Writing to Pass the Time While I Wait for Stasis


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Writing to Pass the Time While I Wait
for Stasis
 By Candace Frieze
October 18, 2007

Taken from:http://abundanthope.net/pages/article_816.shtml.  Published in this website on October 27th, 2007.

See alsoChrist Michael Update on the Coming Changes and Stasis 101.

My dear readers of my website, I know some of you have been more and more losing your patience with this. I am not apologizing for it, for I am not the cause, but then again neither is star team the cause, it is man of Earth that is perpetually creating events that are not in service. We remain close, as Jess posted on the 13th, we are in the process of placing the planet into stasis. Some of you are noticing this, from your increases in stress, and either needing to sleep all the time, or being too restless to sleep well. (I belong to that club.)  Some of you know absolutely that the process is going forward, for you have been able to determine this from your own knowledge. The stasis ships and others are greatly increasing the Light.

All aware, even subconsciously of the Ascension process are being helped by guides and the photon belt and other light coming into the planet, to make the choice to move forward or remain in ignorance. All of you are confronting your old issues, (myself and team included) and choosing to not remain in the old limiting ways that do not serve either yourself, or the rest of the planet.

The attacks on our server and team members continue from those that are not spiritually mature enough yet to know truth. There remain some who pester ME regularly, claiming I am working with the dark, or I am total fake. Neither is true. I have NOT posted, for security reasons, my «proof» list, which is very long. If you do not know me more personally, you do not have the ability to determine who I am, or anything about my life journey that led me to this project. You have not walked 5 minutes in my shoes, never talked to me on the phone, or had other experiences. You may not judge who I am, not having my experience. You can only look at the ideas and decide it they align with you.

Ones, many of them since I have been public, write me asking of my integrity in this, and then make a statement, almost always after a time, that Esu and Christ Michael «know them» and I should go ask for my own verification that Esu and Christ Michael know they are good guys. But the ones that send this to me, if they truly had the contact, would have discerned through their contact with Esu and Christ Michael that this project is absolutely real and that this team serves their intent, so, sorry to those who use this ploy, that gets you nowhere with me. And there continue to be many who claim to serve and in the background continue to serve the dark. Our sky team will always give one who expresses desire to serve this project, a chance to do so, because people can in a seeming instant mend their ways, and in fact some of the waiting is waiting for that to occur before these ones are sorted from the planet to elsewhere.

Stasis would have occurred already, if everything was in the best that it can be. Many changes were made, based on experience and learning, that have NOT be stated to our readers, is also meant to be read by the dark ones who come to this sight. There was absolutely NO reason to post anything about the stasis event. It could have been covered after the fact, but what we have posted is to serve notice to the dark, and also to serve your preparation. There is NO preparation for stasis, other than we have said to you that some will be leaving the planet during it, both the Sons of Darkness and the Sons of Light. It has given you additional time to prepare and grow your consciousness, and you will be prepared, as we have always said, to be the rocks in your circles for those who will be confused, and thus you can shed your Light —your knowing— to them, and this serves these ones. Many of you may well experience ones in your circles who do not awaken, and thus you will know that they made the choice to leave this plane during stasis. As we have said, many lighted ones are going to exit the planet also, their reward for their long work on this plane. Knowing this detail alone will assist possibly your own grief, and lets you serve others in a lighted way.

Christ Michael has been able since spring to install stasis at his will, and interrupt the darkness, and he almost did, right after G8 this summer, when a circumstance occurred that would have made it best to do it at that time, but the issue was resolved. However, unfolding events (banking for example) have made it desirous to wait a little longer, and there was an immense change in plans around the end of September, that will greatly enhance the results. It is not allowed me at this time to state what that was to the public, but my team does know.

I have been accused many of time of providing false hope. I do not. That was never the point. I want everyone, who considers this concept, to look at this sad world, and imagine where it is going to be 5 years from now. There will be horrid consequences of the problems we have placed upon this planet. We have diminishing resources obviously, and that ensures battle for survival. And that is exactly what the Iraq War is about, that elite-ones and certain countries will have those energy resources. Please take a mental trip into what is soon to come.

The biggest reason, in my personal assessment, for this intervention is for the planet herself, as soon the air will become very fouled, the lack of bees, the poor soil, and poisoned water will soon begin taking their toll, and once this goes too far, in order to save something of Earth’s atmosphere, there will be intervention, meaning the planet will be suddenly cleansed, which could include allowing a pole reversal, or allowing a massive asteroid attack to the planet. In fact that asteroid attack could be induced and the resultant massive changes would indeed begin the healing to the planetary ecosystem itself. It would require then replanting of many species, and awaiting quite a long time until there was adequate restoral for true Human, to reoccupy the planet. Being that Earth has been guaranteed her Ascension only Lighted beings will continue their journey on her surface.

