortunately you will have the expertise of the Galactic Federation to organize it. In simple terms it is a matter of the availability and supply of new vehicles and equipment using free energy. Transport will be the key area that will be addressed very quickly, and this will immediately bring a halt to one of the most world–wide sources of pollution.

Our ability to meet your requirements far outweighs the demands that you will make upon us. We have been planning for this period of time for many years, and our resources are unlimited. Let me remind you that we have millions of craft at our disposal, and one of the reasons they are here in such numbers is so that we can put our plans into effect very quickly. We know exactly what you will need and the systems we will introduce are well tried and tested. We can enable your transport systems in such a way that with very advanced computer technology, they will operate in complete safety and efficiency. This will also apply to small airborne craft which will be much quicker and totally safe compared to your present means.

One of the greatest gains from our coming will be the removal of many restrictive practices that will no longer be necessary. When you travel there will be freedom that you have not experienced previously, where the cumbersome practice of carrying passports and other paperwork  will become unnecessary. Indeed, much of your “paperwork” will disappear and taken over by new methods of identification and tracking. This will be computer controlled and in no way intrusive upon your privacy. Communications will also change from their present format, and everyone will be supplied with small compact mobile units that will be able to work anywhere in the world.

As a world family you will come closer together than ever before, and the fear of criminal activity will disappear. There are ways to remove that criminal tendency so that it will not surface, ways that are not an invasion of your freewill. In a world of plenty where your needs are adequately covered, there will be no need to acquire the property of another, and serve no purpose where it will eventually be supplied free of charge. As fairness and equality are restored, so any lack of trust and suspicion will also disappear and a new society will emerge. No longer will you toil all hours of the day to earn a living and that type of intensity will no longer be necessary, and computers will carry out the repetitive tasks that are time consuming.

Food and medicine are also areas that will be subject to change. Eventually you will enjoy good health and high energy from a different way of living to the present. In any event, as these changes are taking place so the new energies surrounding your Earth will increase tremendously and illnesses such as you experience now will become a thing of the past. Cancer which is the curse of Man will disappear along with all types of illnesses which will be eliminated with your increasing vibrations. There will never again be a place for such imperfections, but instead a continual condition of perfect health.  The dependency upon drugs for medical purposes, and drug addiction will be eliminated as again they will have no place as new methods are introduced.

The whole purpose of our coming is to speed up your evolution. To enable you to make that quantum leap forward, out of the cycle of duality into the first stages of balance and harmony leading to total preparation for the New Age. We ourselves have already passed through these periods of development, and bring to you the benefit of our experience gathered over eons of time. The changes you face will seem extraordinary, but are a normal progression as all continually moves upwards and onwards.

What events on Earth are revealing is how your existing ways are no longer acceptable. You have been held back for so long by those with their own agenda, and that has gone against the need for steady evolution and to bring you into preparation for the next period. You have an expanding world population that is eating up the natural resources of Earth at a rapid rate, and it cannot be sustained any longer. You are in fact beginning to make areas uninhabitable, destroying the natural equilibrium of Nature and this is affecting all life forms. Man should be working close with Nature, not destroying it or using it for ulterior purposes. We shall nevertheless handle all of these issues once we have all come together, and carry out what is necessary to restore Mother Earth to her original beauty.

I am Diane of the Galactic Federation, part of a great assembly of planets that have progressed with a mission to bring peace to all quarters of the Universe. At present you are our focus for changes that will bring that peace we know the majority of you seek. It shall not be denied much longer, and we await the final authority to reveal ourselves. All of our actions are carried out in great love for you, and we look forward to officially welcoming you into the Federation. We are One, and you will take your place amongst us.

Thank you, Diane.
Mike Quinsey

December 22, 2005

The lights, the carols and the color of the decorations, are as near as you can get to the impression you would have visiting the higher realms. It is not just that, it is the energy of love that people readily give to one another, and the upliftment of one’s hopes and expectation of an enjoyable time. Also the gifting of presents that are often chosen with so much care and forethought. It all makes for an occasion which is very special, and for many it is also the celebration of the birth of Jesus.

