Work, Money and Creativity

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Work, Money and Creativity
The Flow of Ease and the Flow of Enough


Jeshua, Jesus or Sananda channeled through Pamela Kribbe,  Sananda is also known as Esu Immanuel.  His base of operations is in the spaceship Capricorn of the Galactic Federation.

This channeling was presented for a live audience on June 5, 2005, in Haaren, The Netherlands. The spoken word has been edited slightly to improve readability.  Translated from Dutch to English by Tineke Levendig.

Published in this website on March 12, 2006.


Dear Friends,

It is with joy and affection that I am among you today. I know you so well and it seems to me as if we have met each other yesterday. In the realms I dwell in, time is not so important. I recognize you very well, although your manifestation, your physical appearance, is different from the times I knew you.

I am Jeshua. I have lived on earth in a human body, as Jesus. I have been a human being among people just like you. Nothing human is foreign to me. It’s from this experience with human existence that I come to support you with your own development, with your birth into the New Era. A New Era is on the way. A transformation is going on these days, with which all of you feel a strong bond.

I want to tell you something else about myself. On earth, I was a human being of flesh and blood and I had formed a channel with the energy of Christ. The Christ energy was flowing outward through me and that was my essential contribution to the earth at that time. But the Christ energy is not mine alone; it belongs to all of you. All of you are planting a seed, bringing a part of that energy here on earth today and in that lies your biggest fulfillment.

This transformation from the Old to the New Era, however, uproots and shakes up many things. The area of work and money is very much involved in this ‘uprooting’, for this is precisely an area in which the old energies are particularly active. You could characterize these as the energies of power and ego.

The old energies have been so strongly active within this field that you may find it quite difficult to have a well-balanced attitude towards work and money issues. In your job, in the organization or company you work for or in the people who are your colleagues, you are confronted with society. Many times you ask yourself: how do I cope with energies that I have no affinity with and yet are surrounding me every day? In this encounter of the old and the new you would like to know how to deal with this friction.

On the basis of the energy centers in your body, I would like to elucidate this issue a little more.

The aura that belongs to each human being contains seven chakras or energy centers. In the solar plexus, the third chakra (near the diaphragm or the stomach), the will is located. It is in this center of personal will that power and ambition are seated. In the era of the old energy, the old-time human being, people have been living to excess from this center. This has got to do with an attitude of being keen on winning, of putting one’s own interests first and of fighting at the expense of others. An attitude like this is often born out of fear and a feeling of being lost. It is not my point to pass judgment on these energies. I just want to mention that they are often active from the solar plexus, the third chakra.

One chakra higher we find the centre of the heart. The heart connects you with your higher origin, with energy spheres you once dwelt in and from where you bring along ideals that contrast sharply with the energies of power and ego.

Now, what happens in the present transformation of consciousness is a passing along of the wheel from the solar plexus to the heart. That doesn’t mean that the solar plexus should be abandoned or pushed aside altogether. It is not true that you should ‘get rid of the ego’. It’s more a matter of passing along the steering wheel to another level of being, and in doing so, founding your life on the energy of the heart. All of you are seeking to achieve this one way or another, either in your personal life or specifically in the field of work and creativity. All of you feel kinship with the shift toward the energy of the heart. You all sense that you can live your life with much more joy and tranquility that way.

With regard to the question: how do I deal with ego-based energies (in yourself and others), the essential step that is asked of you is to connect from the heart with the energies of the solar plexus (the will and the ego) and to guide them in a loving and affectionate way. It is the connection between the heart and the solar plexus (more general between the higher and lower seated chakras) that provides you with abundance in the field of work, creativity and money.

Now, how do you know whether you act out of your heart or out of fear or ego? I would like to give you a few clues in how to recognize the heart energy in the midst of an environment where this energy is not dominant.  You are used to struggle and fight for the things you want. Especially in the area of work, there is a lot of competition and ego-battle. Often, you have to be someone you’re not, to get recognition, whereas your heart says it should not be like this. The heart longs for a much more natural kind of presence. This desire is strongly present in all of you. Therefore, I would like you to explain how the energy of the heart works and how you may recognize her.

The heart energy doesn’t exert pressure and is very smooth and gentle by nature. She speaks to you through the intuition. The heart gives gentle pushes and suggestions and will never tell you something that is emotionally charged with fear or pressure.

The first energy flow of the heart I would therefore call the flow of ease. In your daily life, you can clearly notice whether things go smoothly and find their natural way or whether you repeatedly encounter resistance to something you try to achieve. In the last case it means you are not or not completely in harmony with your heart energy. The secret of the heart energy is that she performs miracles, not with force, but with ease and tenderness.

Daring to follow your intuition is one of the most important ways to come into harmony with the energy flow of the heart, which I call ‘the flow of ease’. To follow your intuition in the context of work and creativity, where this energy is not obvious, creates possibilities and opportunities that you do not expect. It will bring you closer to home, meaning it will bring you to places where you belong with your energy.

When there are problems, for example, a conflict at work, and you feel that you are not at the right place in that work environment, take a moment of silence.  Go entirely inside, make contact with your heart, the source of your highest creativity, and ask your intuition to tell you what the right thing to do at the moment is. Do not try to base your actions on outside opinions, on social standards of behavior that, especially in the field of work, can be overwhelming. The social or collective consciousness that dictates behavior here is strongly based on fear: fear of being undervalued, fear of failure, and fear of lack of money or material abundance. All those fears could overshadow your intuition and yet there’s an inner voice that tells you what might be good for you at the moment. The key is to dare to listen to this voice and you will see it will come up with genuine answers.