So there are exactly two choices. We have an intervention now, while the planet still has the opportunity for healing by her current residents, or we do nothing and let nature take her course up to that final point of losing the atmosphere. Prior to that loss the planet would experience the catastrophic cleansing. In the few years remaining until that time, Earth residents would experience all the problems until that point, without the opportunity to assist the process to something better. And that is the OTHER reason for intervention, to allow growth of the peoples.

The dark has simply taken over the planet, as all of us slept, and with the weapons these ones own and would likely utilize for themselves, protest seems a difficult possibility, and many people are simply too fearful to go in that direction. It would take one really good mass killing by the dark side of an organized event, and we would most likely all agree to be good little slaves because there is not the courage to die for cause yet on this planet. And it isn’t even desired to have this kind of martyrs for the planet would lose its power base of Two or More in My Name.

So for those of you still in unknowing, or being unsure whether this is a lighted project or not, please examine what would happen without it. If you think we have generations of time, hundreds of years to solve these problems, we do not because the planet itself is too ill to support us any more. We are already at this point in fact, and at most there is probably only 5 to 10 years left for the peoples of Earth if there is no intervention.

Now this intervention doesn’t solve all the problems. We have continually taught that it opens the door. What it will do, in removal of the dark, and doing some cleansing of the atmosphere, is that the Sons of Light, will have a level playing field on which to play. There is NO promise of success, for this success is totally based on whether the remaining peoples get their shit in gear or not.

If people do NOT stand up, Two or More in My Name, and form coalitions with specific purpose and goals and carry out this purpose in enough numbers to get the job done, then the end result will still be that the planet will need a catastrophic cleansing. God never does the work from «up there.» The people do NOT grow when that occurs. There is a reason that the monkeys and apes are still monkeys and apes on this planet because these groups of animals made the choice to be comfortable in the warm climates, and pick their food. And thus they are still doing that. You must have change to stimulate the evolution of all on a planet and especially the evolution of sentient beings. And man of Earth is not the only sentient being on this planet, for the higher levels of animals are also. Anybody who thinks their intelligent pet is not sentient is missing out of some reality.

So, that said, you are all that wish to participate, invited to continue to dream those missions into place. That is the other purpose of this advanced announcement process going on since early 2005. I was disappointed with the forum, and I will herein tell you why. Part was the interlopers, who took peoples attention away from the real purpose of the forum, and the other part is that between my forum, and Damien’s, and Henning’s websites, only about 200 people chose to post any sort of mission, and some of those missions although I did post them and allow access to the forum were a bit shallow and don’t really serve what needs to be done over the next five years, or the time after that.

Many of you have stated you won’t create a mission until you see your proof. Granted, some are mission for which you will require funding. But you must set the creative process into place before you can have the money to spend. One of my team members has an interesting job right now with a charter school. He was hired to raise funds, and assist the creative goals of the school. However, the leaders of this school will not put forth on paper the creation they wish to create. They hoped my team member, who knows a lot of sugar daddies, would simply supply the sugar daddies to make their new school possible. But they would not put the plans on paper, or adequately express their goals in other ways, and even rich sugar daddies are not going to give their money away to a charter school without vision.

My attempts on the forum to enlist the planning on paper necessary, and the real dream work creation of thoughtforms to the universe, fell on mostly deaf ears. «Gimme the money, then I will create» doesn’t get it done. And sad to say, some who follow the NESARA story since its inception want money so they can play the rest of their lives. If you wish to receive from St. Germain’s various world trusts, you will supply the business program that will justify it.

Many of you now have people in your circles that are mad because the Democrats didn’t get the job done, and many are coming finally to distrust this administration. How many of you, and them, have gotten together, when your Congress people are at home, and gone in large groups to visit them? I still continue to talk to people who think they can solve the problem by election in 2008, and that we have a fair election process. We have not for a long time had anything even approaching a fair election process, and we won’t until, for starters, we get rid of the 2 party system. We will get rid of the party system period, if we wish to remodel this planet, and only elect people, at every level that demonstrate the knowledge and integrity to represent our needs and we will immediately remove those who do not.

We can’t impeach this resident of the White House because, you see, all of Congress belongs to the same corporation, and also because we didn’t elect this team, the elections were completely stolen and this is a fraudulent occupation, which would totally ignore impeachment. Impeachment didn’t remove Clinton if you recall. He finished his term. And they would keep Bush Junior forever in the White House, by game playing, except for one thing, they don’t have any more clones to serve. So they will have to put another body into the lead.

