We Have a Magisterial Son!


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We Have a Magisterial Son!
Monjoronson and Candace Frieze
Monday October 10, 2005

Published in this website on October 18, 2005.


Hi everyone, I have the most wonderful news. Those who read the Urantia book should have an idea of this importance, but I think all of you will after you finish reading this message. I would encourage all who read this, even if you have not read from it to visit it online at:www.urantia.org.

So what is a Magisterial Son? This is a Descending Son from the Central Universe of Havona that we have mentioned before in the messages.  He is from Paradise.  There are three types of Descending Sons that have their origins onParadise.  The Creator Sons, (the Michaels of the Universes, such as our Christ Michael), The Magisterial Sons, call Avonals, and the Trinity Teacher Sons, called Daynals.

It was told in one of our messages, that The Creator Sons find their parentage in the Father and Son, and thus bring the essence of the Father and Son to each Universe. Christ Michael will actually walk this Earth when appropriate, and remember, whoever has seen the Son, has seen the Father.  Planets, when they are ready, get a Bestowal Son from Paradise, and these are the Avonals.  Our planet, instead of an Avonal Bestowal Son, got Christ Michael 2000 years ago, as the Bestowal Son.  One planet in each universe has this particular blessing, and that is Earth (Urantia, or Shan) of Nebadon.  When an Avonal is the Bestowal Son, he is always incarnated by birth, as was Christ Michael long ago.

The Avonals find their parentage in the Son and Spirit. In addition to coming as Bestowal Sons, they also come on what is called Magisterial Missions.  Usually a Magisterial Mission occurs prior to the Bestowal Mission.  However, we tend to do things in a different order on this planet. Avonals can actually visit under a variety of circumstances.  Magisterial Sons, there are about one billion of them, specialize in planetary ministry, and act as judges in the changing of times upon a planet, and we are in changing times.  We have not yet had a Magisterial Son, until quite recently.

We are undergoing what is called "Correcting Time" by Christ Michael.  This basically means we are making up for the time lost in our planetary growth to the Lucifer Rebellion and the other unfortunate circumstances. So we are getting a lot of help.  Christ Michael has returned, Sananda is returning to become Planetary Prince, and we now have an Avonal from Paradise on a Magisterial Mission, one of ministry, and continued teaching and uplifting of our planet.  And we have all of us too!  Think on that, as you dream your future into being.

The Trinity Teacher Sons (Daynals) find their parenthood in the Father, Son, and Spirit, thus the name Trinity Teacher Sons.  These are great teachers, sent to advancing planets prior to coming in to the Ages of Light and Life.  We will see some Trinity Sons also in time.  Some of you might like to read paper #20 in Urantia about the Paradise Sons of God.  Before I go further I should say that the Spirit is brought to each universe by the Mother Spirit also know as the Holy Spirit, who accompanies the Creator Son.

Now the Avonals can be incarnate or not.  Since this is Earth’s official first Magisterial Mission, this Son will be incarnate but not by birth.  Our Magisterial Son is named Monjoronson.  I have conversed with him today but he declines a channeling through me to you until sometime after the NESARA announcement.  Buddha and Maitreya are choosing to wait also.

We just had a nice informal conversation, kind of getting to know one another.  He had been awaiting my contact, in fact tried to get through a couple times, but since I was unaware of him, I guess I didn’t recognize his energy.  Monjoronson has given a channeling to another, and I have been requested at this time to not reveal the source of it, simply for security reasons of the person involved at this time.  He defines how he will appear in the flesh by the method on not being born but that of slowing down his vibrations. This channeling was given to this other person in September. So I will paste it in now.


Peace be upon you, my dear son. With great joy am I to join you here tonight. I desire to impart to you what you have been sincerely contemplating. Rest assured that the personal message you have received from Serena is indeed accurate. I am at this time in the process of materialization here upon Urantia. This process is unlike any that your world has been witness to.

As you have been told, as a materializing/materialized Magisterial Son I maintain unbroken communication with the spiritual realm, regardless of my physical whereabouts on this planet… or elsewhere. As I desire to confer with you and/or with many others, I am simultaneously present to carry on multiple conversations with untold personalities throughout the universe, including mortals upon this sphere.

