Your Leaders Either Change or Be Replaced

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Your Leaders Either Change or Be Replaced


Channeled by Mike Quinsey, [email protected]Published initially in this website on January 19, 2005.

January 12, 2005

Each time we draw close to Earth, we are still thrilled to see your beautiful blue/green orb.  The beauty hides the conflicts that are taking place, and we register both positive and negative energies. The marvel to us is that suddenly there has been a great up-swelling of positive energies which have reached a level we have not recorded previously. In fact, they are becoming the dominant force upon Earth and the dark are feeling decidedly uncomfortable. Eventually, it becomes a case of change or be changed as there is no going back to the earlier status quo. The changes that have taken place are a firm indication that you are becoming more receptive to the idea of First Contact. With the various problems that exist, and particularly the aftermath of the tsunami damage, you would dearly love to have the advantage of our advanced technologies. But we see determined groups of people, tackling the problems as best as they can and all credit to their dedication to their work. We find that the new energies are still growing, and even more people are being touched by them and responding positively. With more independent views of the problems of the world, that are no longer government lead, we see a movement towards permanent peace. You are taking back your own powers of decision making, and really making yourselves felt. We encourage your activities, knowing that you are laying down the foundation for a great step forward when your voice shall be the one that is heard. We also know that it will make our introduction to you a lot easier, and we will more naturally fit into your plans.

The continued denials of our existence have a hollow ring about them, as so many of you have had first hand experience of us and our craft. Or you know someone else who has had an undeniable sighting that cannot be explained in conventional terms. Your Press and Media are of course gagged, and in support of the Government they will try to explain the facts away. Now that you have developed your own craft there is a problem in trying to keep the details secret, yet it is also expedient to allow people to believe they are off-world craft. Again, because you have the intelligence to be discerning, you cannot be fooled any longer about the truth, and you realize that when you see our craft in your skies, there is no threat to you. This all makes our final open Contact with you so much easier, but we do understand there will always be a certain number of people who will re-act in fear. But they will soon be assured of our benevolent and peaceful intentions. You are ready for our mass landings and flyovers, and many of you are aware that these events are very close to happening. We do not have your pre-occupation with time, yet the timing of First Contact is so important. The scene has to be set so that we can appear without risk of our craft being shot at, and we shall have to take measures to ensure it does not take place. Having studied human psychology, we also know how to present ourselves without overpowering you. This is why initially we shall take great pains to explain who we are, and why we are here, and we shall fully use your current means of communication.

I can tell you that you will quickly take to us, and your present leaders will have to be prepared to change or be replaced. There will be no place for the old style of rule, and you will be released from many restraints and illegal laws that have kept you in bondage. You will be excited to take a new found freedom that will allow you to express your self as you wish. You will be able to travel without the baggage of reams of red tape, and in short time we will have re-organized your methods of transportation so that non-polluting vehicles are at your disposal. We shall introduce you to magnetic lifters that will be fast and safe to use. There is so much we are waiting to do for you that will quickly bring you into a new age that you would not otherwise have reached for hundreds of years. We can imagine the joy on your faces when you realize that you are no longer under the strict controls of the dark, and that you will have reclaimed your freedom. The greatest happiness will arise from permanent peace being declared, and all wars being stopped and the weaponry destroyed. People will be redeployed and no one will suffer hardship from the changes. Indeed the door of opportunity will be opened, and you will be able to follow your heart’s desire without worrying about the means to do it. Travel will be free, and the need to work many hours a week to provide an income to cover your outgoings, will no longer be necessary. A completely new way of life will present itself, and one that you will find very acceptable. You do not yet know what it feels like to be really free, but you will soon find out.

I am Sa-Lu-Sa and a Sirian much in appearance to you, and you will soon realize that we must have common roots. I serve in the Galactic Federation and expect to be amongst some of the First Contacts to be made with you. Meeting you will be a wonderful occasion that we have looked forward to ever since it was known that open Contact would take place. There have been occasions in the past where we were on alert, and expected to land en masse because of a potential disaster caused by your use of nuclear bombs. But this time it is different, and we come to help you with the tasks that these end-times present you.

I tell you with certainty, that we shall be with you very soon, and you will know this as events unfold that shall be necessary to clear the way for Contact to occur.

Thank you, Sa-Lu-Sa
Mike Quinsey

January 27, 2005

I am a Sirian, and I know that we feel what you would call a moral obligation to the people of Earth. Over eons of time we have had a particular interest in your evolution. We have made genuine attempts to further it along a path that would lead to you once again finding full consciousness. Along the way, we have had to concede to the activities of other visitors who have not had your best interests at heart. On the contrary, they have subjugated you to their experiments with a view to making you become enslaved to them. Your history spans millions of years, during which time a number of different star systems have taken an interest in your development. It is as though you have been a showcase of evolution for the whole Universe, and to some extent this bears truth. Your progress has been carefully monitored, and regardless of what interference you have had, the spiritual hierarchy has had the overall say in what has taken place. This has been necessary to ensure that the ultimate aim was achieved, that being your emergence into full consciousness. The end of the cycle has always been known, along with the need for you to be sufficiently prepared for Ascension.

Looking at the whole picture, there is a beautiful pattern that shows despite many downturns, you have nevertheless grown and raised your vibration. You have come through dire periods where you have become almost completely cut off from your source. Low points have been reached where it looked as if you would find it impossible to lift yourselves back up. But with help you have made remarkable progress, and particularly in the last few hundred years.

The Earth was chosen as your birthplace for the grand experiment, and I remind you that you volunteered for the opportunity to enter duality. It was intentionally placed at the edge of your solar system, so as to keep it away from those marauders of the Universe who seek to take over planets and their resources. During the Galactic wars, your solar system did not escape attention, and much damage was carried out that destroyed a planet you sometimes refer to as Maldek. Other planets such as Mars were also seriously affected, and caused the inhabitants to go underground. This is not unusual, as when you have advanced knowledge and technology, it is possible to create underground cities where the environment is totally controlled and very comfortable. You have no problems such as the weather or solar activity, and can live in conditions that are comfortable and fully protected. You have possibly heard of your own underground city of Agartha, and you may know that visitors to it have seen a most wonderful existence.  They found everything that you would normally enjoy when on the surface, and at times had no realization that anything was different.

When we became aware of Earth and its inhabitants, we took it upon ourselves to speed up your evolution. We altered your DNA and it was successful, but in the course of time we also understood that we interfered with your natural progression. This made a Karmic tie between us, and we attend your needs now as part of our intention to set you firmly on course for your Ascension. Others such as those from Orion have also been prominent in your evolution, and you find much reference to them in your Egyptian period. The truth is that you have the qualities of Beings from many different star systems, and as a result you have become fully developed and ready for your next period of experience. One can look back millennia of time and see the hand of God in your development, and we humbly submit to that loving force that is All That Is.

Frequently, there have been wonderful periods during your most recent history, where civilizations have peaked and enjoyed harmony and peace. Your Atlantean and Lemurians went through such times, and virtually all of you will have spent many lives with these great civilizations. But since all is in a continual state of change, other forces arise that want to take over other people. Inevitably this leads to death and destruction and the break up of such civilizations. There are of course also natural occurrences that have molded your future. The people are usually scattered and over a period of time new groups are formed, and many once again become successful thriving communities. Your records are full of such periods in your history, and you only have to look back for a few hundred years to see how quickly changes can occur.

I am looking forward to visiting Earth again, as you are inextricably linked to us as you are many other Beings that have come to you during your period of evolution. I believe you have not yet fully understood what a wonderful achievement you have made, and how great you really are. Do not belittle yourselves, as even now you question your ability to bring peace to your world. You have at last won this battle with the Dark Forces, and can look forward to a marvelous future when all of the veils will be shortly lifted. The Truth of your journeys with Earth will be made known, and you will have much to be proud of when you see how you have battled against the odds.