Another latest game against this project is that star fleet is invading our free will. Will not so. The universes have leadership and government and oversee the Creation. You have free will within boundaries, and free will doesn’t include the destruction of a planet if universal government doesn’t choose to allow the destruction of a planet. Christ Michael himself has had to gain higher support for this intervention which is not commonly done for planets in this manner. This is the darkest planet in Nebadon, being the lowest of the low penal colonies, and it is not possible apparently to handle this any other way, with the exception of taking drastic cleansing action. Many entities on this planet have asked for assistance, however they believe it possible from God, and this intervention answers those petitions.

We are also genuinely in the «End Times,» because this is the end of a cycle, as the planet has come into the photon belt. It’s also the final end time this planet has experienced as a prison planet. No more. It is a seed planet and will be healed for that role, as well as our entire solar system is being healed from the destructive galactic warring. And our solar system and the planet are reacting differently to this trip currently through the photon belt, as all are absorbing the photons and growing now, instead of dying. Notice the increasing brightness of Mars, Jupiter, and Venus.Jupiter in fact will become a sun because of this growth process, which I explained in an earlier piece.

I am asking you all to stop the bitching, and create positive thoughtforms, and stop waiting for the «prove it to me». The «prove it to me before I get my butt in gear» only delays the process more. And many of you will need to request funding because the return of the monies to the people is going to take a while, and you will need start up funds until you receive your own rebates.  The prosperity funds are going first to those that invested in them. They are not being delivered to the public and it is up to those realizing their investment to share the funds around.

Patrick (www.fourwinds10.com) has a good piece up today, by himself, which says the prosperity funds could not have been paid out in fiat money, which only perpetuates the money problems on this planet. This is true. Now please stop the bitching about that which you can’t effect (you aren’t on the big decision team in the sky), and effect support to that time, now. Do you realize, because many of you have waited to start the mission creation process, [you] have delayed the results of this to come? You have wasted your time not developing something of substance that will serve. And initially right now, your efforts need to go to the Jupiter event. And because of this waste of your time, we also have been affected because you aren’t ready to go into action.

And that reminds me of the other purpose of the piece that I have sidetracked from. Yes, the time is drawing very close to the Jupiter event. However, your worrying on this does absolutely nothing at this time. I assure you, star fleet has an assistance plan in place that helps during the short time remaining. Christ Michael will take the planet into stasis very soon, so that what star team has planned does have time to take place, in that preparation. We can’t tell details, because of the dark and what they should NOT know. My team has not been fully briefed yet, on all these plans. Do you think star team would not have a plan in place to serve in the restricted time?

I can assure you that when we come out of stasis there will be, beside the obvious removal of souls for various reasons and some apparent cleansing, some other changes that will directly affect all of you in terms of preventing the re-infestation of that cleansing that is done. The planetary peoples are not going to be allowed to re-pollute that which was cleansed during stasis. You are going to be «unconvinced» and I think you can use your God-given minds to imagine some of that and thus understand the teaching and new rules around it as announced during the announcement period. You are not going to live the way you are now, period. No one on the planet will. So begin to build useful plans and thoughtforms and stop putting the «worry thoughtforms» into the mass consciousness.

I have never posted all of what I know, nor my journey as my «proof» to you. If I was a fraud I would not have gone this far and brought people onto my team. What purpose would that have served? Now back to those missions, you see, because I did post my mission and my work, there is now a team, which would have never occurred. Think of how far behind we would be without this public project, and went into stasis without it? In fact, without this team, and also others yet unknown to me personally, selected by Esu, this change would be considerably less successful, and without a team, probably not even considered as an option.

Now write your dreams down on paper and also create how you think you will assist your circles during the coming several months of announcement and the Jupiter event. Make a list of those who might assist you, even if they currently don’t believe your story or you never shared the story. I have a list of people I think can serve my process who are still in doubt, for example.

And exactly NONE of you ones in doubt need to waste your mental energy sending me email, telling me that if the proof does occur you will be my greatest supporters and if it doesn’t you will come after me in some way. It does no service to you or myself. If you wish to NOT see the vision behind AbundantHope, just please get out of the way, and put your time to something else. It is your choice to serve God as you wish, and if you wish to threaten and be destructive, there are also better ways to do that than write me email to that effect. In fact some ones incarnated at this time to serve the dark in keeping the planet, so if you are one of those and wish to obstruct the process, your time is wasted in that goal by writing me these types of letters, as I am NOT dropping away from this project, I know its truth, and I would not drop away, and thus derail the process. Many of you are under testing at this time around this, they want the people who are strong enough to resist the bullshit, to serve in the higher slots. It’s a case of «if you can’t handle the heat, get out of the kitchen

I know my journey. I have abundance of proof during my past 10 years of creative process leading specifically to this project. Even when you get your «proof», doesn’t mean you will serve this is a positive way. You may choose to not like the new scenarios and changes and fight it to your death, and I assure there will be many who are NOT going to be pleased, and find what is coming outside of their mistaken belief systems, and will not consider an alternative.