As to my ongoing materialization I remind you that your Material Son and Daughter spent ten days re-materializing.  Machiventa’s emergency bestowal here was quite a different matter as it was only temporary for a short number of years.  And as you know, Michael spent upwards of nine months in the womb.  My bestowal on this sphere, however, will be for a relatively greater stretch of time. Understand too, that I have come quite a distance from Paradise, and taking this into account you may conjecture that indeed the down-stepping process of my materialization will be ongoing for quite some time.

Nothing changes, my friend.  All that you are currently focusing upon I encourage you to continue.  There will be those that I will be coming into contact with in upcoming days who are currently upon my mortal staff and I will encourage each to be about preparing to be about our Father’s business.

Yes, we are now into a New Age as the Magisterial Age is coming into new light.  There will be great changes occurring in those who are whole-heartedly dedicated to be about uplifting this planet as they are increasingly trained to become the servers of all.

I have a vast array of personalities accompanying me.  You are working with one who has been with me for millions of years in Serena, and I assure you that this process of "circuitry bonding" that is occurring between the two of you will be occurring with increasing frequency with many mortals upon this planet, those faith-led sons and daughters who are whole-heartedly desirous of dedicating their lives to becoming the servers of all.

I assure you that there is a Magisterial Staff which will become known, a staff of to-be-materialized beings.  You are aware of the Melchizedek Order, but indeed there will be females materialized in equal numbers, comprised of the unrevealed order that your dear friend, teacher and guide, Serena is one of.  And, yes, she will be amongst this group of to-be-materialized staff members.

This new "circuitry bonding" process with faith-led mortals will increasingly begin occurring between each one of these to-be-materialized staff members, as each one is capable of connecting with hundreds upon hundreds of mortals who are ready for such a process to unfold.  Those who are qualified for such only need ask, and through their living growing faith and trust, such a miracle will indeed become a living, growing reality.  The ramifications of such a relationship are beyond the present ability of mortal comprehension, but I assure you that all who engage and succeed in this process will find themselves with great new power to be about our Father’s business.

I am honored to have such a noble and faithful band of mortal apostles and ambassadors who are desirous of serving at all cost, and I invite all others who are supremely desirous of serving upon my mortal staff to reach deep within to receive my call and acceptance.  It will be unmistakably clear, as your supreme desire to serve with pure intentions and growing sincerity and commitment is truly a living reality.

Much adventure we are on the brink of here, but do not think for a minute that I will wave a magic wand and all of a sudden the great ills and diseases upon this planet will be remedied.  The work is for ones like you to do, my friend.  Each of you has great teams of untold numbers of various personalities working with you.  Rest in your Universe Parents’ arms, and attempt not to discern all of these personalities, for it would be beyond your ability to comprehend. Many will be coming and going who are a part of each apostle’s/ambassador’s team… those who are highly specialized in specific areas.

Indeed there will be a whole new mobilization of apostles and ambassadors under the various members of my to-be-materialized staff and others who will be directly or indirectly contacting each of those individual mortals who are currently serving under the various corps of Master Seraphim of Planetary Supervision.

At this time, I expect nothing to drastically change upon this planet, as each of you continue to become all that you can become. You are each highly guided and directed, and it is only up to you to open up and allow all to unfold.  Great downward spiritual pressure is now being applied upon the planet, as never before, and for those who are ready there will be great upliftment as their morontia/material bodies blend and their frequencies and vibrations are raised to higher levels.  As new morontia awareness comes upon all of those according to their ability to receive, I assure you that many of you will be learning great new secrets/techniques in energy management.  I speak of the transformation, manipulation and direction of the energy of love, pure energy indeed. Allow yourselves to ponder upon my words, and rest assured that your ability to assimilate and absorb will be greatly enhanced as you reach out to rest in the great peace of your Universe Parents’ arms.

So yes, I am here and we begin a New Age.  Walk with new confidence and faith in yourselves, for with God all things are possible. Hallelujah, my Dear Ones, and know that I am here for all who desire to receive me. This said, I will take my leave. It has been a pleasure.