I am Sa-Lu-Sa and I have enjoyed my opportunity to tell you a little more of your background. I feel a great attachment to you, as do my fellow Sirians. We acknowledge the presence of the Creator and His/Her hand in all we see. We understand the great Love that holds all in its place, the very life force of All That Is.

Thank you, Sa-Lu-Sa
Mike Quinsey

February 14, 2005

Clearly not all of us in the ships around Earth will be directly involved in the First Contact. For a large number of us will be carrying out our responsibilities, to ensure that undesirable Beings do not penetrate our shield around Earth. What is happening is drawing the attention of many other groups, and there is a general awareness throughout this Universe that a great event is taking place. The changes are being detected such as they were when you first announced your ability to split the atom. That was a cause for concern, and from that time careful monitoring has been put in place. As you will already be aware, this is as much for our protection as yours. Your scientists have little idea of how far into space the effect of a nuclear explosion can be felt, and how much disruption it causes. The fact that you can register the effects on your own Earth, leaves us feeling astonished that you still continue to carry out your experimentation. It seems that in the interests of scientific advancement, nothing is sacred and not even life itself. The idea that it is to protect you against some unknown threat, is simply to justify the continuation of your nuclear program. In reality, it is about power and holding a weapon that can be used to force others to concede to you. You see this being en-acted now as your major power continues to develop weapons of mass destruction, but requires other countries to release them.

You have lived all of your lives with some threat or another hanging over you, even if it was only perceived as an invasion of your land. You have come to accept the inevitability of such likelihood, and war and the preparations for war continue unabated. Even Cold Wars are considered good reasons to continue to arm yourselves. Your leaders have spoken of peace but the emphasis is still placed on war, and you never seem to reach that plateau that would enable it to realistically take place. The fact is that war is good business and profitable to the Arms industry, and is used to further the hidden agenda’s of the dark.

When you were approaching the time of your Millennium, a new vision was born, it was seen that it was possible to create a different reality. Although many thought that this time would be your Armageddon, others were looking ahead to a New Age which would bring peace. There was such an awakening that it was possible for us to respond by sending more Light to Earth, and the result was an even greater shift in your consciousness. Now you have progressed so much, that you have set out a path that leads to Ascension, the end of your cycle of duality. That will be the birth of a new Man, who will soon move into Cosmic consciousness. This is a fantastic achievement, and we are here to ensure that the ground is prepared for you. The decisions have been made, and the Divine Plan will be seen to develop in front of your very eyes. Soon the first signs of major happenings upon Earth will start, and once it does it will move along very quickly.

Peace is something you are not used to, as even when you have been in such so called periods there has always been unease. But once the dark leaders and their cohorts have been removed, you will move into an era of real lasting peace, and we shall see that it is so. All wars will be stopped, and all aspects of war will cease, and the weapons of war will be destroyed.

People otherwise involved in the industries that support war, will find other work in keeping with the new dispensation. There is no retribution involved, and as soon as the realization of permanent peace takes hold, many who were deeply involved in war activities, will come happily into the Light.

When we finally make contact, and you learn from us how The Galactic Federation has brought peace to many parts of the Universe, you will have full confidence in the future and our ability to, sustain it. We can prevent interference from outside sources and are a mighty powerful force for good. It will be like a dream come true, for you could hardly have expected to see real peace in your time. But you will have that victory to celebrate, and it will soon become your new reality. We are quite excited at the thought of your joy and happiness when you realize that you are truly about to leave the old behind. There is a grand New Age about to thrust itself upon you, and you will be lifted up by its new energies. We believe you can already feel the changes occurring, and you know we will come to tell you the truth of your new reality.

I am Sa-Lu-Sa, I am Sirian and I have always been closely linked to you. Shortly I hope to be privileged to be one who lands on Earth, in an open First Contact which shall be announced to the world.

Thank you, Sa-Lu-Sa
Mike Quinsey

February 26, 2005. Excerpt


It would be an understatement to say you cannot go on like this, as the Earth is dying and given no respite from the amount of pollution you make. The problems are out of control, and some of your governments lack the will and financial resources to respond. Almost everything you do is looked at in terms of monetary cost, when it should first be looked at in terms of human cost. The people who care and petition for a better world, lack the muscle that the big corporations have and regrettably are not looked upon favorably by the authorities.

But the answers to the problems will soon be at hand, and I along with the fleets of the Galactic Federation will answer your calls. Our presence has long been sought for our technological expertise, and exceptionally advanced methods. We will soon come as part of First Contact and carry out projects that have long been planned, and we will restore Mother Earth in short time. We will not accept any interference from your governments, indeed we have provisional agreements in place with our allies who will be fully co-operating with us. This may sound forceful but we do not make deals with your cabal and their supporters, as their interests are not in line with yours. We come mainly at the request of Mother Earth, who must shake off the effects of your pollution if she is to be fully restored. We do of course come to give all of you that chance to recover from your experiences thus far, as you too need to restore your bodies. Our coming will put a rapid end to all of the undesirable practices that have lead to your present unsatisfactory condition. We will enable such far reaching changes to be made, that your main industries will be totally re-organized, and no longer be a threat against you in any way.

You have asked  for Divine help, and your prayers have been answered. Many times we have approached your governments and offered our help, but it has been rejected. Now we come at the request of you the people, and we look forward to greeting you in what will be a memorable First Contact. It was not all that long ago that you laughed at the somewhat primitive [medical]treatments of old, yet many worked and have been the basis of more modern treatments.

I am Sa-Lu-Sa from Sirius, and privileged to speak to you again. There is much love on our side and we shall happily work with you in great friendship.

Thank you, Sa-Lu-Sa
Mike Quinsey

May 28, 2005

Another day in your life and you all start with certain aspirations as what you are going to do. Very little seems to take place on Earth without much endeavor, and we see the incessant hurrying and often urgency in what you do. Traveling is more often than not, a mission in itself and takes up considerable time and energy. Your brains work overtime planning your day and the options you have if it does not turn out the right way. Being in the lower physical vibration you quickly tire, and return home quite exhausted.

We look at your ways and look at ours, and see how much there is for you to gain once you can adopt ours and indeed live our way. As we are already in a lighter body we do not suffer tiredness as you experience it. However, we can as you would say, relax and top up our energies and we have no need for the sleep periods which are necessary and vital to you. We rest for a while and in a form of meditation draw more energy into our body. There is little requirement for food as an energy source, but we can enjoy delicious drinks that would taste fruity to you. We have no urge to eat, as our bodies are very efficient at taking in energy that is around us. You enjoy your food but when you feel well, energetic and satisfied you will not think of it as you do now, and hunger will be a thing of the past.

Our work is in fact based on our skills or aptitude for certain technologies, but we do it as a creative act as part of an enormous team. Unlike you, we do not work for a living and there is no reward other than our enjoyment and satisfaction in what we do. There is no pressure upon us, and on board our ships most decisions are made at a computer level. They are programmed to handle so many functions and control our craft quite automatically. We of course oversee what takes place, and if need be will have the last word.

What you would notice if you were with us is the total co-operation from everyone. We are not just a simple team of workers, but a family that knows that every contribution is necessary to the satisfactory functioning of the whole. There is no superiority in our relationship to each other, no jealousy or dissension or those difficulties that sometimes arise and make it difficult for people to work together. Naturally, we have people who are designated to make decisions on matters that are important, and we have some who are senior to the others.

With our form of communications, we have contact with just everyone, regardless of where they are. We can use telepathic methods, or technology that would be science fiction to you. We have instant contact with others even if they are many light years away from us. This creates a togetherness that overcomes any sense of separation, and this is how we can keep in contact with our family on our home planet. We are away for many years at the time, and have everything provided on board our ships, we lack for absolutely nothing.