From the higher dimensions we can look down upon Earth and see the light of love permeating the ethers, and it is beautiful to observe. The energies flow and move together as they swirl around those areas that are still in the dark. You will know that we can monitor your levels of consciousness, and at this time it increases and you seem to be able to rise above the negative energies. It is a fact that if you can hold onto the higher vibrations, you are able to center yourselves and they have little affect.

Your hopes for the New Year are much higher than usual, as you have become aware of the significance of it where changes are concerned. You yearn for that quantum leap forward that will leave the dark behind, and allow you to find your freedom. It has been a long time since you experienced true freedom, so long in fact that you have come to accept the conditions thrust upon you. We realize that because of this, many of you just do not accept that there can be such remarkable changes from what you have previously been used to experiencing.

It is the sheer size of the challenge, to move you out of the restrictions that have been imposed over hundreds of years. We can no longer wait for evolution to catch up with you; once the changes commence they have to literally happen overnight. The size of the task is fortunately more than matched by our own technology, and methods that far surpass even those futuristic ideas that your forward looking scientists hold. It is also the fact that the members of our Federation are able to offer help that alleviates the necessity for great numbers of Beings having to participate. Virtually all of your needs will be addressed immediately we can openly contact you. Our task forces are well primed and ready for the exciting period of restoring your Earth, and installing technology that will remove many of your present problems and needs.

Given that the vibrations upon Earth continue to rise, there is not one person who cannot benefit from them. They have a settling and calming affect, and gradually you will find people have a more peaceful approach to life. At present, all manner of energies pound you all day long and it can be very disorientating and people find they are snappy and short tempered. You also have the stress of work, travel and modern living all of which are conducive to the tiredness and lack of energy that many feel. You will shortly break for your winter holiday, and have an opportunity to unwind and regain your composure.

In the future these ups and downs will no longer plague you, and you will have time to enjoy the work you will do. The whole environment and conditions in which you do so will change beyond recognition. You will effectively work as you choose to do so, and your time will be spent being productive and be very fulfilling. Your whole approach to work will be different, because your needs will have already been taken care of and it will be more of a pleasure. The drudgery of certain types of manual work will cease and many more functions will become fully automated. Clean processes will be the order of the day and pollution such as you now cause will not be allowed.

All nature of employment will change dramatically from what you have been used to experiencing. You will not be thrown from pillar to post or find yourself unemployed according to the value of the dollar, or indeed any other currency. Financial Institutions will be reformed and you will find many acceptable changes taking place. Much of the groundwork has already taken place and we have our allies to thank for it. So much has been done in preparation for your future, and we are certainly ready to go ahead at a minutes notice.

Over the years you have heard much about the benefits that we will bring you. Even so, it will far exceed your expectations as the scale of changes are enormous and will be very much to your satisfaction. Communications and particularly transport are going to be extremely wonderful in removing barriers that currently prevent free travel around your world. There will come a time when you will visit overseas countries simply for a day out, and for those of you who have relations abroad it will be as easy as taking a coach ride into town. New transport technology is safe and extremely fast, and localized versions will be fully automated. You will take to it all very easily, as you are already used to living in the Space Age,

I am Diane of The Galactic Federation and I want you to understand how far reaching our contact with you will be. Our help will extend to all areas of your life, and we know the one that particularly concerns you is health. We can cure all ills, and our methods of treatment are not in the least way harmful, and it will not be determined by ability to pay. All treatment will be free, and once you have been restored to good health we will educate you in practices that will ensure your lasting well being. The old ways will have to change, and we do not see any difficulty in getting you to accept them, after all they are in your best interests.

I will leave you now, and hope you have a relaxing and peaceful holiday. We shall tune into Earth and share some of your festive celebrations. Music has a universal appeal and we will enjoy some of your beautiful carols with you. On behalf of The Galactic Federation I wish you all a most wonderful time, and much Love to light your way.

