Stupid White Men On ETs

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Cosmic Insight Paraphrasing Michael Moore:

Stupid White Men OnETs

Bauwyn Stellingwerf
[email protected]l
November 30, 2003

Taken from: . Published in this website on May 16, 2004.

COSMIC INSIGHT: Stupid White Men on "ETs"

NOTE: We all know of the stupid white men who used to say, "No Indian is a good Indian". That’s back when the frontier was like outer space and fear of the unknown went to stupid extremes. Today the archetypal fear of the unknown is the UFO/alien subject where "No alien is a good alien" is common.

Clearly the elite shadow government "powers that be" do NOT want the sheople to think there is a higher power than the one they present through their social engineers in education, talking heads on TV, paid off politicians in Congress, pious pontiffs in organized religion, etc.  Never before in Earth’s recorded history has there been a greater need for divine intervention via a Higher Power that truly has the best interests "of, by and for the people" at heart. But the only drivel we hear from faithless sheople and fear-mongering wolves among us is more provocateur terror, and in this case, our worst fears coming upon us.

Heaven knows there are good ET’s with much more advanced technology that is divinely inspired. They watch us on their plasma screens as the greatest "soap opera" in recent galactic history. And they do intercede to save us from stupid white man selves every so often.  But whereas the lower E.T. clones and their reptilian masters are rebels from the God Force with rebel underground bases around the planet, the higher you go then the more respect for our free will you find… running interference for us so we can link the light among us and overcome the sinister forces of entrenched reptilian controllers on the planet.

Then we can say we did it ourselves! As we also can say (via our free will choice) if we invoke the assistance of Almighty God, Ascended Masters and those benevolent E.T.’s who hold the best intent of Earth’s evolution at heart… and are merely waiting for enough good people (80%) to want Higher Power to help overcome the entrenched paradigm paralysis from the 20%. (details at ).

All Ways Victory When WE LOVE Enough – CR

"This is a very important time for the entire universe; our world is and will be what we make it; ETs must be invited to help us, as the law of the universe forbids their deciding for themselves to intervene or take over the free will decisions of souls here regardless of how harmful those may be; many ETs are living among us; many ET civilizations are interested in what happens on Earth; Earth is a learning planet and 100s or more lifetimes may be spent learning what souls chose for spiritual evolvement; Nirvana (spirit realm) is where souls from Earth live between lifetimes here (and other learning placements). There are other similarities as well and also some differences."
————– article follows:

From: "Bauwyn Stellingwerf" <[email protected]l>
Subject: Feedback to "CHANGE THE WORLD!"
30 Nov 2003

Hi Jean,

"CHANGE THE WORLD! "DECIDE WHETHER WE SHOULD SHOW UP!"[Editor’s Note:  See this article at: .]

I like it very much, it has a true feeling.

But, please – please – please, Jean, don’t expect too much. Maybe they are not allowed to come.

Believe it, the spiritual world, and the world of the extraterrestrials and their spaceships, they are just as real as our world on Earth. This time is very important for this whole universe and what we, Humans, are now doing – thinking – feeling is the trigger for what the future shall be. I know, it does not look that way, but it truly is.

The beings of the spiritual world are here to help us and … to protect us…! Protection, because many extraterrestrials want to be here on Earth, in this time. Not just these ones.

The entire planet Earth is complete encapsulated by a grid work of systems of a very beneficent nature, which act as a shield that can only be penetrated by the authority of the great guardian beings Michael and Metatron.

NASA knows about it, the purpose of every space shuttle is verified. And the main purpose from the NASA flights is not in the News. Why are there not any longer space voyages to the moon? Earth astronauts have doing experiments there that damaged the moon, and now it is forbidden to go there any longer. But that you don’t read in the news.

We are all eternal living angels, who are for some time on Earth, for Earth is a planet of learning. And that time on Earth is not about one life, but hundreds of them. And between these lives on Earth we are in a Heaven with the same level of that Earth life. That is where Matthew is now, he has a spiritual overview on that level from: all what is going on on Earth, the connection between everything, why it must go the way it does, the Universal Laws.

The beings in the letter are telling they are almost at the same level as we do, except that they are technical better. They think that is the truth, but it is not. We are not on the same level, we have had the experience of duality, and they don’t.

We, the Humans on Earth, have solved a problem, and that will change the future of the whole universe. And now everybody will come to help us to restore our memory – who we are.

See it like somebody, who has been very ill, is recovering and in getting the rest to do so … is not allowed to have many visitors just now, only family and very good friends. Other friends and relatives can send letters. That is what is happening on Earth right now. We are making our recovery and don’t need to many visitors here in this time. They can send us letters ( = channeling), medicines and techniques (= already happening, quite soon you will see it).

But changing our selves and our way of life is something We Only Self Can Do!

That is a Universal Law!

You can say, but Matthew, he would know about it. Maybe, but you do not know how much Matthew knows, see only The Light Series #54: "Focus for, not against". There he said, he did not tell his mother more because she was happy with how she saw it. He is not telling everything about an item.

Very long ago we ourselves have traveled between the stars. That was a very pleasant time with, spiritual, lovely memories. And we all are longing to go back there again, to travel again, feeling free. And if that is not possible, we would like to meet beings that still does. But …

"… we would tell you one more time there is going to be no mass landing in the way of your expectations. However, we would tell you this, there are many space commanders living among you – thousands of them – we are already here. And you have amongst you what you call the star children of star travelers. This is the true meaning of mass landing. And humans being taken on board these great ships in large groups is happening right now. This happens during meditations and during sleep time, but you also being returned home after these events. There will be no mass landing or mass evacuation in the way being presented by some groups. And you are to be complemented, for this is the first time ever that a shift is occurring without the need of a mass evacuation. In 1987 it was thought that there might be a mass evacuation. Such is not the case now." (November 18, 2003)


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