At this point, feelings of self-doubt may block you, and may prevent you from fully trusting the spiritual path that is laid out for you. By your spiritual path I mean the path of experiences that brings you in touch with your highest creative source, the creative energies that want to flow outward through you. These energies are already present. The key is to really listen to your own feelings and desires and to follow your heart’s hints on how you can best realize them.

You have reached the end of fear in the area of the solar plexus. You are intent on releasing this way of being and you are all highly motivated to convey your creativity from the heart. I ask you to trust yourself at this stage and to continue this path, for you already bring a new energy into this world which is of great value. This energy often effects changes without you knowing it: you do more good than you realize. You help birth the New Era by trusting the flow of your heart and daring to follow the flow of ease. Therefore, have no doubts and continue your path.

The energy of the heart is much quieter and gentler than the quite brutal or rough energies that often dominate the field of work. For that reason, it takes courage and strength to stay centered in the heart, when you’re amidst these ego-based energies. But I tell you: to follow the flow of the heart will finally bring you to creative possibilities that are quite real and practical and it will bring you abundance on the material level. It is an act of faith and courage to entrust yourself to this flow.

Now I would like say a few things about money. In your society, spiritual or idealistic people make a problem out of money. Money is considered sinful, a lower energy. This is the result of the fact that you have come to associate money with power and wealth at the expense of others. Money has practically become synonymous with power. This association is one of the reasons why the flow of material abundance has been blocked in your energy field.

But money is innocent. Money is a flow of energy that actually implies pure potentiality. Money offers opportunities, money is potentiality; there is nothing wrong with that. Nor is it the case that by receiving money, you act at the expense of others. With money you are able to create things that benefit others. Receiving more is to create more in this respect. This creative spiral always generates a giving flow also, so that receiving and giving are balanced out. This is the way of the heart. Therefore, do not be afraid to receive money.

You may not be consciously aware of the fact that you are blocking the flow of money, that you have a tacit aversion to money. Take some time to examine your thoughts and emotions about money and you can easily see how they are blocking the flow of abundance in your life. Often there is the aspect of not allowing yourself to have it. Also, you have negative ideas about what money is and what it stands for. Especially Lightworkers, souls with a great spiritual zest, associate money with the lower, the trivial, that which has to be transcended. Here, many convictions are active which date back to lives of austerity and abstinence from the material world. Lives often spent in solitude, aimed solely at spiritual liberation. The energy of these lifetimes still resonates throughout your energy field. It results in a kind of ‘strictness’ that is narrowing you down.

Material abundance is a natural thing: you are meant to enjoy life on earth! It is a natural thing to love the earth and all that it offers you, to take pleasure in beautiful and lovely things. Loving the earth and material reality creates a flow of abundance. The earth wants to provide you with everything you need, not just to grow and evolve as a spiritual being, but also to simply enjoy life as a human being.

So please consider your attitude toward material abundance at the deepest level, and feel how this flow offers you the possibilities to build a new earth, to realize your dreams at the densest plane of reality. This is not the time to withdraw yourself from society, to meditate by yourself on top of a mountain. It is time for participation. It is time to let your energy flow into this world and freely receive all that comes back to you in return. Don’t be afraid to receive abundance. Honoring your own input, receiving enough in exchange for your efforts, is part of being a well-balanced spiritual-human being.

I would like to say a little more about the word ‘enough’.  I told you that the energy of the heart is characterized by ‘the flow of ease’. When things succeed and appear spontaneously on your path, it is a sign that you go with the flow of your heart. Another energy flow that belongs to the heart is the flow of enough. ‘Enough’ means: everything I need here and now is available to me and I enjoy it. To live in the flow of enough means that you often feel satisfied and thankful with all that you have. You feel nurtured by that which surrounds you on the material, emotional, mental and spiritual level. That is abundance. That is having enough.

The thing with material abundance is that the quantity (how much or how little you have) does not necessarily relate to the amount of pleasure you experience. The key point is to discover the kind of material abundance that satisfies and fulfils you. For some people, this could mean to live on their own in a secluded hut where they can enjoy nature to the full. For others, it implies a luxurious flat in town where they enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city. There is no judgment on this from our side, from God or from Spirit.

The key is to find the flow that makes you happy, that gives you the feeling that you live life to the fullest. That is the flow of enough. ’Enough’ is a feeling, not a thing.

When you feel yourself to be out of this flow, take a look at all the things that surround you now and interpret this as an energy message to yourself. ‘This is how I create reality now’. Do not judge yourself. Then feel the energy of your present environment – whether it is your house, your social life or work – and compare this with your heart-felt longings. In doing this, you become aware of ‘lack’, of that which in not there. Do not dwell on the dissatisfaction. This is not an exercise to make you feel bad. The point is that you allow yourself to feel deep within that there are things that you would like to draw into your life. This silent realization is the biggest magnet to change. You do not have to act upon it.  The awareness of what you wish for is enough. It’s not necessary to push for change on the material level. The key is to feel deeply (but not emotionally) what you are longing for and then leave it in the hands of your heart. Just release it and trust. Things will start to change in your life. Perhaps old patterns, jobs, relationships will fall away first. You can trust that what you are missing will appear spontaneously on your path. It will enter your life with ease and elegance. It is your honesty and courage, your ‘staying true to the longings of your heart’, that will bring the ‘reality of enough’ to you.

There is enough for all of you. ‘Enough’ is the natural state of being. You are all here to experience enough; the flow of enough is available to all of you. It is quite meaningless to settle for less. It is not true that you will improve yourself (mentally or spiritually) by abstinence or self-imposed poverty. You might even develop feelings of bitterness or hostility because of it. Please, do not try to seek some kind of spiritual justification for your lack of abundance. You are all here to enjoy life to the fullest, to let your creative energy flow into the world and receive plenty in return.


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