Some of our Motherships are thousands of miles long, and if you were on board you would not know that it was a space craft. Those that are designed for transporting people are like cities in themselves, replicating your natural environment. If, say, we were taking Earth people to their destination, areas of our craft would look exactly like home, but far superior. There would be parks, animals, flowers and lakes and all of those pleasurable things that you would otherwise miss and long for. We have forms of entertainment, but it does not feature violence or destruction. We have no desire to experience the negative vibrations, and they would not allowed because there are adequate ways of enjoyment without them.

On our Mothership we even create the correct atmosphere for you, and you would be absolutely comfortable and at ease. In short time you would find yourself able to completely relax, like you sometimes can on your holidays when the daily worries of work and home are put aside. This should really be your natural way of living, but you have been conditioned to believe otherwise and do not have sufficient time to rest and follow creative pursuits. In course of time, you would have gradually discovered the answer to the technological secrets that hold you back, but regrettably your leaders keep knowledge to themselves and share little with you for the general good of society. We sigh when we learn of the way you are manipulated, and kept in conditions that make you less than equal to each other. If you experienced real freedom your lives would be so much less stressful and so enjoyable.

In short time you will be able to experience first hand what it is like to be on board our ships. Once we are announced and accepted, we will give you the opportunity to come and visit us, as by then we will have come so close to Earth you will see us stationed in your skies. You will quickly reach us by use of our shuttles, and even that will be a pleasant experience. Traveling smoothly, silent less and with no sensation of movement it  will be a new experience for you. See your beautiful Earth for the first time from outside of your atmosphere, and you will feel her and view her with much reverence.

I am Sa-Lu-Sa and I am with the Galactic Federation waiting the opportunity to come to Earth. More and more of you are finding the idea of meeting us less frightening, and we feel your warmth and friendship towards us. You are inviting us to meet you, and you will not have long to wait before that marvelous day comes. We have been following your progress for thousands of years, and what could seem more natural that we now come openly to your graduation.

Thank you, Sa-Lu-Sa
Mike Quinsey

August 26, 2005

The pressures of life take their toll, and you are effectively slaves to your work. Your waking life is one of continual hard work, and even so you can be hit by some unexpected happening that brings more pressure to bear upon you. It would be true to say that life for many is full of drudgery. You often say to yourself, that there must be something better than this and of course there is. What you call modern living and computer assisted functions were presented to you as providing more free time for you, but the opposite has happened. Many spend more time in their working capacity than ever before.

Dear Ones, it was never meant that you should sell your soul to your work. However, your systems require high levels of input from you and your quota of work is often dictated by staffing and profit levels. The most important aspect of your life is your family, yet many find insufficient time to devote to them because of other demands. The system has no measure of fairness and often the hardest worked are the least rewarded. Everything you see and experience in this connection is challenging you to find a better system. In your minds you want a fair distribution of wealth and other benefits, yet you know so many that are denied basic requirements even in what is called the affluent West.

The Spiritual Hierarchy has seen the outworking of materialism but already prepared a system to take its place. I refer to the benefits of NESARA which unbelievably for some of you, is so far reaching that it will eventually encompass the whole world. It will make adjustments, and indeed quite far reaching changes that will change society and its concepts almost overnight. The re-distribution of wealth will create the conditions for all else to fall in place. This will be followed by the introduction of devices that will take the hard work out of life, leaving much more time for leisurely pursuits. Your choice of work will one of choosing outlets for your skills and ability that are more in the nature of voluntary work.

Much of the older needs for manpower will cease as new technologies come in, and the systems will be set up by your First Contact visitors. No longer will great corporations be needed to supply your needs, and you could say that you will soon all be self contained. Key areas such as your utilities will disappear as a result, to be replaced by more efficient and totally reliable methods. You will no longer experience breakdowns or shortages and you will not pay for the pleasure of using them, they will be free. You will not carry the burden of taxes which will become unnecessary, and the obscene amounts of money and energy spent on armaments and associated matters will totally cease.

You could say that the Utopia you have always dreamt of will become your reality in short time. However it is not intended that you should withdraw from society, but you will become one of a vast team working for the good of each other and the Earth itself. Man is in reality of a very generous and giving nature and is naturally very caring. Your creative talents and ideas will have every chance of fulfillment, and given the freedom of expression that you will have you can look forward to a very satisfying time. In all of this we shall be working with you and it will be a most enjoyable time and at last you will see how Man can work together as Brother and Sister, when the constraints and prejudice of millennia of time are removed. Trust will replace doubt and fear, and you will know beyond doubt that you are your Brother’s keeper.

The trials and tribulations of life will soon be a thing of the past, and you will see a great coming together of the people. Spiritual understanding will be lifted up to a level that all can join, and the old divisions caused by the multitude of various beliefs will disappear. You have to realize that in your distant past, you were deliberately mislead as to your true origins and pitted against each other in divisive ways. You were encouraged to worship false Gods who instigated their own laws that lead to much bloodshed in their names. Man has always sought the truth, and instinctively known that there was always a greater truth to be learnt. Soon you shall be surprised and also shocked to learn of the way you have been manipulated for eons of time. Now all of this is about to change and the truth will ring true as it is laid bare before you.

Many dear souls are returning to Earth to bring the next stage of enlightenment to you. All in all, it is necessary as you prepare for the next stages in your evolution. The truth will not be strange to you, as you have come from those higher realms where you were once a fully fledged Being of Light. You are simply growing in consciousness again, and returning to those levels. Everything that is about to take place is part of the plan that was put in place eons of time ago. As many of you now know, you are about to leave this cycle of duality behind as it has served its purpose well. Allow everyone to have the opportunity to once more return to the Light and see each soul exactly as yourself, one who has elected to be part of the great play of duality as the curtain now comes down.

I am Sa-Lu-Sa one of many Sirians in contact with you of Earth. Our association is one of long standing and we are the principle players in the final events that are about to unfold. See us as your friends and mentors, and know that we are not just technically advanced but also very spiritually aware and we wish to share all knowledge with you. We come at the Creator’s request and not in any way to mislead or control you. You are joining us as members of the Galactic Federation, which is for the promotion of peace and unity within this Galaxy. We come in peace and friendship, and Love and Light to bring you into a New Era of joy and happiness. Your toils are nearly over, and you will rightly enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Hold fast in your beliefs that a better world awaits you as it is emerging now. Leave the old to disappear gently, and welcome the new that will herald a great age of Light and Love, it is called the Golden Age for good reason. Place your vision into the future and do not concern yourselves about the past. That will all be explained and eventually put in its place in the Hall of Records for all time. You have a wonderful history behind you, but an even more magnificent future ahead. I leave you all with my love and blessings until we meet again.

Thank you for your inspiration.
Mike Quinsey

September 6, 2005

What activity is taking place on earth right now. The floodgates have opened in more ways than one and a regime change is on the cards. To say the people have had enough is to put it mildly. The backlash has been brewing for quite some time and you have reached the point where the proverbial straw has broken the camel’s back. In this case it is the patience of the people that has snapped and they will no longer tolerate incompetence. The force for change cannot go unanswered, and neither will it be pushed aside.

Your aspirations are about to be fulfilled, and a new caring and responsible administration is about to emerge. It may take a little time to do so but it is there and waiting for the right time to announce its existence. You cannot say this was not foreseen, and you have been told many times that changes were afoot. People have taken decisions into their own hands and their power is such that in spite of attempts to prevent it, they will see their wishes fulfilled. When the people speak with one voice they create a movement in the ethers that brings it into being. We saw this time period arriving which is why we have been assuring you of your victory.

What is most encouraging from our point of view is that you have largely reached this point through your own determination. As we see it, it is better that the success is attributed to your efforts rather than ours. Notwithstanding that statement, we have of course been backing you up with encouragement and directing your energies into the right areas. We can see the outcome of events on Earth which are clearly predictable, and your locked up frustrations of many years are surfacing. For millennia of time you have yearned to be able to live in peace, as in essence you are loving beings that given the chance will show your true colors.