The ONLY way that we do not face the full effects of nature coming upon us at this time is to directly intervene, teach the people in ignorance and level the playing field, so that the co creative Sons of Light have the opportunity to assist, Two or More In My Name. Knowing what you do know about the condition of Earth, what else would work, in the limited time frame we have? Isn’t it a grand idea to level the playing field so you DO have an impressive opportunity of soul growth for that is the purpose you came to this sad little planet by your choice? To effect the change from within because that’s the only way it gets done. Namaste,
Candace Frieze, a Sananda in service to the higher good of Planet Earth.

A Wee Tiny Update, Oct 24, 2007, 16:44
Taken from

Hi everyone, just a bit of stuff. Rest assured star fleet is going to participate generously in the evacuations around the Pacific Rim before Jupiter. Japan, for instance, has no place to put their population and arrangements are being made, they have no inland area sufficient to house them. There remain obviously problems being solved or we would be in stasis.

The banking still remains an issue, and its resolution will occur with the removal of the dark ones during stasis. I have been in contact with Christopher Story, and there is NO truth whatsoever that Wanta was paid, despite posting to that effect by either Poof or Casper, don’t remember which one made that statement.

The fires in California are mostly arson-caused, this is a 911 sort-of-event having several possible motives behind it, including the punishment of certain rich folks whose houses were intentionally burned during the fires. There is no way all those fires occurred from downed-power lines from the wind, etc. They were too huge and fast.

I continue to state that I know who I AM, and since the ones who are creating storms on various forums do not live in my shoes, what they are saying has no merit. Rest in peace, and please send up your thanks for this and send peaceful thoughtforms into the mix. Continue to plan how you can serve wherever you live during the few short weeks until the Jupiter event. Since time is getting closer, we will cover the coming event somewhat sooner during the announcement rather than afterwards. The announcement process has been changed a bit to get to the upcoming events sooner.

One of the reasons for the delay is that a large problem that was thought could be taken care of after stasis and Jupiter, was taken care of early this month. They are also starting some of the activity that can be done out-of-sight now so that stasis can be handled within the original 3 week idea.  All of your updating of your bodies continues. Many of you are tired, a great deal, because of both, the body work and the hugely increasing energy being placed into the planet by the stasis fleet.

I myself have had a lot of my time taken up to "body work" this last couple of weeks, so I haven’t been as active with the posting. I haven’t dropped out of site!
Take care, Candace.

Interesting Tidbit About a Plan Post Jupiter, Oct 29, 2007, 12:33
Taken from

Hi all, I am allowed today to post one of the plans for our post Jupiter population. As many of you know from the PJs [Phoenix Journals], my work, and others, when Esu returned with the evacuation fleet, Ashtar Command, in 1954, during the previous years from his incarnation 2000 years ago, one of his jobs was to find planets willing to take earthlings, and that wasn’t necessarily an easy job, but if a planet is to be evacuated, there must be places to go.

There is also the new planet we have discussed, which has been made ready having received its life charter, and those of you who read Dolores Cannon know something of that idea, particularly from the book "Keepers of the Garden." People will also be allowed to emigrate there but the process has to be controlled and supervised, can’t just dump a lot of unprepared people on a new planet to start over in great numbers.

In my last wee little update, I suggested star fleet would participate heavily in preparations for Jupiter. You can’t just announce it will happen and then do nothing to assist. So now let’s return to the original story of the 1950s, plus that covered particularly in PJ #5 (I think), and in that you see an interesting option for reducing the population of earth without people having to vacate their bodies.

Those planets willing to accept some earth migration are still willing. They will not allow, however, the criminal element. But people after Jupiter will be given that option. Many will be evacuated, strictly temporarily to the safety of ships, as I suggested, particularly land-locked countries like Japan who do not have time to safely move onto Russian and Chinese soils. Depending on what occurs during Jupiter, many Japanese might not be able to return at all as the damage to Tokyo et all could be heavy.

It is not totally known how the planet will react to the Jupiter event, particularly the Pacific Rim. It can be intelligibly guessed about, but the final result may be either better or worse, and may vary considerably.

