Work for a Clean and Just Society

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Work for a Clean and Just Society

Beloved Jesus Sananda

Channeled by Mike Quinsey, from: .

Published initially in this website on June 19, 2004.

Wednesday June 2, 2004

Saint Germain says: There is a great purple and green light that is prevailing from those who read the message and are holding their light (this is as a result of the individual colors being blended with the energies of the information, and the energies of the transformation of the resistance to free flow).  There is a continuance of the majesty that is as a result of all the work that has been taking place, and now this new color combination has thwarted the efforts of some of the work that the Illuminati had put into place, rendering it as so much fluff. Keep up the good works, and know that thou art Holy beings, in purpose for the earth and the universe. Blessings be upon ye all!

Message channeled by Nancy Tate as an introduction to Sananda’s Message

I want to take you again into the future, the very near future at that. You will be unable to ascend without a major change to your thinking, yesterday’s values and Laws have to be revised and reflect a more spiritual outlook. The ideal achievement would be, recognition that to kill another in any circumstances whatsoever was wrong. ‘Thou shalt not kill’ is a spiritual Law that if transgressed, leaves you with some harsh lessons to learn. In the eyes of God life is sacred and as you are All One, why should you harm ‘yourselves’.

As a punishment, death is an aberration, and if you need to take corrective action against another, it should be in the form of re-education. Remember that when you put another being to death, you are missing the opportunity to help that soul overcome their problem. When you are born to Earth, you bring many challenges with you, and if one has a pre-disposition to take life without compunction and without remorse, you have a hard time ahead. By removing such a person from Earth, you deny them and yourselves the chance to help them overcome this problem. You have a saying about ‘the bottom line’, and it is that the most powerful cure is Love.

People that are at odds with society are usually unhappy with themselves, and feel uncared for or loved. To incarcerate such people is to make their circumstances worse, and their position hopeless. They are little children in a grown up body, and like them need a lot of care and help to grow out of their problems and become responsible citizens. It is no good quoting examples of old teachings that advocate punishment by death; this was man’s way, and absolutely nothing to do with a loving caring God. There will be no place for such barbaric practises in the future, or indeed lesser punishment that involves the mutilation of a person.

If you believe you are All One, then you are Brothers and Sisters, is that not one good reason to take a different look at how you treat each other. Of course this goes a lot further, but you will need to start seeing each other in a new Light. When we can come closer together, and we will, you will be greatly helped to find the correct way to relate to each other.

Your differences make up the vast race of Humanity, with all of its beautiful cultures and traditions. You are not being asked to give up your identity, as you have a lot to offer each other. But you must stop the needless killing that daily takes place in one form or another. Life is sacred and you should honour and respect the right of another to live out their life in full. I realise that you claim the right to defend yourselves and your families. It is a contentious point when you are faced with a threatening situation, and you feel that you are forced to use violence as protection.

We understand your dilemma, but realise that through history you have nearly always settled your differences by killing each other. There are negative energies that abound around you, that feed the desire to kill or maim another, energies that override any feeling of mercy or compassion. You can change this by transmuting the energies with Love. Easy said, but hard to put into practise when you have been used to seeking revenge and punishment for those that transgress your Laws.

There is a new way of thinking that is fast taking hold on Earth, but you do need to take a look at your attitude to these matters. These often have their roots in your religious upbringing, and it is time for these to be re-appraised. The new Humanity that I see emerging, does have the ability to start addressing the matter that I have referred to, but it needs help to blossom into a true loving society that acknowledges the sanctity of Man. Do your part by supporting these ideas, include them in your prayers, work for a fair and just society that recognises the God within each and everyone of you.

When I walked the Earth, my message was one of Love and it has taken a long time for the seeds of my teachings to touch your hearts. The messages you receive from me, my Brothers and Sisters are born out of our great Love for you all, and we enfold you in it. We encourage you to become a beacon of Love and Light upon Earth. Look upon yourselves as one great family and treat each other with respect, and honour the differences between you.