Thank you, Diane.
Mike Quinsey

February 2, 2006

We know that our messages are sometimes repetitive, but as we rapidly approach the time of change we emphasize the need for you to be prepared. We also keep re-assuring that all will be well, as these are very volatile times and there are still ups and downs to be experienced. Our allies are well versed in the part they are to play in bringing about the removal of the last cabal. You may sense the great occasion is near, but it will happen with surprising quickness. It must be so, as a long drawn out situation would only benefit those opposed to our actions.

The pieces are in position that will enable our plan to go ahead, but as always our timing has to be exact. One day in the future you shall learn the truth behind our activities, and undoubtedly be surprised to know who have been working with us. It is not always wise to show your true colors, and we can adequately protect our allies. The stage is set, and we are all at readiness for a series of quick developments that will follow the first action on Earth. We are so keen to get going, and end your frustration and sometimes impatience at the delays.

The dark are trying hard to rush through reams of new legislation to gain a firmer hold over you. They look for extensive powers that virtually give you no rights at all, so that they can use the iron fist against you. They try to stem the impetus that is growing daily and calls for an end to the oppression, and instead peaceful negotiation to put an end to all wars. You are turning against those who are staring into the abyss, yet like lemmings race headlong to the cliff edge. They cannot admit to themselves that their plan is now breaking up, and they try to grasp what is left with one last attempt to maintain their position.

We have to let this last act play itself out, but we know that each time your senses are assaulted by the deeds of the dark your opposition to them grows. They now target the Internet and will try to curtail or prevent the free exchange of information. This task is beyond them at present, but they do target some individuals who are at the forefront of freedom of speech. You have already reached so many people through this medium. Without it you would not have been able to provide the people convincing proof of your Government’s involvement in 9/11. It is too late for them to close this door and it will be instrumental in their downfall.

Meantime we closely watch events, and will act if they give any indication of getting out of hand. We do not sit idly by and are very much aware of what is happening even behind the scenes. We are as usual holding the balance, whilst allowing the outworking of Karma that must necessarily be allowed to clear itself. However, you have brought things to a head and the Light is assured of coming out victorious. We know that so many of you inwardly “feel” that the coming events will lead to the final conclusion.

There are many brave souls now that are so bold and not afraid to stand up for their principles, and the rights of others. They find their strength and courage in their beliefs, and know that many others walk with them and protect them. We often accompany them to inspire them and guide their actions because they are receptive to us. Many have awoken to their soul contracts that have come into play specifically for this very time. Some have spent their whole life preparing for this final thrust, and they stand out like beacons of Light.

We have the advantage of knowing who has undertaken to serve the Light at this time. We come to you in your sleep, and sometimes you come with us to prepare for your part in the action. I tell you that you are formidable forces that carry no arms except for your powerful light emanations, and your love for humankind. You have the most powerful energy in the whole of creation, and it will be used to clear the way for those who follow. Each Lightworker makes a unique contribution, and all is according to their ability and equally as important. Never feel that you have little to offer, as each contribution is essential to the whole.

When you begin to understand how evolution takes place, you will also appreciate the wonderful opportunities it affords each and every one to progress. No one else can do it for you, and this cycle that is about to close has enabled you to step up your vibration in relatively short time. At this stage we are allowed to assist you, as the Hierarchy of Heaven desire that as many of you as possible go forward to the higher levels. Our presence and help is similar to that given by your Guides to all who are incarnated upon Earth. The difference is that we come specifically to help you and Earth lift up, something that we are experienced in carrying out.

I am Diane of the Galactic Federation, just one of millions privileged to be here at this time. We want you to succeed and will do everything we can to ensure you do so. Let me say again that we are your family, and you are linked to us as you have been for eons of time. Would it not follow that we should be here to assist at such an important time for you and Mother Earth? We Are One, and do not judge us by our outer differences as you will see that many of us have a great similarity to you. When you ascend our Oneness will be more apparent, and you will have acquired bodies like ours that comprise more of Light.