So it will be offered, in particular at first to those evacuated to ship that can’t return to their lands, that they might consider emigration to another planet. There are many on earth mature enough to move forward, and to move to another planet in better shape than earth, would be a very viable option for people, once, of course, that we have presented the truth of the matter.

I don’t know how many places there are on other planets. Certainly good arrangements were made prior to 1954, and since. But, remember, our planet has doubled its population, at least, since I graduated from High School way back in 1965. And people can only go where they should be, regards their personal evolution. A highly evolved planet is only going to take a small number of lesser-evolved people, they will not let in more than can be handled. And, of course, people must be willing to explore a different possibility, the willingness to emigrate must be there.

We shall see how this option works out. I think many will choose it, for it would be exciting to them. Others would fear the unknown, and maybe not trust given all the false alien-stuff that has been created particularly in the USA. There is still much fear here, I see it lots in the eyes of people I attempt to assure that all is well with our star visitors. But I think many, when the truth is told, and the "fruits" of our star visitors become trusted, that this will be a highly viable option for many.

And, of course, some of our population of Lightworkers who have long endured on this planet do get to go home, both in and out of body, depending on their choices. We have informed you that during stasis many will leave and most will leave their bodies. Many of the Lightworkers here have their Light Bodies "in storage" on their native planets and can take up residence in them upon return.

Others don’t, or perhaps they have graduated to higher circumstances and will be reborn, or return possibly to one of the architectural worlds spoken of in the Urantia Book. You have seen these also labeled "synthetic worlds" as opposed to evolutionary worlds. These are the worlds one can live on and progress after their need of learning on the evolutionary worlds has passed.

Many are already Ascended and will return to situations such as which our Ascended Masters currently exist too, and work in the realms surrounding this or other planets. Many of the "fallen angels" are graduating and returning to their former realms. I had the wonderful experience recently through AA Rafael of advising a lady that had developed heart problems suddenly that this was her case, and she was returning to her place, a successful graduate, and she did, and I heard from this lady, her name Maggie, recently after her departure. She was in a wondrous state of being!

All will work out. Many will be tried and in their trials so will they grow, or not, it is but their choice. Patrick talks a lot about the robotoids or clones as he currently calls them. True, these ones have no souls, and that merely means no one is incarnate within them but they can receive a Thought Adjustor if they begin to develop God mind. Right now, only about 10% of them do, but the coming changes will enable them in much greater numbers to receive the Thought Adjustor (I still detest that term for the I AM fragment) and thus start that great option of taking the eternal journey. These ones who receive their Thought Adjustor are basically "new souls."

For yourselves, whatever choices you are making, know that these coming times are of great value to all in promoting soul growth and you are all undergoing much growth now, are you not? I suggest the best yet of your opportunities in this current life. Take care, Candace.

NOT Cheney, and the Two McCains, SaturdayNov 1, 2008, 10:37
Taken from: http://abundanthope.net/pages/article_2245.shtml

Well, "Cheney" has reappeared in Wyoming and this man is only vaguely looking like Cheney, you, thugs, who have produced this look alike! The voice is NOT even right, I was away from the TV when he came on, and it was not until I was in front of the TV that I realized this was supposed to be Cheney speaking. Really bad job, dudes, really bad copy, and I hope people who watched this briefly will wonder what in shit is going on. The face is thinner, so perhaps they will think he lost weight. The face droops bad on the left (the real left, not as you face the screen, almost like it is paralyzed. Perhaps an injection of Botox?

And there are obviously TWO McCains. One has a large surgical scar on the left side of the nose, one has a larger bald spot in back. The smaller bald spot was apparent this morning, and minus the nose scar. I have been trying, during these very briefly glimpses to figure out what to belongs to what. The two different versions also have different eyebrows, and Mr. Fuzzier eyebrows was on this morning. So let’s see, the fuzzy eyebrows, the smaller bald spot on the rear crown of the head, the nose without the scar seem together!  Voices don’t match either.

And when did Sarah Palin grow a long neck? She didn’t have one in her younger adult years.  Although I realize people age, this Sarah Palin just doesn’t match her younger pics, even with the obvious weight loss.

To those readers voting McCain, I thusly ask, which McCain are you voting for? Just a short while ago two ladies knocked on my door, one of which had just tromped through my flower bed instead of using the walk. Obama pushing, and they wanted to know if I had used the mail-in ballot. I will be, but I informed them that I would not, could not, vote a criminal into office of the United States. Now others have bothered to stop and chat about why I think Obama is a criminal. These ones took off.  I don’t know the importance of the question about if I used a mail-in ballot or not.  Perhaps I should have asked that first.