When you look back you will see how you have been controlled and subject to the ambitions of those who self first. Now you are breaking out of those constraints, and we see into the future and you are taking back your freedom. From this one act, all else follows and you will be so surprised at how quickly people join hands and change the face of Humanity. Remember that you are climbing back up from whence you came, and these are the higher levels of harmony, beauty and happiness. It is your natural way of being, and you only gave it up to drop into the lower vibrations. It is like a game, yet so very serious as you contracted to experience duality for the purpose of helping others who will follow.

There are very few people at present that do not feel something in the air. They sense changes are taking place, but within the chaos being created they cannot visual the outcome. We see it clearly and as we often tell you, there is a path that is becoming your reality that leads to the end times. The new vibrations are already here and they are bringing what we see manifesting into your reality now. You are sovereign Beings and you will not be denied your rights any longer. The beauty of the changes is that you are now ready to receive them and work with them.

It is time for a change that signals the end of the old ways, and the transition period will be quite short. We have been fully prepared for this event for a very long time and you should have no doubts that we shall go into action immediately we are allowed to do so. The Galactic Federation, the Masters and the AngelicKingdom carry immense power and authority bestowed upon them by even greater Beings that in your eyes would be seen as Gods. There is a plan for this Galaxy that is not going to be stopped by the activities of a handful of human beings. Everything is orderly outside of Earth, and soon you shall join us and we shall travel together doing the Creator’s bidding.

The immensity of everything within creation is staggering and it is still expanding, and life abounds everywhere and experiences within its own evolutionary plan. All is continually on the move and there is a common thread as all aspire to re-unite with All That Is. Once you reach a certain point of understanding you will grasp the purpose of life and how it has its link with the Godhead. There are wonders everywhere you look and you can experience in whatever way you choose. The drive is to go ever onwards in that unceasing search for the Truth.

We know that you are beginning to accept our physical differences, although in reality many of us are so much like you would hardly realize the difference. There is a common origin for many of us and we have been linked with you for eons of time. When you see us remember that we too are God sparks, and see beyond the outer appearance. The different forms are largely to accommodate particular planetary conditions, but the basic human design is there to see. Even those who come from the dimensions of Light appear in recognizable forms that they know will make you feel at ease.

The time of arrival is getting closer so have no fear, we shall not let you down and look forward to our first introductions. As always, we are keeping a close eye on what is taking place and we exercise a certain degree of control. We will not allow matters to get out of hand, and there is a limit to the free expression of the dark as they struggle to hold onto their power. It is not an unequal struggle, far from it as we are authorized to give strength to the forces of Light, and that is what we are doing.

I am Sa-Lu-Sa of the Sirian group and I am pleased to report that events on Earth are bringing this period to a close. We wish that it could be achieved more peacefully, without the chaos that has been created. However, certain events have to be allowed in the expression of freewill that applies to each and every one of you. Sometimes the greatest traumas of Earth prove to eventually have the greatest benefits for all. I wish you success as you take back your freedom, and ask you to call on us for your strength of purpose. We are with you in thought, we are with you in Love.

Thank you, Sa-Lu-Sa
Mike Quinsey

January 3, 2006

We are ever at the ready, and busy ourselves helping Mother Earth to limit the affects of the changes. The Earth is living and breathing, and many minor alterations take place every day. We try to alleviate the damage and loss of life to a minimum, and much of this is directing the energies in a way that achieves our objective.

What we will warn against, is the expressed intention of your authorities to recommence the underground testing of nuclear weapons. It is not that it was ever fully brought to a close, as many more secret tests were carried out than were admitted. With the precarious state of Earth and the ongoing need for cleansing, this is a most undesirable development. We cannot yet enforce a ban, and we would warn against any foolhardy attempts to carry out further testing. Our brief is to prevent nuclear weapons being carried into space and exploded, and we have successfully protected you from such happenings. These weapons damage the very fabric of space, and have repercussions throughout the Universe. There is no way we will allow your dangerous activities to affect other life forms outside of Earth.

One of our early responsibilities was to approach your leaders and warn against the use and proliferation of nuclear weaponry. We even confronted them with our warnings, but little notice was taken. The desire to build bigger and more effective weapons has always been given priority by them, and the dangers to your people and the environment ignored. You look around you and the damage and pollution is plain to see, let alone the effect of radiation. Your scientists are also producing more biological weapons, and it is to our amazement and sadness that they should even contemplate using them against people.

You are in a situation that is very reminiscent of the end times of Atlantis. It was the irresponsible use of advanced knowledge that lead to their demise, and many of you here now were present at that time. Somewhere deep within your consciousness you are fully aware of the dangers that exist, and the challenge for Man is to draw back from repeating such a calamity. On the other hand, we see that the power of positive thought is such that there is much opposition to the prospect of another nuclear war. Nevertheless, it is you who have to curtail the madness to even consider such a move.

It is to your credit that there has been a great awakening in the consciousness of the people, and you have learnt of the sacredness of life. You are beginning to understand how all is connected, and that what you do to one, you do to all. The last bastion to be removed is your categorizing of people that results in a “them and us” scenario. However, with the number of major catastrophes that you have experienced in recent times, you are understanding your responsibilities to each other. The reaction of people to the tsunami is a credit to your compassion and feeling for the needs of others.

What you have done, is to force your governments into following your lead, although it is regrettable that they do not always follow through with their promises. The aftermath of Katrina is another example of how the plight of others touched your hearts, and many dear souls were quick to respond when your own government was found to be wanting. Through the medium of your television services, each of these occurrences stares you in the face and it challenges you to do something positive about it. As an outcome of such possibilities happening again, there have been moves to be more prepared and these are a sign of a growth in your consciousness that is to be welcomed.

This year is what you refer to as a “make or break” time, as on the one hand the dark press on with their last attempts to take over control of the Earth, and those of the Light are amassed to stop it. We see the Light as victorious, but this does not mean that you can sit back and cease your efforts to change the outcome. It is still your problem and one that karma has placed before you. We have no doubt about the outcome, but you must be seen to take responsibility for circumstances that have resulted from wrong thinking for eons of time. Now we see a new movement of people that band together, and take the lead for others to follow.

This year is also one of completion, and we expect many of you to reach that point where you have made that permanent step up into the Light. Living in the Light is a way of life, and not easy to achieve against the backcloth of duality. You will be tested every day as to your resolve to keep what you have gained from your experiences. However, your will to succeed will carry you forward, and with determination no one will deflect you from your chosen path. When you can handle events that happen around you without being affected by them, you will know that you have reached the point of no return to the old ways.

Stand in your own space created from your desire to be one who is embracing Unconditional Love. Do not be moved by anything that happens outside of you, and you will have found your true self. Do not despair if this sounds too much for you to achieve, in the coming period the help you get will be greatly increased and you are certainly not expected to do it all by yourself. Our very purpose is to help you individually and also collectively as the One Consciousness. If you put your mind to what it is you want out of this period of opportunity, it will come your way. We mention often the power of thought, and as time passes you will find more evidence of your own ability to create.

I am Sa-Lu-Sa of The Galactic Federation, and feel great happiness that you are finally in the year of action that will see the manifestation of many of our promises to you. Simply keep your spirits high and do not be deflected by those who would pull you down. The battle still goes on, but it has nearly run its course and the victory will be claimed by the Light. In reality, there can be no other outcome, the Heavens have decreed as such and no mortal can change it. Be in joy and look out for us as we come more often into your skies, we are here to ensure your success. We have much love for you, and soon we will able to arrive upon your Earth and demonstrate it for all to see.