I leave you with the promise that we are with you every minute, and none shall be harmed that are doing God’s work. Perhaps you have not considered what motivates all of us, it is our Love for All Life, the creations that are Holy and carry the essence of the Creator

Thank you, Diane.
Mike Quinsey

February 8, 2006

The mere fact that so many channels have been opened in recent times should tell you that you are in a very special time. Some wish that they too could channel messages, and I tell you that you are receiving information from higher sources all of the time. Providing you are prepared to put aside sufficient time to contact your Higher Self, you will get personal messages directed to you. For example, when you ask for help you can get your guidance from above, and in times to come it will be a normal feature of your daily life.  This is beginning to happen now, and it only requires awareness of your potential to do so to bring it into focus.

Each and every one of you has a link to your Higher Self, and Beings of the higher dimensions. It is part of your natural function as a Human Being and on a soul level, as you are connected to every other life form. There is a continual interplay of energies between you all, and this is how you draw from each other and create your own reality. What you have been doing through higher guidance is acknowledging your ability to create, and place your focus on the changes that you desire. You are co-creators where your reality is concerned, and we have prepared the ground and direct your attention to Ascension. With that, we encourage you to visualize Ascension as already manifest, and with such a positive approach you will be helping to anchor those energies that will bring it about.

There has never been a time when you have had so many sources channeling New Age information. The difficulty for you is that you cannot always determine which are from the higher dimensions. Our advice to you is to be discerning and be guided by your intuition. Also bear in mind that most messages are influenced in style and language by the channel, unless there is a direct overshadowing. You will almost certainly be drawn to those that you feel comfortable with, and are on a similar vibration to yours. Bear in mind, that messages from a spiritual source are gentle, positive and promote Love and Light.

Some of you are still uncertain as to what your Higher Self really is, so let me tell you in simple terms that it is your Godself. It is that part of you that oversees your life, and is the source of your intuition. It is the totality of you in all aspects of yourself, as you have a number of them that are also experiencing elsewhere. These may not necessarily be on Earth, but could even be in another Universe. You will find that life is so much more than you have ever envisaged, as each soul presses on to gain experience in dimensions that all allow varying degrees of freewill.

As you progress upwards you will find less need to exercise freewill, as there is a coming together of like minds and if forms a Group Consciousness. Furthermore, you will put aside your personal desires and prefer to carry out the Will of God. It may for some be a difficult concept, but even carrying out God’s Will you have freedom of choice; it does not mean that you loose your personal identity. In your coming period before Ascension you will almost certainly have lifted up out of duality. In so doing you will find that your thoughts are focused less on “I” and more on the “We” as you will fully understand that Oneness of All.

Think of The Galactic Federation that is a supreme example of the coming together of those who acknowledge God, and carry out God’s bidding. There are many Councils and Groups of like minds, and many of you will have heard of The White Brotherhood. All of these work on different rays of energy and compliment the whole, and behind them are even greater Beings. Once you put Self aside and aspire to live your life in Love and Light, many Beings will join you and support you in that decision.

Earth is in turmoil at present and learning many lessons that have become necessary to clear the negative energies of the past. This is where Lightworkers are invaluable to us, as they bring through positive energies to help transmute them and prepare the way for greater changes that are to come. Everyone can contribute, and you do not necessarily have to go anywhere particular to do so. In your own space you can maintain a centered and focused view of all that is going on around you, and send it your Loving energy. Visualize the best outcome for all, and you along with millions like you will change the world.

Anyone who has any degree of sensitivity will note how the energies are changing. When you can keep centered, there is a calmness all around you that is uplifting, and for some reason you cannot explain it will make you feel joyful. Dear Ones, you have been grounding the love energies upon Earth, and you can tune into them. They are here to stay and they are growing stronger every day. Nothing can resist such a powerful energy, and it is lifting all up with it. What is not of the Light will soon disappear, as it will have no place in the coming period. Eventually only Truth shall remain, and then you shall know your true Self as the Angelic Being you really are.

I am Diane of The Galactic Federation, and I feel privileged to address you at such an important time in your evolution. We give

you our full support and we look forward to meeting you all at long last. Through our communications we have got to know each other quite well. You may feel that you have already known us, and for many that is true as we have been together in the past. We Are One now, and this will forever be so.