I am NOT for early voting. It is not honest. People can’t change their votes. And this year, I have no place for a write-in for President, and per usual, my ballot doesn’t have NOTA on it either. It should. None Of The Above. If we can’t vote NOTA we do not have a free country. If we can’t leave the polls with a copy of our vote, we don’t have a free country. If others, like the two big parties, choose who gets to run, we don’t have a free country. And if we have to pay a tax on our personal income unwillingly, meaning we will face penalties and jail if we choose to not pay, we are not a free country. Nor are were sovereign individuals. Free will, means free will, and we don’t have it here, the income tax is proof enough of that.

Yesterday Obama spoke about catching Osama, again. How does one catch a dead man?  And why is it considered OK to accept and vote for criminals? I never understood this. How do you determine the lesser of two evils?  Sarah Palin has also now been caught in dubious activity and continues to run. McCain voted for the Iraq War, was a member of the Keating Five, and left survivors in Viet Nam, lying that there were none alive. And people are willing to vote for this man?

This is what Hatonn (Christ Michael) had to say about McCain back in1998, PJ #230:

H: In fact, right here I want to insert some thought fodder: How many of you remember McCain of Arizona? You know, that Senator who was among the Keating Five. The same one who was a prisoner of war in the Asian sector BUT SOLD OUT HIS BUDDIES TO THE ENEMY. THAT ONE?? WELL, HE IS NOW PUSHING WAR IN IRAQ—THIS SAME MAN WHO SCREWED HIS BUDDIES, AND YOU —THE-PEOPLE IN THE S&L MULTI-BILLION-DOLLAR LOSSES— NOW WANT A WAR IN IRAQ TO SCREW YOU AGAIN—AND AGAIN—AND AGAIN. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU, PEOPLE?

H: In fact, right here I want to insert some thought fodder: How many of you remember McCain of Arizona? You know, that Senator who was among the Keating Five. The same one who was a prisoner of war in the Asian sector BUT SOLD OUT HIS BUDDIES TO THE ENEMY. THAT ONE?? WELL, HE IS NOW PUSHING WAR IN IRAQ—THIS SAME MAN WHO SCREWED HIS BUDDIES, AND YOU —THE-PEOPLE IN THE S&L MULTI-BILLION-DOLLAR LOSSES— NOW WANT A WAR IN IRAQ TO SCREW YOU AGAIN—AND AGAIN—AND AGAIN. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU, PEOPLE?




Candace: And have the American people yet awakened?  Since the above, we have had 911, and the attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq. Plus obviously stolen elections. Plus this horrid awful election period of the last two years, and people think this current one is bringing change?  Change to what? From What???? What do they see as "broken."  OK, Obama is claiming again, he will get us out of Iraq, and then he qualifies it with comments around, when the situation is "right." OK, the situation was right long ago. It is right now. We need to get the Hell out of there, NOW and let these poor people rebuild their fractured lives. AND Obama is fine about carrying war on into Pakistan.

I have run into many people who are very excited and involved in this election, WHY???????? What don’t they get? OK, I am having a nasty day, I admit it, but why is it OK to place criminals into our highest offices? There have been enough "hints" on Obama on TV to cause people to go LOOK. But even if they do, they don’t tend to SEE. OK, enough ranting this morning. Perhaps a nice walk outdoors in under the chemtrail clouds would be helpful. Understand, I KNOW that the people are mind-controlled. I know there are energies, such as GWEN, put out to dumb people down. And my real anger is directed at the dark ones who think it’s OK to harm God’s creations. But I still don’t understand why people think it’s OK to put criminals in office.

All I Want For Christmas Is What Is RIGHT. By Candace. Tuesday Dec 22, 2009, 11:30
Taken from: http://abundanthope.net/pages/article_2245.shtml.

This piece is for anybody, but is directed especially to the "dark brotherhood" that runs this God forsaken world. And God Forsaken it is. We continue to have one war after another, all in the name of some false God. So my wish for the world this Christmas is to discover and honor that which is God. To bring peace and honor in the names of the ones who came somewhat over 2000 years ago now. Those ones that incarnated jointly, as Christ Michael and Esu Immanuel, who started NO religion on this place, and in fact taught against the following that so characterizes this world, the lack of true individuality. That is behind the statement of setting one against another, even in families, and which was completely misunderstood.

To you, dark ones, you know, you lack that individuality also, in your wish to assist your masters in owning this world. All of you, dark ones, FOLLOW. Otherwise you could not do what you do. Ponder that. I do not follow anything. I do that which is right.