Thank you, Sa-Lu-Sa.
Mike Quinsey

January 9, 2006

The actions of various groups intent upon bringing change are being spurred on by encouraging circumstances upon Earth. Even as slowly as it moves the political solution is becoming clear, and legal action to remove the last cabal is falling into place. The problem of course is that your laws are a minefield of sometimes untested interpretations, and this can be a source of constant delay when challenged. Furthermore you have a President who gives himself the power to change your laws if he does not approve of them, and if they are used against him and his minions.

Because of the constant opposition to the efforts of those who wish to actively bring changes about, there is an ultimate time beyond which we will hasten proceedings. We have the authority to intervene and if necessary we shall certainly use it. The potential for change has never been stronger, and each day more people are adding their voices to those that are already calling for action. There is an energy that has built up that cannot be ignored, and it will in one way or another give expression to itself.

Many teachings try to convey to you the concept of everything being in the Now. That is not so easy when you are in a 3D linear time situation, but you are beginning to learn of how fluid everything is and how it can change from one second to the next. At the moment the potential exists for direct action by us, but if it goes ahead it will not be too overwhelming. As much as we would like to declare our presence to everyone, there is a correct moment to be chosen which is yet undecided.

However, those who are sensitive are picking up the potential action we may take, and that an exceptional display of our craft has very much been in our minds. One of course that will get our message to the people of our presence in your skies, and more importantly that we come in peace. As you might imagine, we hold a number of options at any given time and we will adjust accordingly. Changes to our plans are instantaneous, and we have no difficulty in our re-organization as the responsibility is taken up by our sophisticated computerized programs. We are not restricted in ways that would encumber you upon Earth, and our levels of command are well tried and tested.

As you may see it, possibilities to take action will come and go for reasons that you will be unaware. The potential will however remain, and you find the some opportunities simply altered for the chance of creating a better outcome. There may be talk of a Star Wars program to repel us, but that would not affect us in view of our superior and most advanced technologies. We can neutralize any weapons you have now or presently dream of, and they would not deter us from our responsibility to release you from the last cabal. Our understanding is that any Star Wars program that is developed is more for the command of space, so that it can be used to monitor Earth and its peoples. It would also have the potential to be turned against countries that were in the way of global expansion.

Many times we have reassured you that we will not allow weapons of mass destruction into space, and that is still our brief. Your scientists have many times ignored our warnings, and we have had to remove or destroy weaponry. We cannot be fooled by devious attempts to get around our warnings, and we know what is planned. We often take appropriate action to stop some of your developments before they can go too far. Your Government has invented the most hideous and destructive weaponry, and biological weapons are amongst them. You may rest easy knowing that we closely follow every move that is made.

I would say to you that everything is under control, and whatever changes have to be considered they will be with a view to bringing about the desired outcome. Of that you can be assured and we will do whatever is necessary to bring it about. As you know, there is a point beyond which our actions will become more open, and we will effectively move things on to their conclusion. Let me remind you that the Galactic Federation has millions of craft at its disposal, and protecting you until we can openly meet you and present us with absolutely no problems.

We know that you wish us to arrive and enforce the changes, but that is not our way and there is a chain of command that goes back to the Supreme Creator. It is a concept that would be difficult to explain, but it is a pyramid system of responsibility that is activated by the power of thought. Perhaps by being likened to an automatic telephone system would be more easily understood by you. It may sound complex, but it is in fact very efficient and even you are part of it. For this reason, not even we as individuals necessarily know exactly what is planned, but we have our own part to play for which we are well prepared.

Dear Ones, we know how much excitement is generated by our actions, and you are intended to pick up our thoughts so that you too may play a part in manifesting them. We need you to focus on what is taking place, and help bring events to a conclusion in the manner in which it will achieve the outcome predicted. Sometimes you get involved in the minute details when it would be better to focus on the desired outcome.

I am Sa-Lu-Sa and I tell you that we will soon be openly landing on Earth, but a few preliminary arrangements must first be concluded. This is the year for positive action, and you are all near to seeing the first step towards the official announcement of our coming. Do not be impatient after having come so far, as there is nothing that will happen upon Earth that will prevent our appearance.

Be happy and enjoy the coming months of activity that will show you beyond doubt the direction in which everything is going. Do not give energy to the dark by allowing them to upset you or make you fearful, simply be on the outside looking in and you will be safe from their presence. This is a time more than ever when you will need every ounce of control over your emotions. Much is due to happen as the truth begins to unfold about those who have led you down the path to destruction.

I give you the blessings of all those involved on this momentous mission that signals the final end of the old ways. You are deservedly about to embark on a journey that will see you rise up, and reclaim your freedom. With that will come all of the changes necessary to achieve Ascension. Great Love and Light is manifesting upon Earth and it is your assurance of victory.

Thank you, Sa-Lu-Sa.
Mike Quinsey

January 18, 2006

We have, as you might say, upped the stakes as our path becomes clearer and we have injected a greater degree of urgency. We do not want to see matters drawn out any longer than necessary, and we continually make adjustments to our plan. The time is rapidly approaching when the stage will be set for removal of the last cabal. In fact by insisting on proceeding with their plans they are playing into our allies’ hands.

We wait for that opportune moment to move our great forces into place for the final act. Our action is meticulously planned to alleviate any adverse response, and it is you, the people that are our principal concern. Your Government cares little about the loss of human life, and at the same time as they are removed we will block any last minute attempt to cause chaos. Be assured that we cannot be taken by surprise, as we have a continual flow of information as to what is happening upon Earth. We are totally ready to manifest our plan that will ensure a quick removal of the last cabal in conjunction with First Contact.

As strange as it may seem to you, we bear no malice toward or hatred of the members of the last cabal. Our handling of their removal will be dignified, and in accordance with our higher understanding of the roles they play in your evolution. It is not our place to make judgment, but to release you from the dark and ensure that you can move on to the next part of the plan. Again, looking ahead you will realize that you must quickly move forward, and leave the present regime to their fate. It is not intended that years of your precious time are spent mulling over their crimes. We do not use the cumbersome methods you use to put your criminals on trial. There is a higher tribunal that is already set up to handle such grave crimes against humanity.

We want you to apply yourselves to the tasks in hand without the distraction of the fate of your last cabal. You have so much to do of a general manner, and your own evolution is a top priority. Events that impinge upon Earth mean that you must soon become aware of what is expected from you. You must learn the truth about yourselves, and understand the final preparations necessary to take you through to Ascension. We know that you will throw yourselves wholeheartedly into what is required of you, and we shall support you all of the way.

Your Earth is receiving powerful energies that are breaking down the old ones, and your consciousness is opening up and growing quicker than ever. As you lift up into these higher energies, so you are experiencing a great change within yourself. It is by no means unpleasant, quite the contrary, as you will find a greater peace and Love within you. Yes, sometimes the physical changes within your body do cause strange feelings bordering on sickness. But you must remember that you are cleansing your body and it is inevitable that you will have some measure of awareness as it is taking place.

As your vibrations increase you will reach a point where you will be at ease both within and without. You will enjoy a new found freedom from the ills that normally assail the human body. This is all part of the changes that will continue to carry you forward until you have the new crystalline cell based body. Nothing of the old 3D vibrations will carry forward to Ascension, it must be transmuted or removed. Look forward to a new feeling of Oneness and harmony that will come your way. Meantime live your Love, and do your bit to personally bring in the changes, and enjoy your expanding consciousness.

We, as your Elders, are already where you are heading, and we can understand your difficulties. This is why we ask you to call upon us for our help as we hear your prayers. In fact,each one of you has several Guides that are close to you who would be delighted to sit with you in your quiet moments. Your Guides know you well, and are familiar with your life plan and will do all they can to further your aspirations. They cannot interfere with Karmic lessons, but can help you understand what the purpose is so that you can move on.