Thank you, Diane.
Mike Quinsey

February 14, 2006

Each day brings forth a new set of possibilities and the mass consciousness is continually changing. People have a tendency to react to what goes on around them in a way that goes back eons of time when your strongest instinct was for your survival. With the threats that are now made against various countries that are pictured as a danger to you, it is easy to create an atmosphere of fear and distrust. The peace that you seek sometimes seems elusive and so far away.

There is however a great movement into the Light and it is destined to fulfill your dreams in the very near future. It quietly creates the conditions and opportunity to bring the changes that are necessary so that you can further proceed. As ever, your part is to keep your focus on the outcome and live that vision now. We tell you this often so that you are not distracted by the saber rattling of your leaders. The dark is making its last stand, but it is ultimately doomed to fail.

Have you considered how you will accept the far reaching changes that are due to happen upon Earth? The old is going to be replaced by the new, and already the new energies are bringing the first changes that are needed. In the gradual lifting up the old cannot exist in the higher vibrations and you will become aware of subtle changes that are occurring. On a grand scale you must first realize that the Earth must cleanse itself, and this will become more noticeable as Mother Earth carries it out. The Human Race is also greatly affected, as the time of choice has long arrived and two distinct paths are being carved out.

To those of the Light it is perhaps easy to choose the higher path, as you have been preparing for it for eons of time. However, there are others who are still held down by the attractions of the lower vibrations and they lack the preparation to carry them forward. One major problem for many is that you cannot take your possessions with through to Ascension, anymore than you could at any other time of transition. Ascension takes it a stage further, as some of those souls who are part of your family and friends have made a decision to stay in the 3D and have no desire to move on as you do.

Ascension means a letting go of all that is of the earthly vibration as it cannot exist in the higher vibration. It is a simple Universal Law that allows only that which is of the same vibration to be drawn together. Having regard to the rewarding changes that accompany Ascension, there is really no necessity to feel sadness or regret over that which you leave behind. You will have everything you could possibly need to maintain a wonderful quality of life, and want for absolutely nothing. In the higher vibration your needs will in any event change quite considerably to what they were. You will be a free soul able to create for yourself whatever you desire.

On Earth you have been used to acquiring wealth to pay your way through life. That will no longer be necessary as there will be no necessity for payment when all you need is freely available. Health is no longer a problem, as you will be in a body that has been perfected through the effect of the higher vibrations. It will no longer be heavy physical as you experience now, but light and not subject to any adverse effect from outside influences. All around you will be uplifting energies that will interplay with your own, and the most noticeable change will be in the feeling of well being, peace and harmony with all else.

It is as well that you begin to accept that all changes are for good, and trust in the higher forces that have your best interests at heart. Know that God’s plan is perfect and that it desires for you all that is a reflection of the highest manifestation of God’s Love. Those of the Light have found a way to make the best out of their time on Earth. It has not come without sacrifice, but in their understanding of the higher truths they are able to put it aside.

Dear Ones, there is only one thing that you take with you when you leave the old Earth behind, and that is experience. Love has always been with you, but at times you have allowed it to sink in the morass of the dark energies. Personal love has grown into Unconditional Love, and this is a growth that takes place as you rise higher in the vibrations. Take the time to meditate on these matters and you will find yourself at one with such ideas. They should come naturally to you as you are returning to the higher state that you left eons of time ago to enter duality.

This cycle is now drawing to a close and everyone has a designated level to go to and none are left without direction and opportunity to continue their upward journey. Freewill is a marvelous gift that has allowed you to create exactly what you have wished. However this has applied to both the dark and the Light who have fought each other for supremacy. The Light has not always been used in its pure form, and sometimes has been passed off as such simply to ensnare people in the lower vibrations. You have been tried and tested in the fires of conflict and the power battles of Man. Now it is time for all of that to cease, and Heaven has decreed that the end of this cycle now takes place.

I am Diane of The Galactic Federation and like all of my fellow travelers I come to Earth to lift your spirits. I also desire that you see us as your Brothers and Sisters because you are us, and we are you. Our God is Universal and One of Everlasting Love and our God is your God. We are not strangers but from one big family that seeks to bring the Light to all forms of life wherever they are. Let us share our love together and the joy and happiness it brings.