So what is "right."? Well, the first right that needs to be done, before Christmas in fact, is admitting the failure of the world financial system, publicly, in all its "dirty" details without hiding anything. I know, as I have contacts on the ground, that you all are trying to either continue to hide your ugly truth, which requires following, or make it less than it is, sanitizing it, you say. This cannot, rightfully be sanitized in any way, shape or form. How do you "sanitize" the horrendous mis-spending of money that has deprived many of their human and God given rights? You don’t. You admit it up front.

So this is the first thing I want for Christmas, and Christmas is only now a week off, but you know, it’s possible to do what is "right" like this weekend even. It is not right to continue the charade until after the dollars are made in January. IT IS NOT RIGHT.

Next, what will be "right" is allowing my team to be on International TV, to begin telling the story of what went so WRONG with this world. You know, if you all would allow what is RIGHT, you will choose to come into favor with that which is GOD. It might just save your souls if you have one left or get you one in the first place, if you do not have one, and a lot of you do not have a soul, and there is no possibility of eternal life for you until you do. I would ponder that, if I were you. I would learn to PONDER in the first place for it is HUman to do so. Without that capability, you are NOT HUman, meaning Higher Universal Man. Godly man. (and woman).

Now, maybe it’s "hard" to do by Christmas, only a week away. But it’s not impossible. If you need a few more days, anytime between Christmas and New Years would be alright, but really, Christmas Day should be spent THIS YEAR with the announcement of who Christ really was and is, and that THEY are returned, those Christs of 2000 years ago who attempted to bring to awakening and hope to this sorry world, and it IS a sorry world. Where is the true joy that belongs to those of God here? It is NOT in commercial presents and goods. Only the smallest amounts of true joy exist here and there, and even those who consider themselves good, will not look at that mess called 911 which has deprived so many of joy, and life itself.

My BIGGEST for Christmas, one short week away, would be to find myself and team on international TV as mentioned above. I would like to state the wars are ended, and the world is at peace, at least regards wars, if not individually within families. I would like to explain and then introduce who "God" and Christ are and were! And that could include Buddha, Krishna, and the other avatars who have returned to this world to lead their ones into peace and true knowledge.

We are a hugely overpopulated world, and you, dark ones, have planned death and disease when that is not necessary. There are other worlds ready and waiting with open arms to take people from this planet. There are HUGE evacuation star ships that would feed and clothe our excess, including the ones not ready to Ascend with this planet, and give them education and that which is right, so these many who are unsouled, might maybe get a soul, or at least another chance at it at some point.

Dark Brothers, there is a bodacious brand new planet, already populated with now 300,000 earth folks, and ready to accept more. However, there is some criteria to go there, because no evil shall be taken to that place. Could you, some of you, give up your evil? Those who cannot, will have no further real place to go, it’s uncreation time for you otherwise, but the Father of Nebadon, would give you one final chance. Shouldn’t you take up this most merciful yet of the Creator Son’s offers? I would ponder that and consider it highly.

Eternal life is highly desirable, you know. And the thugs get a lot of eternal life until all that is godly is gone from them, on these distant and dark planets, and are either eventually uncreated, or finally make the choice to climb into higher ways.

The Eternal Journey is long, it is for eternity, you know, trillions of years, uncountable years. The Creation, that which came after the Central Universe of Havona, is many trillions of years old, not the short 20 billion suggested by "science." Only a portion of the newer creation is even visible from those telescopes in earth orbit.

You have the most glorious of journeys ahead of you, if you would but come out of following the evil ones. Paradise is your goal and beyond. I know of Paradise, for I am from there. I have taken that long Ascension journey to arrive, and now I go out in service to First Source and to the Creator Son of Nebadon, our universe, amongst some 700,000 universes. The universe of my own soul origin. And most of yours.

Many of you are old souls who rebelled. Some of you are those fallen angels still. Some of you are just pitiful little thugs in their service. Yes, that is true. It is time to consider your own soul, your own journey to the glories of heaven and out of this pitiful war-torn place, where people kill in the name of Satan, not God, for God is not about killing, God is about life.

It is now almost a year since Israel attacked and butchered little Gaza. Do you care? Probably not. It is now well over 8 years since 911, and the many butchered people on that date. More than admitted. And today, and this is the current figures from GOD himself, of those war dead in Afghanistan and Iraq since the attack on Afghanistan shortly after 911. In Iraq, the dead from YOUR activities there is now, 6, 597, 453. And in Afghanistan, now 5, 987, 127 mostly civilian deaths. This is genocide. And it’s blood on all that have done nothing to protest and stop it.