Your last cabal relish the idea of keeping you in fear, and the current political situation is such an example. Try to be an observer and not allow yourself to be emotionally involved. Remember that, whatever happens, events will not be allowed to get out of control, and know it will not affect the greater plan for Mankind. Your future is assured and as this year unfolds you will see remarkable changes come into being. Mother Earth is anxious to carry out her cleansing, and the sooner we can come to you the quicker we can lessen the effects upon you. We see the whole panorama and know where the greater danger threatens, and we will move people out of those areas when it becomes necessary.

Dear Ones, we are here by Divine Decree and we shall fulfill our tasks, and failure is not a word we know. Everything is ready, and we are sufficiently advanced both in our technology and consciousness to know the outcome. In spite of your concerns, which we fully understand, you can rest peacefully, as your future is in safe hands. God has decreed the outcome for this sector of the Universe, and so shall it be, Amen.

I am Sa-Lu-Sa and carry much Love for my Brothers upon Earth. I bow in front of you out of respect for the great Beings you are, and give of our joy and happiness that we are soon to become One again. We are ever near to you all, and our protection enfolds you as you open up your consciousness to your true selves. Let us all look forward to our reunion and celebrations that will mark your release from duality.

Thank you, Sa-Lu-Sa.
Mike Quinsey.

January 30, 2006

To the majority of people we are considered to be a modern day phenomenon. Yet as we have informed you previously, we have been with you for eons of time. At different times even in your recent history we have had more than a casual contact with you. Our love for you has meant that we have carried out our service to you with unstinting attention. We have always monitored your progress, and also acted as overseers for Mother Earth. Our function has been to guide you as a civilization that has always had a predetermined path to follow.

Behind our association with you is a relationship born of our Oneness, and creation from the same source. All through creation we have followed different paths, and yours by choice has led you into the cycle of duality. You entered it with your eyes wide open, and were joyful at the opportunity given to serve the Light. The idea of experiencing freedom of choice knowing that whatever the outcome your cycle would end in Ascension, was your assurance that you would rise up once again. No matter to whatever depths you plunged, you were aware that your soul was indestructible, and could be resurrected.

Against this background you have had the most varied experiences, and in this cycle alone have had hundreds of different lives. Your direction has been guided the whole time, and you have advanced your knowledge in many countries. Your present period started after the Great Flood some 10,000 years ago, and many of you came from the great continent of Atlantis. Some of you went down when the final land mass sank, but with prior warning of the impending disaster a large number of you left beforehand. You were taken to new lands all over your world to start anew, and even now your trail can be traced.

We overshadowed your progress, as it was essential that your knowledge was passed on to a newly rising civilization. Some traces of these events are still apparent, as you moved through South America and Europe and left artifacts and evidence of your skills behind you. The most prodigious development was in the country now known as Egypt,and this reflected in many ways the Atlantean influence, as they once had a colony there. The Pyramid complex of Gizawas an early development, which was part of a worldwide system that held the Earth in balance. It had a stabilizing affect as a massive generator of energy, and also a vortex through which existed a passage to and from the stars.

The pyramids are an example of the advanced technology used by both the Atlanteans and the Space Beings. Prior to their coming, Egyptwas a small colony that already boasted of having the Sphinx, in which was deposited a copy of the records of Atlantis. This is protected along with other relics of a time long gone, and it will be opened soon after the advent of the first mass landings. Coming out of your sleep of ages, you will need the proof that such records can give you. The legacy of Atlantis is still with you now, and in your subconsciousness you have memories of that time. Because of it some are fearful of the time you are in now, as it raises possibilities of destruction similar to what you then experienced. There are many negative vibrations on Earth at present, and they would not augur well for Humanity if they were allowed to go unchecked. Be assured however they are in our control at all times.

Remember, that the larger percentage of your Earth population have little if any knowledge of our intended arrival upon Earth. However, they do have that inner feeling of foreboding that comes from experiences of the last major destruction of Earth. It will take us some time to make these particular people feel at ease, as we will not be immediately accepted as the peaceful forces that we are. Furthermore, some lack the spiritual perception that would indicate to them our true purpose. We are prepared for tackling these problems, and our every action will show the peaceful nature of our Fleets and their personnel.

All over you world there is evidence of our presence, and you will have seen many cave drawings that are now recognized as depicting our craft. There are also drawings of us and of our humanoid groups, and all are recognizable as the same Beings that have been visiting you in recent times. There are undisclosed and undiscovered bases inside Earth that we shall reveal to you, some of which are still active. We also have safe bases on your sea beds, which is why you sometimes see our craft entering or leaving the seas. Outside of Earth we have kept a watch on your activities from the Moon, and keep our sites out of sight of prying eyes. Your Astronauts and NASA are aware of these, but keep their distance at our request.

We are literally all around you yet so many are unaware of our presence, but some blame for this rests with those who cover it up. It is not that we have considered forcing the issue, as that would be interfering with the affairs of Earth. However, we have been quite happy that you see our craft in your skies, and sometimes briefly upon your land. Now it can be confusing as we are no longer the only craft you will see. You have those of the Greys who have been working with your government for many years now, and they themselves have in the meantime also developed their own space craft similar to ours.

Whatever happens in your skies, we ask you to remember that we do not attack other craft or threaten Earth itself. Where there was no alternative we would if forced to defend ourselves, but hasten to point out that there would be no loss of life. We can easily remove people first and either they stay with us, or we return them to Earth with their memory blanked out. Beware that as the time for First Contact gets nearer, you may find confusing events taking place that are calculated to show us in a bad light.

Dear Ones, we are excited at the prospect of openly meeting you because, apart from anything else, it will mean at last you will have removed the last cabal. Peace will then descend upon Earth and a whole New Era will commence, and how quickly you will adapt to your new-found freedom. It will be a glorious time, and a great coming together of all different groups upon Earth. You have not tasted freedom such as beckons, and it will spread all around. Man in his natural state is a benign peace loving soul who has never really lost touch with his Higher Self, and will readily return to it.

I am Sa-Lu-Sa and bring you great Love from all members of The Galactic Federation. We welcome you to join us in the wonderful venture that is ahead of us all. Have no doubt that our promises to you will soon be fulfilled.

Thank you, Sa-Lu-Sa.
Mike Quinsey

February 7, 2006

Our mighty fleets silently move through your solar system, ever ready to respond to the call that will bring us to alertness for the First Contact announcement. It would thrill us to be able to give you a firm idea as to when that might be, but for the time being we can only confirm that it will be this year. We know that the Light has progressed so far on Earth, that its march towards Ascension cannot be stopped. You will achieve the changes that will totally transform your society, and you will soon see the first signs of it.

How many times in your numerous lives upon Earth, have you dreamt of an everlasting peace yet been unable to secure it. This time it will come true, yet wildly exceed your greatest dreams. Deep down in your subconsciousness you carry memories of times when nothing but Light surrounded you, and you lived in a continual ecstasy without a care or worry. After such a long time in duality you now lift up again to head for those most exciting and wonderful times.

We can describe our existence as heavenly, and it is as much due to the coming together of like souls as any other factor. Our dimensions are in harmony and peace, and the lower vibrations have no place here with us. Can you yet imagine being able to trust and respect everyone you meet, and know that all convey their true thoughts and feelings to each other. You will see Beings that have glowing heart centers as their love shines out. Others who wear their spiritual robes that carry colors that represent the rays that they work on, and all can be seen for what they really are.

The Ashtar Command is very much involved with the plan for Earth, and their uniform dress carries the insignia of that command. You could quite easily see them as the “A” team, and its member’s number in millions. They are in the way of Cosmic policeman and keep law and order according to spiritual edicts. Their missions traverse many dimensions and cross many Universes. Lord Ashtar is no stranger to Earth, and many have been contacted by him. He has been a leading advocate for bringing peace to Earth, and successfully campaigned to bring you out of turmoil and possible disaster, by preventing the use of nuclear weapons.

