You Begin A Great Adventure of Co-Creation

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You Begin a Great Adventure of Co-Creation

Hatonn (Christ Michael)

Channelings by Mike Quinsey, . Published initially in this website on February 19, 2005.

Commander Hatonn.
Record Keeper for the Space Confederation.  He is assigned to the Starship Hatonn.  His home is the planet Terminus Hatonn.
Artist: Celaya Winkler

February 11, 2005

The 3rd Dimension is still your reality at present, and it serves both the dark and the Light. But soon it shall be completely transmuted and all life forms lifted up out of it. It will no longer exist as you know it now, yet to those that are present during the changes it will seem as if all is proceeding quite normally. There are many of you who are unable to understand the claim that your reality is an illusion, as your experience is perfectly «solid» to both touch and sight. The illusion is that this lower dimension is your home, and until you find the truth of your being you appear not to understand anything outside of it. The 3rd Dimension is a vibration of matter that you have temporarily dropped down into for the experience of physical existence. As the higher vibrations are drawn to Earth that are lifting it up into a new dimension, so matter is changing and if it cannot submit to this change it is totally transmuted and returned to source. This is in accordance with Universal Law and the changes are quite natural and in no way harmful. However, when matter can move with the changes, it absorbs more Light and becomes less dense and more «lighter».

Where life-forms are concerned there is no problem with those that are moving ahead, and able to accommodate the higher vibration. But those Dear Ones who have chosen to stay in the lower vibration have to be directed to a similar reality, otherwise they would be unable to continue existing for much longer. This is why a new Earth has already been prepared for the continuation of their journey. The Beings who are comfortable in the rising vibrations will continue to do so until they are fully prepared for Ascension, and even they will go on to a new reality. But this one will be no illusion, it is in the realms of Light that are your natural home. Yet the Light dimensions are expansive and seem never ending, and the vibrations become faster and more powerful. These Light realms are your real home, and where you came from after you left the Godhead.

People of the Earth, you are at the beginning of a great adventure in co-creation with the Creator. You will be as a God and become all powerful, but because you will have undertaken to carry out the Will of God your power will not be mis-used. You will be free to explore the Cosmos and will become a God to others. Can you imagine taking a planet under your guidance and preparing it for habitation? You can do it and much more, there will be no limit to your powers of creation. This is all in your immediate future, and you will be well prepared before you are given such freedom of expression. The responsibility for such undertakings may sound frightening to you in your present level of consciousness. But your return to the Light and all that it entails is quite natural for you, as you will be returning to your true home.

Your understanding of how spirit works in matter and vice versa, results from your experience gained during the cycle that is about to close. You have a wealth of knowledge that is without parallel, and you have experienced every possible situation that physicality could embrace you with. And most important, you have seen how Universal Love has been the driving force behind all creation. All along, although you have not understood the reason, you have been preparing for the coming quantum leap forward in your evolution. When you first came into the lower vibrations you knew the Divine Plan, and you also knew the challenge would test you to the limit. But you went ahead with full confidence, because you knew that you would never be left alone and without help, and that there would always be someone to call upon. You have already achieved greatness from your experiences, but you do not yet fully realize it because you only see yourself as the figure you are in your present lifetime. But eventually you will have that realization, as your full consciousness is returned. You have necessarily been kept in the dark, now you arise in the Light to your full potential and claim your Cosmic Consciousness. The Divine Plan is coming to a close for your old Earth, yet it reaches into the next one as the Creator never ceases to create more opportunities for further experience.

I am Hatonn, and I have been closely associated with your development. I have laid the TRUTH before you many times, and opened your eyes to the machinations of the dark. I have been open and transparent in my dealings with you, now go and do likewise. Leave the lies and treachery of millennia behind you, it no longer serves a useful purpose, and become that which you are and always will be, a Love aspect of the One. I take great satisfaction from the achievements of you all, you have overcome the dark and it is joyful to see the great Light that now abounds on Earth. You have your victory and all Heaven rejoices in a great outpouring of Love. So be it.

Thank you, Hatonn
Mike Quinsey


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