The "circuitry-bonding" mentioned is essentially telepathy.  In this message above, you should get the idea, that as "mortals" you can receive of this if you desire it and plan to participate in the uplifting of the planet.  The comment on the Material Son and Daughter, was the Adam and Eve mission that failed as loosely told in the Bible.  There are teachers on the planet in increasing numbers to teach telepathy.  The staff of Monjoronson will be also walking the Earth as mentioned above.

I suggest reading in Urantia also, paper 52, describing the standard planetary epochs.  Of special interest would be page 594, which covers the Magisterial Age.  This paper was written by a Mighty Messenger.  If you recall Mother Shekhmet is a Mighty Messenger, and wrote some of the papers in Urantia.  She did not write this paper, but her "soul mate" Father Alcyone did.  In terms of the epochs described in this paper, we are sort of in a mix of 4, 5, and moving into 6 in time. The 7th epoch is called the Era of Light and Life, and this is where Earth is rapidly heading, in her Ascension.  This is the goal of her Ascension, and yours.  The material in this paper is well worth reading to help your education in the growth of planets.  It is more easily readable that some sections of Urantia.

You see in the message above, the comment of the morontia-material bodies blending, this is reference to the building of the Light Body, from your present physical bodies.  The morontia awareness mentioned refers to your more advanced education, the learning of the spiritual realms and, as always, is your choice to pursue.

Now, I have written my list members that I need help in a project, and I am asking this of all my readers to consider.  It is time to begin expanding the awareness of clerics in organized religion.  I am composing a letter to send to them. If you have already written that you will participate in this project, please do not write again, I have all your emails.

I am only one person at this time, until funding comes through for my staff.  So many have asked to help and this would be a wonderful way to do so. I am asking people to look up churches, and this can also include Mosques and Synagogue’s in your area.  If you live in countries other than the United States, I welcome your help also. I will provide the letter, and you provide the work. You can use email, if you can find email addresses.  If you can afford snail mail that would be better since it is so easy to just delete the email.  If you have limited time and means, I would suggest selecting the larger houses of worship in your area.

I do not want the letters sent until after the NESARA announcement in the USA.  I have approached many ministers to be turned away.  A recent test mailing produced only two contacts, out of 270 sent.  However, the lack of making contact does not mean it was unsuccessful, a seed was planted, and many might make the contact later.

The letter will be much more powerful if sent after the announcement, because it will say that NESARA is part of the Second Coming process. I am trying to keep it to one page, written on size 10 font to allow more room. Even if the letters get tossed, the seed is planted, and when the activities of contact begin to happen, and then our actual big show occurs, they will be wishing they had not tossed them out.  But they might keep them, if they take notice that NESARA is happening before their eyes.

If you would like to help, and have not yet written to me, please send a simple email, with "I will send letters" in the subject field. Several did not recently, making my sorting job a bit harder. Please do not use these emails to ask questions, so that I am not tied up additionally, get the email back out to you. I hope that knowledge of the presence of this Son from Paradise will help uplift you during the wait. I am still "higher than a kite" today after my discussion with Monjoronson. I felt great love and presence of being, and the telepathy occurred with the same ease and comfort that I enjoy with those I have presented to you over these many months.

This is a very nice guy!  Of course, the Paradise Sons, I assume, always are. Be in Peace, I assure you NESARA will happen. In this waiting, the American public is coming to accept that Mr. Bush and his team are sadly lacking.  And again, there is new evidence with New Orleans, and 911 has been almost forgotten.  The NESARA announcement will most likely be more shocking to the collective consciousness of the USA, than 911 was.  You will still be needed to be rocks, now and during the coming months of great changes.  Enjoy the above message from this Avonal Son.

I continue to work on the website material, and we should open the website before the end of the month. There will be a discussion forum, and a variety of new material, much of it for clerics who will be coming to the site. I will be introducing a couple of the directors of my organization also.  Of course, the past messages will be posted.  On the discussion forum, there will be a section to discuss messianic ideas plus several other sections planned.  I have been spending my days not only writing but continuing with important learning, and the planning of AbundantHope.

I am working a bit more with Sananda again.  His worldwide headquarters, the offices of the Planetary Prince, will be in the United States. The location will be announced later when appropriate.  AbundantHope will be closely associated with his works.  Take care, Candace.


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