And these figures of course don’t reflect those that fled to other countries, and the current starving and sick. They don’t represent the children without parents, and who are injured and in wheelchairs and worse. In a way, it would almost seem the dead are the lucky ones, so bad are conditions in these two countries of this world alone. Then there is Africa, and much of South East Asia I am told that are horrific places to live.

Some of you are "Jews" who think you own this world, and put out the lies about the camps and deaths of World War II, but the toll now is way beyond those lies of that time. There were NO 6 million "Jewish" deaths in the camps. There were no more than 300,000. God doesn’t grant real estate, there is NO real estate license, and this world was given to NO "jews." It is for LIFE alone.

Now "God" has stopped the detonation of nuclear warheads, the planet cannot handle it anymore. And God, as the Creator Son will not allow the total destruction of this, the betowal planet. There have been planets totally destroyed, reduce to cinders floating around or completely blown up. We have that evidence right here in this solar system. The asteroid Belt, and a vacant Mars. But Mars is lucky, some Good Guys are fixing it, and one day, HUMAN, not man the animal, will live there too.

If you wish to be counted as HUMAN and not man, the evil animal, it is time to make the FREE WILL Choice to serve the Creation in love.

This planet is still going to do stasis at any rate. We have covered that, if you missed it go back and read because there must be some axis change and land movements to prepare for the Ascension, because, you see, dark buddies, you don’t get to live here anymore, only the Godly will. But, you can make better where you might live, which could include even planet earth in her Ascension, if you would do what is RIGHT, but there are other wondrous places to experience your needed growth.

We wish to announce GESARA, as we label it, borrowed from the remodeling of NESARA. But really we want to do more than that. It doesn’t need the name GESARA, The name needed is simple, it’s called Peace and Good Will on Earth.  Dark brothers, will you grant that? Peace and Good Will on Earth this Christmas season, if not on Christmas Day? Will you grant that before the beginning of the New Year?

You know, people could then choose who will leave and try something new and who wish to stay and build anew. Many must leave because this planet cannot handle more than about 1/2 billion people. But there are places for those other nearly 7 billion folks on the surface. God has places for all. There are many huge evacuation craft out there, each can hold many millions apiece. There are some safe places under the surface. There are other planets. There are more than 10 million mother craft attending this Second Coming process. Could you grant the Mother planet and all her life, please, a REAL CHRISTMAS, Peace and Good Will on Earth? It can be done in the coming two weeks before the New Year starts. It really can. Now I know some won’t be in believing at first, but it can happen.

WE MUST ANNOUNCE STAR FLEET. I can do that, you know. I and my team. I AM from this Earth, this life and 5 previous ones. I do go to ship. I have personally met the returned ones. Even I am a returned one, in that sense. I am returned in the service of that Creator of my own Being, Christ Michael, even though I long left his universe on the trip that eventuated in my arrival in Havona and on Paradise itself. I KNOW, DARK BROTHERS, I KNOW… having been there and done that personally. I KNOW the GLORY OF GOD. I KNOW.


Please make this Christmas Season, the first REAL and TRUE CHRISTMAS on this Earth. 5 previous civilizations have failed and gone under the seas. Let this be the first one that does not, for people can be lifted before the tired lands must go under the seas. For that they must do, to balance out the planet and refresh of themselves for further use some long day ahead.

There is the most wonderful and carefully laid plans, if you would but take the hand of God extended to you this last time. For God is about love and growth and wonder and abundance and nothing else. Look into the eyes of your animals. Look into the beauteous plants that provide the oxygen you breathe, and know that God is Good. There is none other than service in the creation by those that know God.

Please let us, who came to serve, into our chair of service. Join us in this service. Let this be the most amazing Christmas, not only for this planet, but in all of Nebadon. Let us join together in peace, knowledge, and of that which is RIGHT, and lift up the LORD WITHIN. Let what God has joined together, be not put asunder anymore, on this most beautiful of planets. Let us rebuild together this war-torn solar system, besides this earth. Let us truly demonstrate the glory of God. Let this be a REAL CHRISTMAS.

LET THERE BE PEACE ON EARTH, and LET IT BEGIN WITH YOU. For in our partnership, it can and will be done. There are 10 million craft full of people from other worlds to assist the process, to do all together, the "impossible." Make it possible. Come back to God and experience the Glory, for there is more than enough forgiveness to pass around. Two or More in My Name, the act of CO-CREATION, not following.

Take care, Candace, CEO and President of AbundantHope, and our many team members, serving in concert with Christ Michael, Esu Immanuel and all the Hosts from Heaven.

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