I am always amongst you, and my energy has never left the Earth. I come again soon to lead you onwards to experience the greatest initiation of your life. You are going to fully enter into the Light, you will become That I Am; your consciousness will embrace everything in the Cosmos. You will become co-creators with God.

Dear Ones, it is time to move on, leave the old ways behind they have served their purpose well. A new Kingdom is waiting for your emergence into the Light of All That Is. May the Father Mother God embrace you in everlasting Love.

 I am Jesus Sananda

Thank you for a wonderful message
Mike Quinsey

January 28, 2005

I am Lord Sananda also known to you as Jesus the Christed One, who came to Earth to show you the way and the path that leads back to the Creator God. In reality I have never left you, and you will be aware that, by example, I resurrected myself.

Many times I have returned either as myself, or in other guises to suit the circumstances I was coming into. Some still look for my return as a leader of the Christian movement, but when I openly come to you again, it will be for every soul on Earth.

There is a new message that I shall bring, and you will see that it is universal and supported by your Masters who will be with me. It has always been planned that I will be the first to touch my feet upon your beautiful home. What may astound you, yet, will be seen as fulfilling the prophecies in this connection, is that I will arrive in a spacecraft. Were you not told that I would come in the clouds?, and so be it, in a way that will be appropriate to the times. You are soon destined to meet all of your friends and families from outside the Earth. No longer can the truth be concealed, it is a time for revelations that will reveal your connection with life-forms that span the Universe. You are All One, and aspire to the same search for your origins and seek the path back to your former glory. I am most joyous that all of the efforts to enable you to find your Truth have largely succeeded. I do accept that given your freedom of choice, there will for the time being be many who have not yet awakened.

Life is a process of continual change and movement, and you cannot really standstill for long even if you so desired. What is happening around you impinges itself upon your consciousness whether you are aware of it or not. You are continually making an assessment of what comes into your vision and hearing and, for example, you cannot touch Love, without becoming a part of it yourself. Your Higher Self is your true mentor and, if you listen, much wisdom will come from within you. You have already been that which you now aspire to be, and it is more a matter of bringing it back to yourself once more.

What you now see around you is the polarizing of the negative and positive energies, and as these draw apart so they both become a separate reality. Those of you who have chosen the path of Light, will now find it easier to detach yourselves from the negativity around you. It cannot affect you unless you allow it to happen, and you will find more and more that you are an observer of the activities of the dark ones, and are well outside of their influence. Yet you influence the dark, and your Love and Light weakens and transmutes the energies that they depend upon to carry out their work.

Especially in these recent times, you pray for help and question why God allows the travesties of war, disease and your natural disasters. You feel that God as All Love and Compassion, would not allow such happenings, but I have to tell you that it is Man’s work. What has been happening has been brought about over thousands of years, and negative energies have altered the very fabric of Earth. They become so powerful that they interact with other energies such as those that keep your Earth stable and in its correct orbit. The result is that there is inevitably a clash between them, and physical repercussions.

On another level the discordant energies unsettle people, and bring disease and pestilence. If you are to learn the lessons of life, they have to be presented to you time and time again. Where you see death, please remember that those dear souls that pass over do not suffer, and that they were aware of the manner in which it would take place. Although you find it difficult to comprehend, I assure you that all works out well in the end, because there is absolute perfection in the Creator’s plan. Trust in God, and you will see how perfectly these end-times work out in a way that completely assists your desire for Ascension. And remember that this grand plan is not just for you, but the whole Solar system is moving upwards. It is the pre-ordained time for such a wonderful event, and it gladdens my heart to see you surmounting all of the difficulties placed across your path. I can but admire your determination, and the rewards shall be great and beyond your imagination. You will know in no uncertain way that your journey has been worthwhile, and you will claim back your freedom in the Lighted Realms.

All Heaven rejoices at the great events that are about to unfold, and Love is coming to you as never before. I place upon each one of you a garland of Pink Roses, and I invite you to smell the sweet perfume of Love.

I am Lord Sananda and I will soon be in your midst again, and may the blessings of the Creator give you strength to finish your journey in true Glory and Joy.

Thank you, Lord Sananda
Mike Quinsey


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