Thank you, Diane,
Mike Quinsey

March 2, 2006

Do you sometimes pinch yourself and wonder if the coming Ascension can be true?  After all, there are few outward signs and what is called for on your part is requires much faith and dedication. We tell you of the speeding up of time, and many of you will agree that your experiences are different from what they were before.  Now you rarely seem to have time to do everything you wish, and there is a definite feeling that something special is taking place. The speeding up of your vibrations is another sign of the changes and that itself is not so easy to describe.  All in all there is a new energy prevailing, and it will affect everyone in some way or another.

The important point to remember is that whilst there is no way that Ascension can be aborted, it is not forced upon anyone. There are options that you are aware of that will allow for people to continue to stay in a 3D environment. In a freewill Universe it is you who decide the nature of your experiences. However, there is a purpose that continually drives you ever onwards, and it is your innate knowing that causes you strive towards the Source. You are evolving all of the time, and regardless of whether you realize it or not, you will never stand still for long. Deep within your subconscious memory you know that you came from the higher dimensions and it is there that is your real home.

How many times have you said “There must be something better than this”, and it is because you know that you are not in your true reality. Now for example, many of you accept that you are not your physical body and that it is only a vehicle for your time on Earth. It is nevertheless a most wonderful and adaptable means of existence. Your body treats you well and serves its purpose admirably providing you care for it and treat it with respect.  Indeed, you should love your body even if it is not perfect as it is providing exactly what you needed for this particular time for your experience.

Perfection is something that awaits you once you move into the higher vibrations, as nothing but a full and complete expression can exist. Consider for a moment that once you shed the physical body you immediately move into another that is lighter and of a different vibration. One that responds to your thoughts and desires and that as soon as you realize it you can mould it according to your wishes. It is unnecessary to carry any disablement that you experienced upon Earth even to the point of replacing lost limbs.

Now, would it not seem possible that when you prepare for Ascension and you raise your vibrations that all imperfections will disappear?  This is indeed what will happen and you are already beginning to experience the lifting up and consequent changes in your body cells. A sense of well being, brightness and sharper awareness are some signs of it. Also, health wise you will find that you are not prone to illness as before and even aging will be slowed down. As you progress your individual powers will increase but it comes with responsibility and understanding. They go hand in hand as you cannot be let loose unless you use them in a positive way and for the good of all.

As you are often informed, very soon events will move on and the long awaited changes will start to take place. You will be joined by many higher Beings and guidance will be readily given so that you understand what is expected of you. You also have many young people making their presence felt, who have come to Earth for the specific purpose of showing you the way forward. Remarkable souls who are already a reflection of what you are destined to be yourself. Take note of what they say, they come with much wisdom and absolute love for all forms of life. They are young people that are in essence very old souls, and are an essential part of the plan to enlighten Humanity.  [N. of E.:  Here Diane is referring to the Indigo and Crystal Children.]

The energy of Love is the driving force behind all enlightened Beings. It is all consuming and the most powerful one that exists, it is in fact All That Is. All Beings are able to appreciate the energy and its power to bring about changes. However, on Earth the vibrations are too low for you to fully experience what the true energy is like. Yet, you all seek the love energy and when you find it how different it makes you feel. To Love or be Loved it is a most satisfying and uplifting energy. It can heal sickness, bring calmness in the middle of turmoil and find a way to peace where all else has failed.

I am Diane of The Galactic Federation of Light and our name tells you that we are a Federation of members who work in and for the Light. How far must you have progressed to find that there is already a place for you in the Federation. It is because you have taken those steps that are leading to Ascension and you will become as us, fully lighted Beings. No wonder we tell you that you are special, and that is because you are stepping out of duality and joining us in the Light. It was your choice, your decision and will fulfill the final stage of your end plan. We welcome you into our company and even for us it is quite an event when another civilization joins us. We know how to celebrate such an occasion and we shall ensure it is a most memorable time. Move through these final moments knowing there is so much love going with you, and you cannot fail to achieve your goal.

Thank you, Diane
Mike Quinsey


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