When we come it is to bridge the gap between us all, so that you may take your place alongside us. Firstly the Earth must be cleansed and restored, and secondly we must bring you all together as one Human Race. We will then devote time along with the Masters to directing your understanding, towards the truth about you and your reality. The conflicting views and opinions will disappear, and you shall find it a lot easier to put aside your differences. We will say you are equal and have served the same false reality, which is a product of your thinking and actions over millennia of time. Together we shall lead you to a new way of thinking that reflects who you really are, so that you may return to the higher levels.

At our level we share loving relationships with each other, but we still have those special ones with our Soul Mates. In the energy of Love we can become One, which is an _expression that none of you have experienced even in your most heart stopping moments. As you move higher in the dimensions so the Oneness embraces whole groups of Beings. Love is everything and everywhere flowing through All That Is.

On board our ships we have a wonderful camaraderie, and many of us have been together for hundreds of years. We do not experience boredom, as there are always tasks to be carried out and we never tire of exploring the vast space around us. It is full of life, and it holds us in awe of the magnificence of our Supreme Creator. Many of you will join us, and it will really be a coming home as you have been on our teams before. In the future your experience will allow for you to command your own missions, and many adventures await you. There will always be a home somewhere that you will return to, and for many that will be the new Terra.

Even now you are helping manifest your true reality, as the lower energies make way for the new. Your Earth will be re-created before your very eyes until like you it is ready to ascend. You look around you now and it is difficult to envisage the future Earth, but you shall see it start to take shape before very long. Do not worry if the cleansing seems destructive, as it is a precursor to bringing the new into being. Man has shaped the Earth his way, and now Mother Earth will take that responsibility back.

Dear Ones. I come to reveal a little more about us and how we relate to you. Many of us are friends of old and you will know this when we meet you. We are not intruders interfering with your lives; this time has been planned since you first took on the challenge of duality. We may be superior to you in advanced technology, but we come to you now with Love and a desire to join you as equals. It shall be so, for it is decreed to take place as this cycle ends. Prepare well as the time will shortly come when the final days are counted out.

I am Sa-Lu-Sa and I bid you well as you apply yourselves to the tasks in hand. You have the Will and the power to bring in the changes that are taking shape, and we absolutely admire your determination to succeed. You are doing so well and we are with you all of the way. I leave you with love and blessings from your friends in Space, The Galactic Federation.

Thank you, Sa-Lu-Sa.
Mike Quinsey

February 15, 2006

Your traditions such as commemorating certain events like Valentine’s Day have an immediate effect upon earth. Not just for those exchanging greetings but for anyone who comes in touch with you. Your energies are heightened for a short period and your love extends much further than you imagine. This is very beneficial by lifting you up, and takes away the attention seeking activities of the dark. With so many of you now able to keep within your own center, there are promising signs of a further upward movement into the Light.

What we feel is a wonderful development, is your realization that, as Lightworkers, you have the most powerful weapon to combat the negativity upon Earth. You now understand the power of the Love energy and have the belief to use it on a daily basis. The energy carries forward with your prayers and desires, and when sufficient of you get together it is most powerful indeed. As events unfold and the truth behind them becomes common knowledge, your greatest asset will be your ability to hold back judgment. Many of you strive to achieve it but it is has been a normal trait of human Beings to freely comment on the actions of others.

I talk not of objective discussion when you have the facts but the partial news or intended misleading news that comes from your media. You need to be very discerning when you receive information and avoid if possible making a snap conclusion. A shocked reaction to unpleasant news is unavoidable and as emotional Beings it is difficult not to register a response. Stay calm when the time arrives for great revelations about those who have lead you into chaos. History cannot be changed but with our help you will be able to see beyond the generally accepted version.

You are surely becoming aware that your history is written to suit the image of those involved. It conveniently leaves out the parts that it does not want you to know about and recounting war usually glorifies killing. Now you are becoming wiser and you see through the hollow words and feeble excuses that are given.  You see how people and events are manipulated for the benefit of the few and the truth can no longer be hidden. You have a different measure of truthfulness and you can read between the lines. With discernment you can also determine whether it is spoken in Love and Light or intended to ensnare you and divert your attention from elsewhere.

With the increasing Light around you all, there is a natural reaction to everything you see and hear. Now you are moving into the higher vibrations, there is a closer tie with your Higher Self and you are more sensitive to negative energies. A lie carries low vibrations and for some it allows for the immediate realization as to what it is. You are becoming more sensitive to the energies around you and in time you will expect and receive the correct impressions. This is all part of the changes as you break away from the old pattern of Self and become more the Being of Light you really are.

You will always be asked to live your life to the highest perception you have and the more you do so, the quicker you will become a fully Lighted Being. This is a perfectly natural development and part of your evolution back to the higher realms. Periodically through your time on Earth you have been gradually moved into the Light vibrations. Hitherto the changes have been very slowly introduced but now you are capable of absorbing them quite quickly.  This will continue and become more apparent when we can join you and start to draw a close on your past era.

You are growing more powerful by the day and you will recognize the awakening within. Your life will be guided in a manner that ensures you closely follow your chosen path. Remember that there is Karma clearance taking place and you will have undertaken to deal with it in this lifetime. Because of the speeding up of time, you will be finding some Karma instantly returning to you. There is no longer time to return to Earth again to clear it, and it is for this reason it has to be transformed immediately.

Dear Ones, you have turned the corner and the Light of the New Age is beaming down to Earth. Do not look back as the old ways no longer serve you, but focus on your glorious future. You are learning more about it as you get nearer to the point of change, and when we arrive we shall have so much to share with you. We have first to clear up the inaccurate history of your past so that you may truly understand the truth of who you really and claim back your freedom. As incredible as it may sound, you are Gods in the making and you shall understand how you first came into being as God Sparks.

Our message for you is to be patient and ever vigilant as our contact with you is so near. The conditions upon Earth are shaping up in a way that will finally put an end to the rule of dark forces. It is time to call an end to your experiences in duality and those who have taken part will now move on to different levels. Everyone upon Earth is affected because, as many of you know, Mother Earth is also involved in the Ascension process.

I am Sa-Lu-Sa of The Galactic Federation and send you greetings of Love from all of the members. There is an enormous fleet of ships waiting for their instructions to carry out the plan for Earth and First Contact looms ever nearer. We come at the behest of those who are in council for the Creator and carry out the Creator’s bidding. There has never been a time when you have been alone, and your progress has always been closely followed by those charged with this responsibility. You have been surrounded by Love and Light and attended to by many Beings from the higher dimensions.

Thank you, Sa-Lu-Sa,
Mike Quinsey

February 20, 2006

It is amazing how much things can change in such a short time. Just in a few weeks so many new developments have taken place. On the one hand the dark are more menacing but at the same time the Light is growing so rapidly. We see a greater picture of how the Light has created a powerful grid around the Earth. It is giving even more power to those who are at the forefront of the various groups that are bringing the changes into being.

There is now so much evidence against the dark that reveals the true intent of their schemes to subdue and control the people. As soon as the legal actions bringing charges against the Illuminati are processed, the floodgates will open. No one will be in doubt as to the culpability of those named. Meantime evidence is still being amassed about 911 and an irrefutable case now exists. The most daring and arrogant act to dull the minds of the American people has now come back with a vengeance. It is as you know simply a matter of time before those involved in 911 are made to answer for their actions.

In the circumstances you can leave the matters of trial and prosecution to take their inevitable path to conclusion. It is best to keep in focus the ongoing work that is required upon Earth. With the occurrence of more natural disasters you have much to occupy your relief agencies. The Third World still suffers from hunger and lack of medical supplies and yet the response is still inadequate. See here a lesson and opportunity to show your love and compassion for your fellow beings.

Are you amazed, if not saddened, at how ready countries are to go to war and funding seems to present no problems?  Personnel and equipment can be quickly moved to any area throughout the world. Yet when people are the victims of disaster the slowness to react is very noticeable. Even where financial support is promised it is a fact that it is rarely given in full. It is too easy to make empty promises and words of sympathy are not enough. Deep down you will all have had life experiences of the want for food and particularly water. Help those that are in need now and show the Spiritual Brotherhood that you have learnt your lessons through your own experiences.

You are inextricably linked to each other and all through history your actions have affected All in one way or another.  You continually create your reality as you go along and you are placed in the very situations that you have perhaps previously failed to respond to or deliberately ignored. The challenges that you face will not go away and particularly at this time they are repeatedly coming back to you through your media. Your conscience will keep bringing such matters up until you make a firm decision about what you are to do.

At heart you are compassionate and loving beings, but the clamor of life and your focus on your own problems often puts others in the background. If you think back to WWII and how the threat of war brought all types of people together, you see situations where differences can quickly be put aside when survival becomes a key factor. When the changes commence this year and people realize what is about to happen, we see a similar activity starting up. It will be as much the result of relief that after a period of intense pressure from the threat of escalating war, that peace can at last be achieved. Take away the pressure and see what an immense difference it will make. Stress in particular is the root of so many illnesses, and once the future plans are revealed it will be greatly reduced.

It is your right to live in freedom, and not be under the continual threat of restrictions that would take it away. Over a long period of time your military have been given far too much say in decisions that have disrupted your lives, or taken away loved ones. You have little or no say as to what is done in your name, and that is certainly undemocratic. Soon you will be represented by a new breed of people that get their priorities right and base decisions on what is best for all. You will have your say and be consulted and those in charge will soon have your confidence to take decisions that reflect your well being. Much that has been taken away from you over many years will be returned to you, and your Constitution will be restored. It will be a model for the rest of the world who will adopt its creed.

One of the biggest changes will concern your acceptance of other races of people. The differences that have tended to keep you apart will disappear and the Oneness of All That Is will be accepted. You do not really have far to go to achieve such changes, as there are few countries now that are not cosmopolitan in nature. Movement around the world had become so fast and easy, and through modern communication systems you understand a lot more about the ways of others. In short time it will advance at a tremendous speed as you are introduced to the new technologies of transport and communication.

Do not concern yourselves too much about the restrictions and controls that are being put in place now. They will not last for long and will be removed once we arrive and can put the right people in charge of your future. The terrorist threat has been used as a means to put you under stringent controls, yet you have not been under any greater one than usual. Just think upon the question as to who are actually posing the greatest threat to world peace and perhaps you will be surprised at your answer.

It is obvious to almost everyone that things must change as you cannot go on much longer the way you are. The resources of the Earth are depleted and pollution goes on virtually unchecked along with environmental changes that are exacerbating the situation.  Without some change of direction you are bringing Mother Earth to her knees and you are now seeing her response.  You are recognizing that you must all work together and you are your Brother’s Keeper. We come to you out of Love knowing that we have this responsibility for you, and it would gladden our hearts to see you emulate upon Earth what we are doing.

I am Sa-Lu-Sa and you know me now as a member of The Galactic Federation. This is my way of serving others, and our focus is upon you and the glorious changes that are about to be implemented. The fact that we are here is your proof that the Creator has kept a promise to you that you would be lifted up again at the end of this cycle.  The end is here now and it signals a new beginning that will open a pathway to the stars, which is your real home.

Thank you, Sa-Lu-Sa,
Mike Quinsey

December 14, 2007

Come the ending of this year it will be the last one of its kind. From hereon the changes will manifest in a positive way that will tell you beyond doubt that you have broken away from the old ways. Even for those with little or no knowledge of the end times a sense of change for the good will uplift them. You have been going through some of the most difficult times you have ever experienced, but you shall be more than compensated by the Light descending upon Earth. It will take announcement of the coming changes to fully awaken people to what a momentous period you are entering.

The time has arrived to release your worries and have faith in the future of Mankind. It has been planned for eons of time that you shall lift up in the final years of this cycle, and the preparations have ensured it will be so. The Galactic Federation is not alone in this venture, and civilizations from all over the Galaxy have made contact with Earth for the purpose of overseeing its changes. For all of your insignificance as a planet at the edge of the Milky Way, you are the centre of attention because of your importance in the Ascension process. Much depends upon your safe and successful transition, so that the whole Universe can also begin its final upliftment.

How we wish we could shout the news from the treetops, but for the time being we have to approach the whole matter in an orderly manner. It is essential that we do not cause shock or confusion by our actions and this is where we need to co-ordinate our progress with our allies upon Earth. At present many of you unaware that you are enlisted in our activities, but until the right time we cannot reveal your identities. Your potential has already been recognized, and pre-planning has ensured that you are primed and eager to start the final stages of Earth’s changes.

It is not that you are lacking ideas as to how to deal with the problems connected with your environment, and many now wait some opportunity to use their expertise. You have been impressed with many wonderful ideas as to how to overcome the needs of Earth and its people. Therefore, moving up another level will seem quite natural, and we shall train personnel to use our advanced technology. Speed will be of the essence, and with our help we shall successfully work together as a team that shall achieve miracles. Mother Earth will be pleased, and able to delay what would inevitably have been some serious physical changes.

Transport and communications will be amongst the first needs that will be addressed, as our allies must be able to move freely around the world and keep in touch with their base. Much of the directions that will accompany you will be given on board our ships, and we can download information into your consciousness in a way that requires little or no time. You will not of course be on your own, and we will be delighted to work with you. Over long periods of time many of you have been closely associated with us, and unbeknown to you we have often met and laid down the plans that are to be implemented.

What a wonderful time is ahead, and what a relief it will be to you to throw off the restrictive practices and controls that prevent your free and uninterrupted travel. We will ensure that our plan is put over to you in a clear and simple way, and it is our announcements and subsequent communications that will put beyond doubt our intentions for you all. Of necessity we will need to land some of our craft upon Earth, but a mass showing of our presence will come at a later date. There will be plenty of time to acquaint you with our teams, which are your close families from Space.

Weather control will be our responsibility, and we will ensure that it is beneficial to you, and eventually you will find yourselves in a more temperate climate. Presently you suffer from the tampering with your weather patterns, and it has not always been intended for your good. The demise of Atlantis was because the Atlanteans played with powerful energies that they could not control, and you would otherwise face a similar situation but for our coming. We have absolutely no intention of allowing the dark forces to have a free hand to destroy your Earth. Already they know of our presence, and have experienced our ability to severely limit their actions.

We know that Man is at heart a benign Being, and all that is required to bring his peaceful mien to the front is to remove the constant threat of curtailment of his freedom. So many of your “lost souls” will respond to our coming and the hope we bring. We will show you that you are spiritual Beings with an enormous potential to bring peace and happiness back into your lives. It is your natural state, and we shall release you from the intense laws and regulations that bar your way. Freedom of expression and the means to do so will become your normal way of life before long. It will also break down the suspicion and lack of trust between the different races.

You cannot live in peace together when your leaders contrive situations to keep you apart. They teach fear and isolate you within your own countries, and you become lethargic and disinterested in life, which seems to lose its purpose. With our coming a wave of new enthusiasm for life will stream across your world, and at last you will be able to express yourselves freely and put your many talents to use for the betterment of all. Man is normally industrious and loves to work for the upliftment of all life forms, and soon the opportunities will come thick and fast. The seas must be completely cleansed, and respect paid to the whales and dolphins that have carried energies that have been essential to you and the Earth. They are marvelous Beings that have a consciousness at least equal to your own.

Dear Ones, I am Sa-Lu-Sa from Sirius and I have come with love to uplift you because you still have much to learn about all life around you, and we shall ensure that you are well informed and aware of it as soon as possible. Busy times are ahead, but also enjoyable times where drudgery and monotony will have no place. Be in joy and happy at the prospect of taking a great leap forward, because there will be no going back to the old ways —never again.
Thank you, Sa-Lu-Sa.
Mike Quinsey


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